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hollybelle - Saturday Jan 12, 2008
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 163.0

Too see final results for Friday - see Previous Post

Saturday - Day 11 - Woo-Hoo!

I am getting better at keeping my word to myself. I did 20 minutes of eliptical trainer in the am and 20 minutes in the pm yesterday.

I must prepare some meals for us to eat this weekend or I will continue to eat all this wierd stuff. It's been pretty healthy stuff, but not as inclusive of all food groups as I want. I did have some V-8 juice last night to make sure I was getting nutrients of fruits and vegetables in. Better than nothing.

B: Granola Cereal, FF Half n Half, Coffee 340

L: 1/3 Chicken Ceasar Pizza, strawberries, 400

S: Frosted Cherrios, FF Half n Half 330

D: 1 Heapingi C Spagetti with Gr Turkey Sauce, bite of bread 200

S: 2 Rice Krispie Treats 180

I'm not leaving myself much calories for dinner - I will have to watch it tonight.

Ended the day with 1450 calories. No bad.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I am going with daughter to Zumba class this morning at 11:00. This is like latin aerobics and I really can't do it at all, but it's fun to laugh at myself and try. Some of the young girls in there are really good, including my daughter. Most of the ladies are in their late 20s or early 30s. I'm the only old one and I definitely don't have the clothes or the body for it! LOL! If you want to see what it is - go to zumba.com. There are videos of it. If you get the chance to do it - try it in your area. You can't be any worse than me and don't be afraid you will be the "biggest" there - you probably won't be. There are ladies 50 lbs heavier than me in there having a ball. Very non-threatening environment.......This is why I am always saying - if you don't want to "exercise/walk, treadmill/whatever put some music on and dance around your house like a lunatic".

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

Moody2 on 01/12/2008:
Zumba sounds like an absoulute BLAST!! I love those kind of workouts because you dont realize you're working out..its just fun!!! I'll have to check it out!!

dearerdiarist on 01/12/2008:
I think that I just LOVE Zumba! Good for you!!! I'm a dance around the place like a lunatic myself (but I haven't really had the courage to say it :) Thank you!!! And yes, our word to ourselves is all the matters after all, isn't it. I just feel so energized even READING your entry today.

workingit2 on 01/12/2008:
Yay you are doing so great! I would love to take a dance class when I get back down to where I feel comfortable and can concentrate on learning the moves instead of how I'm sloppy looking lol. I take my hat off to anyone who is large who goes to these things and has fun! Thanks for the idea! Have a good evening =)

greengirl on 01/12/2008:
Zumba sounds a lot of fun !! Holly please dont say you are old, because I am older than you, so if you say it I will have to admit to it too !!!! No more old :)

starfish on 01/12/2008:
you are doing great!

caz on 01/13/2008:
Zumba?/ I will check it out. Sounds really interesting. You sound so confident and full of fun!! keep up the good ork.

hollybelle - Friday Jan 11, 2008
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 163.0

To see results of Thursday 1/10 see previous post

Friday, 1/11/08 - Day 10 TA-DA!

Yesterday wasn't so bad. Ate a little over the 1400 maximum, but not by much. I guess I'll give myself a silver star instead of a gold one! LOL!

Haven't had breakfast yet today. I am having lunch with my DAD hope to go to my favorite restaurant - the one with the fried green tomatoes, etc. Lots of vegetables. We'll see.

Got to get on the ET for now - more later!

B: Coffee, 1/2 Bagel, RF Cream Cheese 300

L: Applebee's Asian Chicken Salad RF Dressing 1/2 C Soup 450

D: Odd stuff - Didn't write it all down, but kept total of 745

So 1495 for the day - Not bad.

40 minutes ET - 20 Minutes am and 20 Minutes pm! HA!! YAY

Having a rather high calorie day. Must watch out for the weekend is here and not to let down my attention to my goals. Will skip afternoon snack and eat light tonight to balance. Will walk or do ET tonight, too.

I did do the ET in the evening! HA! and I am going to Zumba Class tomorrow am. Ended the day with a little more calories than I wanted, but I think the extra exercise is increasing my appetite some. This will probably even out in a few days.

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

TheMother on 01/11/2008:
Enjoy lunch with your Dad. Fried green tomatoes - just like the movie! Enjoy! TM(Pat)

Moody2 on 01/11/2008:
Awww I hope that you have a great time with Dad...I've never had fried green tomatoes but I hear they are yummy!!

Also, wanted to thank you for your comment you left me. Yes, I know that song, Unanswered Prayers and you are SO RIGHT!!! OMG~thank you for reminding me of that song, God does know what He is doing...Thanks Holly, God bless.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/11/2008:
i love the elliptical! yay! It's sooo much better than the treadmill, i wish i owned one!

Enjoy lunch with your dad! Ever have days where you completely forget about vegetables!? that sorta happened to me today. i actually feel terrible when i do not eat veggies. weirdly, on days i binge is when i most have a problem like that. veggies are good for you and taste good too - that's how i think about them to get myself to eat them!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/11/2008:
a star is a star! you should be proud of your accomplishments and never, ever let a good day turn in your mind to a bad one. low calories is good, never think that you weren't successful!

hollybelle - Thursday Jan 10, 2008
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 163.0

Day 9 - YAY

B: Coffee, carmel and pretzels - YUP- weird but good - won't do it again, though. 150

L: 1/4-1/3 P.F. Chang's Combo Fried Rice, Diet Sunkist Orange 500

S: 100 Cal pak - 100

D: Made a casserole that was flat out awful! Actually threw it out! Recipe seemed ok and was highly rated on recipe site - what a disappointment. As result family kind of ate whatever was in 'frig. I ate Cereal, FF Half n Half, grapefruit, granola bar, banana, ice cream (not too much, though 1 Cup) I know I ate the ice cream because I was emotional about the casserole LOL! 780

Total Calories 1530 - a little over but not so bad. Exercise 20 minutes of Eliptical Trainer!!! YAY for me!

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

TheMother on 01/10/2008:
Have a super day! You're really being very consistent in your food/exercise plan and it's paying off...Good for you!!!!! TM (Pat)

rae_regenbogen on 01/10/2008:
Thanks for the encouragement! :)

mcwoo40 on 01/10/2008:
I'm still alive dearest Holly be good, one of us has to be!!!I'll be back Julie

legcramps on 01/10/2008:
Doing well with counting those calories! Keep it up!

workingit2 on 01/10/2008:
Great calories and exercise yesterday! Go Holly!

Now I know what my mom meant when she said we are moms our whole lives. I dont mind, but it sure does hurt when the kids are hurting and we can't fix it. A mother's heart has to be strong and quickly mended because I think it breaks a thousand times over. Thank you for the prayers =)

hollybelle - Wednesday Jan 09, 2008
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 163.0

Wednesday, 1/9 - Day 8

One week past and I am really feeling a difference in my clothes. Being watchful all last weekend really paid off. More exercise would also pay off.

Yesterday was fine - see below for final update.

Today OK so far.

B: 1/2 peanutbutter and honey sandwich 250

S: Other half of PBH sandwich 250

L: Asian Chicken Soup, Quiche, Fruit 550

S: Pretzels 30

D: Weird - but we were clearing the 'frig - Corned beef, lemon bread, cheese and crackers - boy do I need to eat vegetables today!! 365

TOTAL Calories 1445 and 1 hour of WALKING!!!!! With that rambuncious DOG!

Lunch was wonderful. I hope I estimated calories correctly. I am already at 1050 for the day so I will need to be careful what I eat the rest of the day to stay under 1400. I am planning a walk with friend at 4:30......YAY I have to go to a business lunch at country club and I hope they have something healthy on the menu.

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

caz on 01/09/2008:
Well doneon the clothes.. It's so good to see results..keep it up!!

workingit2 on 01/09/2008:
Great job on your calories yesterday!! And on asking them not to put the butter on the bread. Isn't it really cool when we start ordering our food 'slimmed down'? Have a great day!

TheMother on 01/09/2008:
You are doing great! How true the saying "nothing tastes as good as being thin feels" is. You're living proof!!! Have a super day! TM

dearerdiarist on 01/09/2008:
I am so HAPPY for you already feeling a difference in the fit of your clothes! Isn't it amazing how the confidence level rises when that begins to happen? Good work! :) Thank you for your kind comments to me. I am so sorry that you lost your own brother. Do you have Diabetes?

weightlossyoyo on 01/09/2008:
u r doing awesome! dont have much further to go!

jmarie60 on 01/10/2008:
Don't you just LOVE the feeling of looser clothes!!!! I hope it'll be a great motivator for you!

hollybelle - Tuesday Jan 08, 2008
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 163.0

Tuesday, 1/8/08 - Day 7 ---YAY one week almost over! It has really gone fast.....

NOTE: To see entry for yesterday - see previous post. Today's post will be completed tomorrow.

B: Coffee, Caribou Coffee Granola Bar (this is decadent)Choc. Mocha - not real good on nutritients, but since I got up so early 4:00 a.m. for daughter on TV I made the exception!! 205

S: Cantalope and pineapple at meeting YUMMY 75

L: French Dip Sandwich, steamed broccoli - no butter 475

S: Coconut Date rolls 330

D: 1% Milk and Granola Bar 150

TOTAL Calories for the Day 7 - 1235 No Exercise, BUT I was up at 4:00 and didn't go to bed until 10:00- whew!

I almost fainted when I looked up the Frency Dip Sandwich. But the calories count I was looking at INCLUDED FRENCH FRIES, too - The actual sandwich wasn't so bad. I asked them not to put butter on the bread.

I can eat about 300 more calories if I want tonight. The Date Rolls had many more calories than I thought, but they are so good. They are really a sweet treat, but are healthier than the other things I could have had today. Will update menus tomorrow

I resisted breakfast pastries, a wonderful luncheon bar with fabulous desserts including 2 of my very favorites-bread pudding and leamon pie today!! I looked at it all and I looked inside myself at what I REALLY want for my self - for my body and I thought - the food would be enjoyable for a few minutes, but I will enjoy my health and feeling good a lot longer and that food won't give me my health or the good feelings. So..... Have some exercise planned for later today, but am already tired from being up so early for Daughter's TV show. LOL ! I know she must be tired,too.

Updates later. Planning to get large diet cherry limeaid from Sonic on way to daughter's dr. appointment.

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

fritters on 01/08/2008:
hope you have a good day!

harleygirl79 on 01/08/2008:
Wow, your daughter was on TV, Way Cool. Have a great day

caz on 01/08/2008:
Enjoy your day you must be really proud of her..great to hear about the "power walking" xx

mcwoo40 on 01/08/2008:
Your doing brill Holly.I've just got Alfie a 30ft lead so i can take him to the beach and let him have a good run without taking his lead off.He's good in every other way but getting him back on his lead to go to the car is a joke and getting dangerous,more training for me too.I bet you are proud of your daughter being on the telly,great stuff.Bye for now,Julie

workingit2 on 01/08/2008:
YAY on your exercise!! Your doggie will break soon and it will be fun to walk him. And congratulations to your daughter, how exciting for her! Have a great day, Holly! =)

Donkey on 01/08/2008:
Love those French Dip sandwiches - YUM!

CharlieAngel on 01/08/2008:
Don't you just love those Diet Cherry Limeades? I get one sometimes as a special treat. Hope you have a great day! Congrats on your daughter being on TV!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/08/2008:
I really like the thoughts that went through your mind over breakfast! :) you made a great decision! I've never heard of french dip sandwiches! :)

fritters on 01/08/2008:
You did sooo good resisting the goodies! Be proud! t It must have been fun watching your daughter dance on t.v. What a nice talent!

workingit2 on 01/08/2008:
I agree...eating decadent food is good for the short term immediate..but we all want to really be healthy and fit! Have a good evening rest well!

jmarie60 on 01/09/2008:
I am so proud that you took the time to look inside yourself to see what will make you REALLY happy for the longest. A sweet may have instant gratification, but the aftermath isn't worth the 5 minutes of bliss! Way to go!

hollybelle - Monday Jan 07, 2008
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 163.0

Monday 1/7/08 - Day 6

B: Coffee, Banana 130

L: 1/2 Grapefruit and 1 Heaping Cup Chicken/Dressing Casserole 390

S: 8 Wheat Thins, 1 wedge Light Laughing Cow Cheese, Granola Bar 220

D: Corned Beef, Peas 340

S: Granola Bar, Milk 180

Total 1260 for Monday - Day 6 YAY!!

ASLO - ALSO - ALSO - I actually have exercise to report - 1 hour of hard work walking TWO dogs. It really is a lot of work to walk them both. Lots of resistence training from the young one. He is SO strong. He hasn't had much leash training so it's our fault he's a lot of work. May take him by himself in future to work on that. He did much better toward the end of the walk when he was TIRED!

Have been up since 4:00 this a.m. - daughter went to dance studio for TV promotion piece on local TV news. Have seen her live two times this morning - will be on off and on all a.m. This is promoting the dance studio opening the show for the Dancing with the Stars Tour show on the 15th of this month. She's dancing in a competition before the DWTS show at the basketball arena.

Have a successful blessed day everyone........no looking back!

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

dearerdiarist on 01/07/2008:
The Andrew Lessman shake: It is a meal replacement shake equaling 69 calories. I have it in Pina Colada, Chocolate, Berry, Vanilla, Peanut Butter and Coffee flavors. I drug them all out when I decided to make this change. Sometimes I mix chocolate and coffee with hot water to make a mocha drink... sometimes orange juice in the vanilla to make one of those "dream cycles"... sometimes I add a little milk to the vanilla and fresh berries, or, chocolate banana... blender and ice, hot or cold they are very satisfying and a sweet tooth soother. Yeah, that "Yoga Booty Ballet" IS fun. I am not in good enough shape to get the most out of it, but I am pushing for that.

Moody2 on 01/07/2008:
I just checked out your other entries and you are doing so great!!! You have to be feeling so good about yourself..keep it up!!!

fritters on 01/07/2008:
You are doing great, and sound so positive. We will do this!!

Workingit2 on 01/07/2008:
You are doing so great, Holly! It is so great to be back in the game with you!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/08/2008:
congrats, Hollybelle! you always have some tasty delights on your menu!

CritterMom on 01/08/2008:
Glad to see someone else walking their dogs! They are so happy to be outside and seeing everything, that it makes walking fun. The miles go by and ya hardly notice.

hollybelle - Sunday Jan 06, 2008
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 163.0

NOTE: **To see my complete MENUS and COMMENTS for yesterday (Sat. Day 4) See previous entry.**

For those of you who may care, I am doing diary entries a little different than I had been for awhile. I am trying to record all menus as I go when I can and commenting during the day if I can and then updating the previous day's diary in the morning of the following day when I post breakfast for the current day. So to see my yesterday - you must look at the previous entry. If you look at the current date's entry it will most likely be incomplete until the next a.m.

Updated Monday 1/7 for Sunday 1/6***********************

Sunday (Day 5)

YAY Day 5 almost a week. LOL - I see the future and it is BRIGHT!!!

Menus for Sunday:

B: Oatmeal, coconut & almonds, 1/2 C 1% milk, 1/2 banana 375

L: Mediterranean Pizza - from Mr. Kabob - This was WONDERFUL Best count I could get on it was 350. I think that is pretty accurate. It had Greek flat bread, a little Feta Cheese, Greek Olives, Seasoned grilled chicken, onions and tomatoes. It came with a yogurt dip, but I liked it plain YUM, YUM I will go back to this resturant. Their stuff was expensive, but it was delicious.

Snack: This is bad. Bridge Mix Candy 100 - out shopping and the sweet cravings hit. Kept it to 100 calories, though.

D: Chicken/Dressing Casserole, Apple Cider 550

Updated for Sunday 1/6/08:**********************************

I SO through I had gone over on the calories - in my head I counted the pizza as more, but then looked up the ingredients and added 50 calories just for good measure, but it comes to about 1375 for the day! Woo-Hoo! Day 5 was ALRIGHT!!

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

mcwoo40 on 01/06/2008:
Hiya Holly i noticed that you had changed the way you where doing your diaries.It's good too that we are writing our menues down we can look back for future reference if we have a good/bad week we can see what we have eaten,that's what i do anyway.I had a troublesome tooth before christmas,i remember getting a piece of meat stuck and i told myself remember to get it out and i forgot.I had the scissors in my mouth dental floss tweezers as it had given me tooth ache and getting into the dentist is a joke.The dentist situation here has gone terrible you either have to pay using a denplan or pay private there are hardly any national health service dentists around(this is the affordable way).I've heard some people are taking there own teeth out cos they have'nt got a dentist.have a great day,hope the weather is'nt too cold for you.Take care Julie

CritterMom on 01/06/2008:
Hope the rest of your Sunday went well. You're down 9 pounds already. Woohoo!

starfish on 01/07/2008:
Great job on calories!

dearerdiarist on 01/07/2008:
Terrific idea. It's good to change things up every once in a while. I think that you are doing a great job with a few different things, HB. Have a great day.

hopinforachange on 01/07/2008:
You have done such a great job Hollybelle. You should be very proud of yourself for sticking with it. Thank you for all the positive comments that you leave. I really appreciate them. Have a great day.

jmarie60 on 01/07/2008:
You're really organized and have a great plan set. Keep up the good work!

hollybelle - Saturday Jan 05, 2008
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 163.0

Saturday - Day 4


B: Banana & Coffee 140

S. Lemon poppy seed bread 170

L: 2T Peanut Butter and 6 Crackers 270

S: 2 Crackers and asiago cheese spead 60

D: Heaping Cup of Chicken/Dressing Casserole, Corn, Milk 500

S: Cashews, Lemon Poppy Seed Bread 245

Total Calories 1385 had a snack late that put me pretty close to 1400 and that's OK. I was up past midnight picking daughter up from girlfriend's house and I don't think I woke up as hungry as I would have if I hadn't eaten the late snack. I have had a head/tooth/ear ache for about 4-5 days and is not getting better. I have a molar that has given me trouble off and on for years. It already has a crown and I can't tell whether the pain is coming from the tooth or the ear - it can all be so related. I didn't think about it before because I have been trying to just soldier through (ignore) the discomfort, but that may be why I don't have the inclination to exercise as much. Excuses - excuses. Did fine at breakfast and will go shopping (for dog kennel for Smokey-Boy) this afternoon.

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

legcramps on 01/05/2008:
That looks like a great menu! Good luck!!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/05/2008:
great job today. lots of interesting flavors you had going on!

workingit2 on 01/05/2008:
That lemon bread sounds tasty. I had to laugh at supper tonight I told my sister and mom what I had for lunch (kale with walnuts and black olives) and my sister said "Hey, our turtle had kale today too! He loves kale." LOL so we eat turtle food

weightlossyoyo on 01/06/2008:
Great job on the calories!

hollybelle - Friday Jan 04, 2008
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 163.0

Friday (Day 3) Menu Log

B: Oatmeal, milk, 2 t sugar & cinn, 1 t coconut, 1 t almonds, coffee 260

L: Subway WW Tuna, light chips, diet coke 410

D: 2 Fried Eggs, 2 pieces Toast, Light butter, Simply Fruit 440

S: 1/2 C 1% Milk, Banana 140

Total 1250 - Just Great.

Yesterday was another great day. STILL no exercise - went shopping, though and for me that IS exercise. I HATE it. I needed dress shoes so badly. I wound up buying one pair in 3 different colors - not very imaginative, but effecient. They are quite nice. $80 shoes on sale for $50. Black, Navy and Brown. It's so hard for me to find stylish shoes that are also comfortabl. These shoes seem comfortable enough AND I bought some little inserts adhesive pads to go under ball of foot for some short boots I have that I love but have recently become hurtful after a long day of wear. I hope they will restore more use of them. I also bought a nice pair of pajamas - so it was an expensive trip, but I hope to get LOTS and LOTS of use out of what I purchased. I had been saving up for me - Christmas Money helped, too.

Anyway just got on to check daughter's play reheasal schedule and thought I'd do a quick up date. Cleaning house today!!

Much success to you all DD buddies! God Bless - Holly

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

workingit2 on 01/04/2008:
OK I am totally going to Subway in the near future. I love subway! Get all your water in and exercise! That oatmeal dish looks pretty tasty as well...hmmmm.... I hope you are having a great day in all other ways as well!

greengirl on 01/04/2008:
Looking good, Hollybelle. You will succeed !!!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/04/2008:
i agree with WI2, what an awesome oatmeal dish! everything sounds tasty for today. I love the quote you wrote on my journal about the darkest time being right before dawn! That made me smile!

CritterMom on 01/04/2008:
I'll have to try coconut and almonds on my (gluten free) oatmeal. Sounds good!

mcwoo40 on 01/05/2008:
Morning Holly,another great day from you yesterday.What happened to all this bike riding and walking you where doing??Come on if i have to do it so can you,I'm crackin' the whip now!!!Saying that it was damm cold this morning when i took Alfie out only did 25mins but will defo go out later just for a bit of peace.have a great day,Julie

hopinforachange on 01/05/2008:
You are doing so good Hollybelle. I have to agree with you on the shopping being excercise. I did some of that last night also. And today I am also doing cleaning. I would have to think that to should count as some excercise. lol. I hope you have a nice day.

dearerdiarist on 01/05/2008:
YES!!! Shopping is absolutely exercise! Glad you had a little fun; and, it sounds like good luck with your Christmas money. Coconut, almonds, tuna... LOVE all of those delicious choices. Have a nice weekend.

shadetree on 01/05/2008:
You sound like me - I have a horrible time finding shoes, and when I find some I like, I do usually end up getting them in multiple colors, and have also been known to buy more than one pair in the same color if it's a good deal and I like the shoes enough. (Nothing worse than wearing out a pair of shoes and not being able to find a replacement pair!)

hollybelle - Thursday Jan 03, 2008
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 163.0

Updated for Thursday Totals, etc.............

B: Coffee, Banana 145

L: Kale, Fried Green Tomatoes, corn 400

S: Corn Bread Stick, Hershey Kiss 95

D: Swiss Steak 300

S: Milk 60

Total Calories: 1000 (I know this is not enough) I keep thinking I forgot something. Normally I would have had vegetables/fruit with the swiss steak for dinner, but I had a parent meeting at daughter's school last night. I made the swiss steak before the meeting with instructions for family to make frozen vegetables - but they didn't make them. It was after 8:00 when I got home and I just didn't make them either. The hershey kiss was from the table at the meeting (sigh) but they were sitting right in front of me for an hour, I was hungry and I only ate one.

No exercise, but it's the weekend and the weather is warming up. YAY!

Thank you for all your comments, everyone. I am feeling very positive that I can get back on track now. Just need very much to add exercise into the formula. TWO DAYS UNDER (or I guess I mean OUT from under) my belt!! Remember you are just a day away from getting DAY ONE on your chart. That's the hardest one.

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

mcwoo40 on 01/03/2008:
Holly,Don't worry you really have'nt made me feel bad at all, if you had i would never of returned.Like i said it has done me good,i needed to see it from somebody elses point of view and it's the truth anyway,end of subject.The temperature on the beach @ 1pm was 2degrees celsius with a slight wind which was icy.I kept my hood up with my scarf wrapped around.Took Alfie,I don't trust him anywhere now without his lead,he just gets into so much trouble.Yesterday I trusted him too much to get into the car from the beach and he ended running off and the beach ranger caught him,he will run,run and run but not with me in tow I'm afraid!!Seems like another good day from you keep positive,Julie

mcwoo40 on 01/03/2008:
P.S I looked up what that monkey bread was before you wrote it down, i was that intrigued or damm right nosey.It sounds morish,defo would pile on the lb's

Moody2 on 01/03/2008:
Woohooo for having such a great day yesterday! You should aboslutely be feeling wonderful about it!! I know exactly what you mean about waking up the next day and feeling so good inside, not feeling heavy or bloated. I love that feeling! Plus, you feel better mentally too, like you've accomplished something!

Keep up the great work!!

vvvzena2 on 01/03/2008:
Isn't the weather in good ol' KY crazy?? It's killing me. If I wouldn't miss the mountains so much, I'd move some place that stays warm all year round. There's just something about this place.

Thank you for your great comments in my diary. It's nice to get support from people who understand. It makes what we're doing here a lot easier to cope with. I have read some of your entries, and I feel that we're both on the same page, so to speak. Keep up your great work! I enjoy reading your journey.

maria777 on 01/03/2008:
I fixed fried green tomatoes one time and took some to church and they got ate. Looks like you're having another real good calories day! Big Smile to you!

maria777 on 01/03/2008:
PS...that's really sweet of you to say you'll check back in soon. Thanks!

timeforachange on 01/03/2008:
Wow so far you're doing well and being disciplined with your food. If my stomach could handle me eating just a banana for breakfast without growling louder than a full grown lion I'd try that too haha! Hope your day continued on the great path it started on and have a good night!

starfish on 01/03/2008:
You are doing wonderful!

workingit2 on 01/03/2008:
I just picked up some more kale yesterday...I love that stuff!

workingit2 on 01/04/2008:
The biggest reason I am afraid of not eating enough calories is because I know it sets me up to eat too much eventually. And in some weird way I justify it by saying "Well, I didn't eat 300 calories two days ago" or something lol. But when you are so very busy,sometimes it is hard to eat all the calories! Have a great day =)

workingit2 on 01/04/2008:
And congratulations on two days in a row!

hopinforachange on 01/04/2008:
Congrats on two days. Doesn't it feel so good? And I am sure that one hershey kiss isn't so bad!

Donkey on 01/04/2008:
Good job! WTG!!!

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