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innerpeace - Monday Sep 22, 2014

Weight: 306.9

Busy weekend, I meant to log onto the laptop at home but it was drained, the desk top is in another room and I didn't bother to go in there.


B: DH brought me what was supposed to be a steak biscuit from McDonald's but the texture was so nasty and ropey I gave most of it to Steve so I ate the egg and biscuit.

L; tin roof sundae (a smaller version of my peanut buster parfait)

D: Market Fresh turkey

We were out and about all day Saturday. We had a reservation at Paint with a Twist for the little girl. I think I had more fun watching her paint than she actually did. I can never tell if she is enjoying herself or not, she is just so emotionless. And during this little outing DH informs me that the little girl has head lice again. I am livid. We fought those little buggers eight months last year!! I get pissed because she is only with us every other weekend and once or twice during the week. I hate her mother, who apparently does nothing on her end to prevent them...or keep them away.

 I loved the experience and am looking forward to reserving a couples date so DH and I can paint a two sided picture. After the little girl finished her picture we had another event in another town to get to. It was a Dogie Doo in Oblerin. A festival for your dog. Lots of pet vendors and other dogs, we had a great time and the weather was nice. Steve is such a little gentlmen in public.

We received lots of dog food samples, and though Steve acts well in public, being home is a different story. DH fed him a few bits of a new food and at the time Mr. Steve liked it. It wasn't yet dinner and it was way after lunch so we stopped at a road side ice cream store, they usually have dog ice cream but someone from the festival bought it all out. I ordered a small tin roof sundae, which was soft serve, chocolate syrup and some peanuts. I was happy with it. We ate the ice cream and finally headed back home.

Once home the DH and little girl go grocery shopping and Steve and I stayed home because my football team was on TV. So I watched football. DH loves shopping anyway so he goes every weekend. He is such a number cruncher. It's funny they go shopping for all the food, but bring home Arby's sandwiches...buy one get one free.

Several times in the week hours of Sunday morning someting wasn't fairing well with Mr. Steve and he had me up and down all night. Poor little guy, I think it was the new food DH was little him sample or he picked up something that wasn't good at the festival. He was better by morning though. Alas, so long good night sleep.


B: toast

L: we headed out to the Apple Festival in Elyria. Just a few vendors and lost of junkey food. We got the ahem little girl a Kid print ID. She weighs 130 pounds. I joined the Army in 1985 at 139 and was a foot taller and i was almost considered overweight!! Again, we do not eat the best and are trying to change our habits, but I don't see how it can help if her main home does not do the same. I had a bite of DH's gyro, 1/2 of a funnel cake (It was just oo greesy) DH ate the rest. The little girl had cheese covered greesy fries, which again DH had to finish. I have had this discussion before, he needs to let things go to waste...or else he will be seing a bigger waiste. Again the number cruncher arises and he cannot just throw $5.00 french fries away...I would!

We got home and I have to do the laundry and I just love it so much...NOT. both days I did reach my 5,000 step fit bit goal.

D: DH made a pork casserole that was pretty tasty however it was a bit spicy so I couldn't eat that much of it. It had pork, rice, cabbage, carrots, mushrooms and hoisin sauce in it. Again it was very tasty.

Steve was feeling better so as DH went to gas up my car, I took Steve for his nightly walk.

Hello Monday!

B: toast

S: Protein bar

L: tuna fish and cottage cheese,  1  serving of yogurt covered raisons, orange

S; string cheese

D: will probably be left overs from last night

Today the work challenge for walk across Cleveland begins with 5,000 steps a day. Go TEAM!

Autumn is certainly on the way, on the way home last night from our walk I saw this tree that just isn't waiting!

Have a great week!! IP





Progress as of today: 6 lbs lost so far, only 16.9 lbs to go!

puddles on 09/22/2014:
Busy weekend - tired just reading it. You will need a week to get over all that. Have a great day.

innerpeace - Friday Sep 19, 2014

Weight: 308.9

Today I am telling you the truth. DH brought me a peanut buster parfait, and I ate it, no I love it. I have such a sweet tooth. So how can one be good with they have temptations like this?

I came to work today only to be given donuts...not one but two. Yes I ate them. I could have said no thank you...but again this sugar is my weekness. I need to have a sign on my desk to read "don't offer food" "do not feed"!

I had a life coach who called once a week but I could tell her anything, yes I ate right, I exercised, sure I did all of that, when in actuality I did nothing. She wasn't in my face to see the real story. Needless to say I dropped out of that program. I need to quit lying to myself and others.

D: a small piece of chicken fried steak and one helping of mashed potatoes...looking back, sure I could have thrown in a vegetable...but didn't!

B; toast - oh and two donuts!

L: I am supposed to go out with the office people in celebration of the university's 50th anniversity with food trucks and tents and all kinds of bad stuff. I will try to find the lightest thing they are selling because other than that I don't have lunch today.

D: we were registered to go to a luau in celebration of "Talk like a pirate day" but I just received a call that it was cancelled, ergo, nothing was taken out for dinner.

We have the little girl this weekend, I can only hope I don't pull out my hair.

My son is scheduled to come in next Thursday on his way to Georgia. Can't wait to see him, it has been two years.

This is the truth! I have horrible eating habits!

But I still HOPE!


Progress as of today: 4 lbs lost so far, only 18.9 lbs to go!

museumgirl on 09/19/2014:
Keep hoping and don't give up. Sugar is tough to beat and peanut buster parfaits are one of my favorite things in the world! I think at least two of my tummy rolls are made entirely of peanut buster parfaits! You can beat the sugar; facing your own denial is the first step! Is there a 12 step program for beating sugar? LOL. And you don't need to confess if you don't want to - you know the truth and you are the only one that matters. Have a happy day, matey! (I forgot it was talk like a pirate day!)

Destiny65 on 09/19/2014:
Enjoy your visit with your son. One day at a time with the sugar .... My nemesis (one of many) is the salt..... There should be a 12 step program for those too lol!

thinkpositive on 09/19/2014:
Have you asked your friends & family to help you out with your plan? There are foods that I can't turn away as well. It's hard!

puddles on 09/19/2014:
There is a 12 step program for our addiction - Overeaters Anonymous OA. It is a great program. Just hang in there girl. It take a lot of courage to come clean like you did today. You have completed your first step. Admitted you where powerless over food.

Horn_of_plenty on 09/20/2014:
That photo of the Brussel sprout dinner looks amazing!!!!

innerpeace - Thursday Sep 18, 2014

Weight: 310.0

Couldn't get motivation to go to work day, so I called in. While at home I mowed the back yard and then vacuumed

D: grilled chicken and brussel sprouts

B: toast L: cottage cheese and 1/2 chicken breast

DH walked the dog today and I still made over 5000 steps on my fitbit thanks to mowing.


Progress as of today: 2.9 lbs lost so far, only 20 lbs to go!

puddles on 09/19/2014:
Looks good have a great day.

museumgirl on 09/19/2014:
That looks yummy! I love brussels sprouts!

thinkpositive on 09/19/2014:
I'm having brussels sprouts tonight- good food.

innerpeace - Wednesday Sep 17, 2014

Weight: 310.0

DH makes my lunch and cooks dinner. He is awesome. Though I can see myself taking over this task, as he is not as weight conscious as I am nor wants to be. He did make me a turkey and cheese sandwich on the pepperriidge thins, I had grapes and a cup of peaches.

Dinner: He grills pork chops and makes some instant stuffing that was all very salty. He does have an appointment with a nutrionalist in the next week or so, maybe he will just learn tons.

B: two pieces of toast

S: protein bar

L: turkey sanwich, grapes

D: TBD - husband is doing something with chicken

Tonight we had scheduled to go to a Family Boot camp, but alas, if we go to the early session DH won't have time to get the DSD dinner. If we go to the late session, we won't get home in time for the momto pick her up -trust me, these may sound like small fixable things but they are not. If we go early we would have to get fast food which is kinda unproductive. And the evil mom is just awful. She has called the police to our house a couple of times, and this must be avoided, so we must be home. There is a chance that DH could drop her off, but again it is a time thing...no cops please!

I will leave you with my dog....Steve!!


Progress as of today: 2.9 lbs lost so far, only 20 lbs to go!

Destiny65 on 09/17/2014:
Steve's very handsome!

innerpeace - Tuesday Sep 16, 2014

Weight: 310.0

I have been absent for a very long time. I thought I had a routine but no!

Picked up more poundage, not happy about.

Picked up a new husband that I'm very happy about, but adjusting to being married is crazy, eventho I lived with him for over a year.

Trying to adjust also to the part-time step parent is not my forte! Friend or Foe - If I'm a friend she doesn't mind, if I'm a foe the weekend is tortorous. I can see counseling in our future.

We are trying to be more active, but we are lazy and it is hard to do. I can't tell you how many roads to hell have been paved with these intentions.

Alas, I will start again!! Because this new scale I bought just is NOT showing me what I want to see.

I will be happy to be below 200 again.

I have not drank my beloved Diet Dr. Pepper in over a month.

Have been having eye issues and had to go to the doctor for treatment, dang rosacea flare ups!

I have joined a fitness work challenge and am wearing my fitbit again, I will see how this turns out for the next six weeks.

Tomorrow---I start!




Progress as of today: 2.9 lbs lost so far, only 20 lbs to go!

museumgirl on 09/16/2014:
Congrats on the new husband. Good luck with the child...counseling is always a good idea when coping with "stuff" at least in my experience! I'm new here, glad to meet you. Good luck!

thinkpositive on 09/16/2014:
It's easy to get off track. Welcome back! Hard to concentrate on healthy eating when there is so much turmoil

OhioRaven on 09/16/2014:
Thunder !

puddles on 09/16/2014:
Welcome back and good luck.

Destiny65 on 09/17/2014:
Nice to meet you!

innerpeace - Tuesday Feb 18, 2014
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 298.0

Thursday: We picked up the little girl and then went  to Applebee's for Valentine's Day. I had one of the 550 calorie meals, it was pretty tasty. And then caved and had a chocolate mousse shooter, that stupid thing was as many calories as the meal, stupid sweet tooth!!!

Friday, I thought we were going to the Monster Jam and then my whole day was crazy. I drove to work my myself so BF could get home earlier and tend to Steve, but when I get home I looked at the tickets and they were for Saturday instead. I had a salmon salad sandwich and some dip and crackers. We did go to Home Depot to look at screen doors, I can't believe the house we bought doesn't have a screen door. I cannot wait to have the door open and feel the breeze blow through the house in the spring.

Saturday. I had a bagel and iced coffee for breakfast and then I sat off on a crazy chore to get my son's car tagged in Ohio. I tried to get it tagged in Oklahoma but because he had Ohio insurance, the great state of Oklahoma wouldn't tag it. So after waiting two months for the power of attorney to arrive from Korea I go to the county clerks office to transfer the car from Oklahoma to Ohio. That was easy...but then I had to go to the BMV to get the actual tags and they want to give me a hard time. I had the letter from the county clerk's office, a POA and the BMV office wan'ts proof of his SSN!! really? HOW? 

BMV: we need his SSN card.

ME: he's in Korea

BMV: well because he doesn't have an Ohio driver license we can't verify his SSN, can you get proof he's in the military

ME: here's a POA with his unit, rank and it is notarized what kind of proof do you need?

BMV: a copy of his ID card

ME: well they don't even have SSN's on ID cards anymore

BMV: well we're going to need a fax copy of his SSN card

ME: well that's not going to happen, he's in Korea. Can he send a picture of it?

BMV: what? Like you mean taking a picture with your phone or something?

ME: uh, yea!

BMV: that might work.

So i go out to my car and FB my son and ask him to send a picture of his SSN card becasue they stupid Ohio BMV won't give me tags for his car. He says...right now? I say the sooner the better, so he does.

I go back into the BMV and take a number 68, they are on 51, so I have to sit there and wait another long time. Finally I get back up there and show the lady the picture and she has to take it and get the approval that this is ok and she comes back with....we'll accept it this time. WTH...trust me when I say, there will never be another time for this car!! OMG the drama...so much for supporting our troops!

So I get home and eat salmon again for lunch, BF got home and we took a nap. BF woke up and made a cheese board for us to eat before going to the Monster Jam (this was his birthday present). We had a great time, until his exwife started texting and causing turmoil, so much my BF couldn't enjoy the Monster Jam. It was very loud, BF brought earplugs and I still can't believe how much I enjoyed it. His exwife texted that 'he needs to quit lying, that 'sissy' (the little girl) said we didn't go out to eat (Thursday) and that we had a stripper pole in our bedroom. WTF!! Also that he does not get 'sissy' on Monday Presiden'ts Day. So when we get home, they are texting back and forth and calling each other names. I just don't understand this. He finally sends a picture of the divorce papers and he does get the little girl on President's Day...her reply...What a loser!!

Sunday, non eventful day. besides the fact it snowed all day. I finished laundry. BF went to the meat market and came back with a three bone prime rib. It was the first time we tried to cook the prime rib. It was ok. I don't think we cooked it long enough, it was quite rare.


B: bagel and iced coffee. Garage man came and adjusted the garage door opener, now hopefully it will stay warmer in the family room.

BF called and said the little girl wanted to stay with her mother. Whatever, they never do anything with her and she is over there every freaking day. I try very hard to stay out of this, but sometimes I wonder what the hell is going through that woman's mind.

L: roast beef sandwich

D: prime rib, salad and corn (we cooked the left overs longer and it did taste better). After diiner BF and I went to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things that came to almost $100 worth of nothing, but walking all over wal-mart I got my 5000 steps which always equals to additional calories using the Loseit app.

So Tuesday morning after have 12 more inches of snow fall, I drove in with BF driving his 4X4, hopefully snow is over for a few days, as I am sick of it.

B: yogurt and almonds

S: I hate from the vending machine, pretzels and a candy bar....NOT A GOOD way to start the week.

L: salad and roast beef, no bread!

D: some kind of chicken. We are going to Home Depot to order our screen door, very excited for spring!

Have a great week IP


Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 8 lbs to go!

liza36 on 02/19/2014:
Wow, what an ordeal with the car. And the ex-wife. Hope you're having a good rest of the week.

innerpeace - Thursday Feb 13, 2014
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 298.0

Tuesday night we had the turkey asiago sausage, it was pretty good. Little girl watched TV, she just talked about school. Wednesday, I didn't get up in the morning as planned, but I did walk at work through the interlink between the buildings, it was 1.78 miles. I will do that again at 3:00 today, schedule permitting. I had to change my challenges to 'track every day' and walk for at least 10-20 minutes. Walking 10-20 minutes is much easier than 10,000 steps at work.


B: yogurt & apple

S: yogurt & almonds

L: salad with roast beef strips, grapes, orage

S: light string cheese


So Wednesday we went to close out BF's checking account and buy some green onions to try the recipe I found for salmon. We have yet to get home on time this week. Steve has not been a happy puppy. He was exstatic when we got home, he misses us so much. I leave the TV on for him, but I don't think that is soothing at all.

D: baked salmon - turned out OK, but I thought my salmon had a burnt plastic flavor to it, BF said he couldn't taste anything and it tasted fine. Salad. I had to eat a few pretzels before dinner because I was so hungry.

We didn't do anything last night, except freeze. It was so cold. BF asked if I wanted a fire, but I said no and wrapped up in little girl's monster high blanket. I called a garage door man to come and adjust the garage door, so maybe the cold air won't blow under the connecting door into the family room. He is supposed to come on Monday....so much for my day off.

B: yogurt

S: yogurt & almonds

L: salad with roast beef strips, grapes, orange

S: TBD (orange or apple)

D: TDB we are supposed to get the little girl and BF said something about going to Applebees. He also texted that he had a headache and might not get the little girl, I guess time will tell how he feels. Son finally mailed the POA from Korea so I get to get his car registered in Ohio on Saturday. Oh the joy!!! I do miss that 'young adult' though.Can't wait for tomorrow to be over!! I love me a three day weekend.

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 8 lbs to go!

innerpeace - Tuesday Feb 11, 2014
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 298.0

Times are tough, times are hard! WW meeting was awful. i did get a keychain for attending 4 of 5 meetings. Now if I could lose enough weight to be awarded some kind of charm. D: left over chili, cheese, a few fritos

S: crackers and hummus

Today at work I entered a 21 day  challenge to get 10,000 steps with the fit bit. I have not been getting anywhere close to that so i will start walking in the morning before work. And today is also the last day of toast for breakfast.

B: two pieces of toast

s: yogurt and almonds

L: roast beef, grapes, orange

S: apple

D: TBD maybe turkey sausage and salad.

After work BF has to go buy and pick up his glasses he ordered last week and then to pick up the little girl. I need to fold BF's uniforms other than that, I have nothing planned for the little girl.

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 8 lbs to go!

lolla on 02/12/2014:
I usually have a good weight loss when I try to focus more on protein and veggies and control the carbs to a bare minimum, at least for one week and you will see the weight dropping, I am sure. The thing with carbs is that they don't satisfy your hunger and then you keep eating them and with protein you reach satiation sooner. That is my experience anyway. I wish you strength and luck in this oh so tough and awful journey of weight loss.

innerpeace - Monday Feb 10, 2014
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 299.4

Oh the weekend how I love to hate it!! Friday night we went out for BF's birthday. I had a grilled chicken sandwich with mixed greens and bruchetta on a chiabotta roll. It was rather tasty. They served home made chips with my sandwich and I only ate half, BF took the other half. I was doing good but had a small pretzel and fried cheese in the appetizer. Not too good, but better than before.

Saturday, we decided to go to the home and garden show. First we were going for a pedicure and stopped at two places, that were just packed with people waiting so we just went to the show. It was a huge place, so overwhelming with things you want to do but can never afford. We walked and walked, finally made my 5,000 step goal on my fitbit. At the show the little girl wanted a plate size chocolate chip cookie, BF wanted a macaroon and I decided on chocolate cheesecake. We didn't put anything out for dinner so BF and little girl went to their fast food buffet. Not the healthiest option. I had a market fresh turkey & swiss from Arby's (17 points - OUCH). My chocolate cheesecake wasn't exactly what I wanted it to be so after two bites, BF finished it for me. We bought the movie Zombieland and watched that since the little girl is a Walking Dead Freak!! We couldn't wait for the mid season series premier.

Sunday, after it snowed all night, we decided to see if we could get our pedicure wihtout waiting too long. BF started a pot of chili.  I was thinking the snow would have kept the people in. NO way!! We did get a pedicure and then went to get hair cuts at Fantastic Sams. I think I got a little too much cut off. I haven't had hair this short in years, good thing it grows back. We returned home and shoveled the driveway, sidewalk and steps and went in for the home made chili. It was delish. BF did a great job, he said he never made chili before. It was funny he told me he put peppercini's in the chili for flavoring. After running around all day the little girl said she didn't want the chili because it had pepper cheese in it. We couldn't figure out what she was saying, but eventually we did. It wasn't hot at all so we all enjoyed it. The little girl left at 6:00 so I finished the dishes and laundry and watched the long awaited TWD! Loved it..

I asked BF to bring in an old scale, big MISTAKE!! He stepped on it three times and got three different weights. I stepped on it and weigh more than I did last week. I hope it is heavy, I stepped on it again and instantaneiously gained 1.6 pounds, so it is ****!! It just upset me so I threw it back in the garage.

I did get some activity in this weekend but I didn't eat very good so that equals to being nervous for the weigh in this evening. I can only hope  I didn't gain.

B: two pieces of toast

s: yogurt & almonds

l: 1/2 corned beef  sandwich, colby jack cheese, orange

s: light string cheese

d: left over chili

I have great evening!! IP

Progress as of today: 7.6 lbs lost so far, only 9.4 lbs to go!

innerpeace - Friday Feb 07, 2014
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 299.4

We made it home. BF took the day off from work today for his birthday. We are going out to eat with the little girl to celebrate. He wants to go to Wolfey's Pub and Grill. I usually get a big fat juicy hamburger or macraroni and cheese. I will get a salad tonight or something lighter. I don't want to pig out just because it's his birthday.

BF went to lunch with his best friend who is visiting from Bulgaria. They went to Sams club and wal-mart. I am so glad. He picked me up some salmon and chipotle ranch. I dont' like hot and spicy stuff but this is very good. BF is off tomorrow and we will have time to go do something. He wanted to go to the home and garden show and will think about going. He said the tickets were expensive and he wanted a pedicure. Hard decision. He is going to get the little girl in a bit and they will wait for me to get home before going to dinner.

D:  last night was the left over parmasan chicken and salad..

B: two pieces of toast

S: yogurt and almonds

L: 1/2 corned beef sandwich

S: string cheese

BF didn't give me fruit today, maybe he forgot.

Have a great weekend everyone IP


Progress as of today: 7.6 lbs lost so far, only 9.4 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 02/08/2014:
Salmon is one of my favorites!!

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