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horn_of_plenty - Wednesday Nov 07, 2018
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 114.0

kombucha 60

brownie 150, pumpkin 50, whipped cream 60., coffee 50

Snack: salt and vinegar almonds 100

Lunch: leftover soup lots of noodles but small portion and some chicken 300, yellow pepper 50, other veg 50, tofu 100. later 2 clementines 50.

snack: more almonds 100, 2 more decaf coffees during the 3 mi walk home...and then i walked straight to my car to quickly run the one errand !!150 in coffee

Walk home- did the 3mi get car and pick up rX that i forgot to do on Monday night...

Healthy dinner: light wrap 100, egg and egg white 100, half avocado 160, piece of lox 40.400. dessert - big orange 150



Sleep early

Maybe bake pumpkin brownies. i have quite a bit of pumpkin left over that i have been eating and i've already sweetened it a little bit...i'd like to use it to make brownies...even though i've already messed with it...i think it'd be good to just use up in brownies when i get home, if time permits tonight!...since i'm also walking / running an errand.

Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 2 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 11/07/2018:
Pumpkin time!!

horn_of_plenty on 11/07/2018:
you know it!!!!!!

graindart on 11/07/2018:
My vote is for pumpkin brownies with a few dark chocolate chips on top or maybe some lightly sweet cream cheese frosting.

horn_of_plenty on 11/07/2018:
i have been enjoying my sf whipped cream with my avocado brownies....but i will not be able to share the pumpkin brownies with coworkers since i've been eating out of the jar with a spoon for the pumpkin i'll be using, lol.

happy-1 on 11/07/2018:
Yum! Pumpkin brownies

Horn_of_plenty on 11/07/2018:
maybe on weekend :) ....soon the pumpkin mix will go bad :( but it's almost 8pm and i'm not baking anything now!

Horn_of_plenty on 11/07/2018:
yum is right!!

Donkey on 11/08/2018:
Well done on your walking!

horn_of_plenty on 11/08/2018:
thank you...i'm still getting used to it and so happy i've planned it in my scheduled commute :)

today there was MAJOR traffic and i should have walked it in the morning but legs were tired from last night. i ended up having to stand on the bus and wait for the bus for an hour...same as it takes to walk the 3mi!!!!!!!

horn_of_plenty - Tuesday Nov 06, 2018
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 114.0


brownie 150 avocado low carb, pumpkin with stevia and pumpkin spice 50, whipped cream 60 260, coffee 40 

Snack: 200 cal healthy bar with chocolate

Lunch: tbd...coworker's chicken soup she brought for me!!!! how nice!!! homemade! 300? and a bunch of my crackers 300, clementine 50, almonds 50

Light snacking before exercise AND after i voted..bought it for the walk home but still relaxing on couch before i exercise now lol...: granola bar and small coffee...250

After exercise: cauliflower cheese pizza crust 400-450, also had a banana during workout. 100. 550 total.

2100 total, very good!

4 day 2120.

Voting after work, followed by a good weights workout.  :)  i got to work soo early because schools are out, so, i left a hair early too to go vote since i was in earlier.

Luckily, voting is very close to home. no wasted time commuting around tonight, really :)


Yesterday was VERY successful with being able to vote and exercise and even go to bed on time! :)


Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 2 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 11/06/2018:
Do you just eat the pizza crust by itself? Do you put toppings on it? That would be a really good base for some roasted onions, garlic and tomatoes.

BearCountryGG on 11/06/2018:
Pesto would be good on that too I'd bet.

Horn_of_plenty on 11/06/2018:
yes, pesto would be great especially on a plainer type flavor...

i do usually eat the crusts without anything because they have a TON of flavor and are a mix of carbs / fats / proteins..like a meal.

and the cals are sort of high for a whole entire crust at once. .. and i enjoy eating the whole thing at once!

it could also be used as a wrap like with a slice or few slices of turkey in them!

they sell flavors like italian and hot flavors and other types, so, there's so much flavor that many types of the crust overpower any other ingredients.

they'd also be good with a side of fresh veggies.

and your idea of toppings would be nice on a plainer crust, yes.

it would be good if i could share half the crust with someone, and add those types of toppings.

they say the crust is only less than 300 cals total per crust, but i highly doubt it.

there was an error already on the labeling of the crusts, and, the calories on the package have already been increased one time.

i like the taste of the product, but the company hasn't been too transparent with their calorie / nutritional entire info in my opinion....but they taste GREAT.

also, their crackers, are terrible! i bought plain ones, hardly any taste and high calories!

legcramps on 11/06/2018:
Awe, chicken soup for the soul! There is a full time trainer at the gym I work at that gets lots of food brought in from members; I am so very jealous of that guy :)

Horn_of_plenty on 11/06/2018:
and it tasted good! she cooks well, lots of experience, so i'm generally happy trying her food. I'm glad to have something healthy and tasty for lunch...and it's free gift from a coworker. i give her nice things too, like when i bake! :)

i'd be jealous of the guy too....it's nice to get gifts of food, indeed!

Donkey on 11/07/2018:
I think I'm going to have to check out those crusts, just to try them. They sound delicious! (But I don't blame you for being suspicious of the nutritional information.)

Good for you for voting!!!

horn_of_plenty on 11/07/2018:
they are not cheap...it's the Cali'flour brand....link below:


also, the Italian is very good flavor...try to get a deal on your order.

horn_of_plenty - Monday Nov 05, 2018
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 114.0

2am small banana 100

Kombucha 60

brownie 150 and whipped cream 150 and coffee 50

Snack:akins coconut almond bar 200, later salt and vinegar almonds 50

Lunch:  my own tasty tofu soup with veggies and 1/2 white potato (larger size..)...healthy, healthy...potato 150, tofu 100, veggies 150 400.

snack bc too hungry / snacky: chocolate coconut bark thins stuff, so good 200? and plum 50

more snacking: chocolate balls lol 100 and decaf coffee 50

did a 2 mi walk and errands after work, home decently at 8pm which is pretty good considering everything i did today after work.! 

Light dinner, bed early: 2% greek yogurt 150, pumpkin with stevia and cinnamon 50, brownie 150 350...small banana 100 450 :)

2000 :)

3day: 2120, good

Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 2 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 11/05/2018:
Lots of healthy stuff there!

horn_of_plenty on 11/05/2018:
ummm, i hope you don't think all the packaged things are healthy! haha

legcramps on 11/05/2018:
Wow, that's a very healthy lunch! And it sounds delicious too. Did you make it in the slow cooker?

horn_of_plenty on 11/05/2018:
yes....and it tastes like chinese soup ...especially the tofu it totally took on the ginger taste of the broth! amazing!

Donkey on 11/06/2018:
Chinese soup sounds so yummy! I haven't been paying attention beyond the pictures!

horn_of_plenty - Sunday Nov 04, 2018
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 114.0

7:30-8am? Avocado brownie bigger piece 250? Kombucha 50

Close to 10am: another brownie, 150 and almond milk with steiva / cinnamon 50. 200

500 before brunch - very good

drink 100, veggies 150, turkey 100, noodles 100, Creme brûlée 250, desserts 150 and more dessert 200: 1050 

Lox 100

coffee and fiber one bar 250 on bus back home

clementines 50

clif bar & almond milk 300

2250 - excellent.

did a home workout





gonna prep to make Asian veggies today and relax before heading out to NYC to celebrate a party for #36 a good friend. Then back home by around 4 I should be close to home and I'll exercise :)




WHY does neighbor have to slam the door ?


once again I slept close to 11-12 hours - bed before 9pm and up at around 7am

Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 2 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 11/04/2018:
Have fun at the party! Slamming doors....the on going apartment problem. The only cure we ever found for that one was to move into a house....

Horn_of_plenty on 11/04/2018:
omg i agree. i'd never ask them to stop...

funny thing is, in the morning when his wife is sleeping, he will close the door NORMALLY. so, he does know it's loud.!

dumb*ss! haha

graindart on 11/04/2018:
Lived in apartments for a few years, age 17-21. Don't think I have the patience to deal with it ever again.

After that have been in detached single family homes. Have lived in a suburban house for the past 13 years with larger lot sizes and a small undeveloped park across the street that sees little use. The neighbors are quiet and the house is well insulated, so we get little noise intrusion. Even with that, I find myself wanting to move out to the country on 20+ acres in the middle of nowhere (preferably 100+ acres well treed). The main thing that keeps me from pursuing a place in the country is the lack of highspeed internet needed for work. I'm guessing even if I moved out to the country, I'd get occasionally annoyed by the wildlife sounds.

horn_of_plenty - Saturday Nov 03, 2018
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 114.0

9am-10am Breakfast: whole lb of strawberries 150 yes really, oatmeal 150 made with unsweetened almond milk 30 with some stevia and cinnamon, on of my avocado brownies in there (i still have so many left!) 150. 500 approx. and some kombucha i guess. 50...

Noon brunch low carb crackers 250 with eggplant spread 150, bite of turkey burger 50, and almonds 100.. 550

 1:30 snack: rest of that turkey burger 100 and Leftover collagen coffee with extra added almond milk 200

So ended up getting oil change with free car wash too since the oil change was overdue and I had the time today.

5:30 dinner: egg and 2 more egg whites around 100, lots of eggplant spread 250-300 and cabbage cooked some butter 100. 500

1900....resting again after dinner and really not so sure about either exercise or laundry ! Maybe both tomorrow haha 

After dinner snacking plum and later whipped cream and bite of MYbe avocado brownies 200

2100 total - very good.

Also I walked around 20-30min today 

Laundry is done and skipped washing my bedding to make it go by easier.

Workout will be tomorrow after I get back !

I didn't feel rested enough to do a workout today and I might do my workout tomorrow at the gym depending what time I get back from the city !









Exercise may not happen but I will at least do laundry later :) having a restful day.


gonna go out and do some food shopping so i can make some nice slow cooker veggies again....will do an asian flavored recipe this time, using bok choy and maybe chinese cabbage... :) something different. mushrooms too. i'll go to a supermarket that has many asian veggies to choose from! 


Slept around 12 hours just waking up to use the bathroom. maybe even 13 hours. I'm fine with it - having a slow day! I went to bed exceedingly early bc after walking the 3 mi home i was seriously very tired (along with less sleep during the week!) so went to bed even before 8pm i think....i seriously think the extra sleep thing i've been doing on weekends is ok because i haven't gotten sick and it's helping me feel good.

LOL, i wasn't going to do any workouts today, but, i may change my mind, relax a lot today...and do the workout tonight (so i don't leave it hanging for tomorrow after a busy day in the city for a friend's bday (she luckily cancelled it being out east 2 hours....! thankfully! and she's THANKFULLY having it in the city instead!)

it's always better to do a workout in the evening and be able to sleep and recover afterwards :) so, considering that, an evening workout (with caffeine perhaps) will happen tonight.


Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 2 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 11/03/2018:
I just read that strawberries are really good for the thyroid......but they are the worst for absorbing farming chemicals....ugh.....But I still love them......I usually don't let that kind of thing keep me from eating things. If you can sleep more on weekends than you need the sleep.....I think it's a good idea.

horn_of_plenty on 11/04/2018:
Yes I'm on the same page as you ;)

Donkey on 11/03/2018:
Your sleep is amazing. I think that if you get your workout in today, you will be thankful you did so tomorrow.

I see nothing wrong with eating a pound of strawberries. Helps your immune system!

horn_of_plenty on 11/04/2018:
Yes I usually buy the strawberries on sale and they were the one so that needed to Ben eaten soon anyways :) I enjoyed them very much ! And sleep seems to be doing me good.... I know it's a lot but it's better than getting sick ?

graindart on 11/03/2018:
Love the amount of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries you can eat for a pretty small number of calories.

horn_of_plenty on 11/04/2018:
Yes it's pretty amazing and strawberries are extremely low cal indeed ;)

happy-1 on 11/03/2018:
Mmmm... healthy asian home cooking. Like a big hot salad.

horn_of_plenty on 11/04/2018:
Exactly ! I have eggs and tofu for the week in terms of protein and I'll include the tofu in the recipe :-)

horn_of_plenty - Friday Nov 02, 2018
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 114.0

kombucha 80, coffee 50 130.

Brownie 150 and whipped cream 120, 100 cal candy, and a pumpkin fat bomb they were good 50

snack: atkins coconut choc bar 150

Lunch:  gonna be my tasty slow cooked cabbage and carrots (some butter)  150, with israeli eggplant dish spread on it 200?, and a pulled pork 200 so good from coworker she made it and popcorn small amount 100. 650, plum 50

coffee on way home 50

dinner: avocado brownie 150, full fat greek yogurt 200, blueberries 150, and bite of crappy ice cream it had freezer burn 50. 550

2050-2100, good!

3 mi walk home, i struggled with it....had a slightly heavy backpack.




Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 2 lbs to go!

Donkey on 11/02/2018:
How are you feeling about your Dessert for Breakfast approach?

horn_of_plenty on 11/02/2018:
not as satisfying as egg & avocado on a wrap.

it's fun for now, dessert for breakfast, but lacks the protein / health as much as a whole 1/4 avocado with a whole egg...on a lighter wrap.

so it's fun, but i'm hungry earlier than if i ate a more nutritious breakfast.

i am still bored of the egg for breakfast tho...so i'll continue with the desserts approach for at least a couple weeks more.

horn_of_plenty on 11/02/2018:
also my skin has declined in it's overall sheen, but, i attribute that more to energy drink consumption.

i like the drinks for exercise, but, the taste and effects wear off...and acne replaces those things and lasts for days after lol...

BearCountryGG on 11/02/2018:
Just have to hate puberty!! ;>)

horn_of_plenty on 11/02/2018:
hahaha....yes right!? still in puberty over here jajaja

happy-1 on 11/02/2018:
Careful with the heavy backpack. That'll give you a neck injury.

Horn_of_plenty on 11/03/2018:
ty Happy...yeah, usually it's not as heavy...i prefer to walk without so much extra weight!

horn_of_plenty - Thursday Nov 01, 2018
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 114.0

Good Morning All :)

Kombucha (not enough / not enough time) 50, later coffee 50

Breakfast: avocado brownie smaller size 150 and whipped cream 120. 280-300.

Snack: bar 200, pumpkin cream cheese fat bomb bite :) 50

Lunch: my lovely good tasting cabbage, carrots and onions 200 with a turkey burger...bite of pita 50, and oily tasty veggies 250...but gotta watch my calories now. maybe do a low carb lunch. 500

Snack: turkey burger of mine in the fridge 150

Before Exercise: caffeine (Monster drink - i'm back in that habit for now) and small piece banana bread - treats that aren't low carb are usually brought in at lunch by a coworker who bought it out in nyc during lunch and they are ALWAYS good / high quality bakery goods! 200, maybe a plum also 50

banana small 100

After exercise: thinking to warm up one of those taste Cauliflower pizza crusts. 400 cals (they are so bad with reporting the true calories in their food!) honestly, i still don't believe their calorie count. (since they first introduced it, the calorie count on the package has gone up significantly and i'm sure it's still wrong!)

2050, excellent. - much better....by snacking less at work and sticking to slightly smaller and healthier meals :)

6 day avg: around 2200




lately things are busy. my halloween was nice and restful ...went to bed early but my calories lately are too high and pants are getting tighter. so, slowly i'll be watching again :) i think that 2300 types of calorie days are not conducive overall to my weight maintenance as much as i'd like that amount to be ! lol...

it was cute to see kids trick or treating :)

I'll be commenting soon on your entries....def want to catch up with you all soon!

I plan to lower cals for some of November (not around Thanksgiving) and also a lot of December (i don't even celebrate Christmas). with many days off coming around this time, it'll be easier for me once i am sleeping more on long weekends and holidays - Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years...then,i have  a trip for 2 weeks scheduled to stay with a good friend in Florida. So, i hope to feel good and not have gained weight by Early January :) and i know this plan will work out well!

Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 2 lbs to go!

happy-1 on 11/01/2018:
What does your fitbit say your burn is?

Horn_of_plenty on 11/01/2018:
i don't use one...coworker gave me an old one, but i don't use it.

Horn_of_plenty on 11/01/2018:
this is a good question tho!

BearCountryGG on 11/01/2018:
You burn a lot of calories with exercise and just general moving around...but I believe that 2,300 cals were maintenance for back in the day when I weighed 250....

horn_of_plenty on 11/01/2018:
yeah....it's a bit not going to be working as maintenance considering MOST of the day i sit! ....lol i wish...i can tell of some weight gain.

Donkey on 11/01/2018:
Your entry is marked November 2, too!

horn_of_plenty on 11/01/2018:
lol....weird!!!! have we moved halfway across the globe!

BearCountryGG on 11/01/2018:
Living in the future...LOL

horn_of_plenty on 11/01/2018:
it's cool...but will be confusing later!

horn_of_plenty on 11/01/2018:
lol, some people's entries are right date and some are wrong date LOL

horn_of_plenty - Wednesday Oct 31, 2018
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 114.0

Happy Halloween!


everything bagel with cc 400, 150. 550 total

10am coconut bar and also a few candies earlier 200

Healthy lunch: cabbage and extra soup i made 250, dumpling 200, goldfish 150. 600

plum: 50

chocolates 250

making sure to give hamster clean water and then EARLY TO BED tonight.



hungry day still! not much sleep last night due to a late workout, but it was deep sleep!

office provided bagels for halloween which is nice as i knew of it ahead of time and now am enjoying an everything bagel with cc.

Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 2 lbs to go!

graindart on 10/31/2018:
I'd kill for a toasted pumpkin pie spice bagel with a sugary cream cheese frosting.

horn_of_plenty on 10/31/2018:
yummyyyyyyy....man the big bagel i had, didn't stick with me....i was hungry 1.5hours later! haha.

but it was a good bagel, just didn't satisfy hunger wise.

legcramps on 10/31/2018:
yum...bagels, I love 'em!!!

Happy Halloween! Have a fantastic day today. Love your outfit!

horn_of_plenty on 10/31/2018:
ty :) :) :) i found it randomly last night.

happy-1 on 10/31/2018:
Happy Halloween!

horn_of_plenty on 11/01/2018:
to you too, HAPPY!

Donkey on 11/01/2018:
No dinner?

horn_of_plenty on 11/01/2018:
oh, yes dinner. it was more like dessert with an overflowing cup of blueberries, avocado tasty brownie in high fat greek yogurt with some sweetener. not even low cal. around 550-600 cals.

gotta watch all my snacking at work....it's upping my cals!

Happy Halloweenn my beautiful friend!

BearCountryGG on 11/01/2018:
I keep forgetting about that cabbage I have in the fridge...UGH

horn_of_plenty on 11/01/2018:
i'm telling you, slow cook on high for 4 hours or on low for 8 hours and it's super delish.

horn_of_plenty - Tuesday Oct 30, 2018
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 114.0

kombucha 50, coffee 50 (at different times)

brownie 200 with whipped cream 50

snack: ...cream cheese pumpkin spice bombs? 100 and 2 more 100

lunch: tons of veggies / salad light dressing 400, 2 chicken dumplings 250 healthy from home, more cabbage and turkey burger and chips of some sort ?? and chocolates 150 and cookie 50; almonds 50

snack: green tea decaf

200 before exercise

dinner: banana, protein cookie

2200. very good.


have a meeting tonight 6pm-7pm

exercise tonight at home :) after meeting  

trying for a successful day of work, quick meeting, exercise...it could work out just fine, actually!

Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 2 lbs to go!

Donkey on 10/31/2018:
Hope your meeting went well!

horn_of_plenty on 10/31/2018:
yes it was mostly excellent speakers that held my attention, so it was worth attending :)

some man wants to have lunch with me, but he's 50 with a 20yr old daughter and he works in the city near me which is why but i do not want to meet up for lunch at all...because i do not want to get to know him at all....but he offered me his business card, AGAIN...as i've known him since summer now...grrrr....this happened after the meeting that he attended to...

horn_of_plenty - Monday Oct 29, 2018
(counting calories/walking/elliptical/weights)
Weight: 114.0

Kombucha 60, coffee 50

sf avocado brownie 250

snack: tbd...2 of my pumpkin cream cheese bites 100, my sugar free avocado brownie 200. 300, good.

noon: some cocoa powder almonds = sooo good. 50 cals  just a few.

Lunch: from home, my awesome slow cooked cabbage, onions, carrots,150 large turkey burger 250, Goldfish crackers 150...still having a hungry day!...but feeling soooo  much better than last week!550....diet coke...

Snacks: Chocolates 100, almonds 50, plum 50


dinner: tbd. little more than expected with higher cal crackers and oil veg, but good and healthy and worth it! 700


3 mi walk home from subway! :) i'm getting much better at it.

Bed early :)

I'll decide later if i'm taking any walks on way home - probably.



Around 6 hours sleep, but, slept really well all weekend so it won't be a very difficult day for me today to get thru.... :) Happy about my choices and that i got my weights routine in last night at home! I def do not need to rejoin this expensive gym, i do not think? but there's no other good gym around...so...and i like biking to it...so....not sure.!  

I still like going out to the gym for motivation on weekends that are more relaxed when i don't have many other plans. So, i think i'll just continue paying for it.



Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 2 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 10/29/2018:
You could also just go for long bike rides and save the money.

horn_of_plenty on 10/29/2018:
yeah...you are right.

it was so nice to try to bike to the gym and get it in that way...cardio and weights in one day...i shall give the gym some extra thought.

it's good to go there to get outta the house and to use their extra equipment i don't have...i wish there were other gym options by me that were cheaper...no cheap gyms by me.

horn_of_plenty on 10/29/2018:
i may join the gym that's 20 min away...and skip out on biking. we'll see. not sure what i want....yet.

horn_of_plenty on 10/29/2018:
i may take your option....of leaving the gym, we'll see!

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