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horn_of_plenty - Tuesday Apr 24, 2007
(calorie counting, all foods, LOTS of veggies)
Weight: 0.0

Edit on Wednesday morning: yesterday I did in fact have a large, sugar-loaded yogurt. 40 grams of sugar in that sucker! but, thats all i eat last evening. it was 240 calories. I'm tacking those calories to today's total, instead of yesterday.

For breakfast, 2 green peppers, 3 eggs. usually, i have up to two eggs, but that's done and over! so, breakfast = 270 cal plus the yogurt from the night before: 510 so far. My goal is around 1600 for the day!

have a good day!



1400 cal.

35 min exercise! yay.

i ate a really, really filling dinner...and i am trying to NOT go back for more food...because i'm wanting more...not because i'm hungry. I'm nervous about my interview tomorrow...and all the work that i have to get done for my teaching. i took tomorrow off from work because I know it wouldn't be smart to go into work when i have to get caught up on so many things. if i went into work, my day would be occupied with teaching and i need to first get caught up on my own paperwork- and not leave the whole day to be taken up by other things! at least i know that that the students who i will not teach are the ones that understand the material the best...and therefore they will not be behind when i see them next.

Donkey on 04/24/2007:
Good luck tomorrow!!! I'm glad you took the day off tomorrow too, except I hope that won't lead to bingeing. Not good to binge before an interview. You want to go in feeling good about yourself, feeling your best. Hard to do that with a tummy overstuffed with food.


sharklover on 04/24/2007:
Oh good luck on your interview!

Probably a good idea to take off of work if you have lots of stuff to catch up on/ prepare.

Hope tomorrow goes well! :-)

borntocry on 04/25/2007:
I agree with Donkey. You want to feel confident and good about yourself, not demotivated and discouraged because of a binge. Food won't help you get through this interview or get caught up on your work! A good night's sleep and a calm mind is what will!

Umpqua on 04/25/2007:
I like that idea of adding late night food to the next morning's tally! And I suppose if you're going to binge it's better to do it in the morning since you can burn some off. I wish I could eat more in the morning but I always get the snack urge in the evening.

Moody on 04/25/2007:
Good for your for putting your priorities in order!! That will relieve some stress for you. I haven't had time to go back and get caught up on everyone's entries so I am wondering what type of interview you are going for?? I wish you the best and am keeping my fingers crossed for you!!! They would be lucky to get you so I hope they grap you up quickly!

horn_of_plenty - Monday Apr 23, 2007
(calorie counting, all foods, LOTS of veggies)
Weight: 0.0

well, of course i blew my day with a morning binge of 1140 calories.

overall, calories will be 1710 and exercise is 25 min walk.

i'm doing alright, could be better, trying to get through late night rehearsals, interviews, grad class, and work all rolled into one!

have a great day and evening!

borntocry on 04/23/2007:
Hi HoP! I'm just catching up on your diary and I see you've had quite a bingey time lately. Gosh, so have I! I thought those days were in the past, then I had the mother of all binges on Saturday. I don't even want to think about it... but then at the same time I do, because I want to remember how horrible I felt afterwards so that I'm discouraged from repeating the experience!

Oh, and I loved reading that you like going to supermarkets! That is one of my favourite past-times, especially in America, because the supermarkets are so nice and big there. Over here they're much smaller and always so crowded, it's not as much fun. But I can spend hours grocery shopping in America - I love it! The last time I went, I had my husband drop me off at the store and leave me there for a couple of hours while he played basketball - I didn't want him hanging around getting irritated and making me hurry up!

Oh and guess what I got in London? The shirataki noodles! Yes! I have yet to try them, though. I am saving them for a hungry day... at the moment I am still too grossed out by the memory of that huge food-fest on Saturday...

Well, good luck getting through the rest of the week - sounds like a busy one!

Moody on 04/23/2007:
Wow your plate is sure full..no pun intended.

Will you get a break during the summer?? I sure hope so! Hang in there!!!

Donkey on 04/23/2007:
You seem to be doing remarkably well for as busy and as stressful your days seem to be. I cheer you on!

weightlossyoyo on 04/24/2007:
You are doing GREAT!! especially for your busy schudule.

greengirl on 04/24/2007:
Try and find some time to pamper yourself. You are always so busy!!!!

horn_of_plenty - Sunday Apr 22, 2007
(calorie counting, all foods, LOTS of veggies)
Weight: 0.0

edit: 1200 really healthy, excellent calories!

exercise: NONE! yeah, i'm just going to hang out. prepare for my week. this week isn't going to be a good exercise week due to the demanding schedule! I will try to fit it in the best i can!

Hi Everyone,

After today's 1200 calories...and I must do exercise too..i'll update that later! well, after 1200 calories today, my 24 day average will be 1949. It's still going to take awhile to keep that average lower...and my weight lower. I weighed myself after a large breakfast and it said around 115. That means that since my lowest weight of about 106-107, i've gained about 8 lbs...since december. that's easily fixed, you would think! well, not that easy.

i was unmotivated to exercise today and I have lost my university ID to use the gym! I think I borrowed a book at the library and my ID was not returned to me! i think it might have been thrown out! that means i have to purchase another!!!! i've had to do this like at least twice as a grad student already! that means another $10 down the drain!

i've been chilling out most of the day, completely unmotivated to do much. I have so much to do in the upcoming week, its not even funny. I was supposed to have a job interview in ritsy Scarsdale, a rich upper class neighborhood in New York. but, i've decided not to go. the drive would be over an hour on Monday, my only day to do work for my grad class. I researched that district. Districts like that one generally don't hire candidates who haven't worked for awhile in another district. I have not been in any district longer than a year and my chances of being hired are so slim! so, i decided it is not worth the long drive on my only day where i can get some work done. plus, tuesday night i have class..followed by LONG rehearsals till 10:15 on wed, thurs and fri. then, i have a concert saturday night. oh, and another interview wednesday right after school.

plus, i can't take a day off work because i am the "band substitute teacher." that would be irresponsible...even though i'm going to feel like a zombie by wednesday. don't get me wrong, i don't want to feel like that...but how can i not!? my schedule demands too much and i don't have a choice.

i think i might see a psychiatrist and get a prescription for something that might make me relax...anyone have any experience with this? I'm taking the most important class, and last class, of my degree this summer. I must be able to sit down and study...and not for short periods of time. I want to take something that would help me focus...and do well...better than if i didn't have it. otherwise, i don't know if i can get though the course. it involves conducting and leading an ensemble consisting of my peers and other teachers...that are required to judge how i do and giv me feedback each night for a week straight. of course, i'm supposed to do work for it beforehand.


thanks everyone.

Donkey on 04/22/2007:
If I may just throw in my 2 cents.... I think rather than "something to help you relax" (anti-anxiety), you may want to explore an anti-depressant. They are supposed to help you focus more and also help with bingeing. I only mention this because I have taken things for anxiety, and they usually knock me right out, even at the lowest possible dosage and the pill cut in half. Well, it's something to consider at any rate...

GG on 04/22/2007:
Ugh!!!! That stinks about your University ID, I have basically GLUED mine to my butt so I do not loose it! It is my lifeline to the gym, to get food & bottled water: if I lose it I will have to pay $20 for a new one, but it just so time consuming and a hassle to wait in line!! What University do you work at? I used to live in Greenwich, CT which is relatively close to Scarsdale, so I know what your talking about, what was your job interview for? I'm a little confused on how you count your calories, 1949 avg. for 24 days? Do you average your days together or something and how does that help in the long run? I am not sure if even counting calories helps that much(i do it though) because if anything it makes me feel more guilty if I go over a certain amount...but oh well, I am not a slave to it. I use Calorie-Count.com and log in my calories & work outs every day along with my weight. I find the website fun just because I can explore all the foods there are in this world!!! its crazy: if you have never been to this website try it out. Good luck with your next week!!!

smiley2 on 04/22/2007:
WOW 115 is still very low, my dream weight hehe! You aint doing that bad are ya?

Ive been on antidepressants through my last year in University. It helped me a lot to focus, relax and reduce my anxiety. Some medications do cause drowsiness though. I think you should check with your psychologist which medication will suit you best.

Donkey on 04/22/2007:
I forgot to add: I do not think that you weigh 115, if you weighed in after a big meal. I am guessing around 110 and you know, even that's not certain. But at 110, that's only a 2lb gain.

tourguidebarbie on 04/23/2007:
Hey!, Yeah, i've been having a blast with Armando. He is just so fun to be around and i get butterflies... It's like he's so cute why is he talking to ME?? Lol... I'm just a lucky girl i guess. A happy lucky girl :)

horn_of_plenty - Saturday Apr 21, 2007
(calorie counting, all foods, LOTS of veggies)
Weight: 0.0

edit for sunday morning: I'm trying to remember everyone's advice...and my own: today is a new day!

exercise for saturday = 70 min. yoga and a short walk. possibly more exercise later. but, i'll just say 70 min.

calories were 745 until dinner. then, i had a very filling dinner and ended at 1200...BEFORE MY BINGE on almost a full box of chocolates! I brought my total to 2040 for the day.

not a 1200 day. but, 2040 is better than 3040. hmmm.

have a goodnight, everyone.

thanks for the comments!

smiley2 on 04/22/2007:
I hate those binges! Oh well, tomorrow is a new day, just as long as you remember that :)

Moody on 04/22/2007:
Hey there!! I think that is a great way to look at it..you didn't do as well as you wanted to but you didn't do as bad as you could've!!!

And wonderful job on the exercise! I haven't been to Yoga since the course ended that I was signed up for. I wish they had an evening course because I don't really enjoy getting out of a nice warm bed to go workout!! But I do miss the yoga!!

Hope that Sunday is a great day for you!!

greengirl on 04/22/2007:
They say that a normal weight woman should consume 2000 cals a day so 2040 is not an absolute disaster plus you have been doing so good with the exercise!!! :o)

mcwoo40 on 04/22/2007:
Hi,thanks for the advice,have you any advice to stop me overeating.Day 3 now and hope no more,Julie

horn_of_plenty - Friday Apr 20, 2007
(calorie counting, all foods, LOTS of veggies)
Weight: 0.0

Saturday: today i have a few things planned...teaching a lesson and then rehearsing with a friend. i promised myself to do yoga later this evening. I will do it no matter what! calories should be able to be kept to around 1200. I will be busy and i was able to sleep in till around 8am, which is later for me! haha. i still plan on going to bed around 10 or so. this day is looking good so far!

Friday: 1205 cal.

yoga, 60 min exercise

today ended up turning out alright. teaching could have been a little better...i wasn't happy about how the day went. nothing went terribly, but i hadn't taught lessons to the friday groups in over a month because of vacation and trips so the kids had forgotten A LOT! I wish i had planned a bit more for that!

then, i did do yoga, which made me feel extra good!

i went to meet a friend for starbucks and we chatted it up... we discussed our difficulties in finding jobs that we're satisfied with. we're both 24 yrs old and a little depressed about our work/living situations.

next, i suggested we go to the supermarket to pick up a few things! LOL! we both love going there! I actually have a few friends that love to go to the supermarket. weird, huh? but, only when its less crowded...that's the best time. so, we browsed down all the isles! definitely not the typical Friday night hangout!

WorkingIt2 on 04/21/2007:
Great job on the calories and exercise. way to go! I hope you get to your yoga tonight =)

greengirl on 04/21/2007:
Well done on the cals. You always make the yoga sound enjoyable, I might try it out myself. Have a great weekend :)

Donkey on 04/21/2007:
I am glad that today went much better than Thursday. I'm glad that you were able to get together with your friend. AND you did yoga. AND you did great on calories! YAY!!!!

horn_of_plenty - Thursday Apr 19, 2007
(calorie counting, all foods, LOTS of veggies)
Weight: 0.0

it's been a bad week.

i had work, then an interview, then rehearsal till 10:15 at night. I'm as frustrated as can be.

WAYYY too many ups and downs.

yesterday's calories: 1000.

yesterday's exercise: half hour.

today's calories: a MAJOR binge ocurred this afternoon. total calories today are 2500. the binge was totally because of the job interview. oh just so you know, i had about 650 calories up until this afternoon. so, the binge was like 1900 or so!...in one sitting!

today's exercise: nothing.


weightlossyoyo on 04/19/2007:
Sorry the week has been so bad. Hopefully it will get better real soon.

hollybelle on 04/20/2007:
There are better days ahead..........hang in there.

Moody on 04/20/2007:
A total stress binge if I ever heard of one...been there done that too many times to count.

Hoping that Friday is a better day for you...I really hope you find some time to do something you enjoy this weekend, you deserve it.

Take care...

horn_of_plenty - Tuesday Apr 17, 2007
(calorie counting, all foods, LOTS of veggies)
Weight: 0.0

Wednesday edit: i'm feeling horrible...i should remember this and remember not to binge next time!

no exercise.

ok, my 19 day calorie average is currently 2044. not so hot. i just had a large binge, for dinner no less! plus, i've opted not to exercise. this is a perfect time to get work done...i am satiated to the point of no return...like i can just sit and do my work and forget about most things. If you had a sugar load like i just had, you'd understand! it involved lots of leftover candy, cookies, powerbars, chocolate, lays chips, and other carb/sugar rich things in my house. (that i don't buy, but eat; and get in trouble for!)

well, the bloated feeling is back!


today should have been an easy low cal day! even 1500 is a high number compared to what i was capable of!

total cal: 3640. no exercise.

dinner calories were 2650, by the way.

blah blah.

3640 for the day! big mistake, huh!?

wantabfit on 04/17/2007:
Try frequent small meals during the day to avoid over eating at the end of your day. This is what works for me; eating every three hours..about 300 cals to keep my engery up and metabolism working. Don't be so hard on your self...jump back on the diet train...Weds is a NEW day!

sharklover on 04/17/2007:
Oh I am very familiar with those 3000+ calorie days! I'm not really sure how they happen for me, but maybe if you ahve some insight on what causes it for you that would be a good place to start to try to correct it.

And wantabfit has a very good point, wednesday is a new day! All you have to do is make it better (how much better is up to you) than today. And you will be moving in the right direction again! Easy as pie! wait, no... easy as broccoli! yeah, broccoli, that's better. :-)

jolt on 04/18/2007:
Binging isn't the best idea. Can you focus on why you binged, upset? lacking something? and come up with a plan with how to deal with it later. Owning up to your mistake and not making excuses is a great thing.

Hang in there you can do it!



jon'smom on 04/18/2007:
You acknowledged your binge and now it is time to move on. Just remember how you feel this moment. Hang in there!

WorkingIt2 on 04/18/2007:
Do you do a 21 day cycle? Just curious because I read something about weight being factored over a 21 day period and have been looking for information on that ever since. Do you factor in the calories you burn from your exercise into your daily total or do you just count the calories and average from that? I know that my averages would be much bigger if I didn't factor in the calories burned, and I think that is when I get really hungry when I don't eat enough. So if you are eating 1200 calories for a few days in a row..but burning 300 extra calories via exercise..it might be triggering your body to EAT EAT EAT because it fears it is starving. After a couple of binge days, does the desire to overstuff yourself go away? It just makes me sad to see you feeling so bad, especially after you felt so successful after the weekend! ***HUG*** I know you will pull yourself out of this!

Moody on 04/19/2007:
I just wrote you a big ol post and my computer went spastic on me and it didn't post!!!!! I just wanted to say that I understand the binges and you received alot of good advice and insight from the other posters...something I know about myself is that when I binge it usually stems from emotions...the other thing that will set off a binge is if I eat a trigger food..like peanut MnMs. Then I will be rooting around for anything full of sugar or carbs..I am better off avoiding certain foods because they literally set me off.

Take care and I hope that Thursday is a wonderful day for you!

horn_of_plenty - Monday Apr 16, 2007
(calorie counting, all foods, LOTS of veggies)
Weight: 0.0

ah, one more thing...i felt really good today in my clothes as it was a Monday, and usually I binge on the weekend. However, this weekend was better, and I felt more "myself." not the stuffed person I usually feel like...and it felt really good to feel like myself and not some pillow person!

calories: 1200.

exercise: 20 min.

goodnight all!

busy week ahead!

WorkingIt2 on 04/16/2007:
Great job on the calories and exercise! Have a lovely evening!

Donkey on 04/16/2007:
Better to be too busy, I say! Hope all is well! Sounds like it was a good day.

wantabfit on 04/16/2007:
way to keep calories down today. :)

Jmarie60 on 04/17/2007:
hope all is doing well. I am glad you feel so good!

greengirl on 04/17/2007:
Sounds like you did really well this weekend. Isnt it great to lose that awful bloated feeling ! Keep it up :)

Moody on 04/17/2007:
I will catch up on you this weekend, how you've been doing this past month or so, but looks like today was GREAT!!!! Pillowperson..heh, I can relate!

Take care!!!!!!!

horn_of_plenty - Sunday Apr 15, 2007
(calorie counting, all foods, LOTS of veggies)
Weight: 0.0

exercise: 60 minutes of yoga. no walking, didn't feel like it.

haha. somehow, calories are exactly what my goal was: 1790. complete with seriously terrible intakes of a massive amount of splenda, equal, and articifial sugars. blah. i'm not concerned about that at the moment! I even had a whole package of the sugar free jello...you know, the 6 little cups, each one being 10 calories. gosh!

so, today i ended up waking up quite early...around 7:30am. i decided to go to the 8:15am yoga class and have a carb/protein drink they sell during the class instead of breakfast. that went well. i definitely had a lot to eat when i got home. Most was fairly healthy. total calories consumed until noon are 1390. I'm making a goal of 1790 total for the day.

another update later!

mcwoo40 on 04/15/2007:
Hi,sounds like you are having a good so far,well done on the exercise,Julie

mcwoo40 on 04/15/2007:
Hi,I'm back i don't think i explained my food intake properly.I had my porrigde about 10.30am,then the bagel about 2pm with the nibble of cheese whilst i was cooking the tea tut!tut!I did'nt have it all in one go. I don't have sugar in my porridge, i make it with mostly water and a dash of skimmed milk to cool it down,i have artificial sweetner also in my cups of tea.I seem to of been in a picky mood today which is'nt like me.Anyway thanks for your comment,Julie

greengirl on 04/15/2007:
Hi HoP. Hope your day and calories went as planned. I love doing my exercise in the morning but it is only practical at weekends, because of work. Have a great day :)

maria777 on 04/15/2007:
Looks like a good goal!

GG on 04/15/2007:
CONGRATS on getting to YOGA!! Gotta love those random "IM NOT TIRED ANYMORE" moments in the mornings of weekends so you can do something productive like going to the gym!! Nothing is worse than knowing you have to go to the gym when you are exhausted! MAN, what do you eat in the morning to accumulate 1390 calories??? Good luck on your goal! Do you still eat Kelp Noodles or are you all about Shiraki? I am still obsessed with the kelp ones because I love the crunch and to eat them with tomato paste or roasted vegetables (read my diary entry to understand what I am talking about) haha. Have a good DAY!!

weightlossyoyo on 04/15/2007:
Way to go on the yoga and the protien drink!!

Donkey on 04/15/2007:
Ahh, yoga on an early Sunday morning! That sounds wonderful!! Sounds like it was a good day overall.

wantabfit on 04/15/2007:
Sundays are always hard to get out of bed days for me but i did it today...you too! congrats!!! and GREAT way to start the day

horn_of_plenty - Saturday Apr 14, 2007
(calorie counting, all foods, LOTS of veggies)
Weight: 0.0

calories = 1655. i was shooting for 1700 or so. that means i did well! with a large breakfast of 700 calories, i'm happy about my intake today. Tomorrow is yoga and i really need to get some work done, too!

today has been a nice day! i went for a walk on the boardwalk for about an hour and 20 min! so, exercise = 80 min.

WorkingIt2 on 04/14/2007:
Congrats yesterday AND today! Great work!

WorkingIt2 on 04/15/2007:
You had to be feeling great about staying within your calories! YAY!

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