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innerpeace - Monday Oct 26, 2020

Weight: 303.0

Just took some time off...

still ate well and still walked two or three times a day.

Saturday we did a walk and then went grocery shopping. I tried to instacart but I know there are things that don't show up and how can Aldi be out of milk using instacart but when I actually go in person there is plenty of milk...

Breakfast - Wendy's breakfast

Lunch - soup

Dinner - pork chop, salad

Sunday I did W1D2 of the C25K. Again I didn't have any trouble so the walking has helped immensely.

B: Cheerios, vanilla iced latte

D: BBQ brisket nachos

Stuck at the 303 mark - I guess if I don't gain I'm ok with this.

Sunday DH worked - filled in for a sick person. I stayed home and did laundry and walked the dogs.

Monday - in the office - got b!tched out - my boss received his annual review and got b1tched out about something and you know what they say...sh!t roles downhill...FY21 has got to be better. It was not our problem it was a system problem and I explained this again so not sure why he got blamed for it...I guess someone does.

DH is working day shift and he left by 6:15 to get to work at 7:00 - because he left I just grabbed my vanilla iced latte and left too.

Ugly rainy day - doubt I will get to walk or take the doggos.

B: vanilla iced latte

L: one of the supervisors bought me a salad from Panera (I ate the bagette that came with it - bread is so delicious and I miss it) he also brought me a cookie - however, I did not eat that.

D: chicken, tomatos and cucumber salad (may avacado depending on ripeness).

Have a great day! IP

Unable to check blood sugar last few days. DH had an old meter he was using to check mine. He has one that sends his results to his doctor and my results would mess his readings up so until we get more (test strips for the old machine - and they are more expensive than the new ones - so this may be on hold for a few days)...DH even found a meter and strips from Wal-mart that was cheaper together than the strips alone for the old meter we were using for me...Crazy stuff


Progress as of today: 34.9 lbs lost so far, only 93 lbs to go!

Jacky82020 on 10/26/2020:
I am thinking of checking my glucose level. Can you recommend a reliable home device ? I looked into the pokeless ones and see they had $300 a month subscription fee. Guess most ppl use insurance. Hate idea of lancing, but see no alternative

innerpeace on 10/27/2020:
I really know nothing about it. My husband is the diabetic and just started checking my sugar in the morning. I have an appointment next Thursday and see myself having to get my own very personal monitor if things don't change.

Maria7 on 10/26/2020:
Hoping you have a good day.

legcramps on 10/26/2020:
Great job on the couch to 5k program! I've been through that program numerous times and always enjoyed the first few weeks :)

Donkey on 10/27/2020:
I'd definitely say you need your own glucose monitor. This is important for your health!

Jacky82020 on 10/27/2020:
Thanks, I will research the subject. And find the most reliable one I can. Considering paying Quest for the draw. Not sure my PCP would write another order. It’s only for my personal curiosity and to gauge this new diet. But I would like my own device. See Walmart and Amazon have several. Too bad the finger pricks suck! And very interesting about the continuous monitoring ones & how they break the bank.

innerpeace - Friday Oct 23, 2020

Weight: 303.0

Yesterday...picked up the girl. She was in good spirits and was happy.

Got home and made the shepherd's pie - it was ok - I was afraid to eat some potatoes. I ate a little bit and then took the doggos for a walk around the neighborhood.

I saw this fabulous tree - I think it turned bright red over night. And then the path from the day before.


This morn blood sugar was 124.

DH and I went for a walk during morning break and it was warm and breezy. Today is supposed to be the last nice day for awhile. The high could be almost 80 compared to tomorrow when it may not get to 50 - so I will take the doggos out one more time before the weather changes.

DH and I have no real plans for the weekend - we do need to go shopping but I may elect to do instacart or wal-mart pick up. I don't need to be around corona people again...and I think our county is turning purple - the highest rate thus far.

I was also notified by the Duck Brand that we could be a potential winner for the Duck Tape Scavenger hunt DH and I went on a couple of weeks a go...we could win $500, $200 or $100 gift card and some duck tape! We are OK with this because we did have fun.

B: bacon, spinach fritata

L: grilled chicken and cottage cheese

D: grilled chicken, cucumber and tomatos (or left over sheperd's pie)

Have a great weekend! IP

Progress as of today: 34.9 lbs lost so far, only 93 lbs to go!

Horn_of_plenty on 10/23/2020:
the tree is so pretty...has a big winter feel to it!

good luck i hope you are a winner in the Duck tape competition!

grannyannie on 10/23/2020:
Gorgeous photos!

Stay safe!

Maria7 on 10/23/2020:
How BEAUTIFUL!!! What a gorgeous color of that tree!

Jacky82020 on 10/24/2020:
Love the tree! Is it a burning bush? We had a few at the old house, but the lot was too shaded for the dramatic red color. I do see them all over NWPA. Beautiful!

Donkey on 10/24/2020:
Oh I hope you win something from Duck Tape! Our weather was warmer on Thursday - although it never quite felt as warm as they said it would be because of the dampness. Then it got cold. Hard frost on the lawn this morning.

Beautiful pictures!!!

legcramps on 10/26/2020:
That tree is beautiful!

innerpeace - Thursday Oct 22, 2020

Weight: 303.0

Had a project at the office this morning - only half a day and then a webinar training session in the afternoon...and then I have to get the girl.

Last night took the doggos to Indian Hollow - love this place. I was even able to do Day 1/Week 1 (D1W1) of the Couch to 5K (C25K) program. And the only issue I had was one of the doggos was like...oh..no I'm not doing this - but I made him jog. I could tell there were quite a few more leaves that have fallen and because of the rain - the river looked mad and rolling along.

I made the grilled chicken with tomatos and cucumber - easy and we like it. I even left out the pasta.

Blood sugar this a.m. 130 - kinda stuck here.

B: bacon, spinach fritata

L: probably same or cottage cheese

D: shephard's pie - I will have limited potatos

Up a pound on the scale - kinda mad at this - kicked the scale into the corner for a day or two!

Pick the right hard and have a great day! IP

Progress as of today: 34.9 lbs lost so far, only 93 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 10/22/2020:
Lovely photos.

legcramps on 10/22/2020:
Nice pics! Great job on the jogging, the doggos will get used to it eventually! I sure like this spot for your walks and jogs, it's so pretty.

bearcountrygg on 10/22/2020:
That is a roiling river...looks chilly!

Jacky82020 on 10/24/2020:
Lol. I was riding the bike and misread a line from your poem. Thought it said: choose your lard.

innerpeace - Wednesday Oct 21, 2020

Weight: 303.0

No pictures again, I/we have just been walking around the neighborhood the last few days. DH and I did go for a short walk in the a.m. before it started raining on us, we went back home.

I worked as much as I could.

I picked up the girl and she came over and worked on homework. I walked the doggos again.

I made chicken paprikash for dinner along with a bagged salad - spiced apple or something. It was all good.

Later I had a piece of the diabetic pie I made.

Blood sugar this a.m. was 133

I ate cereal again for breakfast as well as another vanilla iced latte...(I will prepare a low carb breakfast tonight)

L: left over chicken paprikash

D: grilled chicken, salad, cottage cheese

DH and I got our short morning walk in...and depending on rain, I will go again this evening.

It's a good day! ip

Progress as of today: 34.9 lbs lost so far, only 93 lbs to go!

legcramps on 10/21/2020:
Yum, chicken paprikash sounds delicious! My Grandma used to make that often, and I loved it :)

bearcountrygg on 10/21/2020:
Chicken paprikash sounds good.....I remember an old show with Danny Thomas and Angela Cartright called Make Room For Daddy I think...and Uncle Tenouse used to talk about Paprikash a lot...never tried it.

innerpeace - Tuesday Oct 20, 2020

Weight: 303.0

Yesterday I was in the office for half the day - we had a roof leak - this is the third time in as many times as it's rained. Contractors are really sucking on this roof job...my boss is really heated about the entire process. I can't blame him...anyway the leaks were not in rooms with expensive equipment - just two monitors and a speaker were damaged so far. I just felt I was in the way and worked from home.

Because of the rain, I did not walk yesterday...matter-of-fact I did nothing at all except cook dinner. I sat in the recliner for about 5 hours and I didn't even feel bad about it...and then...about 8:00 I decided to have a granola bar which I probably shouldn't ...blood sugar this a.m. is highest it has been in a long, long time 151. I contribute this to the granola bar and not walking, but like I said I didn't feel bad about doing nothing so I don't feel bad about 151. Blood work is in 15 days on 11/5/20. Dinner was a taco bake and I think it was the best thing I've made in a while. Ground beef with taco seasoning and onion. Layered the ground beaf with refried beans, corn and salsa and then put the cornbread mix over the top and baked. After cooked added a little cheese and melted. Put lettuce, tomato, avocado and sour cream and this was delicious.

Scale this morning 302.3...I'm ok with this and will try harder to get below 299 beofre my appointment with the doctor on 11/12/20...so I have three weeks for this last 5 pounds.  I told DH, today is my last day for added sugar. I was looking at the Cheerios box and it has sugar and brown sugar syrup added and I will have to say adios to my iced vanilla latte as well for a month or so and see how this does...that's the three week plan.

I think the girl is coming over tonight, if she calls.

B: Cheerios, vanilla iced latte

L: left over taco bake

D: Chicken paprikash and salad

Not a lot going on today, will get in my two walks for sure...I think it's not supposed to rain.

Have a great day! IP

Progress as of today: 34.9 lbs lost so far, only 93 lbs to go!

Donkey on 10/20/2020:
You can do it!!!

grannyannie on 10/20/2020:
Go for it! Any word on custody yet?

innerpeace on 10/20/2020:
OH no, court date is 11/23/20 - so we have another month to wait.

grannyannie on 10/20/2020:
A whole month to wait!? I'd thought it was sooner. Hope it's in your favour!!

Horn_of_plenty on 10/21/2020:
idk Inner, i would think one single granola bar wouldn't affect you so? then again, i'm no doctor...

honestly, i feel like a granola bar is a nice nighttime treat...but i have no idea how blood sugars work, etc.

next, good to get out of their way...sounds like the best thing to do when a roof is being repaired :)

innerpeace - Monday Oct 19, 2020

Weight: 303.0

Everyone is in such a good mood...i just can't get there!

I am at the point where I am going to refuse to eat anything! Blood sugar this a.m. 145. Highest it has been in quite sometime. I didn't eat bad, ate a little later than usual, so maybe this is why. Doing all the right things, don't see results, aggravated, disgusted and all those words that make you want to quit!

Weekend very pleasant, walked a LOT - and recorded over 12K steps both days. Frankly I am sick and fing tired of walking! Took the doggos - they are happy - one is coughing - he probably picked up kennel cough from the dog park or something! I will also never leave the house again.

Saturday - DH got Latino food - it is OK, not my favorite - but he enjoys it when I let him buy it. Tony Bologna was over for a few hours (He and the girl were closely monitored and not left alone..EVER). He was supposed to go to the Boo Thru with us, be was called home earlier so DH took him home about 6:00.

We go to the Boo Through, I was quite impressed. It was nice and we had a good time. I would like for people to run up to our vehicle and scare us, but it wasn't a scary thing.

Sunday DH and I go walking around the neighbor hood, it was quite chilly. We go grocery shopping, put on a big pot of chicken chili and watch our Browns get destroyed. But it is what it is - nothing out of the ordinary with that!

I also took the girl on her first driving lesson. I was quite pleased with how she acted...didn't scare me and was very careful. She now wants to take the test and get her temps...she needs to study the manual. It is funny because when I was her age I had my temps and wanted to drive every chance I got, not the girl, she could care less. I wonder if it is just the way things are in this day and age - whose to know.

Here are some pictures from the neighborhood: - the inflatables - and WE ARE ALL DOOMED 2020!


Here are a few someone else took but they are just absolutely beautiful. These are from Cascade Park in Elyria...so so vibrant

Today is rainy and yuck - our roof in the office is leaking all over the place and I am going home to work.

B: multi grain cheerios

L: left over chili - which I don't even want

D: taco bake

If it doesn't stop raining - I probably won't even get to walk tonight - maybe a DVD on exercise....hopefully my attitude will get better.

Have a great day! IP

Progress as of today: 34.9 lbs lost so far, only 93 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 10/19/2020:
145 is AMAZING considering the number you started with weeks ago.......The NEW office roof is leaking????? Now that stinks!

bearcountrygg on 10/19/2020:
I agree we are doomed!!! Just in time for Halloween too...UGH!

Horn_of_plenty on 10/19/2020:
well, there is an option for you to get some help to lower your blood sugar, right? so maybe you could use the help, even though you'd rather have done it the natural way :)

all in all, i think girlie is pretty mature compared to some other teens. I think she hasn't had the most stable life in terms of parenting, but, that being said, i think she generally is moving in a pretty positive direction and with a good head on her shoulders. that's why i think the driving went well with her. i think she is smart, smarter than a lot of teens if they were in her situation, and that she tries to do the right things :)

Horn_of_plenty on 10/19/2020:
and those trees in the next to last photo - amazing photo.

innerpeace - Saturday Oct 17, 2020

Weight: 303.0

 Up this morning about 8:00 - this is sleeping in to me!

Blood sugar was 120 this a.m. - ok for me I suppose.

DH went for breakfast and we ate - Wendy's again.

Then we went for our walk - DH went with me to the Avon Lake park and we walked all around. Found these few pics thought were iteresting.

The train made from tree logs. And the pumpkin patch also made with tree logs and of course...the path.

Since DH was with me, the trails didn't seem so daunting and just him being with me made it seem more managable. I still think they are quite ugly compared to other trails we have walked.

After we finished with the trail we stopped by a park at Lake Erie - it was very chilly with the wind blowing off the lake. I saw this lone sailboat trying to make it across the lake - didn't look too relaxing to me...Sea sickness anyone?

Lots and lots of water!

After we stopped for gas and to get one of the doggo's nails climped. The youngest bites his toe nails, if you can believe that!

Tonight we have the boo through and DH is going to get that Tony Bologna to go with us.

Last night we had Chipotle for dinner.

Tonight...I don't know and there is nothing defrosted....so this will have to be a conversation for later.

I hope you all have a great Saturday! IP

Progress as of today: 34.9 lbs lost so far, only 93 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 10/17/2020:
I have never heard of a dog that bites his nails.....too funny!

Jacky82020 on 10/17/2020:
Spectacular photos as always! You have quite the eye for composition

grannyannie on 10/18/2020:
Lovely photos!

Horn_of_plenty on 10/18/2020:
awww, beautiful Lake Erie. i have never been! one day, this would be a nice area for me to vacation to (g-d willing) in the summertime!

your path looks fun with the pumpkins and train...i'm glad DH went with you...i sooooo need a partner for these types of activities...waiting for that time and being proactive for now with my time :)

it's good you are monitoring your blood sugar. in the future, i think i may have to.

Maria7 on 10/18/2020:
Wow, it looks like Myrtle Beach! Love the smiley faces, too. Have a good day.

innerpeace - Friday Oct 16, 2020

Weight: 303.0

Thursday - took the doggos out in the morning - but only one walk today - first time in a month or so - it was raining - cold - gray day.

Teleworking - trying to stay busy, but it is hard sometimes. I have lots to do but I need to be in the office. Then when I'm actually in the office, I get overwhelmed, so I just can't find that happy middle ground.

D: grilled chicken, cottage cheese - after dinner snack - grilled chicken and string cheese.

No walk so it was a game and TV.

Was sleeping OK, but woke up hot, so got up for the bathroom and turned the fan on and opened a window.

Blood sugar this morning 128

B: 12 grain toast, vanilla iced latte



Will get the girl tonight. Tomorrow we have tickets for a boo through, so looking forward to this. Need to do grocery shopping and house cleaning.

Have a great day! IP 



Took the doggos out this chilly morning and ran across two pictures I found beautiful. This driveway that was recently sealed and reflecting raindrops like diamonds...so so fantastic


And then this flower - I think it is a Dahlia, but could be wrong...it was so pretty this morning.

Have a great day! IP

Progress as of today: 34.9 lbs lost so far, only 93 lbs to go!

Jacky82020 on 10/16/2020:
Do the dogs mind the rain? Mine are big babies and don’t like it! We’ve had bigger dogs who loved frolicking in the snow. They were straight outta Southern California and never saw a flake of snow in their lives.

grannyannie on 10/16/2020:
Yes, that's a dahlia - we have blue ones and orange ones. Lovely.

bearcountrygg on 10/16/2020:
Beautiful contrast between the cold weather precautions and the ending of the summer flowers.......wonderful! You are doing fantastic with you glucose levels!!!

Jacky82020 on 10/16/2020:
Gorgeous photos! As always!

thinkpositive on 10/16/2020:
Beautiful photo.

Horn_of_plenty on 10/16/2020:
that's such a pretty flower! it looks big! and someone did a great job paving and sealing their driveway! wow!

i've heard of the boo drive thru's!

Donkey on 10/17/2020:
"IDEFK" - LOL!!!!!

innerpeace - Thursday Oct 15, 2020

Weight: 303.0

Blah day!

Picked the girl up, had a chat...we decided that because of how the divorce decree was written it would be wise not to keep the well woman's appointment,  (Mom says no - Dad says yes - divorce decree reads it must be consensual unless an emergency) I'm sick of the lies and do not want to contribute.  I'm sick of all this bs, so much so I'm ready to pack my sh1t up and move back to Oklahoma.

Took the doggos on a longer walk, my thighs and hips were hurting and still do today.

About two weeks ago I stopped taking Aleve in the mornings, I would usually take 2-3 a morning...I'm sure missing that now.

Supposed to rain today...we will see.

Dinner last night - grilled chicken, cucumber, tomato, alvacado and bow tie pasta salad

Received a text from my son last night, they think his wife contracted COVID-19 - he is stationed in Hawaii, so I hope not.

No big plans today!

B: frittata, 1 piece of toast

L: left over chicken salad


not a fan of today, a bit attitudinal and just prefer not to be around people. - DONE!

Have a great day! IP

Progress as of today: 34.9 lbs lost so far, only 93 lbs to go!

Jacky82020 on 10/15/2020:
Hope your family tests negative. Good luck!

Horn_of_plenty on 10/15/2020:
why did you stop the alleve if it is helping you??? hope you feel better, Innerpeace!

Someone else wrote about inner peace, i think on facebook, i thought of you immediately!

innerpeace on 10/16/2020:
because i have it in my mind - that I take them just because...but I was actually in pain.

innerpeace - Wednesday Oct 14, 2020

Weight: 303.0

 Emotions run high for this ole girl!

Worked at the office yesterday, which was OK.

I got home and wanted to watch the SCOTUS hearing, however, the doggos wanted to go out for the walk...so we did.

DH is sad/depressed because of the POS exwife. The girl texted him asking him questions about why he cheated on her mom...with me! And also that I apparently locked her brother in a bedroom back in 2001. Are you kidding me right now? Trust when I say this...I would have liked to spank his bratty-little-4-year-old-non-potty-trained-making-me-watch-the-same-stupid-movie-ever-hour-of-everyday-for-four-days-ass before locking him in a room! I swear this person is grasping at straws to make that girl miserable.

I have my performance review today - virtually - my boss isn't feeling well and he is just taking precautions.

The doggos and I walked around the neighborhood so I didn't take any pictures. I did start listening to a podcast - (Missing in Alaska) not sure if I like podcasts or not - will try again today and see if anyhing changes.

Got home and watched a little of the hearings...I don't think I would subject myself to this needle in a haystake search for everything thing I've done wrong in my life and/or everything I've said or signed. 

L: left over stroganoff

S: balanced breaks

D: rotisserie pork, cottage cheese and left over salad that was not good

Slept OK - I think I got cold in the night.

Blood sugar this a.m. 130

B: 12 grain toast; iced latte


D: grilled chicken and the ever present tomato, cucumber salad - maybe cottage cheese

Everyone have a great Hump Day! IP


Progress as of today: 34.9 lbs lost so far, only 93 lbs to go!

Donkey on 10/14/2020:
I'm staying far away from the judicial hearings. If we couldn't have them in 2016, then why are we having them now... Hypocrites.

When emotions run high, try to remain calm. Like Bear's goal, control your reactions. So many of my woes have been self-inflicted by letting my emotions get the better of me. My epitaph should read, "If only..."

I've never gotten into podcasts, but I think I would enjoy them. I don't know how to access them, and they must be free or it's a no-go.

grannyannie on 10/14/2020:
SCOTUS hearings are boring for the most part. She won't give a straight answer to anything. We end up muting or changing the channel. We find the highlights they show later are enough.

grannyannie on 10/14/2020:
Step families can be a serious pain in the butt!!

bearcountrygg on 10/14/2020:
You have this blood sugar thing heading in the right direction..........You may need the pills but I hope you can avoid the injections......right now...it looks really good for just pills.......D has been on them a long time now and it's giving him time to avoid the insulin.....My MIL and SIL both let it go too long and went straight to the shots...5 a day each.....I'm happy for you that you stopped that progression before the doctor found out.....Stress will raise your glucose levels......maybe meditation would help overall.

Horn_of_plenty on 10/14/2020:
I watched some of the SCOTUS...thought it was interesting...yeah, i agree with you about it being so...full of burden to take part in!

what a bad mom to spread lies...ugh!

happy-1 on 10/15/2020:
She. Sounds. Horrible.

I put up a cheap tapestry of a forest to look at so I don’t murder.

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