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horn_of_plenty - Thursday Jun 13, 2019
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 116.2


it feels like a whirlwind today at work....EVERYONE is anxious. 5 people laid off / quit on Friday and the project is winding down in a year...everyone is nervous - who will be fired next?!  

 not me - but, the atmosphere is not good in the office.


Today i used over an hour helping my coworker move her stuff. she's really my supervisor actually. it's emotionally draining - but i have enough energy right now to say i'm LOOKING FORWARD TO MY WEIGHTS ROUTINE TONIGHT and then getting to bed as early as is manageable. 


Despite a restless sleep, i feel ok this AM and am looking forward to getting my weights workout in tonight. I was going to do it Friday night, but, I really want to get it done so i have more options of when to do my weekend weights workout (and not be forced to do it Sunday night)...Now that i'm getting busier throughout the week, I'm feeling that need for more prioritizing. There's a concert tonight at a park by me, but, weights are more important than being out late to watch it. It's too much and weights are priority right now.


Midnight woke up a bit restless. large, fresh apricots approx 60. 

kombucha 70

8:45am breakfast 8:30pm wrap and egg 200 and butter 100. coffee 50. 350.

10:30am snack: not sure, feeling like a nice keto bar :) 200 (the brand i tried for the first time, not impressed at all with the consistancy. will not order again after i finish this box).

11:30am dark choc dusted almonds a little over 50 cal

lunch: little seaweed salad, cooked cabbage dish with beef leftovers from freezer- i've actually almost used my leftovers up - time to cook another corned beef i'd say!), maybe chips (not sick of them yet!) 600

snacks: almonds / large apricot 150

BEFORE STRENGTH: too much milk iced coffee 100 and granola bar 150. strawberries 100. nut butter 100. had a different times. 

DURING STRENGTH:aminos, nut butter 100

AFTER STRENGTH: probaby protein bar..200


6day 2160, good.


I'm taking lots of success / motivation / guidance types of books out of the library and they are really opening my mind even more: I will only get what i want by doing more and MORE correct / positive actions and breaking away from more and MORE old habits. 

A big habit for me to work on breaking is to end my strength workouts earlier, so i can go to bed even eariler on those nights.

Another big habit of mine is to get more balance going thru the workweek so i am NOT mentally drained / exhasuted going into the weekend. 

Basically, I want to always be on a MORE EVEN KEEL. i want to feel good all month...by always planning and prioritizing so that i can do more :)

I'll write about it here and there, those goals above.

With the court officer running projects (beep test training and illinois agility run) i have, (ladder right now), my goal is to not be doing the same things for more than a MONTH! meaning, ladder workouts or any workout, there must be changes each month or less.  I am much better at the ladder moves, soon to be changing some up i think for new ones!  The idea is to KEEP PROGRESSING FORWARD.




Progress as of today: -2.2 lbs lost so far, only 3.2 lbs to go!

Donkey on 06/13/2019:
This is going to be an interesting, exciting summer for you, even if it might not feel like it. I agree that prioritizing your time will be paramount. However, do not get to the point where you feel resentful, because you feel that you're missing out on other activities. You are the master of your time and energies. You got this! Proud of you!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/13/2019:
Yes, i am not resentful at all. for the concert i had the opportunity to attend tonight (which might even get rained out) - it's just not a priority. I must realize that i have to refocus this year - on constantly changing and improving for the court officer tests. there will be no emphasis on traveling or other distractions (unless ricky begs me to go on vacation, but it will be an easy thing to plan). otherwise, the emphasis is on how to do better with the court officer exam,thru constant re-prioritizing.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/13/2019:
i decided to drop the class. i cannot balance anything by taking it. too many stressors. too many distractions.

legcramps on 06/13/2019:
Gotta love forward-progress!!

I think you are doing an awesome job of prioritizing and making any necessary changes to your routine so that you can focus on what's most important. It's been really cool to read through your days and see the balance you are achieving (even if it feels slow-coming!)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/13/2019:
thank you for your support. I'm a bit anxious that all my commitments are going to derail me.

this time around, i'll just work on NOT exhausting myself. i can do this. i'll just have to say NO to anything else that comes up and is more than i can handle...thank you!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/13/2019:
i decided to drop the class. i cannot balance anything by taking it. too many stressors. too many distractions.

Donkey on 06/15/2019:
So how do you know you won't be one of the people to get fired?

Losing one's job is traumatic, but it occurred to me last night that it can be quite stressful to not get laid off, too, watching repeatedly happening to other people around you...

Horn_of_plenty on 06/15/2019:
I still have some connections in this industry is the reason. I have security at this time. I don't know 100% down the line though, especially with less electrical work going to the union these days and a lot of work being awarded to non union companies it's a scary time for union workers in nyc.

but for the short time ahead (1-2 years), i can say i'll be OK. i think i'll be on the job i am on for at least one more year if not a little bit more.

Yes, i do believe there's going to be even more changes in the personnel on the job, indeed in this next year. i do think people will quit or be laid off additionally after what has already gone on.

it's something that is sad to witness, but seeing it is a learning experience as to what is happening right now in this industry and also what goes on to people when there's just not enough work. it has to do with so many things.

the people who last are usually the best of the bunch (i'm saying overall, the ones the remain are usually in my honest opinion the best workers - aside from anyone there bc of connections).

horn_of_plenty - Wednesday Jun 12, 2019
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 116.5

This year is going to prove to be emotionally challenging. with too many changes and a time sensitive project i'm part of at work, things will be constantly changing around me. I'm taking the union class, like i've mentioned, but, i'm not planning to put a lot of work into it...my goal remains to spend my energy on getting better at cardio...staying positive. I CAN DO THIS.!!!


It's a fine morning, Just overwhelmed because life is a little busier than i like it to be. 

kombucha 50

sf dark choco 120 coffee 80

wrap and egg, butter 100. 300. rest of the week is butter - i'm out of fresh avocados :)  but did pick some up today!

11am roasted, dark choc dusted almonds 100

Noon lunch corned beef small amount 150, potato small amount 150, seaweed salad 150.  squash small amount 50 500. also caffeine drink. around 30.

1:30 a small swiss fudge cookie yummy :) 100

snacks: apple, almonds 200

5:30pm iced coffee and granola bar 150

Light tasty dinner: mango yogurt and raspberries 250, peanut butter 150. 400

2000 :)

5day: around 2140/day


 Ladder Workout tonight.

During lunch i have the time for myself, and less people here to watch how i spend it or how long i go out, so,  i'm going to H&M to see about any good deals...i don't have a lot ot spend, but, i could also use some flowy office pants instead of all the tight ones i wear....something that gives.


I'm reading a new book that i HIGHLY recommend. It's called The Compound Effect and it's about small actions everyday either bringing you towards or away from success. It's a short, easy read by Darren Hardy. Good Book for people that need a kick in the buttocks to move forward and not remain stagnant. i'm going to keep on with books like this throughout the year.

I have a long commute, so i'm able to read a LOT. (many days it's over an hour of reading time, some days even more)

One of the first things recommended in the book is to CHART / TRACK everything! Like we all do here, planning food to remain of a certain weight / health, planning / charting workouts / planning financially is what the book is about. If you take no action, there will not be success. 

So for all of us on DD, that track our progress and plan in a way to grow successfully, the book is showing we are doing it right.


Moving offices again today (4th move in since i got here to this location 1.5 years ago), just across the hall. i'd be happy staying here, but it's a bigger room and more spacious since my current room is def very crowded with two people (i think it's meant to be a single person rm).  After i have my coffee and do my time, i'll recruit someone to help me move my computer...not gonna do this rushed first thing...coffee and time first. as well as log in here. my mind and body will not rush any faster than this today...

The move took me around an hour and a half to move things and set up computer (luckily a male coworker helped with it). took from around 9:30-11am...now resettled, threw out a lot of junk!, and relaxed at new desk :).  glad to throw out a lot of old stuff and have a clean setting again. 

Now, i have to concentrate on getting some work done today!  a lot of dust has been dusted and cleaned off. good to be in a bigger, more spacious room. i was previously in a room fit for ONE person, not the two of us. so now, we'll be in a bigger room, meant for 2-3 people :)


In some ways, i could have skipped out on this offering of the Saturday Proj Man class. but i'm sticking to my decision and taking it - I only signed up for the Saturday course beause it's helpful and a good learning experience

but i cannot deny it's holding me from using the time to help me with the fitness goals and this class, working extra hours, and a union meeting upcoming this month is definitely more than i'd like. I also scheduled two drs appts for the dermatologist for skin tags and also a hyperhydrosis botox treatment (excessive underarm sweating) both appts are in the next month. I've been waiting, so it's not like they can be delayed longer. 

the more a person balances in life and day to day, the less involved they can be on every activity they balance...

Progress as of today: -2.5 lbs lost so far, only 3.5 lbs to go!

legcramps on 06/12/2019:
Yes, definitely the more you add to your life, the less balance and engagement you'll get. It's important to be able to focus on priorities, but I totally understand your desire to also be true to your other goals - such as the project management classes. It's hard sometimes!

I am in the same boat. I have taken on 2-3 days coaching as well as my full time job; I try my best to get in 6-7 workouts each week; I have also been taking training through work to progress towards leadership, even though right now I have no desire to be in a leadership role there! I'll graduate June 20th (I started in September last year). After that, i'm taking a break for the summer and then i'm sure someone will find something else for me to do LOL.

Some months or weeks are always going to feel a lot harder than others, but you know we still get through them. Try to keep the stress low and the happy high!!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/13/2019:
wow, i didn't know you were involved with a year long class! yes, i see how your situation is similar to mine.

my situation went from NO PLANS for summer to lots of extra stuff thrown in for the next 6 weeks. funny how that happens?!

I'll make the most of it! :) you gave good advice.

Maria7 on 06/12/2019:
Glad you took some time for yourself and got some shopping in today.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/13/2019:
thank you, it helped me get thru the day better indeed!

Donkey on 06/13/2019:
The way I see it is that you are approaching choppy waters. Will you feel like you're overwhelmed by the waves of change? Or will you enjoy the ride on your inflatable raft?

While some days may seem long and tiresome, overall, at the end of summer, I think you'll look back and be quite pleased with your efforts.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/13/2019:
I really love how your comparison and you are so totally right! Yes, i'll get on my raft and plow thru this!

also, i will just make sure my priorities are always in check...and to really not give up the bigger focus which is primarily to keep on with the workouts, all workouts, and not get behind.

i'll take days as necessary.

and i've decided that in September i usually take 3 days or whatever week days we have off for Jewish Holidays but this year i'll probably work them as I will not have enough days left for Winter...prioritizing.

first time ever in 8 years i'll work on a Jewish Major Holiday. but, gotta do what works for me - my dad will be angry - it's totally not up to him though.

horn_of_plenty - Tuesday Jun 11, 2019
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 116.5

Good morning, i'm off to a great start :)

kombucha 50

8:45am sf lily's choc 120, coffee 80

10am breakfast: wrap and egg 200, half avocado and seasonings 150. 350...

noon almonds 50

Lunch: again from home with half an already small cured sausage :) 150, cooked greens in collard green recipe / some extra cabbage if i need it 200, chips 210  550

snacks: powdered dark chocolate almonds, fresh apple :)

before workout: TBD maybe something filling, like a sandwich - snacked at home something nice and cool: granola bar 100, yogurt flavored and with some sf whipped cream 210. total here 350 with a drink.  def in a sweets mood and very satisfied now, sipping my aminos drink that i also bought from Vitamin Shoppe on the way home...working out soon :) and pb on a small rice cracker right before workout 150

during workout: TBD pb on cracker :) 100, strawberries 50

workout was from around 7:30-little after 9:30

close to 10pm After workout: TBD protein bar. thinking just pb on a cracker, less calories than a 200 bar. 100

2150 total = good!

4day 2150.

Progress as of today: -2.5 lbs lost so far, only 3.5 lbs to go!

Donkey on 06/12/2019:
Looks like a good day on paper! And at least you got your workout in, which is more than I can say.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/12/2019:
overall, yes, it was a fine day indeed :)

you will do better, don't get down on yourself...pick up where you left off :)

horn_of_plenty - Monday Jun 10, 2019
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 116.5

Kombucha 60

Breakfast 1: keto chocolate 120, coffee 80.

snack: wrap 120, half avo 150, egg 80. 350.

11am almonds 100 and also a sugar free iced herbal tea from starbucks bc i ended up going out on a visit into the field and taking just over an hour outside...it was sweaty down below and i decided on totally treating myself on a sugar free iced tea (stevia is at starbucks!) on my lunchtime excursions!

I prob walked around 2mi or more at lunch!!!! - prob more like 2.5mi :-)

on the exercise note, now, i'm excited to finish up this workday, go home and read (also got my new book from public library!) and get to bed early tonight :)

lunch: all from home, the 200 cabbage (pretty good, very flavorful)  and tofu 100 with chips 200 (chips are my indulgence, if you couldn't tell by now!). 500 balanced.

later afternoon snacks: cherries 50, almonds 100...maybe  a peach

dinner: not sure actually, i 'm thinking fruit and whipped cream and to call it a night. or like a yogurt and also whipped cream and strawberries. looking for an easy to digest, somewhat voluminous dinner. i can also just go for a wrap/mustard/cured sausage (have quite a bit more of them at home!)

dinner was 1/2 small cured pork sausage (will be having this frequently for awhile) 150, chips 150, apple 100, whipped cream 200. 600. went a hair overboard.


3day avg 2150


at the end of the workday, went on DD, took it easy a little as well as the long lunch. it helps to get me here yet another hour. I worked it out :) everyone else went home, and i do not think most will be honest about doing the extra 8 hours in order to get 7/5/19 off.


working an hour OT, so i'll make sure to take a LONG lunch (picking up book at NYPL that i requested by work). 

staying at work until 6pm.

maybe take slow train home to read.

It may take till around 8pm-8:30pm for me to get home. i'll do some walking, but not too much  (walked a lot at lunch!) bc i'm wearing shoes that aren't hugely supportive - they aren't sneakers lol. anything that's not a sneaker i find hard to walk in for long periods of time.


all in all it was a good weekend, but i'm very headstrong to keep my goals and not let others literally bother me or affect my progress. i'll do what i need to do :) 

So what does that all mean regarding this weekend and my progress?

It means simply that my goal this year is positivity and i cannot let people's lack of forward positive thinking to get me down. If they say something negative, instead of remaining silent like i did this weekend, i can offer MORE solution and positive thinking commentary back. Instead of my typical being quiet when i hear something i don't like and in my head think not to say anything, i will try to be extra positive back. 

Why be extra positive? Because it's what i want from myself. 

I realize that hanging with C friend over the weekend, i am more negative i think than usual. i start to be negative. this can't be - i'm talking about speaking to her about myself more negatively and this cannot be! 

I do in fact have a good job now. I do in fact have quite a full life right now. everything is good.


she's complaining about her sister's wedding and really she shouldn't be taking her sisters wedding so so so personally. it actually is TOO MUCH. i didn't realize that until i wrote it now!  

i can remind her - she doesn't have to think negatively about her sister's wedding at all...it can be a positive thing for her and her family. it's what you WANT to make of it. nobody sees it as negative (that she has to go on her bday) except for her!

she needs to live her OWN life. develop her own passions. there's more to life than work.

A longtime goal of mine with friends is to learn from a friend, learn something, there should be a give and take of friendships were one friend gives the other something they maybe don't have solo. even just the friendship itself. but it's got to remain positive. there has to be a forward motion. and it cannot be boring.


she asks me if she should be looking for another job. NO! she's got guaranteed job security till she retires. she's got the job part of her life down pat. now she can delve into the other aspects: dating, getting a home (she wants one), continuing any studies in effort to get paid more, getting a pet, any hobbies she wants. 


i don't have my career down pat and find it hard to work in this industry because a lot of things with work are not concrete in terms of a job. things are always changing, people losing jobs or getting swapped around a bit. that's my reason for still pursuing a diff career.

but in the midst of doing that, i have other passions. I like to cook and experiment when i can with veggies, keto, and other simillarly inspired dishes. i like to walk and go to different places on weekends. i like to read. i love to exercise. i'm expanding my exercise to reach my goals.  i like to see friends that i don't always see. i like to spend some time with R and watch movies and longer tv shows with him. i'm taking another class to help myself as positive education in regards to my industry. i look to further advance myself.

i've taken advantage of travel opportunities and other similar things to expand my mind.

people who don't expand their minds...i really don't understand them at all.


R has some passions too...not the same as mine, and some are rather exaggerated like his intensity in regards to politics, but, in general, he does have his passions. he also loves to fix broken things (not a bad thing, trust me!) and he likes the arts concerts, being active..

Progress as of today: -2.5 lbs lost so far, only 3.5 lbs to go!

legcramps on 06/10/2019:
You are doing great at LIFE! And even if sometimes our plans get derailed because of someone else's plans - that's also a part of life - and I think it's more about how we are able to positively react to those changes and be able to cope with change itself that really speaks to how well we are able to live our best life.

I know you will reach your targets this year because of how determined you are; and also because of how you are able to use the resources and people around you to be, do, and live better as an individual! You've totally GOT THIS!

Horn_of_plenty on 06/10/2019:
Yesterday R said he was impressed with my desire to reach my goals. I can only try my best this time around :) and now with a better plan than last time. I am definitely better than i was a month ago. I'll start the actual beep test and other test training end of July (totally not waiting until September!)

Donkey on 06/10/2019:
This is just my observation but you've talked about this friend before. I think she may be depressed. She seems awfully toxic. I foresee trying to respond to her with positivity would just be a waste of your time.

Horn_of_plenty on 06/10/2019:
You have a point. I once did try to positively influence her and she got angry at me - i forget exactly what happened. it was something about her moving and i said something...i cannot remember but she told me to stop telling her that her life is great lol when i live a fairy tale or something bc i have my job bc of my dad if i can remember. of course we have forgiven each other since then.....

Horn_of_plenty on 06/10/2019:
in general you may just be right. i can be positive about myself and that's the end of it....and just take it all in small doses. thank you.

Donkey on 06/10/2019:
Yes, I remember that you were being positive and she totally got mad at you!! What the heck? Reactions like that are why I was casting caution. However, I think this time, when you responded with silence, THAT was more effective than trying to turn positive.

Agreeing with her justifies her negativity. Disagreeing with her adds fuel to the fire. But silence just leaves her statements having with nowhere to go.

Just food for thought. You focus on YOU and the blessings you are able to see in every day situations!!!!

Horn_of_plenty on 06/11/2019:
Thank you...you are totally on the ball here. I realize it's not time again for me to waste my valuable time to 100% help and spend on her. she's got to do her own part. :)

Seems this weekend was another wakeup call, to stay focused on my goal and not the distractions.

horn_of_plenty - Sunday Jun 09, 2019
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 116.5

7:30 breakfast oatmeal with almond milk and spices 170, 2% Chobani cherry yogurt 110, iced coffee with almond milk 30

Snack during laundry / weights workout: chocolate protein nut butter 100, coconut water 100. 200, aminos, seltzers, CBD mix (HI DONKEY, yes, i use the oil during my workout in one of my large cups of many that i drink during workouts!), tastes of my cooking 50

600 cal for lunch, balanced, more carbs. (2.5 servings crackers/chips, wrap with mustard and half cured sausage, cooked veggies)

strawberries, apple 

caulipower pizza and veggies 500 basically right before ladder workout :)

8pm after workout: tasty protein bar, very fresh and soft 200 with almond milk. 30

2080, good.

2day: 2190, ok

TOMORROW I WORK OT FOR ONE HOUR (extra hour as i have to do 8 hours in order to get July 5th off also along with July 4th...), so, i'm not exercising at all after work and will be probably reading and taking slow train home as well as going to bed shortly after getting home. so, i hope to keep cals decently in check due to not to much stuff going on after work :-)



Getting a strenght workout in and laundry this AM,  i could be free after lunch all day with just my ladder workout to take care ofllater this early evening! 

Because i now order some veggies from a service, and i have enough meat and eggs for the week as well as almond milk, iced coffee and kombucha - i don't need to go to the supermarket today for much besides seltzer/fruit .

I am coming to realize it'd be better for me to go only for little things on the way home (fruits / veggies ) or stop at stands to buy these...and do big shoppings for items in bulk every 3-4 weeks at the supermarket. I'm trying to cut down on time spent doing errands.

If i can manage to get everything done before lunch, after lunch R & I are planning to walk a cemetary right near us. Like, a 5min drive away. It's actually where my grandparents and i think also some of their relatives are buried. I shall hopefully pay them a visit, assuming we can find the graves (very big place), but i think i remember from 2 years ago when my grandma was buried. Seems we like to walk cemetaries now....weird....but, thoughtful and serene.

Tonight, i'll be getting ready for the week ;) It's gonna be a good one. And a busy one with Saturday classes starting up. So today is very important to do my workouts and enjoy the day :) 

For laundry, i was going to wash my bedding, but may just do the pillows again and wait one more week for the sheets. Yeah - will try to just do everything quickly today and get it all done :)...

....lots of thinking out loud in this post!!!!!!!!!

Progress as of today: -2.5 lbs lost so far, only 3.5 lbs to go!

Donkey on 06/09/2019:
Sounds like a nice day! Did I miss something? I thought you were going to do your ladder workout first thing in the morning. Oh well....

Horn_of_plenty on 06/09/2019:
yes, totally changed it around :) i figure i'd just do it at the end of the day (def not skipping it!) as the weights is longer and i decided to be more productive all morning with laundry, cooking and weights. :)) all together, simultaneously!

Horn_of_plenty on 06/09/2019:
regarding minigolf, the outing was wonderful...but i'm reminded why i have to set my goals and keep them...and not let anyone, any person, anyone else's desires ever deter me. maybe write it to you in a private comment on fb.

BearCountryGG on 06/09/2019:
It's funny how I don't mind doing laundry at all....except the sheets.....I seriously do not like washing, folding, remaking beds....

Horn_of_plenty on 06/09/2019:
NEITHER DO I!!!! same here!

Donkey on 06/09/2019:
It can be so easy to get distracted from our goals. Believe me, I know this! And now with your Saturday classes starting up, time management will be even more essential.

A few years ago, when my husband was in the hospital with back spasms after he fell in the driveway - that was a HUGE wake-up call for me, making me realize that I need to be very careful with how I allocate my time and resources. You might notice this same aspect this summer.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/10/2019:
Both me and you = prioritizing this summer..

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/10/2019:
I'm getting annoyed, more than ever!, with myself for even allowing people to have any control over my feelings. meaning, i take full responsibility right now for my happiness, for telling people NO, for prioritizing!

happy-1 on 06/10/2019:
Good strong mindset here!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/10/2019:
thank you, it was what i was trying to convey here!!! :)

happy-1 on 06/10/2019:
I do tons of laundry... It cleans my brain...

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/10/2019:
i do not like laundry lol...but i do have one friend who likes to do it for the same reason as you!

horn_of_plenty - Saturday Jun 08, 2019
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 116.5

slept in a little bit, felt great to do so.

Banana around 5:30am 120 and headed back to bed!

9am breakfast oatmeal with almond milk and stevia and a little saffron in one part of it only (because i like to use oatmeal as a way to get saffron in, so i put it in a little bit of the oatmeal so it softens up!) 180, yogurt 120, iced coffee with almond milk and stevia 40. later a tablespoon of nut butter 100. 440. 

almost noon nutritious meal: some of the below greens from the photo 150, wrap with mustard 100-150 and half of a cured pork sausage (small amount) 150 tops. 450. peach 100

1100 so tasty...just gotta watch cals because eating takeout later, just prob getting veg/tofu soup with rice.

bar200, fries 150

dinner white rice 350, shrimp battered 250, veggies in sauce 250. 850?

2300, fine ;)


I will do ladder workout Tomorrow morning not today...just reading and relaxing now, showering & getting ready to leave by 2pm for beach minigolf with friends!


spent an hour or so in the morning cooking up my greens using a collard greens vegan recipe (didn't want to put any meat in it)

Progress as of today: -2.5 lbs lost so far, only 3.5 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 06/08/2019:
Pure nutrition...BEAUTIFUL!

Horn_of_plenty on 06/09/2019:
and, the taste was amazing. something to make again and again...and you can always mix up the exact types of greens you are using. i like that it's a low fat recipe. planning to be doing MUCH MORE cooking this year.

Donkey on 06/09/2019:
Oh I see my confusion -- this is where you said ladder workout in the morning. NEVERMIND! (lol)

The vegetables look so beautiful - and tasty! How was beach mini-golf?

Horn_of_plenty on 06/09/2019:
minigolf was REALLY nice. perfect use of time and sunny weather! :)

yeah, i'm glad my agreement with myself was ladder 2x a week now and nothing more :)

horn_of_plenty - Friday Jun 07, 2019
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 116.5

I want to start off today just mentioning how thankful i am for my life and the opportunities i have been provided with since birth. I know i am very lucky & blessed. <3

Several people in my office were laid off today. The project will be winding down. I will probably be amongst the last in this case to remain on the project.


Home: kombucha 50

1st snack: sf chocolate 60, coffee 40.

breakfast: wrap and egg with seasoning and half avo 150. 350 total. 

11am snack: chocolate wafers :) 150

late 1:30pm lunch: all my good leftovers from this week. very happy. romaine salad, seaweed salad 150?,tofu 100 and 2x chips 260:) clementine 550 tops, hot tea.

snacks:  almonds 100, later granola bar 100

before strength workout: strawberries, iced coffee, couple munchkins 200 here with almond milk, then small banana 100...got home later so snacked on commute followed by a banana back at home  so i can start my workout right away now around 7:30pm

during strength workout: coconut water, amino drinks, etc and nut butter

after workout: TBD :) maybe a sausage again! in a wrap! with mustard.   stuck with a protein bar. so glad it has been a wonderful calorie day for me.  200

2050 total. 

2070 7 day weekly average is much improvement from all the recent weeks before this one!


I am working out tonight. and i hope to cook up a few of my vegggies tomorrow morning :) planning the time to cook veggies will be something i DO actually need to consider now. :) being that the veggies are ugly, i prefer eating them cooked. but they do taste wonderful :) and are organic!


There's a picture in my below entry of my order from Misfits Market. I like that a good percentarge of the produce is Greens. That is what i lacked in my diet and only very recently (like last few weeks) have been making sure that greens (not just any veggie, but lettuce/leafs) are part of my weekly diet, almost daily. I will def be cooking them all up soon. I realize if i have a problem, can't eat it all, i can freeze the food after I cook it. :)  


I get a letter in the mail from the union saying there's been a seat held for me for the Intro to Project Managment course held for 5 weeks, only Saturdays, from 9:00am-2:30pm starting June 15. I decided it's valuable enough that i WANT to take it, so i accepted the seat. It's a free course. It's only a ten minute walk from my apt. So, i'm attending as i'm working in the PM field now and the course is totally valuable towards what i'm doing now. 

Since the course is 5 weeks, one week is a skipped week, so it ends July 20, i realize i will have less "exciting" weekend plans for half the summer. I"m totally OK with this as training for the court officer exam can still be done easily on days I have this course and i can easily skip other more adventurous things....i'm glad to stay close to home actually. 

My friend who loves the beach will DEF be disappointed when i tell her i have a class on Saturdays, but, she'll def understand as she was taking classes all school year on Saturdays lol.

This is one of several classes i have taken, for free, at the union. It's great i can do this continueed education at this point in my life. It's good every now and then to take part in an organized educational opportunity. I don't feel it will create too many planning problems and i'm much better at organizing my time than in the past.  Working out at home has been invaluable to me, especially, as you see i do have obligations that come up time to time besides my regular job. 


All in all, things are going well for me at this current time & I do expect that this year will be following that pattern.  After that, it will be slightly up in the air again, but for this time now and for this whole year ahead of me, I'm def staying positive and proactive.

Progress as of today: -2.5 lbs lost so far, only 3.5 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 06/07/2019:
Good idea taking the class.....maybe there will be some good info there.

Horn_of_plenty on 06/07/2019:
yes, it's a good thing for me not to skip out on. since i'm single and have the time, i know it'll be valuable to attend the class. indeed.

Horn_of_plenty on 06/07/2019:
one of the walks i signed up for is on the first class day...so, i'll skip the walk. Ricky may walk still...and he may wear BOTH our name tags to track our times :)...like i was there !

Donkey on 06/08/2019:
That's too bad about your co-workers. Do take every opportunity you can to grow in your job, even if it's not your passion. It will suck that Saturdays are consumed with classes over the summer, but I bet you'll find something positive in it as well.

Horn_of_plenty on 06/08/2019:
yes, there's something positive to taking part in proactive learning :)

horn_of_plenty - Thursday Jun 06, 2019
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 116.5



kombucha 50

lighter breakfast to start (trying to change up my eating / calories to change things up / break up all the eating i do) coffee 50, chocolate 50. 

mid morning; wrap with egg 200, seasoning, avocado 150.  350.

Healthy lunch:  tofu approx 150, seaweed salad with lettuce too 150? avocado half 150, chips 150. clementine 50. 500

snacks: almonds 100 (such a better day, eating a late breakfast at 10am is the way to go for me right now!)

Dinner: to be healthy and to be determined! but i think i might eat another cured pork sausage!!!!!!!! or half of one! YUM! Pork sausage smaller piece 250, chips 160, veggies 100. 500

snack:misfits large tasty peach 100

1700....this is more like it! need a few more days here and there like this one.

6day avg: 2083...thanks more like it, getting closer to what i think is best, around 2000 cal-2050 cal per week.


Instead of working out tonight,  i think i'll do it Friday night instead, and get sleep tonight...this would suit me better and also calories should be better if i stick to it and stick to an early bedtime :) That's the plan, a rest night!

Also, my veggies should arrive tonight from Misfits Market! super excited. i'll post a photo here when i get around to it!

Really looking forward to sleeping tonight :) And a lower calorie day would be good, too.

I'm thinking that keeping Thursdays for rest and Workouts Fridays might be better for summer. we'll see. it's a good option bc for me it's difficult to workout tuesdays, wednesdays, thursdays in a row like that! So tonight is def off, Friday i'll do it (which means Sunday night is my next weights routine to follow).

Progress as of today: -2.5 lbs lost so far, only 3.5 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 06/06/2019:
I'm looking forward to seeing that picture...I know someone who gets those boxes in the Boston area and they really love it.....sometimes the things are funny looking and they have tried a lot of new things that they had never bought before.

Horn_of_plenty on 06/07/2019:
i'm very happy with the TASTE of the produce. it's better quality taste than in the supermarket!

however, of course they don't LOOK as nice as in the supermarket. these are the products that don't make it to the supermarkets bc they are misfits.

if i can make sure to eat most of what i order and not waste it within these two weeks, i'll be trying to keep ordering from misfits.

happy-1 on 06/06/2019:
I'm right there with you on an early bedtime trumping everything else. I'm trying to stick to a schedule and just do the thing at the time I am supposed to do it and skip anything for which the window has passed.

Horn_of_plenty on 06/07/2019:
last night worked out for more sleep, i'm MORE ready to work out tonight :)

sticking to a schedule is very important indeed, and it's a mental victory. i like your idea of getting the thing done at the time it's scheduled. this has been my typical approach too!

BearCountryGG on 06/07/2019:
Loved the veggies...they all look really nice.....if you think you may not be able to use them up in time then soup is always an option and it freezes well too......looks like fun...

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/07/2019:
you are right, i was thinking also today before i read this comment of yours to do crock pot soups...and freeze. def a GREAT idea.

Donkey on 06/08/2019:
Beautiful picture!

horn_of_plenty - Wednesday Jun 05, 2019
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 114.5

Great Articles about the Misfits company.  Seems it's a pretty honest, human approach!

i think this company services areas of NYC, NY, Pennsylvania and NJ.



kombucha 50

8:45am Breakfast wrap and egg 200, avo 150, spices, coffee 50. sf chocolate 60

10am snack Dang bar chocolate sea salt 210, almonds 30

12:45pm lunch: sauteed veggies 200?, tofu 100, chips 200, seaweed salad 50?, clementine 550-600

3pm snack: will be fruit 50 and almonds, so snacky, just going with it. 100

6:30pm strawberries100, whipped cream 120, iced coffee 30. 250 before exercise ladder

Heavy duty cured pork sausage - very fatty, VERY TASTY (SO GOOD!) 350? and popcorn 100. 450?


2150 5day which is good :)




 my coworker / supervisor is at a class today...i will leave as soon as possible as well as take a nice, long lunch today! as long as it doesn't rain!


 I have a ladder workout planned for tonight. Weather looks similar to last week, wth rain forcasted. this time, instead of working out in the lobby, i'm going to workout in the front of the elevator, unfortunately, in the space between the four apts on my floor. i'd rather have worked out in the lobby...but, i'll see only my immediate neighbors if i work out only on the 9th floor (4 apts total on each floor). i have decent neighbors who i think will be agreeable and not be frustrated with my doing this workout at the hallway between apts. YES, its tighter area. Yes, the lobby is a better place to do it.

YES, I REALLY DON'T WANT TO SET UP A LADDER WORKOUT IN MY OWN APT where i have things all over and the potential of tripping is there. i just cannot deal with complaining neighbors :( like last time the one woman who was sooo annoying in the lobby when she saw me working out last week.


I'm trying a new VEGETABLE (i think fruit too but mostly veggies) delivery service! Every 2 weeks, MisFit market sends me "misfit" and regular looking 10lbs of food. :) Similar price to shopping in supermarket and savings bc some food will "look funny." I like the idea of mixing up my veggie consumption since i tend to buy always the same stuff.

Plus, i like that it's delivered to my door (less supermarket shopping on weekends, especially in the summer). Since it's only every 2 weeks and i chose not to do it every week, i'll supplement by still going to supermarket but i'm trying to change over some of my shoppinng needs ;) I think the package comes today. sould be interesting to see what arrives as it's different every week and up to Misfits Market.  

Progress as of today: -0.5 lbs lost so far, only 1.5 lbs to go!

Donkey on 06/05/2019:
Really! PLEASE write about your experience with MisFit. I've been thinking of doing something similar. I get ads for Imperfect which is the same concept.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/05/2019:
i'll let you know what i think. i sorta liked alleviating part of my food shopping as well as getting different varieties of produce as a surprise and a decent price. so it appealed to me! :)

Horn_of_plenty on 06/05/2019:
i added a link at the top of my entry with a few articles on the business. seems they are good, honest, "human" caring approach.

happy-1 on 06/05/2019:
I've been looking at the same kind of service out here called Imperfect produce. I like the idea of not having to go out and buy veg with the very little spare time I have.

Horn_of_plenty on 06/05/2019:
i'll let you know how i like it. seems like a really good company. i have a link now at the top of this entry with some articles about it.

happy-1 on 06/05/2019:
And also GOOD JOB on the home workouts. I have such a mental barrier about them.. I could totally do them, but don't.

Horn_of_plenty on 06/05/2019:
i enjoy home workouts now bc my commute is on the long side, over an hour each way and i just can't fathom coming home just to leave again to go to a gym. the timing is good to work out at home now. my gym membership is done on June 8th, but i don't go anymore anyways :) i do get distracted in my apt, and do wayyyy better with my outdoor workouts using the agility ladder. but either way, home workouts are my only way to go while i have this type of commute.

Donkey on 06/06/2019:
I will check out the link when I'm on my laptop. Might not be until the weekend. Thanks!

I completely support you on your home workouts. The time spent on commuting (for anyone) doesn't make a gym membership effective at this time. That was a really good idea to exercise on your floor rather than in the lobby. I agree that your immediate neighbors might be more understanding that offer busybodies that live in your building. GOOD!

horn_of_plenty on 06/06/2019:
Thanks for supporting me on the home workouts ! It def works out best for me at the moment :) could be different if I ever started driving again for commuting. But my commute should be the same for around another year at least.

horn_of_plenty - Tuesday Jun 04, 2019
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 114.5

Kombucha 60 

Breakfast: wrap 130, avo 170, little bit not that great texture pork roast yucko last bit 100? , seasoning, coffee 50. bit of chocolate sf lilys 60.

keto bar 210

LUNCH 550 in fried cauliflower rice, sauteed sausage and peppers, sausage, chips.

snack: apple very crisp! 100

snack before exercise & during :iced coffee, bar 150; fruit 50, whipped cream 120, pb on rice cake100.  300. chocolate protein nut butter 100.

After exercise: will be a protein bar :) 200

around 2250 total.

4day: 2140/day - good!

Progress as of today: -0.5 lbs lost so far, only 1.5 lbs to go!

happy-1 on 06/04/2019:
Yum. Pork roast! I can't do pork right now. Trying to cut cholesterol.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/04/2019:
it wasn't very good this time around :(

Donkey on 06/04/2019:
Yucko pork roast -- I think I would have tossed it out after the first bite. Too old or just not cooked right?

Horn_of_plenty on 06/04/2019:
coworker gave it to me. it was maybe too old...yes. i opened it Saturday, so, maybe too old :( but really it was mostly fatty and just not good. not sure!?

happy-1 on 06/04/2019:
Maybe she wants to take you out, lol!

Horn_of_plenty on 06/05/2019:
ohhhh, this pork roast was done by a MALE coworker. but, i bought a lot of sausage from him - cured pork sausage. so he was trying his scarps of pork roast on me ;) hahahaha

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