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horn_of_plenty - Monday Oct 26, 2015
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 119.0

1250 cal till before dinner.

no exercise.

went to therapy, left work early at 3:30pm...

Dinner: chips 230, soy chicken 250?, lots of cooked veggies (even though I am already bloated) 250-300. total here: 730 or so. good. and lots of garlic.

total today: 1950 or so. good.

Progress as of today: 7 lbs lost so far, only 4 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty - Sunday Oct 25, 2015
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 119.0

Morning :-D

Even though i'm not sleeping as many hours (last night around 6?), it seems I am still feeling rested & relaxed.

Did my laundry - sheets and clothes that I wore during apple picking yesterday.

7am Breakfast: apple 80, banana 120, oat bran with almond milk 150, dried fruit 50, cinnamon, peanut butter 150. 550. Felt slightly bingey - maybe because i'm not sleeping as much or maybe just because I still am craving food for comfort in the back of my head. Either way, i'm satisfied from breakfast and now going to relax a bit - read a little, go on the web...

10am ice cream and chips 550 = dumb!

Fell back to sleep around 11am-12pm

1pm lunch: avocado on toast 250, salad with vinegar and some chickpeas 150, 2 large shrimp 50? 450? oh, roasted cauliflower. 50

4pm: yogurt 80, coffee 50, apple 80: 230

7pm: was gonna just have a protein bar but was actually feeling like I should eat normal food. So dinner was a bit big, lots of veggies, sauce, some fish and some tofu "chicken". maybe 500 cal is my guess. Hopefully not too much more.  At least i'm definitely satisfied & i'll sleep thru the night.

total around 2350. at least I worked out. overall, besides that snack at 10am, it was a healthy day.

exercise: full weights routine

Progress as of today: 7 lbs lost so far, only 4 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 10/25/2015:
As long as you feel rested, you're getting enough sleep. Enjoy your Sunday.

ohioraven on 10/26/2015:
Ice Cream is a moment on the lips, forever on the Hips. Have a great day, HP.

horn_of_plenty - Saturday Oct 24, 2015
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 119.0

It's a happy Saturday :)

Breakfast: first kombucha 40, followed by oat bran with cinnamon, almond milk, banana, and peanut butter. total is 460.

Lunch: will be 1 fried egg 100, toast 160, maybe avocado 100, veggies 100

920, i'll say 950

Snack: apples 150, some decaf coffee later on 50, drive there was two lollipops 120, and two mints on way home 40. ...lol...I think this is it...around 350 here...

dinner: out to dinner :-D. huge salad with grilled shrimp and little dressing around 450...followed up with some very buttered challah bread maybe around 150 at most. total 600 prob.

total around 1900 - very good.

Still weighing 120. And realizing I can eat less calories without feeling deprived at work. I can make this work. I would hope to get down to 115 by...maybe the New Year. Or at least to be in the upper teens.

Today I'm off to go apple picking with two friends: my best friend & also a coworker friend that I've known I think 2 years now? I think. maybe it's only 1 year?  I eat with her everyday.  She's 28 and a lot of fun! She lives in Queens so I told her that she was welcome to come apple picking with us if she came over to my apt and we all went together there in my car around 12:45pm.

We are going out on Long Island, it should take around 2 hours because this place is very far out, farther than most.  I am driving, it will be the first time in a very long time that i've driven such a far distance and mostly on one road.  I'm glad to have company in my car to do it.  It's called The Milk Pail Farm.  Most apple orchards are already closed this season - but this place is open bc I called to check! Next year, I'll make sure to go apple picking earlier in the season. This year was a little complicated lol.

I slept decently last night. Probably around 6-7hrs. I did wake up a few times, but overall got decent sleep. I'm happy about it. And no sleeping pills. I was tempted when I first woke up at 4am.

I have already done all my laundry except bedding. Now tomorrow should be easier :-D since i'll only have to wash my sheets, go to supermarkets, and gym.



Progress as of today: 7 lbs lost so far, only 4 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 10/24/2015:
Enjoy your day!

horn_of_plenty - Friday Oct 23, 2015
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 119.0

Morning :-D

5:30-6am: Kevita Mint Mojito probiotic drink 30

It's been an eventful, pretty decent week to say the least. I'm happy with how it went. It had it's ups & downs and good experiences overall like the phone convo with my PT. It seems I have a lot of growing and learning still to do - even at 33 years old!

Calories were good all week.  Far less urge or even want to binge at all. Eating more carbs and more balanced helps.

Drank kombucha / other probiotic drinks each morning this week which I sorta like to do because it kinda clears you out before work...if you know what I mean.

Getting out of work at 4:30 really helps me to eat dinner at a normal time and be home at a normal time. I'm able to have a more restful night like this...I hope to keep these hours.


Watching calories has been easier since Thursday.

Calories before lunch: around 450 - 500.

Lunch: toast with olive oil 250, chicken 200?, salad 100. I'll say 550.

1050 before Apple snack 100.

Dinner: prob not more than 600.

Total 1700-1750. Great!

Healthy choices today.

Exercise 20 min walk before dinner.

Progress as of today: 7 lbs lost so far, only 4 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 10/23/2015:
That morning drink sounds yummy. I just watched a tutorial about the benefits of fermented food and beverages and they also included a recipe for a fermented "gingerade." I really need to start experimenting with some of this stuff - I haven't even tried kombucha yet!

thinkpositive on 10/23/2015:
Sounds like a good week with some nice balance.

horn_of_plenty - Thursday Oct 22, 2015
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 119.0

530 before lunch. still weighing around 119-120.

so far, so good :)

Calories after lunch: around 1200.

Snacking: black coffee but half a serving and apple on way to gym 100


After gym: Dunkin donuts flatbread with a little sauce, turkey, bacon and cheese. Says its around 400. I am nervous it's a little under. I'll say 450.

1750 - couldn't have asked for better.

Overall healthy day. Trying for more carbs lately for more balanced eating. I am doing a pretty good job overall.

I want to be around 5 lbs less for my sister's wedding at the beginning of April.

1925 cals per day for these 4 days. If I do want to lose weight, I will have to keep working at it and make good choices on weekends. I do feel better in control lately when eating.

Progress as of today: 7 lbs lost so far, only 4 lbs to go!

thinkpositive on 10/22/2015:
Sounds good!

horn_of_plenty - Wednesday Oct 21, 2015
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 119.0

1450 cal by 5pm before PT...seeing him....dying....I am here now...just feeling very quiet, very calm, whoa..

1900 maybe 2000.

Some PT.

Progress as of today: 7 lbs lost so far, only 4 lbs to go!

biscottibody59 on 10/21/2015:
I'm sure it's good to have things go smoothly for you!

Umpqua on 10/22/2015:
I hope everything went well with PT and you have a good one today!

horn_of_plenty - Tuesday Oct 20, 2015
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 119.0

Work was as good as it could ever be yesterday :) nice coworkers and all. I did some yoga, was sorta too fast, last night for 20min. Dinner was healthy at home. Late at night in his ride home, I had texted to ask my pt to call me. He did. We finally had a longer conversation. For around 35min we chatted as he drove home as he works late on Monday nights. We hung up around 10:30pm and I was up a lot of the night afterwards. It's ok. Tonight I know I will sleep better :) it was a good first longer conversation outside of seeing him for PT. he is a very sweet guy. I still like him a lot. I think there is a chance for us to date for sure.

1200 after lunch. all healthy. but a little too much fiber i'd say.

Snack before workout - lots of fruit 200 and also two candies earlier


Dinner: indulged in a toasted croissant. With egg and bacon from DD. Hit the spot and no more fiber which is good Bc I was beginning to feel a bit drained from not having enough solid food and too much oatbran and fiber bar for a snack in am. So around 500-550 Oh and the kombucha which is full of probiotics - too much.

Total today is 2000. Good!

Progress as of today: 7 lbs lost so far, only 4 lbs to go!

puddles on 10/20/2015:
Interesting progress with PT guys go for it.

horn_of_plenty on 10/20/2015:
I am :-D

Umpqua on 10/20/2015:
That's wonderful that you had such a good day at work and a nice conversation with PT to boot. Not a bad way to start off the week!

horn_of_plenty on 10/20/2015:
I think so too :-D

ohioraven on 10/21/2015:
Have a great day HP.

horn_of_plenty - Monday Oct 19, 2015
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 119.0

Morning! 5:30am here and getting up for a shower. Back to work after being out for a month. No plans after work. Just need to pick up a chicken. Maybe some light yoga in my apartment - we will see.

1250 calories before dinner, all healthy.

dinner: sorta big portions: roasted chicken wing with skin & drumstick with skin (at least it was a small chicken) 350?, lots of roasted veggies 250-300? with some salad greens. i'll say 650-700.

total around 1950, fine.

exercise: none, except trying out a yoga CD at home for 20 min.

I may not be able to keep calories low - or i'll just have to plan even better. It's going to be a little harder now that i'm back to work, but i'll try.

ankle is a bit of a nuisance but now i'm home & i'm going to rest it, ice it, do some reading...and comment on your entries soon, I promise! probably going to go to bed early tonight.

today was a good overall day. my boss was beyond caring and kind. All coworkers were so nice. I am lucky.

Progress as of today: 7 lbs lost so far, only 4 lbs to go!

ohioraven on 10/19/2015:
Have a good day at work, HP.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 10/19/2015:
It was pretty darn good. :)

Umpqua on 10/19/2015:
I hope all goes well at work this week, you are certainly rested and in good shape for your return!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 10/19/2015:
Thank you for the important reminder..that I am well rested & in good shape to return. Thank you :) means a lot and is a really important reminder.

puddles on 10/19/2015:
Back to a new routine now - back to work - have a great day.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 10/19/2015:
yes, a little bit of a new routine :-D

thinkpositive on 10/20/2015:
So nice to have supportive people at work.

horn_of_plenty - Sunday Oct 18, 2015
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 119.0

Hi DDers!

9am Breakfast: oatbran with almond milk 150, small banana 120, rest of the Smart Balance nut butter 250: 520, good...filling!...

12pm Lunch: 1/2 avocado 150, 1/2 large turkey burger 150?, potatoes 150? total : 450, good. lollipop later on, small one. 30.

3:30pm Snack before gym: iced coffee, medium, and mixed in my blender with cookie dough protein powder (bought a single sample, probably will not buy again) 200 or so.  and warm strawberries 50.

7pm Dinner: lots of veggies, cooked, some sauce. also vegetarian soy "chicken." is very tasty how they prepare it. tastes like Chinese food! lol. probably at most 500 cals. few scraps of potato too..

1750, at most. full weights.

feeling pretty good about going back to work tomorrow. yes. i'll prob pack my food - breakfast, lunch, snacks, in the morning. looking to go to bed on the early side tonight.


Just replaced my shower liner. Everything feels cleaner now :-D

Looking forward to a relaxing day today. Planning on gym this AM, soon.

Later on, I will probably file my nails...lol...and food shopping.  I will clean up around here, but not so much as it's all clean. I'm ready for Monday. :-D Feeling good today, especially that everything is already clean & prepared.

I never did get the jeans in time to start the week, but they'll be delivered sometime this week from Old Navy. I may have bought a size too small, and if so, I'll return them at the store by me and re-order the right size. :-D

I will probably fix up a few days worth of food so I don't have to think about it until maybe Wednesday...we'll see.  Looking to make choices to make life easier for myself as I go back to work. Looking to plan more in advance,  or at least make better choices more frequently. One good thing, I may be getting out of work everyday at 4:30pm - if I have any say about it...will discuss this later on with my boss.

I plan to have days throughout the week where I don't have plans after work. Tuesdays & Thursdays will still be weights at the gym. And one other day I may have therapy (regular, not physical). But, I may stick to doing it only 1x every other week, not sure.  I also plan to do some yoga I think. At home. around 1-2x per week is my plan. I will do it instead of cardio for awhile until my ankle is feeling a hair better again. It's not terrible, but it is a bit irritated. I have it managed though.

Still waking up during night, but I slept in late till 8. Really great amount of sleep! Tomorrow will be an early morning with a wake-up probably around 5:30am. And good thing is, I have NOTHING planned after work so it's an easier first day back to work tomorrow.

Progress as of today: 7 lbs lost so far, only 4 lbs to go!

biscottibody59 on 10/18/2015:
I read through your entry below.

". . . my friends telling me I should see someone else and never contact the man again."

It seems he has shown a basic respect for you up until now, but telling you how to behave changes the game.

I'd take your friends' advice very seriously.

I hope you have smooth sailing next week!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 10/18/2015:
In almost every way, I should listen to my friends...but I know I am "atypical" myself...so whatever guy I do find, if I find one, will probably be quirky as well..

I feel the in context, what he asked me to do, makes sense only because he really is still going to be seeing me at physical therapy, even if I am now paying for a wellness program, rather than actual therapy. so, I can understand that he wants to keep his private life outside of work for now. I can understand that...that's what he meant :-D But, I am listening to you. And my friends do have good intentions in mind for me, so, yeah..

but I always value other's insight - especially yours on here.

horn_of_plenty - Saturday Oct 17, 2015
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 119.0

9:30am Breakfast: overnight oat bran with almond milk, cinnamon, stevia 150, and lots of strawberries 70. 220.

11:30am snack: peanut butter 200

12pm snack: 2% greek yogurt with stevia and cinnamon, herbal tea 150

1:45pm lunch: 1 fried egg, 1 egg white 100, spray 20?, toast 150 with sesame oil 50, and kale salad with a little dressing 130 total: 450, and healthy!

couple jolly ranchers during the afternoon, 50.

dinner: another diner we tried out. got a salad with grilled shrimp and roasted peppers 250?. also had some hummus and 1/2 a toasted pita 200?.  maybe around 500?

total today: 1600, success. I am going to achieve 115 lbs this year.

exercise: mostly on my butt until my friend came around 3pm. really relaxed most of day, which was GOOD. we walked around the Queens farm for an hour, perfect amount of time as it was a small place but nice for the afternoon. and then we stopped off at a 99 Cent store before going to a diner for dinner. we are now trying diners out. a different one every time we get together. :-D

I've been waking up in the middle of the night for the past few nights. I don't give it too much thought, and I haven't been grabbing snacks either. It is some kind of anxiety - either about going back to work or dating or something. Done with sacking in the middle of the night - never a good one 

So...one thing that's been nice is that i'm still getting decent sleep because I am able to sleep in enough to counteract the time i'm up during the night. This won't be the case when I go back to work - but I think being busier during the day is going to make me tired enough to sleep thru the night! yeah.

Today, I'm going to take care of some laundry this am after I shower & cleaned my bathroom :)

Later on, around 2pm, my best friend is coming over and we are going to a farm / farmer's market in Queens nearby! I'm not keen on the walking, but will where an ankle support and don't plan to be there all day obviously...on a positive note, i'm looking forward to the time outside, with my best friend, and hopefully we'll come home with some tasty apples. And we are going to dinner tonight.

So, with my physical therapist. First, he does have his own issues as he is 44 & single & I think has low confidence sometimes outside of his work - which he excels in and shows high confidence there.  I did go to him on Wednesday, despite my friends telling me I should see someone else and never contact the man again. I've known him just shy of two years now, seeing him on & off during that time only for PT. Texting, mostly me initiating, has been going on for about 1.5 years now. The texting is fun usually and light hearted, never sexual or rude.

When I see him now for PT, we chat as any friends would. He asked me how my bday was...asked me if I had a hangover the next day! I told him no, because I don't drink, and because I never went to the bar after dinner because that was only added to the mix if he were to come...that took him for a loop (I could see his facial expression that I either upset him or he was sorry for not being able to come? I am not sure...)

I didn't text him this week, until last night. I had watched a corny chick flick movie called "Crazy Love" or something like that. Well, after watching it, I started to get the feeling that I wanted to contact my PT by calling him. Reason being I did text him, and not in my usual nice way, earlier before the movie. I felt I may have went overboard and wanted to clear the air, discuss with him why I've been upset especially when I saw him Wednesday...

So I did call him, close to 10pm. He was out at a bar with some of his friends and he did pick up. He sounded a little tipsy but nothing major.  He didn't seem to be phased by my crazy texts at all and he asked a couple times if I was ok. He told me who he was with, where he was, what his plans were the next week, that he really was sick when he missed my bday (I didn't bring that up in the least, so that's good), that he does want to take me out (I didn't bring this topic up either), and we joked about me wearing sneakers everywhere I go. I asked if he'd still go out with me if I wore my black sneakers and like the understanding, good guy he is, he said "it's your body, you wear what you want."  He is a good guy. Something different about him.  I think he is a bit nervous about relationships too. Although I can't be sure, as I don't know him on such an intimate level as I only see him at PT and text him.

I swear, I don't think it's only me that enjoys the texting and wants to take it further. I definitely have a good understanding with him. I don't want it to end, despite my friends telling me to stop with it. After all, they aren't single and trying to get to know an older, single guy who is very independent and at times has his own skeletons in the closet. He also deals with some pain in his shoulder that's been going on months if not years. I feel for him, I understand this guy. And he does understand me, which is the best part.

If only we could go out already, and move this forward. There is just something about him that attracts me more than usual...like I can't see it end because it doesn't seem right. I may sound crazy here. I am not sure. But the point is last night, when he was t the bar, he picked up his phone, spoke to me, and reassured me. So why should I stop liking him then? We are both busy and unfortunately live over an hour from each other on the weekends.

There is no reason that this thing can't move forward, even if it takes time, because that's even how my relationship with my best female friend started. Slowly. we took our time betting to know each other. I don't open up quickly to people. So when dating, I don't mind it being slow moving. And I have no problem discussing all of this with him...we just need to be able to chat more.  and I don't mean more texting.  Despite everyone telling me to step away from this unavailable guy, I can't.

He said a few more things to me on our short phone conversation last night. He said that I can't hang it over his head or continually remind him that he's my PT if we were to go out...and to keep it quiet when I see him at his work. I told him of course I would follow thru with those things. And he did mention that he had spoken about me to the friends he was with earlier in the night...hmmm.


Progress as of today: 7 lbs lost so far, only 4 lbs to go!

biscottibody59 on 10/17/2015:
RYC: It's not bad to wake up as long as you can get back to sleep in a reasonable amount of time. There are some good visuals I found, but I don't have the link handy. Will try to put them up on my diary soon.

Keep up the good work!

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