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hollybelle - Friday Jul 03, 2015
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 0.0

Well, I wound up eating more than I wanted to last night - fell asleep after work!  Husband was out of town and came home around 9:30 and I wound up making green beans and beets late.....I made the beans my way - which means, not healthy....but oh so good!  Beets were plain and roasted - so good!  It really wasn't a whole lot of cals for the day - but the carbs!  Yikes.

Today it's a walk and laundry and cleaning!  The Patriotic Concert tonight is very iffy because of the weather, so will have to come up with alternate plans.

More later.....

puddles on 07/03/2015:
Enjoy your Concert and have a great weekend.

Umpqua on 07/03/2015:
I don't worry too much about fruit and vegetable carbs, but the other kind can add up quickly. I hope your weather holds out for all your events!

biscottibody59 on 07/03/2015:
Still you got your veg in--good going!

Hope you have a great 4th of July weekend there!

hollybelle - Wednesday Jul 01, 2015
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 0.0

Busy week and haven't been home before 7:30 or later yet this week, so first post of the work week.

Food has been OK - have been eating a bit more carbs than I was for awhile but I wanted to keep them in a certain range and have been eating on the high end of the range so still OK. I want to work carbs back in my diet. Didn't intend to cut so far back permanently - just want to eat healthy stuff and that's been a success.  I still need to walk or do some kind of exercise.  My back is doing ok, much better.  We have had so much rain this week, again, that outside is not really been a possibility, but I could do someting!!!

Tomorrow is the last work day of the week so I will use the weekend to try to re establish an exercise habit.

We have some different things planned for the weekend - we usually go to cousin's big neighborhood fireworks party in NKY but they are taking a year off - that's kind of a relief because there is always a big food challenge there - pies and all kinds of stuff. So I'll miss that - but should be a better food weekend than usual! 

We are going to the Philharmonic and Lexington Singers Patriotic Concert on the campus of historic Transylvania University here in town - weather permitting!  We will probably cook out at home and take some drinks and lawn chairs - it's really fun - it's on Friday.  Then Saturday we may take Rosalie to the pool and go downtown for the fireworks display there.  Sunday should be the usual. 

More later.....

ohioraven on 07/02/2015:
Hey, Kentucky. You've been a busy girl. I hope you're finding enough time for yourself. It's good to see you back on here. Take Care.

Umpqua on 07/02/2015:
Your plans for the weekend sound nice and relaxed! I heard you guys are getting a ton of rain down there, meanwhile temps here are in the 100s and the boys can't even go outside. I hope the extreme weather eases up soon for everyone's sake.

hollybelle on 07/02/2015:
I still can't believe I didn't realize it got that hot in OR! I pictured it more like Washington state, I think! We are about to drown here. Right this minute the sun came out and it's first time in 3 days. The storms roll thru so I won't be surprised if we get rained out on all weekend plans, but in KY the weather can change in 20 minute intervals all day! So may be able to work some stuff in between the rain. I got Rosalie some swim pants and a blow up innertube she can sit in....so I hope we get to go to neighborhopd pool for a little while. Don't go for myself but she LOVES it! At least can get some use out of it!

hollybelle - Sunday Jun 28, 2015
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 0.0

Yesterday was a good day - I did well on food - not overeating sweets this weekend!  My extra starches and sugar were:  2 slicesof cinn raisin toast in the morning and a bit of angle hair pasta with the meat sauce I made for dinner.  Exercise was putting up some of the stuff I had to take down for the painter and babysitting for 7 hours with a rambunctious 19 month old!  Lord help us!  I am taking 2 shopping bags of paperback books to Half Price Books and I added several old decorative things to the pile of Goodwill/Fall Garage Sale stuff in the dining room.  House goal for the day  - finish putting away out of place stuff in the kitchen, wash and put new sheets on the master bed.....clean bathrooms.  Left over chicken, sausage and pasta for dinner.....

Weather has blessed us with a wonderful two days of cool weather- going for a walk this morning - Woo-hoo!  

Update:  Went for a 2 miles walk with husband and dogs this morning - walked around appliace stores all afternoon looking for new Frig and stove...think we found some....got the wash done and beds changed and other house goals almost met - thought I'd post a quick update before tackleing what is left - not really heavey duty - quick bathrooms and partial vaccuming! 

Cutting house chores short and saving for another day - after work - because Daughter called asking for favor of babysitting 2 days in a row and told her I could put off all the other stuff for 2 hours (+/-) this evening so OK....it is for a good cause - she is being featured as one of 12 women on a calendar that will be for sale locally - Miss Fit Kentucky - in the Fall pictures were talken this a.m. at the Gym where she works and all the participants and spouses/significant others are going out to dinner together - inpromptu - so not foreseeable and I'd hate for them to miss it.  I will go for a second walk this evening to the playground so Rosalie can slide on the side and be tired out for bedtime. 

Have a good evening and more this week!

GottaDoIt on 06/28/2015:
Sounds like a good weekend.

Umpqua on 06/29/2015:
Great work over the weekend with getting stuff in order and getting some walks in. And that's awesome news on your daughter being featured on that calendar, congratulations to her!

hollybelle on 07/01/2015:
I just hope the pictures are in good taste! LOL

Maria7 on 06/29/2015:
Cinnamon bread sounds good...won't be long it will be time for scupponong grapes! :-D

hollybelle on 07/01/2015:
Yes, Maria - I can't wait - drove by the corner where I get them today and they were starting to set up. That will mean peaches and green beans soon!

biscottibody59 on 06/30/2015:
Hope you're having a good week and aren't having any lingering pain from the fall--sorry to hear about that.

hollybelle on 07/01/2015:
Thanks B. I am happy to say I am much better=backwise that is. Appreciate the thought!

hollybelle - Friday Jun 26, 2015
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 0.0

After 3 -4 days of eating just a bit too much sweets I am back on track today and feel much more in control and calm.  

Granddaughter and son in law came by tonight while daughter was working.  We had some fun with them while we are the leftovers from last night. very good stuff.  I am so glad it is the weekend and next week there is a holiday! 

It has rained here all evening - very hot and humid.  If it clears off tomorrow I will walk or go for a short bike ride.  Well, that and begin to put my house back together after the painter has gotten done.  He has to come back Monday to do some outside painting and to fill and sand and repaint some wall boo-boos that didn't really show when it was the lighter color.  Kind of final once over!  I love the color if I do say so!  Still so much to do outselves - Master Show leak to be fixed on 7/17 - we will then paint spare bedroom, strip wallpaper of laundry room and paint in there - redo  laundry room floor - handyman Ray will do the floor.  Then we will paint living room and dining room - same color we did every where downstairs and clean out the garage and paint walls and trim - not to mention hauling all the stuff off to donate or trash - 18 years is a long time to accumulate STUFF.  I am on a mission!

puddles on 06/26/2015:
Always so much to do once you start. Have a great weekend.

hollybelle - Thursday Jun 25, 2015
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 0.0

I have done OK this week- not as well on eating as last week.  Shouldn't have let husband talk me into buying that ice cream.  LOL!!  All in all - probably a maintain week, but that's OK because I have done really well for over 2 months.  Still no exercise to talk about besides a short walk and moving around all the stuff so the painter could paint.  I am a little bit sore from the fall on Tuesday.  But nothing drastic. Hurts in my back ribs to cough is the worst part.

I will be so glad when house painting is done....Majority inside should be done tomorrow - then a little outside.....then I want Ray, painter/handyman to make a gate for bottom of our deck stairs.  Have kiddie gate set up down there to keep muddy dogs off the deck.  

I made a new recipe for dinner tonight.  Pureed San Marco chipolte peppers in adobo sauce with juice of one lime and 3 T of brown sugar....I used 1.5 T of Brown Sugar substitute, poured it in a zip lock and added 2 giagantic cut up chicken breasts ( could have used 3 or 4 easily - it would make a lot) and one red onion and a yellow and orange bell pepper...marinated overnight.  Could have grilled on skewers as intende, but weather didnt permit so baked at 350 in oven for just about 25 minutes .  It was spicy and delicious!  Ate corn on the cob with it - but will use leftovers in flour tortillas and lettuce and chopped fresh tomatos.  Now I want to look around for other stuff to puree and marinate meat in! 

Umpqua on 06/26/2015:
I'm glad you're not in too much pain after your fall. That recipe sounds delicious, I bet it would work well with pork too!

hollybelle on 06/26/2015:
Ha ha - the original recipe called for pork loin - but I had chicken! It was great! We had the left overs on tortillas as planned tonight with shredded lettuce, avocado and a bit of mex cheese and a cilantro/yogurt dressing. Yum if I do say so!

hollybelle - Tuesday Jun 23, 2015
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 0.0

So far so good today.  Cantalope and watermelon for breakfast, steak and salad for lunch.....not sure about dinner - maybe tuna salad or cottage cheese and something else.....??  Not sure.

Fell at work today and hit my  head on the wall in the hall. Floor was wet and I knew it.  Forgot and headed out of my office and down I went.  I am pretty aggravated since I was just getting over the fall a couple of months ago.  I think I'll be OK.  Neck is kind of sore, but, we'll see.  Felt stupid!

Probablly won't walk today.  I hope the painter comes back Thursday because we have everything off the shelves and out of place waiting for him! 

Thanks for your comments!

GottaDoIt on 06/23/2015:
I hope you are ok.

Mistyrose on 06/24/2015:
Hope you feel better soon

grannyannie on 06/24/2015:
Oh, sorry about your injury! Hope you feel better soon, Holly.

Umpqua on 06/24/2015:
Oh no, that's terrible. I hope it isn't a lasting injury, take it easy xx

Maria7 on 06/24/2015:
Goodness. Do take good care of yourself. Rest after you get home from work if you need to. :-)

hollybelle - Tuesday Jun 23, 2015
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 0.0

Monday was a good food day -Good Foods Cafe for lunch - beef and cabbage and squash.  Dinner was fruit and cheese and a few wheat thins.  Although we have lots of leftover ice cream I didn't have any!  Very tired after moving all the stuff off our large bookshelves and washing them for the painter.  He has a deck job to work on and may not be back until Thursday - not happy about that - but I knew he was working us in.  

No exercise except the bookshelf project....Maybe a walk tonight.

puddles on 06/23/2015:
Glad you had a good day.

hollybelle on 06/23/2015:

Umpqua on 06/23/2015:
It sounds like you're doing great with eating plus activity from all the home improvement projects. Well done!

hollybelle on 06/23/2015:

ohioraven on 06/23/2015:
Get out there and start walkin', Holly.

hollybelle on 06/23/2015:
I know it - I will.....fell at work today so want to make sure I'm OK since I was getting over my fall 2 month ago. Fall fall, fall - I sound like some old lady - just a streak of bad luck. I'm sure I won't make it a habit - LOL! Thanks for the encouragement!

hollybelle - Tuesday Jun 23, 2015
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 0.0

Monday was a good food day -Good Foods Cafe for lunch - beef and cabbage and squash.  Dinner was fruit and cheese and a few wheat thins.  Although we have lots of leftover ice cream I didn't have any!  Very tired after moving all the stuff off our large bookshelves and washing them for the painter.  He has a deck job to work on and may not be back until Thursday - not happy about that - but I knew he was working us in.  

No exercise except the bookshelf project....Maybe a walk tonight.

hollybelle - Sunday Jun 21, 2015
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 0.0

Babysit all last night.  Pick up time not too far off!  We managed a mile walk with the Bob Stroller-very easy and smooth!  Went to the kids playground.  Rosalie got on the swings and went down the slide.  I also did upper body weights and walked for an hour and a half at the Meijers store.  Moved furniture and put window treatments back up.  

Stayed in good eating plan.  Had my 1/2 baked potato and ice cream for the two things off the usual plan I have been doing for weekend days.  No problem!  Tasted good and I'm satisfied. 

We shall see what else Father's Day holds......Happy Father's day to all DDer's fathers, husbands and associated Dads!

puddles on 06/21/2015:
Have a great day.

grannyannie on 06/21/2015:
Good job, Holly!

ohioraven on 06/21/2015:
ThankYou, Holly.

Mistyrose on 06/22/2015:
Great exercise

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/22/2015:
Thank you for the pushup compliment. It's my best exercise ;)

good eating, indeed. When I read potato, for some reason "carbs" came to mind. Potato is good...but it reminded me how as of late, I am having much more carbs and seem to feel better in doing so. But my carbs are coming from granola bars or energy bars that are more natural but have more sugar. seems to work for me. and it's not completely overdone. So, i'll go with it.

hollybelle on 06/23/2015:
Yes, the potato was my weekend carbs along with ice cream. These are things I've been mostly staying away from during the week. Starches and sugar! Due to a back injury I am not able to do much exercise right now so it's helping me. I will get back to enjoying granola bars and other things soon. A body needs carbs. I am just cutting starch and sugar because my diet was mostly made up of those things - I seem o naturally gravitate toward them unfortunately!

biscottibody59 on 06/23/2015:
Have a good week!

Mistyrose on 06/23/2015:
A wonderful day

hollybelle - Saturday Jun 20, 2015
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 0.0

I did very well sticking wth the plan this week.  I do the 5 weekdays eating light with no starches and no sugar with rare exception.  Then on the weekend I have two things per day in those categories each day.  Today it's been ice cream and 1/2 a baked potato.  Of course I eat other things, but those are my two "allowables" today. 

Went grocery shopping and got some great melons - watermelon and cantalope and some delicious red seedless grapes!  We are going to have sauerkraut and sausages tonight and tomorrow I am making a pork loin skishkabobs with chipolte lime marinade and orange and yellow peppers.  Yum!

The painter hasn't yet finished, but I am liking how it's looking.  I think we will  end up re-doing the two front rooms - living and dining rooms - in the same color.  Husband and I will do those because there are no high ceilings like the rest of the downstairs.  We are doing the woodwork in a little bit lighter color and it is looking good .  Of course it could be the same color - maybe the old was just yellowed and old!  Ha!

We are having the residual weather from Bill and it's been raining all day.  No storms-just rain and lots of it. We are babysitting tonight with the lovely Rosalie.   Not til 7:00, though so maybe they will let her spend the night.  We will see.

The only exercise I've gotten in is about 10 minutes of upper body weights - very light and a hike around the Meijers store.

Thanks for your comments.

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