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hollybelle - Monday Jun 24, 2013
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

Big weekend - walked early Saturday and went to Farmers Market and walked some more.  Went to grocery and other errands and had company for dinner.  Made White Sangria which turned out delicious.  Sunday - rested and did laundry watered flowers and picked weeds.  Went to home of former neighbor who just moved and broke down moving boxes to bring to Mark's cousin who is moving to our town, Lexington KY, this month (from NKY).  Cousin will pick them up today.

This week - I want to check out a new bike path - on other side of town where cousin is moving.

B:  Hard Boiled egg, 2 LF WW Waffles with strawberry perserves, Tea

L:    1/2 Whopper JR w cheese and Diet Coke - had to grab and go only ate half but very limited choices on what was available at spur of the minute.  Will try to make up nutrition wise tonight with vegetables!!

D:  Eggplant towers and salad

S:  2 T Nutella on pecans - YUM!

Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 06/24/2013:
Mornin' Holly.

Umpqua on 06/24/2013:
Well that's some restraint eating only 1/2 of the whopper jr - I don't think I could do that! I'm sure you will make up for it tonight, have a good one!

hollybelle on 06/25/2013:
Well didn't do badly last night but I wish we had health choices closer to us!

V on 06/24/2013:
Sounds like you had a really good weekend and YUM on the White Sangria, do you put a little peach schnapps in yours? RYC I got my chores done but later than expected, won't bore you with the sordid details, i will save it for my entry this evening, LOL Have a good evening Holly <3

hollybelle on 06/24/2013:
No, I put quiet a bit of Peach Snapps in it, actually - LOL!!!! I just winged it with the following - Pinot Grigio (only sweetish white I had), Minute Maid Raspberry Lemonade, Gingerale (used Diet), P Snapps, Sliced orange, Red Grapes, Sliced fresh peaches, Strawberries...I think that is it. I don't add sugar bc the lemonade has sugar I smash up all the fruit and let it set in the frig for awhile. Now - any tips on how to make it better? It was good, but I am open to ideas! I dan't drink red sangria, so if you have another white sangria recipe - heck shoot it to me. It's taking the place of beer this summer! So good, so many calories, though! What white wine would be best - ?????

V on 06/25/2013:
Your recipe sounds yummy and I don't add sugar to mine either..More to say but I have to get ready for work..Back at ya later ;)

hollybelle on 06/25/2013:
OK Thanks TTYL

hollybelle - Friday Jun 21, 2013
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

Walked over an hour last night.  Eating - calories OK but content - not so good!

QUESTION FOR EVERYONE -  Update on the possible job situation - I received and email from my contact in HR at the employer and she said that things were happening behind the scenes and she would be back in touch.  She was very glad I was interested to pursue the position, etc.....THEN (here is the Question), I discovered I had sent an OLD version of my resume in error!  It's not an awful resume, but my newer one is so much better.  I don't know if I should email her the newer one and say I noticed I'd sent the wrong one, or just let it go (not risk looking dumb) - what do you all think?  My contact has know me for years and knows my experience already, but her boss does not and she said she had ALREADY passed it on to her boss.  We'll see.  They contacted me about the job after all - your input is appreciated.....tell me what you think!

Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

skinnygrlwithin on 06/21/2013:
I guess my question would be what is the difference between the two resumes...are all your jobs included in the old one that are included in the new?? I guess I'd say as long as substantively everything is there I wouldn't worry about it. But if all your jobs aren't included on the resume you provided then I might say something.

hollybelle on 06/21/2013:
Everything is included in the old one that is in the new one, the new one is just expressed much better and looks a little better - nicer format.

Umpqua on 06/21/2013:
If they like you and are interested in you based on the old one, I would say leave it alone. Especially since it includes all the relevant info. Very exciting Holly!

hollybelle on 06/21/2013:
Yes, I think I want this job so much, and I will do my part to obtain it, but I am having this conversation with God the last few months and it goes like this: I know I am unhappy at this job, and I want to leave, but, I don't want to leave under the wrong circumstances but soon feels like the right time. I came to a crossroad like this once before and I didn't listen to you and stayed until I was miserable and I know that is not your plan for me. Lead me on to the next job where you would have me serve. I put it all in your hands and I am not going to worry about it in the meantime. Then, this lady calls me based on a very brief comment I made to her about transitioning into an HR environment for my next "career" probably over a year ago. We have known each other casually for a number of years. Coincidence? I don't think so.....we'll see - it's all steps on the path. Thanks for your comments. I think I agree - I can always take the "better" resume when I go the interview - LOL - assuming I WILL get one!

Umpqua on 06/21/2013:
The universe works in mysterious ways and it doesn't sound like a coincidence to me. That's a good idea about bringing the newer resume to the interview - you could always say you updated it "recently" and want them to have the latest version!

legcramps on 06/21/2013:
I would take the new one to your interview; great idea! Plus, since they already contacted you they must think the old version is just fine! And i'm sure it is :)

hollybelle on 06/24/2013:
Thanks for your comment - Helps my confidence!

Mskitty on 06/22/2013:
I'd take it into the interview with me.

hollybelle on 06/24/2013:

hollybelle - Thursday Jun 20, 2013
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

B:  Trail Mix 280

L: 12 tiny strips BBQ Beef and 6 bites of fried rice, 2 bite fruit tart 400 (?) 

S:  Protein Bar 240

D:  Toast, strawberries, cake (well totally blew it)

Walked 1.25 hour with husband, daughter and dogs.  Foot hurts

Haven't heard anything back from the lady who contacted me about the job!  She said they needed to re-work the job description and the Head of HR would be out until yesterday this week, so I didn't really expect to hear anything, but was hoping I would!

Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 06/20/2013:
Hi, Holly. Keep the Bluegrass between your toes. See ya.

OhioRaven on 06/24/2013:
Hope you get what's best for you, Holly. Take care.

hollybelle - Wednesday Jun 19, 2013
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

Doing OK here.  busy busy busy with so much stuff that I'm not able to post as often as I'd like.  Been walking with husband and dogs about 2-3 miles depending on time and weather - getting humid here.  Riding bike 10-15 miles 2 times a week..Eating OK but not stellar - too many "essert opportunities"!

Found out daughter is having a GIRL.  Will probably name her Rosalie Anne (Anne is my middle name and Anna is parternal grandmother's name).

Onward and upward, folks!

Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 06/19/2013:
Mornin', Holly ! Keep up the good work !

hollybelle on 06/20/2013:

Umpqua on 06/19/2013:
Beautiful name and how wonderful that you'll have a granddaughter! :) Great work on the walking and riding too.

hollybelle on 06/20/2013:
Thanks. The name is just "different" enough, I think.

V on 06/19/2013:
Yayyy a girl!!! I am sure you can't wait to spoil her <3

hollybelle on 06/20/2013:
You are right about that!

legcramps on 06/20/2013:
Aweeeeeee, a girl!!! Such a sweet name too :)

hollybelle on 06/20/2013:
Thank you! I am excited!

hollybelle - Friday Jun 14, 2013
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

Overate like a starving Pirate yesterday - today so far so good and bike ride tonight - can't wait is georgeous weather here.

Sent the resume to my contact and will wait to receive an updated job description from her and futher info on an interview, etc......we'll see what happens.

Husband went to Cincinnati for a concert with cousin who just got a new job nearer to us!  ery exciting. 

Need to go to farmers market - clean house and work in yard this weekend.


Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 06/14/2013:
I hope you have a nice weekend with lots of outdoor time!

OhioRaven on 06/14/2013:
Have a good weekend Holly.

hollybelle - Thursday Jun 13, 2013
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

Husband got home from Alaska without incident.  I walked the dogs last night and picked him up at the airport.  We had salads late - but was really about 6:00 Alaska time, so it was OK with him.

I had an interesting call yesterday from a lady I have worked with on Professional Association things from time to time.  She has an open position in her HR dept and asked me if I was interested.  I am.  The pay is probably a little better than I make now with Much Much better benefits.  I have to apply and interview with others, of course, but she has a lot to do with the decision in this case.  With the health insurance industry under seige from PPACAlike it is - I am
VERY tempted to go.  I would lose all of the flexibility I have now, for sure, and go back into a corporate environment - lots of drama and mixed personalities to deal with again, but this employer has around 1200 employees and it would be in their HR dept in the benefits section!  Which is what I have always thought I'd like to transition into.   We'll see what happens.  They want to hire someone by mid-August.  The person that is leaving has been there for 8 years and is moving out of state.

Iced Vanilla Coffee


Turkey - plain


Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

puddles on 06/13/2013:
Sure sound interesting and a step toward your goal. What is PPACA? Follow your heart and your gut. It is rarely wrong. Have a great day. Glad your husband is back safely

hollybelle on 06/13/2013:
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act - healthcare reform or commonly called "Obamacare" - not the name I prefer..... :-)

OhioRaven on 06/13/2013:
Sounds Great, Holly !

hollybelle on 06/13/2013:

Umpqua on 06/13/2013:
Very exciting Holly. Can't hurt to interview and find out more about the position and who you would be working for. Glad your hubby arrived home safely!

hollybelle on 06/13/2013:

puddles on 06/13/2013:
Thanks that is what I thought it was - considering that it might just be a good move.

hollybelle on 06/14/2013:
I think so, too!

V on 06/13/2013:
If you have that feeling in your gut, corporate atmosphere or not, if it is an upward move then I say go for it Holly!! Keep us posted! Have a great evening, love YOU <3

hollybelle on 06/14/2013:
Good advice. It's more of a lateral move with better benefits BUT would be a new facet to my experience which has mostly been in sales with either a large health ins carrier or with an ins agency. This would be in Human Resources Dept at a large medical clinic with multi locations-1200+ employees. Benefits are much better. I am pretty sure I would like it for the next 3-5 years (my retirement horizon), but I would HATE leaving here unless I can get my own replacement....they have been good to me and I come and go as I please, long as the work is done, etc. but, frankly I am bored and ready to move on for the last 2 years. I work about 35 hours a week and this would be 40. I know their ins agent and have a good relationship with him and if it gets closer I may seek his opinion no what kind of place it is to work. I know a couple of doctors who work there, but it is not appropriate to ask them. AND, well, they haven't offered me the job, actually, but I think it's a good possibility. Really, when I think of a transition - this is pretty much EXACTLY what I had in mind. I am almost afraid to want it too much. So we shall see what happens! Love, you, too V! <3

hollybelle - Tuesday Jun 11, 2013
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

Whew!  What a day.  I went to visit a client that is 3.5 hours away. Another agent that shares the account drove so that was good!  Left the house at 7:15 and got home at 6:30.  Going to skip the bike ride, but walk the dogs a couple of miles. 

Iced Vanilla Coffee

Had to eat where driver wanted to and he picked a deep fry place .  I ate fish and 10 french fries.  Yuck.

Blueberry muffin (healthy) and a tomato for dinner.  

Trail Mix 

Going to another client's tomorrow - just an hour and half away and I'm driving. 

More tomorrow!

Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

puddles on 06/11/2013:
Are you always on the road like this? Have a great evening. You managed your day well.

hollybelle on 06/11/2013:
Not anymore - I used to travel 2-4 days a week, but this is unusual these days.

Umpqua on 06/12/2013:
At least you're getting all your travel out of the way at once. I'm sure today will be easier since you're driving and in control of your food situation. Safe travels to you!

legcramps on 06/12/2013:
Busy busy!!! Hope your Wednesday is not quite as busy or draining and you can get a bike ride in after work :)

biscottibody59 on 06/12/2013:
Enjoy your day!

V on 06/12/2013:
My have you been a busy girl!! Hey how is R doing with her pregnancy? Is she still teaching classes? Better question does she know the sex of the baby?? Love YOU Holly <3

hollybelle on 06/13/2013:
Yes, very busy and fixing to post an update for today's post.....lots of info coming up. But thank you for your comments. She is doing fine. She is about 4.5 months now - so half way there. She ran a 5k this past Saturday. She doesn't like to run more than 5k because of knees, but she did almost as well as her previously best time. She is getting a little thick in the middle and kind of showing, but no round belly yet. She still has days she doesn't feel real well. She is a little down because she is only working with Personal Training Clients now - no group classes since she stopped the most recent ones for several reasons: $$, not feeling well and having to cancel so many, needs more steady income. She needs a job that she can have at least until baby is born. TTYL

hollybelle on 06/13/2013:
Oh, and we will know the sex of baby next Wednesday 6/19!

hollybelle - Monday Jun 10, 2013
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

Today I will have my root canal finished....I will eat well and pray that there is no residual pain.  There hasn't been pain afterward in the past, but this one hasn't been usual. 

I have a really busy week. A couple of problems I hope to solve before the week is out.  One is tricky and it may take awhile to resolve.  Diplomacy is required and I feel pretty short on that where this is concerned.  LOL

Will post foods today...Raining hard and no end predicted today - will hope to get some exercise in.  I took the dogs for a walk yesterday - about a mile, maybe mile and a half.   


Finished up the root canal and it went OK . So far so good.  No pain that isn't typical and very little, at that.  I got a quick bike ride - 10 miles in 33 minutes.  The it began raining again and I came home, walked the dogs almost 2 miles and ate some dinner.

Food was:  

Iced vanilla coffee,



Trader Joe Mini Tacos - 6

Blueberry Muffin

Small piece of cheese and 6 crackers

No vegetables or fruit, but it could have been worse.  

Found out that MIL's hip/back pain is the result of a fracture near her tailbone.  This is the result of the intense radiation she underwent for treatment of her cervical cancer.  it is so sad because she was so incapacitated during her treatment, felt good for about 3 weeks and then the pain has prevented her from being able to walk around or do much at all.  She will go to an orthopedic doctor on the 19th and see how bad the fracture is and what treatment may help. I am SO GLAD it isn't the return of the cancer, but so sad that she isn't back to anything like a normal life.  The radiation was her best hope of recovery, but geez.  She has been through so much and she is so dear to me, I hate it.

Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 06/10/2013:
If diplomacy doesn't work, try tact...or at least be assertive. Yes, It's ground Turkey. And It's too hard to stop eating those mixed nuts ! ! ! Have a Good Day, Bellie.

hollybelle on 06/10/2013:
Thanks. I'll have to try making that stew.

hollybelle on 06/10/2013:
Oh, and assertive is why I need dipolmacy (or as you said at least tact!!) LOL

Umpqua on 06/10/2013:
I hope the root canal goes well (as well as these things can go) and you are finished with it this time! Good luck with the diplomacy issues and I hope you have a nice week.

hollybelle on 06/10/2013:
It went pretty well so far so good. Thanks for the good wishes!

puddles on 06/10/2013:
Good luck with your problems. Have a great day.

hollybelle on 06/10/2013:

supercheese on 06/10/2013:
Oh geez a root canal sounds awesome.....Other than that, have a good one!

hollybelle on 06/10/2013:
They aren't that bad, but this one, for some reason, has been complicated.

hollybelle on 06/10/2013:
They aren't that bad, but this one, for some reason, has been complicated.

biscottibody59 on 06/10/2013:
Never had a root canal--I hope it goes well!

hollybelle on 06/10/2013:
I have had several and they aren't that bad, despite things you may have heard. This one has just been complicated.

legcramps on 06/10/2013:
Hope the dental work goes smoothly with no issues, and your workweek goes by quickly with resolutions to those problems!

hollybelle on 06/10/2013:
Thanks. Went pretty well and so far so good.

V on 06/10/2013:
Hope all went well at the dentist today! Sorry that the rain is keeping you from your bike ride today :( Sending some sunshine your way in time for tomorrow <3

hollybelle on 06/10/2013:
It went fine and I did get some bike ride in today and a walk - Thanks - Yay!

Umpqua on 06/11/2013:
Well that's good news that the root canal went well. So sorry to hear about your MIL, that has to be so painful. I feel the same way about my MIL <3 I hope they can find a treatment or a way to make her more comfortable.

V on 06/11/2013:
Happy to hear your visit to the dentist went well :) Oh RYC I eat cottage cheese at night so my lean muscle won't be compromised while I sleep..

hollybelle on 06/11/2013:
Yeah! I think that is such a great idea. I never thought of it! Build and maintain muscle!

hollybelle - Sunday Jun 09, 2013
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

I have missed posting and catching up with everyone on DDs so much!

When I last posted a week ago on Saturday June 1 it had been quite a week.  But doing some better now.  Just so much to deal with. I had to have my root canal "re-done" because was still having pain.  That seems to have done the trick and tomorrow I will have my temp filling made permanent with a crown.....Can't wait - LOL.  I still have a slight headache most of the day so there is probably something else going on.  It's not my blood pressure, but may be allergies or another tooth taking a dive!

I have been pretty in active all week.  Dogsitting with daughter's big german shepherd.  He is a mess.  Such a sissy.  Has to have his own way, too - drives my dogs crazy.  I have been eating pretty well - at least well enough to maintain.  Waiting for daughter to pick up her dog so I can go on bike ride.  I have to study for test, too. 

Husband is out of town until Wednesday in Alaska this time. I was hoping to get to go, too, but we decided not to spend the $$ due to outstanding obligations we are just about to pay off.....how virtuous of me, I know.  Ha!  But it's for the best.  While he is gone I can eat more lightly because I don't have to cook...this is good.  I went to the big farmer's market yesterday on my way back from the airport to drop husband off.  It was late in the morning and all the catelopes were gone.  I got strawberries, tomatoes, cheese and a muffin.  I may go to the little one a few miles away today if I can get some stuff done.  They have one on Tue and Thurs close by but it will be a long time yet before the vegetable stand opens on the corner in my neighborhood.  We have to wait for the flower shop to shut down in July for the season.  I can almost taste those peaches and scuppernong grapes, now! 



Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

puddles on 06/09/2013:
You have been busy. Root canal happy it is you and not me. Dentist offices and me do not make a good match. LOL I have cried more at the dentist then at home I think. LOL Have a great day.

grannyannie on 06/09/2013:
Busy, busy! I've got a mouth full of crowns! Nice to see you back.

OhioRaven on 06/09/2013:
Hi, Holly. Good to hear from you !

horn_of_plenty on 06/10/2013:
awww...thanks for asking...legs are still in poor shape, but a lil bit better. going to a follow up mri to see how things have healed on Wednesday, but still recovering & not ready for walking long distances.

hollybelle on 06/10/2013:
I thought of you when I was reading about pronation/over pronation. I was thinking it was affecting my heel pain, etc. I am going to try some new inserts for my shoes called PowerStep Pinnacle or Pinnacle Max. Recommended by the local Run/Walk Shop here for feel pain and shin splints.

hollybelle - Saturday Jun 01, 2013
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

Hey guys, just stopping by to say hi and I won't be on for a few days - can't seem to get on a roll with anything but not doing badly on food and exercise. 

Yesterday was quite a day - my mom made the difficult decision to put her 14+ year old schnauser (my deceased brother's dog) down.  It was for the best, but she is crushed.  I had to have an urgent (if not emergency - LOL) root canal - it seems that my headache was tooth not sinus related.  MIL is not doingall that well, again - can't walk due to pain in hip - going to check on her this week - she had a CT Scan about 3 weeks ago and got an all clear on the cancer, but not sure what it going on as paid in hip is very bad - she's walking with a walker even around her house.  Then, last night about 11:00 we got a call from Mark's cousin (one of the cousins that grew up living down the street and more like brothers) that his only child - a son age 25 was killed in an weather related auto accident at 5:30 yesterday.  Just devastating. 

So taking a break to take care of things - but will check in from time to time and you guys know I'm doing OK.  Love to all - hugs your kids extra big next time you see them!

Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 06/01/2013:
Praying for Mom, Mom in-Law and the family of Mark's Childhood Brother.

Umpqua on 06/01/2013:
So sorry to hear all this Holly, Thinking of you, your family and Mark's family xx

Mskitty on 06/02/2013:
Ah man so sorry to hear that. Take care of yourself.

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