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herb - Friday Mar 28, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 210.8

Can't remember what happened today. I did go to CVS and picked up Albuterol. Jim Ragotzke the former pharmacist dropped in, and it was good to see him. Other than that I can't think of anything else.

herb - Thursday Mar 27, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 210.8

Went to the Log Sider Restaurant with Ron got there at 4 o'clock, I've been tearning for a order of potato pancakes. I got them along with a crock of French onion soup. Both items were dissapointing. Potato pancakes were too thin, no crunch, not hot enough, and a little mealy.

After leaving I drove Ron's car back to the Donut Connection where my was waiting.

Camera Club tonight Ron & I took separate cars because he wanted to leave early.

herb - Wednesday Mar 26, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 210.8

Went to Weight Watchers today, -5.6 pounds in one week, and I'm 29 weeks into the program. One more piece of good news "Subway" is opening a store in Coxsackie.

Filled up the gas tank at Cumberland Farms in Glenmont then went to O/A meeting. At first I was alone then a new woman showed up with her child of about 12 who sat on the ground in the corner, reading a book. Greg showed up, and a very quiet guy who didn't sign in but I think his name was Paul.

On the way home I stopped at Bonfare for a Ham & Swiss on rye, ate half of the sandwich.

Soon2BThin on 03/27/2003:
Herb, you are just melting away before our eyes!! Good job on the weight-loss! Have a good weekend.

biscottibody59 on 03/28/2003:
Wow, Herb, all credit to you--hope the breathing and stuff are getting better too!

I don't know how you are on some of the "Smart Ones" products, but I just happened to try the pepperoni "Smartwich" the other day--I'd buy it again.

Have a good one and keep up the good work!

herb - Tuesday Mar 25, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 216.4

Woke up shortly before 5AM this morning, and a little while later the phone rang it was Ronnie giving me a courtesy call. This was the morning that Ron was going in for the third try at his kidney stones. I mechanically dressed, and got ready, by 6 o'clock I was walking out the door. He was all set to go when I pulled up to his house, we took off without any stops, and pulled into the hospitals parking lot at 6:28, two minutes early.
By now I had the routine down, and we were now in his room where he was being prepped for his operation, I walked with him, as he was being wheeled to the OR. When we got to the lounge I went in and found a area at the far end of the room, away from the few people who had obviously got here earlier than we. I turned on CNBC on the overhead set, and adjusted the sound loud enough for me to hear it, but low enough not to bother anyone else. Next I made a cup of coffee on the machine that automatically brews a cup. Now I settled down to wait, the only problem was there was so much light flooding the room from huge floor to ceiling glass panels.
Well I didn't have long to wait. At 9:30 the door opened, and called out my name. He must've been in the OR for all of a half hour. Went back to his room, and the only thing he wanted was a hard roll and a coffee. Well we did that twice, and he got dressed while the nurse pulled his IV, and gave him prescriptions to be filled. As we left Hudson I told him were going to get the scripts filled. We drove to Price Chopper in Catskill and he did what he was supposed to do. But I knew what he wanted, he wanted more food at the Ambrosia Diner across the street.

Well we went to the Diner and he bought me breakfast, I had 3 pancakes with pieces of bacon broken up and put into the batter. Had half the order, and stopped! I then took him home, and went about my business which consisted of paying my phone bill which hadn't been paid since December, and now I only had local, and incoming service. As I was getting out of my truck at the phone building, I heard someone in back of me. I thought it was someone who wanted the parking space. It was Ronnie chasing me all over town. What for? I drove off with his mesh screens that he's supposed to use to filter his urine. I gave it to him, and went inside to pay the State Phone Company $240.

I now have had it, it was home and it was to bed. My day had literally been turned upside down. I now had to get my circadian clock back in phase.

herb - Monday Mar 24, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 216.4

Ronnie called me to get me out of the house. Left about 3PM, and it was a super critical gorgeous day. Went to Donut Connection, and had a half of a hard roll. Then went to Rite-Aid and got some stuff including the DVD of "Midnight Express." For some reason he wanted to go up to Glenmont to see where they were putting up the Wal-Mart. Did that and now it was 5 o'clock so I figured it was now time for dinner. Went to Boston Market & had Turkey, gravy, mashed, and creamed spinach. From there I drove back home, because it was now dark. As we traveled down 9W I noticed flashing red lights in the opposite parking lane. It was a State cop, and he had a new Chevrolet Avalanche pulled over. Gee, there's only one person that I know of that drives that, Dr. Sal! So I pulled off into an empty lot directly opposite the Chevy, and just sat there till I recognized the driver, eventually he lifted his chest, and looked at me. He had that little boy smile on his face, and yes it was my Doctor Sal. Too bad.

Note under here.

From there it was straight home, my day was done.

BandMom on 03/24/2003:
Glad to see you got out today Herb! Take care!BAndmom

Golightly on 03/25/2003:
Hi Herb! Wow! You went to a donut shop and didn't have a donut?? I'm impressed. I was at a donut shop on the weekend, and I was so tempted by the donuts I bought one and MADE my friend eat it! Oh dear!

Glad to hear you were up and about!


herb - Sunday Mar 23, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 216.4

Stayed in bed all day. Ate some cheese cracker packs and ice tea. Took my medicine and took telephone calls from Ronnie, and Joyce. If I get any whiter I'm going to change my name to Veal. Tomorrow I'm going to get out of the house, and Tuesday I've got to be up early to drive Ron to the hospital.

Golightly on 03/24/2003:
Hi Herb! Just checkin' in on ya ... thanks for the giggle, looks like you still have your sense of humour!

Take care.

herb - Saturday Mar 22, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 216.4

Stayed in bed, ate nothing, made no phone calls.

herb - Friday Mar 21, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 216.4

Easy day, went to the Bank, then to Drug Store for Albuterol, and Duo-Neb. Stopped at the Donut Connection for a bowl of Pea Soup, and a Pint of Soft ice cream to take home.

pastagal on 03/22/2003:
I see you got out today for a bit,,guess that means your breathing is alittle better,,,sure hope so,,you take it easy herb and are you still going to ww?

herb - Thursday Mar 20, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 216.4

Did absolutely nothing today, breathing was bad, stayed in bed.

herb - Wednesday Mar 19, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 216.4

Called a few people to tell them that I wouldn't be at O/A tonight. My idea was to go to the Wednesday night camera club because Bob Ricketson was going to give another talk on Photoshop. Met Ronnie at 3:30 at Marco's, and we hung 4 more photos by Phyllis Lilienthal. Ronnie was very good, and he's got a good sense of composition as to where they should hang. We left there and we split up, he said he'd come to the Camera Club at 7pm by himself. I took off for Weight Watchers to finally see a nice loss, -3.8 pounds. Pretty Good.

Headed for Bryant's Food Store in Greenvile to buy some bric-a-brac for the troops. Picked up a marble pound cake, and 5 apple turnovers. Waited in the parking lot till about 7Pm before anyone showed up, then there was a lot of scurrying to get going. Bob launched into his talk but he doesn't have a objective as to what he wants to cover in the subject. I had a new difficulty tonight I could see the screen alright but I couldn't read the text off the screen. I must've been sitting in a bad place. Left the meeting, and went straight home.

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