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horn_of_plenty - Wednesday Apr 25, 2018
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 113.0

Good Morning!

Home: kombucha 50

Breakfast: banana 120, cookie 80, coffee 50. 

Breakfast 2: wrap 60, avocado 160, sausage 150: 370. and maybe a small kiwi, couple cookies 150

Lunch: again from home - but must take a walk at lunch unlike yesterday! egg/white 100, trying out these protein pretzels 120, veg and nuts 300. 520

Snack: more kiwi 30

1450..not the best but enjoyed the taste of these cookies..soon they are done!

dinner before gym: dunkin donuts egg sandwich 350


After gym: TBD maybe similar to before gym meal!


...no day off Friday but hoping to come in late and work later so i have less of a gap between when work ends and when the show starts that i paid for :) I signed up to see a Broadway show, by myself, on Friday. excited..reason i don't wanna take the day off is bc plans changed, i no longer am getting my car 

Total today is 2100 I can do even better yes....but satisfied!

5 day avg around 2110 also. Good.

Progress as of today: 1 lbs lost so far, only 5 lbs to go!

graindart on 04/25/2018:
Which show are you seeing?

horn_of_plenty on 04/25/2018:
i will find out friday morning!

horn_of_plenty on 04/25/2018:
it may just be a drama, not a musical with music, TBD..

bearcountrygg on 04/25/2018:
Keeping our mood up is important.....You are using that box of cookies up slowly.....That's good.

horn_of_plenty on 04/25/2018:
yes and yes :)

horn_of_plenty - Tuesday Apr 24, 2018
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 113.0

Morning: kombucha

Work: Very sweet banana 120, coffee with extra whole milk bc i used it up since there wasn't much left to be used after me :) 100


Breakfast: wrap 60, avocado 160, turkey type of tasty sausage 150. 370...clementine later if hungry 30


Lunch: from home, matzah 120, 1 egg and white 100, green beans 100, some eggplant mix 150 500 tops...

Snack: TBD maybe a couple of the cookies 150? - had one in morning after breakfast sandwich. and will have one in afternoon with green tea.

Dinner: not sure yet...but want it lighter like 1 california roll sushi and miso soup which adds up to approx 500-550.

2000 :-)  today! SUCCESS.

4day 2120 - good!

I stuck entirely to the plan above today for food...and it feels GREAT!

I hope to see more of hammy Teddy Lady tonight :) So far, she's GREAT at hiding!


So i'm doing this work, very slow process, and got hungry all morning and now i realize right now that i'm not hungry but totally wanted food as a delay tactic....so glad i'm not reaching it....and waiting till noon to walk and then eat. i'll be working on sticking to my gut these months...and not reaching for something as often at work throughout the morning i'm going to try to have less snacks...like 2 but not more than that in a 5hr period from 7am-12pm.


I have a union meeting tonight at 6pm...i think i'll come home to eat before it? or maybe just eat out before it? beause i want to again go to sleep early after this meeting so i'll be ready for a good gym session tomorrow night...once again, i'm planning for a LONG walk home tonight, 1.5 mi. I'm really trying to get my walking up during the week...I don't think i'm ready to jog during the week yet or want to yet as the walk is 1.5 mi which is simiar to me trying to do my 2mi walk/jog...i'd rather keep walking after work until May, unless i have a day off (FRIDAY afternoon i will plan a jog bc i am off from work - unless it rains!) then, i'll actuallly go to the gym and use the treadmill / bike / stairs, i've decided maybe i can do like 10 min on each one :)


I got GREAT sleep & actually woke up & GOT OUT OF BED from my alarm. I changed the music from a light Jazz station (which was playing for perhaps a month) back to pop last night bc the signal was coming out fuzzy not for any other reason...but...the pop is better for waking up, I realized! NO MORE LIGHT JAZZ in morning to wake up to!





Progress as of today: 1 lbs lost so far, only 5 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 04/24/2018:
YES...it is really working for me...delaying eating until a planned time is quite empowering!!!! You Go Girl!!!

horn_of_plenty on 04/24/2018:
really hard at this desk job...would be awesome though to overcome this.

bearcountrygg on 04/24/2018:
It just occurred to me that the little gal may be more active at night and sleep during the day....that just may be the way she is....

horn_of_plenty on 04/24/2018:
oh, this is the life of a hamster..they are more nocturnal :) last night i fixed the wheel and it was totally silent.

graindart on 04/24/2018:
Had miso soup myself yesterday. Good job on sticking to your meal plan.

horn_of_plenty on 04/25/2018:
Sticking to my plan is for me one of the hardest things to do :)

horn_of_plenty on 04/25/2018:
and when i do...it's a great feeling before you go to bed and when i get up the next day...and i cannot wait to continue with weightloss now.

Donkey on 04/24/2018:
You mentioned "hunger" as a delay tactic. I had a similar experience today -- not exactly a delay tactic, but a coping mechanism gone awry just the same. I'll comment more about it in my own diary. But just wanted to let you know you aren't alone!

horn_of_plenty on 04/25/2018:
this has been a huge and horrible habit of mine since my senior year of high school i remember it starting. just horrible a decision to turn to food instead of just getting to the task...

however, now that i've realized it the past couple of days and wrote it here / admitted it to myself, i notice lately in the afternoon a lack of hunger when i used to be...i think i'm starting to notice a few differences of real hunger vs not...still learning myself.

horn_of_plenty - Monday Apr 23, 2018
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 113.0

7am crappy Breakfast (forgot my banana): 2 girl scout cookies 150, peanuts 100, kombucha 50, coffee 50: 350. 

9am Snack: turkey burger 150, wrap 60, avocado 160: 400., piece of clementine, more fruit :)

Lunch: from home: matzah 120, eggplant mix big serving 250, my fried tofu 150-200. 550-600, good...and planning to step out for a 10 min walk or so before i eat.

Snack: blackberries 100


Long walk today from bus is my exercise - over 1.5 miles :)

Dinner: tons of healthy food at home, bed early.

Indulged for dinner 850 - fine ! 2350.

2150 3day.


of course, my face is a bit broken out from what i've been eating...makes sense :) so i'll be working on improving it this week!


Hamster, a tan short haired female named Teddy, is hiding a lot in its tubes, but i see it also running on wheel, eating and drinking. So, we're off to a great start with my Teddy Lady. This one can run FAST - as in WAYYYY too fast to catch...i cannot right now take her out to play...and when putting her in a ball prob on weekend, i'll have to do it over the cage or she WILL run and i will not be able to catch her. She's only around 2in big right now, very tiny, and cute.

2050 weekend avg, very good.

I texted Ricky although i said i wouldn't...he seems fine...like usual, he overreacted with me telling me never to text him...he said he could get together to talk over things so i'm not confused, but i'm not eager to see him today or this week, really...i should make him wait.

Progress as of today: 1 lbs lost so far, only 5 lbs to go!

graindart on 04/23/2018:
You're allergic to girl scout cookies. Me too. You get a pimple or two on your face, but my whole body just swells up. I'm sure it's not that I put on fat from eating several boxes in a row, it's got to be that I'm allergic.......

Horn_of_plenty on 04/24/2018:
Seriously, Girl Scouts are NOT concerned with the health factor of those cookies! Killers!

bearcountrygg on 04/23/2018:
Teddy sounds like fun......she will be a stitch to watch......2 inches is tiny....she is just a baby....a hyperactive baby....LOL

Horn_of_plenty on 04/24/2018:
Ok, this hamster is sooo fast that i can hear her drinking from her water bottle, i'll get up to see her, and she'll already have run away and is back in hiding before i ever noticed !

She's FAST!

Horn_of_plenty on 04/24/2018:
good thing is she's a VERY DEEP SLEEPER!

horn_of_plenty on 04/24/2018:
i'm thinking it's good she sleeps deep as a sign of good health...lol...it's really not that big a deal :)

Donkey on 04/23/2018:
She must be a young one, at 2 inches long. Yes, they can be so very quick, but once she gets settled, she'll adapt a little.

A good day - in spite of the bump in the road with breakfast. Well done!

Horn_of_plenty on 04/24/2018:
I have seen her twice so far, while she's in the wheel...she just stands there, so still, scared stiff by me! I hope she's not a dwarf hamster, i don't think so. They are just little in general.

Yeah, she's just a little baby thing. very small and cute.

horn_of_plenty - Sunday Apr 22, 2018
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 113.0

Breakfast strawberries 50, whole grain cream of wheat 150, chocolate stevia, cocoa 50, almond milk 30, Extra powder stevia, butter 70, kombucha 80. Approx 450

Going to Unveiling of grandmas stone at cemetery only 5min away and a brunch after with family at diner just the immediate family for all of this - 5 of us total for all. I am thinking to buy a new hamster after And gym after that.

Brunch around 11:30-noon: big english muffin with butter 250, half a huge turkey burger 150, cooked mushrooms a lot with ketchup 100, piece of lox 100 at most, tastes of other people's food 50, some cole slaw 50, pickle, coffee 50.750, 800 tops.


snack: ice cream and peanut butter (not the best snack and too much ice cream). 450.

1700, fine.

after gym: will try to make it light...no need to eat more than 2050 today, really.!!!

if i had a lighter snack it would be better. the ice cream was 330 calories, but a whole pint. not really necessary. it's breyers, they sell low calorie pints.

2100 i think.

Progress as of today: 1 lbs lost so far, only 5 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 04/22/2018:
Awww...Have a nice day with your family....and YES to a new Hammy!!!

Horn_of_plenty on 04/22/2018:
got her :) Her name is Teddy. She's a short haired hamster. and light brown like my old one! i really like the light brown / tan colored ones.

graindart on 04/22/2018:
Loved having hamsters when I was a kid, but never liked cleaning the cages. And because of that, sometimes they began to stink pretty bad.

It's funny how reading something gets your mind thinking. Now I'm seriously considering looking into buying a hamster and cage system for my girls.

Horn_of_plenty on 04/22/2018:
I did buy a new hamster today :) I already had the cage and everything from the previous one that probably died a month ago or so :) they really do not require dr appts. no nail or hair grooming at all...you are supposed to play with them a little bit and let them run around in their ball most days for extra exercise outside the cage. and any treats besides their daily food is optional. so it's really great that the daily needs and $$ is limited. i clean the cage around a week to every two weeks at MOST, usually 10 days is the most.

Hamsters have got to be one of the EASIEST pets...and cheaper pets compared to most...the bedding has a tendency to get around on the floor a little bit, but otherwise not a big deal really.

it'll be nice for your girls to take care of some of it - my dad used to clean the cage for us, but i wish he made us help him a little bit.

i got a hamster bc i enjoy have something living in my apt with me! and it's cute to hold when on the couch, however, this one jumps out of my hand really fast...i probably will not get into holding it for another week...i'll let it get used to its cage first.

i clean the cage with vinegar and water mix which is very natural and cost effective. instead of paper towels, i mostly clean with washable clothes. and use very little actual paper towels since i used to waste a lot of paper towels in the past :)

if cleaned weekly or every 10 days, the cage will not smell :)

you may know most of what i wrote :)

horn_of_plenty on 04/23/2018:
oh, my sister and I were around 7 and 10 i think when we got ours. maybe slightly older..

bearcountrygg on 04/22/2018:
Our kids loved theirs...he got out once for a couple of days...but they found him again thankfully...he apparently never left the upstairs.

Horn_of_plenty on 04/22/2018:
praying i don't lose this one like that...she is extremely fast and jumped straight out of my hand and fell to the floor at the pet store....i'll leave her alone for a few days until she gets used to her cage..

Donkey on 04/22/2018:
I hope that you have an enjoyable family outing, as you remember and honor your grandma. It's rather nice that this is being treated with some ceremony and celebration of her life. I know you loved her very much.

A new hamster - WOW!

Horn_of_plenty on 04/22/2018:
yes, you got it all right :)

and while we were there, my grandmother's mother and father (dad's grandparents) were also buried in the same cemetery so we walked to visit their stones as well...i'm glad we could support my dad and do it as a family.

yup, a new hamster. this one is fast...leaving it alone for now bc it was extremely scared once i got it out of the box and into it's cage....they say to let them be for a week or so, so this is what i'm doing for now. I'm not even sure where it's hiding...bc i cannot even see it at the moment.!!

Maria7 on 04/22/2018:
Hope you have a good day, HOP.

Horn_of_plenty on 04/22/2018:
i am for sure...just gotta get to the gym before it gets too late.

bearcountrygg on 04/22/2018:
I'm glad you got Teddy.....she is just scared right now...but she may have a different personality that GB...........she should settle down.

horn_of_plenty on 04/23/2018:
awww, thank you for the thoughts <3 so sweet !

horn_of_plenty - Saturday Apr 21, 2018
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 113.0

Today's plan is 2050.

9pm 250. Late night fruit and whipped cream sf

7:30am 330 whipped cream and protein muffin 250 blueberries pint

9:30am Almonds 180

12:30 plum, whipped cream, peanut butter 250


1350 before 2mi jog walk in warm sun at a track at another much nicer college - this one if private and the other is public and there's a huge difference aesthetically with a better maintained running track! Picking up some veggies and going jogging after !

After jog was a huge meal of mostly veggies but huge serving.

Cabbage cold salad 50 Cooked green beans 100 Cauliflower risotto with cheese 250 Eggplant dish 100 500

1850. And later in evening I broiled sausages.

2000- very good - perhaps tomorrow I'll try for even lower calories - really I wish to not have to lower them - hopefully extra cardio will start to show!!

Relaxing tonight instead of the gym.

Progress as of today: 1 lbs lost so far, only 5 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 04/21/2018:
You can do it!!!!

Donkey on 04/21/2018:
Hope you have a good jog today! :-) Food choices look pretty good. Question: Is that actual whipped cream or is it that Cool-Whip stuff? (HUGE taste difference in my opinion... so just wondering)

horn_of_plenty on 04/21/2018:
It is sugar free cool whip as lately I am craving it - it'll lesson up :)

happy-1 on 04/21/2018:
Mmmm whipped cream

happy-1 on 04/21/2018:
Maybe switch to whipped coconut cream with stevia and areowroot for the fat burn and brain function support?

horn_of_plenty on 04/22/2018:
Good ideas - I could try to make my own :)

horn_of_plenty on 04/22/2018:
Good ideas - I could try to make my own :)

horn_of_plenty - Friday Apr 20, 2018
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 113.0

250 sat

Happy Friday!

Home: kombucha 50

7:30 Work: banana 120, cookie 80, coffee 50 

300..these girl scout cookies are simply amazing...the have crunch and two layers of cream in the middle...science has proven that the best treats are crunchy and soft in the middle..now i see why.

9:30 Breakfast: wrap 60, avocado 160, egg 80: 300..healthy..perhaps one two more cookie. 150..450

late 1pm Lunch: protein and veggies: nice salad 150-200, 3 halves of rice paper filled with veggies, avocado, protein 500? not more than 700 total. and 1 cookie. 800

1550, indulgent but decided the week would still be perfect with 2050 cal today...!

Walking 1.5mi home today from bus :) to jog tomorrow at noon.

Dinner: leftover fried tofu 150, wrap 60,peppers 100, mayce 1/2 pint of light ice

dinner was peppers (a ton!) 100, wrap 60 with mustard and salami 110, ice cream 170, and whipped cream 130: 570.


7day: 2070 which is good!

stick-to-it attitude can bring me back...and help me lose 5lbs!..still sticking with it, but a 2050 type of day.

now that ricky is giving me hell and told me not to ever call him lol...it doesn't bother me but i miss having this close friend to hang out with (he was annoyed i didn't want to be a girlfriend / didn't do certain things he wanted....not important right now...)


anyways, now that i'm fully single, on weekends i plan to pay closer attention to what i'm eating and stay on track...i want to actually have a little bit of a deficit both tomorrow and sunday as well as next weekend of which i'm taking a 3 day weekend at the end of next week...Friday off to get some things done. last time i did this was just a month ago and it feels REALLY GOOD to have another day off just a month later..so i plan to stick to this, it seems to work right now. gives me an opportunity to make sure i try to also fit in exercise around the times i take off...moving forward...

so for tomorrow & sunday, for calories i have a goal of 1800 per day...let's see how i hold up....! slowly but surely i am getting back on track.

Progress as of today: 1 lbs lost so far, only 5 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 04/20/2018:
No girl scouts to buy from this year......that may be a first.

horn_of_plenty on 04/20/2018:
they have gotten better at producing cookies you'll crave!

bearcountrygg on 04/20/2018:
oh oh...that's not good!

horn_of_plenty on 04/20/2018:
yes, very hard to stop at one, especially when it says that 2 are a serving size lol.

Donkey on 04/20/2018:
I stay away from Girl Scout cookies - oh way too easy to eat too many.

horn_of_plenty on 04/20/2018:
yes, they are def designed that way purposely!

graindart on 04/20/2018:
Used to eat a box of Thin Mints in a couple hours. The box of Samoas might've lasted a couple days. I think cookies are the one food I have almost no portion control over. I either eat none or the entire container, there is no middle ground for me.

Horn_of_plenty on 04/20/2018:
yeah,they are NO GOOD!

Donkey on 04/20/2018:
I'm sorry to hear about Ricky... I know you said that you're not worried about it, so I won't either. Well, sometimes these rocky relationships give us just the PUSH we need.

bearcountrygg on 04/21/2018:
Sorry that you and Ricky are on the outs...but if it isn't working than it isn't working...life goes on and new opportunities come up. At any rate...it gives you precious time to concentrate on yourself.

happy-1 on 04/21/2018:
Aaaaaaaaaaw.... I feel you. Wish I hadn't gone there with my ex.

horn_of_plenty - Thursday Apr 19, 2018
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 113.0

kombucha 30

banana and coffee 170

8:30am/9am Wrap 60, avocado 160, egg 80 300, 2 smores girl scout cookies 150...strong craving for sugar...maybe this is just OK! not trying to do any heavy dieting here...trying to be moderate..

LUNCH: salad greens/meat/small amount grains/starch - moderation :) need to work on moderation. something called a poke bowl..very good. sushi grade tuna in it..400 and an apple 100.

i need to keep lunch at lower cals again..so it doesn't ruin calories for the rest of the day...

I would prefer not to diet under 2000 per day...i am hoping that by adding in jogging / walking 2x per week, the weight will come off. I am soooo not ready or wanting a full fledged diet...or a big change. Like Graindart, i have a month goal too - to see where i'm at in one month, see if by adding 2x a week of cardio that i start to lose weight...i'll know easily in the morning...see if the scale overall changes a bit from the 112-114 range to 110-112 range!


afternoon Snack: coffee and 1 cookie! 100

1250 :)

i need to work on the next portion of the day - what happens after work needs work:

snack 2: granola bar type thing 200 ?

Dinner: Dunkin donuts egg and cheese on an english muffin with ketchup or light ice cream :)

1850, tops, excellent..if i stick to eating less, i can do it!...

6day: 2060 - excellent..



I do attribute part of my weight gain this year to changes in my job, schedule, sleep and activity. I'm now getting up over close to 1.5-2hrs earlier than i used to a few months ago.  I am changing my eating plan to work with my new schedule by trying to wait to have my breakfast sandwich till 9am at work, not around 7am when i first get in.  When i first get in, i'll stick with a nice sized cup of coffee with milk and a banana or other simple carb.  This way, it's like a full breakfast but broken into two separate meals and times to eat which should curb my hunger and also allow me to eat often still...when i eat everything all together, i'm still hungry 2 hours later, so, i might as well eat a little bit and then eat the other stuff at 9am...rather than eat it all and then eat MORE and other things at 9...it's simply turned into wayyy too much eating and calories.  and it's tiring me out and slowing me down. i need to make these changes.

as well, for lunch, i am going to go back to veggies and protein, and allow myself a carb snack in the afternoon - for now. like an apple, etc..trying for fruit approach would be best.

Now, for gym and exercise, i'll put my clothes in my car for all weekdays and NOT have to stop back home anymore...i'm going to make this change and it will solve many issues...going up to my apt before exercise isn't working out well at all..and hasn't since end of December when i started doing it bc i now take public transportation so i have to get my car no matter what - but it doesn't mean i have to stop home for full blown meal!

Before the gym or exercise, i'll probably opt for a sweet snack like cookies/bars, etc. carbs.


Progress as of today: 1 lbs lost so far, only 5 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 04/19/2018:
Good idea...clothes in the car help stop you from changing your mind ..Probably not a good idea to eat too much before exercising anyway is it?

horn_of_plenty on 04/19/2018:
no...it's not a good idea to eat a big volume meal.

horn_of_plenty on 04/19/2018:
i need to eat something to have the energy to workout....but also want to have something after and it's always a mess with calories because i have already eaten a lot before the end of the day...trying to just lower calories during the 1st half the day so i can eat more in the second half the day, i guess!

graindart on 04/19/2018:
Ok, got off my butt and did my exercises today. Changed stuff up and am going for less reps on each exercise, but with less assistance on the bodyweight stuff. (my goal isn't endurance, but rather muscle size / strength)

I had some open time around noon today and got the exercises completed. I can feel that I pushed it more from the beginning of good soreness that I can feel in the muscles.

Like you suggested, I think doing the exercises before my one meal a day was the smart move. I may have been down a little on energy, but I wasn't feeling full and sluggish like after I've just consumed 1800+ calories at once. Ideally in the future, I think I'd like to do the exercises right before dinner (today that wasn't an option).

Feeling good now that the first day of the new exercise regimen is out of the way.

horn_of_plenty on 04/20/2018:
very good job at sticking to the exercise plan and doing it even at a time that wasn't the most convenient :)

sticking to it is what the pros do best.

Maria7 on 04/19/2018:
Glad you have had a good day, HOP. Calories look good, too. Like you, I am finding it difficult to try to lower my calories and don't know if it would be for the best right now. I just have to try to be careful to not go overboard, ha!

horn_of_plenty on 04/20/2018:
Yes, it's harder to dial it back a notch!

Have a good day, Maria :)

horn_of_plenty - Wednesday Apr 18, 2018
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 113.0

kombucha 30

Breakfast: coffee 50, wrap 60 with avocado 160 and salami 100, banana 120: 

Snack: part of a scone, from coworker 150 small piece. and some clementine.

Lunch: chinese sidewalk noodles large serving 500, small amount calamari 100, roasted cauliflower 150, salad 50-100, coffee 50: 900

Snack/ dinner TBD - i think the rest of the whipped cream 120, strawberries 50, tofu 150, avocado 150, wrap 60: 500, good...eating a lot of fat has been good, but really, i'm gaining weight...i know i need to dial it down...but it's been really enjoyable lately eating most anything and everything i want!...and some ice cream: 170. total: 700.

2300 today.

2150 5day...

i'm in a rut and only i can get myself out of it! :)


Plan is to do a little jogging tonight when i get home, right around my community (not at a park or anywhere but locally right outside my apt..). at the college track -  i will drive there. - and only do ONE MILE...walk half and jog half.

not in exercise mood.


Progress as of today: 4 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 04/18/2018:
The right fats are needed by the body...our brains need fat and carbs.....joints need the right fats...A friends father who was a doctor...told me that we should eat everything in moderation...because the body has uses and needs for all of it...and limiting ourselves to just a few foods...is starving the body of necessary nutrients. The hospital had a wonderful salad bar....and I noticed that the doctors and nurses were mainly eating from that. There was a BIG bowl of guacamole...that was delicious....but the sections that were running out were beets,and beans...they were very popular....I made up a snmall really nice salad and had a turkey bacon wrap...and it kept me going all day....there are so many things in each of those....

horn_of_plenty on 04/19/2018:
yeah, i agree 100%.

i have now to go back to work on my portion control.

i have NO desire to skip carbs or have any real restriction - but i'm going back to mostly veggies at lunch with just a little meat and grains...and watching the size of all portions once again...and trying to not eat a big breakfast right away when i get to work anymore:

first a banana and coffee...and i plan to try to wait until 9am for my wrap with egg/avocado...trying to space out my meals...not eat the whole meal at once because i'm up so early...i realize i'm getting hungry more often...and if i can space everything out, i can continue to eat often, but i have to break up my meals more...so i'm not just eating tons all day.

Donkey on 04/18/2018:
I'm sorry the jog did not materialize, but if you ain't in the mood, probably better to skip it. I give you a thumbs up.

horn_of_plenty on 04/19/2018:
yeah, i have time still to work it out...and figure out what i'm doing wrong and fix it. i have contemplated some things, and i'm in the mood to make changes again. no need to be specific here in my response...but i do have to work on portion control again.

horn_of_plenty on 04/19/2018:
basically it has to do with portion control and making one meal into two:

watching the size of all portions once again...and trying to not eat a big breakfast right away when i get to work anymore:

first a banana and coffee...and i plan to try to wait until 9am for my wrap with egg/avocado...trying to space out my meals...not eat the whole meal at once because i'm up so early...i realize i'm getting hungry more often...and if i can space everything out, i can continue to eat often, but i have to break up my meals more...so i'm not just eating tons all day.

horn_of_plenty on 04/19/2018:
i am going back to trying to not just indulge in at every whim...but to have better planning and stick to it attitude. i was beginning to just eat too much and too often (like even every hour at times at work..) so i need to dial it back, and re-do some of my meal planning.

graindart on 04/19/2018:
I'm definitely not in exercise mode myself. After taking the past week and a half off, tonight is my scheduled time to start it up again. Definitely not looking forward to it, but I need to get off my butt before my prior gains fade away. Since I'm trying the one meal a day, I don't know whether to do the exercise plan before or after dinner. Before, I'm lower on energy. After, I'm feeling full and just want to relax.

horn_of_plenty on 04/19/2018:
i think most people do it before and then eat after...

i hate when i get like this...but i haven't been on track jogging since the fall and i didn't walk so much in my commute then...i'm still navigating all the changes that have occurred in my life since the fall..

also, this is the reason i cannot fast...i get too low energy and unmotivated completely...i don't mean to derail you, but i just know it won't work for me...

however, i DO know that i need to be more moderate with my meals...and to not have to fill myself up to the brim if i'm a little hungry...i'm going back to portion control and making one meal into 2...seeing how it works for me that way - especially breakfast at work the plan is only a banana and coffee..and to wait some time before eating the rest..holding off is always something that worked for me - grazing....but it requires lower cal meals, somehow.

graindart on 04/19/2018:
I doubt that eating one meal per day will turn into a way of life for me. I definitely prefer eating something every couple of hours. Of course if I end up seeing positive results at the end of this 4 week trial period, I might have to consider continuing with it.

If I was already effectively at goal weight like you, I highly doubt I'd be trying the intermittent fasting at all.

I'm leaning towards doing my exercising before dinner tonight, maybe this afternoon since I've got some spare time open.

horn_of_plenty - Tuesday Apr 17, 2018
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 114.0

Home / Breakfast: banana 120, whole grain cream of wheat 150, peanut butter 100, some milk 50. coffee 50.  470, satisfying.

Snack: small piece of a "healthy" ..healthiest i've ever had of cake! it was basically lots of nuts and raisins!!!! so tasty. 200-250 at most. great change of pace...later half a container of blackberries. 50.


Lunch: TBD right now..STILL craving fats and carbs...going with it. i know i need protein, so i'll get some, but still craving other things.

Good size piece for f baked salmon 450?, roasted cauliflower 150? Salad 50, garlic bread 200, 850. 1600, healthy and def not hungry.. Whipped cream sf and jello 250 1850... going up to 2250 today probably ..

Dinner before workout: TBD -

Not sure - chocolate I think and a drink

Snack: TBD   

bar? 250



I have more energy today than i have in awhile despite some interrupted sleep.. Tonight the gym is planned for my evening..looking very forward!

Tomorrow I do plan to go to the track in the evening and jog - pretty much one of the first times i'll go during the work week trying it out to start up again the during the week running training.  I just have to make sure not to stress over it..

Progress as of today: 3 lbs lost so far, only 4 lbs to go!

Donkey on 04/17/2018:
I hope you had a nice gym workout :-) Ooo, I hope you get the chance to jog tomorrow. We're getting snow, but we're about a day ahead of you weather-wise. GOALS!

horn_of_plenty on 04/18/2018:
I did have a good gym workout Jdonk...that you, lady!

Lately your weather is very different from mine!!

bearcountrygg on 04/19/2018:
Salmon sounds good...and excellent source of good fats.

horn_of_plenty - Monday Apr 16, 2018
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 114.0

breakfast: wrap 60, avocado 160, salami 100, coffee 50: 370

8:30 and 10am Snacks: protein bar 210 Banana 140..330

Lunch: choosing something more high fat...roasted potatoes medium serving 350? and a nice, fatty Italian sausage 300, not too much else...just little nuts / etc. 650-700. and a coffee 50.  i am satisfied after this lunch compared to a lot of veggies.

Chocolate 100 1550... Dinner: I fried some tofu for the 1st time in sesame oil 350 tops and jello and whipped cream 150. 2050 today - excellent and more satisfying with all the fat :)

Afternoon Snacking: i brought blackberries to work to share with coworker

Dinner: i will fry my tofu up at home, all of it so it doesn't spoil, and eat some with curry veggies (i ordered curry jackfruit a few packages online) is my plan...

2060 3 day


return movie to a redbox after work -mwalking to one located in NYC and then taking the subway home from near that redbox - YES.

Tonight i'm going to hard boil some eggs for the week...


I got up sorta late from bed i don't think i even woke up at first from my alarm but i did the best i could, really! was on time to the bus thankfully, not having any time even to drink kombucha and i'm glad i packed my breakfast the night before.


Progress as of today: 3 lbs lost so far, only 4 lbs to go!

Maria7 on 04/16/2018:
Boiled eggs are always a good choice. Hope you have a wonderful day.

horn_of_plenty on 04/16/2018:
yes, very convenient to have whenever i want without having to wait on them once they are already made :)

bearcountrygg on 04/16/2018:
We do about a dozen at a time...they keep for a week boiled...and they are so versatile.

horn_of_plenty on 04/16/2018:
Yes, agreed! i love them in wraps and sandwiches.

happy-1 on 04/16/2018:
What movie?

horn_of_plenty on 04/17/2018:
It was called Moonlight. won many awards. Independent film i think...good movie...a gay film of a boy growing up in Miami slums, raised partially by a drug dealer. gives insight into how it was to grow up there...the lives of the people there in neighborhood called Liberty City. Sad movie. very well acted. teaches a few lessons.

Donkey on 04/16/2018:
Eggs are one of those things that I have to have in my refrigerator or I start to panic. Something comforting in knowing there's a carton of eggs in the frig. They are in so many recipes and very versatile to eat on their own - I think that's a big part of it. WTG!

horn_of_plenty on 04/17/2018:
yes, they are good...i also like to have eggs in my fridge. they are so easy to make, healthy, good nutrition, good source of protein...yep. a perfect and fresh food that stays good for a long time...why can't everything be easy to cook as eggs? haha.

graindart on 04/17/2018:
Have gone through different times where I love eating eggs and others where I'm just not a fan. Lately I've been enjoying eggs again. Love hard boiled with freshly ground salt/pepper. Also love deviled eggs. Haven't had deviled eggs for awhile due to potential calorie count, but they will fit in nicely with my new LCHF plan for the next few weeks.

horn_of_plenty on 04/18/2018:
i hope you enjoyed the deviled eggs.

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