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hollybelle - Tuesday Mar 20, 2007
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 155.6

Yesterday was good. I ended the day with 1300 calories - even. I am having a hard time with food choices at lunch and dinner. I am not cooking much because of schedule being so hectic and I find it harder to find foods that fit in my count. SO - dear DD Friends - if you would send me a note about your favorite quick and easy meals that are under 400 calories each - I would greatly appreciate it. They can be that you make a home or from fast food resturants or just pick up at the grocery on your way to and from somewhere, etc..........Thanks in advance for your help!

Yesterday, for example, at lunch I ate Schlotzski's Deli - a small original and it was 550 calories - not awful if I was careful for the rest of the day - and I was, but I would like to not "box" myself in with higher calories at any one meal if I can help it. It was satisfying, however. I also like hot food this time of year. I find lunch hard because I REALLY do not care for things like turkey or ham sandwiches. Just not a fan of stuff like that most of the time.

Anyway exercise was good yesterday, too - despite not feeling all that wonderful from TOM!! I just decided to get on the ET and get the weights out and do it ANYWAY! I did 20 minutes ET and about the same amount of time on weights and Abs.

Thanks for all your comments. I hope you are all having a glorious day! All the best to you - Holly

Progress as of today: 16.4 lbs lost so far, only 5.6 lbs to go!

sasyredneckgirl on 03/20/2007:
Dont you hate it when our schedules get hetic it just makes our dieting feel even more hetic.. have a good week

harleygirl79 on 03/20/2007:
OMG, I love Schlotsky's. They closed the ones up here, but we had them in Texas when I was first married. That was our lunch every day between me and my husband, we would split a Giant one. Hope it tasted good. Unfortunately, bread doesn't agree with me anymore. I eat very little. Have a great day!

monet0239 on 03/20/2007:

slinny on 03/20/2007:
It a little more but I pick up a side salad and sour cream and chive potatoe from Wendy's and it is only 460. Nice because the pototoe is warm. I try to stay away from potatoes so I usually only do this about 1 once a week.

sandrella on 03/20/2007:
I'm big on the lean cuisines, they are easy and usually tasty. Some suck big time, I've had to learn by trial and error. My favorites so far are the Pannini sp? they are delicious and put a small salad with it and presto, a pretty good lunch choice! Keep up the good work and thanks for the advice on my job situation! I really do appreciate it, it got me thinking! :)

sharklover on 03/20/2007:
way to go on exercising even though you weren't feeling too great!

as for food suggestions... you could pick up one of those rotisserie chickens that grocery stores have already prepared. or those frozen chicken strips are really good and quick, they can be a meal themselves with a vegetable on the side, or they are really good if you put them in a salad.

Also, you could make all your meals for the week so that you just have to heat one up when you want one.

Hope one of these suggestions was helpful. :-)

Have a great night/day!

hollybelle - Monday Mar 19, 2007
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 155.6

Quote of the Day: "Optomism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence." -Helen Keller

Didn't get to post all weekend - sorry. I missed you guys!

Just a summary of the last couple of days - Friday was fine-except the funeral home, of course. I won't go into that here, though (sigh). I ended the day with a little under 1200 calories. THEN - some of you all may recall that several months ago I was about to schedule a hysterectomy but then all things female improved and I had decided not to because no "bad" TOMs since August 2006 and actually only 2 TOMs since August 2006. Well, that changed this weekend. I didn't feel well at all Saturday and Sunday. I did OK on Saturday with eating. Took my daugher to the audition - which seemed to go OK. Calories for Saturday were about 1400. Sunday I ate something I felt like eating something I had been craving to simply "get that over with". Husband and I sent to TGI Friday's and I got a big hamburger (ate 1/2 of it) and about 10 fries. Then I are the Double Churned Ice Cream (Edy's French Silk) at home. I think I probably ended the day with about 2000 calories. It could have been worse and today I feel ready to watch the calories and go forth a conquor! I didn't do any exercise AT ALL during the weekend - other than a little walking on Saturday due to TOM! But.....This, too, Shall Pass!

Have a Blessed Day dear, DD Buddies!

Progress as of today: 16.4 lbs lost so far, only 5.6 lbs to go!

harleygirl79 on 03/19/2007:
Don't you just wish that when your done having babies, they automatically stop. Sorry you were not feeling well. Hope your daughter's audition went well. Take care!!!

Justine6Robert3 on 03/19/2007:
I hope your daughter did well on her audition, that would be such a great opportunity for her!! I didn't get much exercise in this week-end either but I will behave myself today and get back on track!!

Good old TOM is getting you down, I hope your feeling better! Have a great day!

Donkey on 03/19/2007:
Oh I know that was a lot to eat, but I sure did enjoy reading about it. YUMMY!!!

WorkingIt2 on 03/19/2007:
You know...sometimes you just GOTTA indulge and get those cravings out of your mind LOL I know what you mean! Have a great evening!

hollybelle - Friday Mar 16, 2007
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 155.6

YEA for me - yesterday was a good day. NO sweets at all, I don't think! Oh, wait - looking at my food diary - I did have 14 yogurt covered raisins. Well- not too much sweet anyway!

My calorie intake was 1125. At bedtime I really wanted to eat "something" else - like a treat - just a 100 calorie pack or "something".....But I didn't. Ta-Da!

I think if I keep this up I will see the changes I want........(Ya think???)

I really didn't do much exercise, though. 15 minutes of weights in the a.m. and that was it. I worked a little later than usual, then I had unexpected company last night. A former co-worker and she stayed for coffee and then I got busy with other things and daughter had to be taken and picked back up from a couple of places. I will make up for it tonight.

I will probably be ready to work out tonight. I have to travel abouto 1.5 hours to a visitation at a funeral home. It is a tragic situation. I can't go into detail, but I am sad about it. It is the death of a woman probably in her late 40's-maybe early 50's with two children - ages 16 & 19 or so. Very senseless. I won't have to actually drive as I am riding with another one of my former co-workers.

Hope to have good report for tomorrows diary entry regarding calories and exercise from today. I probably won't be abale to post until late Saturday or early Sunday due to crazy schedule this weekend.

All the best to you all, dear DD Buddies! Holly

Progress as of today: 16.4 lbs lost so far, only 5.6 lbs to go!

WorkingIt2 on 03/16/2007:
I am so sorry to hear about the death of the woman. Have a safe trip there and back. You have been having some great couple of days! Take care =)

sharklover on 03/16/2007:
wow, you did very well yesterday! that craving for a night snack is what got me tonight. I just wasn't strong enough tonight.

Guess I should take a page from your book. :-)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/17/2007:
In regards to the tragic funeral, sometimes life is just not fair...

Enjoy the rest of your weekend...and I look foward to your "late Saturday or early Sunday" post!

Justine6Robert3 on 03/17/2007:
Sorry to hear about the death of your friend. She is very young and her children are very young also to be dealing with the loss of a parent, it is very sad.

I'm crossing my fingers for your daughter, I wish her the best of luck on her audition!! She must be so excited and nervous!

Great job on your calories and resisting the temptation to have a snack before bedtime!!

hollybelle - Thursday Mar 15, 2007
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 155.6

Yesterday was a pretty good day.

Calories for the day were 1282.

I did 20 minutes on the ET and "meant" to do the weights for 15, but didn't get to it. I did the weights this a.m., though.

I would have had a very low cal day except that the only thing to eat at my house were BBQ ribs (boneless ones that are very lean - for ribs anyway)and I had to stop my my parents house to pick up a book daughter had left in my mother's car and my Dad had made Chocolate Cake. He is a very good cook and baker. He insisted that I take half of it. Rather than make a big deal of it I did. I wasn't going to eat any, but wound up having a small piece. His icing is great. He puts nuts in it. But I was still well under my max calories of 1400 so it was OK. I just didn't get to eat much yesterday because I ate high cal foods.

Today I am going to do more ET and work on abs. Not sure about the food thing. I am not very hungry. Do I date hope I go through another one of those phases like I did last Fall where I just didn't have much appetite? Probably no such luck so I will have to do it the regular way of planning and following through with the plan.....Ho Hum.

I think that I can tell (ever so slightly) that I am losing the bit of bloat that I had picked up the last few weeks. Maybe I will see a loss soon - I'm giving it time. All the new, smaller clothes I bought still fit the same so I really don't think I've gained real weight - probably mostly fluid that make me feel "less thin" (I refuse to use the F word).

Anyway, I feel much more in control and capable of moving forward now. We have had rain the last couple of days so I haven't walked much. My daughter will be in an audition for three hours on Saturday in another town so I thoughth I would take my walking shoes so I could put the time to good use. I may even look for a place to get a massage while I'm out of town.

Have a Blessed Day! Holly

Progress as of today: 16.4 lbs lost so far, only 5.6 lbs to go!

sweetpea1977 on 03/15/2007:
Good work on the ET and weights. Sounds like you did decently well with the food situations too!

Glad you are feeling better about things. It removes a lot of stress when you feel like you can finally move forwards. :o)

Justine6Robert3 on 03/15/2007:
Good job on the exercise Holly! That sounds like a good plan to get some walking in while your daughter is at her audition. The massage sounds nice also!! What part is your daughter auditioning for?

Its good that your feeling in control and I'm sure your going to see a drop in your weight soon!! Have a great day! I hope your daughter does well on her audition!

stringbean on 03/15/2007:
RYC: No doubt the PE teacher has McD's sometimes-- my point was that I didn't want to eat too much in front of him because he's cute, lol. (Plus, I really didn't need to put that in my points!) I did good though, with a cheeseburger happy meal.

Good job on the cake and still staying in your calorie range! Good luck to your daughter on Saturday!

borntocry on 03/16/2007:
Gosh, that cake sounds incredible! I know I couldn't have stuck to one small piece. Way to go, you!

Thanks for the comment you left me. My husband had the exact same response as you did for the sweater remark! I was just too shocked to think of a witty comeback at the time. And yeah, I kind of like this sweater! It was a gift from my mother-in-law, and other people have complimented me on it in the past! Just goes to show one shouldn't put too much stock by other people's opinions on clothes (be they negative or positive) and just go with what one likes.

hollybelle - Wednesday Mar 14, 2007
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 155.6

Pretty good day yesterday. Several hurdles. First off - a birthday at work - they had brownies and ice cream. I got by with eating 1/2 of a small brownie and just about a Tables Spoon of ice cream.

Then had a meeting late afternoon and they brought in a vegetable tray with ranch dressing. Typically I wouldn't have had any, but I was hungry and dinner was hours away......I ate about 200 calories worth that I really should have foregone (either that or the brithday treat or the evening snack).

Anyway one of those endulgences (take your pick) put me over my calories. At least it was healthy food for the most part and it wasn't much over. I wound up with about 1615 calories for the day.

Exercise was only 20 minutes of walking and about 5 minutes of weights.

Today I get to start again and I am resolved - again. Just goes to show me that sometimes when I think I am doing OK - just a bite here and a bite there - it all adds up. I think I would do better if I added as I go, but what I usually do is wait until the end of the day - like bedtime and add it up and let the chips (no pun intended) fall where they may. Sometime I don't know the calories of what I have eaten during the day and I don't want to put myself in the position of ONLY eating something I KNOW the calories of - that is just a litte too obsessive for me (may work for others, though).

I still don't feel the weight coming off like I have in the past. It is harder when you get closer to goal. I am going to have to do some serious thinking about this to achieve my goal.

Wishing everyone a Blessed Day! Holly

Progress as of today: 16.4 lbs lost so far, only 5.6 lbs to go!

harleygirl79 on 03/14/2007:
Great attitude Holly. Every day is a new day. Yesterday is gone. Keep that attitude and you will be successful. Have a great day!!!

Justine6Robert3 on 03/14/2007:
That's a great positive attitude! I didn't have the best day yesturday either but I'm planning to make up for it today also!! I think your right, the last bit of weight is usually stubborn to come off! Your soooo close to your goal weight though, good for you!

Some exercise is better than nothing at all, so even though you didn't do as much as you may have liked you still made an effort!

Have a great day Holly!

borntocry on 03/14/2007:
Yeah, whenever I wait until the end of the day to add up my calories, I'm always over 2000. It seems I tend to eat around 2400 calories on a "normal" day (no stress, no binges, no excessive dieting). The only way I can stay under 1500 or even 1800 is by counting as I go along. But then there is that problem when you don't know the calories of what you're having. Generally I can do a rough estimate. But you're right - refusing something outright just because one isn't sure of the calories can be a little too obsessive. I generally try not to do that.

WorkingIt2 on 03/14/2007:
Just think..had you not made the decision to start over yesterday, you might have had more! I think you did very, very well in the face of temptation! I agree...it does get harder the closer you get to goal and that's what I am dealing with now. The idea of eating more calories some days and less on others was really scary for me at first..now, I love it. It ends up being the same average amount of calories by the end of the week as it would be if I ate 1550 calories per day..but some days I get to indulge more than others =)

Take care of yourself! You will be ok!

WorkingIt2 on 03/14/2007:
PS. I also wanted to let you know that it was YOU who inspired me to get into the step aerobics and there is a little 'hollybelle' angel sitting on my shoulder, encouraging me to keep going whenever I do the step! =)

hollybelle - Tuesday Mar 13, 2007
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 155.6

Good day yesterday.

Total Calories: 1085 Exercise: 20 minutes walking at lunch 60 minute walking after work

There really is no reason I can't have a day like that MOST every day! Without realizing it I have been eating emotionally - somewhat. Although I have been maintaining my weight I have gotten to a complete stand still on losing.

I am now thinking that maybe that is a good thing that I needed to level off for awhile and now I can go forward and lose the additional 10-12 pounds I want to lose. I can be there by the end of the year. That is a realistic goal.

Plan to check on everyone's diaries later. I have had very little time to post. Am keeping menus, but really can't post them much anymore.

Wishing you all a blessed and successful day!

Progress as of today: 16.4 lbs lost so far, only 5.6 lbs to go!

tourguidebarbie on 03/13/2007:
Hey, I was looking at how far you've come since September and i'm truely impressed! Great job! It's people like you that make me WANT to eat better. Thank you for your inspiration!

Justine6Robert3 on 03/13/2007:
Way to go on the walking!! You really have come a long way since you started here!! I know you can get that last 10-12 lbs off, keep up the great work!

harleygirl79 on 03/13/2007:
You have been going through alot lately with your daughter. Your back on track now. Keep up the good work.

borntocry on 03/13/2007:
So how's your daughter?

smiley2 on 03/14/2007:
Hi :)

hollybelle - Monday Mar 12, 2007
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 155.6

Was a "slug" or at least "slug-like" all weekend.

Will begin the week anew. I am tired of my excuses!

The End......Period.......that is it.

Progress as of today: 16.4 lbs lost so far, only 5.6 lbs to go!

WorkingIt2 on 03/12/2007:
New week, new opportunity! Have a great day =)

hollybelle - Thursday Mar 08, 2007
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 155.6

Oh boy - more oral surgeon today, AGAIN! What the Dr. did to help yesterday didn't help for long. Took daughter in again this morning and they did a much more extensive "clean up" of the infected area. Poor girl. She is such a trooper. Pain in worse, though so she didn't go to school again today and won't be able to do the audition for the wonderful summer Dance program tomorrow - BUT.....there is another audition for the program next Saturday (3/17) in a town about an hour away so we should be able to reschedule her for that one as reschedules are allowed in the event of illness.

Anyway - yesterday I walked with two freinds for 2 1/2 miles. We did it in about 40 minutes - so we were moving fairly quickly (I think).

I ate OK - kind of lost track of calories, but I think around 1550 - a little over.

Tonight I plan to walk again and do the weights and ET for 20 minutes, too. Do ab exercises every day.

Will be getting caught up on everyone's diary soon.....miss reading them. Thanks for all the well wishes for daughter. I hope to have good news about her soon! Holly

Progress as of today: 16.4 lbs lost so far, only 5.6 lbs to go!

mcwoo40 on 03/08/2007:
Hi,Sorry about your daughter not being well there is nothing worse is there than seeing your children ill.I don't know if Nelly furtado would come under pop, or R n B or even easy listening.I mostly listen to soul and RnB,but she got an Brit Award for the cd 'loose'so see what you think.Stay focused your doing great,Julie

borntocry on 03/08/2007:
Hey, thanks for your comment. My husband is from Cincinnati too - yay!! I am not American (was born in England, lived around the world) but I LOVE Cincinnati! Skyline, Graeter's, Burbanks... what's not to love?!

WorkingIt2 on 03/08/2007:
That poor kid! I hope this visit did the trick! Have a gread day =)

harleygirl79 on 03/09/2007:
Keep up the great exercise routine. Will keep a good thought for your daughter's upcoming audition and that she begins to feel better.

traya on 03/09/2007:
Holly - You are my inspiration to start walking again! Tammy :)

stringbean on 03/09/2007:
Poor kiddo! Hope her pain gets better soon!

Thanks for the info on New York and Company, I'll go check them out online now! I did find a pair of slacks on OldNavy.com that come in long- in 3 colors! I ordered a black pair, we'll see how they fit!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/10/2007:
2.5 miles in 40 minutes is great!

hollybelle - Wednesday Mar 07, 2007
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 155.6

Well, it looks like I am not even a good week-day poster, either!

Daughter has had MORE complications with her oral surgery - believe it or not! She came home from rehearsals last night at 10:30 with much pain and badly swollen jaw - just came up out of nowhere. Took her to oral surg office again this afternoon and she had to have incised and drained - bad infection. Could go to bone or blood system - at it's worse, but put her on major antibotics and should be OK. In any event she missed her AP Bio test and the rest of the school day because now ogum is very painful.


The good news is that one of the other reasons I haven't been posting thi week is that I am WORKING IT all over the place (now this does not refer to my fellow poster - WorkingIt2) I mean I am exercising and eating right and doing all the stuff I am supposed to. Those of you who have been reading my diary for awhile know what my menus usually look like. I really don't have time to post them here everyday right now, but I am writing them down and counting.

I am walked, Eliptical Trained and weight trained every day this week. (YUP all 2 of them - ha-ha), but I am on the right track now. The weather is great here and I plan to keep it up.

At any rate - thanks everyone who has commented on my diary. You don't know how much it means to have a support system here.

Have a Blessed Day and until next time, Holly

Progress as of today: 16.4 lbs lost so far, only 5.6 lbs to go!

greengirl on 03/07/2007:
Sorry to hear your daughter has more dental problems. There is nothing more painful! Hope she is feeling better soon. YAY on the healthy lifestyle for you. Well done :)

sandrella on 03/07/2007:
Your poor daughter....I bet she doesn't ever want to see another dentist again! I'm sorry she's had such a hard time! As for you...way to go! I'm proud of you .....keep working it girl!

harleygirl79 on 03/07/2007:
WOw, sorry your daughter is feeling lousy. Nothing worse than teeth problems. If she is as committed to her acting as my son, she was probably bummed about not feeling well for rehersals. Here's hoping she gets well real soon. Way to go on your exercise commitment.

WorkingIt2 on 03/08/2007:
Awww that poor kid!! Thank GOD it was caught in time before she became deathly ill! After reading that story about the little boy who died from an infected tooth because his mom didn't have money/insurance to take him to the dentist :(

Great job on your WORKINGIT!! You GO girl! =) Have a great day!

hollybelle - Monday Mar 05, 2007
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 155.6

I have not been a faithful weekend poster lately!

I have come to terms with some things lately that I want to write down.

I have not been doing as well as I was in the beginning of my journey. I haven't been doing badly - don't get me wrong. But I haven't been eating the correct way to actually lose any more weight and most of all - other than some walks - most days - I haven't been doing the kind of exercise I need to do to achieve the results I want.

All that said - it's not awful. I have maintained my weight and that is no easy feat. But I do want to lose a bit more (10-12 lbs).

What am I going to do about it? I started already today - more exercise - i.e. the Eliptical Trainer (that is in my house for heaven's sake!) and weights again. And less indulgence in some of the more "treat-like" items that have been included in my menus. I did 12 minutes on ET this morning and 15 minutes of weights this morning. Walked for 30 minutes at lunch and have a walk planned at 4:30 this evening (45-60 minutes)along with another 12 minutes on the ET tonight. (I decided that if I couldn't do 25 minutes all at once I would do it broken up - whatever I have time for.)

I think there have been several factors - which I have tried to overcome but only just "held off" that have contributed to my "lull" in progress. The weather - I am very seasonal dis-affective. The fact that I can find no good apples - I know that sounds dumb - but eating that apple in the late afternoon really did curb my appetite the whole rest of the evening with little effort. Strange but true! The fact that I was having neck/shoulder pain from using the ET and weights (probably too much at times). The fact that I got the "cold from H - E - double hockey sticks"! That set me back for so long and it has just snow-balled from there.

So, all that being in the past - I have no excuse and I have a renewed desire to stick to my guns and commit myself all over again. I keep thinking of September of this year (2007) - when I go back to the doctor that told me I was "overweight" and seeing her face when she sees I have lost 30 pounds! (I would have about 10-12 to go from where I am right now - I think). Ha!

Will post menus from today on tomorrow's diary. That is my OTHER committment - I will keep the food diary EVEN on the WEEKENDS! It really makes a difference.

Wishing everyone a Blessed Evening. THANKS so much for your comments - they keep me going in these difficult days and give me encouragement on the good days, too!

Progress as of today: 16.4 lbs lost so far, only 5.6 lbs to go!

sweetpea1977 on 03/05/2007:
Wow, what a great entry! Good for you on recognizing your problems and coming up with a great way to fix them!

You are going to do great, I can feel it!!

greengirl on 03/05/2007:
You are so close to your target now that you just need to make a little effort to do it. Sounds like you have a good plan with the more exercise. You will succeed !!!

sharklover on 03/05/2007:
Wow. What a great epiphany of sorts! You are doing great, and with these new plans you will be unstoppable! :-)

harleygirl79 on 03/05/2007:
I know what you mean about Seasonal Affective Disorder. My husband has that due to his disability and not being able to get out much in the bad weather. Can't wait until we move down south where he can spend alot of time outside year round. Way to go on the exercise committment. I got outside and walked tonight in the cold. Felt cold but great.

WorkingIt2 on 03/05/2007:
Fall down twice, get up three times. So happy for you that you re-set your goals and your determination! And real spring is just around the corner THANK GOODNESS! **********Hug*************

smiley2 on 03/06/2007:
I love your enthusiasm! Good luck with getting back on the wagon. You can do it!!!

sasyredneckgirl on 03/06/2007:
Holly I sooooo know how you feel that is exactly where I have been here lately.. but WE can do it we have all these friends here encouraging us and we can get back on the wagon and stay on it.. I to started back yesterday.. Just think summer will be here and we will want these poounds GONE! HUGS!!!

weightlossyoyo on 03/07/2007:
You know how to fix what you want to fix, and you are NOT in denial, and so, you WILL get it all done and achieve your goal!

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