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horn_of_plenty - Monday May 19, 2014
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 127.0

A long day but u know what? I am thankful for everything right now, just very thankful. Maybe we will even get out early Friday. I sure hope so. If so, I will be really really naughty and invite my guy friend over! Yes.

Calories through the day at work 1200. I don't have a great diet but trying to eat least eat a very healthy lunch this week - some salmon, cooked veggies & rice. Balanced to get me through the afternoons without really needed a snack until after work.

Snack after work: my lovely apple and iced decaf 200 :) nice!!!

Dinner bar: around 250

Total: 1650, perfect.

Cardio around 15 minutes. But that is ok :) right now.

Progress as of today: -2 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

SkinInTheGame on 05/19/2014:
I needed to read an upbeat post today! Thanks for looking at the bright side of a Monday before a 3-day weekend! Very nice - I am feeling better already!!

horn_of_plenty - Sunday May 18, 2014
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 127.0

Evening Update: So, I finally had a plan for the day & stuck with it.  yes!! 

I got all my errands done & the gym between the hours of 12-4.  I got home exactly when my friend got to my apt.  so we walked up together. We hung out a bit inside & went to an earlyish dinner. we were leaving there by 6:15 (yes, done eating by then!) and I wasn't fully satisfied and was a tad low on calories anyways, so came home & had a "chocolate espresso" protein bar by "Think Thin."  A nice a heavy flavor that satisfied me for the night!

Calories through the afternoon: 1000 or so.

Dinner: 700?

Snack: bar, 230.

1930 cal. GOOD. I know I said 1800 for today, but, it is the weekend & I allowed myself wiggle room.  However, for the week, I am sticking to the plan of iced decaf coffee and an apple after work before physical therapy or gym & a bar or shake after.  I have very healthy lunches though....with good carbs, protein, and veggies.  gotta have at least one nice meal every day.

My workout today was awesome.  It was a really strong, long workout.  Full upper body.  It felt good to put it a hardcore workout & not skimp on anything!  Plus, I felt & looked really strong.  If I were to lose 10 lbs, I would look so strong!  But for now, I am proud of myself & my strength & my dedication to preservere to get exactly to where I want to be! Bring it on!

Happy Sunday!

Because I really want to lose weight and it's not a joke anymore, I will keep calories today at 1800 today because I want to & I know I can do it.

8am Starting off with warm fresh squeezed lemon juice in warm water & stevia. and actually had two large cups (2 lemons) around 30 cal. and then actually waited to have breakfast until 3 hours later! wow.  I was busy on the phone & doing laundry & showering!  I love that feeling of being productive....and glad food, for once in so long, wasn't on my mind every moment this morning. thank gosh :) for once.

11am Brunch: oatmeal 160 with a little hemp seed butter 40?, fage greek yogurt 100, 1/2 banana 60...some stevia was involved too :)  total here: 360.

total so far: 400, pretty excellent. the plan is to get keys made & go to the gym. later, after the gym, I need to do a couple errands as well & pick up some food for the week.  then home :) yay. and my laundry and everything is done :)  and dinner with my best friend. nice weekend Sunday for sure.


Progress as of today: -2 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

SkinInTheGame on 05/18/2014:
Excellent plan, Plenty! Nice commitment and strategy for the day! If you feel like you might "veer" from it later, come back and read your post and recommit! I need to stick with my plan too today so I'll be strong if you'll be strong! I think I re-read my strategy yesterday like 20 times!!!

SkinInTheGame on 05/18/2014:
Good for you!! Nice successful weekend with lots of commitment and dedication to your goals! I am so glad to have you as an example! Let's have a great week together!

horn_of_plenty - Saturday May 17, 2014
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 127.0

Darnn midnight snack because the wind was so loud during the storm I couldn't sleep & instead thought I was hungry. yeah, right. 400 cal. but it was healthy.  lots of a carrot salad (some oil) on a wrap and then some nut butter on a wrap. total was 400.

7:30am breakfast: greek yogurt and oatmeal 260, fabulous. (and of course I am not constipated anymore since I am not rushing to work today and have time at home in the AM!)

Snacking before and after gym 160 cal bar and definitely iced decaf around 250 total 900 or so. Good. Bad start to the day with the binge last night 400 cal at 11pm wasted. But I am learning.

1650 (maybe more but not counting more calories lol) after large but very healthy lunch at 2-2:30.

small snack: 1/2 small banana 50...followed by protein bar, 250 total.

1900 before the bbq get together.  it's said that when I have events I still tend to overeat before them.  this is also something I want to work on again.....try to save calories later in the day for myself & not get all-consumed and anxious and overeat before getting together with friends & family.

at the get together: veggies...diet sprite zero....some grilled veggies that happened to be a little too oily but they were good & I had brought them for the hosts to grill so I happily ate them lol..glad to just have the option of having veggies, actually! so around 100-150 for the peppers (maybe more but that's what I am counting)...and a hamburger....most of it. around 300-350 there. total around 500...maybe more, but hopefully not! oh and a small piece of watermelon.

total around 2400, success, because it wasn't an all-out failure :) 

Sunday is a new day.

Progress as of today: -2 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty - Friday May 16, 2014
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 127.0

I had lots of warm water with store bought lemon juice this am and pretty much told myself that I would have to poop or wasn't going to work. I had planned to not even do my hair nicely just to relax and be able to do this before work without rushing. Luckily the lemon juice (real lemons are better but I didn't have and I will be trying this often in the morning upon getting up now bc it's good for the body) kicked in a little bit and I was far less bloated in general today which I am very thankful for!!! Work felt so much better.

Calories were purposefully watched and considered :)

Calories thru lunch 1050. Calories after work apple and iced decaf coffee 200. Calories after physical therapy 250. I stuck to my plan. If I stick to this plan, there is no doubt that I will be losing weight the next two months. No doubt at all :). My head is in the game and the time is right. I am actually excited for this round of weightless bc I know how to do it so well. I can almost taste how good it will feel. And this time I only have like 10 lbs. 15 tops. Not looking to be frail skinny. I am happy.

1500 cal. Leg physical therapy and some walking at lunch. Overall I probably walked 1.5 mi today not much but not sedentary either. I skipped abs and back this week. And my back feels it!

In my opinion I had a loss of around 1100 calories this week based on a 2000 cal diet comparing my diet to it. So that's around 1/3 a pound. I can probably even do more but honestly 1700 works well for me most days and I am not gonna push too much lower now.

Progress as of today: -2 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty - Thursday May 15, 2014
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 127.0

I did much better today than yesterday with calories but I am still majorly bloated. No matter what I eat - oatmeal for 3 days! My body is holding it. I can't get myself to fully relax each week with being busy early morning till night.

Calories : 1300 after lunch. 200 cal apple and iced decaf. And 200 at most after workout. 1700 maybe less and that's perfect! Exercise was upper body weights no cardio.

Progress as of today: -2 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

legcramps on 05/16/2014:
That's got to be so uncomfortable. I'm thinking of you and hope you get some relief soon!

I have a hard time with carbs. I usually save the majority for dinner because my lunches are always so quick and I don't really stop to actually enjoy what i'm eating - I just power through it and get back to work. And my opinion is that carbs are to be enjoyed ;) I have a lot of work to make my daily meals as healthy as possible, but for right now it is about as good as time will permit. Maybe some day I will switch things up a bit, but I don't want to put too much pressure on myself to 'get everything right', you know? Some days it's hard enough just putting one foot in front of the other!

SkinInTheGame on 05/16/2014:
Stay with it, Plenty!! This to shall pass!!

horn_of_plenty - Wednesday May 14, 2014
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 127.0

Had a bar after my workout and then splurged on a full heavy quart of cooked sautéed veggies. I can never stop when I start. It's ok...but I am already severely bloated bc these couple weeks are very busy and my body is just holding everything in. As a kid I used to get constipated like this but it's worse now bc I overindulge and eat lots of volume. There is literally no place for the food to go and I have no idea how I could be holding so much in. Sorry for this but maybe someone has a good suggestion. I was supposed to just have a bar and almond milk but didn't want the milk. I had bought the veggies for another day - prob weekend - but succombed to temptation and tried them - and they were good so I ate every last drop actually feeling my stomach extending to fit it in gross but good at the same time? Sad. It is a bit emotional but so dumb. I can hardly walk around work these days. Maybe drinking lots of water could help tonight.

Calories 1450 after a healthy lunch at work. Snack was 200 - the apple and decaf coffee.

1650. Followed after physical therapy with a small bar 150 and the binge on sautéed veggies around 250 at least. 400.

2050. Decent but why try so hard and fail right? Tomorrow I will stick to my plan it should be easy but I hope this water helps me tonight!

Basically I have been constipated pretty much fully since Sunday evening.

Progress as of today: -2 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

legcramps on 05/15/2014:
Throw some leafy greens at yourself, and take in some fibre. A good thing to try for constipation is something like metamucil, to soften things up a bit. I also find that strong, bitter coffee helps loosen things up if you know what I mean ;)

horn_of_plenty - Tuesday May 13, 2014
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 127.0

1250 or so after lunch. Few almonds 50.

Snack before workout 200

Bar after workout 250

1750! Hot dadamn! Nice. So I guess changing after work eating to iced decaf coffee and an apple is good for now. And after exercise or pt, a bar. By doing this calories stay low. This will be my diet Monday thru Thursdays right now. I don't think I will include Fridays so that if I want to eat something else I can. Trying harder to lose weight.

We will see if I can keep calories around the same the next two days. Friday will be low too. Saturday I have a get together with friends and I will watch my eating. There will be tons of vegetables...I will bring some to make sure.

And Sunday I will try to be good but I can foresee myself wanting lots and vegetables, but we'll see.

Progress as of today: -2 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

SkinInTheGame on 05/13/2014:
I totally agree with a weekday strategy - then all you have to do is follow your plan and not cheat! I'm with you!

horn_of_plenty - Monday May 12, 2014
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 127.0

1750 cal success. Mile walk at lunch and leg pt. Happy girl :)

Progress as of today: -2 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

SkinInTheGame on 05/12/2014:
Happy 4 you, Plenty! Keep up the good work!

gfryer on 05/13/2014:
Forgive me if I'm a little confused but your weight says 2lb off 9lb to go and it's said that for a while. I commented saying 9lb to go is great and when I did I was sure id made the same comment a while ago. So I'm sorry for repeating a comment. Is your weight still 9lb to go?

legcramps on 05/13/2014:
good day!

horn_of_plenty - Sunday May 11, 2014
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 127.0

If I can learn to listen more closely to  my body...learn to eat less volume again...learn to be kinder to my body, I could lose quite a bit of weight.  As a kid, I never had a weight problem.  I was always in the 10th percentile, or lower!, on the weight chart for kids my height.  I never ever gave food a second thought, always stopping when full not even thinking about it.  things changed when I was a senior in high school, this is when the weight roller coaster began.  and it's never stopped. from when I was 17 till now, at 31.almost 15 years. well, I know a good part of the reason why.  it has to do solely with something emotional, relating to relationships.  it's to fill a void.  it's for when I want to be alone, filling some kind of need with food instead of what I really need.  when I was not injured, I covered up the problem completely by exercising to balance out my calories. also, exercising would take me out of my house, away from temptations. 

I'd take a day on the weekend and drive from place to place...or walk a lot...and I was happy doing this, being alone, but free to go wherever I wanted to.  now it's a little different, I spend more time home on the weekends.  I don't even like to run around as much as I used to with errands on the weekends.  a big part of this is due to my leg injury.

but my leg injury is getting much better. the last couple weekends it's bothered me, and I think it can be attributed to pt on Fridays, with a different guy.  he takes a rod and roughly massages my shins with it.  it hurts a lot when he does it - and he's quite strong.  maybe next week I will skip this aspect of the physical therapy because it is leaving my legs quite irritated all weekend.

8am breakfast started out weird bc I thought I was going to eat and go back to sleep. maybe I still will. napa cabbage cooked in a little broth/salt/pepper 100?, oatmeal 160 with banana 120, and hemp seed butter I found 50, bar more balanced with fat/higher carb/protein 200: 630 good.

11am snack 300 930.

total today: prob around 2250, def a success on Mother's Day & great food, so healthy!, at my parent's house. a nice weekend with a good weights routine. feeling pretty ready for the week ahead!

Progress as of today: -2 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

SkinInTheGame on 05/11/2014:
Plenty - thank you for sharing where you are mentally now - it really is good for us to hear your resolve and how you are working through things. Be good to yourself - that is so important!

If you feel you are eating too much (like I did) - stop, close your eyes and listen to yourself breathe and think of your goals. Then get up, clean up and do something that will make you feel good!

We are together on this! Have a great day!

gfryer on 05/12/2014:
Only 9lb to go, that's fantastic! Thanks for sharing your feelings. Makes me think about mine and my reasons for over eating.

skinnygrlwithin on 05/12/2014:
Thank you so much for sharing, I know how incredibly hard it is to be honest with yourself and others... but understanding what is bothering you and causing you to struggle with your weight loss is the first step. I completely understand where you're coming from... I never had an issue at all with weight until I was about 25... I ate when I was hungry, stopped when I was full, never focused on food or allowed it to consume me... I'm a stress eater though, and a lot of very stressful changes in my life happened around this time so I think that's what started my roller coaster as well.

Try and focus on one goal at a time... it seems like you feel like you eat too much and aren't as active as you'd like to be... so set mini goals for yourself to achieve every day... like for me today I am going grocery shopping and putting away laundry regardless of when I get out of work... and as for food... I don't want to push ideals on anyone, but I'm really loving this no calorie counting thing... I feel like far less of a slave to food and it forces me to truly focus on what my body is telling me.

We're here for you...always to inspire, encourage and support...so remember you're not alone.

legcramps on 05/12/2014:
It's all about trying things until you find something that works!

That massaging with the rod thing sounds like the myofasical release my pt does to me... I know it helps me, even though it hurts and it does leave my shins feeling rough for a bit afterwards. Instead of asking him not to do it at all, could you ask him to let up a bit instead of using all his muscles?! Because I do think this massage is something that is probably helping you out.

horn_of_plenty - Saturday May 10, 2014
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights/bike)
Weight: 127.0

800 cal.



around 1350 after lunch at 1:20...decent.....

 def around 2250, decent.

exercise: not too much walking....and abs / back.

Progress as of today: -2 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

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