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horn_of_plenty - Friday Aug 26, 2016
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 115.0

Had a very new & def a new fave drink: sparkling vinegar drink. only 25 cals. and i add a tiny bit extra stevia to sweeten & OMG. this stuff is great. also, like the kombucha, it's good for elimination. I drink it in AM and usually add some seltzer with stevia also.

8:30am at work: wrap with lox and extra cream cheese, coffee, 350 total

around 400 at most. thinking to just be hungry this AM and not have a snack bar. to just relax it out. i don't have much work AT ALL. I don't have any bosses giving me work. I'll talk about this later.

lunch: healthy stuff...good on all levels, some chips 450 approx. excellent! (some leftover sauteed pumpkin mixed with cauliflower "rice", some cold cuts low sodium turkey, some lightly processed chips - not a bad brand & I do LOVE myself some chips regularly..)

gonna have a good low cal day...and i can tell i've lost a few ounces this week FOR SURE. clothes are fitting really well. digestion this week has been very good too.

blech - ending up indulging on crap 1900 cals at most, still good. did go for around an hour walk.

weekly average = 1750/day


It's very nerve-wracking, stressful & upsetting. But I need to fully ignore these feelings & concentrate on my cop NYPD goal.  If i can work at it faster, I may try for January '17 but i can only think it's too early...but i am going to push it in my mind anyways....

I will see how I feel end of October and determine if January '17 really is too soon or if I can go for it.

I am working on my legs atthe gym MORE and MORE.

I feel a slight improvement already.

I can do slightly more weights with legs.

But still i'm a beginner & not into running...at all - until i feel no pain - which will be late fall or wintertime.

I'm trying to remain relaxed about it all.

But with my boss leaving (my only boss the whole time i was here) and not having work because everything is VERY wacky at my company (up in the air // change of positions // people leaving // new boss hiring....) things are just not relaxing.  However, I realize i'm NOT the only one acting around here. That i'm really NOT the only one with little work. So....

.....so....I need to remain positive...watch my health....and leave here as soon as I'm ready.

So i will either leave in January (would be nice) or July  (sounds better in terms of watching out for my health & physical safety).

Anyways, i'll keep thinking and rolling the dice in my head as to my next move and what is seriously right for my future.

I'm glad i'm here right now making enough money to pay my bills AND save for the future.

Despite how bad it all sounds...it's nothing compared to being homeless / on welfare / or having other major problems.

I have minor problems & cannot worry. I will make it happen & make my NYPD dream come true.

Please just support me everyone here - it means a lot - or give advice if you think i could benefit.

The NYPD will be far better for my future & savings. Although I AM saving some $$$ right now, it's sorta minimal and i'm not left with extra money each month (at least when i'm buying jeans or alterring dresses or other things...anytime i spend more than what I need - when i'm buying some new clothes / ALL MY CRAZY FOOD INDULGENCES / anything new for my apt - i am spending money which i find hard to pay back all at once to my credit card). 

Once again, everything AT THIS MOMENT is fine. I'm satisfied at this very moment. 

The NYPD will be good for my future. My future money situation - in terms of savings and retirement. I'll make an average of exactly the $ I am lucky to be making right now ($53/yr) for the first 5 yrs through the academy - it'll average around mid 50's. 

But after that, I'll be making above $90k which is going to be very helpful for me as i get older & need to care for myself MORE. ex - New clothes, renovations to my apt, new car when this one dies. This is all 5 yrs down the line - I will be approx 40yrs old when the $90,000 per year salary kicks in. It will be very helpful. And this is also assuming that my rent stays stabilized at the $1,000/month only which is considered dirt cheap for New York City / Queens living.

If anything goes down with the electrical union / economy and things change with the rent, I could lose it all...but that shouldn't happen.  I have a special deal on my rent (it's not low income or subsidized but it is a special rate per the electrical industry housing).  It's a special thing in the city Queens - that no other industry has done - provided housing. now it's open to non-electrical / union workers too. 


I am just worried about maintaining my job, sanity, positivity & getting my legs strong for NYPD these next 10 months (although earlier does sound best...) but all because i want something earlier doesn't mean it is the best option for my health!!!!!!!!! i have always pushed things so i may have to choose patience this time.....

Progress as of today: 4 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

puddles on 08/26/2016:
Girl you worry too much. Did you know that 95% of the things we worry about never happens - true statistics. There are two days you can never do anything about and those days are yesterday because they have gone and past and the other is tomorrow because we have no control over the world. You are going to drive yourself crazy doing all the what ifs and the coulds, shoulds, woulds of the world. Be present in this day and let the other days take care of themselves and you will find some kind of peace around you.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/26/2016:
Thank you Fran. I have noticed this today also - and have been advised by ONE other person than you of the same thing - to take each day as it comes, stick to my NYPD goal of summer '17, and let everything else fall in place without worrying as much.

Your advice is well taken and acknowledged. Thank you so much for pointing out what is true.

Diamond50 on 08/26/2016:
Great advice Fran! I echo what she says too! I know it's hard some times as I am a worrier as well, but what Fran said is so true. Worry is just as bad for our health as eating bad food, no exercise and not taking care of our physical bodies. Hang in there HP.

Horn_of_plenty on 08/28/2016:
Thank you Diamond. my goals will have to include thinking more logically and not getting so down on things this year :)

horn_of_plenty - Thursday Aug 25, 2016
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 115.0

1725 6-day average = EXCELLENT.

Still feeling really low energy. I know the reason why - just overwhelmed mentally.  I need to move past this. Also has to do with something involving a man. Don't want to talk about it. You were all right about it (puddles) all along. blah. anyways, i am at work. I made it here on time. And I am getting thru. Gym tonight as I am not wanting to skip it.

Home: kombucha 50 (some spilled out)...and seltzer with stevia. did the trick as per usual - i'm actually having really good mornings re elimination lately. lol. sorry guys. but it helps when i go to work & start the day feeling good.

Work: a donut (they were in the kitchen at work left out) Entenman's old fashioned 210, coffee 40. 250. already hungry again at 10am though as a donut isn't satisfying.

10am Snacking before lunch: small bar atkins with protein / fat 150

Lunch: some broccoli raab though not much at all 50, turkey cold cuts 100 most, with leftover pumpkin sauttee 200?, chips 150, caffeine. 500 tops?

950-1000 before snack before gym. very good.

150 before gym 1150...

400 most after gym.

1550, excellent.


Progress as of today: 4 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

puddles on 08/25/2016:
Take care of yourself.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/25/2016:
yes, will do Fran. Maybe even no beach this weekend but i do hope to be feeling better then. Work is really slow - i think this is the majority of why. boss away. too much idle time. i'm going online and reading mind-stimulating articles.

OhioRaven on 08/25/2016:
Cheer up, HP. Are there any Rodeo's there in NYC ? That might cheer you up.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/25/2016:
LOl...October will be good for me, for sure...When i'm in Texas.

Lately my ankle bothers me but i think it's partially in my head.

Diamond50 on 08/25/2016:
Good calories again today HP.

Horn_of_plenty on 08/25/2016:
yes, it seems a bit easier for me lately :) thank you!

horn_of_plenty - Wednesday Aug 24, 2016
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 115.0

1760 5-day average.

I tasted some really nice ice cream today...ordered it online as a gift to myself and it came earlier than i expected.

Today i have the day off. I took a sick day.  I did some laundry so there's less to do on the weekend. I'm relaxing right now.

I do have an appt to get botox in my underarms (i do it approx every 6 months because i have hyperhydrosis - excessive sweating and i used to only wear black shirts because i would get very wet under my arms...). so happy to get that done hopefully today - the pimple under my armit is almost gone away. hopefully it doesn't stall the botox and the dr will go thru with it.  Accidlentally they forgot to order me the botox so they did some pimple extractions...but i have to go back for it...at least today's a really nice & relaxing day.


Having dinner with my best friend. She's spending the day with her mom i think and said she'd stop by me on the way home for dinner. Looking foward to seeing her as we haven't met up in 2 1/2 weeks or so - this weekend would have been 3 weeks since i last saw her.  seeing her on weekend, not today.

I have been eating all kinds of stuff i've had at home & i slept in well (sleeping pill). I do plan to sleep extra tonight also. Like i mention quite often, the extra sleep is helping my body repair itself with the strenuous workouts that i do.

10:30/11am: plums 100, and kombucha 30.

11am-12pm: brunch - Arctic Zero butter pecan frozen dessert  - one cup 150 cal (leftover half a pint), chips 200, and half package of bacon jerky 150. 500. satisfying. also drinking lots of seltzer with stevia and i want to buy more seltzer soon - either today or friday or something.

total today so far: around 650.

2pm almost: cooked veggies, another plum 250

early dinner: veggies in sort of a heavier sauce, but healthy veggies. 300? and ice cream 300. 600 total.

plum 50. 

1550. and ice cream. total is 1750 - good!

back to work Thursday.


Progress as of today: 4 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

puddles on 08/24/2016:
Glad you are relaxing probably a good thing that you will be seeing your friend on the weekend since you feel exhausted. Have a great evening try to rest up. I worry about how tired you are. Do you think your iron is low. Anyway take care.

Horn_of_plenty on 08/24/2016:
i may think about getting a blood test at a date down the road...you are prob right.

but also it's a problem i've had my whole life. I think it's part of me really being an introvert.

Introverts crave time alone to recharge...i just have a hard time always being energized and sometimes it takes it toll on me.

I tend to get overly run down and not have enough time to recharge. It was a problem for me even as a teacher many years ago - but didn't matter then because there is a lot of vacation time. but now, when i let myself reach my lowest, i just can't anymore - because there's no time off.

Duaa123. on 08/24/2016:
Good calories for day ..and yes it is good to have a relax day after busy days .. sleep well . Have a good day

Horn_of_plenty on 08/24/2016:

OhioRaven on 08/25/2016:
Ok, that's enough laying around recharging your batteries. time to get up and get at them.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/25/2016:
thank you - you're right :)

horn_of_plenty - Tuesday Aug 23, 2016
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 115.0

1760 4-day average. excellent.

Around 1900 today.

little walking during work - 20 min?

great weights routine.

Not a good week for me so far at work though.

Taking tomorrow off to sleep in, go to an appointment & meet friend here at my place to go out to dinner.

I don't see myself doing much tomorrow aside from the appointment & dinner.

I'm NOT in a great place right now.

I'm very tired.

Exhausted feeling.

And in general restless and angry.

I hate not having a lot of time off at this job.

Tomorrow should be good to have alone time. 

Progress as of today: 4 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty - Monday Aug 22, 2016
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 115.0

Morning at home: new very low cal sparkling vinegar drink in tart cherry lol....is good and does the trick! this my be my new thing! ? 20 cal. and stevia in seltzer.

Work: coffee.....light wrap with cream cheese & lox and green tea too.

snack: granola type bar but really natural & healthy 160

Light lunch also: cauliflower with some roasted broccoli 100, 50 for cauliflower, and sauteed mashed pumpkin with some oil 100-150, and a meatball! 100? ...coffee...needing carbs...feeling so down (i know why though - not enough sleep). 450 for lunch? so tasty.

...gonna make it a GOOD day.

2pm Plum = 50 and seltzer with stevia during work - 2pm. - CRAVINGS galore my gosh...missing my boss!?............

4pm a small protein bar (was too hungry at work)

1100 before dinner.

around 1850 monday....i think? did this get deleted?

Progress as of today: 4 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 08/22/2016:
Tell me more about the Vinegar Water. What's the benefit ?

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/22/2016:
helps you go....in Morning...similar to hot water with lemon, or effects of caffeine, or kombucha drink, or probiotic things. !!!!!!!!!

keeps the bowels moving in MORNING before work....clears me out usually...!!!!!!!

puddles on 08/22/2016:
Have a great day hope you are not as tired tomorrow. Try to get some rest. You seem to be getting back into feeling exhausted again. Take care of yourself.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/22/2016:
This has always been a problem for me - to keep my emotions and well-being more on an even keel. I don't know why but i've always been this way. It didn't pose a problem as much when i was a teacher because of ample time off & stuff...but now, in this job...it's posing a dilemna every so often.

I guess i just need to keep my well-being in mind MORE....and make sure to rest more???? I am not sure. It must be in my head.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/22/2016:
also, my main boss is on vacation this week...i think this is why i am a bit more exhausted feeling - really lonely week here....that must be more the reason that i feel this way...i really do think so.

innerpeace on 08/22/2016:
Vinegar drink...interesting.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/22/2016:
helps you go....in Morning...similar to hot water with lemon, or effects of caffeine, or kombucha drink, or probiotic things. !!!!!!!!!

Duaa123. on 08/22/2016:
Healthy food in this day P ,vegtables ,green tea and ur new drinking.. have a good day

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/23/2016:
thanks D...no green tea today...but enjoying it when i do !

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/23/2016:
thanks D...no green tea today...but enjoying it when i do !

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/23/2016:
thanks D...no green tea today...but enjoying it when i do !

Diamond50 on 08/22/2016:
Interesting new drink. I've certainly never heard of that.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/23/2016:
it's really good & even lower calories.

horn_of_plenty - Sunday Aug 21, 2016
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 115.0

Today...I saw exactly 115 on scale :-D Lately it's been steady at 115 point something or other. I'm doing EXTREMELY well this summer & year. I plan to remain at 115 for some time. I really enjoy being this weight as clothes fit well and everything feels right.



7:30am Breakfast  - protein muffin 250, sauteed pumpkin 100, peanut butter 100, selzter with stevia 450.

10am Snack: strawberries, small bar 200.

11:30am light meal: sauteed veggies 100?, plum 50, butter popcorn 160 310. 

More veggies and stuff 100 

3pm snacking before gym: (i'm really tired today but going to gym) - caffeine 20, plum 50, cheesecake fiber 1 bar 150 (these are GREAT!) 220.

6:30pm dinner: i think around 550. good..and actually pretty balanced (even with chips). 

1850 today.

will go to bed early. 

I'm quite wiped out which is why i'm really not in a mood to comment today on diaries or do very much.

I really would prefer to be home tomorrow but there really is a job due...so....i'll go to work. I may take a day off this week - maybe Friday...because I'm feeling a bit worn out & my boss is not here this week. We'll see - it's also based on the job schedule and what we have due.

However, if i turn out feeling good, I may not take a day off just yet. We'll see - it's based on how the week goes.

Progress as of today: 4 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

puddles on 08/21/2016:
Have a great day J.

Horn_of_plenty on 08/21/2016:
Thanks...just sorta chillin, not a lot of energy, but can't fathom skipping gym.

OhioRaven on 08/21/2016:
Hola !

Horn_of_plenty on 08/21/2016:

Diamond50 on 08/22/2016:
Have a good day HP.

horn_of_plenty - Saturday Aug 20, 2016
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 115.0

Good Morning :-D

10:30am breakfast: EVOL microwave chicken enchilada meal and i added some cooked cauliflower crumbles and sauteed pumpkin: 450 or so. and good mix of fat / protein / carbs, had ice cream shortly after 250 more.

Snacking after a LOVELY massage that i was late for again (was thinking there wouldn't be traffic because of some rain - meaning no beach - but there was traffic because of rain lol! - and a TON of traffic)...he ended up giving me an hour anyway. I was lucky...

Snacking - 250 (including some samples at the mall where i dropped my bag to be fixed) = excellent...

Light dinner: tons of different VEGGIES! omg from the Mall! who would have guessed how awesome a new food court can be! They had food from every popular country in the world (in regards to restaurant options)...Indian...Vegetarian (Israeli)...everything! impressive. I got 4 small containers containing: pickled baby eggplants, carrot salad, tomato/cucumber mix, roasted broccoli/cauliflower from the Vegetarian station...and then roasted okra from the Indian place. really amazing to find things like this in a mall. I was blown away. I'd say my dinner was...around...500 cal in veggies. tasty.not in mood for much else. small appetite.500.

Total cal: 1450 - good.


Today I'm going to Long Island (will prob take around 45min-1hr depending on traffic) for a massage at Massage Envy because i there's a really good therapist there. When i make appointments for massage, which is occasionally, it's always with specific therapists that i know are good - of course unless i'm trying a new one. But i tend to get really good massages by more experienced therapists since I've been going a long time & know how to figure out who's good and how to ask for an experienced one when i'm booking it...

After the massage, it's by a HUGE mall with a Coach bag store. I am planning to attempt to go there with my old bag as they have a policy on their bags, no matter how bad condition / how old. So, we'll see what happens with that! - cost $60 & they will ship to my house when they are done mending the bag! awesome price to make a 5 yr old Coach bag new again!

Sports bras are half off today on Old Navy site...i may buy a couple new for $10 each.  And free shipping with code FREESHIP.  I was going to get jeans, but i realize i don't really need...but do want to throw one pair i have out! lol....so i may buy one pair. don't really have the money...but....the sale is good.


Although I admit to struggling a lot to stay focussed, I did get thru this week successfully. To recap, just to write it down because i want to tell somebody lol and not keep what i feel was a lot of work outside of work to myself: 

Sunday- got home late from far away beach adventure / dropping friend off at the subway for her to go back to Manhattan at 9:30pm and went to work Monday morning usual time...

Monday - went to dr after work because i had an infected pimple in my armpit that needed attention (first time ever for this incident!) got home late around 8pm.

Tuesday-  went into work but didn't go to gym after because i was really tired / legs sore from the beach Sunday. But, i decided to do LAUNDRY lol...good choice because now i have far less to do tomorrow (sunday...) lol...

Wednesday-  morning i got up and went to take a Notary Exam on Long Island but close to Queens.  My coworker was there too. So after the test we totally went to dunkin donuts for at least a half hour lol for a late breakfast. Then off to work! I did manage to stay at work till 5pm (half hour late to attmept to show i am thankful to the company for allowing me to go take the test in the AM....on company time...) No gym Wednesday still because legs still sore and knew it would be better to come home. Went to bed early...

Thursday -  Went into work thinking we were celebrating a boss' bday (my plan, but i did deligate the actual buying of the cake to someone i usually trust - and still do - and realize she had a really busy week & in general i am thankful she helped me with the cake big time because i was busy enough this week and couldn't have done the cake too!)...so went into work to find out the cake wasn't ordered in time - so it would have to be done on Friday - a surprise cake for a boss for his 60th that I PLANNED MYSELF! :) ...so WENT TO THE GYM THURSDAY! felt so good. After gym, i realized i had no veggies for lunch friday - and stopped by the supermarket. I think i got home around 8:30pm?

Friday: got up, got ready and wore heels to work. first time in years. I did my makeup and looked REALLY NICE. I reminded everyone about Stan's celebration 60th...the celebration was a MAJOR success! I even sang him happy bday even though i suck at singing...and i realize i will always make the effort to sing instead of just standing there for now on...it's always been a thing i do...weird, i know...

Friday continued - so anyways, yesterday, Friday was a success. I left work normal time at 4:30 - went to get cash back at supermarket - drove to get a haircut. got there late closer to 5:30pm instead of 5...which was OK....hair got a treatment for two hours for straightening...left there 7:30pm...drove the two hairdressers halfway home (one all the way home, and the other got off for the train...i felt bad she still had some distance to go - but i realized so did I...) in pouring rain only while i drove them as it stopped luckily when we got to their stop...and I got home myself at 9:00pm. I did end up eating a full, but small, meal at 9. I think i was in bed myself around 10:30.

I stayed in my bed today - Saturday - until 10am. LOL.

What a week right!? Feels good to accomplish it all, but i will not have a busy weekend or week to come! LOL. DONE. COOKED.

Progress as of today: 4 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 08/20/2016:
Y'know, I think the first song I ever learned to sing was Happy Bitrhday. Have a Great day, HP.

Horn_of_plenty on 08/20/2016:
Even though i taught band (and when i did i did sing and do what i needed to do)....but even though i was a band teacher, i've also been extremely self conscious of my voice since as early as i can remember (5 years old)....and never really sing in public to practice or at home...EXCEPT when i was in college as a music major i learned to do what i had to do & while a teacher i did what i needed to...but now...not doing music anymore...i've gotten outta practice vocally and find myself never singing - not even to the radio....so very self conscious again about my singing voice at i never practice anymore / anything...

you are right about the song though - i think it's one of the most popular 1st songs kids learn.

puddles on 08/20/2016:
Yes you had a busy week. Take it easy.

Horn_of_plenty on 08/20/2016:
Thanks F...it was a bit much for me.

Duaa123. on 08/20/2016:
Good week P . And yes u did a lot in . And i can see u start to go out and having fun in ur life .. keep doing this planing it is good really

Horn_of_plenty on 08/20/2016:
Thanks Duaa...I am feel more confident now. I'm trying to do things to challenge myself and "bring myself up." - things to make me be a "better me." I have a drive to be better than i am.

Diamond50 on 08/20/2016:
I sure wish I loved veggies like you do. It's all I can do to get most of them even worked into my day. I eat some because I know I need to but not because I truly enjoy them unless they are cold salad fixings. Those I do enjoy.

Horn_of_plenty on 08/21/2016:
You see, you can flavor veggies in the same ways as you flavor any dish. They taste great to me especially when cooked and flavored up! The options are endless. :)

Donkey on 08/20/2016:
Very busy but sounds like it was a good week. At least it ended well with a massage!

Horn_of_plenty on 08/21/2016:
Yes everything worked out quite nicely D. Laying low now for the afternoon :)

horn_of_plenty - Friday Aug 19, 2016
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 115.0

TGIF Ladies & Gentlemen...

Home: kombucha 60, seltzer with stevia

8:30am at work: Bai caffeine drink 10 and Fiber One Cheesecake Bar, Strawberry Flavor (these are GREAT!) 160 total here.  Cheesecake bars are really nice, not too high sugar & a lil fat. good balance i'd say.

11:00am: small Atkins nut bar 130

Total so far: 350, excellent...maybe some coffee? I may try and keep cals really low today...as i have the hair appt after work too...would be a good idea to use today as a "low cal" day and make it a full "weight loss" week...yeah!

 snack before lunch: decaf coffee with sf and milk 50

Light lunch: tofu 50, tons of cauliflower crumbles mircrowaved 100? with leftover saag 250? - AROUND 400 Total!

800 After lunch = excellent. Low cal day, for sure....

5:30pm  up to 350 (fruit and a donut) before getting hair done after work

after doing hair and getting home, 9pm: protein muffin 250, some jello, serving and a half of chips 200. could have been a lot less cals, but got home EXTRA late...would rather not talk about it - not really a bad thing, just, lesson learned sorta.

total today is still really good: 1600.

Calorie average for the week: 1764/day = weightloss amount for me.

anything below 1800 usually yields a slight loss.

i'd say i burned more than i used this week. On days I work out, I'm sure I burn at least 2,000. This week was really only 2 workouts, but, the beach day was a lot....so...who knows.


It's been a really FULL & COMPLETE week for the books. Yeah, at times I was REALLY down on myself (not sure why) - probably just wasn't going with the flow:

Sometimes I have issues with "conforming to the norm" or conforming with everyone else - i don't know.  I like to do MY THING. I DON'T ALWAYS like being told WHAT TO DO!  But this week, since Monday I guess, I was told what to do by the higher-ups, by authority...and by today...i was just DONE. I would have sorta prefered today off...but...instead I got my act together and dressed up, a lot, for work. Heels included. First time in forever....wearing an ankle support though. Don't need to be stupid. :-)  I AM doing the right thing. I really am!


For this weekend, it's doing only things for my own well-being. Sorta a "narcissistic weekend" lol. Really though, i've been running all week to activities.  I'm VERY MUCH looking foward to sleeping in...both days.


Weekend plans: definitely enough:

Tonight after work - haircut and keratin....

Saturday - picking up veggies, massage, maybe bringing my old bag to the mall to see if i can have it repaired (COACH bag)

Sunday - Laundry & Gym. and relaxing..prob it. 

Maybe online Jean shopping from Old Navy too...


Progress as of today: 4 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 08/19/2016:
Good luck with your Bag.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/19/2016:
thanks OR! they have a cool policy ... since their bags are so $$$$$....will update everyone after i go !

Diamond50 on 08/19/2016:
I had a coupon (yes I love a deal) for a free box of those cheese cake bars so I tried them and I didn't care for them at all. The bright side to that is I guess they are safe from me in my cupboard ha ha! Hoping hubby will eat them. Enjoy your "you" weekend HP.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/19/2016:
Thanks D! I do love those cheesecake bars :-D sorry you don't...i think i like them because i never eat the real stuff anymore...so the fiber 1 stuff actually tastes real and heavy to me! haha

horn_of_plenty - Thursday Aug 18, 2016
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 115.0

Early at home: kombucha 60 & seltzer with stevia

Breakfast 8am at work: wrap 60 with salami 100, and a TON of sauteed (some oil) blended pumpkin with onion / salt / pepper (from a southern restaurant) 150 at least for the pumpkin?: 320 and coffee 50

11am snacks: my normal bar 130....and part of a fiber 1 sugary bar i shared with my boss 70...200 here

Lunch: i think more cals - veggies but higher cal slightly prob 300 for them, little bit tuna 100 most, piece of plantain and chips 200-250 - total here is 650 yeah.

snack before gym: energy drink and a fiber one cheesecake bar 150


After gym: not sure

Prob like 350 most?

1800 Thursday.


Had enough really. annoying people at work. i'm tired and wanted to take tomorrow off...but no.

anyways, i may decide to do nothing this weekend if need be. i just don't care anymore right now.

i'll be in a better mood after a workout tonight.

i haven't had a workout at the gym since Saturday night. whatever.


I'm fine...just annoyed. 

Progress as of today: 4 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

puddles on 08/18/2016:
We all have days like that tomorrow is bound to be better. Have a great gym evening J.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/18/2016:
thanks...i hope to cheer up by having a "me" weekend.

I turned down plans with my good friend and all friends.

Will also do my hair Friday night as it's really ratty. lol.


Duaa123. on 08/18/2016:
Good calories .. and yes gym makes u feel better ..take care of urself

horn_of_plenty - Wednesday Aug 17, 2016
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 115.0

Got a bit of restful sleep last night. Took a sleeping pill around 6:30...fell asleep maybe 9-9:30 and woke up by alarm around 6:50? nice. 9hrs i think approx. i feel so much better when a sleep a lot!

I am taking the notary test this morning at 9:30am. Leaving my place at 8:30am. Then work after from around 11am-end of day.  I prefer not to work overtime even though i have no more extra hours & going in late because i'm really, really beat. I even skipped gym and skipping tonight (skipping 1 day of gym this week) because i'm getting run down.


8am: Breakfast at home: seltzer with stevia, Jamaican pumpkin (from store) blended and satueed with oil/onions/green pepper/too much salt & pepper but still good (not sweet, savory instead) 150 at least and a protein muffin with probiotics which is good right now...400 approx

Snack after exam: bar and coffee and DD with my coworker - quite a nice change of pace from normal workday lol 200


Lunch at work: AWESOME - coworker's bday - bread 200 at least (Italian hero bread!) some sausage and peppers cooked by coworker - tasty! 200?, and some salad with dressing (also tasty!) 100?...really good. 500-600

total so far today is good: 1200...good....

snack on way home: plum 50 and seltzer with stevia

bigger dinner: at most, 750.

total today: 2000 at most. fine.

1790 - 5day average, great.


Progress as of today: 4 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

Diamond50 on 08/17/2016:
Good luck with your test today HP!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/17/2016:
Thanks D...i know I passed it :-D

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/17/2016:
...although the result comes in 2 weeks in mail, i know i got at least the minimum correct (i can feel it!)

puddles on 08/17/2016:
When will you get the results of your exam? Glad you got a good night of sleep and have a great day J.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/17/2016:
2 weeks Puddy...i didn't even study last night lol...but i knew the stuff decently already lol...i'll let you know...

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/17/2016:
I feel good about it.

Duaa123. on 08/17/2016:
Good to read that u are confident a bout ur result in Exam good luck ...it is sounds u had a tasty kinds of food.. have a good times

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/18/2016:
Thanks Duaa...i was confident and still am confident that I will pass...but now I actually am nervous that i said it too quickly and now it won't be true lol....my fingers are crossed for good luck!

thanks Duaa.

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