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innerpeace - Thursday Dec 05, 2019

Weight: 328.9

So I burned dinner last night...forgot all about it being in the oven. Thank goodness for smoke alarms. No one was injured in this unfortunate event!

Second round black bean burgers with avocado and garlic bread with baked beans. Too many beans last night.

The girl called DH and asked if she could buy her mom Starbucks! WTW!! Hell to the NO! I told him to lock the card and don't let her use it, apparently this was a very bad idea! Lesson learned. I was so mad I even told DH I didn't want to go get her tonight, I don't even want to deal with her. Not to mention the last two Thursdays I picked her up I had to wait. For some reason when her mother picks her up from school, she doesn't take her home. Instead the rude ass mom takes the girl to pick up their 'family firend' and I'm sitting there at their house for 30 minutes waiting for them to get back. I told the girl...she knows what time I get there and her reply was...I know but my mom won't bring me back home. What EVER!! I'm not waiting tonight...that for sure!!

I asked to take off tomorrow, but I haven't heard back from my boss. I really won't have anything to do and will just mess around and pretend I'm busy. Oh well we will see.

No plans this weekend. I may go shopping for a few other things.

I have no idea what to cook tonight for dinner. I thought I wanted to girll onions, mushrooms and spinach and put them over a baked potator. Or I could try the garbanzo/artichoke patties, I still haven't made. I will see how I feel when I get home.

B; bagel

L: left over black bean burger with avocado, banana

S: pop tarts


Have a great night IP

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 118.9 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 12/05/2019:
I will say...that there is nothing like earning the money themselves to make them appreciate it. Maybe time to encourage babysitting or some other part time job...if she is 15 she is old enough.

Donkey on 12/06/2019:
I hope you got today off.

I give you guys credit for trying to work with the girl. It didn't work, but it was a good try.

If she doesn't have money to do things with friends, all the more incentive to get a job.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 12/06/2019:
your lunch sounds tasty!

and dinner sounds amazing!

anyways, i do agree that babysitting is a great part time gig on the weekend for someone girlie's age :)

happy-1 on 12/06/2019:
I can't believe that her mom would be so rude. She should have given you a heads up then driven her to your house.

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innerpeace - Wednesday Dec 04, 2019

Weight: 328.9

Well the week started off ok...

Big fiasco with the girl - I can't calculate in my brain how to deal with it...so I avoided it all together. The girl had mentioned a few times during the last couple of months that she had opportunities to do something with friends...but didn't have any money. So for some reason I had it in my head that she needed money. I gave her $20. The next time I see her she has a new phone case. I told DH that I thought she needed money and we talked and came up with the idea we would make her an authorized user on his credit card. We gave this credit card to her for her birthday, with specific instructions that if she went to dinner or a movie with friends she could pay her way. She would just have to call DH and ask him to unlock the card so she could use it. She said OK.

So Monday at work I get a phone call from the girl asking me to unlock the card. I told her I can't unlock the card because I don't have access - It's not my card. She calls her dad, he's at work. He unlocks the card. He asked her why...she says she was at the store buying hair products and personal hygeine stuff and needed to pay. She spent almost $50.00. I was a little confused as to why she was buying personal hygeine stuff. She was just at our house for four and half days and never once did she mention she needed shampoo or hair gell or hair spray or personal hygeine items....Anyway...totally not using the card as intended. DH explained to her again, we would buy this stuff she would just have to let us know.

In my mind of minds - I'm like she told her mom she had a credit card and then she bought stuff for her mom and step sister and friends and this really irked me to NO end. DH cut the limit down to $100...

Tuesday my mom called and told me she was in the hospital for a few days with some kind of infection and has to have an MRI to check a mass around or near her appencix, so this has me concerned. Also a friend of mine from highschool, husband passed away from complications from kidney disease ultimately from diabetes. I'm sad for her. And then I get the girl and I just can't even talk to her or try and figure out exactly what happened with the credit card so I say nothing. I didn't ask...she didn't say.

I get home and cook dinner which was chicken alfredo with brocolli - I just had the brocolli alfredo, but I was sprinkling bread crumbs on the top and putting it in the oven to bake a little. When I went to put the bread crumbs back in the cabinet I realized I didn't have the lid on all the way and bread crumbs spilt all over the stove and right in the little crevice where the stove butts up against the cabinet. I hear it rain down like little pebbles all over and under my stove. What a mess.

After eating I swept up the bread crumbs I could reach and then pulled out the stove and cleaned up the bread crumbs and all the other crap that was under there, swept and mopped. Then I did the same to the refrigerator and then swept and mopped the entire kitchen. Not whay I really wanted to do on Tuesday night....but it is done now.

This morning, I don't know, but I cried all the way to work and then sat in the parking lot and cried for an extra 10 minutes until I felt I was composed enough to go into work, where I sit now. I'm still miserable and just wonder how I am going to get through the day.

Not a fan of today....

B: Ezekiel bread with nutella

L: left over brocolli alfredo, apple

S: banana

D: to be determined, but I'm pretty sure it will be garlic bread and baked beans because that is all I feel like I can accomplish

This to shall pass....have a great day. IP

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 118.9 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 12/04/2019:
AWWWW ((HUGS))......that is a lot to deal with. Just a thought.....some stores sell visa cards when you put a certain amount on them...like a gift card....that might work for her and would prevent her having access to her Dads....and you could load it as you wanted...and maybe she would budget it better if she knew there was a limit or that you might not add anymore to it....just a thought. Sending prayers for your Mom and hoping that she gets through this quickly and gets back home soon. Well....now you don't have to clean under those appliances again for a long time.....at least that is behind you!!

happy-1 on 12/04/2019:
Geez... If I wanted hair products when I was a teenager, I had to buy them with my own money... And $50???? Has she not been to the Dollar Store? Everything you need is there for a dollar. I started working at 14... Sounds like she needs a babysitting or dog walking gig.

innerpeace on 12/05/2019:
I know right! WOW have times have changed...dollar store brand is not good enough for the hair that hangs down to her a$$!...that gets all over the house.

happy-1 on 12/04/2019:
And whatever happened to savings accounts for kids?

happy-1 on 12/05/2019:
And hugs on the crumbs/cleaning/everything is too hard scenario. If I was there, I'd give you a hug.

Donkey on 12/05/2019:
(((hugs))) Sometimes, we just need to cry it out.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 12/05/2019:
yes, a good cry is ok.

but, with the girlie, you know it's really a small issue and it can be talked out. it's a small issue since DH was able to place good limits on the card. Yeah, maybe let him chat it out with girlie instead of you :)

i'm sorry to hear that some of the health issues your loved ones are facing..and wishing your mom to feel better soon.

happy-1 on 12/07/2019:
She needs to braid that up. It's not cool to do that to someone's home and not pitch in with the cleaning. Hand her the vacuum before she leaves.

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innerpeace - Monday Dec 02, 2019

Weight: 328.9

I can't believe how fast these four days just flew by.

DH smoked a turkey - it was beautiful and he was very proud of it. I did have a piece of turkey breast - BUT - I kept picking at it because it looked like something was coming out of it - a worm (it was probably just tendon or some other body part) I fed most of it to my dog...but it was moist and tasted good - not too smokey. - I ate brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce and some dressing. I then had a piece of sweet potatoe buy DH bought, but it was really spicy and I didn't eat the rest of it. I did good for Thanksgiving.

Friday - we ate left overs - We went to see It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood - not my cup of tea - but it was good.

Saturday - left the house a little for shopping - but then had a panic attack and didn't stay out very long - We celebrated the girls 15th birthday (it is actually on the 10th - but since DH is working 2nd shift - he is never home on the evenings she is over) and then...FOOTBALL!

Sunday - domestic cleaning, laundry, kitchen and helped DH put lights up for Christmas, actually that was an all weekend kinda thing.DH heated some potatoe ans spinach peirogies - these were good. I made a mushroom, onion & pancetta (bacon like for flavor) stromboli.

Monday is Monday. Slept well and have been having crazy dreams.

B: toast

L: stromboli, apple

D: TBD - I may tackle my chickpea/artichoke heart patty that I still haven't made - tonight maybe a good night for this.

Have a great evening! IP

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 118.9 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 12/02/2019:
You are doing so well with your new eating program...I can just tell that you seem to really be put off by animal proteins now.

happy-1 on 12/02/2019:
Yum on the artichoke chickpea thing. I feel like that's a good combo.

legcramps on 12/02/2019:
I'd be really interested to know how those patties taste!

Horn_of_plenty on 12/02/2019:
I'm not interested in the Mr. Rogers movie for seeing it in the theater, maybe once it comes out, i'll watch it on Amazon prime though!

The smoked turkey sounds AMAZING. so he did it whole? Or did he smoke it in sections? I'm guessing whole.

Your patties sound both creative and TASTY!

Donkey on 12/03/2019:
Sounds like you had a delicious holiday weekend! (In spite of the turkey mishap)

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innerpeace - Wednesday Nov 27, 2019

Weight: 328.9

Still around.

Still meatless.

Looking forward for the four day weekend. May do some Christmas shopping.

We are celebrating the girls 15th birthday and DH wan'ts to go see a movie.

DH is smoking a turkey. I am making the sides - Brussel sprounts, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, and green bean casserole. I also wanted a corn casserole but I am the only one that likes that. We also have a small ham because the girl doesn't like turkey.

Doing good and feeling good.

After Thanksgiving I may start trying to be move active, I have been dreaming of running so I'll see.

Last night I made an Asian salad with cabbage it was good.

Tonight, I will probably feed the girl periogies.

I am going to try my hand at an chickpea, artichocke patty if not I will eat a black bean burger and avocado.

I hope each of you have a happy Thanksgiving and appreciate all you have in life...be thankful and be kind.



Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 118.9 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty on 11/27/2019:
Those patties you want to make sound amazing.

Smoked turkey also sounds amazing !

Happy bday to girlie and happy thanksgiving to all of you !

Donkey on 11/28/2019:
Let us know how the chickpea-artichoke patty works out! I'd like to know :-)

We hadn't planned on having Brussel sprouts, but I'm going to see if we have some frozen, just for me.

Are you planning on having a vegetarian Thanksgiving too?

happy-1 on 11/30/2019:
Sounds like a good, balanced plan! How did it go?

innerpeace on 12/02/2019:
I did eat a small piece of turkey breast - it was nice and moist. DH smoked the turkey- he was so proud.

innerpeace - Wednesday Nov 20, 2019

Weight: 328.9

I get the girl her Chick-fil-A. Drive thru was closes so I had to park and go in. And I felt rushed. I don't get there to often so I don't know the menu like the back of my hand. I get her nuggets, DH chicken sandwiches and I get a salad.

I get home and pick the chicken off my salad and give it to my dogs. It was a great salad though.

After the girl left I had the munchies and ate two sweet and salty bars and then when I was making lunch (PB&J) I also had a half PB sandwhich.

Yesterday, I did get the apology email from ER saying...oh, sorry, I was looking at the wrong calendar, you date is correct. Thanks. I'm glad I got this, however, I am still attitudinal with my boss and his through process that we are always wrong....anyway!!! I will just have to deal with him tomorrow, because I took Friday off - mental health day. And then Thanksgiving is next week and I will work 2 1/2 days and be off 2 1/2/ days this I love!

I have been doing recipes searches and there are several groups on Facebook who have WFPB recipes and I have tons, now, its deciding on what I want to eat and how much prep work I actually want to do. Eat the rainbow!

Tonight though...DH sent me a recipe that is for a grilled mushroom and onion grilled cheese. So I will use the last of the swiss and gruyere cheese we have in the refrigerator and never by cheese again! I haven't been having too much trouble not drinking milk, but I do mis it. Cheese...cheese is the DEVIL! With that being said, I have found some recipes for vegan cheese and I may just have to try this and test it out.

Friday, DH and I will be trying to find someone to make us a Riverdale cake for the girl's 15th birthday. It is on the 10th, but we are going to celebrate it on the 1st, because after Thanksgiving DH won't see her again until the weekend after ther actually BD so he wanted to celebrate it early. She doesn't mind.

So shopping and Thanksgiving and shopping!

Have a great day! IP

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 118.9 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 11/20/2019:
You are doing really well with your no meat diet.......Those sandwiches sound really good.

Donkey on 11/21/2019:
I love cheese....

Donkey on 11/21/2019:
If you find a vegan cheese that you like, please let me know!!!!

Horn_of_plenty on 11/22/2019:
i haven't been to chick fil'a in awhile either but it sounds like it'd be very good! :) at least good chicken! nice meals you all got.

yes, it's def so NICE to be out on Friday after thanksgiving and not have to go in that very next day indeed. i usually get that day off, too. this year i'm not working that week at all...

yes, maybe you can find a good Vegan cheese which a cheese lover like you would be hard to do...since i doubt it tastes the same but it could be good in some recipes that require herbs.

i cannot wait for Tgiving to be over....because i hate how it's overeating for me....

innerpeace - Tuesday Nov 19, 2019

Weight: 328.9

had a horrible day at work. Three months ago I did a promotion personal action and submitted it to be processed. I was told I had the wrong date, that all promotions must start at the beginning of a pay period. Lesson Learned!

Yesterday I submit another promotion and before I even had my boss sign it, I checked that date no one or two time...but FIVE!! I didn't want to have to resubmit an error. My boss signed it, I told him, I check the date and it was right. He replied...'great I don't want another nasty gram from ER (our regional headquarters)." Well I don't either that is why I checkd it several times.

I get home and make the mistake of checking email and this Mother trucker at ER has that email...this must start at the beginning of a pay period!! WTF!! Are you freakin' kidding me? Well I guess I don't know how to do my job afterall. I was miffed all evening.

For dinner I put together a vegetable soup with brocoli, carrots, cauliflower, mushrooms and onions I used the better than boullion vegetabl broth base and it turned out pretty tasty. I also added some spinach ricotta tortilli and it was delicous. D@mn Cheese!

So this morning I get in and my boss is like....JoAnn your date is wrong! Why is it that I am the one who has to be wrong? I told him I checked the date five freakin' times. Why doesn't he have my back! Why doesn't he trust my work. I pulled up the calendar and I pulled up the promotion form and showed him the dates. He said I will respond. He writes the email saying our dates are correct according to the pay calendar, is there another error? Again why would he just automatically assume we are wrong! I hate that. I am automatically the one in the wrong...whatever! I am glad he won't be in the office for the next few days, until I get rid of my attitude!

I have to pick up the girl tonight. I told DH I would stop at Chick fil A and get her something to eat. I didn't want to hear her complain about her no meat or as she calls it 'rabbit food'.

People irritate me!

B: French toast toast, iced tea

L: left over vegetable soup

S: sweet and salty bar, apple


have a great night! IP

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 118.9 lbs to go!

Donkey on 11/20/2019:
Work does suck indeed! WTF! It makes me wonder if it's an automatic response to say the date is wrong... you jeebus, line when you send an email and you get an automatic generated response, "so and so is out of the office..." Sheesh!

Your veggie meals sound so delicious! Giving up dairy would seem monumental to me. What is life without cheese? And don't even get me started on cream for coffee...

Horn_of_plenty on 11/22/2019:
you know, what's wrong with the cheese!? sounds good and tasty with the veggie soup! your soup sounds amazing!!!! if you like cheese, eat some cheese, i say! that's what i do, but with chocolate / candy / chips / protein muffins (can't wait to have one SOON!)

seems very odd about your dates on your submitted paperwork, maybe someone in HR is incorrect. doesn't have to be you....weird thing indeed!

innerpeace - Monday Nov 18, 2019

Weight: 328.9

Friday we had the girl. We had cereal for dinner. Still having a hard time getting rid of my dairy addiction, but I will continue with this thought - no dairy.

Saturday we had a relaxing morning and we to the movies about 1:00. We watched Malificient Mistress of Evil - I had reservations about seeing it, but it was a very good movie...drew a tear, had all the feels.

Afterwards we went to Ruby Tuesday for an early dinner. I opted for their great salad bar with the vegetable trio (brcolli, zucchini and mashed potatoes) happy with my choice. Once we got home I watched football.

Sunday the same thing - house cleaning and laundry.

I didn't want to cook, so DH gets us an impossible whopper...ok so this is the third one I've had and my conclusion is....I DO NOT like them. The first time I ate it, I smelled BO and thought it was older people eating near by. NOW I'm convinced it is something in the impossible whopper that is smelling to me like dirty socks or BO. I won't eat it again for this reason and it's a texture thing.

Tonight I will be making a dish from the fab four cookbook and I will get pictures if I remember.

All is well with me...sleeping good...feeling good.

have a great Monday! IP



Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 118.9 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 11/18/2019:
I have a pkg of those fake burgers in the freezer...and d says NO WAY!!! Not really looking forward to cooking them now...LOL

happy-1 on 11/20/2019:
"drew a tear, had all the feels" I bet you are a kick in the pants to hang out with.

Horn_of_plenty on 11/22/2019:

Horn_of_plenty on 11/22/2019:
i would get it without mayo and cheese though...

innerpeace - Thursday Nov 14, 2019

Weight: 328.9

I ordered from chipoltle and tried their sofritas - Sofritas, shredded Hodo Soy tofu marinated in a spicy sauce made from chipotle chilies, roasted poblanos, and Mexican spices - for my meatless goal. This was very spicy to me, but I did eat it. Probably won't get it again because of the spiciness.

The girl was over, I actually missed her. We had some nice conversation.

I watched the CMA awards, disappointed with the winners, I guess I think differently than the voters.

I have been sleeping better, so grateful for this. DH as more energy, he is usually crashed out in the recliner by 8:00, but he is staying awake....must be the new diet.

B: whole grain toast

L: great northern bean/avocado sandwich with lettuce & tomato, banana

S: gold fish; nature valley bar


work is crap...I hate it this week.

No big plans this weekend...yet.

Have a great evening! IP

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 118.9 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 11/14/2019:
Bean and avocado sandwich sounds interesting.

questforthebest on 11/14/2019:
Good luck with the meatless goal!

What, pray tell, is goldfish though? :)

innerpeace on 11/18/2019:
Pepperidge Farms - goldfish (it's a small cracker shaped like a goldfish) the snack that smiles back...it's a cheezit that is goldfish shaped.

Donkey on 11/15/2019:
Goldfish crackers? Those are so addictive!!

horn_of_plenty on 11/15/2019:
I agree that the spicy Chipotle tofu sofritas is a little too spicy indeed. I wish it was half that level - they need to work on it more to perfect the taste !!!!

innerpeace - Wednesday Nov 13, 2019

Weight: 328.9

DH is working first shift and is throwing off all my routines with him being home in the evenings. I can't say which I like better, which is very disturbing to me. I love him so much, but I also like just doing my own thing in the evenings while he's at work.

Anyway, he suggested we go out to dinner, since we don't get to very often.

I had cheese quesadilla and a half bowl of French onion soup. It was nice.

I also hate making my own breakfast in the morning, but I can adjust.

B: sprouted grains toast

L: PB&J, sweet and salty nature valley bar

S: banana; gold fish

D: TBD The girl wanted to order from Chipolte. I will see If I can order something I like, if not I will cook.

It is cold and snowy. The snow was pretty for a minute.

Dogs not a fan of the snow.

Have a great evening. IP

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 118.9 lbs to go!

happy-1 on 11/13/2019:
Love Chipotle.

I'd like having evenings to myself too. I like the introvert energy recharge time.

BearCountryGG on 11/13/2019:
When D worked different shifts I had the same problems adjusting to the differing schedules.....I guess it could be worse...if he didn't have a job at all......(retirement can be kind of difficult sometimes too...LOL)

legcramps on 11/14/2019:
I very much enjoy having my time to myself, too. I am an introvert and my BF is an extrovert, so he doesn't understand what it means to want alone time LOL. Right now we still live apart; it will be interesting if that changes, how we will tolerate each other!

Donkey on 11/14/2019:
Game Changer is the name of the movie.

I think there's advantages and disadvantages to any schedule a spouse is on. It's the adjustment to it that's the hard part.

horn_of_plenty on 11/15/2019:
I thought you always make your breakfast or buy it ?

I guess DH used to make it for you ???,

Thanks for your sweet comments welcoming me back here !!!!

innerpeace - Tuesday Nov 12, 2019

Weight: 328.9

It doesn't seem like almost a week since I posted. work goes in spurts and I may have missed a day or two.

We are chugging along with the no meat. We are doing good, and I feel better and am able to do more; more easily. I'm talking about bending and putting on my socks and shoes and taking a shower. Stuff that was becoming hard to do. I can fee the changes and I am grateful.

I did have cookie binge yesterday. At first I felt guilty but then I'm like those were some darn good cookies. DH was working and I went shopping for a few things. For some reason I was down the cookie aisle (well I was actually looking for MIso paste) which the Asian inspired food was on the same aisle. I looked over and there was one package of Keebler fudge sticks left on the shelf (they are waifer cookies covered in chocoloate) anyway, I snatched those and ate the the entire package the rest of the afternoon. I then tossed them in the garbage and tried to cover them up with other trash. I told DH. He just asked if I enjoyed them. Yes, yes, I do. A little too much maybe. But besides from that...still meat free.

DH was down all weekend with a shoulder pain he couldn't seem to get rid of, He took a muscle relaxer and slept for most of two days. When he was awake he was grumpy and yelled at the dogs, which I did not like. I just told him to go back to sleep.

B: sprouted grains toast

L: sushi from DH

S: gold fish

D: something with the brussel sprouts and tofu....we had this before, Dh like it, so I will try to prepare this again.

We are doing good.

Have a great day! IP

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 118.9 lbs to go!

Donkey on 11/12/2019:
I am amazed that you are feeling so good, going meatless. That's really inspiring! I've heard that from others too, that they feel better, less sore, less achy, more energy, clearer skin, clearer thinking, etc.

Donkey on 11/12/2019:
There's some Netflix movie that goes into the benefits of a plant-based diet... I need to watch it. Can't remember the name of it. "They" were all talking about it in an online weight-training group I belong to. Some grumbles, but I think I'll check it out (once I remember what the name is).

innerpeace on 11/13/2019:
There are a few - Forks over Knives, Game Changers and What the Health, they are all informative.

questforthebest on 11/12/2019:
Congrats, sounds like things are going awesome!

legcramps on 11/13/2019:
Great job so far! I found some vegan ice cream so i'm looking forward to trying it out.

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