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hollybelle - Tuesday May 29, 2012
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

Well, time to start another week.....after the long weekend.....sigh!  Total miles on bike last week were very low due to time constraints and heat and humidity,,,,33 miles.  I have higher goal this week.  It is supposed to be cooler for one thing but we are supposed to have rain too - so I'll try to get it all in.  I want to do other exercise if I can't do the bike.  I must work somthing in!  I ate OK all in all for a holiday weekend.....I overdid it more Monday than Sunday.  We had company both days - about 25 people Sunday and 6 on Monday.  We ate leftovers on Sunday.  It is good to get together with friends.

More later........

B:  SF Van Iced Coffee and a Banana

L:  WW bun with BBQ pulled pork, tea

D:  Salad of ixed greens and baby spinach, almonds, strawberries, FF Feta Cheese, crispy wontons, chicken and  asian sesame dressing

Went to Zumba Class to break up the exercise routine and to be indoors.  It was fun.

Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

V on 05/29/2012:
So sorry that your long weekend is over, sounds like a really good time and that pie does sound interestingly yummy..Oh RYC I am sure you would like the mole..I didn't use the cocoa powder since I am not a fan of chocolate and since it only called for a tbsp or two? I didn't want to buy it since I would probably never use it again..You should try it, I posted the recipe on the forum page. they were really good :P have a good day Holly :)

LeakingLife on 05/29/2012:
Enjoy your week--keep up the good work!

Umpqua on 05/29/2012:
Sounds like a fun weekend :) I hope you have an excellent week with lots of exercise!

thenewMLE on 05/29/2012:
I'm glad you had a fun weekend!! We didn't realize that we weren't coming home until Sunday night and all of us had work Monday morning early! So even though we had vacation we kind of missed out on the holiday festivities. Sadly here in New Orleans, they don't really celebrate Memorial Day because of being off for Mardi Gras. Many companies swap the 2 holidays so everyone still gets the basic 7 paid holidays. I am nervous about trying to ride with the heat and the humidity. I am hoping that if we go fast enough the breeze in our face will be enough to keep us comfortable. My bike should be ready tomorrow and all the wounds have healed! I actually have an ugly scar on my knee that kind of keyloid and didn't tan like the rest of the skin. The bruises are almost gone and I am ready to get back into our routine. I'm going to try and read some journals and catch up. Work was quiet yesterday, but I am paying for it today!!! Have a great week!

sweetpea1977 on 05/29/2012:
Glad you had a great weekend!!

I hope your able to get your bike rides in this week!

legcramps on 05/29/2012:
I love getting together with friends; but sometimes it can feel like a chore. Hope you have a great day today! Short week!

Tangalyn~ on 05/29/2012:
glad u had a nice gettogether.. enjoy ur day :)

moogy on 05/29/2012:
Always lovely to have a party, even better to have two!!! As you know life is all about the parties and the work, no good just having the work and no fun:) How boring would that be? I hope you have a good week holly:)

V on 05/29/2012:
Yayy for Zumba :) RYC I have more issues than New York Times...hahaha

thinkpositive on 05/29/2012:
Glad your weekend worked out well for you. Hope the temp. changes in your part of the world.

hollybelle - Monday May 28, 2012
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

Hi everyone.  I have been reading your diaries and commenting a bit, but haven't had much to say on my own and was really really busy Saturday and Sunday.  SO glad to be off today!  We are having some more folks over tonight to eat the leftovers an chat a bit - it will be an early night as everyone has to work tomorrow.

Bike rides and other exercise:  I rode only 9 miles on Friday - nothing on Sat or Sunday due to lots of work to do on the yard the house and the kitchen.  But I got early and rode this morning with my friend.  This time we went together, but rode separately.  I did my pace, she did hers.  We went to the Shillito Park Trail, which is only 2.5 miles around, but kind of challenging.  She rode 9-ish and I rode 14 I rode the trail and some side streets that go out of the park.  I would have ridden around 20-25 today- but even going at 8:30 it was just too dang hot.  Humidity is HIGH and it's going to be 95 degrees again today.  

I tried the recovery drink for the first time today.  It tastes OK - Creamy Orange it's called.  I couldn't tell if it helped me recover or not - I'll keep using it when I expend a lot of energy and we'll see.

This week I am going to try for 90 miles or more again. With the weather being so hot and humid it will be a challenge.  Plus It's supposed to rain a couple of days, so will have to see.

Food has been OK.  Yesterday I endulgeld a bit, but it definitely could have been worse.


Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

V on 05/28/2012:
Japanese Pie?? Is it served cold or hot? Enjoy your evening with friends <3

thinkpositive on 05/29/2012:
Thank you for the encouraging words. Your weather sounds hotter than where I live next to the equator! Not great for biking.

Kati on 05/29/2012:
I drank a lot of hot tea today, but what's done is done. Sore throat is difficult to handle.

hollybelle - Friday May 25, 2012
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

I'm off work today.  Going to put new flowers at the cemetary at all the family graves and clean up the stones, etc.  That may sound morbid to some, but it's not to me.  My mother likes to do this, but she has been putting it off for months and it's good to do it on Memorial Day weekend, at last.  I will visit the graves of my great grandparents, both sets of grandparents and my brother.  My father was cremated.

Later I'll ride my bike.  Some by myself and some wth my friend.  I have some cleaning up to do at the house and the yard today and tomorrow to get ready for the picnic this Sunday.

B:  2 WW LF waffles peach jam, sm milk, little bit of cantelope

L:  Arby's RB Sandwich and an evil diet pepsi  In a pinch - had to get it

S:  2 trailmix bars

D:  Turkey Burger, watermelon, Choc Cov Katie Choc Chip cookies - tiny (3)

That's it. 

UPDATE:  Only rode 7.5 miles tonight tight on time, but took my friend to the closed trail close to our houses and she rode up the "big hill" twice!  She's on her way to harder rides now!  Slowly but surely she's building her endurance.

I am going to try and go ride early and long tomorrow.  Gotta work off some of the goodies I'm gonna be eating Sunday!  And probably Monday, too!

Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 05/25/2012:
I think that's a wonderful thing to do (the flowers) and what better weekend to do it than Memorial Day? I hope you have a fantastic picnic and I hope the weather is isn't too ridiculously hot!

V on 05/25/2012:
Enjoy your day off Holly <3

liza36 on 05/25/2012:
What a great thing to do on Memorial day weekend. Enjoy your bike ride and weekend.

grannyannie on 05/25/2012:
My sister does that. Our parents are buried very close to her husband and she likes to put flowers on their graves often.

Enjoy your bike ride.

sweetpea1977 on 05/25/2012:
thats a nice thing to do on your day off.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Tangalyn~ on 05/25/2012:
my mom always did that, if i didnt live outta state now i would do it as well..... hope u enjoy ur weekend <3

Maria7 on 05/26/2012:
I hope you are having a good weekend. Sounds like you and your Mom got to spend some time together...my Mom and I recently did also, as I took her out for a while. Take care and your bike riding sounds good! :-D

thinkpositive on 05/28/2012:
Before we came here to Singapore my husband & I would get together with his sister & husband for cemetery maintenance and then picnic right there next to our car in the cemetery! It is a small country cemetery on a dirt road so not alot of activity. It started one year with just a sandwich and then got elaborate with a table and chairs ! So no I don't think putting flowers in the cemetery is morbid.

Kati on 05/28/2012:
man cooks the shrimps in water + salt + cut garlic. :-)

V on 05/28/2012:
Hey so happy that you have a long weekend :) Enjoy that bike ride today! I am actually going to get on my stationary recumbent today since my workout schedule is light today :) So what did you cook for your guests yesterday?? I am sure it was YUMMY!!!

hollybelle - Thursday May 24, 2012
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

Updated yesterday.  I rode 13 miles with my new biker friend.  She is doing so well!  Her total was probaby around 12.5 miles because I circle and loop back to her some.  We averaged around 10 mph so slow but steady!  She has made other changes over the last few weeks-no soft drinks, one "country cooking" meal per week - on Sundays.  For a variety of reasons she probably won't be able to ride when it gets in the 90s heat-wise and she was worried about continuing her progress.  So, last night I showed her my ET and weight equipment in the basement.  Turns out she used the ET at a gym when she belonged and she LOVED it.  She is so stoked!  Me, too.  I have also arranged for her to try a Zumba class and Turbo and Hip Hop class when she is ready.  We may try the dvds in my basement first so she can see the moves aren't really all that crazy!  But that is for the hotter weather.

I must be recooperating from my long miles last week.  I am starting to want to push it again....will ride tonight longer and faster.  Can't wait!

I am kind of bummed because the cousin's picnic is at my house on Sunday and it's supposed to be 96 degrees!  Ugh!  I hope that changes, otherwise everyone will be IN my house.  Yikes!  It's big enough, but that is just such a mess.  We don't starte duntil around 4:00 so maybe it will be on the cool-down side of the day by that time.  I am trying to be optomistic.

B:  SF Iced Van Coffee, 12 almonds

L:  Leftover Olive Garden - small serving of baked ziti, small salad with dressing, 1/4 mint brownie

D:  Going to vegetable restaurant.....yummy!  Will prob have corn, slaw, fried green tomatos and kale!  Corn bread!  Woo-hoo!

Will have to havae a quick bike ride if possible.  Friend I haven't seen in long time called for dinner.  Husband is out of dinner luck tonight  He'll pick up something on way home from haircut.

Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 05/24/2012:
That is so awesome that you've inspired your friend to pursue a healthier lifestyle! I have not been successful with this, but folks have to want to make positive changes and clearly she does. I hope the weather isn't unbearably hot for your picnic, it's supposed to be near 90 up here on Monday for the one we're going to, agh.

Kati on 05/24/2012:
I hear you on the music vs. traffic matter. I love to hear music while working out, it adds an extra boost to my performance! It's so EXCITING to buy stuff for workout/health!!!! :-D I owe you an explanation about my man's situation. He is a digital drawer, he's 10+ yrs XP in the field but as Portugal and Europe itself is in a deep financial sh...t, constructions are pending and there's no work for him on the market. He'd be able to do great money in Africa or Brasil right now, but he doesn't want to go and I have to respect his decision. So, he needs to change. By 37 yrs of age I believe it won't be that difficult. He does some serious arrangement jobs on plastic and other materials (mainly world war themes and movie character statues, those with serials for collectors), but it doesn't pay the bills on a regular basis. I suggested he would try cooking (he LOVES to cook), or take a course on how to build and keep micro-companies. He should go freelance but he doesn't have the guts/nerves. Dunno why, he should give it a shot/try but he's not that type. Unfortunately. And it could be worse!

selina on 05/24/2012:
Good friend you are - bringing her to your healthy path! Cheers to you!

liza36 on 05/24/2012:
So nice to have an exercise buddy. Thank you for the prayers for my mom.

legcramps on 05/24/2012:
Nice to have someone to be accountable to! Great job with the biking; hope the weather isn't going to be so bad that your guests need to move inside.

P.S. - the "shrooms" are doing nothing haha.

grannyannie on 05/24/2012:
OMG, 96!!

You are a great trainer! Good job for you both!

sweetpea1977 on 05/24/2012:
You are a real inspiration to your friend Holly! She will be forever thankful for all you've done for her! :)

Stay cool this weekend!

nunnermack on 05/24/2012:
96 degrees??? And let me guess, 100% humidity?!! I don't miss those days I have to say. Good luck with the party!!

That's great that you've been able to help your friend. What a good feeling!!

MzLovely on 05/24/2012:
Thank you for the welcome =)

thinkpositive on 05/25/2012:
Nice that you are helping out a friend- you are patient. She's lucky to have you.

hollybelle - Wednesday May 23, 2012
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

Yesterday is updated.  Food was ok.  I didn't exercise last night.  Still very tired.  I will ride with my friend tonight though 7:15 after church.  I will try to ride a little extra.  Husband comes home tonight. 

B:  1/2 acorn squash with brown sugar, will have SF Iced van coffee later-I am out of coffee so will have to pick some up on way to work-LOL!

L:  Vendor brought in Olive Garden.  I had a small-ish piece of lasagne and a brownie!  No salad-no bread - so, considering it was Olive Garden and FREE I did OK.  I am thinking I probably needed the carbs anyway - wink-wink!

S:  two rolls with jam

D: two rolls with the BH BBQ chicken, milk

I made up for no bread at lunch, apparently!  still an ok day of eating.  I need more fruits and vegetables!

Friends and I rode 13 miles tonight.  Because I ride ahead and back track some I'd say she rode 12.5, but that is great.  This was a very slow ride for me, no shortness of breath, no muscles burning, no challenges.  But I need this recovery week.  I am going to ride a harder  tonight, or go to Zumba or walk with hub and dogs.  Its the beginnng of my 4 day weekend!  YAY!   



Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 05/23/2012:
Squash for breakfast is interesting, I haven't tried that but I love squash, especially with brown sugar and cinnamon!

V on 05/23/2012:
Good morning! I am sure you are excited to see your hubby :) RYC I didn't make the boom shrimp, but they are just like Bonefish and yes they do have a yummy selection of Tinis :P I thought of you on Saturday when I had an extra dirty with blue cheese olives..I had vodka though..Gin makes me a little loopy...hahaha! Have a good day <3

supercheese on 05/23/2012:
Yeah grits....lol but they tasted okay...we added pepperjack, meat, shrimp, more cheese...but way unhealthy!! have a good bike day!!

sweetpea1977 on 05/23/2012:
I've used both midol and pamperin and they work pretty well. I just keep forgetting to buy more when I run out, lol.

breakfast sounds good!!

grannyannie on 05/23/2012:
Great self-control! Olive Garden is on our agenda for my upcoming visit. But no bread sticks! Those are really high cal.

selina on 05/23/2012:
Taking brakes when one's body asks for one is the way to go! Have fun biking with friend today! I got my bike bike back - looks and runs amazingly! Can't wait for my daughter's bike to get released - they are waiting on a part that was broken (gear changer) Great plans for biking coming up!

hollybelle - Tuesday May 22, 2012
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

Yesterday is updated.  Ate pretty well.  Rode an easy 9 miles with my friend and that is all.  Real slow!  But the weather was great - very cool and it began to thunder as soon as  we got back.  Thought for sure it would rain, but no, not even through the night.  It's cool this morning and overcast - maybe today.  We need it.

I am feeling much more refreshed today.  Slept well last night and not like I have "exercise hangover" like yesterday.  Yesterday I felt "depleted" - period.  Not so today - all is well. I am supposed to go with a friend to dinner, but I want to go to Zumba more so I may reschedule with friend.  If it's cooler I will want to ride bike.  So we'll see.  Decisions, decisions!

B:  Iced Van SF Coffee so far.   1/2 Nutri-Grain (sugar) bar and 10 raw almonds

L:  1/2 Boars Head BBQ chicken sandwich on 12 grain, 37 veggie straws

S:  2/3 of an  apple

S:  medium bowl of cereal - blended two kinds, almonds, 1/2 sm banana and a few tiny dark choc chips which were laying on the counter from daughter's baking for bible study recipe! 

D:  Acorn squash and a little br sugar, 1/2 of the same sandwich I had for lunch

S: Wanted something sweet so I ate 2 rolls with peach jam

No exercie tonight - I just felt I needed a night off.  I had a chiropractic adjustment after work and I wanted that to kind of "settle in".  Took another nap after work!  Goodness gracious! 

Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

V on 05/22/2012:
Good morning! Thanks for the suggestions, I will def look for the Loreal at the store..I am switching to tanks soon so I need all the help i can get! LOL Have a good one!

supercheese on 05/22/2012:
Glad you had a "cool" bike ride. Sounds like a good day to me :)

Kati on 05/22/2012:
Well, healthy lifestyle it is, no matter the speed nor the number of miles! :)

grannyannie on 05/22/2012:
You'll be riding in the Tour de France by next year! So good that you found an exercise you really enjoy!

Noticed your comment on Supercheese's. I had been doing the same thing - cutting way back - but then this B & B thing messed that up. You're right I do feel deprived by the time I go. So far we've had 3 trips since I hit goal weight in November and am still about 130. A lot more outdoor activity in summer, but there's ice cream and BBQ's so I'll try to balance it all out!

Hope you get a nice trip in the autumn! Oh, and we got the better deal I think with the exchange. Our garden/yard is about 1/3 acre, but very little is straight lines. Lots of plants, trees, shrubs, small hills to mow around. So it's a big job.

Umpqua on 05/22/2012:
I think we're getting your rain up here ;) I'm not complaining, we need it! Have fun either at dinner or zumba!

getmebackto150 on 05/22/2012:
glad to hear you are feeling better today!! Thanks for the comment... I think that is exactly what is going on... Its "easier" for her to test her boundries as she can always "threaten" to go somewhere else if she is mad... (her mom's or her grandmothers) If I had somewhere where I could go when I was mad at my parents I would have abused that power ALL the time... Unfortunately my husband and stepdaughter's mother have a very strained relationship and I don't see the two of them being good at setting consistent boundries and not letting her go to the other one's house... Sigh... I just keep telling myself we just do what we can, be supportive and loving, and try to have thick skin if she says hurtful things... This too shall pass, and... If I plan on having a baby someday soon, I'd better get used to it because someday I will have a full time teenager on my hands not just a part time one!

TheMother on 05/22/2012:
Great job with the exercise. Glad to hear you're having a good day today.

sweetpea1977 on 05/22/2012:
glad you're feeling better!!

thinkpositive on 05/22/2012:
A nice slow bike ride to enjoy the world- sounds lovely. And Zumba- love it!

nunnermack on 05/22/2012:
Oh how I miss thunder!! Lucky you. Hey, I do the same thing when I have a hankering for a sweet...I get out the ol' jar of jelly and some crackers. I'm running out of my cherry jam. It's hard to find but your peach sounds scrumptious!!

hollybelle - Monday May 21, 2012
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

Updated yesterday for my bike miles - 90 for the week - actually 91!  Woo-Hoo!  It was HARD.  My MPH average was good although I haven't calculated it EXACTLY yet and don't know that I will. 

I didn't post my food yesterday - but It was ALL good!  Daughter made delicious turkey burgers for dinner last night instead of curry.  I really enjoyed it.

This week I am going to ride every other night maybe for the same # miles or maybe a little more - no goals other than every other night and similar miles set in stone.  Need to recover a bit.  I do feel better this morning than I did last night.  I think I need to consult with my nutritionist (darlin' daughter) on what to eat before and after hard  rides! 

I have ordered the recovery drink offered by Beach Body to help after harder rides.  I feel like I am depleting stores of energy I really don't even have - if that makes sense - which, to me,  means I may be burning muscle - a definite no-no!  So I'll report back on how that works out when it comes in.

I may try to get in one or two Zumba classes for a little FUN this week, too.

B:  Iced Van SF Coffee and Banana

L:  1/2 Boar's Head BBQ chicken sandwich plain on 12 Grain bread and 1/2 C shredded raw carrots....

D:  BIG bowl of cereal w 1/2 banana an lots of sliced almonds

S:  1/2 homemade tuna salad on 12 grain.

S:  1/2 PNB & honey on 12 grain

May eat something else later.

Rode a real easy 9 miles with my friend.  She is still enthused.  :o)  It was nice to have a low key ride and not go out before or after and ride hard.  It started to thunder as soon as we got back.  Going to thunder storm soon.  Yay!

Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 05/21/2012:
You are logging some serious miles! I was going to ask about a recovery drink, I have one after tougher classes and it makes a major difference with muscle recovery. Also a banana is a quick and easy way to boost energy and balance out the electrolytes after sweating a lot. I hope you have a great week!

grannyannie on 05/21/2012:
Awesome, Holly! Enjoy the Zumba as well. You are doing so great!

Yea, I like that deal as we didn't know who to get to cut the grass while we were gone. It is such a big job getting the breakfasts done at the same time though as everybody wants something different. Can't imagine having more than 2 guests at a time!

supercheese on 05/21/2012:
wow 91 miles is intense!!

liza36 on 05/21/2012:
Impressive miles!

Bikiniwax85 on 05/21/2012:
YAY for ZUMBA!!! Our instructor is SUPER pretty and super supportive! that made it even more fun. Ah, Nice!! You have your very own nutritionist, instructor, etc!! NICE one! BTW, I enjoy looking at her post on FB gets me even more motivated!! yay!

V on 05/21/2012:
Nice! What a biking machine you are :) That is awesome that you got some recovery fuel. It is so helpful in supporting the muscles as well as giving you a boost of energy during and after your workouts.. So Rach did a good job with dinner! Super :) I promise there will be pic once I have the chance..I had to play catchup with my chores..

sweetpea1977 on 05/21/2012:
wow, great job holly!! good idea on getting recovery fuel. I think you will notice a vast difference in how you feel during and after the rides. :)

Enjoy your Zumba!!!

moogy on 05/21/2012:
I think that now you are officially in the athelete section of our diary you will need to up your intake of something!!! Don't ask me, I am still in the 'delusion' section (see my quote for the day). My son in law was clinically depressed when it all hit the fan and I think that he is finally pulling out of it. Of course, if he would have stayed on his meds and acknowledged that he isn't superman it would have helped. But he is only a man so one can only expect so much!! I still haven't given up on him and suprisingly daughter seems to be keeping a crack of 'maybe' there as well. She has beau's circling so he better sort himself out soon!!

moogy on 05/21/2012:
RYC: Yes, I agree with you. How wise you are Holly!! LOL Have a great day tomorrow:)

V on 05/21/2012:
The pic is up ;)

hollybelle - Sunday May 20, 2012
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

Updated yesterday.  I rode 15 miles even yesterday at 16 mph.  Pretty good, especially in the heat.  Skipping church and going at 10 am today to the Legacy Trail with my friend from cross the creek to ride the 18 miles of the trail and a little further, probably.  If I do that I will hit 88-90 miles this week. 

Husband getting ready to leave for work trip - Portland Maine. I am supposed to eat curry with daughter and her BF tonight.  We'll see - she is cooking ;-)

Going to work in the yard and catch up on the laundry! 


Hit the 90 mile mark this week.  20 miles today.  I will tell you this, though:  I don't think I could do anymore - I considered riding 10 more tonight to make it 100 for the week and then I thought - Nah!  Es[ecially since I exceed my own goal by 10 already.  I "could" do 10 more, but I think it would take me more than next week to recover.  Next week I am probably going to ride every other night around the same distances 12-15 miles and maybe also do some 45min-hour long mountain bike rides in the park.  I want to recover and then the following week have another week like this one.  Sounds reasonable.

Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 05/20/2012:
Doing great on the bike miles!

We weren't B & B guests, we took care of the guests for our friends who own it. Hub cooked. I helped out. Doing it again Monday night/Tues am.

V on 05/20/2012:
I wish i had you here to help me decide :( LOL I am having a tough time here and it is almost time..My landlords are gone for the day so those two are no help! Hahahaha I will take pics <3

Maria7 on 05/20/2012:
Wow! I see that you are still enjoying riding on your bike and what a LOT OF MILES! Happy for ya! :-)

grannyannie on 05/20/2012:
No problem. Thought maybe I'd been unclear. :-)

nunnermack on 05/20/2012:
Wow! Good job with the bike riding!! Ahh...lucky hubby going to Portland, ME. I love Old Portland. Stayed @ a B&B there on a cold, rainy day. It was lovely. My friend lives in Camden. Sigh. Wish I could get back east more often. Hope you enjoy the curry. I know I do!! Have a good night.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 05/20/2012:
sounds like you had an awesome weekend too! :-)

hollybelle - Saturday May 19, 2012
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

Rode 14.6 miles at a varying pace last night.  First 6.7 miles with friend avg 10 mph. Last 8 miles probably avg 12 mph. Because it was (another) recovery ride I didnt calculate exact mph, just a quick eye-ball at the end of the ride.   Getting ready to get some laundry in and ride again.  Going to tyr for at least 12 miles today and 20 tomorrow or an average of 16 each day in order to get my 80-ish miles in this week.  I can do that.   

I woke up in the middle of the night - the dog barked and wanted out!  I ate a small bowl of cereal with 1/2 a banana and sliced almonds and skim milk.  Went right back to sleep.

B:  2 LF WW waffles and jam, Iced SF Van coffee

L:  1/2 homemade  tuna salad sandwich

S:  Small Starbucks Mocha Frappacino!!!! Worth it!!!

D:  Grilled Sweet Chili Marinated Chick Breast, corn, Asian Slaw

Father in Law is not doing well.  He's 80 years old and having complications from and illness he had 24 years ago.  It's complicated.  I hope he can get the medical attention he needs.  I don't think he's as assertive with the doc as he needs to be.  He won't let MIL go with him!   Husband really needs to go up there and help, but he has to go out of town for work Sunday.  Not sure he could really do anything anyway.  Hope it gets better for him soon.  They live in Northern KY across the river from Cincinnati. 

UPDATE:  Rode an even 15 miles this morning in blistering heat in right at 56 minutes.  so that averages out to 16.07 mph - very good, but that and after wroking with the doggies I am exhausted!   Oh well on to make dinner and feed my own puppies!  I have ridden 69.9 miles since Monday so I only have 10 miles to go to make my 80 mile goal.  I may be able to make it 90 miles this week, if I feel good tomorrow - a any rate - I'll come close AND exceed my 80 mile goal if all goes well.

Also FIL went to GP today and may be better for the weekend and still follow up with the specialists he sees regularly next week.  Whew!

Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 05/19/2012:
Good job on all the bike ride miles! Hope fil gets the help he needs.

Kati on 05/20/2012:
Men are so difficult to handle when ill. They're so convinced and don't let them to be helped by "weak women". They tend to think they know it all, and better than anyone else. The older the worse, my experience says. Great job on the ride ;-)

hollybelle - Friday May 18, 2012
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 164.4

Guys, I came home and pulled weeds and finished off cooking dinner last night.  Ate dinner and intended to go out right then and ride bike, BUT, I became very naseous and it didn't go away!  I was sick until well into the night.  I finally fell asleep and slept very well - without the Alteril, though and I am planning to still go for my goal miles this week by riding on both Sat and Sun.....I am still not feeling very well.  Gastric distress this morning continues, but I'll rest  my tummy and see how the day goes.  I don't know if it was the roast or the hot dog I had yesterday or what...husband felt fine.  

B:  Iced Van SF Coffee, Banana

L:  BK Grilled chicken BLT Salad with 1/2 serving Honey Mustard

S:  2 squares Dark Chili choc

S:  veggie straws, blueberries and strawberries with stevia (had to make sure I'm fueled up to my ride tonight)

D: 1/2 pnb & honey,smoothie

Rode 14.6 miles at a varying pace.  First 6.7 miles with friend avg 10 mph.  Last 8 miles probably avg 12 mph.  Because it was (another) recovery  ride I didnt calculate exact mph, just a quick eye-ball at the end of the ride.   

Tonights Ride will probably be a slower one.  My friend is riding with me for part of the time and I am planning a bigger ride tomorrow before I do my Pet Adoption volunteer work.

Been thinking - might have been the delicious Sam's Club Hot Dog I had for lunch yesterday that upset stomach.  Who knows??

Progress as of today: 13.6 lbs lost so far, only 14.4 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 05/18/2012:
Sorry you're not feeling well, I hope your tummy feels better. Warning, gardening geekout ;) I got a baptisia and rose campion yesterday, very excited. I wanted to get lobelia (I think I saw some in one of the combos you posted on FB) but they didn't have it, I'll have to get it elsewhere. Got lots of great annuals though, makes me happy. Have a good one!

V on 05/18/2012:
I hope you fell better today Holly

liza36 on 05/18/2012:
Feel better today.

grannyannie on 05/18/2012:
Hope you feel better soon. Must have eaten something that didn't agree with you?

selina on 05/18/2012:
Sorry you are not feeling up to par... feel better soon.

legcramps on 05/18/2012:
feel better soon!

grannyannie on 05/18/2012:
Love chili dark chocolate!

V on 05/19/2012:
I hope you are feeling better..Hey RYC, you should ask Rachel if she has Chalene's Lower20 class..That is a really good one, instead of weights, she uses lower body resistance bands. short sweet class and yes you feel the burn ;)

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