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horn_of_plenty - Friday Feb 16, 2007
(calorie counting, all foods, LOTS of veggies)
Weight: 0.0

WI Points: not all, because once again, I'm choosing not to exercise. I'm pretty full from an amazing lo-cal dinner for all of the food that was involved. I'd rather hop into bed soon, than the treadmill

ahh, back to WI points: 34 points!

Breakfast was larger than normal, but I'm not calling it a binge. I didn't get a lot of sleep last night and it was difficult for me to get out the door this morning.

Foods: 2 cups fiber one cereal, 1 cup soy milk, 1 egg, 2 eggwhites, another egg, 1/4 package tofu, another 1/4 package tofu, carrots, tomato, balance bar, 1/4 tofu, 2 red peppers, sea tangle, peach, i guess around a pound of cauliflower, salad and spray dressing, sea tangle again and dressing sprayed on it, portabella mushrooms, seared tuna.

Total calories: 1325 appoximately.

so, the Sea Tangle is the kelp noodle that GG mentioned in her diary. I am so glad she did, I LOVE IT! It has no taste, but is not the same consistency as the actual noodle. It is actually crunchy. However, you can make it with anything and it takes on the flavors of whatever you make it with. It does need some flavoring as it is very boring by itself. BTC, I know you like sweet/carby things. I assume you would like it anyway. I can see you making it into some kind of dessert, perhaps.

To let all of you know, the sea tangle needs to be refrigorated. I don't think I realized that! Thankfully, I didn't go too overboard ordering it! However, about 1/8 of the fridge in my basement now has bags of kelp noodles in it!

The website for the kelp noodles/ Sea Tangle Company is:


The company is in California. It shows on the website where they ship to and how much. Shipping is definitely a little pricey, that's why I orderred a bit more...so that I don't have to buy them again so soon. I had a hunch I'd like them. I think people who like trying new things will. however, if you're wanting a mock-noodle, this is not it. However, its soooo close! No taste! Meaning, no bad taste and you can seriously make it into whatever you want! Great in soups, I presume!

I have yet to retry the shirataki noodles. Those are made of a root/tofu. However, mostly a root vegetable. I bought one bag in the supermarket and should not have ordered them online because now I have to pay for shipping. However, their online price was cheaper for the actual product than in the store. I'm nervous and hope that I"m not disappointed. If I hate it, I'm going to try to return them to my supermarket, lol. Otherwise, I'm not paying to ship them back; and will have to toss them out. I hope I like them!!!

Goodnight all!

WorkingIt2 on 02/16/2007:
That is so great that you like those noodles...I'll have to check out the health food places around here and see what they have. Great job on the calories! You've had a full week and we are all ready for bed LOL.

I hope you like the shirataki noodles!

borntocry on 02/17/2007:
I had also read that those kelp noodles are kind of crunchy, but I'm having a hard time imagining that. Is it like spaghetti squash?

leeumom on 02/17/2007:
Wow, I just got started on this site. I have never heard of the noodles. Looks like I have some research to do. Keep up the good work.

hollybelle on 02/17/2007:
Hey there! Once again I am totally impressed by your food choices. Thanks for your comments on my diary, but I think you have me confused with someone else regarding the comments about daughter needing good nutrition (fried and burgers all the time). My daughter is recovering from eating disorder. She is vegetarian although she recently experimented with eating chicken again, but has since decided not to.

Moody on 02/17/2007:
I love how you are always trying new things!! I am pretty boring when it comes to foods! I'm glad that you enjoy the noodles so much since you had to order more than you really wanted to!! Yay!

horn_of_plenty - Thursday Feb 15, 2007
(calorie counting, all foods, LOTS of veggies)
Weight: 0.0

Did everything except exercise. I wasn't gonna do it before work. I wasn't gonna do it before bed. No sir! So, WI Points: 34. everything else was good.

Today I taught a really good lesson after school and the band rehearsal that I did in the morning went really well, too! On my way home from my late rehearsal, I stopped to get some snacks. I was almost tempted to get more...but I came home a made a much smarter decision, to take a STEAMING HOT SHOWER. well, by the time I got out, my craving for anything and everything settled, and now I'm typing this.

Foods: egg, apple, egg, 1/4 tofu, 1/4 tofu again, carrots, tomato, apple, tofu, huge bag of the frozen veggies (microwaved), egg, (i know, too many eggs today - although the reports show that up to 15 eggs per week is alright), 2 bags of dried apples, 100 cal balance bar, yogurt.

Total cals: 1190. This was close, in almost turned into more on my ride home from rehearsal around 10:45pm.

Good luck to me tomorrow...Gonna be a little out of it/tired.

borntocry on 02/16/2007:
I often take a nice, long, steaming hot shower when I get home from work to keep me from hitting the snacks straight away. It seems to do the trick!

greengirl on 02/16/2007:
Sounds like another good day for you. Well done :)

horn_of_plenty - Wednesday Feb 14, 2007
(calorie counting, all foods, LOTS of veggies)
Weight: 0.0

WI points: ALL!

crazy day with all the sleet and ice!!! I'm surprised school wasn't cancelled...but, they didn't know it would be so bad for driving...I wonder what will happen tomorrow!

Today was a good day, but morning wasn't bingy...just a little more food than normal and I ended up leaving the house with a terrible stomachache due to the fiber in a bowl of bran, an apple, and an egg.

School was good today. Laid back. It was also the elementary school's birthday...so kids were having a fun day as well! I was supposed to teach a lesson after school, but the mom cancelled it saying I should get home. I'm glad she did that, because it did take about 1 hour instead of 25 min, to get back home.

I got a lot of things done today and I'm proud of myself for keeping up with everything. During the break next week, I will catch up on a few things that I'm not necessarily getting done while school is in session because I want more time to think about them. I'd rather not have the pressure of the school day or anything else on my mind while I write a timpani part for one of the pieces we'll be playing....I realize this makes no sense to most of you on DD.

Anyway, food was good. It was stressful at dinner as I ate with my family...but my food. We all sat at the same table and my sister was acting very b----y. She asked my dad where her valentine was...like she automatically deserves candy no matter how rude she is. whatever.

Foods: bran cereal and soy milk, apple, egg, egg, tomato, carrots, tofu, tea with milk, 100 cal balance bar, strained yogurt, seaweed salad, tomato, seaweed salad again!, lb of microwaved sliced peppers with dressing, 1/4 block of tofu, grapefruit.

I tried to keep calories to 1200, averaging at about 1205!!! It took 2 tomatoes as well as two packages of seaweed salad to keep calories low, lol!

I serisouly can't wait till the two new foods I ordered come....I plan on trying the shirataki tofu noodles again and I'm trying the sea triangle company seaweed noodles!!! I can't wait! LOL, i don't know how many people could say the same!


mylifechanges on 02/14/2007:
i feel like i tell you this every day, but I am so incredibly amazed at your food choices! Have you always eaten this way or did you gradually begin eating healthy. How do you do it, really!?

WorkingIt2 on 02/14/2007:
Congrats on a good day!! LOL your food choices are so healthy and so very, very interesting. The excitement over the seaweed noodles is too cool! Happy Valentine's Day!

Justine6Robert3 on 02/14/2007:
You actually get excited about seaweed noodles, yes I think you are right not to many people would get excited about it! Good for you, you keep eating that seaweed!! Are the noodles green?!

Great job on your food again today and nice low calories also!

borntocry on 02/15/2007:
Hi HoP,

Thanks for your advice on drinking lots of tea, water, etc when I feel a binge coming on. You're right, it does fill me up... I must remember to do this!!

I am also impatient to for those noodles to get there, so you can tell us what they're like!!

mcwoo40 on 02/15/2007:
Hi, those noodles sound intriguing,i hope they don't dissapoint you after you waiting for them.Here in England, if you order seaweed in a chinese restaurant i believe it is only deep fried cabbage what a con!!Keep focused,Julie

Leeumom on 02/15/2007:
You are simply wonderful! I read your bio. It is so good to see you put your height in there. I wish they would request that in the bio. Other wise I would wonder why so low! You are an inspiration! Mylifechanges (mama)!

greengirl on 02/15/2007:
Well done on the calories and well done on the challenge points. you are doing so well :)

hollybelle on 02/15/2007:
Well done on the foods. I too continue to be amazed - maybe if I print your posts - go to the store and eat just like you ------ well, maybe someday! Good job at not freaking out with the sister's attitude. Whew - family! Gotta love 'em!

horn_of_plenty - Tuesday Feb 13, 2007
(calorie counting, all foods, LOTS of veggies)
Weight: 0.0

WI Points: ALL!

Another great day on the diet front. Sadly, i wasn't able to do everything I planned to after work. I did practice a little today, but not as much as I should. However, I decided a little relaxation and an earlier bedtime are WELL WORTH IT!

I had my grad class today and I also found that the majority of the assignment that I did was done correctly. Therefore, all that sitting in the library I did was also WELL WORTH IT. Yoga has been on hold since I started this new job, January 22nd. However, next week I have off already for a school vacation, so i'll most probably go to yoga as often as I possibly can!

I've noticed that if I can buy extra large amounts of healthy foods, I don't run out at all by the weekend and I tend to eat much healthier because I have such a wide varied selection that doesn't dwindle down by the end of the week. It also prevents me from having to go food shopping twice or more in one week.

Foods Today: Peach, egg, egg, egg white, emergen'c fizz, 1/2 cup shredded bbq chicken, tomato, carrots, large tea and milk, 100 cal balance bar, light yogurt, FAGE yogurt, Large tea and milk again, seaweed salad, tofu, large salad with fat free balsamic.

Total calories: 1075....but for some reason, I feel like I'm missing something...

WorkingIt2 on 02/13/2007:
So nice that you took some time off and had a great class! I agree, if I don't run out of healthy foods by the weekend, I do better as well!

mylifechanges on 02/13/2007:
I'm still so amazed by your healthy food choices!! :) Good job on the points- I know you'll be at the top of the challenge again this month!

Justine6Robert3 on 02/13/2007:
Thanks for the comment. Great Job on your calories today! I'm sure you'll get back on track with your Yoga classes once you have adjusted to being back to work. Its hard to find the time and energy after a long day at work but you'll get back to it!

I still don't know how you eat seawee salad and tofu! Great healthy food choices today!!

borntocry on 02/14/2007:
You have been doing so well lately! Just make sure you don't let yourself get too hungry!

moody on 02/14/2007:
Yep, having healthy foods available makes all the difference in your choices!! So good for you for planning ahead!!

I haven't had Yoga for over a week because it keeps getting cancelled due to the weather! If it's cancelled tomorrow that makes a full 2 weeks!

I hope that you do something YOU enjoy next week on your much deserved break!

Jmarie60 on 02/14/2007:

greengirl on 02/14/2007:
When you are good, you are very, very good!!! Happy Valentine's Day :)

FortySomething on 02/14/2007:
Hi..thanks for leaving a comment on my entry....I am really excited not only about blogging, but reading everyone else's helps a lot too. We are not alone. Happy Valentine's Day!

horn_of_plenty - Monday Feb 12, 2007
(calorie counting, all foods, LOTS of veggies)
Weight: 0.0

WI points: all!!!

Geevee, I have heard of the two products you mentioned, but have not tried either one! Maybe next time...but, isn't the spirulina one a little high in calories? I'm not sure. the taste of the kombucha is a little "vinegary." I've tried two types, the cranberry one had much less of a vinegar taste and I liked it far better!

Food was good today.

Foods: egg, large peach, egg, tomato, carrots, bbq shredded chicken, large tea with milk, 100 cal balance bar, strained yogurt, seaweed salad, package of microwavable vegetables, lox, grapefruit. and another peach.

Total cal: 1180. Goodnight!

I had a good day, I was productive.

Moody on 02/12/2007:
Great points!!! You're doing awesome!!

I had no idea what some of your foods were that you mentioned, but your peach sounds heavenly!!

Glad you had such a great day!! Keep it up!

sharklover on 02/12/2007:
Great food, great points, great day! Great job!!

girliegirl6486 on 02/12/2007:
Great job with the calories, food today was a good variety too!

smiley2 on 02/13/2007:
Just checking in to say helooooo :)

borntocry on 02/13/2007:
Wow, good job with the calories! That must have been tough for you!

So you've tried the shirataki noodles (I was kind of thinking I should have left that comment to you instead of GG, but I see you read it anyway!)? It's somewhat of a relief to know that they might not be all that great because otherwise I'd have to kick myself for practically giving up pasta when there's a 0-calorie alternative out there! Also, I don't know if they're available here. There's an Asian store where I could look. So let me know if you try them again!

Umpqua on 02/13/2007:
What healthy food choices, and they sound yummy! Great job! Thanks for your comment to me and don't worry, I don't make a habit of skipping meals. And when I do I make up the calories. No one around here ever goes hungry ;)

WorkingIt2 on 02/13/2007:
OH GREAT JOB on the calories!!! GOOD Going! YAY!

lafemme_loca on 02/13/2007:
You are doing great as always ! :-) Thanks for your comments on my post. I went back and counted up the protein and was happily surprised to find it actually was 74g for the day... :-) Enjoy your night !!

sasyredneckgirl on 02/13/2007:
MMM have to agree with moody that peach sounds YUMMY!!! looks like you had a great Day :)

horn_of_plenty - Sunday Feb 11, 2007
(calorie counting, all foods, LOTS of veggies)
Weight: 0.0

WI Points: 24. although calories were low today I was eating when i was full, so no points for binge/diet.

I tried this really cool drink a week ago made from fermented kombucha (some kind of tea leaf, I believe). It has an aquired taste for about 60-70 calories a bottle. However, it's difficult to drink this stuff fast because it has a powerful taste and its slightly carbonated. It's satisfying! And, for a large bottle, 60-70 calories is not bad! It has a ton of health benifits. I threw away the bottle, so next time I get it, probably this coming weekend, I will write more information on it. I looked online, but there are a few websites but all of them advertise a slightly different product than the one I bought. more about that another time.

my stomach is streched to its limit, ugh. I actually only exercised 20 minutes yesterday...and i'm only gonna do a half hour today. I'll make up for yesterday mostly in my calories these coming days.

i orderred the noodles, GG! As soon as I read about them in your entry, I searched them out! So, I can't wait to try them in about a week!

Goodnight, all!

WorkingIt2 on 02/11/2007:
That drink sounds very interesting! Would love to hear more about it =)

geevee on 02/11/2007:
The acquired taste of kombucha is probably similar to the asai that we're hooked on. Asai has a definite medicinal, unpleasant taste yet it gets rave reviews and is hailed as the new wonder fruit. Ask that gal at your health food store about it the next time you go. It's not cheap by any means. At Wild Oats a 12oz bottle of it goes for $2.95. One pound of frozen pulp for $5.00. I'll ask Billy about kombucha.

Have you tried spirlina? that's supposed to be so nutritious. The negative for me is the awful color or charcoal gray that it gives to Billy's delicious smoothees. It's like you look at this ugly concoction and lose all desire because it's so unappealing. At least all the other fruit pulp we use masks the awful smell of asai. The sherbet-type ice made from it though is good.

horn_of_plenty - Saturday Feb 10, 2007
(calorie counting, all foods, LOTS of veggies)
Weight: 0.0

WI Points: 22. too high calories, binge dinner by finishing everything, only 20 min exercise.

Total calories: 5600!

Eating was fantastic, all day.

However, tonight was one killer of a "cheat meal." Maybe some of you remember I wrote earlier this week that i'd be going out to dinner on Saturday night. Well, that was last night. We went to Houlihan's. I'm sure some of you are familiar with that place. I ordered a grilled vegetable with cheese and pesto practically fried panini sandwich that came with fries. I had the entire thing. Also, I had a piece of the "pizza" looking appetizer called "crisp lavosh pizzette." I also had some of the cabbage salad with whatever dressing was on it that came with the seared tuna in fried wanton wrappers. For dessert, I had HALF or more of the apple cobbler/pie with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream. then, I had 1/2 of my friend's peanut butter cheesecake dessert as well:

Calories for Houlihans: appetizers: 600; Large fries: 1,000; HUGE grilled pannini sandwich: 1500; very large apple cobbler, whipped cream and ice cream: 1,000; peanut butter cheesecake: 600. Total: 4710

Calories for early part of the day: apple, egg, emergen-c, egg, coffee, light yogurt, salad with arugala mix, tomato, summer squash, green peppers, mushrooms, another egg (not much to choose from, I was at the University), a new kind of very low sugar, all natural and raw drink, 1 cup of bran, 1/2 cup soymilk, one greek yogurt with some chocolate stevia flavoring.

Total calories for early part of the day: 890. I was happy with that because NO binges were involved. I didn't think I'd be having dessert at Houlihan's, though.

I don't regret last night, but my stomach is still in pain today. LOL. It was a lot of food. the apple cobbler looked like more than 1/4 of what could have been an entire pie/recipe.

candance on 02/11/2007:
Just put it behind you and start all over today. Today is the first day of the rest of your life!

borntocry on 02/11/2007:
Oh my goodness, is that really how many calories there are in those dishes? I would never have estimated them that high!

geevee on 02/11/2007:
What a good reminder that I CANNOT trust myself to go to Houlihan's.

mcwoo40 on 02/11/2007:
Tomorrow is always another day to start your diet as long as you enjoyed what you over indulged i would'nt worry,Julie

greengirl on 02/11/2007:
Thats one big meal!!!! How did you fit it in?? Seriously tho'. Whats done is done. Just have to start again :)

GG on 02/11/2007:
You totally do not have to appologize for all the notes I love them! ha ha! And I am soooo glad I made your day with the noodles! As a matter of fact, I just had some! They have the funniest texture and you would never have thought but they are crunchy! But they are awsome and mold to ANY FLAVOR you put on them! I just put tomato paste & basil on them and microwaved them for a bit and let me say: PASTA! It was awsome and a really good snack because I am no longer hungry! And hopefully I wont be until dinner! However, shipping takes a week, so I would get on that soon! I think I am going to order some more very soon! --Woah, I just read your entry and MAN, going out to dinner wrecks havoc on one's diet!!! But oh well, you knew it was going to be a cheat meal!! I mean if it were a straight out binge then it would have not been too fun! --What was your new kind of low sugar? The sweetener I use is Stevia, I am sure you have heard of it right? It is a bit expensive but you can get it at whole foods & wild oats and it has zero calories so it is worth it's expense! ha ha! --All I can say about your big eating day, I hope you worked out a bit? ha ha!

GG on 02/11/2007:
ha, i just read that you do know what stevia is: never mind! ha ha ha!

GG on 02/11/2007:
Ok now I am bombarding you with messages: I am on the website of the restaurant you went to last night and...well you could have made slightly better choices but I guess if the food is good and you knew you wanted to cheat: GO FOR IT! ha ha! Just next time stick to the fish selections or fajitas!! :)

mylifechanges on 02/11/2007:
just remember that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it. You had a bad day- we all do. Your strength is found in rising to meet the challenge again tomorrow! You can do it!

horn_of_plenty - Friday Feb 09, 2007
(calorie counting, all foods, LOTS of veggies)
Weight: 0.0

WI points: 24 points (I didn't exercise and sorta binged)

I ate well today but had a minor binge of 850 calories for dinner. I then decided to have a yogurt right before bed. Total calories were still good, 1410!

Foods: apple, egg, egg, tofu, carrots, tomato, brussel sprouts, seaweed salad, iceberg salad, vinegar, lox, bravo (ritz) crackers, 2 cups all-bran extra fiber, one cup soy milk, yogurt.

i keep wanting more food, but its 10pm and i'll be sleeping soon. ugh. i'm gonna get some tea. Maybe all that lox is getting me thirsty...its extremely salty.

I used my time wisely this evening to get some work done at the school library. I plan on going back there tomorrow, as I didn't finish the work because it takes awhile to look up all the information. It's a research/music research class.

I guess I don't feel bad about the binge, since calories are still low and I ate what I wanted. Aside from Tuesday, calories remained low this week. Tomorrow evening I'll be going out for dinner I think; and so far, I'm looking foward to it.

alright, goodnight everyone!

Donkey on 02/10/2007:
Sounds as though you are doing well! Keep it up!

borntocry on 02/10/2007:
Poor you - going to bed hungry sucks! I also consider it a waste to eat a lot right before bed (as you mentioned a couple of days ago), but sometimes I'm so hungry it keeps me up. However on days like that it doesn't even matter how much I eat - nothing can quell my hunger. The best thing is probably just to go to bed and try to sleep it off!

greengirl on 02/10/2007:
Sounds like an excellent day to me, so your 'binge' must have been a small one!!Well done on getting the research organised at the library. Keep up the good work :)

GG on 02/10/2007:
Despite the "binge" you did not even hit 1500 calories! HA, go you, LOVE WHEN THAT HAPPENS!!! I see you had some seaweed salad, how AMAZING is that stuff! ha ha! Sadly, I have read the ingredients, but hey, why bust anyones bubble and mention whats in it! ha ha ha, just enjoy, I mean its always served in small servings so WHO CARES: and its healthy!! wahoo!

weightlossyoyo on 02/10/2007:
At least your binge foods were healthy and you stayed at a good calorie count. GOOD JOB!

horn_of_plenty - Thursday Feb 08, 2007
(calorie counting, all foods, LOTS of veggies)
Weight: 0.0

I got a lot done today, productive. i wish i played the horn today, though!

WorkingIt points: all!!!!!!

great day calor-wise. I had a lot to spare on dinner, which was large; and did still include a MONSTER-SIZED SALAD (LOL, GG) with some smoked salmon (lox), followed by a bowl of all-bran and soy milk. i didn't need the cereal and milk, but, since calories were overall low, i had it.

Foods: emergen-c, egg, egg, shredded pork, carrots, tomato, cliff bar, seaweed salad, bag of iceberg, shredded romaine, more shredded romaine, vinegar, smoked salmon, soymilk, all-bran.

total calories: 1270. :) very happy!

mylifechanges on 02/08/2007:
GREAT JOB!! You always inspire me by your food choices. You really seem to be consciously eating well and that is such a good thing. I wish I had the same willpower!! :) Congrats on such a great day- I know it feels wonderful!

geevee on 02/08/2007:
How did you mangage to have the lox without the bagel and cream cheese? I love those BIG salads too!

Donkey on 02/09/2007:
Very good job! I *love* Big Salads. They are wonderful!

Justine6Robert3 on 02/09/2007:
Wow, nice low calories again! You really do eat wonderful healthy food!! I wish I could get in more veggies, you do so well with them!! Way to go!

borntocry on 02/09/2007:
Good job!

horn_of_plenty - Wednesday Feb 07, 2007
(calorie counting, all foods, LOTS of veggies)
Weight: 0.0

Today i did great.

WI Points: All!

Very busy day, definitely suffered from lack of sleep!

I would like to feel better tomorrow, so I must finish my work and go to bed soon!

One good thing about myself...although i was tired, i dressed nicely and held my head up high!


calories just a tear over 1200. good day! Lots of lettuce, veggies, fruit. also two eggs, salmon, shredded pork, yogurt, and atkins granola bar.

missingsmokes on 02/07/2007:
You seem to be keeping calories in check...is it due to be time of month,,which makes ya tiired...hope ya get some good sleep......I binge often during the time of month tooo...so that makes up for it right :)

geevee on 02/07/2007:
Lots of good food!

Justine6Robert3 on 02/07/2007:
Great job keeping your calories nice and low!! I have been struggling to do that this past week. I just got my monthly friend today so I hope my appetite starts to decrease now!! 1200 calories thats great!

I hope you feel more rested tomorrow! It's great that you dressed nicely and pushed forward. I remember when I was younger I could stay up all night and look exactly the same the next day, no red eyes or bags!! It seems to be catching up to me with age!! I'll have to try cucumbers on my eyes to see if that actually works!!!!

Have a great day!

WorkingIt2 on 02/07/2007:
YAY!!! So glad you had a great day! I hope you get some good rest =)

GG on 02/08/2007:
I hate not sleeping well at night, it really makes the next day just DRAG ON! Sounds like you had a very good food day! I am jealous of the salmon because I AM A HUGE FAN! ha ha!

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