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herb - Tuesday Apr 08, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 207.6

Stayed in all day. William knocked on my door around 7 to tell me that the flooring people will be here tomorrow at 2 to take measurements.

Gael the Whale on 04/08/2003:
hi herb. waht are they measuring for? you getting new carpet or flooring?

herb - Monday Apr 07, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 207.6

Listened to the weather last night, and they had promised snow today. So I had my mind to stay in all day, it never did snow, but I did stay in bed.

Failed on my promise of not to buy any more chocolate. I bought 2 bags yesterday. One at Rite-Aid in Greenville, and the 2nd bag at CVS in Ravena. So far I've gone through a bag and a half. As soon as I finish this entry I'm going to unwrap the last of these Nuggets, and flush them.

Gael the Whale on 04/07/2003:
Hi Herb how ya doin? hope you are keeping warm. um chocolate. my downfall too .

herb - Saturday Apr 05, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 207.6

Must've snowed lightly last nigt, and there is no discermible from yesterday. So I stayed in. No phone calls, just took my medications. Thats all.

Gael the Whale on 04/05/2003:
Hi Herb. hang in there. Spring will come again soon.

herb - Friday Apr 04, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 207.6

It's unbelievable we are now into May and we're still getting winter weather. When the daylight first started coming into mt room this morning, I had a feeling something was wrong. There was no sun, and it looked nasty. I sat up in bed and looked out the window, and there is a big flowering tree in the middle of the lawn, and all the branches were encapsulated in ice. I knew then exactly what was going to happen, and sure enough at 10 o'clock we lost electricity. I got my portable oxygen bottle, and brought it into the bedroom. When I got back up at noon the power was back on.

Looked out the window and saw Briana cleaning Anne-Marie's car, and she was sliding all over the Tarmac, so it was not a day to go out. Shortly thereafter Ron called, and he's trying to rationalize taking his car up to the new Subway in Coxsackie. I told him, absolutely not that was the dumbest thing I've heard. As I've said before once he gets something in his craw he won't let it go.

So once again I blew the whole day by staying in bed listening to the radio, and napping.

herb - Thursday Apr 03, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 207.6

What a crummy day, cold, and windy. As night came the roads got iced up and we had several auto accidents on the overpasses. This included a 14 car pile-up at the intersection of Federal Routes 787, and 90.

As far as what I did today was to go to Catskill, and had Nick cut my hair. Then I went to Marco's for a Grilled Swiss, bacon, & tomato sandwich. As I was reading my sister came in, she was across the street at the tanning salon, and saw my car. She's looking pretty good, she now has her hair cut or more precisely it's chopped, real close.

I'm still feeling guilty about those chocolate Nuggets I had on Tuesday, and Wednesday, I won't do that again. Now that I realize I can achieve my goal of 175 pounds it has galvanized my resolve. I do have the will power. I do, I do.

I am well aware that the weight figure of 207 pounds is what I weighed when I left the Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital in Schenectady. So now it's 32 pounds to go. A piece of cake.

pastagal on 04/04/2003:
Herb,,,been awhile huh,,,i just wanted to say,,YES you can do it,,,just set your mind to it and do it,,,i am doing low carb,,haven't had any bread this past week or pasta or sugar and i have drop 5 more lbs,,,i haven't registered it on here as of yet,i will soon tho,,carbs really do make a huge difference,,i thought i would miss the bread more than i do,but so far so good,,i bought a new book and i recommend it if you want to try low carb,,its a great read and makes so much sense,,,anyway the name of it is,,,The South Beach Diet written by Arthur Agatston,M.D, He is a noted cardiologist,he starts by saying this isn't another diet book,,,this is a book bout health and well-being. Anyway,check it out,i know how you love to read.I highly recommend it:}Its a very simple approach to why it is so hard to lose weight on the typical "Diets",and if you just change a few things ,it will happen easier than you ever thought without going hungry or deprived of the foods you love to eat. Have a great weekend ok:}}

herb - Wednesday Apr 02, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 207.6

Terry and her mother Peggy came over to clean this afternoon, and we discussed when she would come over at the end of the month to help pack stuff, and move it out of the apartment.

Next to Weight Watchers where I went for my weigh in. Lost 3.2 pounds, that's excellent!

From there headed North for the O/A meeting, stopped at Dunkin Donuts and ate a blueberry muffin, and got a small chai to take to the church. Tonight it was an open discussion, and Betsy said she was mad. Mad about the pre-school her daughter Aleena was attending told Betsy that the child would not be admitted back in because DSS? was not going to pay. She seemed more sad, and forlon than mad. Her son Shon is a little older, and in a regular public school so he's not effected. It really hurts me when I hear this because she's such a tender sweet person.

Meeting broke up at 8, and it was time to go home in the pouring rain. Driving was a pain, made one stop in Coxsackie for a 6 incher at the Subway. Tonight I had Roast Beef & Cheese, how pedestrian.

Soon2BThin on 04/02/2003:
You're right, a 3.2 pound loss IS excellent!! You're doing great! I wish some of that could rub off onto me, haha! Keep it going! And take care of yourself.

Golightly on 04/03/2003:
Hi Herb! Congrats on the 3.2 pound weight loss! I know how hard you worked for each and every one of those pounds...

herb - Tuesday Apr 01, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 210.8

Strange day today, I was sor of in the robot move. Just going through the motions. It was another crummy day, with blustery winds, and a little snow. Finally got out of the house at arounf 4, and made my first stop at the Erlton Post Office. Then I went to Bryant's in Greenville to do some banking at the Troy Savings bank that stays open till 7pm. While I was there I made the mistake of buying Chocolate Nuggets filled with caramel. Ate a few of them in the car then I realized I might have enough for the binge I was about to embark on. So I went to Rite-Aid in Greenville and got solid Chocolate nuggets. Once I got home I was able to put the brakes on, and regain control after one bag.

Called Krispin and lined him and Robin to come over on the last Sunday in April to help me move stuff out of my apartment.

herb - Monday Mar 31, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 210.8

Getting it together. Wrote out a bunch of checks. Ronnie called me and I told him what I was about, and that if he liked I'd meet him for dinner at 5. He seemed not to be interested. It was cold out, in the 40's with wind blowing. Not that pleasant, a little raw. Got out of the house and went to Price Chopper, where I got some stuff, and paid my Verizon bill.

Came back and had a croissant at the Donut Connection, then a stop at Subway for a grilled chicken sandwich, although I got a foot long I only ate half for dinner.

Then called Stu Langer in the Bronx, and we talked till 9. I wanted to finish watching a old movie that I had recently picked up called Midnight Express, and now it's 11 o'clock.

Golightly on 04/01/2003:
Hi Herb, just checking in on you! Glad to see you are still around! I am completely addicted to Subway now. I like that it's relatively healthy, I like that the nutritional information is readily available (so I know what I'm eating) and I like the flavour. I buy a salad almost every day for lunch, and sometimes a sandwich for dinner. (My favourite ... the Subway Club with honey mustard!) You may want to purchase stock in Subway ... I think my dollars alone will keep this company in the black for quite a while!

herb - Sunday Mar 30, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 210.8

Believe it or not it was snowing out today, plus it looked cold, and nasty so I stayed in. Joyce called me and I didn't get up, but I did return her call later at around 7pm.

herb - Saturday Mar 29, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 210.8

Stayed in bed all day. Had a very long conversation with my sister.

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