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horn_of_plenty - Saturday Jan 06, 2007
(no grains or gluten, only unprocessed foods)
Weight: 0.0

WorkingIt points: 8 yay!

I can't believe how many people left comments on my last journal entry! Thank you so much to all of you!

Today was a much better day. I pulled an approximate 1200 calories on the dot! For the next 3 days, I am keeping a 1200 calorie a day diet. It is doable, but very challenging. As long as I keep breakfast small, I generally am ok. The reason I'm dropping down to 1200 a day is because of my Wednesday binge of 5110 calories and then Friday's 3990 calories. I obviously need to balance those days out a little bit! I know I won't be able to keep 1200 for so many days in a row, that's why I'm only doing 3. Then, I'll stick to 1500.

Ok, so I woke up and took a yoga class at 8:15am. Then, I went to pick up more of the seaweed salad that I just tried and really like. It comes in a little package, I'll dried up. You put all the ingredients in a large bowl, fill with 3 cups of water and then the seaweed "explodes." The seaweed forms into about 2 full cups worth, when in the package you could have probably fit the dried seaweed into something smaller than a cup! I like it without seasoning, but some people would probably beg to differ. I only know of it being sold in one store by me.

Food today: Breakfast:a packet of low cal sweetner in my water and 2 pieces of tofu. Snack: seaweed salad, large tomato, 2 pieces of tofu Lunch: 2 seaweed salads, a package of portabella mushrooms, 1 egg, one grapefruit, one apple. (a bit much, but good). 1 Hour after lunch: one large yellow pepper Dinner: seaweed salad, Chilean sea bass, broccoli spears, and a microwavable package of lightly seasoned broccoli and carrots in a really light sauce.

see, I tend to try a new food, and, if I like it, I will eat it like a maniac for a few days. LOL. It's extremely low in calories, each seaweed salad is worth 40 calories and is about 2 cups worth!

After lunch, I went to teach a French horn lesson. Then, I came home and cleaned up my paperwork a bit. Later on, I went to ANOTHER yoga class at 5pm!!! I have an unlimited pass for this month, so I'm taking advantage. Like many of you know, I have a few days off from work currently. However, I'm still involved with the school district and I'll be chaperoning a trip next week and such.

I just noticed one new job posting online. Hopefully there will be a few more soon so I can start applying. I've called someone I worked with last year to write a letter of reccommendation. I'm going to ask 3 of my supervisors this year to also write me one! The job I saw online wants 3 letters of reccommendation. That's almost unheard of! Usually, they just want the references!

Everyone have a great evening!

Starveil7 on 01/07/2007:
1200 kcal can actually be enough food to not get hungry, i usually had around 1000 and still ate chocolate, pudding etc. just gotta watch you dont eat whole bars of chocolate or several plates of pasta or so. great you made the 8 points yesterday!

Starveil7 on 01/07/2007:
hey thank you too :) atm i cant really eat, but i assume it ll normalize within the next days or weeks. i m trying to force myself, but i start choking as soon as i try.

WorkingIt2 on 01/07/2007:
Congrats on the 8 points! DO NOT EAT Less than 1200 calories, I don't care WHAT anyone else says. You know, I think you are the person who eats the healthiest combo of foods on this site...seriously! Does your family eat the same way or are you the pioneer of health over there? It is really amazing! You should teach some kind of 'alternative foods' class or something or host a group. I must say that the only time I am anywhere near seaweed is when I'm swimming in the lake, and then it grosses me out LOL Good plan to stay on the 1200 only for a few days and then get back up to 1500. Have a great day!

Starveil7 on 01/07/2007:
well i guess how many calories you need depends really on your height and your daily physical activity. there are studies saying very different things on how much you really need however i think 1300 is indeed good and healthy to lose weight. i need to do less because i am very small and for my job.

WorkingIt2 on 01/07/2007:
PS. I hope you realize that I do care about you as a fellow dieter and I think you are so very encouraging to everyone, and a wonderful light in the day! So when I said what I did, I said it because I care about you and I wouldn't want you to get sick. I admire the way you eat, all those healthy things, and I wish I could get at least half of that into my world..and because of you, I have started to add healthier things in my diet, you and BTC are good for opening our eyes to all the many different and wonderful foods in the world..and I think it is fantastic! (((((((((Hug)))))))))))) better days!

mylifechanges on 01/07/2007:
8 points- YAY!!! :) Doesn't it feel great!? Your food choices amaze me! I wish I could stick to eating food as healthy as you do. How do you buy your Chilean sea bass? Is it prepared or do you prepare it yourself? I've just recently gotten into eating fish and that sounds delicious!! Good luck today!

Moody on 01/07/2007:
Congrats on getting 8pts!!! Yay!!

Glad that you got to take not one but TWO yoga classes!!! Good for you for making sure that you are doing things YOU enjoy!!!

About the seaweed...can you describe what it tastes like?? For some reason I am thinking salty because of the ocean! But that really doesn't make any sense! And is it slimy??

Mcwoo on 01/07/2007:
The cough medicine i normally get for dry coughs is really good but VERY sweet that's why i like it i suppose.I will have to make a trip to the chemist or i think you call it the drug store correct me if i am wrong.thanks for your comment anyway.

sasyredneckgirl on 01/07/2007:
You go girl if you can eat seeweed i think you earn the prize of the week woohoo .. mee i cringeeeee ickkk i slot that up there right with milk... great on the 8 pts!!!!!!

greengirl on 01/07/2007:
I love the taste of seaweed and its supposed to be really good for you but when its soggy I just cant eat it!! Same thing with cooked spinach. I dont know what it is. Just me I suppose. Your menus today sound scrumptious!!!

horn_of_plenty - Friday Jan 05, 2007
(no grains or gluten, only unprocessed foods)
Weight: 0.0

#### WorkingIt Points: amazingly, 6. Doing everything right except the food intake! LOL.

MOODY: i'm not always hungry on the binges...I just get a nervous-tense kind of shaky feeling like I need food. It's all in my head. The binge today was not because of hunger. However, if I do go too long without food, I will also do that kind of binge, when I'm ravenous.

****Last edit: total daily calories today: 3990. :(

edit: past 3 day caloric avg. is 3300. whoa!!!! It'll take about 20 days of around 1500 a day to balance it...I'm nervous.

okay, workingit, i'm in a bit of trouble right now. I've binged again today. I was eating really healthy all morning; and the minute after I drove my sister to the train and came back to an empty house I started to eat.

Really healthy at first, a packet of water flavoring stuff, 1 yellow pepper, 2 servings of tofu, an apple, a large tomato, another yellow pepper, a package of nori, a container of brussels, a piece of chilean sea bass fish...

moving on to two apples, then an orange, then: 8 tablespoons peanut butter, 1 cup of nuts/white chocolate/dried cranberry mix, 4 truffles, 3 more truffles, 570 calories worth in mini chocolate chip cookies, and 6 butter cookies.

I don't buy any of the food i binged on, they were gifts and belong to everyone in my house. I am having lots of trouble!

I know, workingit, you spoke about people who eat unhealthfully. I'm having a really hard time right now. Does anyone have any advice?

speak to you all soon. As far as yoga is concerned, I'm going tomorrow morning, because if I go in a few hours, I still will not be able to bend correctly in all the poses. argh!

I searched for info on eating too much seaweed. It just says that its high in minerals, but says nothing bad. Except for extra salt, but what I was eating lists that it doesn't contain any salt. hmm. something to think about!

it's gonna take about 14 days for me to make up for this chaos! These past three days average at 3137 calories per day!

WorkingIt on 01/05/2007:
I found a resource that was very interesting. You may find some information here helpful, I know I did.


chubbyknees on 01/05/2007:
Horn of Plety - I know it feels like you totally swerved out of control & maybe you did just a *little* but the thing I think that stands out most to me is that you know exactly how many truffles you ate, you know exactly how many calories of chocolate chips you ate - you still paid attention to what you were doing. Sure, that doesn't make the food any lower in calories, but can you imagine what you would have eaten if you were just eating it & not paying any attention? Tomorrow is a new day - actually, right now is a new minute to gain control! You can do it!

geevee on 01/05/2007:
All I can say is, I sure wish I could "binge" like you do and be so low in weight! I imagine the stress in your life right now is very helpful in burning up the unwanted calories you are ingesting. however, as Workingit pointed out, binging is a real problem. I think it's a long-term problem that will take serious consideration.

On the positive side, you KNOW what you should eat, and do, but not always. I'm in the same boat too!

Moody on 01/05/2007:
Just curious...are you hungry when you begin your binges??

cindylouwho on 01/05/2007:
I had to laugh so hard at the 4 chicken breasts! LOL! Today I felt like I coulda ate 4 WHOLE chickens. I know all about binges. I wish I had a good answer but I don't. I just know how you feel. You were talking about Seaweed...I actually just discovered I am allergic to seaweed. Here I thought it was going to be so nutritious. LOL

WorkingIt on 01/06/2007:
**********HUG*************** wishing you a better day today =) PS. I looked up seaweed as well, and regular seaweed doesn't have any sodium but some of the prepared seaweeds seem to have quite a bit of sodium. Very interesting.

Starveil7 on 01/06/2007:
hey you- i ve eaten more than i wanted too as well :/ i m including make up and stuff so i realize how often i wear what, i dont need to put unhealthy stuff on my face if i just go bring the garbage outside, things like that. and also when i m able to afford i use natural washing gels etc. especially now that i need to put chemical meds into my body again. i think as long as you have time to prepare great food, it satisfies you so much you dont need 37489379 pieces of chocolate or so. thats how i feel. those burgers today were yummy, but i didnt think they had so many calories.

Moody on 01/06/2007:
I've binged for both reasons as well..out of letting myself get too hungry and because of emotions..I avoided a binge the other day tho by really being in tune with my emotions when something stressful happened..I immediatly wanted to go for my favorite comfort foods, but realized that I wasn't even hungry and was acting out strictly on emotions..trying to do what I could to make myself feel better with food rather than dealing with what was at hand...That's the first time Ive ever done that..You can do it too..just have to really THINK before eating..

Thanks for your kind comment today..btw..made me smile! =D

mylifechanges on 01/06/2007:
Thank you for all of your kind words on my site throughout the past weeks!! I know how frustrating it is to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and keep going after a rough week- but I also know it can be done!! You can do it and I know you'll be great!! Just keep moving!

horn_of_plenty - Thursday Jan 04, 2007
(no grains or gluten, only unprocessed foods)
Weight: 0.0

7 workingit points. I give myself only 1 for exercise because I did yoga, but no cardio.

I may to yoga twice tomorrow. LOL. I have an unlimited pass.

I didn't weigh myself because I was too focussed on getting ready to go to the new school today to sub for the band teacher. I am not the regular kind of sub that doesn't teach. My job there is to be like a leave replacement and fill in exactly as if I was the teacher all year. I was supposed to start in a few weeks; and I still am. It was unexpected for me to go in today and I was told on short notice, yesterday!

Everything ran smoothly today. The principal was absent, so I didn't meet her. The students and teachers are really nice.

when i woke up in the morning, my body was very bloated and I was nauseated from yesterday. I drank water with a little flavoring and went to teach. Calories were really low today, 830. Who knows when I ate like that last. EVERYTHING was really healthy. Two eggs, carrots, 10 sheets of the dried nori seaweed, a package of portabella mushrooms, 4 very large yellow peppers, one large tomato, a piece of chilean sea bass fish (VERY GOOD), seaweed salad, and tofu. Not bad for 830 calories, huh!?

Tomorrow will be another story; calories will prob not be that low.

sasyredneckgirl on 01/04/2007:
dont you love subbing on short notice.. i loveee when they call me at and ask me to come in at 8:30...

Starveil7 on 01/05/2007:
the liquorice tea sounds great- i have to look if we have them in germany. but honestly i m so frustrated with the job situation here i m thinking about giving up my appartment and everything after i reach my goal weight and spend 3 months in california again. is it healthy to eat that much seaweed? i m asking because i love seaweed too, but i heard it is not good to eat more than 2 sheets a day, i forgot why and where that info was from though.

geevee on 01/05/2007:
The black rice was called "Forbidden" because for centuries only the emperor was allowed to eat it. I bought it out of curiosity and do like its appearance on the plate but most assuredly the price. At $5 a pound, I'd rather spenc that much on meat!

Your binge was exactly what I did from Thanksgiving through December which amounted to a 4 pound gain! EEEEEKKKK! I gotta stop that!

Moody on 01/05/2007:
Glad to see you back on track after your binge day! You have to be feeling better!

Glad that everything went well at the new school!!

WorkingIt on 01/05/2007:
Noooo...I don't think what you are doing is destructive! That entry was not directed towards you in the least. We ALL have rough days where we eat too much or too little..that is something far different than starving yourself or eating and vomiting or doing things on purpose that are not normal to get to an unhealthy BMI. Bulimia, binge disorders, anorexia etc. those things are all very specific disorders not just 'bad days'. =)

sweetpea1977 on 01/05/2007:
Sounds like you enjoyed quite an array of yummy, filling, and low calorie foods! Good for you!!

horn_of_plenty - Wednesday Jan 03, 2007
(no grains or gluten, only unprocessed foods)
Weight: 107.2

somehow, i get 6 points. I did everything right except the eating part.

My stomach will not let me bend over. I just ate 5110 calories. as many people know, i was not eating any grains/gluten or dairy...that lasted from Thanksgiving till today. I am going back to that tomorrow. But, I pigged out on cookies galore, pretzels, chocolate, nuts, peanut butter, crackers etc. I'm not listing it all. There is a lot of food in my house, that i didn't buy, besides the peanut butter. Some food were actually gifts to me, that I gave on to my family. I had no control. I know that i'll be able to get through tomorrow fine. But, right now, teaching wouldn't be very good. I am so full and sick.

I'm feeling extremely sick right now. I'm not dealing well with my job situation. Today, I got a phone call from the teacher who will be having surgery. He asked if I would come in to substitute tomorrow, of course I said yes. Friday I will be going into the other school that I left to say hello (since the teacher thought that would be such a great idea.)

I hate having to know last minute what my schedule looks like. I may even have to miss a day of yoga. I know, in the long run, it really doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is that I get a full-time, tenure job. However, I"m going in circles and now I've eaten so much to ease the pain. But it didn't work. Once again, it didn't work!

Progress as of today: 6.2 lbs lost so far, only -0.8 lbs to go!

WorkingIt on 01/03/2007:
Isn't it amazing how many times we still turn to food to solve problems or quell anxiety? OMG I know how you feel about being stuffed to hurting...I think sometimes we have to do that to ourselves just so we remember that we used to eat that way all the time and how much it sucked lol. I hope you feel better soon and I hope you get that full-time, tenure.

Moody on 01/04/2007:
Been there done that..not in a long time thankfully but I understand that "so full I feel sick " feeling. Ugg..hope you get feeling better soon..

I don't like having my plans changed or made at the last minute either..I like to know what I am doing and mentally prepare for it..but ohwell thats life I guess!! Try to relax and I hope you get to do your yoga...

horn_of_plenty - Tuesday Jan 02, 2007
(no grains or gluten, only unprocessed foods)
Weight: 106.2

7 WorkingIt pts

hello everyone. I didn't have work today, but I ended up doing quite a few errands. I actually did stop by the school in order to pick up a few gifts the kids dropped off the day before Christmas break, when I wasn't there.

I decided to stop taking the enzymes and I returned them for a refund. It's no use being addicted to a thousand types of pills unless you really, really need them. for now, I'm just taking a multivitamin.

so, i'm not really working in the district currently. However, the teacher who was on leave invited me to come in this week. ahh. I don't mind, but I was hoping to get some things done in these next 2 1/2 weeks before I have to work in the other elementary school and start grad class again. It looks as I'll be spending half the school day in the old school where I was up until break this Friday. I guess it's nice the kids want to see me!

Somehow, I haven't really walked for exercise at all today. I just did yoga, walking a block or two from my car there and back. I'll only give myself one point on exercise, since yoga will be daily(hopefully). my unlimited yoga future is already looking grim because of everything that keeps popping up. arg. oh well.

goodnight all!

Progress as of today: 7.2 lbs lost so far, only -1.8 lbs to go!

Moody on 01/03/2007:
Even when your not officially working you stay busy!!! I really hope that you take some time during this break and do what YOU want to do.

Glad you were able to get to yoga today...I know how much you enjoy it~!

Have a wonderful day..

horn_of_plenty - Monday Jan 01, 2007
(no grains or gluten, only unprocessed foods)
Weight: 105.0

8 workingit points!

The family situation is definitely hostile right now. We are all irritating each other and picking fights with one another. I don't know why. Maybe after spending a week on vacation together we all want to relax, but 3 out of the 4 of us have to either go to school or work tomorrow and everyone's frustrated. I do not have work until about 3 weeks from now. However, I do have things that need to get done!

One thing I am doing for myself is Yoga, everyday, for at least the next 2 1/2 to 3 weeks! yes, every morning. It's a gift I'm giving myself.

I ate poorly in the morning. It was really bingy, as I decided to stray away from the usual egg I was having lately and settled for a banana and Peanut butter instead. Well, that breakfast turned into 6 tablespoons of P.B., one banana, and two apples. Lol, it could've been worse! but, it was 900 worth of calories. somehow, I got through the day, snacking on lots of lean protein and veggies, ending at 1740.

Thanks for all the comments, and explaining breadfruit. I'm gonna look into it. I will put up a picture from the cruise soon! Oh, and thanks for the protein article. I always knew that we eat too much protein in the US on average, but it was still intriguing!


Progress as of today: 8.4 lbs lost so far, only -3 lbs to go!

moody on 01/02/2007:
Look at your weight! You have to be tiny!

I am starting yoga next week and am kinda nervous. I have no idea what to expect or what I have gotten myself into! I am NOT flexible at all..I mean AT ALL!! LOL

Hope the family tension eases soon..enjoy your evening!

WorkingIt on 01/02/2007:
Wooooooo Hooooo on the 8 points!! You have so much energy, it is infectious! YAY!

horn_of_plenty - Sunday Dec 31, 2006
(no grains or gluten, only unprocessed foods)
Weight: 105.0

So, I stuck to foods I can eat on my new (and something I enjoy VERY much) diet! No wheat/grains or dairy. The only day I had some trouble was at the airport in San Juan coming home. Seriously, I asked if I could have a salad with chicken and they were like, "wraps only have chicken, not salads!" yeah! they wouldn't do it. you're probably wondering why I just didn't order both! well, haha. I wasn't shelling out 9 bucks for some chicken wrap just for the chicken. Then, i looked and looked and found that the bar at the airport had chicken salads. The chicken was the most distastful, ugly, proccessed patty I have ever eaten. Nasty. But, i was hungry and ate the chicken and iceberg lettuce I was given. LOL. I will write more on this entry and actually write what I had to eat each day! yep!

I ate unusually MASSIVE portions, let me tell you. Lunch and breakfast were buffet style, the amount of salad and cooked veggies and seafood and whatever else I fit into my stomach astonished the people I was eating with! However, I regret nothing and really enjoyed everything. Best of all, the Maitre 'D, or head waiter, allowed me at the ellaborate dinners to choose my menu for each day the night before, so that the food would be prepared the way I liked it! I was accomodated 100% and left a nice tip and note to him! The good thing was that I ate more beef...I had beef at least 2 times for dinner. Filet Minon one night and another dish, "beef tornados," which was beef prepared similiar to filet minon, two round pieces.

I think I need to eat more substantial proteins. I had loads of seafood. And a bit more protein that week than I had been the weeks prior to my trip. I also took a "metabolism test," wanting it basically because i wanted a more accurate reading of the amount of muscle I have. Usually, when I get on those electronic scales here at home,it says my pounds of muscle are in the high 80's. However, the monitor on the ship said I have only 83 pounds of muscle, which is low for my age, height, and weight.

I will talk to that woman at the health food store about this and ask if she thinks I should include a protein drink or something after working out. also, I didn't take any of the supplements she gave me during the trip. I left all pills at home. I have't decided if I will buy more when they run out. It may be a waste, since I don't want to be living on pills the rest of my life! Maybe just a multivitamin.

Lastly, I went to yoga today. I will go EVERYDAY. yes, everyday now. why? well, I have off from work for a little over 2 weeks. I bought a montly unlimited pass there since I calculated that it is worth it for me to do that. Then, in February, I will go back to going once or twice a week. Oh, and I am putting weight training on the back burner and will not start that until after I go back to yoga only once or twice a week.

I have plans to take swimming lessons in the summer. I want to now, but I am not looking to overwhelm myself thinking about all these awesome new physical activities when I need to concentrate more on my last conducting class and my last music history class. That's whats most important. :( Good and bad at the same time.

I will take swimming lessons in the spring, if this job (another leave replacement) ends earlier before the end of the school year. Otherwise, I will take the lessons starting in the beginning of the summer. I'll take them at the university by me. Use of the pool is free since I went there! Gym is also free!

More updates tomorrow.

HELLO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!! :)

I AM BACK! I had fun on my cruise to the Carribbean: Aruba, Bonaire, St. Thomas, St. Kitts, Granada and San Juan, Puerto Rico (where we arrived and departed from)!

I am going to update this in a few hours! And leave a lot of comments on your entries!

Progress as of today: 8.4 lbs lost so far, only -3 lbs to go!

greengirl on 12/31/2006:
I am so jealous of your cruise. Lucky you!!!! Happy New Year :)

Starveil7 on 01/01/2007:
wow any pictures of the cruise? here's a good article on proteins, maybe you find that helpful for you http://students.washington.edu/careuw/faq_protein.pdf

Moody on 01/01/2007:
I'm so happy that you are enjoying this new eating lifestyle!! I had to chuckle at your "MASSIVE" portions comment and how people couldn't believe you were putting it all away!! LOL You are doing GREAT!!!

Have fun with the swimming lessons..this may be an obvious question, but I take it you don't know how to swim? Or are you taking an advanced swimming class or something like that? Just curious!!!

Happy New Year!!!

amanda8419 on 01/01/2007:
i cant swim so congrats on the swim lessons. I could never do that. im terrified of the water

Umpqua on 01/01/2007:
Wow, it sounds like you're doing awesome. And that cruise and the food you had sound fantastic. Thanks for your support and keep up the great work!

Runner on 01/01/2007:
Wow, look at you! You went on a cruise and LOST weight! THat's amazing! Most people just pig out when they go on vacation...but you ate all healthy foods, and I am so glad you had a great time!

horn_of_plenty - Friday Dec 22, 2006
(no grains or gluten, only unprocessed foods)
Weight: 107.8

Edit: I had a massive dinner...like a package and a half of tofu, a little olive oil, a larger amount of vinegar, 30 cherry tomatoes, a package and a half of lettuce, and 4 small red peppers (I sound like GG). The tofu and was overdoing it, 300 calories just in light tofu. But, now I can concentrate on packing...We're leaving saturday at 4am or so.

I finally read the asst principals oberservation report and it was the most detailed thing ever! No wonder why it took her sooo long to do it! I appreciate her taking her time because it was nicely written!

I was sooo busy (and tired) yesterday night that I actually didn't make a journal entry at all! I think that's the first time since I joined DDs in August! LOL. While I was working at school, i was actually too involved with it being my last day and such to ever come on here! I am sooo happy all is ready and organized for their teacher to come back! I left school really late, after 9pm to finish cleaning and putting everything in order! Because my schedule was CRAZY yesterday....I stayed at school till 4:15, went to teach a music lesson, stopped at starbucks after for a breather, came back to the school st 7:15pm...I actually had little time for eating. Well, it worked out nice, because I am leaving for the cruise really early tomorrow morning.

Calories yesterday wee probably under 1000. I have that they were 960 (similiar to your's BTC!!!) hehe. of course, I couldn't make that a pattern, but it was interesting to see such a low count! And, I had a nice piece of tofu with salad when I got home, before going to bed.

Have a lovely day everyone. Enjoy your holidays! I may come on here on the cruise or may not. Not if I have to pay for internet. See you all on my return!


Progress as of today: 5.6 lbs lost so far, only -0.2 lbs to go!

maria777 on 12/22/2006:
Where are you going on your cruise? Hope you have a WONDERFUL time!!!

greengirl on 12/22/2006:
Enjoy your cruise. You have been so busy that you deserve a break!! Have a great Christmas holiday

hippygal on 12/23/2006:
Ooh enjoy your cruise - it sounds like you could do with the break! x

borntocry on 12/23/2006:
Oh, have fun!

smiley2 on 12/26/2006:
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Enjoy your cruise, have loads of fun!

tourguidebarbie on 12/26/2006:
Have funo on the cruise!!!!!!! ~*Renee*~

WorkingIt on 12/26/2006:
Hope you are enjoying your cruise!!!

maria777 on 12/26/2006:
Hey there! Hope you are having a wonderful time on your cruise!!! Miss ya!

horn_of_plenty - Wednesday Dec 20, 2006
(no grains or gluten, only unprocessed foods)
Weight: 108.8

Weight back down a little, ahhh.

so today was another busy day. I thought I'd leave work no later than 2:30, BUT ended up leaving at 4:30! Just enough time to go pick up the chocolate music notes, guitars, theatre tickets that I orderred for people at work. I got home, had a "bingy" large dinner instead of eating half my evening calories and saving the rest for later in the evening. It was already around 6, that's why I did that. At least it was good food!

I don't enter my calories into any sort of counter. I know what the calories are and I do a running total on a sheet of paper all day. I would say i'm pretty accurate; and sometimes I do a google search on a specific item if I'm not sure what it's calories are.

It seems everyone's having a really difficult time right now keeping things in order. I will probably videotape myself tonight conducting. It's almost 8pm, though. arg!

Tomorrow is my LAST day of work. They might present me with something at the staff holiday party. However, I'm having a band party for the kids at the same time. I told the asst principal that "i'd somehow come to both!" LOL.

Speaking of the asst. principal, I can't wait to read her observation report of my teaching. she never did give it to me, although she observed me over two weeks ago! No rush, as long as I get it!

Thanks for your comments, they mean a lot. I've been looking at your entries as well! We are all so busy! :)

Progress as of today: 4.6 lbs lost so far, only 0.8 lbs to go!

maria777 on 12/20/2006:
You are a good worker and I hope you get a good report cause you deserve it!

Wow, you are really good at keeping tabs on your cals, too!

Have a good evening!

Moody on 12/20/2006:
Woohoo, last day of school!!!! Gotta be excited about THAT!

I am sure that your observation/evaluation will be great! Let us know!!

borntocry on 12/21/2006:
Dude, I am so jealous of you! I had a dream last night where we were all at some kind of weight-loss seminar. WorkingIt was there and so were you, only you weren't a music teacher - you were a model! Somehow in my dream you were seven feet tall (don't know how my mind came up with that absurd height!) but you were really beautiful and my goal was to be just like you!

horn_of_plenty - Tuesday Dec 19, 2006
(no grains or gluten, only unprocessed foods)
Weight: 109.4

Taking a half hour walk...can't look at this score another second. I will probably videotape myself tomorrow instead of Thursday so that I don't have to think about it for another day! I've completely had enough!Then, I can start getting ready for my trip!

now 1650...

Edit 2: well, I was going to end the day at 1290, but 3 more tablespoons of peanut butter and one apple increased the total to 1610.

Edit: I am home to have a snack and ended up eating much more (all healthy, but a lot more food). so, I figure since I finished eating a tremendous about at 5pm, that I will hold out till tomorrow morning, for breakfast... I'll try to be in bed by 9:30. Perhaps a little snack if necessary!

My weight is creeping up! ahhhh! I guess it's a pay-off after my two binges last week and higher calories on the weekend.

Now, I'm just trying to get EVERYTHING done before Friday....

We'll see how that goes...

I'll update later!

Progress as of today: 4 lbs lost so far, only 1.4 lbs to go!

Moody on 12/19/2006:
Hope you are having a great day!

maria777 on 12/19/2006:
Don't feel bad...I had a binge last nite and the nite before...the first nite, I was angry and had a food binge...the second time, last nite, Hubby had said he was hungry after he went to bed and I allowed that to become a 'trigger'...

Anyway, I've thrown out the reachable (which doesn't include frozen goodies reserved for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day) goodies until I get back to 152.0 where I was, hehehe!!!

Have a good evening!

maria777 on 12/19/2006:
Real good plan!!! Don't forget water!

golden on 12/19/2006:
Hey have fun on your CRUISE!! merry christmas

maria777 on 12/20/2006:
Hope you're having a wonderful day today! Big Smile!

GG on 12/20/2006:
Dude I feel your pain about the weight "creeping up": I think this is what we call the "winter pounds" because since we cover up more with sweatshirts, we eat more because we dont have to show our bloated bellies! haha! But atleast we still make it to the gym and such(walking...) At least we both sort of know WHY we are gaining a tiny bit of weight: extra food: when good food is around: I cannot stop myself! ha ha, granted I dont eat cookies and cakes: but I do eat like 2 pounds of salmon in one sitting: yes yes crazy I know! haha! You ended @ a pretty good calorie intake though for eating 3 tbs of peanut butter! Do you record you calories into an on-line data base to get these amounts, or are you just really good at math? ha ha!

greengirl on 12/20/2006:
Its definately the time of year that encourages the binges. I have just had my first binge in four months and now I feel uncomfortable and annoyed with myself. I had decided to eat anything I fancied over the actual time I am on holiday from work but I couldnt even manage that. Today i have stuffed myself with chocolates at work!!!! So dont worry about a little overeating. It sounds like you have plenty of company ;(

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