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innerpeace - Friday Mar 27, 2020

Weight: 328.9

sat in on the 8:30 google hangout with my office. Some people looked like they just rolled out of bed. So So funny, no shave, no combed hair, one guy even got up to shut his door and was still in his PJs.

Not, me, I can't start down the road, I'm trying to keep my same schedule. Been getting up at the same time, showering, breakfast and go to work. Or I should say, try to go to work. The more I am the more I find I can't do. I'm supposed to take my lap top in for the IT guy to download VPN and card reader on it so I can access some of my work sites and places I need to go for work.

After I could do all the work I could do, I worked on my puzzle the rest of the night and finished it. It is missing two pieces. One my dog chewed up and one I guess was lost. I got the puzzle from a library book sale so this was no surprise.


The YA came over and he spent some QT with DH. I am glad they can talk and do things together. THe YA even washed my car, I don't know why but I'm not complaining because it is nice and shiney for now and will be in the garage for the next two days while all it does is rain.

I got mad at DH because he wanted to run to Sherman williams and get some paint. I told he is the problem. He says he will be OK. I tell him all those people who are sick probably thought they would be OK too. He makes me mad sometimes. And then he gets mad at me for caring if he gets sick or Not. He is an A$$hat somtimes.

It's like he just has to leave the house for some reason. We did drive to my work for a 30 minute problem I had to fix, but we didn't see anyone or talk to anyone. The YA took him to the bank to drop of his truck payment and they brought back Wendys. By this time it was almost 2:30 so we didn't eat dinner.

Tomorrow, I may clean my house...

Tonight, I am thinking of honey mustard chicken, broccoli and some flavored rice or something.

I hope you all have a safe and happy weekend! IP

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 118.9 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 03/27/2020:
I sure can't see where any missing pieces go!! Funny about your conference call........didn't they know everyone can see them....good for you working on your regular routine!!

Donkey on 03/28/2020:
Did you see the video of a Zoom work conference where the one lady walked to her bathroom and did her business all while they were having this work meeting?

I agree with you: "all those people who are sick probably thought they would be OK too." Yep, that's why we're all sheltering down, people.

Donkey on 03/28/2020:
PS I really love your puzzle!

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innerpeace - Friday Mar 27, 2020

Weight: 328.9

sat in on the 8:30 google hangout with my office. Some people looked like they just rolled out of bed. So So funny, no shave, no combed hair, one guy even got up to shut his door and was still in his PJs.

Not, me, I can't start down the road, I'm trying to keep my same schedule. Been getting up at the same time, showering, breakfast and go to work.  

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 118.9 lbs to go!

Donkey on 03/28/2020:
When one of my legal clinic friend's company made the transition to have their employees work from home, I suggested to her that she keep up a routine as well, much like your own. She might not have to wear a suit, but she should still dress and do her hair and such. As we see each other only once a month, for clinic, she told me at the next clinic that my suggestion was really helpful to her, with the transition.

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innerpeace - Thursday Mar 26, 2020

Weight: 328.9

 I went in to work until about 2:00 pm I had some things to do...boss was gone but I left him instructions on what to do this am.

Got home and when I checked my email at 4:03 for the last time, some whacko biotch from HQ's emailed and said to use specific accounting - WTH...you couldn't mention that on our 1:00 conference call?

So I chatted boss and told him to disregard my instructions because I had to make a change - could he do it? NO he can't...he doesn't know how. I don't have access from home and can't walk you through it, I will just come in tomorrow morning.

Puzzle all night - 85% complete - I should be finished today! I 

DH is home for two weeks. He was either layed off or put on vacation - well we were scheduled to go on vacation next week anyway...so I guess he will be on extended vacation.

No girl tonight - the mom said we could get her Sunday night and keep her until next Sunday - 

I wonder how long this stay home order will last.

No work tomorrow. I will be back in the office on Monday (probably all day) to submit time cards. I still haven't decided if I'm going to telework or actually unplug for a few days.

The frozen pizza (vegetable pizza) was pretty good.

DH went to Sam's club about 7:30 last night and picked up a few things - toilet paper!

B: croissant

L: left over pizza

D: TBD but I'm thinking teriaki chicken and rice or noodles.

And still we survive. I find myself praying a lot more lately.

Have a great day! IP

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 118.9 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 03/26/2020:
I'm sure everyone that is now working from home is running into all kinds of problems...I feel for you guys!

Donkey on 03/27/2020:
Did I read that correctly that you'll have the girl for a whole week starting Sunday?

innerpeace on 03/27/2020:
yes...the whole week. It is spring break for her, we were going to Oklahoma, but that trip is postponed.

Horn_of_plenty on 03/27/2020:
yeah...everything with your work i am sure is going to take longer / people react slower :( sorry for any difficulties you are having with that! :)

I picked up some toilet paper too at my nearby grocery store :-)...now i def have enough to last me around two months? also picked up quite a few boxes of tissues since allergy season is approaching...and i get allergies.

i'm glad your frozen pizza was good...seems that anything i bought by SMART ONES hasn't been very good. i think i'll not be buying SMart Ones food again. Lean Cuisine seems a little bit better...

your meals sound good. You are in our thoughts here <3 Keep up the good work and wow...i cannot believe your patience with the puzzle.

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innerpeace - Wednesday Mar 25, 2020

Weight: 328.9

Yesterday all day work from home.

This morning I came into the office for a few hours, because I needed stuff I don't have access to from home. It was a nice little repreive.

DH went and got the girl about 9:00 am and she stayed until 8:00 pm. Her mother is adamant that she just cannot stay any longer.

We had a crock pot roast, which I thought could have been better, I don't know what was wrong with it, maybe under seasoned.

One thing for sure DH and the girl want nothing to do with my puzzle. I guess they do not have enough patience for it.

The room I am working in gets hot, I can't figure out why, maybe because the computer is running. IDK but it is uncomfortable. It doesn't have a camera or microphone and I need both of those for our morning meeting. This morning I used the Ipad which worked ok...but the girl brought home the lap top so I will use that for the meeting in the morning...AND i can take it somewhere else in the house which is good.

Puzzle is maybe 40% finished. I am enjoying the puzzle - maybe just maybe I spend way too much time on it.

B: overnight oatmeal

L: left over pot roast


We were supposed to go to Oklahoma on Sunday - however - in light of recent events, we have canceled and will be staying home.

DH just got word that instead of being layed off - he can just go on vacation. So DH will be home for two weeks - that puts a kink in any vacation plans we would have this year...awww...but then that will save us some money.

And he says he will make dinner - I get frozen pizza. Seriously??? So I guess I will have frozen pizza. I asked him to take off the red peppers.

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 118.9 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 03/25/2020:
Can you adjust the heat vent? Mine has a little rolling dial to open and close them.....if you can't...can you tape a piece of cardboard or something over it? I think everyone is cancelling their vacation plans...but it's probably for the best anyway.

legcramps on 03/25/2020:
Do you have a floor fan you can use in that room?

I downloaded a digital puzzle app on my ipad a few months back, and it was very addicting LOL. I loved it!

Horn_of_plenty on 03/25/2020:
oh yes! those puzzles require lots of patience! i'm surprised that DH and girlie aren't up to it!!! i'd be up to it, not all day, but to do it with you for a little while, why not!?

laptops seem the way to go right now in this crisis, it's good girlie can lend you one :)

whoa already 40% done with that puzzle! you have so much patience, InnerP!

lol enjoy your pizza dinner! seems that pizza places are really still open at this time...maybe because they already were doing lots of takeout before this happened and are used to it! i know yours is frozen...i have a couple frozen ones in my freezer too by lean cuisine i think. i will have one this week maybe :)

Maria7 on 03/25/2020:
I LOVE frozen pizza!!! YUM!!!

Donkey on 03/26/2020:
I started a puzzle, got stuck, nobody will help me. They are glued to their computers.

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innerpeace - Tuesday Mar 24, 2020

Weight: 328.9

This is the fifth day I have not left the house.  DH is considered an essential worker so his work and his job will continue. I on the other hand do not believe his job is essential and think he should stay home, especially with his diabetes...but that is just my opinion...and just what if he brings it home. I'm freaking out about this crap!

Working from home is very, very challenging. I will never take for granted my job and doing it at the office.

I started a puzzle (1000 piece) and worked on that most of the day yesterday!

B; toast

L. cheezits, roast beef deli meat, prolone cheese

D: left over chicken nachos

I put a roast in the crockpot for dinner tonight.

My dog won't leave the spareroom i'm in. He looks sad.

Have a great day! IP

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 118.9 lbs to go!

Donkey on 03/24/2020:
We're in a similar uncertainty with my husband's condition, and both my daughter and I considered essential. My daughter is more essential than I, I can assure you of that. Real estate is not essential.

Love puzzles!

bearcountrygg on 03/24/2020:
Wish I had a puzzle right about now! Poor dogs...so confused....

Horn_of_plenty on 03/24/2020:
i understand you and that you are freaking out and worried! :) a lot of people are in your boat so just know you aren't alone.

I also am a person that would rather go to the office and work there than at home...i work better with less distractions, at work !

wow, are you taking the advice from Ellen DeGenerous? or however you spell it!? she was going to do a puzzle but i think she may have given up on it, LOL.

keep us updated on your puzzle progress!

doggies are having a good go-around with this...being home with company :)

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innerpeace - Monday Mar 23, 2020

Weight: 328.9

The whole state has been locked up. The Department of Commerce sent out a mandatory telework notification until further notice. My boss sent out notifcation that if we are not critical to no go to the office. I did attend the 8:30 conference call.

We had a low key weekend. DH smoked some chicken on Saturday and we used that all weekend to eat. The YA came over with a whole chicken and DH smoked that too. He was out running around. He was going to a slot car track - racing cars - WTH! DH asked him to go back home and stay away from people. He lives with the grandmother who is 75 or older. He doesn't even think about carrying something back to her. Such reckless behaviour.

DH went out for a minute but I told him to get back home, he doesn't need to be out with all the people. He is diabetic anyway and shouldn't be out there. Me I am straight up paranoid and will NOT leave unless absolutely necessary..

DH has to go to work, but he will probably be sent home after the start of the lockdown, I guess they need to get one more shift out of him.

Impossible situations!

I hope you all stay safe! IP

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 118.9 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 03/23/2020:
We are on lockdown as of midnight too........hopefully it helps......no hopping or anything for us......we will be in for the duration.

Horn_of_plenty on 03/24/2020:
i am confused how that racetrack / racing cars is open!?

i know dh is diabetic...

i hope you will keep trying to be active / walking with DH if you can :)

i am sorry DH is out working...at least it's steady $ for now but i totally understand about concerns for his health <3

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innerpeace - Friday Mar 20, 2020

Weight: 328.9

Actually in the office a few hours today. One guy is like, you are here already spreadhing your germs...go ahead and stay. Uh...NO! I will take me and my germs back home, thank you very much.

I did a few things yesterday, but I can't say I put in a whole eight hours of work.

I have bills and financial documents that need to be signed by my boss - he can sign electronically when he's in the office, but I didn't receive any bills yesterday, so there was nothing to sign. Once those bills are signed I then have to email them to our accounts payable office to process.

I come to the office, to check the mail and access things on the P drive - it is a shared drive I file bills and stuff that I don't have access to working from home. And my boss isn't here today so he will have to sign all this stuff when he is here on Monday...it is a crazy situation, but I will make the best of it and do what I can do, when I can do it.

I made the Monte Cristo sandwhiches last night - the apricot preserves were crystalized so I tossed those, but we had orange marmalade which was just as good.

I had left over batter, so I tossed in some blueberries and made blueberry pancakes for breakfast.

B: blue berry pancakes

L: left over monte cristo

D: the cold cut hoagies, chips and coleslaw

No plans for the weekend. Rain is forecasted...maybe a hike.

Have a great weekend...I hope you all stay safe.

Praying for patience, strength and protection for all.

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 118.9 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty on 03/20/2020:
You are staying strong IP!

Keep up the good work and boundaries with all staff. I think you have a government job right? This is where it’s time to be thankful that me, you, and others are in better places than many at this crazy time!

Keep updating us on your situation. Sending a virtual hug!

bearcountrygg on 03/20/2020:
The less time you spend art the office...the better....sandwiches sound delish!

Donkey on 03/21/2020:
Reading your entries... got me to thinking that I probably don't want to work from home either. Not that I couldn't because our office software is specifically designed for small law firms to go paperless - but more on a mental level.

We're getting snow Sunday afternoon. Great. STAY STRONG, IP!

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innerpeace - Thursday Mar 19, 2020

Weight: 328.9

Telework today. There are lots of things I'm finding out I just cannot do from home! I will have to get creative or think of other things I can do.

I do try to get my schedule though. I was up and showered and went down stairs for breakfast and then came back upstairs for "work". We even had a google hangout for the morning meeting.

Last night I finally was brave enought to use the Instapot. I was telling the girl about what I wanted to make - there is "Crack chicken" recipe with ranch and cream cheese and bacon (I didn't have bacon) but I wanted that and her response was...I don't think cream cheese and ranch go together" ! This, this right here is why we always eat out when you are around. I ask what you want to eat and all you say is "food" well this is FOOD! I mixed in some bowtie pasta with tomatos and it was a nice little meal with green beans. Her reply was ...I will eat this again!

B: shredded wheat

L: left over chicken and pasta

D: monte cristo sandwiches or just hoagies

DH is out hunting a pork roast, I think he needs to stay home...I get worried about him being outside so much! And he has to go to work. They did close the cafeteria where everyone gathers to eat, but he is still among people - they stay far apart, but still.

Stay stafe out there, have a great day! IP

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 118.9 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/19/2020:
girlie doesn't have your extensive knowledge on cooking..i am sure she'd enjoy most EVERYTHING that you cook!

you are very creative so i KNOW you will find some of the telework easier than others. helps to be creative in general.

bearcountrygg on 03/19/2020:
My attitude with kids and food was always...I cook it...I serve it...everyone sits down and eats......I fed them almost everything ( no snails, squid or frogs legs)...and they were very good eaters....and still are....we had 8 foster kids who were all super eaters too.....those kids knew what having NO FOOD was like...and they were game for anything that was edible......I swear...our biggest problem was keeping them from tipping the high chairs over trying to get into them.....I would just serve it....she can eat it..or skip dinner...it's funny how they adjust when they realize that you won't worry about it if they skip a meal...they change their attitude pretty quickly.

Donkey on 03/20/2020:
^^ okay, I'm in complete agreement with Bear when it comes to meals. If you don't like what is prepared, then there's always cereal, pb&j, or salad. We deal with this with our daughter too. If she doesn't want to eat what we've made, then she makes eggs for herself. Eating out just isn't an option for us.

Donkey on 03/20/2020:
I do give you a lot of credit to working from home. I'm sure the transition was hasty. That is to say, nobody really had a lot of time to plan and adapt to this sudden change. I'm not sure I'd do as well as you, working from home. Do I give you props for doing this!

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innerpeace - Wednesday Mar 18, 2020

Weight: 328.9

This morning was fun...uh not so much.

I woke up and took a shower and went into our spare room. Mouse needed new batteries. I sat in on the morning conference call....and now...I'm working! kinda

Our office is out of paper towels, it will take two days to get a delivery. I asked my boss if he wanted me to go to Sam's club, he said it was my decision. Great thanks! Maybe.

Our janitorial contract is up 3/31/2020, I put in an extention for 4 months, as we are supposed to move. It is like the request is dead in the water, it is just sitting there and the contract people haven't said anything! This is just taking it down to the wire...needlessly and NOT at a good time, when everyone is freaking about germs and cleanliness.

I go in at noon, I can figure something out then.

I need a garbage can in the spare room. 

I have my sealable cup up here with my iced tea. It was a rule, no food upstairs for as long as we've lived here. I guess I will have to let the girl have drinks up here, if I do. As long as it is a covered top, I guess that will be OK. I can't tell her not to and then I do. AND no dirty dishes left in the room.

I had strawberry shredded mini wheats for breakfast.

Meatloaf sandwhich for lunch.

No clue for dinner.

DH went to get the girl, I guess she will be here until Sunday night.

Have a great day! I will do my best to enjoy teleworking..... 

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 118.9 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 03/18/2020:
Yup...ordering online right now is so iffy.......no word on my printer either...just that...it's not a priority...but no idea when it will ship......this may be our new norm for awhile......

Horn_of_plenty on 03/18/2020:
you sound good and BUSY. good luck working at home teleworking! it's good you can get into that. at my work, we are laid off for a couple weeks. hopefully it won't go on longer than a month...

innerpeace - Tuesday Mar 17, 2020

Weight: 328.9

Got my telework schedule today -

Monday - full day at work

Tuesday - telework

Wednesday - telework/office 12:00-4:00

Thursday - telework

Friday - office 8:00-noon/telework

I am OK with this, we are having to coordinate our schedules so everyone isn't in the office at the same time. I cannot gain access to a lot of things I need so I will be doing a lot of training on my telework days.

Yesterday the girl was able to have a tele appointment with her PCP, he prescribed some antibiotics, hopefully she gets better.

On the way home I stopped at the grocery store and bought some onions and tomatos to make my meatloaf. There were lots of people there, some were shopping for beer and corned beef, others were there shopping for doomsday.

My meatloaf  turned out very good. We will be eating it a few days. I also made some mashed cauliflower.

Have a great day! IP


Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 118.9 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/17/2020:
Stay well, InnerP.

we also don't have the materials/databases to work from home for even a day in my case at home.

i hope girlie feels better.

i have a lot of storebought frozen mashed cauliflower at home. 3 of those and 3 frozen riced cauliflowers :) the other item i have is 3 cabbage heads! :) yum.

bearcountrygg on 03/17/2020:
Meatloaf sound delish...good comfort food. The new work schedule sounds interesting......will be a nice break!

Donkey on 03/18/2020:
I like the idea of reducing the time you're in the office. I've thought about doing this too.

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