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horn_of_plenty - Saturday Apr 13, 2019
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 114.5


promise to write to everyone tomorrow...very sleepy and have to be out of my place around 7am tomorrow....


8am 2 small pcs leftover fried tofu 100,toast with butter 200, 2 pieces dark choc no sugar added 50, iced coffee 50. 400 :) kombucha 50

egg and later more dark chocolate 150

egg and a chip 100

tasty lunch chicken salad from coworker 150, chips Indian flavored 150, cauliflower and a little potato 100, dessert 150  550

snacking: string cheese small piece 50, later tons of strawberries 150

dinner: wrap 150, half fresh avocado 150 (gotta eat better), 3 pcs salami 100, and rose sparkling drink with alcohol 100. total here 500

1950, excellent.

exercise: 45 minute walk at park between errands :)

and watched the movie gangs of new york which is very long...and was good!


Before 8am i've been up, showered, prepped some breakfast, hard boiling some eggs. I plan to eat & relax on couch, do my leg exercises before around 9am when Ricky comes over.  He's doing his laundry at my apt bc his machines at his apt are broken. So, we'll go down together and get both of our laundry done down there in the laundry room. Additionally, i borrowed a movie from the library, Gangs of NY, and we'll watch that while laundry is going.

I'm not sure what else i'm doing today? I know i should clean the hamster cage, clean hamster cafe tomorrow,  too...and  a LARGER food shopping for this week ahead and possibly even prep by food for the week because tomorrow, sunday, i've signed up for a 5k walk and it's going to be tiring and i won't be in the mood to do things after it tomorrow.

i think i just want to use today to get organized!  It's nice and warm, but quite foggy. i'd go walking, but i'm doing that tomorrow and am not in any mood to overdo!

another thing i can do is write up my health reimbursement form of all the copays and rx reciepts i have paid with proof so i can be reimbursed from my fund...that'd be nice to get done before i go away as it's extra money i will get into my checking account (not sure how much at all...gotta do the math...it should be at least $100)refund i checked is only under $100, so i have to wait before submitting as it's too low an amount.


Progress as of today: -0.5 lbs lost so far, only 1.5 lbs to go!

Donkey on 04/13/2019:
Sounds like a lovely weekend! Wow, a 5k! I hope it goes well. Please be careful with your ankles.

A nice little check from your health reimbursement would be nice! I don't envy you having to do the paperwork, but it will be worth it. Get it done :)

Horn_of_plenty on 04/15/2019:
the 5k went great! yes, all our feet hurt towards the end, but yes, it was so worth it! and nice it ended quite early!

i ended up doing the paperwork, and it was just over a hundred, so i sent it in! always nice to get a $100 around just after a vacation!

Donkey on 04/13/2019:
PS I will comment more on your previous entries - check it out :)

Horn_of_plenty on 04/15/2019:
i did read your comments and i appreciate it so much...i am feeling SO MUCH BETTER about all these things today!

Maria7 on 04/14/2019:
Hope you have a good day.

Horn_of_plenty on 04/14/2019:

horn_of_plenty - Friday Apr 12, 2019
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 114.5

kombuha 50

breakfast: toast 100, egg 100, butter 100, coffee 50.

snack chocolates 70, LATER  A BAR 180


SO FAR: 1350

Progress as of today: -0.5 lbs lost so far, only 1.5 lbs to go!

legcramps on 04/12/2019:
On Walking With Co-Workers: - I walk with my coworkers during breaks; one in particular that I am friends with, we walk together almost every day throughout the summer months. Sometimes, another colleague joins us, which makes it tough because now there's three of us and sometimes one ends up walking behind. What I do when this happens? I make sure they do not ALWAYS stay behind, i.e. i'll switch places with them. Also - I will make sure they are part of the conversation so they do not feel left out. Moral of the Story? If they can't even include you in the conversation, forget about it. It's not worth it; it would be more beneficial and healthier mentally and emotionally for you to take the walk on your own and to heck with them. True friends will always include you, HoP. Always.

On Social Media Posts: - I will miss seeing your posts as well! I don't care who doesn't like my posts about working out, i'm still going to post them because it's something I LOVE doing. Yes, I said LOVE. I can love working out just as much as I can love a delicious supper I made myself, or a beautiful new bike I want. It's totally OK for your friends to think about love in a different way, but the MOMENT they decide to try and control the way YOU think about it, THAT'S the moment where their opinion and perspective no longer matters. Personally, I wouldn't even worry about whether they hate your posts on fb - it's your page, you post what you want. If they don't like it, that's COMPLETELY their reaction and has NOTHING to do with you.

Be passionate about your life, and forgive others for not having the same passion about theirs. They don't understand yet. Maybe one day they will.

Horn_of_plenty on 04/15/2019:
your comments were very much on spot in terms of the guidance i needed, thank you...i appreciate you taking the time to write it out for me.

Donkey on 04/13/2019:
^^^Best advice -- on BOTH topics. Two highlights to focus on:

"True friends will always include you."

(Paraphrasing) Use social media for YOU -- forget what others think. I think of my Facebook page in two ways: public service announcements (be nice to bees) & my own "scrapbook" of memories. It's for YOU, not the approval of others.

A step-back to regroup (borrowing from IP) and re-evaluate might be helpful.

Horn_of_plenty on 04/15/2019:
your comments are appreciated, i'm still iffy about the fitness posting right now...trying to perfect it, maybe not take so long all night doing it these days...

i appreciate your feedback as those thoughts on my mind last week and on the weekend were really, really bothering me!

horn_of_plenty - Thursday Apr 11, 2019
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 114.5

for anyone on fb, i am starting to try to get into a habit of no longer posting much there. i want to make my workouts something more personal and not as media oriented. my reason is to make my passions true to myself and not need social media motivation for them. i want to only prove to myself my workouts, not the world. everyone is busy and chooses what their passions are. i no longer need social media to make working out worthwhile...i am SO BEYOND IT, especially regular fitness posts. social media for me will focus more on the social aspect, but not my workouts.

on another strange note, i teased a couple "pretty good" friends for posting photos of their action heroes (they have no kids and consider their stuffed animals their kids and they have names and all for them, they are VERY UNIQUE friends, well, i teased them for not dusting their action hero...they deleted my comment because i guess i embarassed them and they hated it.!!! i realized they deleted it when i recieved a notification someone else posted, and i just realized my comment was no longer there, so obviously they deleted it. i messaged them i was sorry, just teasing, they actually didn't even respond to my message, i must have really upset them!

lately, just all the weird things going on, these are reasons i have less desire to show myself on social media, especialyl working out which is so important to me. the couple i'm talking about actually HATE my workout posts. i used to block them so they wouldn't see them...

only i know the importance of physical exercise, and i am starting to get over posting it for the world. it's too important for me now to share with people, who regard my passions in ways i don't want them to? 

what i'm saying is, social media, for me at this moment, is something i am vearing away from currently.  i'm started to become agitated by many things on it. not everything. i just need to concentrate more on my passions, not everyone else's, of if they really care about mine.

i need to refocus.


in general, lately, i am agitated by many people. i have been told by my supervisor, good advice, lower those expectations of yours...she's a friend.

if i coud escape for a month to live in sunlight on a beach, i would! LOL...people are really annoying lately! lol....


kombucha 100,

breakfast coffee, 2x, 100, toast with egg 200, butter 100. Chocolates 70

snack: will be a bar :) 200

Lunch: fried, battered shrimp (4) 200?, tomato salad 50, sauteed bok choy 150, seaweed salad small 50. 450?

snacks: almonds / fruit 150


before exercise: nut butter 100, fruit apple, and iced coffee 300!

during exercise: amnios drinks / coconut water 100

after exercise: bar 250....and BED :) this week has been decent, better sleep than last week!

2000 :-)



asking for your input on the following issue / your opinions:

went outside and walked at lunch with two female coworkers a few times. when i go, they walk in front of me and i trail behind them like a pet.  I realized, this is not gonna fly and i'm not gonna be uncomfortable at lunch, on my break, trying to "make new friends" when the one new person of these two women really doesn't seem to care to much about anything / anyone outside her life other than herself....

i walked almost one year with the other female coworker out at lunch, then this other lady comes to join working here at this location office and all of a sudden the other woman does whatever she wants and it seems that i am just "not part of this duo"

the new woman in the office was friends with the woman in my office longer than i have been and gone away together on vacation with a group. ...i was never friends with the "new woman"...

she posts on instagram and i was following her for awhile there, liking her stuff. it was not reciprocal and she never liked me stuff there.

as you guys know, here, i don't like lacks of recirocation and i realized i'm not liking her stuff when she doesn't like mine.

i stopped following her on instagram, thankfully i don't follow her on facebook (not friends there) ...

and i will NEVER go to lunch with the two of those women together again.

she treats people like pieces of sh*t, but i won't hang around to be treated that way again, especially at lunch.


Progress as of today: -0.5 lbs lost so far, only 1.5 lbs to go!

innerpeace on 04/11/2019:
I feel for you there. I just couldn't put myself in that situation. I try not to get personally involved with coworkers, it makes for some tense times at work if something happens or is said that offends the other. And I know for certain I wouldn't walk behind anyone.

Horn_of_plenty on 04/11/2019:
yeah, it felt so wrong, with them in front of me, i can't even hear their conversation in the middle of bustling NYC! so, i promised myself i would never do this again - go out with them - it was really uncomfortable for me to follow them around, at a very fast walking pace (the new girl walks FASTER than typical people - yeah, i'm not kidding! - she likes to "get her steps in!")....i just can't do it. i told them i want to be more independent right now. i think it's a fine excuse and i'm going to keep my word on it. i will not be forced to walk around and rush and do what this new girl wants, sorry.

Donkey on 04/12/2019:
You added a lot to yesterday's post! I will give you my 2 cents on the walking party first.

If this were me, I'd go walking by myself. New Lady sounds like someone I would avoid at all costs. Reminded me of my own Queen Bee. Does your regular walking friend not realize how rude New Lady was being by having you walk behind? Ugh! Forget that **** and forge ahead, in front, on your own journey (walk)!

horn_of_plenty on 04/12/2019:
yeah, i told them basically there's no room for 3 people on the sidewalk. LOL. that's as frank as i can make it.

Donkey on 04/12/2019:
Now regarding social media:

Ironically, I was just thinking of posting more flex pictures or something. I don't post very often, and kind of wish that I had more interesting things to post about myself.

As one of your followers on FB, I will miss your fitness posts, or any other kinds of your posts, since I truly find then very interesting! Having said that, I recognize the need (or desire) to step back from it all, and focus on the intrinsic joy from working out...

Many of my friends have stepped away from FB during Lent. I have a strong feeling that many of them may not come back, lol.

It seems weird to me that you gave friends who are actually averse to your fitness posts. What's that all about??

I understand your intention to make your workouts more focused, as an personal, inner journey, rather than an outward display on social media. Try it, see if it works better for you. FB will be there if you want to post again.

Donkey on 04/12/2019:
PS However, if you decide to switch platforms, such ad posting on Instagram, please let me know so that I can follow you there (lol) :)

horn_of_plenty on 04/12/2019:
I AM ON INSTAGRAM, JAHE99 :) FIND ME...I WILL BE REfraining from posting for awhile on purpose there especially as the new lady at the office follows me and i don't want anything on here feed, do not want to block her or anything either. on fb, you can set up posts to a few poeple, so i do prefer the privacy of facebook more.

the friends that don't like my posts, two of them specifically, have argued with me that i cannot "LOVE" to workout. that LOVE is relationships, not working out. that working out isn't a "hobby" more like a lifestyle or something like brushing your teeth. it's regular, lot a "love relationship."

the husband actually is the one, of these two friends which are a married couple, and they are always traveling as he's a professor and she works per diem so she takes off always and they have been to most continents of the world already.

the couple isn't into routine as much as quite the opposite. they are the ones who smell at times and don't shower / practice the best hygeine or clean their clothes every week. yet, he has a doctorate.

they live and travel differently than most people as they are able to do more than most people because of their career paths. they are usually very supportive and friendly, but, i do think the husband is jealous of the visual, outward success i have had with my workouts, whereas he doesn't have a body close to one he'd want in his dreams or real life. they like to indulge in things. they love unhealhty food and desserts. they live like everyday is their last. their lifestyle is so opposite mine but like i said they are VERY NICE to their friends and usually 100% supportive as long as you aren't hurting yoursef...

they do not ever like my fitness posts and for awhile, i blocked them from seeing them bc it truly hurt my feelings that they couldn't support me. they feel i'm obsessive and always injured (in the past) so i must not be doing it right, was one thing mentinoed but very in the past.

when i eat healthy or get together with them, the husband's favorite line is "treat yourself!" he wouldn't enjoy my lifestyle for himself and that's fine ;) as i said, they are generally really thoughtful friends but i don't see them much anymore as they really are always traveling and she works 6 days a week for most of tax season as she's an accountant.

i feel i have to tell you these things, j donk, as i am stressed about a lot lately and need to talk to someome, like you.

horn_of_plenty on 04/12/2019:
yesterday, to add to the craziness, this couple just so you know has stuffed animals that they have names for and call their "children." i'm not joking. the married couple i am telling you about is pretty unique / different from the norm. everyone accepts them (the couple) bc they generally accept everyone. it's reciprocal. but not on my fitness end.

but anyways, they has posted a photo of some action heroes they have standing up at home. one of them was exceedingly dusty. full of dust. and i figured when i saw it that if they love these action heros so much, i commented something like "is that dust on your lightning figure!?...i think he needs a dusting!"

well, i wasn't trying to upset them, more like pointing out something obvious with a tease. like, if i had posted something i like, i'd have dusted it first.

well, they deleted my (i admit not the nicest) comment. and i noticed because their post showed up again on my wall, and i had looked for my comment and realized they deleted it. i sent them a message privately that i was sorry, i meant it to tease, not to upset them. well, they read my message and IGNORED IT! apparently my comment was so off-base and rude that they wouldn't even respond to my apology.

like, really!?

i've decided i'm sick of social media and that if people cannot take a joke, well, really it makes me want to distance myself. i feel my life, my being, my spirit, my pride is being played with in a way i don't like very much at all. my life is too precious to have people jerk me around wherever i go: work, home, social media. that's the exact reason i feel i cannot even post lately. i feel my life is too important to display it to people who disregard it. and i have only the control over my life, not other people's views of me. it makes me want to live a life nobody sees. so i can be more true to myself.

i have gone on trips and done things i have always wanted to do. i feel like everything else i do now, it's icing on the cake. it's for me. i have nothign left i want to prove right now to society.

i have my mom biatching at me how my sister is busy with a baby. like, it's mentioned at every conversation, how tough it is to have this baby around....like, ok.

i have the new coworker who i was trailing after at lunch like a lost puppy plus she walks so fast it's not even a fun pace! (not exaggerating, she walks FAST!)

i have friends on facebook actually ignoring a message i sent them privately.

like what else!?

my feelings and views are being pushed to the side people really not caring. i am left taking care of myself and starting to not give two ***** about anyone else.

i have started another "wakeup call" to take care of myself right now. that nobody else matters at this point in my life.

i just feel as of late, that i have obviously had expectations of friends, coworkers, family, and social media....and the outcomes don't meet my expecatations. when that happens, it's a realization that i can ONLY control myself and my reactions....and to just walk away from the bull and nonsense being projected towards my path.

Donkey on 04/12/2019:
Sorry about the typos --- using my dumb phone to post. I hate posting on DD with my phone!!!!!!

horn_of_plenty on 04/12/2019:
thanks for listening. / if you have advice, i'd take it.

Donkey on 04/13/2019:
More to say, mostly just chatting with you, throwing out ideas to see if some of it can help you....

First, I have to tell you, I think your married couple friends are rather unique. It sounds like they are very well suited to each other. However, the whole attachment to figures and stuffed animals is ... well, not something I've seen before. It can be a slippery slope when we attach our emotions to objects rather than people & other living creatures. And I did find your comment to be very funny. It's too bad that they seemed to be offended by it.

Which brings me to another observation: To me, it does appear that you are sensitive to feedback on FB. This is NOT a criticism!!! What I mean by "sensitive" is that you are aware of who likes your posts and who does not. I confess that I do not always "like" all of my friends' posts, because I know they get notifications, and that if they get 20 notifications that I've liked their posts, that might be a little annoying to them - LOL... It NEVER occurred to me that my FB friends might even be a little offended at me because I didn't like their post(s)! So this is a learning opportunity for me as well.

I want to circle back to what Legcramps said, that she posts things about her workouts, etc., because that's what SHE loves to do and she's documenting & sharing that with others. If others don't like it, that's on THEM, not on her (or you). So this brings me to you: It's YOUR life and YOUR journey. Facebook is one way to celebrate that.

IDK- it's OK to step back from the virtual world and focus on real life. Regroup and re-evaluate. Your fans/friends will be there if you come back.

PS So help me understand this: It's OK to love figurines & stuffed animals like your children, but it's NOT OK to love working out??? Say WUT????

horn_of_plenty - Wednesday Apr 10, 2019
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 114.5

kombucha 50

breakfast from buffet, need a change, oatmeal smaller amount 100, scrambled egg whites large amount 150, 2 small pieces of canadian bacon rounds 150, coffee 50. , chocolate (not helping me with anyting besides a craving ?!) 100 (it'll be all eaten up soon!)  600

snack: BAR 200

Lunch: leftovers from yesterday's salad of slightly seared salmon 250 (will not get that again!), few crackers/beans 100, veggies 50, dressing 50, other slightly dressed veggies 100. clementine 50. total here: 600 tops. 

snack: almonds, more fruit 200 and very tasty. maybe closer to 250 - larger portions :)

Dinner: not sure, but heading to bed soon afterwards!..planning to keep it lighter & lower volume as i had a large volume lunch :) dinner was small: almond milk and stevia with splash coffee for the taste only and low caffeine, ice cream small amount, popcorn 100 cal, and couple pieces choc with stevia only. 400 cal total.

total calories 2050. 

5day avg: 2095, good.

exercise: 2 mi walking, decent.


Plan is for some walking home, but not the full 3mi.,just 1 mi extra, still good! (not looking to overdo and looking to get to bed early tonight. 

I am feeling tired.

i actually don't like to talk to my mom on the phone i don't think? she stresses me out at every call...it's actually annoying, to the point where i think i'd NEVER choose her as a friend! grrr....she's just annoying, telling me she wants me to do things, without asking nicely, just telling me "how about you sleep over here next friday into saturday instead of coming saturday..." it's not always convenient for me to do this....she doesn't even give me a chance to think about the situation before providing an answer...annoying. she's forceful and demanding. annoying.

Progress as of today: -0.5 lbs lost so far, only 1.5 lbs to go!

legcramps on 04/10/2019:
Get some rest tonight; maybe the phone conversation is extra annoying because you're not feeling well rested?

But believe me, I know what it's like to feel annoyed with a parent. It doesn't take long for me to become annoyed with my mother either, or likely her annoyed with me. We just don't have the same ideas and/or values in life, and it's sometimes hard to connect with ANYONE who can't respect where you're coming from, never mind it being a family member - that actually makes it so much worse!

Keep your chin up, after all, she is your mother and you may not need to deal with her all the time but you should still have respect for the relationship you do have with her and the time you get to spend with her. It all ends a lot sooner than we think it will :(

Horn_of_plenty on 04/11/2019:
i think my mom is just really nerving me. my sister had a baby and my mom keeps saying "well, your sister can't bc of the baby..."

and it's just really annoying as i don't need to "step up" in place of my sister.

it's like she's forcing stuff on me. except, i'm not ready this time to just "yes" her. i have my own life, which my mom can't believe i'm just not always "free" ! annoying!

your overall advice i thank you for.

Maria7 on 04/11/2019:
Hoping you are having a good day.

Horn_of_plenty on 04/11/2019:
yeah, it's been a lot of decent days!

Donkey on 04/11/2019:
I am not a phone person, period.

Hope you got some rest and sleep. Thus is something I've be struggling with myself, lately.

Horn_of_plenty on 04/11/2019:
same here, but i gotta say, this week has been 100% better on sleep compared to last week! :)

horn_of_plenty - Tuesday Apr 09, 2019
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 114.5

KOMBUCHA but haven't pooped since Sunday, weird. 50

bread with butter and egg 300, coffee 50, 6 dark chocolate (thick coated) almonds 150. 

snack (and super hungry / big appetite today - prob not good to have had the chocolate first thing!) 200 bar good fats brand

1pm lunch: Fresh and Co. salad veggies 50, with balsamic dressing not much 50, 1/2 piece of salmon 300, few chips 100, and piece of whole grain bread 150. total here: 650

1400, at least healthy, this was important, and i slightly overeate now i'm sleepy!

Close to 4pm: dark chocolate almonds bc why not! 100 was standing up doing busy work for an hour ;)...now the day is almost done!!! AND close to 5pm a few almonds 50

before & during exercise: 2 med plums, iced coffee 150., 2 cups lighter coconut water, 1 tbsp peanut butter 100, 2 aminos drinks (10 cal each)

Gearing up for coffee and upper body weights with eventually sleep :)

after exercise: a sugary choc coated protein bar, even though i should stay away from sugar bc of breakouts, but it wasn't a binge, just a tasty bar just under 300 cals. so, all is good, ya know!?  workout was GOOD. i am stronger now that i've not skipped upper body workouts in a long time. and that goes to show, same thing can go with legs, if i continue to work out, i can only get better!

2150, good.



my skin is a little broken out around lower face around my mouth.  it's not even hormonal time for me.  I think it's due to not enough water and also due to eating too much crap?

i'll get some avocado maybe in a salad at lunch or salmon in a salad, we'll see either way, i gotta make lunch satisfying and healthy..

i didn't bring lunch from home on purpose, as i need something fresh and healthy and green and will not be finding that at home!


I have upper body weights schduled and will leave at 5pm on the dot as supervisor is out and i'd like to get the upper bod done and go to bed afterwards...that's the only main plan for tonight besides making a wrap for tomorrow / packing food for tomorrow's lunch.

I plan to start my upper bod workout by 7pm and finish by 8:30pm :)

Progress as of today: -0.5 lbs lost so far, only 1.5 lbs to go!

Donkey on 04/09/2019:
Do you think the breakout is related to your chapped lips? I have to have something on my lips all the time now. My son, though, goes through spells of getting really chapped skin (hands, lips) depending on the season. Maybe now that he's in Texas where it's either warm or hot (and no cold), he'll do better.

Good plan for working out! And the food looks good today too! (Hope you can go to the bathroom soon... Been there, done that.)

horn_of_plenty on 04/09/2019:
partial bathroom use at work ;) why not right!? luckily nobody was in there...so i could do what i had to between flushes LOL LOL LOL.

yes, the skin is all related. i think my lips are chapped partly to using something i might have been allergic to. also, then, a couple days ago, i applied tea tree oil right above my lip with obviously seemed to spread onto the lip, to chap it further LOL. tea tree oil is bad luck, i shouldn't touch it!

horn_of_plenty - Monday Apr 08, 2019
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 114.5

kombucha 50

breakfast wrap and egg 200, butter 100, coffee 50., dark chocolate covered almonds 100

snack: bar

lunch: my cabbage (big serving) and corned beef and that's it for today. (it didn't taste as good as the other time i made it, still on the improvements phase with it!) 600 lunch and popcorn snack :)

snack: fruit 50 more

1350 tasty things.

almonds in dark chocolate coating LOL 150 SUPER TASTY.

dinner: TBD, i should get off the sugar rush, maybe wrap 130 with egg100 and butter 150 again. 350, seaweed salad 100, apple 100, small cucumber salad 50. 600 healthy.

2100. bed soon. will put a cream on my ankle, wash my face, and foam roll before bed.


, not really sure, i'll find something at home though!

MY ANKLE is so itchy!!! grrr. in general my skin is so sensitive lately and itchy.


tonight: first i gotta move my car before i get home to a spot that's good all week (current one will get a ticket on Friday if i forget to move it before then - so i'll just move it tonight to get a spot for the rest of the week!)  they are still doing the garage roofs, now in week 3 or 4 i think!  no exercise is planned, i'd like to go to bed early again so i'll have high momentum to get thru this week. 

this coming weekend, assuming no rain, i've scheduled myself and Ricky to "walk the runway," a 3mi course at the local Airport! if it rains, we're not going though, despite paying...rather not get sick? not sure if we'll even go to pick up our tshirts...might as well just sleep in as we have to be there before 8am, so, we'll see. praying for no rain!


Progress as of today: -0.5 lbs lost so far, only 1.5 lbs to go!

Maria7 on 04/08/2019:
Getting extra rest sounds like a good plan.

horn_of_plenty on 04/09/2019:
well, i got the extra rest and STILL woke up wanting to sleep even more LOL...seems my body knows i have a trip coming up at the end of the month, and it's wearing on me!? like i want to rest before i'm walking around all of PARIS!? LOL

thinkpositive on 04/09/2019:
Good way to start the week. Like the walking the runway idea!

horn_of_plenty on 04/09/2019:
as of now, it looks like the weather will hold to do the walk Sunday morning :)

horn_of_plenty - Sunday Apr 07, 2019
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 114.5

I went to bed on early side, woke up a hair due to some acid reflux during night but laid in bed and it went away again :) all good, slept way more than i usually do during the week...for the past 3 nights thankfully! I wish i had more days off to continue to sleep a little more - it's just what my body needed :)

 8:00am Breakfast: plum 50, shredded wheat onyxorgum cereal with almond milk 250 cinnamon and stevia, serving of chocolate protein nut butter from fridge 100, iced coffee 50. 450. tasty.

9am-11am researching, eating masala indian spiced flavored chips very tasty 200, banana greek yogurt 150, clementine 50

11:30 lunch low cal wrap 60, potato 100, corned beef 200. 350...will now throw out these low cal wraps, cannot even eat them anymore. they are too fake for me to even enjoy...blech.

2:30-3:30 98% dark chocolate, 2 servings. 100 and a matcha drink 50 (before cleaning the bathroom!)

4:30wrap 130, egg 70, butter 50

6pm chips & fruit before upper bod exercise, nut butter 100

400 cals mostly after exercise (300) and 100 during.

2200, good.

2 day: 2075, good!!


 Paris is pretty set now at close to 3pm...(couple things are still without advance ticket purchase bc they have to be done using a special app for one (notre dame)and for a castle they are only bought there on spot (Vincennes Castle)..... everything's advanced paid for.

....and i've decided to clean my bathroom followed by a shower, then perhaps just a home workout? not sure...it's late so i don't think i need to drive out to the gym now...and the fact i don't have a garage yet, i'll keep my car parked where it is!

(i hate planning / researching, so as you can see i'm procrastinating with food, i'm not trying to do it on purpose, it's a life-long habit and very hard to just stop when my body is practically salivating like it's (food) is a drug when i'm doing this paris research - done very soon).


Plans today: limited but wanting to get them all done :)

Finish Paris Basic Plan Outline and PUT IT TO BED until trip, buy the tickets online today for museums so no waiting on lines!

Clean bathroom tub / tiles / sink :) wipe bathroom floor also.

Upper body workout at the gym, no legs


lately my upper lip is soooo dry. it's been really chapped, even when i use chaptstick, for like 2 weeks. weird. maybe i had sunburned it ? not sure when i was outside that long?



Progress as of today: -0.5 lbs lost so far, only 1.5 lbs to go!

Donkey on 04/07/2019:
My public television stations have been running Paris travel shows all weekend. I've been watching them, although they were all taped in the summer, with one taped in 2004 and the other in 2012. But I watched the ones I could catch thinking, "Horn will be seeing this soon!"

horn_of_plenty on 04/08/2019:
I will def see a little of Paris! it's crazy how big the city is, you could easily spend a month there touring LOL.

Donkey on 04/07/2019:
That's a good idea to put Paris on the shelf for a while. From what I've seen and heard, those city/museum day-pass things are THE KEY to a successful sight-seeing adventure, especially if you are limited on time.

I wish I had slept better. I stayed up too late reading, but wanted to spend time with my daughter after she got home from work anyway. I think it was worth it.

horn_of_plenty on 04/08/2019:
always nice to fit a little socializing with family time in!

Maria7 on 04/07/2019:
Always makes one feel better when they can sleep well. I know you must be excited about your upcoming trip. Happy for you and wishing you a wonderful day today.

horn_of_plenty on 04/08/2019:
yes, i love to sleep well!

thank you :)

horn_of_plenty - Saturday Apr 06, 2019
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 114.5

Slept over moms to help her in morning ;)

chocolate and kombucha (leftover nice! From an old visit lol still didn’t spoil) 150

Lots of fruit 100, yogurt with stevia and cinnamon 150, coffee 50 300. 

pretzels 100

leftovers for lunch not really filling but very tasty and with stevia sweetened seltzer Chinese shrimp jumbo just one with a little sauce 50, Chinese veggies with sauce 200, brown rice 150, tofu 100 very firm really tasty Chinese ! Not low quality :) they’ve been getting takeout from here for years :) 500 small meal not high volume 

chocolate and sucking candy 100

nice tasty granola / protein bar 200 / strong coffee 100

dinner around 500.

1950, excellent. bed early and soon!

got some walking in during the evening, around 45min-1hr. strolling, ankle is bothering me, but i'm not overdoing. i'll work to use the foam roller.

Progress as of today: -0.5 lbs lost so far, only 1.5 lbs to go!

Donkey on 04/07/2019:
Hope your ankle is feeling OK today. I've been thinking about getting some of those air socks that legcramps talks about. And maybe a knee sleeve, too, for when it acts up, but I think most of my knee issues are connected to the PF I have in my right foot.

Horn_of_plenty on 04/07/2019:
yeah, her ideas are good...i'm going to use the foam roller now :) all good ideas. i still haven't really researched what exactly an air sock is!

horn_of_plenty - Friday Apr 05, 2019
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 114.5


2050 7 day - very decent 

Almost 9am at home (took day off) breakfast: just cooked overnight!- made a wrap 130, with filling servings of warm potato 150 and corned beef 300. so good. perfect way to start today !! 600 iced coffee 50.

10:45am snack: protein nut butter that i'm starting to enjoy again, in my fridge. 100

I am 100% really glad i took today off!

11:45am lunch: cooked cabbage from atop the corned beef 50, a few cuts of carrot and silky slow cooked potato with skin on always - i never peel my veggies!150, more tasty corned beef (wish i cooked it an hour longer, next time for at least 11 hrs on low) 250. 450

...so tasty!

snacks around workout chocolate and banana 200

hungry, close to 4pm after workout, a healthier type of bar 250, also almond milk with a splash of coffee, included in total.

having dinner wirh parents tonight so i'm praying they order veggies (prob takeout - not planning to bring anything of my own...).

chinese veg and tofu soup 100?, 2 jumbo shrimp 50, lots of saucy veg 300 and some tofu 100, rice 150, fried noodles 100, and dessert 50 850 yup tasted great 

2500, I did exercise and at least I ate less all week ...

7day avg: 2050 - which i'm happy with.



I used the elliptical for 20 min at gym and when i got off, my legs felt like rubber omg! i really suck at cardio right now! i'm glad i tried it out and did it there. i also did a leg strength workout before it....leg day is complete and with a little cardio!


I could have cooked the corned beef a hair more, but it is still good. it would have been more tender if i cooked it one more hour, but i figured that part out after i removed most of everything - the soup and all the ingredients - from the crockpot.

11am: pick up rx distance glasses ; then...I plan to do my leg workout / walk a little bit at park if it doesn't rain - otherwise i'll maybe do the elliptical for 30min at gym

1:30pm I don't have a long list of things to do today. I'm planning to get fruits/veggies, wraps/bread item, iced coffee & KOMBUCHA today instead of over the weekend shopping.  

I need cash for tomorrow to pay for my hair highlights :)

3:30pm-4:30pm (or earlier) Lastly, laundry, including my bed sheets. will be good to get everything done before heading over to my parents.

Friday night and Saturday:

After that, i'm headed to see my mom and dad for dinner and to sleep over for tomorrow when my dad is out of town so i can help my mom in the morning thru early afternoon tomorrow, before i get my hair done also Saturday late afternoon:)


I want to clean the bathroom & do an upper body workout at the gym :))

Progress as of today: -0.5 lbs lost so far, only 1.5 lbs to go!

legcramps on 04/05/2019:
Great plan for the weekend! How nice that you have today off; looks like you plan to spend it wisely!

That corned beef sounds really good. I just had the last of the pork roast that I made in my slowcooker/crockpot. Those things are THE BEST invention ever LOL.

Horn_of_plenty on 04/05/2019:
yes, i have used this day well ;) didn't get to the supermarket, but got everything else done :)

thinkpositive on 04/05/2019:
Tasty menu. NIce of you to help your mother this weekend.

horn_of_plenty on 04/06/2019:
Yes ;)

Donkey on 04/06/2019:
Dinner sounds like it was delicious! I hope you had a good time with your folks. Maybe it's a nice thing to have some time with just Mom?

Well done on the calories! And I love the elliptical - that's one thing I miss about the gym, but if/when I join a gym again, I'm going to make the weights my focus.

Can't wait to see your new hair-do!

horn_of_plenty on 04/06/2019:
I think I’ll try to get to the gym for the elliptical - even 20 minutes yesterday was more than enough on it ! I def need to work on my cardio! I got off and my legs were rubber noodles !

My mom is a bit rigid so a bit stressful but we are getting along well today yes ! Catching up on doing laundry / towels / sheets :) so when my dad comes home he can sleep with her in a clean bed tonight !! He has a busy day for work stuff driving 2 hours each way (4hrs round trip) for a long all day event ! So I told her we should get the bedding done so he doesn’t need to do it with her tomorrow !

horn_of_plenty on 04/06/2019:
Just highlights, no cut :)

horn_of_plenty on 04/06/2019:
Ty for kind words :)

horn_of_plenty - Thursday Apr 04, 2019
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 114.5

Home: kombucha and relaxed watching TV 70

Breakfast: wrap 130, cream cheese 100, lox 50, coffee 50...later a chocolate 50 (def leftover drowsiness from sleeping pill but glad i took it - just wish i took it earlier - perhaps i'll keep it in my bag a few to take for the commute?. anyways, i don't take it that often so maybe not.  

snack: good fats bar 200

Lunch: same as yesterday which was very good: bone broth 50, cooked root veggies 100 , 2 breaded chicken fingers 200, kiwi half (included in cals). 350. AND TASTY SMALLER HALF of avocado from coworker, so fresh and good! 150, small bit of chocolate (really tired, i think this is why) so bored of the typical schedule lately.

snacks: fruit 100, also shot of espresso. (sleeping pill that i took last night has affected me ALL DAY - extremely drowsy)

before workout: fruit and coffee 200, nut butter 100

during workout: coconut water, aminos drinks, more nut butter 150


after workout: Bar? TBD


and Decided to take my last sick day tomorrow, Friday.

I'll be going to my mom in the later afternoon, sleeping over there so i can help her for Saturday morning and not have to wake up at the crack of dawn after a full day of work friday...just had enough of the wakeups and will enjoy sleeping tomorrow in...also don't mind exercising knowing i can sleep in tomorrow. :)

Progress as of today: -0.5 lbs lost so far, only 1.5 lbs to go!

Donkey on 04/05/2019:
Lucky you! Enjoy your day off! So you understand why it's easier to do things in the evening if you know you have the next day off - that's me 100% and what I was trying to convey earlier this week.

I hope you have a really good day off!!

Horn_of_plenty on 04/05/2019:
thanks, J-donk! yeah, it became a low-stress night the minute i decided to take the next day off!

Donkey on 04/06/2019:
Oh I bet it was an immediate drop in stress - I totally relate to that! :)

Horn_of_plenty on 04/07/2019:
IMMEDIATE is right! best decision ever. wish i could have a few more nights like that this month LOL LOL LOL!

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