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horn_of_plenty - Wednesday Feb 03, 2021
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 110.0

 2.00 Hours in the Sun / Strolling Outside / Indoor Cardio Feb 2021 

24.50 Jan 2021

Need to pay Co-op Insurance annual bill...learned i have it on autopay, excellent!

Need to check why i'm not receiving my Old Navy $50 reward...calling on either weekend or Friday?

My next home task is to organize for donation some of my shirts/tops on Pres Day Weekend :-)..now that I can actually see what's in my closet!  I can def plan on giving away some tops, to make my closets more manageable so that clothes do not wrinkle from being too confined against one another..

 kombucha - negligable small amount.

breakfast / snacks coffee 50, wrap 150, cream cheese 100, small cinnamon bun mini 100, almonds 100. 

lunch: healthy from home, includes potatoes for the win (not chips or a wrap!...i'd like to move towards eating more tubers!! - cheap and healthy!) potatoes 200 cal, ratatoille 150, most of a smaller piece of meatloaf from mom 250..600, part of energy drink if still good, or i'll throw it out and have black coffee which seems a better idea.,,as the energy drink is from last friday.

chocolate 100


Dinner: maybe a salad with a grilled cheese as it's very tasty and very convenient...that's why i started eating them...both convenience and taste.

Dinner change of plans McDonald's :)....luckily, it's on my way home, not expensive, and i like it. fries 300, nuggets 200. 550 tops.


planning on going to bed early...i can always use a little more sleep! :)



My choices, i will stick with Bankruptcy, but can change any of the other advanced courses, numbers 3-6....I am not even sure I'll take all 6 courses to get the Advanced Degree.  I may just take 3 courses as that's the amount I have paid for to date. Then, I may take a long break from Legal Studies after I finish 2 more courses as I already finished #1, Alt Dispute Resolution. I have to say, Estate planning also still sounds interesting...but I'll do the Family Law as #3. I'm not sure about #4 thru #6...open to your feedback.


1- Alt. Dispute Resolution -DONE!
2- Bankruptcy Law - will be sticking with this, for my own knowledge come            March...
3- Family Law 
4- Estate Planning 
5- Real Property Law 
6- Business Law 
$400 per class. Total $2,400 (if i take 6, i may stop after 3-4 classes and take a LONG break and possibly never go back to studying more - it's on me and not mandatory for any job or application and just something i did for myself during COVID when i wasn't working).
THE COMPLETE LIST OF ALL THE CHOICES FOR ADVANCED COURSES below, I can switch the ones above numbered 1-6,  for anything below.  I will still take the Bankruptcy for my own studies as I'm interested...and also Family Law next, but if i take any more courses, I am open to your suggestions, Donkey, for courses 4,5,6.
  • Advanced Legal Research
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (Mediation)
  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Business Law
  • Constitutional Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Criminal Procedure
  • e-Discovery
  • Education Law
  • Estate Planning
  • Family Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Intellectual Property
  • Real Property Law
  • Victim Advocacy 
  • Water Law 

Progress as of today: 5 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

Jacky82020 on 02/03/2021:
So you are still pursing a paralegal career? Sounds good to me! You are going to be one busy beaver. Busy is good.

horn_of_plenty on 02/03/2021:
yes, in the end, i am still in major consideration for working in the courts...but not as Paralegal as that's not a big role for the NYS courts...i want to make my way to a Court Clerk, starting off as an Office Assistant or something...the entry positions that i'd get thru public tests / public applications...there's a lot of people going for these tests and they are only given around once every 4-6 YEARS! it's a decent job to have, as you see! :) and there's a contract with step increases for 7 years, unlike my job now with no specific wages or contracts for a salary. also the jobs in the courts would be hard to lose, compared to what i have now...another incentive. My prime concerns are stability and salary for the long term.

horn_of_plenty on 02/03/2021:
Paralegal doesn't pay well unless you are HIGHLY experienced. otherwise, it's around 35k-45k starting...

i really want to be in a "safer" line of work, hence nys courts.

bearcountrygg on 02/03/2021:
Love being able to find things in the closet...and to hang things up without having to shove things aside to make room.

horn_of_plenty on 02/03/2021:
Me too, i'm not there yet...i hope to be by the end of this month...will be the first time in a LONG time. I should donate LOTS of shirts..

Jacky82020 on 02/03/2021:
Great balls of fire! Every 4-6 years! I have Sicilian relatives in NJ, nor far from NYC. Want me to arrange a few hits for you? We have to move you up that line!

horn_of_plenty on 02/03/2021:
LOL, i wish...i do have a distant relative in the courts...not even sure that's any help to me...she may retire before i need her! LOL

bearcountrygg on 02/03/2021:
Potatoes are a good source of potassium...and we all need that.

horn_of_plenty on 02/03/2021:
oh yes!!!

Donkey on 02/03/2021:
^^Ha ha, Jacky! Love this girl - what a sense of humor :-) She'll get you up that ladder REAL QUICK (lol).

I can certainly recommend classes, but ultimately, it should be what interests YOU. That is the best formula for an enjoyable and successful class session. Also, I haven't had all of these classes, so some of my recommendations might stem from not knowing what is involved in a class. For example, I might recommend Family Law, but I've never taken it. (I just couldn't get into the class while I was in school. To do it after I graduated would have cost me 3x the tuition.)

Finally, my recommendations to you would be based on knowing that your goal is to work for the NYS courts, and not as a paralegal for a private practice or for the federal courts.

horn_of_plenty on 02/03/2021:
my goal is def the NY STATE courts...and yes i will def take Family Law the class after this one...prob around May 2021 i think...

Donkey on 02/03/2021:
My recommendations for your personal enrichment would be Bankruptcy Law and Estate Planning. Bankruptcy is federal law, so you wouldn't be dealing with that with the NYS, but it's a field that is highly paralegal intensive. The paralegal does most of the work. It's very procedural: gather the bills, file a petition, trustee's meeting (not with a judge, but with an attorney who is the trustee of the court), discharge. Yes, it can get very complicated, depending on what kind of bankruptcy, and you will get all sorts of clients trying to scam the system.

Estate Planning will explain wills, trusts, powers of attorney, etc. This might also help you with the NYS courts, because I'm sure you have probate court - although you should check if the State courts have probate or if it's more of a county thing. Anyway, knowing your way around probate can help you when you deal with setting up your estate, or dealing with, say, when your folks pass away.

Business law I would stay away from, unless you are interested in learning how to set up corporations, LLC, LP, and other business entities. I took this class. It's an advanced course, but I did find it interesting to see the different ways to set up a business entity. A lot of sole practioners here, ones that do a mish-mash of real estate closings, wills & trusts, also help with setting up a small business, as far as the legal documents are concerned.

horn_of_plenty on 02/03/2021:
well, i have to look into if we have probate court in the systemm.....i will figure it out by the end of the weekend coming...

yea, that's why i was thinking estate planning is interesting...but then again, my folks will set it up...and mine, my personal estate, will not be so big or complicated....so i have to think if estates will be good for NY state and if there's probate court...

ok, i will stay out of the Business Law...and will prob not even take all 6 courses that they recommend we take six if we want an "advanced paralegal certificate"...like a money scam to make us sign up for a lot of classes, they make more money with each class i pay for..

bearcountrygg on 02/03/2021:
DONKEY...YOU ROCK!!!!!! Is this our same shy Donkey? Donkey...you need to step up and declare..I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR!!!!!

horn_of_plenty on 02/03/2021:
i told ya, donkey knows her shiznit.

Donkey on 02/03/2021:
^^Ha ha, Bear! You ladies are cracking me up today! I watched all 7 seasons of The Sopranos multiple times, so I'm wise to getting whacked!

Here's what I think:

Real Property Law - this can help you personally, if you ever plan to buy property. Also, there is Chancery court, which involves property disputes, foreclosures, evictions, landlord-tenant, co-ops, and such. So perhaps taking this class could help you two-fold (job & personally).

If you want to work in the courts, then property law, family law, and criminal law are where you want to focus. (I'm not sure the difference between the Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure classes would be.)

If you want to work for an attorney (corporate counsel) or perhaps a judge, then you'd want things like e-Discovery and advanced research (oh my that sounds so painful).

Classes like Education Law, Water Law are very specialized. Are there a lot of court cases in those divisions? The opportunities, relative to the NYS exam, are not clear to me.

Classes like Constitutional Law, Immigration, and Intellectual Law (patents, copyrights, etc.) are federal law.

Victim Advocacy - I'm not sure where that would help you. Most victim advocates in our county are volunteer, or with social services. I'm not sure if that would be relevant to your NYS exam or job aspirations.

horn_of_plenty on 02/03/2021:
no, i will personally prob not buy property unless i move down south in older, retirement, if i ever make it to retirement!? seriously, i have NO IDEA at what age i'd retire at this point. prob 70 or so...really don't know, it will also be based on my health at that point...

i'm going to stay out of Ediscovery bc i'm a computer generation and know i'd pick it up very quickly...not gonna pay to do research right now...

i'm going to save these notes you wrote here, as they are most important to me later to review what is state law and what is not.

bearcountrygg on 02/03/2021:
DONKEY....I am impressed with your knowledge.....

bearcountrygg on 02/03/2021:
Donkey...you definitely will not forget how to do your job when you return to work!!! You should teach this stuff...just sayin!

horn_of_plenty on 02/03/2021:
YOU have a major POINT. she totally could do some kind of teaching at a college with this type of program...she'd prob need more certifications to teach, but then again, maybe NOT!

i could totally see Donkey as a teacher, if she were to pursue teaching Paralegal courses...but sometimes it's just taught by lawyers, to my knowledge...donkey might know more.

Maria7 on 02/03/2021:
2 hours in the sun and strolling outside sounds good to me!

horn_of_plenty on 02/03/2021:
right!? it's actually both indoor and outdoor cardio and even includes when i'm standing for an extended period of time! it's what motivates me not to be in on the couch, this count! :)

bearcountrygg on 02/03/2021:
YES...what Maria said! ^^^^^^

horn_of_plenty on 02/03/2021:
LOL. why not right?!

legcramps on 02/03/2021:
Love your time in the sun count; something to strive towards! It's been so cold here recently that it's been hard to be outside for longer than a few minutes at a time without pulling on ski pants.

I see you got quite a bit of snow there - I hope it's not been too frustrating to deal with!

horn_of_plenty on 02/03/2021:
Bc I didn’t need to drive or find parking, the snow was not a disruption other than a day not at work ;)

horn_of_plenty on 02/03/2021:
Bc I didn’t need to drive or find parking, the snow was not a disruption other than a day not at work ;)

grannyannie on 02/03/2021:
HOP, I hope you find just the right fit for you in the legal system!

horn_of_plenty on 02/03/2021:
Thank you - I don’t have complete control over my future but I can try for what I want :-)

Donkey on 02/04/2021:
You may find estate planning to be helpful after your parents pass and you are left to deal with their estate. That's all I was saying.

And if you rent, or belong to a co-op, then real property law could apply to you as well. Landlord-tenant issues are HUGE, especially with the moratorium on evictions expiring soon (which I anticipate will be renewed but eventually, this will need to be reconciled somehow).

Finally, if your parents own their home, then, when they pass, you may inherit their property. But perhaps they rent as well.

horn_of_plenty - Tuesday Feb 02, 2021
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 110.0

1.00 Hours in the Sun / Strolling Outside / Indoor Cardio Feb 2021 

24.50 Jan 2021

Most Probably Today, 2/2/21: organize clothing WITH PANTS..DONE!

next task is to organize for donation some of my shirts/tops on Pres Day Weekend :-)..now that I can actually see what's in my closet!

Most of the pants I kept aside from two of the exact same pants, both were too tight on the waist- how did I ever buy two of something so tiny ?! What was I thinking ?! They must have been very tight from the start...I don't get how they ever fit well!

It has snowed at least 14-18in  and I could have went to work, but it would be very difficult, and i do not have a key to the electric gate to get to the door where i work...so, even if i made it to work, i wouldn't be able to get in at my starting time as ALL my 3 other coworkers for that specific office are home. also, walking outside is treacherous, slippery, as i noticed yesterday on my commute home....also, it has been declared a state emergency or something where only essential workers ought to be out driving / on the roads...so it's best for me to be inside today at home.

so, i do not have work here at home to do, my laptop is also at work and still i wouldn't have enough work to do just by bringing my laptop home either, so i'm "off" today. I'm not sure if i have an allowance of vaca/sick days...but it doesn't really matter in the long term. i will be solving this dilmemna tomorrow about if i will be paid for today thru any allowance of days i have (i am thinking i do have something, but need to figure it out fully tomororw and i'll review my union rulebook today for several questionable things that came to my mind yesterday as well.)  

so i'm home today. i cooked yesterday. i do not have it in me to bake today, i don't think. i still have lots of cream cheese at work to eat on wraps for breakfast, and do not want to bake and then my cream cheese that i will not use will go to waste as i begin eating whatever it is i would bake for breakfast...so baking will wait. Plus, i wasn't thinking about baking anytime soon, so it's really not something i want to do at all today.

To-do shortlist

  1. small load laundry, in progress to DONE!
  2. I'm probably going to finish the George Orwell book - 1984 - today. I have about 1/3 left of it...will not finish it tonight, LOL...but in Progress...
  3. 6pm until around 7pm probably:  upper and lower body strength. maybe a day for cardio rest, yes... DONE!
  4. AFTER exercise: review union rules for all contractors / employees to follow in regards to: DONE!, found nothing.
  • leaving early on a snow day / pay for full day (if it's in the book, or similiar) - found nothing
  • not being able to come in due to office closure; and if employee can be paid or needs to use their own allotment (prob not even in the book at all..) - found nothing.

         5. catch up with you all later today...i will have more to say on more important matters besides the fact that i'm home today from work, LOL. I will write later about plans for March and my studies which I DEFINITELY will continue then.  In order to write about it, I have to do a a few copy and pastes and clicks and such, so that will be later on here.    i am not willing to think or change my entry to include the March course options...will do that later in this month, towards the END of this month.  Will prob just keep the Bankruptcy in the mix, as I kind of want my own personal knowledge to develop and i want to understand what Bankfuptcy Law is about...so i've just decided, I will keep this in the mix!  I'll still post what i'm scheduled to study after Bankruptcy to gain feedback if I should change my courses further, but i'm keeping Bankruptcy as it's a way for me to learn something that i do not have much knowledge of...and the course is only 7 or 14 weeks long, so it will end pretty quickly..so i'm not worried about taking it, so much.

8:30-11am  Breakfast / snacks chocolate, cinnamon grain mix thing 150, gummies not great taste old 100, coffee 50, maybe kombucha 50, cherry juice I have in the fridge still good and tasty 100....450...

12:45 tasty lunch leftover cheese doodles prob will nit buy again due to msg as an ingredient with some roasted squash and tomatoes 150, grilled cheese 2 slices potato bread 200, butter 50, 1.5 slices Munster 120, garlic powder. 520

2pm small clementines 50

3pm wafers and a small coffee 150

6pm healthy dinner: ratatoille also with a little bit of potato 200, small amount of meatloaf 300. 500, healthy.

9-9:30 chocolates around 200

1900 total, excellent.. 

Progress as of today: 5 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 02/02/2021:
Good day to get some odds and ends done.......like a little vacation!

horn_of_plenty on 02/02/2021:
Yes I can’t say I mind it ;) :-) it’s only a once a year or less occurrence so I’ll take it while it’s there to take :)

Jacky82020 on 02/02/2021:
OMG! My mother just called and said she’s done organizing/donating pants and has moved onto tops. Next week you two will be doing coats. LOL

Horn_of_plenty on 02/02/2021:
This comment, it's GOT TO BE A JOKE! LOL

Donkey on 02/02/2021:
^^ Ha ha ha ha!

Glad you got the pants done! I hope you are enjoying your day off.

Horn_of_plenty on 02/02/2021:
def, totally didn't do much at all...total rest day besides exercise :) happy about it. who knows when this opportunity will come up next...opportunity to relax it out all day.

Jacky82020 on 02/02/2021:
No joke, HOP. You have a lot in common with my mom. She also does volunteer work. Nothing strenuous. She makes sandwiches in some church kitchen. My sisters are having a fit about it. But no one can tell that old lady anything.

Horn_of_plenty on 02/02/2021:
that is nuts! i think she and I would get along just GREAT...

too bad she isn't here to be a walking buddy for outdoors walks....does she like that, too!?

Jacky82020 on 02/02/2021:
She does! At the nearby high school track She goes round and round. Really boring compared to your walking opportunities.

Horn_of_plenty on 02/02/2021:
...i'd prob do a track sometimes, if it were in the sunny part of the day, lol, to get SUN for real now...but, all the tracks are quite a distance from me...so it's not worth me going there when i can just walk around locally...

but i have enjoyed using tracks in the past...but yeah, i enjoy longer routes than 1/4 mile track repeated and repeated, you got that right!

horn_of_plenty - Monday Feb 01, 2021
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 110.0

24.50 Jan 2021

1.00 Hours in the Sun / Strolling Outside / Indoor Cardio Feb 2021

organize clothing so i can drop off a donation whereever i can find an open bin to donate clothes...next weekend :) or the 3day weekend for President's Day in a few weeks.

Debating my next class for the Advanced Paralegal program..thinking March will be perfect to start studying something new...may take the Bankruptcy just to learn about it, although it's not something i will need to know in the future....but it could be really boring as well, so we'll see...later i'll post up the choices for classes in March, but not yet. then i hope to get some feedbak from our experienced Paralegal here, Donkey.

kombucha, extremely minimal

got to work, surprisingly on time even though i didn't leave early due to the heavy snow. worked out so far...fingers crossed that getting home isn't too much of a problem. i'm lucky...my commute is mostly underground and then the bus i took from the subway to my home will have the chains on the tires...and schools are all closed today...so traffic should be minimal aside from any accidents, praying none.

i might be going home slightly early, i may be able to cook my ratatoille tonight that i didn't cook yesterday bc i decided to relax the last few hours before bed.

breakfast at work wrap with cream cheese 200, egg 100, coffee negl, 300-350...

later snack: almonds, granola bar 100, extra dark decaf coffee, negl

11:30am snack because i was told not to have lunch here and just go home - 200...2 small cinnamon bun things 

1:30 lunch back at home: exactly what i was going to eat at work, leftover salmon smaller piece 250....veggies 150..rice 200..will update later...600...kombucha 50

2:30 small Jell-O shot from neighbor and gummies 150

4:30 been lounging and tired since I got home back at 1:30. May just relax the night away don't care as it seems I will probably not work tomorrow..all my coworkers that I work in the room with will most likely be home and I don't have a key to open the gate in front of the door. 

5:15pm apple larger 100

while cooking a huge pot of ratatouille to last a long time, ate a spiced (cinnamon) biscuit covered in chocolate 150

7pm small bit of my ratatoille since it was just cooked. very tomato sauce based as i used a small can of tomato paste for a thicker, stronger flavor this time around. it is good. not too much, just a small bowl for a taste. 150. small bit meatloaf 100


prob skipping my extra half hour cardio to relax....and read, at least I was standing while cooking so you know what, I'll count that !!! Yep, counting my standing as cardio!

outside cardio is around half hour, minimal, my commute.

i will supplement it today with half hour on the bike, while watching tv later today, maybe

i'm leaving work at noon and will be relatively annoyed if i have to make up the hours for this to count as a full day...boss said he will let me know....at my previous company, if you showed up on a snow day, that in itself was enough to get you paid! now, it seems, this new company is even more deliberate in knowing that you worked your FULL HOURS...ugh. LOL. it's almost as if coming in on a snow day isn't worth it, if you have to make up time on other days just to be paid for the snow day...we shall see what happens. gotta laugh about it....the strangeness to it all!

 I will not be working tomorrow bc nobody in my office in particular, small office, will come in.  I'm not sure if i'll be paid, i'm thinking i have at least 1 sick day to use, but not sure. whatever. i just started anyways. it's all good. i'll relax. i'll shovel in front of my garage. i'll do weights and upper body. and read. tomorrow.



Progress as of today: 5 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 02/01/2021:
Hope your commute home isn't a problem.

horn_of_plenty on 02/01/2021:
sounds like Boss is ok with my leaving after lunch / before 2pm :)....i am wishing for the same thing, a good commute, home early, warm shower early, cooking ratatoille, reading, bed early xoxoxo.

snow by you too? and i see you are eating your curries...that's still on my list of things to try cooking, tho i'm not in the right mindset now.

Jacky82020 on 02/01/2021:
Haha! You remind me so much of my mother! Forever organizing, donating and dry cleaning clothes.

horn_of_plenty on 02/01/2021:
HAHAHAHA....this is forever a compliment i shall remember....

but i'm OFF the dry cleaning clothes...try to do it in my own washer on delicate and iron if necessary....

yes to donating more...my closets are still too full...planning to donate quite a bit, again!..on the long 3day weekend for President's Day coming up in a few weeks!

I'm organizing now, but i go thru periods of DISorganization too ! hahahaha

thanks for the cute comment.

horn_of_plenty on 02/01/2021:
but YES, i love to PLAN...with dates / calendaring as you see! that is so tRUE.

Jacky82020 on 02/01/2021:
Have yourself a gay old time! Mom always does!

grannyannie on 02/01/2021:
No snow here at all except on the mountaintops.

Hubby makes a hug pot of a curry or other Thai dish every Tuesday and mostly eat it all week, except for an occasional stir fry.

horn_of_plenty on 02/01/2021:
Yum !!!! Too bad I don’t happy hubby’s skills in the kitchen. But I could learn.

Donkey on 02/01/2021:
How nice that you may get to leave early today! Is it still snowing right now (morning?)?

I would be more than happy to give you my opinion and insights on any paralegal classes you are thinking about taking!

That's nice that you will have a 3-day weekend to do more closet cleaning! That's a good goal!

horn_of_plenty on 02/01/2021:
I did leave early and all was relatively easy going home but the sidewalks and roads were very slippery so I was glad to be home when I got home, worked only 4.5 hours. 7:30-noon and got home at 1:30 in really good timing.

It was snowing since 9pm last night and may not stop until noon tomorrow ! I wanted to go to work tomorrow but at this point don’t care as my boss said he’d like to work from home and I don’t have a key to open the gate also, just a door key - meaning someone has to be there besides myself and my boss is trying to say he doesn’t want to come in either....so maybe I’ll just stay home and cook tomorrow.

bearcountrygg on 02/01/2021:
I always had to punch a time clock...so figured if I made it there I might as well stay...( unless a bad storm came in during work time ( happened only once).......

Horn_of_plenty on 02/01/2021:
only once ?!

bearcountrygg on 02/01/2021:
Yup...left work because of weather only once......I always figured that if I was there...then I was going to work my regular hours.....1 time I never even got there but everyone else did.....our private road was a complete sheet of ice...and I couldn't control the car at all.....and I knew I would have no control while sliding down the hill and would slide across the street at the bottom of the hill...so i had to maneuver the car around ( was not easy on the ice)..and go back home and call in.....luckily the next day the ice had melted...or got snow covered ( can't remember)....so I think that was the only time I ever called in because of weather......but weather never stopped people from coming into where I worked...so there was no one else to do my job...so I owed it to them to be there if at all possible....

horn_of_plenty on 02/01/2021:
Wow ! Good worker.

horn_of_plenty - Sunday Jan 31, 2021
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 110.0

 24.50 Jan 2021

0.00 Hours in the Sun / Strolling Outside / Indoor Cardio Feb 2021

organize clothing so i can drop off a donation whereever i can find an open bin to donate clothes...next weekend :) or the 3day weekend for President's Day in a few weeks.

Debating my next class for the Advanced Paralegal program..thinking March will be perfect to start studying something new...may take the Bankruptcy just to learn about it, although it's not something i will need to know in the future....but it could be really boring as well, so we'll see...later i'll post up the choices for classes in March, but not yet. then i hope to get some feedbak from our experienced Paralegal here, Donkey.

planning to catch up on all your entries tonight... DONE!
still catching up on doing extra laundry DONE!
as well as cooking a couple veggie dishes - roasted squash, DONE! ratatoille 
workouts upper & LOWER body, taking a cardio break. DONE!
a phone call with this evening my friend. DONE!
reading 1984 by George Orwell :)  in progress to DONE!
and thinking of the next book i read, probably Animal Farm by him as well. :) DONE!

10am breakfast: finished off my golden raisins, must buy more!, 150, oats 150, almond milk 50, also coffee, negl, and kombucha 50.
snacks througout morning: choc filled wafers 150, chocolates 150. 300.
snacking: fruit - persimmon 100 and low sugar gummies 100, half a cider 50
3pm late lunch, will be healthy: chips tortilla 160, potato bread toasted 100, Munster cheese 120, butter 30, bbq sauce. 400. 
chocolate 50 
healthy dinner roasted squash 200, half a large salmon portion 300 some skin kombucha later. 
2000 and healthy 
3am chocolate 50

Progress as of today: 5 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

Donkey on 01/31/2021:
You must have a lot of pairs of pants to go through, LOL!

Horn_of_plenty on 01/31/2021:
HAHA....yes...and the other weekend, when i was hemming some - i had dry cleaned my really dirty pair...so that eliminated one...

...and you are actually right...i have well over 5 pairs...oh, and some of my "dress pants" are just loose, easy to wash pants with an elastic waist..not typical dress pants, sorta in the middle between a relaxed pant and dressy...and those i just wash in the delicate cycle or in a delicates bag in with my regular wash! so yes, i've got some choices ;)

Horn_of_plenty on 01/31/2021:
more pants than you'd think...and that's why i want to clean it up, and get rid of the ones that i shouldn't have in my closet, because it's quite confusing now with so many hanging up...HAHA

Horn_of_plenty on 01/31/2021:
later in late february, i will post a list of my options for the advanced paralegal course i can choose to take next, in March.

bearcountrygg on 01/31/2021:
The pants I'm wearing today are getting washed and going away too....too baggy...I really dislike wearing baggy pants.

horn_of_plenty on 01/31/2021:
Like you, I also prefer my pants to fit correctly !

grannyannie on 02/01/2021:
I don't like baggy either.

horn_of_plenty on 02/01/2021:
Same....makes me feel less feminine

coffee&calories on 02/01/2021:
I admire how much you get done. You're such an inspiration! And you have an amazing grasp on your food intake. You eat so balanced, and never seem to struggle with wanting more, or binging. This is where I am hoping to be one day.

horn_of_plenty on 02/01/2021:
you can be there too, trust me. i was once not able to eat so balanced and did binge.

horn_of_plenty - Saturday Jan 30, 2021
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 110.0

 24.50 Jan 2021

0.00 Hours in the Sun / Strolling Outside / Indoor Cardio Feb 2021

organize clothing so i can drop off a donation whereever i can find an open bin to donate clothes this coming weekend...will go thru ALL dress pants on weekend & give away anything that isn't fitting well / too tight...sometime this weekend, i'll go thru my pants quickly...if not, next weekend :)

8:30am-9am indulgent, tasty breakfast: oats 150, raisins 150, almond milk 50, wafers chocolate filled 150, kombucha 50. 550 :) maybe a coffee, also, negl cals.

11:30 chocolate 150

lunch: something light at home like toast with melted cheese and garlic :) 100, 120 .and veggies in ginger sauce leftovers (now no more cooked veggies are in my fridge, finished all...) 200. 400 approx.


snack chocolates 150 


dinner leftovers or picking something up on way back to parents. I may start some cooking tomorrow, possibly, haven't decided lol but maybe cooking some veggies ...or I'll put them off another week, we'll see. maybe just salad veggies with my dinner.

tofu and veggie soup 200 lots of broth as well; rice 200, lots of veggies in light ginger sauce 200? 600...ended up picking up takeout on my way home bc I felt ravenous and didn't have any cooked veggies left at home - will be cooking some veggie dishes tomorrow since I have lots of meat / fish already at home..

1850.... and some chocolate 150

2000 cal. 

cleaning guinea cage in AM...in prep for the addition of 1 new male baby guinea pig that i'm picking up today from pet store i love near my parents. i'll be able to get a very young guinea pig, my first time with a baby...i will introduce slowly to the other two. the cage is big enough since i use 2 cages already for my two...so no additional space needed to add 1 more pig to soon have 3 total.  I figure i just need one more, not two, as I will need to buy more food just for one more...and i can use the same cage space easily with just 1 more as well. also, they poop so much that one more is a good idea rather than cleanup for two more.

visiting parents before i get the guinea pig and we may go for a short walk, it's cold!

i plan to do my laundry all tonight...when i get back home, or tomororw. i have a TON of laundry this week.

Progress as of today: 5 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 01/31/2021:
How did you dry clean clothes come out in the washing machine?

Horn_of_plenty on 01/31/2021:
so far i did a pair of pants, just one so far bc the others weren't ready in my opinion yet to be cleaned...it may need a light iron, but it's clean...so i'm happy so far! :)

i will try to let you know how the others go...i'm thinking most will not even need an iron, depending on their material. this one was a light kind of material that wrinkles easily, not typical fabric for dress pants...more unique pair. that i wanted washed. i'll try to remember to update you when i do the others. not for at least a week or 2.

horn_of_plenty - Friday Jan 29, 2021
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 110.0

 23.50 Jan 2021

0.00 Hours in the Sun / Strolling Outside / Indoor Cardio Feb 2021

organize clothing so i can drop off a donation whereever i can find an open bin to donate clothes this coming weekend...will go thru ALL dress pants on weekend & give away anything that isn't fitting well / too tight...sometime this weekend, i'll go thru my pants quickly...if not, next weekend :)

make sure to take home dirty fleeces from work to wash for next week bc they smell.

kombucha very minimal

breakfast: wrap 150, cream cheese 100, coffee 50.


snacks: egg 100, nuts 100, granola bar 100. 300. hot chocolate 50.


lunch: healthy leftovers: brown rice, some sauce 200, some healthy chicken 200, veggies in a thai light sauce 150, extra breaded cauliflower 100...650. maybe also a fruit. 50....and a low carb Monster energy drink that i'll prob not finish, as it's 2 cups worth, but is tasty on a Friday when i'd rather be in bed, sleeping.  Big lunch, satisfying lunch....and the ginger thai food was excellent, so, i look forward to having MORE veggies for dinner...and speaking of veggies, i'm very low on veggies for my guinea pigs....to pick up for them possibly tonight...at the cheap veggie stand on the way home, if the stand is even there - because it's so cold!


dinner: TBD, leftovers...BED EARLY. it's too cold to walk today, so i'm looking to get a very short commute in before early dinner and early to bed :)

 Bigger but healthy dinner.

around 2250 cal today.  

Being a foster for guinea pigs fell thru.  Too difficult to plan it - plan picking them up!  I was messaging on fb with someone who appeared both immature, confusing, and difficult to schedule with. I gave up.  I realized that I will have no further communications with that shelter and if i want to adopt pigs, I will look into it.  I'm still wanting 2 more babies, actually...I will look into my options tonight and over the weekend but def not fostering the ones I thought i would.  Basically i had to push her to get back to me. And when she texted me last night she asked if I submitted an application...which earlier in the messages days earlier i specifically told her that i did.  so it wasn't worth the hassle of continuing communications with someone that was slow to respond and not up to date on what i've submitted when i told her previously. too much!

 in 6 months, i wanted to ask for a raise, but considering it's the pandemic, i may just wait it out for a year, bless i am still at this job.

i do realize there's lots of people out of work still and i'm blessed to have a job...so may just "suck it up" and work at this rate for a year...but after that, i'd be rather stupid to not ask for a raise...whcih is why i should prob just do it in 6 months, no?

 my salary is in fact $20,000 less than i made at my last job. And is quite low, similar to a clerk salary and I do feel I am doing more than that at this job.

Progress as of today: 5 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

Donkey on 01/29/2021:
Some of these foster programs are run by folks who have other commitments, or, for whatever reason, may not be well organized. I still think fostering is a better idea than owning 2 more pigs (for reasons you have stated earlier this week). Is there another fostering program you can try? Could you submit your name to a shelter as a candidate for guinea pig fostering, if they get any in? For example, here, our animal control does mostly cats and dogs, but every once in a while, they'll get a bunny or a GP.

But I completely agree that this last one was way too much work to get a response. I'm sorry it didn't work out.

I'm going to have another "BED EARLY" evening tonight too, if I can manage it. I will write more about this in my own entry.

About the raise, let's see where we're at in June. Life could be really good by then, and it may be appropriate to ask for a raise at that time.

horn_of_plenty on 01/29/2021:
good advice all around on all topics you responded for, thank you for it all.

i'm annoyed to have to pay for guinea pigs at a pet store, but, the adoption thing isn't working out well for guinea pigs, for me.

So i'm going to buy them..and soon!

grannyannie on 01/29/2021:
Maybe you can find another source for fostering?

Might be a good idea to wait a bit more than 6 months to ask for a raise.

horn_of_plenty on 01/29/2021:
I think you may be right on waiting more than 6 months...

Unfortunately the guinea pig situation and finding another source for fostering isn't working so i'm going to just buy myself two more, soon. I will just stick my other two in one cage and not two...and hopefully later on they will all get used to one another and be able to roam between cages easily once all the pigs are acclimated to the new environment / each other.

Maria7 on 01/29/2021:
Never hurts to ask. As for the guinea pigs...I, like you, am trying to decide whether to get more animals, too...except, I am thinking about biddies...hens only, got 3 roosters...The hens we have currently are not laying even half as much as they were but it is winter and they are 2 and 1/2 years old...so just thinking about it right now. Hubby not on board, so wouldn't do it without him being on board, too.

Horn_of_plenty on 01/30/2021:
soon it will be Spring, and you'll get more eggs again!

yes, i want another guinea pig to cuddle with!

bearcountrygg on 01/29/2021:
About the only thing worse than tight pants is tight shoes.

horn_of_plenty on 01/29/2021:
Omg yes ! But I must say I usually get the problem of too loose shoes ! I have narrow feet !

You are so right - I would hate to have to wear I’ll fitting shoes ! It is worse than tight pants !

horn_of_plenty - Thursday Jan 28, 2021
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 110.0

22.75 Jan 2021

0.00 Hours in the Sun / Strolling Outside / Indoor Cardio Feb 2021

organize clothing so i can drop off a donation whereever i can find an open bin to donate clothes this coming weekend...will go thru ALL dress pants on weekend & give away anything that isn't fitting well / too tight...sometime this weekend, i'll go thru my pants quickly...if not, next weekend :)

I wore a nice black pair of black dress pants today that i feel is uncomfortable on waist bc it's a hair too tight...will donate these, not wear them again...will place in donation after i wear them, LOL.  i think they were just dry cleaned?  If they are tight at my lowest weight, they will prob always be tight....DONE!

Plan is upper/lower tonight with very minimal cardio so that i have time for both upper/lower full body....on my way to being DONE!

boil eggs tonight. ran out...DONE!

kombucha negl.

breakfast: coffee negl., wrap and cream cheese 200, egg 100.

snacking: almonds 100 / granola bar 150

lunch: healthy leftovers: black coffee also, rice 200 with a little sauce, minimal chicken with the sauce 150, salad with olive oil 150, apple 50 small. 550

dinner: buy thai takeout as well..$9..Thai Chicken & Vegetables in Ginger Sauce (writing it down so i can order it easily at 3:30pm, in less than a couple hours, a half hour before i leave so it's ready by 4pm...from close to where i work bc the price is actually RIGHT...looking foward to seeing the quality to know whether i will order them again after this initial time.  If it's good, i'll prob order AGAIN, on Friday! also ordered veggies in basil sauce soo spicy! had that for dinner 200, since it was lunch hour, i received two large summer rolls (not fried) but mostly filled of noodles/tofu...but good and free. had them both, around 200 cals each is my guess, at least..so 600 cals. so good. then i a persimmon 100, kombucha 50. total here is still OK...750...and i think better than yesterday. glad i had a lot of veggies to choose from...had two candies after lunch today also 50.

my plan is weights, chocolate after / during if i need it.  150

2050-2100 cals today...couple higher cal days lately. but satisfied so we'll see how my cals go as i get more used to this job which i am practically 100% used to now. just a couple new systems to learn and then i will have learned it all. basically, i'm an intermediary that checks forms and makes sure everything is processed and ready to be paid in a timely manner. there's a few other things, but that's the gist of my position.  it is administrative but my background has me able to perform this role probably better than anyone previous to me, seriously, and i think i have demonstrated to the boss that i'm not your basic admin...and that i am smart. i do not think he had this expectation of me leading up to my hiring. he has expressed to me one time so far that he thinks i'm doing a good job, so, i know he's satisfied.

 in 6 months, i wanted to ask for a raise, but considering it's the pandemic, i may just wait it out for a year, bless i am still at this job.

i do realize there's lots of people out of work still and i'm blessed to have a job...so may just "suck it up" and work at this rate for a year...but after that, i'd be rather stupid to not ask for a raise...whcih is why i should prob just do it in 6 months, no?

my salary is 20,000 less than i previously made. it is under 50,000.

Progress as of today: 5 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 01/28/2021:
I'm keeping boiled eggs on hand most of the time now too.......such a good cheap source of protein that fills me up and sticks with me for hours. So handy too.

horn_of_plenty on 01/28/2021:
yes! i like the price, convenience....but it doesn't keep me full for hours...then again, i need to keep working on that...it should work better...maybe it's just my mindset that i'm not full for hours! haha

bearcountrygg on 01/28/2021:
Plus...I always boil the older eggs...they peel so much easier.

horn_of_plenty on 01/28/2021:
GREAT tip. i'm boiling older eggs now...they did peel really well!

grannyannie on 01/28/2021:
Boiled eggs are a perfect protein and also very filling.

horn_of_plenty on 01/28/2021:
YES so much so!

Jacky82020 on 01/28/2021:
Reminds me! Have to set up my cute aqua egg boiler. Does 7 in about 15 minutes.

horn_of_plenty on 01/28/2021:
that's cool! send photos of the acqu.

Jacky82020 on 01/28/2021:
Ok. I did, but it’s so damn cute, I’ll post again. Only annoying part is pricking the egg tops with this big a$$ needle they include. Think it’s getting dull and I should buy more or check to see if I have one around.

Donkey on 01/28/2021:
I agree on the pants. Life is too short to suffer wearing tight pants.

I've found hard boiled eggs to be helpful in keeping me full, but I love my peanut butter lo-carb wraps in the morning. At work, I'd have 2 eggs at around 10:30am, but now that I'm home, I don't require a mid-morning snack. How odd!

horn_of_plenty on 01/28/2021:
are you not requiring a mid morning snack because you are eating breakfast later?

Maria7 on 01/28/2021:
You are right...if they are tight at your lowest weight, then they will probably always be tight. Something I need to consider about some clothes I've been keeping.

horn_of_plenty on 01/28/2021:
yeah, can't wait to get rid of these! wayyyy too tight.

horn_of_plenty on 01/28/2021:
weirdly, they are very tight on my stomach, but still fit on my legs. usually, it's the opposite as usually have tighter legs and looser waist on pants when i wear them!

coffee&calories on 01/28/2021:
That Thai food sounds so good!!!

Horn_of_plenty on 01/28/2021:
i got so lucky! Great food, tasted great! and lunch special prices. will be back to them! the basil sauce is beyond spicy...forgot to tell them to make it mild...but it was all very good!

bearcountrygg on 01/29/2021:
I've never asked for a raise......In the medical office I worked in...we were evaluated every 6 months....and I got raises then ( their choice)....other than that...I had worked on commission ( real estate)...and retail.....where none of us got raises....we were all stuck with the wage we hired in at ( book store and drug store)............so I would not even know how to go about asking for a raise.

horn_of_plenty on 01/29/2021:
I appreciate your comments...in this field, people can go YEARS and YEARS without a raise if they do not ask...

horn_of_plenty - Wednesday Jan 27, 2021
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 110.0

 22.00 Hours in the Sun/Cardio January 2021

organize clothing so i can drop off a donation whereever i can find an open bin to donate clothes this coming weekend...

kombucha neglig.

breakfast: egg 100, cream cheese on small wrap 200, coffee neglig. 

snack: tbd, brought some nuts to work in additional to my granola bars = getting healthier again with smarter choices...nuts and a granola bar. 250, couple candies 50

12:30 lunch: good leftovers..rice 200, chicken 200, peppers with olive oil 100..500, apple 50, coffee. 550

3pm snack: 100 cal almonds thai chili flavor 

Dinner: I have the cauliflower breaded and baked leftovers and with that.i could have a tuna wrap...yes. if i change my mind on the tuna wrap, I'll have toast with melted cheese...craving some cheese...or even a slice of cheese on the tuna sandwich...YES!!!!!       gummies 100, fries 300, nuggets 200...600, kit kats 4 fingers/bars  210...indulgent and tasty. all of it. low sugar gummies were to take the edge off while i reheated the mcdonalds fries and nuggest in the oven. kombucha 40.


bed early, no extra leg exercises tonight. just resting...unless i change my mind since i ate dinner early just after 6:20....

if i wanted, i could do leg strenthening tonight, but i do not want to at all. another rest night is in store, and most prob some cardio along my commute added in, but not overdoing. :)

things have been going well at work.

Progress as of today: 5 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 01/27/2021:
Glad your job is going well. Healthy snacks is a good idea.

I really miss the resistance machines at the gym, especially love the leg press. But I just keep using my ankle weights.

horn_of_plenty on 01/27/2021:
yes, the gym offers a lot of variations and tons of equipment for those variations of exercise!!! :)

bearcountrygg on 01/27/2021:
Good to hear that job is going well.

horn_of_plenty on 01/27/2021:

Donkey on 01/27/2021:
I have 6 bags of clothes to donate, from my daughter.

I do not know if I will do leg weights or treadmill walking. I'm kind of in flux right now.

horn_of_plenty on 01/27/2021:
i'm in a state of flux...ha, no, to sleep tonight!

nice you have all those clothes. they pile up sometimes unexpectedly. I plan to do more donations again in the Spring / Summer after this...too many extra shirts laying around.

coffee&calories on 01/27/2021:
It sounds nice to be in an office working! Dealing with elearning is a drag. So wonderful that you’ve caught on quickly. I noticed the “hours in the sun” what is that? Do you just make sure to spend some time outside? If so I need to do that omg we spend all day indoors no one wants to go outside including me bc it’s soooo cold!

Horn_of_plenty on 01/27/2021:
you guessed right! the "sun" time is any amount of time i spend moving / standing outside (more moving)...any activies / cardio in the sun...and also inside cardio.

i will tally each month to see how much "cardio" i get in...it's both in and outside...

coffee&calories on 01/27/2021:
Very cool! What a great idea! Do you wear a Fitbit or similar? I noticed your weight has dropped..curious how long that took and what calorie level was needed?

horn_of_plenty on 01/28/2021:
no fit bit at all. never got into it. i don't do a lot of cardio and def do under the minimal 3-5mi per day....

it took me around 3-4 months to loose the 3 lbs or so. around 1800-2000 cals per day for that time period. and lots of sleep.

not sure i'll be maintaining the lower calories now since i'm up more hours of the day, less sleep, not sure i'll stick to 1800-2000 cals per day...may be more like always 2000 cals per day average, but we'll see.

it's a new low for me, 110lbs. not since i was around 22, / at times 24, did i weigh it.

horn_of_plenty - Tuesday Jan 26, 2021
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 110.0

20.0 Hours in the Sun/Cardio :)

organize clothing so i can drop off a donation whereever i can find an open bin to donate clothes this coming weekend...

tonight: upper body weights; since snow/rain i will not do any cardio extra on commute.

kombucha 50

breakfast thicker bread end 200, cream cheese 50, egg 100, coffee included..

snacks thru 10am: 100 cal granola bar, some candies 50...HUNGRY / tired lol...but i did get better sleep last night...so i will do my weights tonight :)

Noon healthy but indulgent lunch: salad with some olive oil 100, chinese leftover chicken 150, rice 200, minimal sauce 50? small persimmon 50, gummies 100, black coffee. 600...very indulgent and large volume - now extremely tired and sitting with a black coffee...makes me want to skip my workout tonight...but, i'll just try to get it done, i'm sure i'll feel better later....

5:30pm dinner: will be my cauliflower steak prepared with some sauce 150....., large amount, and with it will be more of the chinese chicken 200 :)....chinese broccoli 150,...500...tortilla chips ..200....700...hungry day...fruit persimmon 50...kombucha 50


if hungry late at night: chocolate again?

lol, i'm missing my guinea pigs...i can't wait to snuggle with them when i get home. they are beyond used to me....and it's the cutest thing EVER how we get along so so so well!



Progress as of today: 5 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 01/26/2021:
We used to have bins for donating clothing, but I prefer to choose my charities to donate to. I love to browse through the charity shops here as you can find some real treasures for very cheap. We have charity shops which benefit the heart assocation, cancer research kids, Oxfam, and Red Cross, and churches.

horn_of_plenty on 01/26/2021:
that is great too!

Donkey on 01/26/2021:
I have options for donating clothes as well, but with COVID, some folks aren't accepting donations at this time. I'm fortunate that I have a spare room where I can keep the bags of clothes to be donated. If I just wanted them o-u-t of the house, then I might just drop off at any bin accepting donations.

I will aim to do upper body weights today/tonight as well!

horn_of_plenty on 01/26/2021:
Yes, i'm in the out of the house club for my clothes right now!! haha

Maria7 on 01/26/2021:
That is a big job organizing clothes. Hope you have a good day.

horn_of_plenty on 01/26/2021:
i did some in Spring...now some more :)

bearcountrygg on 01/26/2021:
I never did know how to count those thicker slices of bread.....usually doubles or 1 1/2 times the cals...

horn_of_plenty on 01/26/2021:
yes, the ones on the ends of the loaf!!! instead of throwing them out, decided just to use them.

legcramps on 01/26/2021:
Yum, bread...LOL. I'm just hungry right now for these things - bread - and it's hard to not salivate at your post haha.

horn_of_plenty on 01/26/2021:
just wayyyy too hungry here in mornings...not used to so many hours in the morning leading up too lunch...early mornings compared to when i wasn't working, LOL

grannyannie on 01/26/2021:
I've gone a couple of weeks with no bread but will pick some up tomorrow. I'd like to have a sandwich at least once a week for lunch, maybe twice. Freezing the rest.

horn_of_plenty on 01/26/2021:
good idea...i haven't ever frozen bread...sounds like a great idea!

as i get even more experienced with my eating, i will work to save more and more food in the freezer...great idea!

coffee&calories on 01/26/2021:
It seems like a lot has happened since I’ve been here! Congrats on the new job. How long have you been there? I totally hear you on the hungry mornings when working. I remember getting up 5:30, eating so early and lunch seemed like a distant dream in the misty future lol And I freeze stuff ALL the time. I buy stuff on clearance like bread and freeze hehe. It stays perfectly fine, then I just toast one slice at a time.

Horn_of_plenty on 01/26/2021:
yes yes...so much changed. it's my 4th week and luckily i picked it up really fast.

yes, that's exactly how i feel on these hungry mornings, exactly like you describe. do you freeze your bread in separate plastics or something? when it's frozen, how do you get pieces off? doesn't it freeze togeher.

Jacky82020 on 01/26/2021:
Yeah, I got to donate too. Remembered a cool black lacy hippie top I bought last year, knowing it was way too small (on sale) & it almost fits now.

Jacky82020 on 01/26/2021:
HOP, I freeze bread, cakes, cookies, pies almost everything you can think of. Even milk and creamers. Cheese too. About the only things I know of that don’t work well are certain fruits

horn_of_plenty on 01/26/2021:
And also veggies right ? And eggs

Jacky82020 on 01/26/2021:
Never tried eggs, but not using the second carton of EggBeaters, so thinking about it. Only veggie I ever had the need to freeze was corn on the cob when purchased in bulk for my parrots. Cooked after defrosting in microwave and it was fine.

Horn_of_plenty on 01/26/2021:
that's good to know at veggies...i need to freeze more!

regular eggs i have frozen after cooking = disaster.

Jacky82020 on 01/26/2021:
Think they partially cook some frozen vegetables. Notice this when I allow them to defrost before cooking. We should try freezing small pieces for the hell of it Wouldn’t be surprised if they would get flabby, but maybe ok when cooked But usually no need. I can eat them quickly enough

horn_of_plenty on 01/27/2021:
Yes I think most veggies before freezing need to be cooked

horn_of_plenty - Monday Jan 25, 2021
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 110.0

 19.5 Hours in the Sun/Cardio :)

organize clothing so i can drop off a donation whereever i can find an open bin to donate clothes this coming weekend...

kombucha 50

breakfast thicker bread end 200, cream cheese 50, egg 100, coffee included..

snacking: some sucking candies and a granola bar as of now..200

healthy lunch: tofu 100, 1small wraps 100, leftover cooked veggies 150, small orange 50. 400 maybe a black coffee. 

dinner the roasted breadcumb & cauliflower leftovers...but what meat???...may just do chinese takeout and save cauliflower for a different day, will order chicken with broccoli for dinner - chinese came with an egg roll fried, so ate the inside cabbage and small pork pieces and just a piece of the tasty fried shell 200, chicken and sauce 200, broccoli with sauce (tried to take some sauce off bc it's heavy chinese sauce but is very tasty and cheap by me - so i may keep ordering this!) 200. 600...dessert  4 kit kat fingers 210. 800 total....kombucha 50....


got some cardio via my commute...rounded it up to an hour bc i was also not sitting at my desk all day and was up running up and down the stairs a bit...to go to the office next door to drop things off.



plan to take it somewhat easy tonight...no exercise, just light cardio.  i went to bed late last night and already want to try to sleep earlier tonight.... :-)

have a nice day all!

Progress as of today: 5 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 01/25/2021:
Have a great day at work and this evening. I have clothes to give away to charity shops (British Red Cross or Oxfam), but they are all closed so it needs to wait.

horn_of_plenty on 01/25/2021:
my closets are still so packed...time to get rid of more just so my shirts aren't wrinkled due to to much clutter in the closet! :) nice of you to donate as well, when you can!

Donkey on 01/25/2021:
I hope you have a good day at work! I don't blame you for taking Monday easy tonight. This could change as you get more and more comfortable with your job. Personally, I don't know how people do it with having an evening packed with stuff to do. I guess they can function well on like 4-5 hours of sleep all the time. Sometimes I think of all that I could accomplish if I didn't need to waste time sleeping (LOL!)...

I noticed you've lost weight. How do you feel about that?

horn_of_plenty on 01/25/2021:
yes, like you, i need sleep and cannot go on 5 hours and not get sick or feel great with less...my dad was a little better than me, much better, on doing work on little sleep. but i really prefer not to do that. it doesn't work out as well for me as my dad...

yes, the weightloss happened both as i was eating less leading up to the job and then in general with a change of schedule and stresses of new job, the weight stayed off...

i feel really, really good at current weight. clothes fit perfectly, really..

though - i'm not sure if i will maintain this weight or if it will eventually go up...not sure...it's a "new low" for me that i was at shortly last fall when i was in hospital...the time i took away from here if you remember...but now as a healthy weight, from regular life situations, i am not sure i can maintain it, though i'm going to see...and would love to ;)

last year when i was this weight, i didn't feel right, but this time i lost the weight gradually, and i feel fine at this lower weight (by a few pounds only!)

Donkey on 01/25/2021:
PS That's so cool about fostering guinea pigs!

horn_of_plenty on 01/25/2021:
i just love that they "aren't mine" and therefore they aren't mine to have to look after for years and years in addition to mine...i kinda like being just a foster for any pigs more than my 2 that i own...my dad would flip, for instance, if i wenton vacation in the future, and he's stuck watching FOUR pigs....another reason i'm liking this short-term foster program. who knows, maybe i'll be fostering even more in the future, like 4 pigs in addition to mine! how cool would that be! HAHA

Donkey on 01/25/2021:
Well, if you "gained" weight but it's all muscle, then that would be great :-) I think your body will let you know where it wants to be. You're very lucky like that.

Horn_of_plenty on 01/25/2021:
i think you are right and i'm a bit lucky...but i used to have terrible binge episodes if you remember? so glad i am majorly past that! i think it helped to take some anxiety medicine...to help me not binge...because i think i was bingeing partially to help/food medicate my anxiety and that i didn't realize it till later that was the case. (but i did figure this out years ago!)

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