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hollybelle - Wednesday May 23, 2007
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 155.6

Yesterday was an OK day. Exercise was 30 minutes of walking. I lost count of calories and I can't take the time to try and reconstruct the meals, but I think I did alright. I didn't over eat. I must do better about counting! Funny how soon I have gotten out of the habit.

I am not in a very good mood today - so I need to watch that I don't try to over-compensate with food. I am going to walk with my daughter's boyfriend's mother later today. Exercise usually helps my mood.

Haven't made up mind on vacation yet. May stay in states and go to NC or maybe Puerto Rico....we are really up in the air.

I ate a big lunch today, but without realizing it I skipped breakfast. Just got busy this morning and wasn't very hungry. This may work out OK as I may not be hungry at all until dinnertime tonight. We'll see.

I really need to shake this mood. I'm off for now. Will update tomorrow.

Progress as of today: 16.4 lbs lost so far, only 5.6 lbs to go!

sweetpea1977 on 05/23/2007:
Exercise usually improves my mood as well, so be sure to get that walk in this evening.

Ooooh, Puerto Rico! I'd love to go there!

Anyway, here's a link about slush mugs: http://www.glacierware.com/slushmug.htm.

Or trying googling slush mug to find the 1971 tv commercial for it to learn more about it! :o)

tourguidebarbie on 05/23/2007:
Hey! I LOVE NC! It's where i want to live one day. I've vacationed there a lot... Holden Beach is the best as well as Wilmington NC... both lovely places to visit if you do decided to go To NC... Also. When i want to NC, My boyfriend at the time and i stayed at this place about 5 mins from the beach and it was so cheap... I'm trying to think of the name... hum. Well i'm sure it will come to me. I don't know how much you want to spend but he and I stayed 10 days, and the entire trip, hotel, gas, food *And we ate a lot... lol* shopping... cost us UNDER $1000! That's Only $100 a day! It was really fun! Anyways, that's my two cents... LOL.

greengirl on 05/23/2007:
Exercise always makes me feel better too. We all have our off days. Hope you are feeling perkier tomorrow!!

weightlossyoyo on 05/23/2007:
Hope your day gets better! I have those too, and you are right exercise normally does make it feel better!

hollybelle - Tuesday May 22, 2007
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 155.6

OK after thinking it over I guess I should count the miles as 20 minute miles because I probably didn't go faster than that on average. So I will up date my total for Saturday and Sunday to 4 hours of total exercise.

That brings my total exercise hours to 7.75 since 5/14 Tourguidebarbie. I'll bet you have more, but watch out.....I am going to keep at it. LOL! I am not highly competitive in this vein, though. Now in business - that's another story! Hee-Hee!

Yesterday was OK. Walked for 50 minutes in the a.m. with dog. I love to start the day like that. Eating was OK. I even think I can account for everything I ate.

Breakfast: Oatmeal with splenda and milk, coffee

Lunch: Subway Tuna with Light chips and Diet Lemonade

Snack: Edy's Lime Fruit Bars (2)

Dinner: Salad with Light vinegarette Dressing and Cereal

Snack: Granola Bar (2)

Total of around 1550 calories. Not bad. I need to stay more around 1200 for awhile, though. The pants I am wearing today fit fine, but they had actually gotten a little loose. So time to reign it in. This is no surprise, though, because I have been very "relaxed" with my eating habits and exercise for many weeks now. I am ready to step up the level of intent again. What I mean is I am ready to eat and exercise with the "intent" of losing some weight - without being obsessive, of course. I don't feel so burdened by needing to do that now.

I have a pretty good incentive, too. Husband and I are "probably" going to take a vacation together this summer - just the two of us. Some of you may recall that daughter was selected for a wonderful Summer program at one of the universities here in KY - Govenor's School for the Arts - in ballet. She will be gone 3 weeks and we cannot visit - only phone calls. So seems like a good time to go somewhere. Not sure where we will go. Have been talking about everything from a State Park here in KY to BVI, to Europe. We really like everything. The main goal we would have is that it would be somewhere we could be active. Not to commericialized and where a healthy lifestyle is supported. Any suggestions? Anyone? And it would need to be pretty budget conscience.

Well I am off to work. Have a blessed day everyone!

Progress as of today: 16.4 lbs lost so far, only 5.6 lbs to go!

halley on 05/22/2007:
Time away with your husband - that is awesome. I think too many peole take their spouses for granted, I know I did for a while. I was just so focused on losing weight, my job, my son, he really didn't get what he deserved from me. So I hope you will have a great time!

mcwoo40 on 05/22/2007:
Hi,it's good that you are getting back in the swing of things with this healthy eating lark,keep it up.Well as for my daughter,she is nearly 12 but she is a young lady now.Maybe it is a hormone thing we have had the door slaming and the groaning when you ask her to do things!!I have told her the importance of personal hygiene but i seems to go in one ear and out of the other.I give up,no wonder i am going grey!!Bye Julie

greengirl on 05/22/2007:
Hi Hollybelle. Thanks for your comment. I think you are right when you told me that exercise could be the key. I certainly feel that it is the exercise that has made the difference to me this time. I need to try harder to keep my cals at about 1400. I know I can do it if I put my mind to it. Good luck this week :)

sweetpea1977 on 05/23/2007:
Wow, I think its great that you will have so much time to spend with your hubby alone. If you like the beach but also want to be active, I'd recommend the Hawaiian islands. Each one offers different activities to enjoy. Some are more relaxing, while others are more physical. Of course, the BVI and Europe sound great to me too! :o) Let us know what you decide!

hollybelle - Monday May 21, 2007
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 155.6

Finally! I get on here to post. This weekend went well as far as the Relay for Life event. I walked 12 miles between Friday night and Saturday afternoon. Not really very far. I couldn't walk more because I had to sell the raffle tickets for our UK glass block lights we make as an additional fund raiser for our group. That is always my job. We raised an additional $175 with that.

I figure at 15-17 minutes per mile - I didn't go real fast - I walked for about 3 - 3 1/2 hours. I should have kept track of time - not laps! I also walked for an hour Sunday and 45 minutes this morning. WHAT DO YOU ALL THINK-IS THIS A REASONABLE ESTIMATE OF MINUTES PER MILE?

So, Tourguidebarbie - you probably won't have to work to hard to be ahead of me! I will check your diary in a minute to see how we are doing in our challenge! But put me down for Friday/Saturday - 3 hours and Sunday -1 hour. I'm not done for today, though!

Well, while exercise may have been good - I ate A LOT. Such good food there in our tent! Oh, well I'll figure that part out this week and eat really healthily. I can tell you that I am craving a big salad. I want vegetables really badly. A sure sign I have had too many refined carbs!

Hoping all of you had a wonderful weekend. I will catch up with you this week! Have a blessed day!

Progress as of today: 16.4 lbs lost so far, only 5.6 lbs to go!

borntocry on 05/21/2007:
This is the reason I can't understand why you folks like to keep track of time rather than distance. It's like you get penalised for upping the pace!

I would say that if you weren't walking very fast, you can assume you were doing 20-minute miles. 15-minute miles is quite a brisk pace, at least for me. My shins hurt and I'm out of breath when I walk that fast. At least go with 17 minutes per mile!!

hollybelle on 05/21/2007:
I must say I agree with BTC......but usually I just keep up with my time and not distance and it doesn't matter becasue I only exercise for myself. This month I am doing the exercise challenge with Tourguidebarbie, though and I don't want to cheat myself. We'll see what happens.

maria777 on 05/21/2007:
Looks like you have really been very busy and surely getting in lots of exercise!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

tourguidebarbie on 05/21/2007:
wow! Great job this weekend! And i love, 'I'm not done for today, though!' :) You did more miles in a 24hour period than i did all week! LOL...Great Job!

weightlossyoyo on 05/21/2007:
12 miles in 2 days is GREAT! I would probably over eat too! All that walking would make me hugery....LOL!

hollybelle - Thursday May 17, 2007
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 155.6

Yesterday was not so bad. I ate about 1800 calories and exercised 45 minutes with walking. I will do a total for my challege with Renee - Tourguidebarbie - after the weekend, but I don't think she has anything to worry about. Even with the Relay for Life event I have been really slacked off the rest of the time.

One thing I didn't mention earlier about the Relay for Life event - we have TONS and TONS of food for the entire 24 hour period. I am making BBQ for sandwiches and a couple of Texas Sheet Cakes! We don't have anything healthy hardly at all. It's 10 ladies who get together for the 6th year in a row, participate in the event and eat for 24 hours! Ouch! So even if my exercise is good my eating won't be and I don't care 'cause this happens once a year! I will try to just keep it reasonable.

Wishing everyone a blessed day! Holly

Progress as of today: 16.4 lbs lost so far, only 5.6 lbs to go!

sweetpea1977 on 05/17/2007:
Mmmm...Texas sheet cake and BBQ sandwiches. Sounds like heaven! :o) Anyway, I think its good you are participating in this event. It may not be a health conscious event for the participants, but the money raised will save so many lives. Enjoy the experience, especially since it only happens once a year!!

Thank you for your comment. Its nice hearing about other's pregnancy adventures. Hearing them makes me feel more at ease and confident about my own pregnancy journey. :o)

mcwoo40 on 05/17/2007:
Hi,that would be shear bliss for me eating for 24hours,but bad on the indigestion!!I would'nt worry too much, as you will exercise some of the food off anyway just, have a little bit of everything.Best of luck,Julie

foreverfrosting on 05/17/2007:
Thanks for commenting on my site. I LOVE calorieking & use it all the time. Have a great day!!

weightlossyoyo on 05/17/2007:
If I went I would probably eat all day!! Good luck on the Rely!

smiley2 on 05/20/2007:
Enjoy the Relay for Life Event....try and keep your focus on the exercise ;)

tourguidebarbie on 05/21/2007:
hey! I hope Relay for life went well for you!

hollybelle - Wednesday May 16, 2007
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 155.6

Yesterday was not a good exercise day. I did none. I had about 7 loads of laundry to catch up and spent the time doing that. I will be walking in Relay for Life event this weekend, though - for The American Cancer Assoc. so I will make up for it. My neighbors and I do it every year. We take turns walking for a 24 hour period. I usually fill in at times no one else wants to walk. I don't think I will spend the night there Friday night. I think I will stay late and go back early on Saturday morning. I hope to get in 5 hours of exercise Friday and Saturday at a minimum.

Yesterday's food was OK but I didn't write it down. I estimate it was about 1600 calories. OK but not low enough to lose!

Today I will walk and eat a very light dinner as I have had 2 cookies at lunch. I usually don't endulge in goodies that co-workers bring in, but I did today! Oh, dear. But it doesn't mean I have to blow the rest of the day.

Have a blesssed day everyone!

Progress as of today: 16.4 lbs lost so far, only 5.6 lbs to go!

Jmarie60 on 05/16/2007:
I always LOVED doing Relay for LIfe. I need to find out if where the nearest event is for where I live now. It is a great way to exercise and build awareness about cancer. It's also a fun way to meet new people or hang out with your friends. Have a great time!

sweetpea1977 on 05/16/2007:
Relay for Life is a wonderful thing, so good for you being part of such a great cause! Good luck and have lots of fun!

mcwoo40 on 05/16/2007:
Hi, there is alot of walks/runs going on around here to raise money for cancer.Greengirl is doing one next month i think,it would kill me.I would like to do one WHEN i get alot fitter.Good on you for joining in too.Yes i am back hopefully for the long haul.I am doing a challenge with Greengirl to get us both motivated,so may the best girl win!!Bye 4 now,Julie

weightlossyoyo on 05/16/2007:
1600 calories is great! I bet you did lose some ounces, espeacially with the 7 loads of laudry, that is a lot of work! Sounds like you will get a lot of exercise on the weekend.

tourguidebarbie on 05/17/2007:
wow! I better pump up my work out schedule to catch up to you after this weekend! LOL.

hollybelle - Tuesday May 15, 2007
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 155.6

Well, I didn't get around to writing all my menus down yesterday - but I am doing it today - I started already. I calculated calories to best of my memory and will just post the total due to time crunch.

Calories for Monday 5/14 = approx. 1535. I think I counted everything and I was generous on some of my guesses - so should do it. Exercise for yesterday was 1.5 hours. 45 minutes each a.m. and p.m. of walking. Tourguidebarbie - you beat me yesterday - look out today.

Ha-Ha. That is probably an idle threat since I overslept this morning and didn't get out and about for the a.m. walk like yesterday, but I will do alot of walking tonight-so watch out! LOL!

Everyone keeps saying that I am so close to my goal and will get to goal soon - but guys, I haven't lost an ounch in months. At first I was very discouraged and thought defeating thoughts like - well, if I can't get to my goal then what good is it - I have done all this work for nothing. But it's not for nothing. I still and thicker in the middle that I'd like to be but - Gee Whiz Golly - I am so much better off than I was. I haven't worn a size 10 in YEARS and I am still fitting into 10s about 95% of the time. So maintaining this weight really isn't so bad. I am going to keep working on losing about 6-8 more pounds, but I am starting to realize that at this time there is just so much more I am willing (not to mention able) to do to lost those last few pounds. My plan is to start writing down the calories and making better food choices each day and seeing where that leads without going bananas over it. SIGH!

Well, that's it for me today - everyone have a blessed day! Catch you later. Thanks for all the comments - you guys really keep me going.

Progress as of today: 16.4 lbs lost so far, only 5.6 lbs to go!

CharlieAngel on 05/15/2007:
You are so right....you are so much better off than you were before you lost all the weight....those 6-8 pounds will come off, just you wait and see. All you have to do is keep working out and making good food choices. You have a great attitude and that is half the battle. Take care and know that you are doing GREAT!!!!

Jmarie60 on 05/15/2007:
I am so glad to see you have such a great attitude. I've heard a lot of stories about how hard it is to get that last couple of pounds off. You are doing so great! I am confident that you will reach your goal and you will be so proud of yourself for sticking to it all!

greengirl on 05/15/2007:
Of course it has been worth it!!! And it doesnt matter how long it takes to lose those last few stubborn pounds. As long as you are not going up, you are doing well!!! Keep up the good work :o)

maria777 on 05/15/2007:
Yes, you are really close to your goal!

weightlossyoyo on 05/15/2007:
Once you start writing down your calories you will reach goal quickly. Extra calories seem to sneak in during the day and your journal with elliminate them. YOU WILL REACH YOUR GOAL! You are sooo close. Doing great on your exercise.

hollybelle - Monday May 14, 2007
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 155.6

Good Morning and Happy Belated Mother's Day to all the Moms!

This weekend was good. I didn't do alot of formal exercise, but got my share of exercise during my days. I walked while daughter did her performance on Saturday - all around university campus. It was a hot day. Yesterday I walked for 3.5 hrs at the mall while shopping.

Eating was OK. Didn't overdo it. I am starting today to write down all my meals again. I think if I am really going to make any head-way I need to do that again. So look for posting of my menus tomorrow!

I could be so stressed out. But I just can't be. I am just not going to worry about some things that are bothering me very much. Normally I would obsess but I just can't. It takes too much out of me. That doesn't mean I am not going to work toward changing the situations, but I am just going to skip the worry part. Don't know how that will turn out - but I'm going to try it.

Got out early again this morning - at 5:30. I walked 45 minutes. I plan to walk more later on today, too. I stopped up exercise last week and want to stay on the roll. The weather is so pretty now. It is easy to get out. It was chilly this a.m. but going to be near 80 degrees later.

Hoping everyone has a blesse day!

Progress as of today: 16.4 lbs lost so far, only 5.6 lbs to go!

mcwoo40 on 05/14/2007:
Hi, happy belated mother's day to you.We've had ours in England,it was in march.Although in our household it is just another ordinary day.That is what i DID when i was being 'good' to write what you have eaten then you can alway's refer back.It helps you to stick to your plan too,i hope it works, you have to try everything don't you!!I am a stresshead too,but at the end of the day it does you no favours, and can make you ill,SO CHILL OUT!!Looks like you are doing well with the exercise,you will be at your goal weight in no time at all.Take care and i will catch you again,Julie

greengirl on 05/14/2007:
It only works for me if I write everything down, even the bad stuff. Well done on the exercise. Hope your daughters show went well :)

weightlossyoyo on 05/14/2007:
Writing everything down is hands down the best way to lose weight and stay motatvated. Every time I have lost weight I have kept a food and exercise journal. VERY GOOD DECISION!

smiley2 on 05/14/2007:
Great job on all the walking, keep it up! Hope you are having a good week! Wx

tourguidebarbie on 05/15/2007:
Ok you're on! From May 14th forward we'll track our hours and compare! It should be fun! :)

hollybelle - Friday May 11, 2007
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 155.6

Good morning all. I was up bright and early this morning. Went for a walk with my neighbor. We walked 45 minutes around the neighborhood. This is on top of an hour & 1/2 walk last night. Sounds good, but I nibbled away the night last night because I planned something for dinner that husband likes, but I don't and didn't plan anything for myself. And I just wrote on someone's diary yesterday about how planning helps! Should take my own advice, I guess. Really, it wasn't that bad. Just a blip on the screen of life, I guess. I will eat well today and try to walk extra today as well.

I am cooking dinner for 4 teenagers tonight. They want a regular family dinner type meal. I am having chicken (rotisserie from the store), green beans, mashed potatoes and corn and rolls. My daughter choreographed and taught a Spanish tango dance to three non-dancing spanish students and all four of them are performing it at a statewide Forgein Language Festival at the University tomorrow a.m. They have worked hard on it. The dinner will be to celebrate it.

Hoping you all have a wonderful day. I want to have a great 7 day period and weigh myself to see if I can move the tracker to another weight (hopefully lower). I don't think I have weighed 155 for sometime, but I am ot sure. We'll see.

Progress as of today: 16.4 lbs lost so far, only 5.6 lbs to go!

harleygirl79 on 05/11/2007:
Good morning! Good luck with your dinner. I applaud you for venturing out so early today. Hope your daughters dance event goes well. Have a great weekend!

liza36 on 05/11/2007:
Good job on the walking. Keep it up and the scale will surely move in the right direction. I hope your daughter's performance goes well. Sounds like a great dinner to celebrate. Have a good weekend.

mcwoo40 on 05/11/2007:
Hi,great work on the exercise i love being out walking in the fresh air,but not too often these days,sigh.Catch up soon,Julie.

halley on 05/11/2007:
Sounds like fun. I'm looking forward to my son being a teenager and bringing his friends over to hang out. I always thought it would be cool to have a house full of teenagers calling me mom!

sweetpea1977 on 05/11/2007:
I love your attitude. You admit to your mistakes, vow to do better next time, and are ready to move on. Good for you on not dwelling on the problem! :o)

Your dinner for the 4 teens sounds nice. You are so sweet to cook it up for them!

Good work on the walks! You've been doing a lot of them lately, which should reward you with some nice movement on the scale soon!

greengirl on 05/11/2007:
You must be very proud of your daughter, she is so multi-talented. I am always sorting out what everyone else wants to eat,and forgetting about what I need!! It's a mother-thing I thing. Have a great weekend :)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 05/12/2007:
you're on a roll!!! great job on the exercise...after 7 successful days, you'll definitely lose the weight!

hollybelle - Thursday May 10, 2007
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 155.6

Good morning all! Yesterday was OK. I didn't over eat. Ate pretty healthily and walked with my friend and my dog for about an hour - I think it was probably 3 miles but we walked in the woods and it wasn't marked.

Hoping everyone is having a good day. Will write more later.

Progress as of today: 16.4 lbs lost so far, only 5.6 lbs to go!

sweetpea1977 on 05/10/2007:
3 miles in one hour sounds about right. Glad you had a wonderful Wednesday!

greengirl on 05/10/2007:
We usually walk about three miles in an hour when we take the dog out. Sometimes, when she decides to sniff at every blade of grass, it takes a lot longer!! Well done for yesterday:0)

tourguidebarbie on 05/10/2007:
Great job walking yesterday! Unfortunatly for me, I'm not having ANY trouble eating anymore... lol. Oh well. I've been trying to make healthier choices, but it's hard right now because basically i have to eat whatever i can find... soon though i'll be on my own, buying my own food... and it will be good. :) Colorguard is SO fun! I love it and i can feel my arms getting slimmer everytime i teach it. I'm actually wearing a shirt today that my upper arms Barely fit in and now it fits comfortably! I love seeing changes like this! Keep up the great work! ~*Renee*~

maria777 on 05/10/2007:
Wow! Congratulations to you on your 3 mile walk! That is fantastic! Hope you have a wonderful day!

3kidslater on 05/10/2007:
Thanks so much for your sweet comment! It made me look up to see what time it was, to see if someone out there was praying for me right now! ;o) Stacey

hollybelle - Wednesday May 09, 2007
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 155.6

Just a quick post today to catch up.

Monday - Ok day walked 2 miles it was hot here. Food wise it was fine. Didn't really plan dinner so ate some really wierd things, but healthy.

Tuesday - Yeterday was quite a day. Went to school 4 times - the story is too long to tell right now, but all in all everything turned out ok. I walked 3 miles last night with husband. We walked in the park near our house at about 7:30 last night. It was cool and very enjoyable. There were blooming weeds (wildflowers, I guess) blue and white that were so pretty. They will mow it soon so I hope to go back tonigh w my friend, Carol for another walk before they are gone. Food yesterday was OK. I probably ate more than should have calorie-wise, but all was healthy foodo and it wasn't an over-done day. One of our vendors brought in lunch for the office and I got to eat some before I had to go to school the first time. Italian. I had salad and a bread stick.

I read some of your diaries yesterday, but didn't have time to comment much. Hope to "talk" to you all later today.

Got to get to work - in the meantime have a blessed day!

Progress as of today: 16.4 lbs lost so far, only 5.6 lbs to go!

jon'smom on 05/09/2007:
Great job with all that walking! Keep up the good work.

maria777 on 05/09/2007:
Sounds like you are very busy! Good for you on all that walking!!! What a lot of exercise! I love to go walking with my Hubby, too! I bet those wildflowers are beautiful! My Hubby and I walked in the park Sunday afternoon...didn't walk far, tho...maybe a 10 minutes walk...

Hope you have a wonderful day!

sweetpea1977 on 05/09/2007:
Great job on the exercise. Enjoy your walk tonight!

mcwoo40 on 05/09/2007:
HI,great work on the exercise,you are putting me to shame.In answer to your question,yes i have read articles of some women who had the mirena coil fitted and it was'nt good news.Many of the women had it removed,as they where getting too many side effects.I did tell them the last time i was at the hospital and they virtually said the only solution would be surgery.I should'nt moan really, as i am better than what i was.Anyway keep up the good work,Julie

weightlossyoyo on 05/10/2007:
Keep up the walking, it is really great!

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