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hollybelle - Monday Sep 27, 2010
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 167.2

I updated Friday and it was good.  My whole weekend was wonderful!  I exercised quite a bit and food intake was just fine!!!  I biked 20 miles (with husband this time) on Saturday and the weather was beautiful!  It has turned cooler finally and today will be only 67 degrees!  It's rainy, too, but Sat & Sunday were both wonderful in the mid 70s.  Last week my bike logged 58 miles in 3 days.  I would have ridden again yesterday, but I had too many committments.  On Saturday I cooked for d's bf's surprie birthday party on Sunday, and husband and I went out to some festivities of the World Equestrian Games - concerts and sight-seeing around town.  then Sunday one of my best friends was baptised in the morning!  What a joy!  We then went to d's bf's party - which turned out NOT to be a surprise but good anyway and then we went to a concert by a guy from New Orleans called "Trombone Shorty".  It was great.  I had a good time dancing in the street and enjoyed the music a lot.  He played many types of music - soul, jazz, funk and then some dixieland (NOT my fav) at the end of the performance.  

B:  Coffee, w creamer 75

L:  Almonds 50, apple  60, pretzels and PNB - my emergency lunch 200 or less = 310

S:  Brownie   200

D:  Shredded Pork and bean quesadilla - 450

S:  Oatmeal and 1 C skim milk  180

Total 1215  No exercise fell asleep at 8:00 and slept through the night mostly!  WOW!

Progress as of today: 10.8 lbs lost so far, only 17.2 lbs to go!

tangalyn on 09/27/2010:
thx for ur message today, was good hearing from u :) yeah we r still legally married and still friends, they let him outta jail for a week for the funeral n stuff n hes been callin me bout every hour lol, usually id be rude when he does that, but cant bring myself to say anything to him right now :( plz i know hes goin right back in jail, so i should just be thankful i get to talk to him a lil first i guess... well i hope u have a great day!! :)

sweetpea1977 on 09/27/2010:
Wow, what a great weekend you had!!

Awesome work on the bike riding. Do you feel like your legs are getting stronger from it? Its something I would like to pick back up after I have the baby. We live pretty close to a nice trail that stretches from metro Atlanta all the way to the Alabama stateline. I'd love to be able to bike from the beginning to end and back one of these days!

selina on 09/27/2010:
Great job biking, wow! I makes me itch for my bike, which is still in sea shipment... Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend, overall. Have a great week!

loveray on 09/27/2010:
i know!! im so excited! around what time do you suspect you will be arriving at the cabin?? xo

just42day on 09/27/2010:
Your weekend sounded great! Glad you had such a nice time!

sweetpea1977 on 09/27/2010:
We'll Im glad your back is feeling better!

The Silver Comet Trail in Georgia is 61 miles long and once you cross over into Alabama the trail continues on (under a different name) for another 31 miles! It will take me a long time to finish the GA portion, lol. :)

How exciting you will be going to Ohio with a friend to bike a trail. I cant wait to hear how it goes for ya!

moogy on 09/27/2010:
It was the sort of weekend you would plan if you wanted a perfect weekend wasn't it? (except for the Dixieland) Good for you. I hope you are in a great mood for a good week of weight loss, great bike riding and general wonderfulness. That is what I hope for you anyway.

legcramps on 09/27/2010:
What an awesome weekend! Good for you :-)

breakaway on 09/27/2010:
WOW what a great weekend! :D Good for you on all that bike riding :D Hubby has a really nice bike and we plan on getting one for me by next spring so we can bike together. That would be just awesome! So glad you had a great time :D

V on 09/27/2010:
Hi Holly! your weekend sounds marvelous!!! You are really getting close to your goal now! There is no stoppin ya :)

Maria7 on 09/27/2010:
SO HAPPY over the news about your Friend! That is wonderful! :-D

No...Mom doesn't have those certain conditions presently, thank the Lord...she had (I'm claiming in Jesus' Name she is healed, so I say had) something else that I don't feel comfortable putting over the internet. I thank you so much for your prayers for her!

Sounds like you had quite a weekend! And getting all that bicycling in with your Hubby, too...WOW. :-D That's good that the two of you can go bicycling together and for 20 miles!??? WOW. :-)

hollybelle - Friday Sep 24, 2010
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 168.2

Yesterday was updated - I did really well on eating yesterday.  I was so excited to ride my bike on the Bike Trail, though.  It was awesome.  Hardly anybody out there.  There was a couple of "shady looking" people on the trail and that was unsettling.  Will make sure I have my "pepper spray" around my neck next time I'm alone out there.  I am not very sore at all.  My muscles were tired but not "shakey" when I stopped so that's a good sign.  My back - well it's tight and hurts some, but not really bad.....so I'm going to do it again tomorrow - going for 20 miles tomorrow.

B:  Tea, strawberries and grapes 100

L:  Pesto Parmesan Ham Sandwich on wheat 230, carmel mousse with 1/2 banana 110 = 340

I have strawberries and grapes to munch on this afternoon if I want.  

S:  Strawberries and Grapes 150 Almonds 35 - 185

Subtotal for today 625 - right where I want to be at this point of the day!

D:  1/2 order of Pad Thai and water/tea 600

1225 Cals and exercise - nothing - raining and tired.  

Progress as of today: 9.8 lbs lost so far, only 18.2 lbs to go!

just42day on 09/24/2010:
Fabulous exercise! You're doing great! :)

Umpqua on 09/24/2010:
Great job on the bike. I hope you have an excellent weekend!

balloonlady on 09/24/2010:
20 miles! good luck and have fun!

selina on 09/24/2010:
20 miles sounds FanTastic!

Maria7 on 09/24/2010:
Kentucky Bicycler! 20 miles...equals...big WOW!!! Hope you have a wonderful day! Keep you some water with you! :-)

sweetpea1977 on 09/24/2010:
Yay, awesome bike ride! Im so excited that you are enjoying such a wonderful kind of exercise!!

Im guessing your high calorie Wednesday carried over to yesterday's eating. If you average the two days, its about 1400, which is fantastic. :)

Anyway, enjoy your bike ride tomorrow. 20 miles is an awesome goal!!

hopingforhealth on 09/24/2010:
Wow, what a great bike ride! And thanks for the welcome. It's true, those are wine grapes!

Maria7 on 09/24/2010:
Thank you.

moogy on 09/24/2010:
What a great bike ride, good for you. I hope your next one goes as well. Looks like a good menu for the day, I hope you end it out well and feel really pleased with yourself.

balloonlady on 09/24/2010:
thanks for your comment, and the whole outfit is painted, the model is wearing only a white thong and nipple covers and shoes, : )

V on 09/24/2010:
Your lunch sounds amazing!!! I am glad you are enjoying your bike rides :)

Maria7 on 09/25/2010:
Hope you had a good day today! :-)

hollybelle - Thursday Sep 23, 2010
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 168.2

Yesterday is updated fairly high cals but I walked 2 miles, at least.  I had my car worked on and there was a Wendy's next door and one thing lead to another and I ate a Jr Frosty - 150 cals - not bad, but then I had church group and didn't plan for a good snac/meal and ate a muffin  330 - could totally have done without those things, but that's the way it goes.....I'm moving on from there and will do better today.  I plan to ride my bike 18 miles tonight.....we'll see if all goes well.  I do think I'm going to have to plan better on Wednesday nights because I have a hard time squeezing my group in between 5:30 and 7:30 without food.  Church has dinner, but it's mostly high cal, high fat and high sugar stuff!   

B:  Almonds 35, tea 0 , strawberries/raspberries 80 - 115

L:  1/2 turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomato, banana 200

S:  Almonds 90

D:  Grapes, 1 oz turkey, banana 250 

S:  PNB & Crackers 300 1 C Skim Milk 80

1035 Calories - seems low - but that's it. Exercise = 18 mile bike ride  Did it in about 1 hour and 20 minutes - not too bad.  I was beat, though, but not "shakey".


Progress as of today: 9.8 lbs lost so far, only 18.2 lbs to go!

crazy_fatty on 09/23/2010:
2 mile walk is pretty sweet, good job!

just42day on 09/23/2010:
Sounds like you have fabulous exercise planned. That's great that you've determined how need to plan for certain nights. I'm sure that will help you stay on trak! :)

sweetpea1977 on 09/23/2010:
That 18 mile bike ride should easily burn off that frosty and muffin! :)

loveray on 09/23/2010:
its awesome!! maybe ill teach some at the retreat!! xo

moogy on 09/23/2010:
Sounds like the church ladies could do with a class on healthy snacks and meals, I vote you be in charge!!! I am lucky, when we have a social event at church half the food it healthy stuff, so many of the women are watching their weight there is always something good to choose. Maybe on Wednesday's you could have a big breakfast, medium lunch and a snack for dinner, just an idea!! But a good one! LOL Have a great day.

V on 09/23/2010:
That 18 mile ride will def cancel out the sugars!!!! have a good evening :)

Maria7 on 09/23/2010:
18 miles! Big Wow! Hopefully KY will still turn out to have a beautiful-colored fall! :-D

nita51 on 09/24/2010:
Awesome to hear from you again. Yea, Churches are quite famous for good spiritual food for the soul,,,,but bad nutritional food for the body! Just keep doing your best,,,everything will work out, in your favor. Thanks again, for the uplifting words. Hugs

hollybelle - Wednesday Sep 22, 2010
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 168.2

Yesterday updated but boy did I eat a lot of sugar.  Even with my good food choices I brought to work I went out to lunch with a friend on spur of the minute.  Managed to keep cals in range and walk 2 miles, though.

B:  Smoothie, YUM  250, Tea 0

S:  5 almonds - no salt!  for protein 35

L:  Vegetable plate at neighborhood restaurant - corn, fried green tomatos, kale, fresh slaw - 600  No corn sticks or butter! 

Update -

S:  Almonds  35

Wendy's Jr. Frosty 150

Cranberry Orange Muffin 330

pnb and crackers 200

Little bit of chicken 200

Cals = 1835  Terrible nutrition, but I walked 2 miles - 5 days of continous exercise!  AT least! 

Progress as of today: 9.8 lbs lost so far, only 18.2 lbs to go!

V on 09/22/2010:
Had a a liitle sweet tooth I see well, just try to do mainly proteins today, and like you said you did get 2 miles in!

loveray on 09/22/2010:
hope you have a great day!! i had a major sweet thing going on yesterday. maybe something is in the air with the full moon!! xo

skinnygrlwithin on 09/22/2010:
Well good for you for keeping your calories in check... I hate those spur of the moment lunches!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 09/22/2010:
yeah, fake sugars can be very tempting sometimes. for instance, sugar free jello is such a waste for me...and leaves me with such a craving the next day after i eat it...they are no good, but at the same time, in the moment, it is hard to resist. :)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 09/22/2010:
LOVE almonds!

Umpqua on 09/22/2010:
Wow, you kept your calories low yesterday, awesome!

sweetpea1977 on 09/22/2010:
You did great with calorie intake!! I agree with V, try to balance yesterday's sugary intake with some lean proteins. Good start with the almonds! :)

just42day on 09/22/2010:
Great job w/calorie and exercise. Unfortunately, I'm limited w/exercise due to knee which needs replacing. I should, however, use the resistance bands I have; thanks for the nudge..

Maria7 on 09/22/2010:
I've NEVER had a pecan waffle with syrup...but reading it, it looks like it would have been worth the 500 cals VERY EASILY!!! Glad you had a lunch out with your friend. WHERE did you find that waffle??? I WANT ONE! :-D

moogy on 09/22/2010:
It will probably be day five of your 30 days by the time your read this. Good for you, I think your challenge is harder than mine. Good Work hollybelle.

breakaway on 09/22/2010:
Great exercise today :D good food choices as well. Seems like SO little compared to what I eat. I'm wondering how much I will have to cut as I lose :O Scary for me.

V on 09/22/2010:
Oh i was meaning to tell you the brand of tea is by Tazo it comes in many flavors. My fave is the passion, it is sweetened with stevia

balloonlady on 09/23/2010:
looks great. even with the sugar...

hollybelle - Tuesday Sep 21, 2010
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 168.2

He will cover you with His pinions, and under His wings you will find refuge.  His faithfulness is a shield and buckler.  Psalms 91:4

Updated yesterday.  Even though I didn't stick strictly to plan did ok on cals and managed a short walk.

Today so far:

B:  Oatmeal with raisins and 1 t blue agaave syrup, tea 150

L:  Pecan Waffle w syrup, coffee (My friend called and I just had to go, OK?)  500

D:  1 C Chicken cacciatore with egg noodles 400

S:  Cinn Tortilla  100

1150 Cals  2 mile walk

Progress as of today: 9.8 lbs lost so far, only 18.2 lbs to go!

loveray on 09/21/2010:
have a fabulous day!! so happy you had a wonderful weekend. xo

Maria7 on 09/21/2010:
Beautiful scripture verse! Amen!

Hope you have a wonderful day, Hollybelle! :-D

1175 cals yesterday = fantastic! :-D

Umpqua on 09/21/2010:
Blue agave sounds wonderful! I throw most of my meals together without recipes. Let me know if you are interested in anything and I can pass along ingredients!

sweetpea1977 on 09/21/2010:
Thanks for the comment!

Good job in staying within your calorie range yesterday. Hope you have another fantastic day today!

getmebackto150 on 09/21/2010:
great job on the bike ride!!! and also on the walk... sounds like you are on a roll!

KathyBlue on 09/21/2010:
all well that ends well :)

V on 09/21/2010:
Still no coffee huh??? i am so glad you were able to kick your habit! Oh I found a tea that you might like, I stumbled upon it at the healthfood store it's naturally sweetened, 0 calories 0 carbs, i will send you the name of it when I get home :) Have a good day Holly

just42day on 09/21/2010:
Sounds like you had a great day w/low calories and a nice walk. Good for you! Keep it up! :)

breakaway on 09/21/2010:
Wonderful :D Have a great day today!

just42day on 09/21/2010:
Great idea for me to starve that pound for attention and it'll go away. Do you think the same concept applies to my hips and thighs?

moogy on 09/21/2010:
Have a good day today:)

Maria7 on 09/22/2010:
Good morning, Hollybelle...how's everything over there in beautiful Kentucky this morning??? :-D

hollybelle - Monday Sep 20, 2010
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 168.2



What a wonderful weekend I had!  Friends from another town came over and visited.  We hadn't sesen them in so long and it was great to realize that true friends are friends whether you have been with them 3 days ago or 3 years ago.  Kids are all grown now and we decided we should get together more often.  Next time is already planned- A concert in their town about an hour away - STIX (the band guys - do you know them??)

Did OK on food Saturday and great on food Sunday.  Exercise Friday and Saturday was 1 hour walk.  Sunday I was SO HAPPPY because I got to ride my bike on our town's new LEGACY (paved) TRAIL!!  It's about 17 miles round trip and we (my friend and I) added about a mile on it by going over into the Horse Park making it 18.3 miles and then I rounded it out to about 20+ when I got home.  We rode the 18.3 miles in about 1 hour and 45 minutes and stopped for about 15 minutes at a duck pond 1/2 way there for a drink of water (from our water bottles - not the pond LOL!!!)   It felt SO GOOD!!  I am not sore and I am so happy I have done this.  The trail is awesome and I'm so glad our town built it.  It was so funny because everyone out walking, roller blading or biking had BIG smiles on their faces and kept speaking to each other saying hello and how beautiful the weather was!  It winds through farmland and past my husband's office building.  We are getting ready in Lexington, KY to host the World Equestrian Games in about a week.  The whole town will be bursting at the seams with people from all over the world.  It should be interesting.  Ticket sales are down, though. In case you didn't know it - Lexington KY is billed as the "horse capital" of the world.  Not Louisville KY where they hold the KY Derby Race - Lexington - where we have the most beautiful horse farms and yearling sales that reach record purchase prices.  

Today I start better nutrition.  Not so much "fake stuff". 

B:  Oatmeal, 1 t blue agave syrup, skim milk, cinnamon, tea 150

I have brought good food choices with me to work so I'll have a health lunch.

More later

L:  Hamburger with mustard and ketsup, lettuce, tomato and onion - For all my planning it turns out the 1950s drive in restaurant in town is being featured on Food TV tonight and I just had to go get a burger there today!  Their burgers are "healthy" in that they are thin and bread is homemade and I didn't have any cheese or mayo on it so I'm thinking 500 cals - NO Fries or Rings!

D:  Chicken Catcatore (SP!!) - Homemade I love it.  Small serving - 300 - Daughter's Boyfriend ate 3 helpings - God love him!

S Smoothie 225

1175 Cals - short walk and 30 ab exercises (they are hard ones, though)


Progress as of today: 9.8 lbs lost so far, only 18.2 lbs to go!

KathyBlue on 09/20/2010:
I'm glad you had a wonderful weekend over there. :D It's sooo important. I hope you have a great week. :D

breakaway on 09/20/2010:
STIX! I LOVE THEM! I think it's great to get out with old friends and just enjoy your time together. AND it's less likely you will pig out while in company of others. At least that is true for me ;)

Maria7 on 09/20/2010:
Hi there Hollybelle! Wow...20 miles bike ride! You go, Girl, too! :-D Glad you had a nice visit with your friends. Do you ride horses, too? Have a nice day!

just42day on 09/20/2010:
Incredible bike ride! good for you! :)

V on 09/20/2010:
Setting yourself up for success is always a good thing! Have a great day at work :)

moogy on 09/20/2010:
What a great weekend. An amazing bike track, well done, that's great work. Have a great day.

hollybelle - Friday Sep 17, 2010
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 168.2

For God gave us a spirit of NOT of fear, but of POWER, and LOVE, and SELF-CONTROL  2 Timothy 1:7

Today I will not fear success, or my own, God-given, power and I will exercise the self-control that He gave me, as well.

Updated yesterday 1300 cals, but no exercise 

My nutrition has been terrible lately.  I want to start paying more attention to what I am eating as well as the # of cals.  Usually that isn't a problem for me, but I have noticed that I am justifying eating "whatever" as long as the calories are OK.   I think that is an good strategy for when I know I'm going to be faced with tough food choices at a meal or in a situation, but not as a lifestyle.  So - I'll begin today thinking and planning better (at lunch).  :o)

B:  2 Cinn Tortilla, Tea  200  

Progress as of today: 9.8 lbs lost so far, only 18.2 lbs to go!

KathyBlue on 09/17/2010:
well, a bar of chocolate has 200 cals which is not that bad for a 1400 cal per day plan, but then it has lots of fat and sugar content which is bad, regarding to the percentage of sugar/fat income... calories alone aren't reliable.

liza36 on 09/17/2010:
I strive for 5 fruits and veggies a day, lean protein, low fat dairy, and a serving of healthy fat, like olive oil in salad dressing or stir frys. If you plan your meals with goals like these in mind, you can definitely improve the quality of your nutrition, and it will naturally be low-cal too. Good luck!

legcramps on 09/17/2010:
I always do much better when I plan ahead! Good luck today!

moogy on 09/17/2010:
You are right - empty calories don't give you what you need, a good healthy balanced diet will help you lose weight quicker and feel better. I love to see planning and goal setting, I am sure that you will figure it all out. I have posted the Lemon Cheesecake recipe in the forum, it is mostly just good food, so it would be a good treat for you. Have a great day holly.

breakaway on 09/17/2010:
I was there a few weeks ago. Eating TONS of empty calories and feeling SO sluggish! The past three days I have been eating really good and I can't believe the energy I feel today :D I actually got a lot done today for once :D Hubby LOVES it! Good luck to you! Have a great day!

Maria7 on 09/17/2010:
Love you entry, especially the Bible scripture. Thanks for sharing that with us.

Wow, you are doing real well with your calories...and like you...I've been 'somewhat' lenient with myself as long as cals are within limits...gonna try to do better, as well. :-D

V on 09/17/2010:
Holly you CAN do this! You know this!

Maria7 on 09/18/2010:
Hello, Girl...Hoping you're having a Sunny Saturday! :-D

Maria7 on 09/19/2010:
Check out my today's entry...I mentioned you in it! :-D

hollybelle - Thursday Sep 16, 2010
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 168.2

"He will satisfy your needs in a sunscorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail." - Isaiah 58:11

I am counting on God to provide water for my garden and to strengthen my frame today!  Asking the Holy Spirit to fill me and well up out of me as an example to others of God's mighty and loving nature.  Amen 

More wardrobe success.  I am wearing a skirt today - Khaki with front zipper - that I can actually turn on my waist it's so loose.  Just pulled it down a little lower on hips.  That works for now.....

Updated yesterday's entry with cals.  Good cals, but no exercise last night as I am still feellng weird from meds.  Only one more day of them, tho and low doses.....sigh!

Today so far:

B:  2 cinn tortillas and tea 200

Lunch at Mexican restaurant with friend.....I'll be CARE FUL!!  But I will enjoy!

L:  Chips and Salsa 300, one soft beef taco 200 = 500

S:  M & Ms - thank goodness they are gone.  I've had them 2 weeks and not touched them, but this week.......300

D:  Bowl of Cereal w 1/2 banana- Just too tired to exercies!  I'm not taking the rest of the medicine.  The poison ivy is gone and I am tired of just zoning out when I get home and not sleeping well.  300

1300 cals - no exercise

Progress as of today: 9.8 lbs lost so far, only 18.2 lbs to go!

selina on 09/16/2010:
Thank you, HollyBelle! Congrats on the wardrobe success stories! It reminds me of the days when I was in your situation last year, and that gives me hope! Have a great day!

loveray on 09/16/2010:
i hope you are having a wonderful day!! you are doing so well.

skinnygrlwithin on 09/16/2010:
Yes there is a direct management connection...he's one of my managers... I've just gotten myself in so much trouble dating co-workers..I can't imagine dating a manager would be any less drama...

Umpqua on 09/16/2010:
Great job with the Mexican lunch and that's good news on your skirt! Our weather has finally gotten cooler and we're getting rain today. My gardens certainly need it. I hope you get some rain soon!

legcramps on 09/16/2010:
Nice, that's great!

shawnee on 09/16/2010:
What a great motivator that skirt must be..good for you!!

V on 09/16/2010:
Holly we are almost there!!!!!! Slowly but surely! Have a wonderful evening :)

V on 09/16/2010:
Just read your celeb crush comment....LOL yes you did say that outloud ;)

moogy on 09/16/2010:
How exciting, there must be a whole pile of clothes in that wardrobe just getting ready for their turn to be worn. Well done you, I hope you enjoy a controlled lunch with your friend and finish your day of on a high note.

Maria7 on 09/16/2010:
Wow, you are getting smaller and smaller! :-D Congrats on getting back into your skinny clothes! Really makes ya feel good, doesn't it? I know the feeling! :-D

Hope you're over the poison ivy and feeling much better, Holly. :-)

Maria7 on 09/16/2010:
PS...I forgot to say I REALLY LOVE the Bible scripture you put in your entry today. :-D AMEN!!!!!!!!!!

hollybelle - Wednesday Sep 15, 2010
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 168.2


Today I am wearing a pair of pants that I haven't been able to button all summer so it must be coming off.  Ounce by ounce, but it's coming off.  The pants look nice and fit perfectly.  I am enjoying my wardrobe.

Did OK last night on food - no exercise - daughter has had upset stomach and come home from work early two nights in a row and we have been crocheting in the den and talking!  It's wonderful.  So far I've made one scarf and started another one.  When I get this one done I'm going to look on-line for a hat pattern that I can make to match them both.  I forgot how much I love to crochet.  New yarns and stitches make it modern, right?? 

I just don't have time to post menus with cals right now. So here's only food:

B:  Tea, apple, smoothie  285

L:  Arby's Med RB, Diet Coke (I splurged - it's payday!) 380

updated yesterday's menu, too.

Tonight - church group and tomorrow night - bike ride??  Same trail I TRIED to ride last Friday - we'll see.  I'm feeling better from the steroid meds for my poison ivy - whew - last couple of days were hard - sleep issues.  Next time I'm asking specifically for prednisone no medropack for me. 


S:  Protein Bar 140

S:  Pretzels w pnb 200

D:  Slaw 200

S:  M & Ms - oh, oh!  200

Cals:  1405  Exercise - NONE!!  :o(  just too weird feeling from meds....oh well, another day and I'll be done with meds.


Progress as of today: 9.8 lbs lost so far, only 18.2 lbs to go!

KathyBlue on 09/15/2010:
Hip-Hip HURRAYYYYY for the fitting pants!!!! :) I love the feeling!!!! :) Ahh, I really hope your daughter gets well soon.

Bike, now that's exciting. On Saturday hopefully I get to see a bike, and decide to buy it or not.

liza36 on 09/15/2010:
That's fantastic that you are getting into smaller clothes. There is no better feeling than that!

loveray on 09/15/2010:
YAY so glad to hear that you fit into your pants- that is so nice!

skinnygrlwithin on 09/15/2010:
Thank you sooo much for telling me about your mishap today! I feel like such an idiot... I literally have NEVER done anything like this before ever... I'm always on time, I never call in sick, I always get things done on time... so when I realized that I had looked at the wrong schedule last night at midnight I FREAKED OUT... I physically got sick to my stomach and was in serious panic mode!! It is nice to know though that another person is human and we all make mistakes... I'm hoping they think that too!

sweetpea1977 on 09/15/2010:
Yay for the "new" pants fitting!

How wonderful that you get to spend some quality time with your daughter. My mom used to crochet. I regret that I never took her offer on teaching me how to do it. Anyway, enjoy this special mother-daughter time together. :)

moogy on 09/15/2010:
So happy that you fit back into your pants. Thats great. It is wonderful that you are spending time with your daughter crocheting, it seems that it is coming back into style. I remember that in the 70's we wore crocheted vests and had handbags, I was a young teenager and thought I was really cool. Have a great day and I hope you get your bike ride in.

V on 09/15/2010:
It is always good to get back into something that you couldn't wear :) Congrats Holly :) BTW I was move to tears when I read your post to Lobster, I am glad that it helped her, you are truly a kind caring wonderful girl :)

breakaway on 09/15/2010:
Congrats on your new fit! :D

hollybelle - Tuesday Sep 14, 2010
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 168.2

Guys!  HELLO.  Sorry not to be posting as much as usual.  I miss you guys!  I am very busy at Work (which is a great thing) and at home right now.  I am doing good on food and exercise, though, so take heart - I'll be back soon.  Keep up all the good work I know you are all doing!  Love, Holly


P.S.  Today would have been my brother's 54th birthday.  He was gone 5 years on May 18th of this year.  Rest in Peace, dear brother, I wish I had known you better.  

Don't put off telling anyone you love them or making amends with anyone of any thing, dear diet diary friends.- it may feel like we have forever, but we may not.  

Note:  The above is not said with complete saddness - just experience.  God bless you all. 

Food was OK all day. 

B:  Smoothie -225

S:  Apple 65

L:  Pretzels and PNB 200

S:  Trail Mix 300

D:  Grapes 200  Meatballs (no spag.) 150 O. Slaw 250

1390 Cals - No exercise 


Progress as of today: 9.8 lbs lost so far, only 18.2 lbs to go!

liza36 on 09/14/2010:
Good advice for us all, thank you! Have a good day.

legcramps on 09/14/2010:
Agree 100%! Glad you have a break from work today - have a good one!

V on 09/14/2010:
Holly sending lots of love your way today :)

moogy on 09/14/2010:
I loved to see the post from you, you are missed. I am glad you are doing well with your food and exercise. Good for you.

moogy on 09/14/2010:
Hey hollybelle, I just read what you told Maria and I had to smile. I have the same theory - new fat comes of quicker than old fat!!!!LOL

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