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hollybelle - Monday Apr 18, 2011
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 165.6

Another weeke begins.  IT is going to be an eventful week at work - you don't want to know the details.  My dad goes to the doc this morning to find out if the latest chemo they have been using is working (PRAYERS appreciated).  My family all has counseling on Thursday night at 8:00 p.m. again.  Not to mention all the usual events of life..........so I had an extra large healthy smoothie with the usual in it his morning and I am braced for the week.

B:  Smoothie 330  (Strawberries,m skim milk, greek yogust, a dash of vanilla, a whole banana, two handfuls of spinach)

UPDATE:  Dad's chemo is working to keep his cancer at bay for now.  He was able to have another treatment today and had to go for a head CT scan to check out his brain.  Me and my Mom said - "good"! as a joke, but we know it is serious, of course.

L:  Tuna & pickles with crackers, a few corn chips and salsa 6 marshmellows! 550

I'll have to watch it tonight not to go over on calories.

I don't know if I will be able to walk or not as yesterday I was chasing the neighbor's little dog that escaped out of their yard and strained my OTHER knee.  It's not as bad in some ways as when I (recently) strained the other one!!!  It's different.  I can't move it backward ( as if to put heel to butt - for example) at all.  SIGH

UPDATE for the day - thanks to too many marshmellows!!!  I don't know what it is with these things and me right now?????  A few usually satisfies me because they are so rich/sweet.....I had 1806 calories yesterday and thanks to knee issue I didn't exercise.  Good news is knee is better and today is another day.....

Progress as of today: 12.4 lbs lost so far, only 15.6 lbs to go!

loveray on 04/18/2011:
prayers are with you!! xo - good start with the green shake!

V on 04/18/2011:
Prayers being sent!!

Umpqua on 04/18/2011:
I'm thinking of you and your Dad!

liza36 on 04/18/2011:
I'm thinking of you and your Dad, and sending prayers your way.

loscocoleaf on 04/18/2011:
Thanks so much Holly! I am glad I forgot it also. All of the people on this site all seem sooo nice. I am so glad to meet each one of you. It is also GREAT to have people who understand and can keep you motivated. Thanks again!

mcwoo40 on 04/18/2011:
Best wishes to all the family Holly,hope everything goes well.The smoothie sounds delish minus the spinach i must say :/ but it's all good stuff,speak soon.

getmebackto150 on 04/18/2011:
so happy to hear you dad is doing well and the chemo seems to be working! I will keep you in my thoughts!

sweetpea1977 on 04/18/2011:
Keeping your dad in my thoughts.

Im so sorry about your knee. What a bummer!

hopingforhealth on 04/18/2011:
I am so happy to here the chemo is helping with your dad! I will keep you guys in my prayers for it to keep helping and for him to get better.

Good luck with your stressful work week and your hurt knee. Not fun!

mysterywoman100 on 04/18/2011:
will think about your dad often and hoping he gets better.

hollybelle - Sunday Apr 17, 2011
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 165.6

Updated yesterday.  Too many sweets, but overall cals OK.  Went shopping with my friend and bought two pairs of shoes - one pair of black low wedge heel sandals and a pair of athletic shoes.  Neither of these were what I was going for although the sandals were only $11.50 on clearance and I'll get a lot of use out of them.  I have a red pair from last year just like them.  

We heard from daughter who spent one more night in Augusta and hit the road early this morning for home.  She should be here by 1:00.  

No food yet this a.m., just enjoying some coffee.  It's going to be around 65 and mostly sunny here today.  The wind is brutal, though.  Hope to get a walk in, but if too windy or cold I'll do the ET and watch some tube while doing so!

Have a nice day and I'll update later........


B:  3 pieces of cinnamon toast and coffee  265

L:  Tuna pickle salad and 6 crackers

S:  3 bites of LF cottage cheese

4 mile walk with husband and doggies!

Husband and neighbor friend are working on refurbishing out deck.  Can't wait.  It needs it so bad.  They are replacing some boards, then we will pressure wash and bleach then stain/protect it a nice dark brown.  Then we'll get to work on the fence!  Husband is not real open to house maintenance chores....so this is a BIg deal!  YAY

Well, I have eaten too much today.  But tomorrow is another day.  I will just chalk today up as a free day and begin again tomorrow.  I mpstly ate too much marshmellows after dinner.

Daughter got home safe and we had a nice dinner with her and bf.    



Progress as of today: 12.4 lbs lost so far, only 15.6 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 04/17/2011:
Good deal on the shoes! I'm looking for a pair of low wedges too for my trip. They have to be super comfy for city walking, not easy to find. Have a good one!

V on 04/17/2011:
What a great deal on the sandals!! You must give me all of the details about Rachel's trip :) Love you!!

sweetpea1977 on 04/17/2011:
wow, awesome deal on the shoes!!

Hope your daughter got home safe and sound!

moogy on 04/17/2011:
Your walk with your husband and the dogs sounds like a perfect way to spend some time on a weekend. Nice!! I like the sound of the sandles my kind exactly and the right price!!

hollybelle - Saturday Apr 16, 2011
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 165.6

OK, my entries were disjointed yesterday.  I didn't post food and didn't update, but I had right at 1600 cals yesterday and no exercie.  It poured rain and got so late I was tired.  I was going to do the ET, and husband I were going to go out for drinks, but wound up staying in and eating left overs.  I set up my new laptop and I like it.  I wish that I had gotten a smaller one, but I may need the numbers keyboard on the side when I use it for business purposes later on and be glad I have the larger one. It won't travel much, so I think in the long run I will be glad.  It's a 15.6".   At any rate.  I'm certainly glad to be posting with it thsi morning.  I will say I love the "chicklet" style keys.  Less play in them so I hope less mistakes.  :o)

Dear daughter arrived in Augusta safe and sound.   She even called to chat with ME on my cell phone.  Thank you Lord on both counts.   She was so excited to be there, but said she was glad to be out of the car after 8 hours bc her butt hurt! LOL!  I am very happy she got to make this trip an get her TurboKick certification.  She is hoping to rent a space at her former employer's dance studio for a class or two or at some gyms or somewhere.  I think it will def catch on.  She is a dynamo and a great marketer.  She is passionate about what she is doing with beachbody.  She has a very stong (wonderful) personality. I think that is why we butt heads so much now that she is an adult. I truly believe if we can learn to commuicate better we will have a great relationship.  It's so hard to let children go, we, as parents are so used to looking out for them, etc.,b ut it's necessary.  It's just important for them to realize tha they can breakaway without tearing up what they are leaving behind.  Leaving is painful for children as much as letting go is for parents.  SIGH, the dance of life, "ain't" it BE-utiful! 

It's still raining here and not warm 56 will be the high today.  66 tomorrow with a little sunshine.  Will catch up on laundry and clean our upstairs today - if rain holds off later, I may go peruse some bedding plans to put out later.  My friend may call to go shopping a little while.  I need shoes also need a pedicure very much!!  Hair cut yesterday.  Eyebrow waxing next week (instead of yesterday) - it's all maintenance!!   

So far today:

B:  Coffee  75, Cinnamon toast -  300

L:  Low carb turkey Burger 350

S:  Orange Leaf No toppings  350 

D:  Eggplant, asian slaw, 3 crab Rangoon  300

S:  2 cookies 300

1600 calories and no real exercise except walking while shopping 

Progress as of today: 12.4 lbs lost so far, only 15.6 lbs to go!

h82bfat on 04/16/2011:
Glad to hear your dghtr arrived safe & sound. Sounds like she's got a plan & the drive to achieve it - way to go Mom! Raising a confident child "ain't no joke". Hope you get out to do some shopping... a little retail therapy is always good for the soul! Have a great weekend!

mcwoo40 on 04/16/2011:
hiya holly,you have been spoiling yourself have you.I treated myself to a new lappy,daughters broke and she ended up using it and 'thinks'it's hers now.Pulls a right face on her when i ask her to go on it.I prefer the desktop really but it's getting old and slow,but i can type faster on it.Great to see you pampering yourself too.Spend some quality time with your hubby whist daughter is away :)

Umpqua on 04/16/2011:
Good news on your daughter and I hope you have an excellent weekend!

greengirl on 04/16/2011:
Hi Holly, i'm pleased to hear your daughter got in touch. It is hard to part with them isn't it? When my daughter was looking at Universities I advised her to move away rather than stay in our hometown because students who live at home don't get to socialise as much as those who go away. I see it all the time at work. When she did move away I missed her dreadfully at first but now I'm used to it. My husband is worse tha I am and I have to keep reminding him that she is 20 now and an adult in her own right. To him she will always be his baby girl !!

hollybelle - Friday Apr 15, 2011
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 165.6

Yahoo!  Set up my new laptop. 

Progress as of today: 12.4 lbs lost so far, only 15.6 lbs to go!

Supercheese on 04/15/2011:
Yay!! lol Thanks holly for the sweet comment the other day! Have fun with the new laptop!

mysterywoman100 on 04/15/2011:
glad to hear about your new laptop

hollybelle - Friday Apr 15, 2011
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 165.6

Updated entry from yesterday.  1165 cals no exercise.

Counseling went OK last night.  I don't think it went the way some people present thought it would, but we were able to get some things out on the table and I like the counselor.  I am hopeful that we will be better for this.  When it got right down to it - I found that I was profoundly grateful to be there.  I want to change for the betterment of my family.   I only hope that my family wants change half as much as I do.

D is on her way to Augusta GA this morning at 10:00.  I am praying for her safe arrival and a successful weekend for her.  This is an 8 hour drive for her and by far the longest she has ever driven and she is by herself.  She is going to a beachbody Turbokick Certification course.  I am excited for her.  Lord, protect her.

No food yet today - not very hungry.  I am having my hair cut today - YAY!  Getting a pedicure this afternoon and eyebrows waxed.  No  waxing below the neck for me after Umqua's recent experience  LOL!  

Big news (smile)  - I will probably be posting more by next week.  I bought a laptop.  HOP - remember we talked about your purchase.  Well, I got a Samsung ordered on-line from Best Buy yesterday and they actually had one in stock here in town so I can pick it up today.  Once I get it set up I'll enjoy using it.  Our old desktop at home is SO slow.  I searched Best Buy under the following criteria:  14-16 inches, 4 GB Memory, 500(someething)GB for the Hard Drive, best rated by purchasers.  Two came up.  The other was a Toshiba and they were out of stock so the Samsung it was.  I've been pricing Dells and other brands for weeks and weeks.  



Progress as of today: 12.4 lbs lost so far, only 15.6 lbs to go!

loveray on 04/15/2011:
congrats on your new laptop and the counseling session!! enjoy your spa activities today. xo

Umpqua on 04/15/2011:
I'm glad the counseling went well and awesome news on the Turbo course! I think you will be safe with just the eyebrow wax haha. Enjoy your spa day!

KathyBlue on 04/15/2011:
Haircut, wowowowow! That's what I need, too. The weather is getting hotter by the day, and I like it short and fresh... Good news on the laptop :)))

loveray on 04/15/2011:
she does make a very special brisket. id be happy to share the recipe with you!! speaking of sweet, it involves a very slow roasting process with Lowry's seasoning, brown sugar and chili paste (kind of like the ketchup bottle, but a little tangier - not spicy at all) - then we also roast carrots, onion and other root veggies along with it - it is delish and very sweet tasting:) yours sounds great too! i do have the drops and they are fantastic, but i still have red splotches on my eyelids and near my eyelashes - the price i pay for loving to be outdoors!

loveray on 04/15/2011:
oh i meant chili sauce...whoops! http://www.amazon.com/Heinz-Chili-Sauce-12oz-pack/dp/B003XSTZKW

sweetpea1977 on 04/15/2011:
Glad the counseling went well. Hopefully, it continues to get better!

Congrats on the new laptop!! :)

starfish on 04/15/2011:
Thanks HB :-) Hooray for the laptop!

greengirl on 04/15/2011:
So glad the counselling went well for you :-) Congrats on the laptop too. I have got a toshiba with similar specs as your new Samsung. Hope you love yours as much as I love mine LOL :-) BTW I always get excited when I'm having a haircut too !! Good for you getting some 'me time' in there

hollybelle - Thursday Apr 14, 2011
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 165.6

Yesterday is updatted.  1440 calories and a 4 mile walkwith husband and dogs.

B:  2 pieces of Toast with peach jam 265 (45 cal bread)

L:  1/2 turkey sandwich 160

S:  Mango and Cottage Cheese 200

D:  Chips and Salsa 1/4 of Seafood Quesadilla - it was terrible 400?

S:  Last of the Jr Mints my dad gave me  150

1165 Calories No exercise. 

Talked with husband last night prior to counseling session tonight.  Over all I think we agree that there have been pent up emotions for some time that come out in unhealthy ways (anger, passive-aggressive behaviors) between the three of us.  Part of it probably stems from the fact that we essentially have three adults in the household and some (most?) of the conflict are centered around almost what you would call "roommate issues",.   Thrown in with fairly typical conflicts that arise between parents and adult children.  We have a woman-child in our midst and she wants adult liberties without adult responsibilities.  Plus the fact that dad retreats and mom "shoots from the hip" most of the time.  Bottom line - we all need to change a little to get along better.  So......here we go.  I probably won't make many specific comments once we start this process, but will more than likely just say hard session, good session, etc.  Thank you all for weighing in on my emotions the last few days.  I don't feel quite like my family hates me anymore.   

Anyway, considering this is my most stressful time of the year at work and my concern over may parents - I guess it's good that there is something that stands a change of improvement - that being the stress at home.   

Progress as of today: 12.4 lbs lost so far, only 15.6 lbs to go!

legcramps on 04/14/2011:
Yes, I think you've got the perfect attitude going into these sessions; hope is a great thing to hold near and dear.

greengirl on 04/14/2011:
I understand how difficult it can be in a house full of adults. Hubby and I currently have a 25 yr old son and 20yr old daughter at home (although daughter lives away at uni for a big part of the year). A couple of days and nights a week we also have our son's girlfiend as well. I have tried to explain to him that this can cause difficulties in an already crowded house but he doesn't listen. I hope your counseling helps resolve some of your issues. Good luck

shell2418 on 04/14/2011:
Keep an open mind, think before you speak, and breathe! Good luck!

Umpqua on 04/14/2011:
I hope everything goes well today! Oh and the wax HURT haha! I'm supposed to go back in 3 weeks right before my vacation so we'll see if I'll truly need it then. I don't think I'm going to be doing these regularly, not worth the pain.

loveray on 04/15/2011:
sounds like you are on the right track!! i know it's a stressful time for all, but better to air all of this out sooner rather than later. sending love and strength your way! xo

hollybelle - Wednesday Apr 13, 2011
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 165.6

Updated yesterday - 1400 calories and 3 miles walk.

Today so far:

B:  Smoothie  300

L:  Chicken and Bean Tostada  550

S:  Orange 60

D:  Pimento Cheese and Wheat Thins 450

S:  Grapes 80

1440 Calories and 4 Mile Walk

Tomorrow is the couseling session.  I will just go with an open mind.  Thanks to everyone for you  comments and support.

I wanted to say, also , that even though it's been only two days of healthy eating and one 3 mile walk I can already feel my body letting go of some of the weight - probably mostly water weight at this point, but I'll take it.  You know I have gained about 4 lbs really fast and I say if you have gained a few poundst fast and get on top of it right away you can lose it fast, too.  Like don't give the pounds a chance to make themselves at home!

Progress as of today: 12.4 lbs lost so far, only 15.6 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 04/13/2011:
I like your attitude about the pounds coming and going quickly, good riddance! I hope the counseling goes well for you. I think a good counselor will stay neutral and try to initiate and encourage dialogue among your family, without coloring it with their own opinions and experiences. Of course this is probably next to impossible, but I think a good counselor will at least attempt it. Have a good one!

loveray on 04/13/2011:
just caught up on all of your entries, holly. i have always found good to come out of counseling sessions no matter who the counselor is. i know that sounds weird, but a lot of times addressing a subject and opening your heart and mind to your feelings really helps the people around us to understand where we are coming from. it's hard to remember that even after years of living with someone or being their parent, that we still don't think alike or understand quite how each other operate. expecting someone to fulfill your needs without telling them openly usually doesnt work out. i am proud of you being open to going to the session. my advice is to be open, listen to what they have to say and then speak from your heart - there's no way to gang up on you if you just tell them how you feel. xoxo

legcramps on 04/13/2011:
Good luck today :)

greengirl on 04/13/2011:
Hey Holly, I hope the counselling goes well for you all. I'm sure it will be unbiased. I don't know how I would feel if I was in your shoes. My kids are always telling people they get their moments of bad temper from me !! I could just imagine what they would tell a counselor ! Well done on the three mile walk and thanks for your supportive comments to me :-) It's awful getting older isn't it??

sweetpea1977 on 04/13/2011:
Great job on the exercise and healthy eating. Doesnt it feel good to treat your body right? Keep it up!!

Good luck at your family counseling session.

moogy on 04/13/2011:
Good walking there holly. Exercise will also help you cope with the extra stress. Keep breathing angel and think of us when you feel like saying something negative. We are all with you, backing you up and on your side. An imaginary team of angel got your back!!!!!:)

V on 04/13/2011:
Heck yea Holly get those lbs out of there with the quickness!!! Vamoose! RYC on my diary I have a pretty decent home gym, I have pieced together myself, with the hours I have as well as insomnia, i like to be able to workout whenever i want without leaving the house :)

V on 04/13/2011:
Good luck at counseling :)

hollybelle - Tuesday Apr 12, 2011
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 165.6

Updated yesterday's entry.  Not the healthiest day, but not too many calories.

I will exercise tonight.  It is still raining here like cats and dogs.

B:  Coffee  150

S:  Banana 100

L:  Bean and beef Tostada - no cheese - homemade 400

D:  5 crackers and Pimento cheese, 8 wheat thins and PNB - wierd, but it's what I wanted to eat and it was good  550

S:  2 Mango 200

Total calories 1400    /    Walked 3 miles with husband and dogs 

Not hungry this morning.

Thanks for your supportive comments, V and Moogy.  

I feel better about counseling later this week.  It's not like I think all is well at my house.  I think my family will be surprised by what I have to say.  I asked my husband how old the counselor was.  He said about 28.  No offense to younger ones here - but I am not sure how relevant her perspective can be if she is not married and doesn't have kids or much life experience in a family of her own with older kids.  It's a lot different having young children than having older ones.  She can really have no idea about some things in life.  But there I go - silly me! 


Progress as of today: 12.4 lbs lost so far, only 15.6 lbs to go!

legcramps on 04/12/2011:
Rain Rain Go Away!

Remember that the counselor is the observer. She's simply there to lead you to the larger issues and help you through them. I hope the counselling will help :) Have a wonderful day today.

mcwoo40 on 04/12/2011:
Hiya Holly,sorry you are feeling a little down.It seems like it's the same story here.All of them are sooo untidy and i am forever telling them to tidy up after themselves.I feel as though i am the big bad ogre repeating myself all the time, whilst hubby is sat with his headphones in, playing the x box and chirps in when he feels like it.You know about the younger daughter the way she is(a pain in the butt),but the only way we seem to communicate with each other these days is by shouting which stresses me out,maybe it's a girl thing but prob a hormonal.Hope everything goes well ,stay strong Jules

Maria7 on 04/12/2011:
If you're not comfortable with her young age and feel someone older might have a more introspective view from having maybe had some similar experiences agewise, maybe you could change to someone else you'd be happier with. Just a suggestion. :-)

moogy on 04/12/2011:
Go into the counselling with an open mind and try not to be defensive, just open to what is said. To often people go into counselling with their agendas firmly fixed and don't get what they need out of the process. You can't control your husband or child's point of view but you can gain a lot of understanding about how to cope with your own feelings and needs but just being part of the process. Like looking at your life from the outside instead of the turmoil of the feelings of being inside it. If that makes sense to you. The counselling I went through didn't fix my marriage problems, but that wasn't because of me, I did however learn a lot about me and how I work and what I need.:)

hollybelle - Monday Apr 11, 2011
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 165.6

Well, it's me - I'm back.  Can't believe 3/14 was my last post.

Menu for today:

B:  Coffee with cream and stevia 100

L:  Smoothie  300

S:  5 crackers and pimento cheese - homemade, too!  200

D;  Chicken  85

S:  Cereal 210 and  10 Jr Mints!  (Hey - I was at my parents house.  They keep this stuff laying around and I just didn't resist.  Probably because I hadn't eaten enough good food during the day.  


Total Calories - 1095 No exercise after all - it POURED rain and husband wanted to visit with my parenets so I took advantage of it - not wanting to go by myself all the time!  That was nice of him.

 will exercise tonight...........I'll report back to you guys.

My family has told me they want to attend family counselling sessions so that we can communicate better.  Now, I am looking at this as positive, but you must know that my daughter and husband sometimes tend to "gang up" on me.  Take sides with each other against me.  My husband has never been much of a disiplinarian and is actually afraid to correct her much.  I am afraid I will come out the "bad guy" - but trust that the therapist will see through some of this.  I do agree that we could communicate more effectively.  I get frustrated and wind up yelling (sometimes a little) and I do have a sarcastic tone sometimes.  I would like for them to follow through on some of my requests once in awhile.  "Clean your room, fix the binds on the door, pick up your clothes, don't leave the kitchen in such a mess",  you get the picture.  It's so disheartening and I do get fed up and resentful.  Sigh.  

Any comments are welcome.  I am feeling wierd right now.   

Progress as of today: 12.4 lbs lost so far, only 15.6 lbs to go!

moogy on 04/11/2011:
I am hopeful that the counsellor will be able to help all your family see things from each other's perspectives and help with communication and sort things out. Keep your chin up, this is a move is the right direction, I hope it goes well for you:)

V on 04/11/2011:
Well at least you will have a neutral place to sort out your issues..It is really frustrating to feel like you are being ignored and overlooked :( Hope your day got better Holly :)

hollybelle - Monday Mar 14, 2011
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 165.6

OK - here I go again.  Been holding my own at about the weight posted on this site - but need to get the number lower, eat better and exercise more consistently.  As some of you all may remember I have been nursing a knee problem, recovering from a really bad cold/sinus infection and my personal life is a little rocky right now (dad sick, daughter started college, job in an explosive industry etc.,)  I am feeling better, knee is better (YAY) and well, there are certain things I just have no control over - period.  But I can do better for myself than I have been (not that I've been doing TERRIBLE, but........well you get the picture!).  

Did a 2 hour Zumba class Saturday.  It was so much fun.  Multiple instructors.  Some were much better than others.  I'm sorry, but I just can't get into Zumba with non-latin instructors for the most part.  Once in awhile there is one that I can relate to, but for the most part - non-latinos just don't move right for it!  I AM biased. Anyway - the event for a dance for heart thing and it was for a good cause. I thought I would not be able to walk on Sunday, but I really wasn't sore at all.

B:  Cereal, milk and 1/2 banana, coffee - cereal had some sugar in it - so I've blown the Michi's ladder thing already, but I'll keep it better the rest of the day! 

I may not start the Michi's Ladder thing until I have used up some foods at my house - I'll have to see....I think it's something I'll work into - rather than leap????????   

Progress as of today: 12.4 lbs lost so far, only 15.6 lbs to go!

liza36 on 03/14/2011:
I know you've been having these tough situations lately. It's good to hear that your knee seems to be better, and here's to hoping the other things improve. Have a good day!

legcramps on 03/14/2011:
Glad you're feeling better! My Zumba class was loads of fun too - even though the instructors were as caucasian as they come!!! It was fun to just let loose and do whatever felt good.

Have a great day today :)

lifestylechange on 03/14/2011:
WAY TO GO ON THE ZUMBA!!!!! :) That's amazing... 2hours, wow!!! :) Have a lovely day! And hang in there, you are very dedicated, the scale will move!

Umpqua on 03/14/2011:
Awesome job with the Zumba! I think you're doing just fine, but I understand wanting to see the scale move. Good luck with whatever you decide to try!

greengirl on 03/14/2011:
Hollybelle I'm back here again. Glad to see you are still posting. It looks like you've been going through a bit of a tough time. you have all my sympathy. Give me a clue tho' what on earth is Zumba??? i feel I live a very sheltered life on this side of the Atlantic LOL !! We don't seem to have half the fun things going on that you do :-)

moogy on 03/14/2011:
I wish I could like Zumba, unfortunately I just can't stand Latin music. It is funny how we are attracted to different sorts of music, I love Celtic music and wonder if we have a genetic memory for music. Good for you doing it though, it's the hip thing I think, us Caucasians just don't move the same way! Have a good day holly:)

V on 03/14/2011:
Michi is very helpful as you already know! It might give you a kickstart and it def won't hurt to give it a shot :)

greengirl on 03/15/2011:
Hey Hollybelle, my daughter has another year after this one, she's in her second year now. she seems to be having a whale of a time if the pictures on facebook are anything to go off !! I worry that she's over 100 miles away but she's 20 now and, when I think about it, I was already married and running a house of my own by that age. It's hard to part with her every time she goes back after vacation time tho'. Is your daughter far away from you or did she stay close to home ? BTW Zumba sounds a blast :-)

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