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horn_of_plenty - Wednesday Jan 18, 2017
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 115.0

6:30am ACV in seltzer with stevia and also a small bite of natural, local honey (trying to prevent my typically bad spring allergies from happening this year! - i think i have a major shot!) 50.  banana on way to work 120. 170 total.

8:30am - whenever i finish it - coffee with 2 equal and milk 50

Late Breakfast: 1 egg 70 on a wrap 60, cream cheese 80, small amount of turkey pepperoni 50 260.  Nuts from a coworker - from Phillipines - Pili nuts that are really healthy, with some honey on them. 200. Saving the sandwich for tomorrow morning i think! - will keep in fridge.

11am...and an old, crappy protein bar...was too hungry 150. (the darn nuts didn't satisfy - i doubt i had even 200 cals anyways).

can't wait to eat the healthy lunch i brought....eating this crap all morning hasn't been satisftying in the least!

12:45 maybe - healthy lunch of basmati rice 220, chicken 200? white meat, extra veg (satueed greens) on top 250 - 650 or so. AND AN Apple...very nice lunch! 100.

1350...cannot wait for lunch in a couple hours or less. too much less than satisfying junk this AM!!!!

1900 today. 

dinner more high in sugar, but filling. at least there was some squash in my dinner...along with ice cream and a protein muffin. eh, whatever. gonna call it a very early night.

5day: 1960.


Snack: prob a bar of leftover type not to be bought again, flavor is mint chip or something.   but i may decide no snack and just shoot for an early lunch...since it's nine and i've lost my appetite and have coffee to deter me from eating just yet :)


Slept ok last night...just up for an hour between like midnight to 1am. due to caffeine, it's ok, i'll have good sleep tonight again...probably :-)

When i was up in the middle of the night,  I decided to cook the cut up Kabucha squash that i had bought prepackaged from supermarket - they cut it - huge big slices - and i then microwave them and cut them up into small chunks which can be made into smoothie or rather a smooth consistency to add to all sorts of things.

I add a little cinnamon and stevia also of course to sweeten.  I turn them into desserts - the squash and other ingredients - i'll have some tonight as i now have around 4 cups of it already cooked now at home - glad i did it in middle of the night, actually!

Doing good. ACV working nicely this week. Eating less volume slightly and a bit more balanced. Yes feeling good with that. still having ice cream - the low cal halo top stuff. will NOT buy more when i run out. Going to take the rest of the winter off of it....i still have a bit left - like at least 5 full pints and leftovers of others! haha.


Progress as of today: 2 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty - Tuesday Jan 17, 2017
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 115.0

6:15-6:30am Home: hair of leftover kombucha 20 and ACV in diet tonic and seltzer and stevia (tasted horrible but wasn't throwing it out!)...worked nice.

9am Work: banana 120, Morniga tea (from coworker) wrap 60 with extra cream cheese 100 and turkey pepperoni 100: 

11am  Snack: ? maybe or early lunch, not sure. leaving no matter what at 4:30 and going next door to gym after work - and i'll be home early enough for dinner & an early bedtime...lots of important sleeping this winter, keeping me healthy. a bar, on the out, sorta hard would taste better if heated up? 200 cal.

12:45pm Lunch: very healthy - chicken with skin 200? pumpkin sauteed 200, potato 100 500 and chips 150.

1250...of course extra hungry today bc i'd been snacking all weekend

treat from coworker before exercise at gym  next door to save lots of time 130 and caffeine

1400 :-D around 450 after gym.


4day avg = 1975


On a whole other note, I'm beginning to see how independent i really like to be - i LOVE going ALONE to the park,being by myself...i DO NOT NEED constant companions and friends to be with ALL THE TIME....

on facebook, i'll post that i'm at park and friends say "call me when you are there and i'll join you..."...sometimes yes this is nice but sometimes i prefer to be ALONE. i'll never understand the need for needing someone to do what i enjoy doing and gives me so much enjoyment - alone...i don't need a constant companion....

....lately, more and more, i turn down people and events and it just feels good to say no when i really don't want to be part of something. i used to say yes more - especially involving music stuff when i was younger - and now i feel much more in control of the direction my life is headed, thankfully.

If people think they can step on my boundaries, they cannot. I am fully in charge of me and it feels wonderful.

like i don't need to go out to a bar every friday night or every weekend at all...drinking doesn't make me feel good especially the next day...i don't need constant socialization... i love my space and time to think...


Def huge caffeine cravings going on lol....already had 2 cups tea...blech...want to reach for more something even stronger. maybe i will...makes sense as i had a sleeping pill last night (but it was early, around 5:30pm, when  took it)...those darned things have lasting effects the next day but work so well. slept like a baby.  Overall, i'm feeling good - not sick.

My ankle is a little sore more from yesterday, but, overall i'm fine. the jogging / walking was only 1.6 miles (one time around the park is .83 mile as i looked it up).  i was also walking during a few errands, not a ton more walking, but enough to at least get in the 10k steps....overall, yesterday was good.

No plans on doing another jogging day any time soon  -but yes to continued strengthening and walking.


Progress as of today: 2 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

innerpeace on 01/17/2017:
I can certainly understand alone time. I prefer it some times as well, however, a companion might not be so bad for safety reasons.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/17/2017:
as for safety you are right, but, it is basically safe. You have a point, but I am not concerned about my safety and do feel that if someone came over to me to harm me, i would kick him in the balls! haha

jayhawkjen on 01/17/2017:
Alone time is critical! Embrace it.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/17/2017:
I do love it so much...seems i cannot get enough of it!

I'm a true introvert, i guess!

grannyannie on 01/18/2017:
I love time on my own! I also love to socialize. I have even taken trips on my own. Got one planned for 5 nights in May on the Orkney islands.

Some healthy eating there, HOP!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/18/2017:
working REALLY hard to sleep well and stay very positive. not to get sick and to be moderate in whatever i can ... especially cardio!

horn_of_plenty - Monday Jan 16, 2017
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 115.0

8am: big bowl of oatmeal 150, almond milk 30, cooked cranberries 50, blueberries 50, banana 120, whipped peanut butter 150 - 550, very tasty. 

10am / 11am - Healthy snacking 350 900.

12pm healthy lunch: actually had some chicken with skin, sauteed pumpkin, some greens also 400 or so.

snack before park bar and decaf coffee 200

Dinner: soup tofu 100 and veg with extra cabbage 100, rice 200, some ice cream for dessert. 200.

2100, good.

3day avg = 2,000 = good :-D


Slept around 9hrs last night without any pills...seems i am needing way more than 7-8hrs during this winter season, feeling very good so far...feeling energized today as well, later i'll go walking in the sun. 

Only MAJOR activities today are:

some laundry, just bedding and perhaps one other load of anything i didn't wash on Saturday...nice to not have to do everything in one day. easier to put away! haha...

I've got all food for the week very ready to go - not doing any food shopping today!...no bananas as i have TONS of squash as an alternative this week since i do not want to throw out what i bought..

walking at park during the warmer afternoon portion of this day, dropping off some paperwork at housing, and mostly enjoying the day at home! 

I do have some other things at home to do as well, nothing major.  Happy to be home today - even if i don't drop off the paperwork or anything else...today is going to be very restful for me before a shorter, 4-day work week!

Then, next week is a regular, 5 day week...and the following week i'm going to the concert & taking off both Thursday & Friday of that week, so it's a 3-day week. As for March - that month i'm anxious about. I'll have used up my days...not looking forward to FIVE straight weeks of work with no days off at all...haven't done that since summertime in any month...I may take an extra day off in March, YES.

Gotta do what i need to do to remain healthy this winter with the Police Academy goal for summer, it's a task i'm taking quite seriously. I don't have time for draining myself out - when i'm going to be jogging come Spring...

As for now, everything has been going very according to my plans & I feel good today - NOT tired or overwhelmed. Life is great.

Progress as of today: 2 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 01/16/2017:
Sounds like you're having a good and healthy day. Good luck with the academy and keeping healthy and fit for that.

Life is great. Wonderful!!!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/17/2017:
Life s great is right...gearing up to make my life exactly how i want it to be :-D

horn_of_plenty - Sunday Jan 15, 2017
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 115.0

2day avg: 1950 :-)

8am  Tasty Breakfast: oatmeal 150 made with almond milk 30, some local honey 50, cooked cranberries 60, 1/2 banana 60, cinnamon and peanut butter 150: 500 and so delicious (i hate the word delicious...need to come up with something besides tasty and delicious)....! people at work say that word too offten - delicious.

throughout long morning snacking: few small candies 60

Big lunch 1pm: was too hungry lol, but at least i had good options - had caribbean prepared food from a restaurant takeout on my way home from visiting grandma because i happened to drive thru where i work which is caribbean - lots of sauteed brussel sprouts in some sauce 150, too much of this really tasty sauteed eggplant 200?, soy "chicken" curry a little bit couple bites 50?...that's about it. 400-500. oh and the plaintains - 2 large pieces.

total so far today: 1050, good, now it's 2pm. going to enjoy caffeine drinks and read....gym later on this afternoon. decided to indulge in chips as well, 2pm. 200 cal more.

snacking 4:30-4:45 before gym: blueberries, granola bar, seltzer with stevia 150


still relaxing, def no gym just yet. maybe i'll go around 5/5:30....tired....but going to gym! i can sleep in again tomorrow... :-D

after gym subway 6" with veggie patty soooooo gooooood 400, ice cream (not buying more after its all finished)

1950, excellent.


Was supposed to pick up sister at subway and go visit my grandma and then lunch after our visit - just me and sister...(grandma not alert)...

but, sister told me she has to run off right away after grandma and that she's going to drive from NYC to Queens to visit grandma and meet me there...and then she has to run off to Brooklyn so no lunch together. I don't mind...especially bc she said she has to go to a funeral - i do hope she isn't running off to a brunch? it would have been nice to have lunch with her! but, priorities makes sense sadly a funeral...


Weight was 115 this AM still :) !!!

Progress as of today: 2 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 01/16/2017:
Well done.

horn_of_plenty - Saturday Jan 14, 2017
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 115.6

Overall a great day. Now doing a little laundry and just relaxing and reading for now... :)

Having good friends is what it's about...I have learned a lesson over the past 1.5  years regarding the need to distance myself from my what used to be my best friend (we are no longer friends).  I was definitely the enabler and helper in that relationship and she wasn't giving me enough (or ANY) new experiences at all - she only wanted the boring lunch or dinner (always she ordered the same boring food) she never was interested in going anywhere new or doing anything new or expanding her mind in the least!

I was starting to think it wasn't good for me. I was sick of her giving me grief (even if she didn't mean to) at every time we did something slightly new...

and i am so glad, right now, that I let her go!

Today I hung out with a 2nd cousin of mine, I don't have any first cousins at all actually, and seeing a man who is going to be 59 in such good health despite his disabilities. When he was born he suffered from something, not sure what, that has left him severely handicapped for life...

But despite all his harship that he was dealt in life, he worked for TWENTY years, i am not sure doing exactly what, but for the Marriott! for TWENTY YEARS! He gave himself a career. He maintains his health and has more muscle than ANYONE I know that is even half his age. He is in exquisite shape - all his own hard work. Even eating for him is NO EASY TASK. He has always lived to better himself.

Then i see what used to be my best friend. When we ended the friendship, i wasn't sure what the deal was, but i saw her making no plans to want to do anything, anytime. She wasn't interested in going on a short trip / drive for an overnight adventure in the summertime (she was off all summer as a teacher), she almost didn't even come into the city for a broadway show when i invited my guy friend from Canada to stay with me one weekend and i invited a small group of friends to see a broadway show - my BEST friend's arm had to be practically twisted for her to come...no more of that nonsense! thank the lord.

hanging out with my 2nd cousin, and another older friend i know from the gym, has given me more happiness than i recieved from my best friend in the last year and a half at least. 

i don't want to help the people who CAN help themselves BUT refuse not to. those people are NOT my friends.


slept around 11 hours, did take a pill, but i am loving the extra sleep and not getting sick and really feeling extremely good this winter so far. no complaints. I take the sleeping pill mostly on a weekend night. not tonight as i have to be up early tomorrow, Sunday, morning.


10am Breakfast: kombucha...and being dumb had ice cream yup 430 :)

1pm? Relatively healthy lunch: 1/2 veggie wrap with tons of sauteed onions aound 250 and fries (hey it's potato) 350?, and some stewed zucchini 50. 650. good! i got really full somehow!

5:30pm Dinner: other half the wrap 250, lots of veggies from a thai place leftover from last night in ginger sauce 250?, rest of the ice cream counted above, chocolate flavor (totally didn't taste like chocolate!) yogurt with added in cooked cranberries 200: 700, good.

total for today, may just go to bed early and no other food i don't think - 

 excellent. definitely satisfied also with the food. and almonds :)

1950 :)


Progress as of today: 1.4 lbs lost so far, only 3.6 lbs to go!

puddles on 01/14/2017:
She was not a match for you but everybody has their own way of living their life. It is a good thing you let her go since she was causing you some upsets. She will find somebody that is a match for her and that enjoy basically not doing all that much. You are too active for her that is just not what she is into.... and that is ok too bad it took you so long to realize how negative of impact it had on your life.

Horn_of_plenty on 01/16/2017:
Yes, as time goes by - once in a blue moon I miss her friendship, but usually i'm reminded of things that I overlooked and wonder how I enjoyed it so at the time.

grannyannie on 01/15/2017:
I admire your cousin!

I have a cousin and his wife (2nd cousin once removed or whatever it is) who we spend a lot of time with every time we do our annual US trip. We spent a lot of time together as kids - our mothers were first cousins. He is a month younger than me, and his wife is so sweet. They are also retired like us.

What was the name of your Thai dish?

Horn_of_plenty on 01/16/2017:
Thai dish was simply just veggies in Ginger sauce. Maybe there's another name for it...but i tend to order mostly veggies in different sauces: basil, garlic, ginger...etc. This one place always cooks everything perfectly. Mostly other places don't compare!

Yeah, my cousin is amazing & even the woman (my friend from the gym) who came out with us was equally impressed. He's a smart man, just major troubles communicating so sad that something that happened at birth...has affected him so profoundly for life. He comes from a long line of very successful, educated & intelligent people in his family. So, who knows what he could have done if what happened hadn't occurred at his birth, but, either way he has been successful in his life.

horn_of_plenty - Friday Jan 13, 2017
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 115.6

 I tasted the locally made honey and wow! so good! Usually i am not one to buy honey, but, there's evidence it might clear up my really, really bad Spring allergies. That would be wonderful - especially if i am a cop on patrol in spring, not to have such horrible allergies which always make it very difficult for me for around 1-3 months depending on temps and stuff that time of year....

oh...and also this spring i want to leave current job in mid June - would be nice not to have any last residual allergies at that time...i was told that continuing to consume this honey should help in the months leading up to allergy season...

Honey might do the trick...totally trying it...tasted wonderful. just a little i had...

On another note, my skin is MUCH improved. I haven't even done EVERYTHING right...but i've done MORE things right. I think i can do this - clear up my skin! I do have one whitehead right now, and one sorta aggrivated spot on my chin, but otherwise, my skin is the BEST it's been in a long time.


Morning: taste of honey 50, stevia in seltzer with ACV.

Breakfast: big banana 150, egg and egg white 100, wrap 60, mustard, turkey pepperoni 100, some tasty tea, some extra drops natural caffeine in tea. all is good. No Monster drink and no ice cream tonight...want to work on keeping my skin beautiful like it really should have been all along :-D

snack: maybe a bar 130

Lunch: healthy, some chips after bc i'm not trying to eliminate everything, just trying to eat BETTER, more healthy meals, more potassium, LESS SUGAR & LESS DAIRY is my big goal that seems to be helping...oh and less caffeine / less fake sugars (except stevia i'm keeping completely in my diet).

Lunch - chips 160, some greens 100, with some beans 100, and some mock (soy) chicken 200 tops: 550. 

1150 after healthy lunch...



Getting a hair trim after work for the perfect price - only $15....if she does good, i'll tip her $10...great price, right by work in walking distance so i'll go there first and get my car afterwards (i'll leave it in work parking lot until after haircut)...also need to get some cash to pay for my haircut...i'll pay for a few seltzers at the supermarket and get cash back (all within the 3 blocks of where i'm going for haircut) !!!!

Huge dinner but healthy. 950

Total around 2100.

2035 calorie avg this week is decent

Progress as of today: 1.4 lbs lost so far, only 3.6 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 01/13/2017:
Good price for haircut! You're doing well.

Donkey on 01/14/2017:
Keep up the good work!

I went to a fancy gym this week as a guest, and i thought of you the whole time, even though I did mostly cardio. Honestly, I could live at the gym, if I could afford the membership. There's a high membership fee (I think it's like $200 although this month they're giving it away at $25), and then the monthly fee is $80, but if you want to take classes, it's like $100 a month. And that's just for me.

horn_of_plenty - Thursday Jan 12, 2017
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 115.6

Bored of gym next to work (just for today, i'll be back there next week bc it's been great saving time on work week evenings), so i'll drive to the one i like better for tonight's workout! Takes more time out of my schedule, but i do like the gym better!!  Good to keep changing it up!

2025 6-day avg, pretty darn good.


Home: kombucha 70

Breakfast: big banana 140, wrap 60, cream cheese 80, turkey pepperoni 100 by Boars Head: 380

Snack: bar 130 (staying off coffee bc i have one area irriated on face, the rest of my face is so improved!) when i get my last electrolysis done, i'm doing it with the needles for sensitive skin even though it doesn't work as well...sick of all the skin irritation....i think. really starting to love my clearing skin...

Lunch: healthy and dessert will be a large gala apple (less carbs with lunch and eating them as fruit mostly has been really nice this week)  sauteed eggplant 150, 100 in other veg, 150-200 in soy chicken from the weekend, 100 for large apple total: 550..was gonna have chips but amazingly started to crave the apple...feeling awesome to start making better choices this year..I feel like i'm slowly turning over a new leaf.

Skin is staying clear, just one place is clogged partially my fault for adding too much moisture cream in the am...maybe rubbing it in too much?

before gym: fiber one bar and caffeine (yes a Monster drink - not totally completely stopping cold turkey...this time i'm doing things little by little making small changes) 150 cal

1300 before gym...the gym that's closer to my home but i don't mind tonight, i want to sip the caffeine while i go on my drive!

After gym (i did break down and had ice cream, but NOT a whole pint & only AFTER eating something more nutritious) - large banana (for potassium and it seems they are ripe and i want to buy new ones tomorrow - had 2 left 150, and almonds lightly salted 200, and the ice cream 100. total is very decent at 450 :-)

1750 = extremely successful day & week...i did good despite a rocky start to the week! Proud of myself. 



Progress as of today: 1.4 lbs lost so far, only 3.6 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty - Thursday Jan 12, 2017
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 115.6

For Innerpeace Only:

I am so excited to be here!!! (I hope you will be enthusiastic up there InnerP!) I have the DISTINCT privilege of saying...that I PERSONALLY take TOTAL responsibility for this Special union between Kelly & Dianne!! Oh, the Times we’ve shared together… I have known Dianne since our freshman year of high school…

I can tell you so many STORIES…things and you would have to believe me.  because I doubt she would remember some of these tnanything. Her short term/long term memories are total whack! Don't get me wrong she remembers the There’s the cool stuff:  like vacations, trips, standing in line for concert tickets, meeting Dolly Parton (can you say something more on meeting Dolly Parton bc this is a REALLY COOL MEMORY!) and troubles with parallel parking (was there a time you actually dented the car or made a car alarm go off or did you hit anything!? Any more to the car story to add to make people laugh?),

….and then there’s ordinary day to day stuff…I wonder if Dianne remembers all of that...Dianne has been there for me through some very tough times, she has traveled to many places to visit and be by my side and for that I could never thank her enough. She was/has been my rock in the not so good and bad times.

I can say that I have been there for her as well...I was someone to rant and rave to about crappy work times, talk things out and wonder about times. There were times she would talk to me about things I had no clude what she was talking about and would only be there to listen!! Chakras, metaphysics and dogs! She'd drop a few names like Carolyn Myss and Wayne Dyer names I didn't know. I would listen but couldn't give any input because...well to be honest she’s weird sometimes! (will she take offense???) make sure to say these things as a joke!? Try when saying this paragraph to be extra sarcastic / funny in your tone…!

So, Imagine my surprise, while sitting in my office, working diligently, when Miss Kelly walks in and starts talking...again with the dogs, metaphysics and self help and I sit and listen again… with no input. But this time, the entire time I'm thinking...oh wow!!!!, I have this OTHER friend, who talks to me about the same exact things! So I told her: “I bet you guys would have some awesome conversation time!”  So I had these two friends, both loved talking about the same things, but they had never met…YET!

Well, the first attempt at getting them to meet, didn't quite work out… for reasons...trying times! Crazy times! Timing is everything! Sometimes it’s just not the right timing, ya know…But, a few years later, still having the same conversations with these two different people who still hadn’t met, I thought it would be just plain silly not to try again to introduce Kelly and Dianne to each other!.

I remember inviting Kelly to dinner with Dianne and I and they did talk and they had a great time...and as they say.. “that's all she wrote!”

…It was the perfect timing, their stars were aligned …each had something the other needed.

So speaking of timing, this is your time now & I hope you continue to have those crazy conversation times, listening and talking to one another and MORE happy times. And Kelly, if Dianne ever gets too mad at you...remember she loves ice cream time. I wish you both joy and happiness, but above all of this, I wish you love.

Here's to Dianne and Kelly times! Cheers! 

Progress as of today: 1.4 lbs lost so far, only 3.6 lbs to go!

innerpeace on 01/12/2017:
Thank you...thank you! I appreciate your time and your ideas.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/12/2017:
yeah, if you want you can save my ideas and i'll delete them from here...if you want!

and it's only my ideas, not right nor wrong...


it's hard to write these types of things! very hard.

horn_of_plenty - Wednesday Jan 11, 2017
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 115.6

Trying for a lower cal day today. I'm on the right track.I am feeling better, but still extremely tired in general this month. My skin is pretty clear this week, just some light pigment changes as the redness goes away from previous breakouts, hormones more normal this week, trying to maintain this by lowering my sugar consumption in evenings and having healthier dinners.


Home: kombucha 1 serving and also some tonic soda, diet, and ACV 40 cal.

Work: waiting to have a LATE breakfast of wrap 60, cream cheese 80, peanut butter 150, banana 120: 410.

Coffee throughout morning...keeping cals low. 50. (no bar with a later breakfast - i may opt to do this time to time again...)

Lunch: healthy, balanced: it's vegetarian bc the mock meats last longer than real meat in fridge and also bc the place i buy the meals from near me doesn't have meat. & large orange 100 total for lunch not more than 600.

6pm bigger dinner: chips (really after dinner i had chips) 260, potato around 150?, sauteed eggplant 150?, and egg / egg whites 150: 700 or so.

1800-1850, excellent....glad i skipped the morning snack and ate fully healthy today. !!!

glad i stayed away from sugar tonight...really working on not eating so much sugar / dairy. skin is pretty good lately.

 2080 5-day avg...as long as my avg stays around this number, all is good. no worries this week!


Progress as of today: 1.4 lbs lost so far, only 3.6 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 01/11/2017:
Sounds like a good day. :)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/12/2017:
for sure...i'm feeling much more relaxed and rested this year...starting to turn over a new leaf in 2017!

horn_of_plenty - Tuesday Jan 10, 2017
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 115.6

6:30am (maybe a hair too late) Home kombucha that didn't work i'm not sure what i really did wrong? 70, some tonic water, and also seltzer? and i was listening to the music i'm trying to learn...

8am Work: wrap 60, banana 120, cream cheese 80, peanut butter 200: 460

11am and a small Atkins bar and couple sf candies, good. 130

12:45pm lunch around 550-600 i think...lunch was healthy and balanced, but have gas due to not using the bathroom this AM yup...ugh!

4:45 snack before gym: bar and caffeine 100 and earlier was a darn really tasty chocolate from a coworker 50. and an orange 100.


2000 today - good.

2150 4-day avg.

Going to bed sorta annoyed at the day's events.


P is up in the moutains with no cell service currently...and same with my parents! they are on a cruise with limited service so I haven't received a text from P or my folks in a few days...

Progress as of today: 1.4 lbs lost so far, only 3.6 lbs to go!

puddles on 01/10/2017:
Have a good day.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/10/2017:
yes, doing that :)

grannyannie on 01/10/2017:
Hope tomorrow is better.

horn_of_plenty on 01/11/2017:
Should be thank you Annie...

It was a typical relationship type of thing that happened late in the day with a friend, all is basically ok now.

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