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horn_of_plenty - Thursday Jun 19, 2008
(count calories/exercise/relaxing thoughts!)
Weight: 126.6


Late Thursday entry:

A satisfying, good day in my book :)

I have jury duty tomorrow. I have all my health forms completed for the program I enter in September. Many of my textbooks for my program are arriving from Amazon.com. The post office didn't make me wait in line to return the extra book (free shipping to return yay!)I orderred by mistake. I recieved a check from the government, tax return that i can put into the bank! all good things. work was good, enjoyed a dunkin donuts excursion for lunch with coworkers. got in a 5 mile walk at one of my favorite places. all lovely things :)

breakfast: blueberries, cereal, milk 220

snack: yogurt 80

lunch but not really: LARGE iced coffe, small reg decaf coffee: 120

snack: apple 90

snack: natural fruit/nut powerbar and a light n fit yogurt 280

dinner: a microwavable meal that weighed MUCH more than the package said. sometimes i weigh prepared foods when I KNOW just by picking them up that they are much heavier than average. I got it from Celantano foods which makes wonderful things but I know from past experience that the calories they report on their packages are NOT CORRECT. I've actually seen them change calories on the back of their products. ok, moving on...

microwave eggplant rolettes should have been 350 but came out to be 460 based on their real weight, 2 red peppers, one HUGE cucumber. total 570

total for the day: 1350 awesome, i'm satisfied with that total.

enjoy your evenings. jury duty tomorrow..i'm actually excited and happy to have a break in my monotonous work week. Only downside is I will most likely miss a bbq/happy hour the custodian is having at his home after work for the whole staff. it's not a big problem and i'm not complaining, just mentioning!


Progress as of today: 8.4 lbs lost so far, only 11.6 lbs to go!

mmuraro on 06/19/2008:
Good job, girl! I am jealous. Have been on the heavy side. haha. xoxo

Jen40 on 06/19/2008:
I had no idea that the calories marked on packages could be off! Now I am going to really think about that when I go to eat something and try to see whether or not it's correct. I thought there were legalities and they had to tell the truth! Who knew??? I guess I am just too trusting because they're the ones making the stuff, gee whiz! lol I hope jury duty breezes by quick!

selina on 06/20/2008:
Sounds like you had a VERY GOOD day! Wonderful! I love eggplants and it doesn't matter how it's cooked - maybe one of my favorite vegies. Jury duty should be a very big change in your routine. I hope it's not too depressing of a case. i can't imagine myself having to sit for a murder case or something dreadful like that. Good luck, and try to get the best of it.

selina on 06/20/2008:
By the way, congrats on the 5 mile yesterday! I measured my walk (by car and pushed the km button) and my normal 1 n 1/2 hour walk/jog is about 8K, which i gogled and it's 4.97 miles, which is almost the same as 5miles. Sometimes it takes longer to cover that area when I stop to talk to strangers and their dogs.

WI3 on 06/20/2008:
Have fun at jury duty! If you pass out like I did, make sure the cute cop catches you LOL.

maria777 on 06/20/2008:
1350....YAYYYY!!!! FANTASTIC!!! As for the luncheon with your coworkers at Dunkin Donuts (WHAT A TEMPTATION), looks like you did did well there! Hope you have a nice day today and don't feel bad about missing out on the BBQ...it may have just been MORE TEMPTATION...example, I didn't go to friends' home last nite that they'd invited me and Hubby, simply because I knew it wouldn't be easy to resist their chocolate chip cookies!!!

rlovell on 06/20/2008:
good luck with jury duty!! nice to chat last night. xoxo

jmarie60 on 06/20/2008:
Best of luck staying on your low calorie eating path!

legcramps on 06/20/2008:
Enjoy jury duty! Don't give in to cravings! (Maybe now you should leave the same comment in my journal, because I had a late night too and I tend to overeat when tired)... Have an awesome weekend! :):):)

Beth201P on 06/20/2008:
I never get picked for jury duty. Oh well. Have a wonderful weekend. :)

horn_of_plenty - Wednesday Jun 18, 2008
(count calories/exercise/relaxing thoughts!)
Weight: 126.6

exercise: elliptical 25 min.

Breakfast: cup blueberries, cereal, milk: 230.

snack: peach 40

snack: yogurt 80

lunch: lg apple 140, 2 yogurts 150: 290

snack: crystal light, cereal and milk, 2 red peppers 340...peach very hungry/bingy

1020...plans for dinner include something with tomato sauce!

dinner: haha no tomato sauce...and more dairy ugh! cheese. it was good but i eat WAY too much dairy. a tamale microwave meal, large salad with dressing, whole cucumber, peach. 430. alright.

total: 1450. not a lot by any means, maybe my body needed it.

Good morning DDers. Once again, no jury duty today so i'll be going to work. The weather has been nice the past couple days and I look foward to taking another walk today in the late afternoon.

I have been sticking to my healthy diet, lifestyle change, whatever you want to call it, well these past weeks. There is NO need for me to binge and even though I thought I couldn't walk the 5 miles yesterday I accomplished it. It's about mind over matter for many of us; and I know it's like that for myself. If we stick to our goals frequently and long enough, we will accomplish them as fast as we want them to as long as they are reasonably set.

Progress as of today: 8.4 lbs lost so far, only 11.6 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 06/18/2008:
Hey - thanks for the comments - We feel so lucky to have no more damage than we do. We feel so sorry for the folks who are flooded, wiped out by tornados, fires, etc. Regarding carpet - I don't like it much either - especially since we have two big black dogs and all their hair shedding drives me nuts, but, to put hardwood would be more than we want to go into debt for. We have to pay for the replacement of the flooring in all except our bathroom and bedroom. We are planning to continue to shop for a better price to try and get the hardwood, but I have a feeling it's going to be carpeting. We are going with a darker color this time and the berber kind so it will be more durable and we have decided that the doggies just have to stay on the first floor - where we do have wood.

On the food front - you are really doing well. So glad to see you more pleased with yourself. Keep up that good work and attitude. I have been trying really hard to eat as well as I can. Not doing so bad. I've been up some (7-8 pounds), but at the same weight for some time now. Will check back with you soon> I appreciate your support.

rlovell on 06/18/2008:
you can do anything you set your mind to, HOP. looks like you are really having a period of self-discovery and i am so happy to hear that your binge tendencies have gone away. i hope i can attain that same sense of peace soon. xoxo

crategrl on 06/18/2008:
Awesome job with the lifestyle and the walking 5 miles. Keep on truckin!!

thinnsidenotout on 06/18/2008:
You are right!.... Happy to see you on the path to making yourself believe in yourself!

Wonderful Wednesday to you!

maria777 on 06/18/2008:
Congratulations to you on your new number! YAYYYYYY!!! Happy Dance! Happy Dance again! Big smile to you! Your menu looks terrific, too.

I see that you told that old 'Bingey Feeling' to go away or either you ignored it! Good for you! 'KEEP AWAY YOU OLD BINGEY FEELING!!! YOU ARE NOT WELCOME!'

mcwoo40 on 06/18/2008:
Well done HOP, I'm very pleased for you,keep going Julie

legcramps on 06/18/2008:
You're so right - we can do almost anything we set our minds to, we just need to be determined and see it through to the end. I'm glad you're doing so well! :):) Good for you, keep going and you WILL reach your goals!!

jmarie60 on 06/18/2008:
You have such a great attitude and outlook! That's so refreshing and inspiring!

selina on 06/18/2008:
Love your positive side! Have a great day!

WI3 on 06/18/2008:
Great Job HOP!

Maura_girl on 06/18/2008:
Good job today!!! Your positive attitude and determination is such an encouragement!! Because of you, I had a healthy dinner last night instead of binging on pizza and other junk food like I really wanted to. Thanks!!

thinnsidenotout on 06/18/2008:
Thinkin about a tamale myself...Havent decided yet...Kinda late..Just getting home from baseball..They won 8-2...Now a 5-1 record....Ben was closing pitcher.. Bases loaded twice and pulled it out without any walks..He does that to make the coach pace the dugout! Loves self-pressure nail biting action...

RE: Catering ~ Uh Nope ! Just am church hostess and the church is swinging for the burgers/hot dogs/condiments/drinks and it is "my baby" to get things bought/ready....So much on my mind I can hardly think straight...Baseball, picnic, laundry, custodial job, walking, etc... I shall persevere and be bored one of these days.... I hope!

The Artichoke/Spinach Lean Pocket is the only Lean pocket I have ever eaten and I like it..The sodium is only in the 200's and the calories aren't all that bad either...

Attitude is great! Keep it up!

mmuraro on 06/18/2008:
Hahaha, your menu is funny, but you kept on track. xo

selina on 06/19/2008:
Wow! you do like those peaches! I like them too, I like painting them as well. Will post a painting of peaches one of these days.

I assume you have an elliptical exercising machine. I love that, I remember when I was trying to loose weight for my 40th b-day (that's another story) I could stay on that for 1 and half hours! I love walking, too, but in the past few weeks I had to go for walks wearing my raincoat! And I was considering getting one of those machines. I see we have a long strech of sunshine in the forecast, so never mind that....

greengirl on 06/19/2008:
Hey HoP, its great to see you doing so well again. I love the positive attitude !! Keep it up, sweetie :)

horn_of_plenty - Tuesday Jun 17, 2008
(count calories/exercise/relaxing thoughts!)
Weight: 127.0

evening edit:

dinner: BIG!...2 red peppers, 1 cucumber, some grape tomatoes, head of romaine, dressing, 2 hard boiled eggs, diet coffee soda with added milk: all this for ONLY 380. and i am satisfied. who wouldn't be. i know most of you couldn't stuff all of this inside you. i swear, the size of my stomach must be scary inside.

total for the day: a whoppingly awesome 1310.

walked 5 miles. was on the verge of doing an extra to make 6 but my body called it quits. I don't think I necessarily quit because I did set out and finished my original 5 mi plan. Along the way I started really thinking I was going to do 6, but crapped out at the end and stuck to 5. eh, what can a person do!? I am happy with myself despite that. My ipod broke again while walking...hopefully the battery just died and nothing else, so i did about 4 of the 5 miles without music.


morning entry:

I woke up majorly early - about one hour. I started to do laundry because i felt that my sheets were actually what was making me uncomfortable lol. who knows!? then, i vaccuumed my room which didn't take too long at all! i also did a little ironing of some pants. i wonder if i will have jury duty tomorrow!?

today was good. I accomplished a good amount while at work.

So far so good. A definite binge feeling day, but I did NOT give in. I did have some diet soda today though.

breakfast: watermelon, cereal, milk: 250

snack: yogurts 150

lunch: tofu/yogurt, tea with equal added: 245


afternoon edit:

snack: cup blueberries, cereal, milk, diet soda: 240...and watermelon 285

total so far: 885 not bad but feeling pretty bingy today. I have to remember that I should not ever give up. every calorie counts if i'm in it to win it!...and watermelon: 930.

Progress as of today: 8 lbs lost so far, only 12 lbs to go!

selina on 06/17/2008:
Hi! Hang in there - don't give up! You are in it to win it! I know you can!

I Haven't tried that tofu/yogurt thing yet. I assume it's not flavored yogurt...

Have a good day. I'm going to bed! it's 10.38pm already.

rlovell on 06/17/2008:
you are doing so well. sounds like a great day to me. watermelon is keeping you hydrated and that is fabulous! love you

Donkey on 06/17/2008:
If you feel binge-y, at least go for the fruit (watermelon). You won't do too much damage that way. Have you tried freezing it? It's delicious and takes much longer to eat because of the cold. Good luck - I feel your pain.

maria777 on 06/17/2008:
Looking good! As for the bingey feeling, we have to 'ignore' it! GO AWAY BINGEY FEELING! YOU ARE NOT WELCOME TO TEMPT US TO OVEREAT!

Maura_girl on 06/17/2008:
Congrats on fighting off the every creeping binge feeling!!! Thats such an accomplishment in itself let alone everything else you did today!! Take care and keep up the good work!!

jmarie60 on 06/17/2008:
Thanks for the comment! It's great that you're fighting those binges! Keep it up!

balloonlady on 06/17/2008:
good for you,, it hard not to give in sometimes... proud of you, your doing great... hopefully I will be walking again soon....

balloonlady on 06/17/2008:
Blue bunny yogurt is also sold under the name Light 85, I find it a Wal mart.. It is the only yogurt my nutritionist said is ok.. due to the low cal, no fat. no sugar and low sodium.. alot of fat free yogurts get ya with the sodium...

Maura_girl on 06/17/2008:
Hey, thanks for the suggestion on the whole veggies!! I tried that tonight for dinner and it really tasted good. I was really wanting to binge on comfort food but after reading about other DD's wanting to binge and not, I decided i couldn't let myself either. The whole veggies really satisfied my cravings! YEA

thinnsidenotout on 06/17/2008:
Wonderful sounding day.... 5 miles is nothing to sneeze at!..I only got in a little over 2, but time was restrained... better than none!

Keep up the great work!

selina on 06/18/2008:
WOW! Great exercising and dinner veggies! Do you eat the veggies raw?

Thanks for the tips on my menu. Yesterday was one of those days when I didn't plan ahead and ended up eating what was available - Or, what I thought Hubby would like. Have a great day!

horn_of_plenty - Monday Jun 16, 2008
(count calories/exercise/relaxing thoughts!)
Weight: 127.0

my head still hurts:

Today I was standing near the door in the faculty room and one of the teachers let go and it SLAMMED straight into my head. The door is heavy and it hurt so much. My neck soon started hearting. I probably got a slight concussion! argh! I can't believe she let go of the door when people were standing right there! oops!

127 on the dot! wahoo!!!!!!!!!

45 min stationary bike ride.

breakfast: blueberries, cereal, milk: 220 :)

snack: yogurt: 70

lunch: tofu, yogurt, diet coke, 250

snack: cup grape tomatoes, red pepper, cereal and milk: 250

dinner: microwave eggplant parm, large salad with dressing, whole cucumber, apple 520

total: 1310. fine by me! :)

no jury duty today...so i'll be going to work as usual. no jury duty tomorrow either.

Progress as of today: 8 lbs lost so far, only 12 lbs to go!

glycrina on 06/16/2008:
Congratulations on other lb burned!! I wish I didn't have to go to work today either.

BTW, the hot guys in my picture . . . totally gay. But they make me look good, right?

maria777 on 06/16/2008:
YAYYYYY!!!! Congratulations to you! So happy for you! Happy Dance! Happy Dance!

rlovell on 06/16/2008:
congrats to you!! missed you mucho this weekend. hope all is well and happy monday.xoxo

thinnsidenotout on 06/16/2008:
Oh My Goodness...You made it! I betcha you did a dance when you saw that...


legcramps on 06/16/2008:
Hey! Great job!

Moody2 on 06/16/2008:
FANTASTIC!!! You are doing so well!! Keep it up..wooohoooooo!!!!!

Maura_girl on 06/16/2008:
Congratulations!!! Sorry about the door incident, hope it gets to feeling better soon.

Maura_girl on 06/16/2008:
Thanks for the suggestions!!!!

mmuraro on 06/16/2008:
Hahahaha, i knew the cute guys on glycrina's pic were gay, they were too cute too be straight! yea, egg whites are awesome, i have to have it more often. and also it's an exercise for me too, to jump in the pool in a bikini in front of everyone. But it's a good one and I am getting better at these things. CONGRATS on another pound. Now we need to see a pic of you too, if you want to share. I bet you look fantastic with the weight loss!

mmuraro on 06/16/2008:
Not fair! We need to see the progress, silly! By the way when I reach my goal of 159, I'll post a picture naked! hahahahahahahaha

selina on 06/17/2008:
WOW! Congrats! I'm SO SO SO happy for you because you deserve it! You worked so hard for it.

I hope you are feeling better - you must go see a doctor if the headache continues. You never know what the door might have done to you. Have a great day!

Jen40 on 06/17/2008:
Ouch!! Hope you're feeling better today. Thanks for the comments, I really do appreciate it. It made me feel welcome and reading how all of you are doing so great, it's very inspiring.

mcwoo40 on 06/17/2008:
Well done on the lb keep going.These tabs i am taking are prescribed by the doctor called Reductil they are supposed to be an appetite suppresant but i have felt more hungry taking them than when i was doing it alone.I'm going to stick with them as i am weak willed still so i will stick with them for now.My blood pressure has to be checked on a regular basis as it can go up with them.Your doing brill.Julie

rlovell on 06/17/2008:
i hope your head is feeling much better today! i found a brand of greek yogurt at trader joes that is evenlower cal and cheaper than fage- and has 22 grams of protein per serving!!! cha ching. happy tues! xoxo

SELINA on 06/17/2008:
I'm glad you are feeling better....

maria777 on 06/17/2008:
Your menu looks real good. Happy for you on your progress!

WI3 on 06/17/2008:
awwww I hope your head is feeling better! And congrats on the weight loss!

legcramps on 06/17/2008:
Hey! Take care of that head! That's crazy... if that happened to me, people would just blame ME for being clutzy. Somehow, it would be my fault! :):) Have a great day today!

horn_of_plenty - Sunday Jun 15, 2008
(count calories/exercise/relaxing thoughts!)
Weight: 128.0

Breakfast: peach, cereal, milk...and yogurts: very filling! 380 totally felt the need to stuff myself but its amazing its under 400 calories.

snack: lg apple 140

very early lunch: teryaki salmon and a red pepper: 220

indulged in a tasty big snack, more like a meal, after yoga:

peach, cereal, milk 190...still hungry...

...peanut butter and jelly sandwich with banana 450 it was good!

total so far: 1280. not bad and I can still end on a good note. I'll make sure to get some walking in! I like how my legs are getting a bit more toned and not as flabby!

dinner: red pepper, sprouts, dressing, microwave meal, 1 peach,gum 430

total: 1710 :)

perhaps i'll weigh around 127 tomorrow??

I hope that everyone who is celebrating Father's Day today has a great one! I was up early picking up bagels, lox, and whitefish spread for the other three people who will be having breakfast here (mom, dad, sister). I never eat that but whenever my sister stays over my dad picks it up. However, it's Father's Day, and I did it for him.

Progress as of today: 7 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

mmuraro on 06/15/2008:
enjoy yoga and father's day! your breakfast sounds delicious and i am sure that having a good breakfast like that will make you less hungry than usually. Also, after hot yoga i am never too hungry, are you? xo

Moody2 on 06/15/2008:
Hey there!! You are doing great!! Read yesterdays entry and your dinner sounds heavenly!! yummmm!!

Hope you enjoyed yoga and had a good Fathers Day with your dad!!

maria777 on 06/15/2008:
I love peanut butter but have realized I HAVE to stay away from it.

That was sweet of you to get that for your Dad.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

mcwoo40 on 06/15/2008:
Hiya,after that binge last week of butter and peanut butter sandwich i've stayed clear of it.Mind you after a day i've had i could of eaten a full jar but felt guilty afterwards.Have a good time with the family,and be good,Julie

thinnsidenotout on 06/15/2008:
How wonderful of you to consider doing the shopping for your dad....Things like that I think are more important than a gift is.... I know my dad really enjoyed us just taking the Subway and spending time with him... I gave him a couple gifts too, but the time spent just sitting and relaxing was nice...

Re: Relora ~ Comes in 250mg or 300mg, depends upon the manufacturer...Now Foods is the 300mg (I take 1 cap 3 X daily) that I take..Could only find the 250mg by Life Time yesterday (I take 2 caps 2 x daily, which works fine).. Manufacturer label states " Reduces Cortisol Levels....Dietary supplement to assist in the management of stress or frustration and for self confident mood and cheerful outlook..Supports healthy body fat metabolism"... I was taking St. John's Wart & something else for a long time, due to horrible mood swings, etc...Hated taking so much of it and found an article in a Woman's World about this stuff and gave it a try to find it does work... Some would say "phsycological hoo ha", but I truly feel that it is doing what the statements claim...I sure can tell when I DON'T take it...

Will be super to celebrate with you if you are @ 127 tomorrow.....Good Luck!

Beth201P on 06/15/2008:
Have a wonderful evening. ((Hugs))

bouful16 on 06/15/2008:
Thanks, their my furbabies. Have a great week.

selina on 06/15/2008:
Sounds like you had a super father's day! Have a good day!

horn_of_plenty - Saturday Jun 14, 2008
(count calories/exercise/relaxing thoughts!)
Weight: 128.0

I must admit I was pretty hungry during parts of the day today but I got through it. Pretty balanced eating as well. I amazed myself with calories especially for going out to eat.

Dinner: large house salad no dressing with 4 grilled scallops. also had a fantastically delightful manhattan clam chowder soup with HUGE pieces of clam. I would estimate that dinner really was around 400 calories. To me this seems reasonable for a cup of soup, 4 scallops, and TONS of veggies. It couldn't be too many more calories than that.

total calories: wow! around 1250! how cool is that!? I'm so happy that my progress in weightloss has not stopped through the weekend! I am a bit hungry right now but it's 12:42am so I will go to bed.


Early evening edit: after a slightly but not horrible by any means bingy morning or possibly just hungry morning, i have had a good day. :) my grandmother impressed me with her walking - by walking faster than even I usually walk! She is fast! Dinner tonight, taking Dad out for early father's day!


early snack: peach/seltzer 40

breakfast: fiber one, milk, watermelon, yogurts: 370

lunch: peach, salmon with bbq sauce, pepper: 190

snack: iced coffee

snack: Protein water 30

total so far: 670...too hungry before dinner reservations at 8pm so i had some fiber one/milk: 170

total so far: 840 ok

Have a good day everyone.

exercise plans: just walking with grandma. probably like 2 miles

Good morning all! I am up VERY early this morning. A few minutes before 6! So i'm laying around and relaxing. It feels good because I've had a busy week.

I will be probably going out to dinner with family today for Father's Day instead of tomorrow because my sister will be here today. She doesn't live at home so if today works better, that's what we will do! Of course, I'm anxious about going out but I figure there HAS to be at least a healthy salad on the menu!

Progress as of today: 7 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

jon'smom on 06/14/2008:
I'm sure there will be lots of healthy choices on the menu. You will be fine. Enjoy your walk:)

maria777 on 06/14/2008:
Go for the salad! Yayyy!!!

Beth201P on 06/14/2008:
I am sure there will be lots of healthy choices. You can do it. Enjoy your dinner with your family. Have a wonderful weekend my friend.

thinnsidenotout on 06/14/2008:
We spent the day with my dad today, cause Sunday's are just so busy for us and we like to sneak a little rest in before Monday morning... Hope you had a super time!

mmuraro on 06/14/2008:
hope you enjoyed father's day. dont hate on my menu today, it was an unusual day. hehehe. i always think of you when i am thinking of food and motivation. thanks! xoxo Ps: i saw another pound and a half go bye bye today and it was after i had breakfast, usually i weight in first thing in the morning before eating! :)

thinnsidenotout on 06/14/2008:
Ended the day with a 4 miler...Too dark to go any further by myself...Tomorrow will be a "6".... Goodnight : - )

mcwoo40 on 06/15/2008:
Hiya,I have been hungry with these tabs i have been taking more so when i have'nt been taken them and loads of exercise.I think it's mind over matter with me at the moment, that i have taken a tablet so i have to be good.Also going back to the docs for a review is stopping me raiding the fridge too.Keep it up,Julie

selina on 06/15/2008:
I'm so envious of you! I havent had clam chowder in a LONG TIME. It's one of my favorite foods. Manhatan or New England... I'm so happy for you you ar staying on track. I find that the reason I don't seem to be progressing with my weight loss is that although I am eating the right things, I am eating TOO MUCH of it. I have to pay attention to portion sizes if I want to go any further. I seem to like VOLUME. Too much of a good thing is bad for me.

mmuraro on 06/15/2008:
Hehehe... thanks baby! Congrats on your day! Good job! Sometimes I go to bed hungry too, not often, but happens, especially if i am up late, but i wonder if that's 'real' hunger or its just because i got used to eating more than my body needs. have a great sunday!

horn_of_plenty - Friday Jun 13, 2008
(count calories/exercise/relaxing thoughts!)
Weight: 128.0

I got something special in the mail today. All of the information about the Radiography program I start in September. I will be starting September 8th, the day before my 26th birthday! I am happy about this because I thought it was starting sooner. I will work up until the end of August and stop by September 1st to prepare sufficiently to begin this 2 year program. I am so excited!

hehe, today is Friday the 13th (and YES it felt like it!!!) and I have 13 more lbs to lose! that's my first weight goal. 13 is so little! still going strong to the end.

B: cereal, milk, peach 190

snack: yogurt 70

lunch: tofu, yogurts: 240

snack: 2 whole cucumbers, dressing, cereal, apple: 400 (shouldn't have had the apple because i was full but my mouth was hungry!)

total so far: 900 :)940 - peach

dinner: 390 microwavable + extra noodles big dessert of tofu/sf jelly 275 = 665

total: 1605. no exercise. movie with family.

It's been a good day. Talked to many colleagues and had an enjoyable lunch conversation. The kids are definitely going nutty though. I work with the ones with behavioral issues very often and let me tell you - they know school's just about out as much as I do!

I've been bringing a liter of seltzer with me to work and it helps a lot with hunger. I also had some diet coffee soda - it's made by the brand Manhattan Special. I must pick some up for my mom or i'll be dead! It's her's. and it's good. i'll have to stop though, because it has artificial sugars and they make my skin whacko.

Progress as of today: 7 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

thinnsidenotout on 06/13/2008:
Diet Coffee Soda?.... I need to find some of that!.... Ben is stuck on "Monster"...The Loca Mocha is his favorite...I allow him 1 a week.... He chose today to drink it, cause he says the he has a game tonight and "needs the energy"..LOL! So what is he going to do when he needs the energy to mow the lawn tomorrow?... Beg!

Have a good evening and hope your weekend is a pleasant one...

maria777 on 06/13/2008:
I see I'm not the only one to drink drinks to fill up and stay away from calories...only mine are low-cal sweet tea and low-cal cocoa or coffee (reg kind)...

thinnsidenotout on 06/13/2008:
Congratulations on getting those papers.... Funny how things work out and make our minds at ease.....

Looked up the Manhattan Special Soda's...Doubt I will find any here...I think I have bought something similar @ a specialty type store once, but wasn't sugar free.... It was pretty good.....

selina on 06/13/2008:
I'm so happy for you about your going back to school. Enjoy!

Maura_girl on 06/14/2008:
Congratulations on starting the Radiography program!!!!

horn_of_plenty - Thursday Jun 12, 2008
(count calories/exercise/relaxing thoughts!)
Weight: 128.0

An amazing 5 mi walk accomplished mostly without my ipod - it died during the walk!

late edit: Dinner: a lean cuisine (250) with a MASSIVE amount of veggies with spray dressing (190). what is massive? a whole cucumber, a cup of grape tomatoes, and a whole romaine. all of this for 440 calories. i eat a lot. I do love veggies but I don't like to eat them during the day because they don't satisfy me. they are bulky, but the don't take my appetite away. at least i definitely got my servings in!

total calories: 1280 :) wow. nice work to me.

FINALLY ONE MORE POUND DOWN. wow, it took me over two weeks for this pound to come off (but there was a binge with caused that it to take that long) IT'S DEFINITELY SLOW BUT STEADY THIS TIME AROUND. it's definitely more of a challenge than when i first started dieting at age 20, almost 6 years ago! I let the weight creep on this year and now I'm slowly letting it go.

i definitely slept until my alarm today! :)

breakfast: peach, cereal, milk: 190

snack: yogurt 70

lunch: tofu and yogurts: 240 :)

snack: lg apple, cereal, milk: 300 and a peach...little much on sugar...and some kind of really cool diet Coffee soda! and it's good, quite sweet. sugar free. my mom had bought it in like a liter container to mix with vodka. so today i give into an artificial sugar temptation. I am also drinking loads of seltzer today.

today has gone well...even better that tomorrow is friday! :) I cannot wait to find out if I have jury duty next week! i really want it.

today is an end of the year party for the teachers where i work. since i won't be there next year, i decided not to attend. it does cost $35 but i feel since i will not be there next year, there's no big reason to go.

Progress as of today: 7 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

balloonlady on 06/12/2008:
Your doing great.. and don't knock one pound.. that is still something! and I have red that is is suppose to be easier for people with alot of extra weight... ( like me ) to lose in the bigining. so 1 pound and your weight in a week I am sure is great.... Kinda worries me for when I get smaller... it is already kinda hard to lose the 2 a week....lol

We Can Do It!!!!!

thinnsidenotout on 06/12/2008:
Re: Distortion~ I have done that most of my life and that is why today as I was typing a comment, it dawned on me that I was impeeding my own progress..by just that one thought of 7 meezly pounds being as big as the previous 30 have been.... Back on track and having many successful days in my near future are going to be key...Want to be these 7 (really 8) down by July 4th and need to work SUPER hard to make it...

Have a good walk!

thinnsidenotout on 06/12/2008:
Oops..Forgot!....C o N g R a T u L a T i O n S! A pound gone is super!

rlovell on 06/12/2008:
you are doing SOOO well. yippeee for that one pound down. xoxo

mmuraro on 06/12/2008:
Congrats on being in control, girl. Thanks for picking on me two days ago, I definitely listened and was able to do well two days in a row. :)

legcramps on 06/12/2008:
Hey, GREAT job on the loss!!

Diet coffee soda??? Wow. Isn't it amazing what people come up with these days? Coffee soda. When I sound it out in my mouth, it doesn't taste good. I like coffee; I like soda. Coffee soda? Well, this debate could go on and on, so i'll save you the whole yawn of a story and move on...

Keep up that walking and the pounds will continue to melt away! Yes, two weeks at a time, maybe, but at least this way it's more likely to stay off! Have an awesome day today!

maria777 on 06/12/2008:
Congratulations to you!!! YAYYYYY!!! Good work! Keep up the good work! And real good on that 5 miles! 1280 cals looks FANTASTIC! So happy for you!

thinnsidenotout on 06/12/2008:
Yowza!...... So did ya think about anything on that walk or just let yer mind wander and enjoy the sounds/sights?

selina on 06/13/2008:
wow! good job on the walking, eating and being in control! Congrats! EGGS - I love them! i boiled a whole pack (10 eggs) and need to use them throughout the next few days. I know, it's a lot of colesterol, but considering I don't eat too many other foods with high colesterol, I think it's ok.

crategrl on 06/13/2008:
Congrats on the great menu and the weight loss! I love walking with my ipod as I swear I can walk further and not even realize it.

noelgiger on 06/13/2008:
Thanks for the congrats on my new baby. We are very excited. This is #4, the best pregnancy and the worst delivery so far - LOL. Congrats on your pound, every one counts!

horn_of_plenty - Wednesday Jun 11, 2008
(count calories/exercise/relaxing thoughts!)
Weight: 129.0

I was really tired today bc I woke up over an hour early. Otherwise, it was a good day. Expecially in the morning. Everyone came to work in a fantastic mood because we knew it would be a little cooler out. AND, tomorrow it will be comfortable in the building for sure :)

I haven't exercised. I came home exhausted. I am probably, honestly, not eating enough during the day up till when I get home. It's not like I'm not eating. Oh well. It's also just the actual times I can eat at work and they don't work optimally for me. They work well enough. 2.5 more weeks! yay! :)

arg! still 129. but holding strong and I know I AM making progress even though the scale hasn't changed! I think I may be a little bloated also from the amount of food/sodium in my dinner which was totally worth it. I woke up slightly early, not sure why. I am a bit frustrated that the weight isn't coming off sooner!

early breafast: peach, watermelon: 100

breakfast: cereal/milk 175 :) good choice! (almost had PB on bread)

snack: yogurt 70

lunch: yogurts, tofu: 220

snack: many cherry tomatoes and a whole cucumber with dressing 150, cereal and milk 250 (total 400 whoops...i didn't realize until after how many cherry tomatoes and the calories they equalled!)

total so far: 965 pretty good.

dinner: microwave lean cuisine flatbread yum and bag of red cabbage with little dressing 440

total: 1405. and i ended up going on a 5 mi walk! yay to a good end to the day!

I am excited for it to be Wednesday already. I am hoping to get Jury Duty next week so I can miss a few days of school. I will be taking a day off next week possibly if I don't get Jury Duty.

Progress as of today: 6 lbs lost so far, only 14 lbs to go!

rlovell on 06/11/2008:
sounds like a good plan! i want some watermelon...i may have to stop on the way to work!! i woke up SUPER early this morning- having trouble sleeping in the new house even though i am SOOO tired. sucks. i have been snacking too much as a result...boo.

WI3 on 06/11/2008:
I started eating peanut butter as a treat but I eat it one tablespoon at a time, and eat it from the tablespoon measuring spoon and stop myself at 2 tablespoons. I find that if I eat it on bread that for some reason it doesn't satisfy the craving. It must be that my mouth wants ALL the taste and not to ruin it with bread lol. Have a great day!

maria777 on 06/11/2008:
Are you reading the sodium content on your labeled foods? Cause if I eat a high sodium food, then the next day the scale usually does NOT move for real! BUT....you have the consolation of knowing it probably would have moved and that your body is simply retaining fluid (and thus temporary weight) from the sodium.

thinnsidenotout on 06/11/2008:
Have a good Mid-Week day.....Those prepared foods can have oddles of sodium in them that is very true.... Just keep being consistent and not binging and you'll be <129 soon.....

legcramps on 06/11/2008:
I buy that instant rice by the... well, I don't know, I just lost the rest of that sentence. By the chockful? That doesn't sound right. By the truckful? Oh well, I buy a lot of that instant rice!!! It's great at lunchtime too because I don't have a lot of time to prepare something, so I throw one of those containers into the microwave and... instant meal! It's great. Have a great day today!

mmuraro on 06/11/2008:
Thanks! You're awesome! I am really glad you're back! The Whole Foods carry the sushi with brown rice and i love it. My favorite ever! But the one i had today didnt have a lot of rice in it. I hate the ones with way more rice than fish and veggies... I always take away some of the rice. Thanks again for being so supportive and yeah, price of blueberries suck! :)

selina on 06/11/2008:
You are like my daughter - counting the days until summer vacation! Good food choices! I love cherry tomatoes. I have two cherry tomato plants in my terrace. No tomatoes yet, just lots of flowers. Still haven't tried the tofu with yogurt...

Beth201P on 06/12/2008:
Have a wonderful rest of the week. Keep up the great work.

mcwoo40 on 06/12/2008:
Hiya,I would love to do jury service,my sister and dad have done it.When i was at college 22yrs ago OMG that long we went to a court in Liverpool and i was facinated by it all but not the criminal!!!Don't worry about he slow weightloss,you seem to be in control of the bingeing which is an achievment in it'self,take care Julie

horn_of_plenty - Tuesday Jun 10, 2008
(count calories/exercise/relaxing thoughts!)
Weight: 129.0

tofu dipped in light activia yogurt was something i tried today and liked. I'm going to keep this up for a few days as I have a lot of tofu in the house that I need to use as well as too many light activia yogurts. I bought everything when they were on sale! I do want to get in more veggies but right now I'm liking how the weightloss is going and just want to eat what I have in the house. I'll start rethinking lunch when I begin my new job at the end of the month, well, maybe I'll begin to think about other food options...

exercise was at a park very close to me. I biked for 6 mi and walked 2 mi. exercise lasted 1.5 hours :)

BREAKFAST: peach, cereal, milk: 190 cal!!! now that's pretty amazing!

SNACK: yogurt 70 :)

LUNCH: tofu/yogurts: 280 :)

SNACK: peach, cereal, milk again: 235

DINNER plan: cup brown rice, teryaki salmon, salad with dressing, lg apple. total 550 :)

total calories today: 1325 which is fine by me!

Progress as of today: 6 lbs lost so far, only 14 lbs to go!

legcramps on 06/10/2008:
Great job on the exercise yesterday! I hear you about the dairy thing and eating late in the day. My boyfriend, for the second consecutive day, went out and bought himself some ice cream. Both nights it was around 9pm when he decided he wanted it. It's so tempting!! And so evil! Especially at 9pm!!

Have a great day today!

uncgrad2001 on 06/10/2008:
Thanks! I used to work in foster care, and I think that I ate HORRIBLY during that time. I would eat in the car, and go through drive thrus like crazy! Of course I'm not making the salary I would like (it's coming!), so I'm always struggling with what to get in the supermarket, cause I don't want to go over my budget. But I'm constantly trying new things and getting ideas from everybody else! Did you ever figure out what exercise you're gonna do? I'm going to a strength training class at my gym...I'm definitely gonna be sore!

And how do you eat your tofu?? That's been something I've wanted to try too!

mmuraro on 06/10/2008:
You are right. I usually start with cereal and milk or oatmeal and berries, but today I saw the berries I had were going bad and i run out of milk... As for lunch, i am sure it wasn't 1000, but I overestimate when I go to restaurants and dont know the exact count. Was probably 800 or so. But I need to be better in general, argh!

rlovell on 06/10/2008:
i am weather-watching for exercise too!! i hope i will be able to get my walk in, but might have to go to gym :( your meal plan looks great and good for you for knowing what works for you. it is my goal to always try to move my body in the winter time too! take care.

thinnsidenotout on 06/10/2008:
Us weather-watchers...It is windy as I'll get out and miserably cold...Hitting the Gazelle as soon as the neighbor boy goes home today....Not sure I can go 6 miles on it, but will give it a try....

Did ya get ya some of those lean pockets?...I could not resist getting the box of 12 I got @ Costco for $8.99.. They know what they are doing by giving out those samples... Probably will last a couple months, as I am not one to eat them very much, just nice for a flavor change..

Good Evening to you!

maria777 on 06/10/2008:
That's a REAL GOOD PLAN!!! Hope you have a wonderful evening, Horn! Big smile to ya!

balloonlady on 06/10/2008:
yummy.. will have to try that... have you tried the tofu pockets... so good...

madreof6 on 06/10/2008:
Good job on your calories today, wish I could say I did that good. I know it's one step at a time. Have a good one

selina on 06/11/2008:
Great exercising and menu! never tried tofu with yogurt. will give it a try. thanks for the comments on my diary - I do have to cook for my family (hubby and daughter), and I sort of HAVE to cook healthy to set a good example to my daughter. taking advantage of sales is great! even though I am always trying to buy things on sale I end up with a $150 bill each time I go to the grocery store (and I go grocery shopping twice a week!!). I guess it's just the high cost of living in Switzerland.

selina on 06/11/2008:
Have a great day and enjoy that warm weather!

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