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horn_of_plenty - Saturday Jun 13, 2009
(count calories/exercise/relaxing thoughts!)
Weight: 141.0

saturday's entry:

breakfast: peppers 150...lol, lots of peppers....

followed by a lean cuisine fish entry, i know weird: 330, yogurt 70

snack: bar, drink  200

snack: drink 150

bar: 170, more peppers 100.

dinner: salad, large ass brownie. i was in the mood for dessert at the diner, and not diner. so i just orderred a regular salad, but really indulged in the brownie and coffee. ehh, maybe 1,000 for dinner. well worth it. :)

total today: approx 2200 or so. nice day overall. good times with my best friend :)

exercise: moderate. 2 mile walk, 25 minute elliptical, abs, back. my knee is in major pain. may have to by something for it... 

Progress as of today: -16 lbs lost so far, only 21 lbs to go!

loveray on 06/14/2009:
sounds like you had a great day with your friend as well!! yay for best friend time. happy week to you. xoxo

grumpy on 06/14/2009:
I did that before, ordered a small very light appetizer as my entry and a big ass dessert. hehehehehe

horn_of_plenty - Friday Jun 12, 2009
(count calories/exercise/relaxing thoughts!)
Weight: 141.0

good morning all. :)  So i have 21 lbs until i reach 120. that's not really that much...as I can lose 10 lbs a month with proper exercise and not binging.  i have ALL of my last three tests next week. two on monday, one on wednesday. i am NOT stressing over them. my averages are good in my classes and i would rather continue with exercising and stuff like that at this time. lol. priorities!?

i'll be going on vacation from July 6-16th. exciting stuff! the nice thing is that it will be a very busy vacation, lots to see and do, so i won't have to as much as worry one bit about succeeding in weight loss unless i decide to pig out - which i can assure you i will not.  i will try VERY hard.  however, if the food selection is bad, as i will be on a tour with food mostly provided, i'll have to make do. but, if i can, i will try to make good choices...

Today is the 12th. When I get back from the trip it'll be the 16th, a little over one month. I would like to be in the high 120's by then....and it is totally possible. AND, I am NOT going to start looking for a job until i return from this trip.  I kinda want to lose most of my weight before getting ajob too....just so that i don't end up having too much to do and not enough to do any of my personal needs too.

so, july 16th, upper 120s (really want to be OUT of the 130s...). then, August 16th....possibly, i can make the upper teens? yeah, it's a lot to think of now....but, this could mean that i could lose all the weight i need to by September. and then just work on maintaining....and by maintiaining, staying in the teens. THIS IS ALL TOO FAR FETCHED RIGHT NOW, I ADMIT. but, with the lack of tests during summer,i am really, really going to work hard on improving my physique. however, there will still be some studying to do.

if i want to succeed in this occupation, i need to step up my game, considerably, over the summer. study the positions each night at least 10 minutes....(even though we'll not be responsible for tests)

breakfast/snack: (split in half except for having the light yogurt with breakfast) whole avocado 300, pita 140, 1/2 cup eggwhites, yogurt 60. total: 560 yummy and healthy calories.

lunch: ice cream cake and coffee lol. someone's bday today. and it was well worth it.  yum.  500 cal probably.

snack 1:  full bar. 170

snack 2:  emtoional eating to relax me. was raining, now it's nice. i should go out soon! 3 light and fit yogurs 240 , whole package of rice cakes 560 total here: 800 arg.

total so far:  2030. bit high...since the goal is to lose weight....but, i do plan on having dinner still.....will go up to around 2300 today.


dinner: plum, 3 yellow peppers TOTAL AROUND 150


exercise:  ehh, probably the gym since the weather isn't holding right now...

Progress as of today: -16 lbs lost so far, only 21 lbs to go!

sweetpea1977 on 06/12/2009:
mmmmm...avocadoes! I could eat those all day long! :) Have a good Friday and weekend!

h82bfat on 06/12/2009:
How do you know if an avocadoe is ready to eat/ripe? I've heard them mentioned SO many times that I've thought about trying them - even went so far as to pick one up - only to put it right back down becus I'm not good at picking fruit. They must be in season becus I've noticed a significant price drop locally, so now is the time for me to give them a try.

horn_of_plenty - Thursday Jun 11, 2009
(count calories/exercise/relaxing thoughts!)
Weight: 145.0

filling breakfast: 380 cal of oatmeal w. a little egg white mixed in, banana, light yogurt.

snack: kashi bar 140

lunch: coffee, chips...250 was great.

snack 2? bar? full bar?  170

dinner: lean cuisine. 400, tomatoes 150, cauliflower 60.  610 or a bit more.

exercise: light, 1.5 miles need to take it easy. yesterday was a hard day.

total cal today: 1550. nice day. was on my feet a lot at school. and boy do i need to get better at these xrays...arg.

Progress as of today: -20 lbs lost so far, only 25 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty - Wednesday Jun 10, 2009
(count calories/exercise/relaxing thoughts!)
Weight: 145.0

calories are good. will exercise in a little bit....

breakfast had some fruit (a nice kiwi!!!) and other good things, low on protein though which lead to a little more hunger than i should have. good fats in my avocado though.

snack: other half of my avocado on pita.

total up to here: around 600

lunch: horrible for you but kinda cool BBQ flavored fritos! lol. and a large coffee. not more than 300.  (horrible selection of chips)  I refuse a sald for lunch as the hostpial selections SUCK and i don't find eating vegetables and no protein or just cheese to be satisfying.

snack: THREE yogurts (of the light variety) and some strawberries. 300 i had to.

total up to here: 1200 fine...

dinner: microwave meal, veggies: 


Progress as of today: -20 lbs lost so far, only 25 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty - Tuesday Jun 09, 2009
(count calories/exercise/relaxing thoughts!)
Weight: 145.0

1400 calories today. 1.5 mile slow walk. need my ankle to feel better.

breakfast: 200 banana and light yogurt.

snack: bar 150

lunch: horrible. chips and decaf coffee 300

snack: sorta healthy bar 200

dinner: LOTS of veggies, 200 cal worth, and a microwave meal 400 or so. total 600

total: 1400-1450 at most. very happy with a low calorie count, but still pretty appropriate for the day i had.


Progress as of today: -20 lbs lost so far, only 25 lbs to go!

h82bfat on 06/10/2009:
Looks like you had a pretty good day. I like how you always are aware of your calorie intake. I'm not there yet! I only monitor my calories when I know it's something I should be avoiding. Thanks for the breakfast advice the other day. I used to skip breakfast. I got into the habit of having breakfast by drinking Slim Fast. I've only been eating "real" food for about a week now, so I may eventually start upping my breakfast game by incorporating more than cereal.

loveray on 06/10/2009:
have you tried a "full bar" yet? it's made with puffed cereal and they are really big and filling (hence the name.) i usually dont eat those bars, but this one was actually really tasty and satisfying. http://www.fullbar.com/ xoxo

thinnside40 on 06/10/2009:
Holding out for you to have a spectacular day..... Take care!

horn_of_plenty - Monday Jun 08, 2009
(count calories/exercise/relaxing thoughts!)
Weight: 145.0

exercise: 20 minute run/walk mile, 25 minutes elliptical, pushups, back work, and sit ups. the end!

total today: 2050. fine. arg. not weightloss fine, but fine in maitenance range.

not a bad day in any way....arg! calories went a bit astray....NEED to get up and go for a walk....

breakfast got me too hungry only 2 hours after eating, weird: small, protein and fiber weight watchers bagel, egg whites, 1/2 avocado, light drink: 400.

snack: bar: eaten too early....150 with fiber, healthy fat, carbs.

lunch: chips but lower fat and with olive oil lol, but chips, and coffee 250

early snack when i got home around 2:30: microwave meal, lots of veggies. 450

total so far: 1250....ICE cREAM so 600 more....1850...will probably have a protein bar or something later....

my plans for 1650 after that early snack have gone out the window...

dinner: snickers marathon protein bar 150, a light drink supplement powder in water. 2 16 ounce glasses. 50 total 200.


Progress as of today: -20 lbs lost so far, only 25 lbs to go!

thinnside40 on 06/08/2009:
Your mileage all looks good...At least that causes some of the calories to be worked off....One day @ a time H_O_P.....Sometimes one minute @ a time too......Set a short-term goal again..I need to too!!!

smiley2 on 06/09/2009:
Thanks for the welcome back comment! See we are about in the same weight range. What is your length and goal weight? I am 5 foot 4 and my goal weight is around 127. Wx

loveray on 06/09/2009:
looks like you are doing really well. i am so happy!! its really hard to stay on track. i am going to hot yoga tonight for the first time in a LONG time so wish me luck!! im nervous...

horn_of_plenty - Sunday Jun 07, 2009
(count calories/exercise/relaxing thoughts!)
Weight: 145.0

total calories today was nothing great but nothing terrible at all. 2100 or so. too many cookies at grandma's....

BUT, 9 miles exercise throughout day. 5 mi in the morning, 1 with grandma, 3 back at a park by my town. so, that's pretty awesome. i feel a bit better about myself than i did yesterday.

next week my goal is a 10 miler day. doesn't have to be all at once....and won't be...but i want 10 miles of exercise througout ONE day. :)


breakfast: small bagel, 1/2 avocado, butter, and then vanilla yogurt. total here: 440. and i will NOT go back for anything else.

lunch: bar?

snack: bars?

snack: bar? who knows....

dinner: microwave meal, veggies, and BED. yeah, going to bed.

not happy with the past week. made the terrible mistake of eating about 9,500 calories too much. yeah, could you believe that? if i divide that # by 3500 it means I have ACTUALLY gained at least 2.7 (almost 3) pounds. that is the amount at least that i had lost before this past week started. It is true, I am back to square one. all the work i had been doing is somewhat lost, except for the fact that physically i am probably stronger than i used to be like a month ago. 

I'm not crying over this, i do feel that i could have made the right choices. i do feel i do have control - that it is my own doing and i can stop the binging if i want to. i hope. i have an appointment to meet with a psychologist, actually, on July 20th.  I have NO TESTS this summer and my plan is to not binge all summer. and, i might as well start my plan early - we don't have many tests left this year so not too much stress....

i would like to stop binging cold turkey. it's hard, bc we do NEED food to survive. so i can't just say "no food." i can plan out my meals and stick with them though. that is what i did when i was successful YEARS ago. everything was planned and i lost weight. i think i'm kidding myself right now. i need to reconfigure a plan, and stick with it. i have not lost anything and just gained misery this year.

so, why don't i just plan 1200 calorie days and stick to them? that is probably too low, actually. So, alright, 1500 calorie days. stick to them, and lose the weight. It should be easy, right? lol .

so, 440 calories for breakfast this morning.

snack: bar - 160 cal and water.

snack: fruit and another bar, water: 270

total so far: 870

snack: yes, a bar: up to 200

dinner: microwave meal and veggies, up to 500. the end.

calories are not over 1500.

that is how easy it can be to lose weight when you plan meals. now, i just have to stick with this. i haven't been able to stick with not binging. that is what gets me.

if i stick to 1500 calories each day this week, i'll lose 1 pound. i exercise a lot and i do believe i burn around 2,000 calories each day. so, 500 cal burned per day times 7 days a week is 3500 cal, one pound.

so, if i do this for 3 weeks, 3 pounds lost, at least.

if i want to speed up the process, i'll have to eat less. but, i don't think going much under 1500 will help, and i actually think that'll cause a binge. yeah, so i'm starting with 1500 per day.

if i didn't binge all year, i'd be looking great right now. i'm too old for this nonsense. and i'm too sick of saying this.  my next birthday, 27th, will be this september. i want to be looking and feeling better by then.

being fat

I have let myself continue with fat world for 2 whole years.  I cannot let this continue anymore. soon enough, i will have totally forgot what it means to be thin. yes, i'm already forgetting.  when i look in the mirror many times, i don't even realize i am fat (and by fat i mean i could be considered overweight on a doctor's chart). 

today my stomach is royally screwed up. it's very full of food and it feels gross. this is the first day this week i felt this bad. like when i press my stomach, i can feel my intestines just all blocked up with food. its really gross actually!

ok, i'm obsessing. my plan is to pick up the newspapers. then, get out for a long walk. i'll pick up the papers by bike....

then it's off to see my grandmother.

perhaps when i get home i'll go for a short bike ride as well.

blah. it's time to be as active as i can. and not worry about studying for these last few tests.

those are my thoughts this morning.

Progress as of today: -20 lbs lost so far, only 25 lbs to go!

readysetgo on 06/07/2009:
can you ID what makes you binge? some people it's boredom, sometimes it's emotional eating...if you can figure out what starts it you can maybe avoid it. Good keeping a positive mentality

horn_of_plenty - Saturday Jun 06, 2009
(count calories/exercise/relaxing thoughts!)
Weight: 140.0

light night wendy's fries and nuggets.

i did walk 6 miles somehow.

i binged on tues, thurs, fri, and saturday. VERY high calorie amounts. need to get back my sanity and control. this is NOT good at all! will go for a walk in a little bit, it's around 4:45pm. didn't do much today.

breakfast: light drink and watermelon: 100

snack: bagel w. spray oil, cottage cheese 1/2 cup: 300

lunch: started off ok: small bagel w. avocado and one slice cheese, yogurt: 450...then pretzels: 150, then 5 ice cream sandwiches, you read that right!, 700 for those...jolly rancher:100

total so far: 1800...ok....BINGE: i had at least 5,000 cal today....need to get control back....


exercise: first i plan on reading, not exercising. then, i will go out, for a walk, i will probably just go to the park, not sure. not really feeling like much....

Progress as of today: -15 lbs lost so far, only 20 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty - Saturday Jun 06, 2009
(count calories/exercise/relaxing thoughts!)
Weight: 140.0

friday was a binge. i think i ended at around 4200 cal for the day.

Progress as of today: -15 lbs lost so far, only 20 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty - Thursday Jun 04, 2009
(count calories/exercise/relaxing thoughts!)
Weight: 140.0

binged.  4,000 CALORIES. hmmm, my progress has been officially halted. major test tomorrow. this is why. i didn't plan this, and i had trouble defeating the binge. in the end, it defeated me.

oh my! WAY FULL. not the healthiest, too big breakfast: 2 pcs bread with spray: 290 or so, 2 pcs cheese 200, yogurt 60.  550 or so....feel like i'm gonna puke....stomach is hurting....

snack: kashi bar probably...gonna be a long day with the portable machines and patients. glad it's the last day for many months... :)  on to other areas of the hospital next week.

snack: can't even think about it...wow. what a stomachache! 150

lunch: 450.


snacks: 250


dinner: 650...

2050....k, i don't need dessert. just gum. lol. bed early....

binge: ice cream 420, cereal and milk 560 total here: 980....plus nuts, chocolate, jelly, yogurt...500 more...and then pretzels: 450 more...so 950 more....

total: 3030.

 bed early. short walk later if the weather is nice at the park. otherwise, i'll drag my butt to the gym for 30 min elliptical....yuck. maybe not. depends how i feel this afternoon....

Progress as of today: -15 lbs lost so far, only 20 lbs to go!

panda22 on 06/04/2009:
Thanks for the comment =) Hope your tummy feels better and you have a good day!

panda22 on 06/04/2009:
Sorry to hear about the binge HOP...tomorrow is a new day and you can pick yourself up and make it a great successful one! Hope you are feeling better tomorrow!

40andfabulous on 06/05/2009:
New day new you- put tomorrow behind you and make today and awesome one!! That being said, the occasional binge isn't so bad- it will keep your body guessing so it doesn't plateau out from a lower calorie diet all the time. The key is to get back on track today!! You can do it!!

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