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innerpeace - Wednesday Aug 14, 2019

Weight: 334.6


Got home last night and DH had a roast in the crockpot. This is normally good, but this roast was tough as a boot. It was even hard to cut up with a knife. The dogs liked it though. We won't buy this cut ever again.

We did spend some time looking for a new Puerto Rican food store and found one. DH will attempt to find it and get the food he wanted the night before.

The girl and I are supposed to go bra shopping after work. She told me, there are just some things I don't want to do with my dad. I get it and understand totally.

D: little bit of roast, potatoes and carrots

After dinner I had the last of the ice cream that was in the freezer., and PB M&Ms...again choices and why are these even in the house? I so sick and tired of talking about losing weight and wonder why I just don't actually do IT!! I'm so frustrated with myself.

And then I started stressing about my flight coming up...bigger, overweight people and airplanes just don't mix. 56 days now - 8 weeks.

B: toast, iced vanilla latte

L: banana, balanced breaks

S: 2 cuties

D: hispanic food if DH finds the place, if not I have no idea yet.

With all the hype surrounding the Cleveland Browns this year a local farm made a corn maze in recognition of our star quarterback Baker Mayfield, who happens to be from OKLAHOMA!!  PHOTO OF THE DAY! Baker Mazefield


Progress as of today: 3.3 lbs lost so far, only 124.6 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 08/14/2019:
I get it. If any junk is in the house, I will eat it. Only thing I can do is not have it in the house.

legcramps on 08/14/2019:
I will eat the junk also if it is in the house!

Maria7 on 08/14/2019:
I'm with Annie on the tempting foods in the house...if it is not in the house, then can't eat it...

Donkey on 08/15/2019:
I feel your disappointment with the roast. I've so been there.

I agree with the comments above: if it's not in the house, I don't eat it.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/15/2019:
i'd have been MORTIFIED if i had to bra shop with my dad! definite no!

innerpeace - Tuesday Aug 13, 2019

Weight: 334.6

We got a new member of the management team at work and I'm not so sure our ethics allign. He says and does things I think is shady so we might have issues. He's worked here in a different position, but I now have to interact with him more...this may cause me undue stress AND he hasn't even officially been announced yet.

The plan for Puero Rican food fell through. The man who owned the restaurant closed and now just has a food truck and DH couldn't find where the truck was, so they brought home pizza. I ate it, but really wasn't in the mood for it. He took the left overs for lunch and I'm munching on a chicken caesar wrap.

B: French toast flavored toast, vanilla iced latte

S: PB M&Ms

L: chicken caeser wrap

S: balanced breaks

D: IDK - DH said he was cooking something but I have no clue. And if I'm right, I'm thinking it's gonna be some kind of chicken (because 1. he just bought a 40 pound box of it and 2. he said he cooked the last we ate frozen on the grill) I will pray for rain, that usually keeps him i the house and I may be sick of chicken.

Rocco got out of the yard this morning early, at 6:50 and was barking at one of our neighbors, Nancy and her dog Ragan. I heard him barking and went outside and she says in her snooty voice...One of your dogs is out and he was coming after her (Ragan) and that just isn't going to happen! I just replied. Thanks I'll get him! But what I really wanted to say is...really Nancy you don't have to be so dramatic, this puppy will not hurt your dog, he just wants to play. Little does she now that when her husband, Lance, walks the dog, he stops and lets the two/three (if Steve is out too)  dogs play.  I got my dog, well I opened the gate and he ran back in and then I finished getting ready for work.

And then I dropped my water bottle and broke the outside insulation cover that keeps it cold..GRR.

DH sent me this photo of the day he saw while school supply shopping with the girl..I laughed and I told him, well you can't get that for Kayla, because drama just loves her.l....so I will try and adoptt it for my motto of the week..



Progress as of today: 3.3 lbs lost so far, only 124.6 lbs to go!

happy-1 on 08/13/2019:
That's a good motto!

Donkey on 08/13/2019:
I love that water bottle! Ha ha ha -- Too bad it's not a sign that I could hang up on the wall at work.

I will comment on your entry from yesterday shortly, if you get the chance to read it.

Maria7 on 08/14/2019:
That is very cute! Did you get it?

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/14/2019:
how do you flavor the toast as french toast? is it a frozen toast?

haha....too funny with K and drama...all high school girls are soooo dramatic hahaha

innerpeace - Monday Aug 12, 2019

Weight: 334.6

I can plan things and they don't go right. DH says I will leave work at 3:30, pick the girl up and get the food...YOU just go home.

At 4:40 DH calls me and says there is only one lane of traffic on the turnpike due to construction and he has not even gotten the girl yet. So I say great, she is 30 minutes from the food. You get the girl and come home and I will get the food. So I left to get the food that was supposed to be ready at 5:00, but it seems like everyone else in NE Ohio wanted Itialian food Friday night as well. So I get to their to pick up my 5:00 o'clock food about 5:10 and I had to wait until about 5:25 to get my food and then when I get home at 5:40, DH and the girl still aren't there. Needless to say we finally ate our 5:00 o'clock food about 6:15. It was still good, but I'm sure it would have been better.

DH fell asleep quickly after because he had only slept 4:00 hours the night before. I left him in the recliner all night. He said he woke up at 5:30 and went to Walmart for some stuff.

Saturday the girl's BF is over and they watch TV and we go see The Lion King....nothing has changed, it is still cartoon Lion King, just with great CGI and different voices. Most of the music is the same. Afterwards we take the BF home and go shoe shopping. **Rakuten is just about the greatest thig ever! We had a 15% coupon and it was buy one get one 1/2 off and DH spun the wheel and got an additional $2.00 off. But with the Rakuten I also get 15% cash back from the instore shopping. So we saved a lot of money.

Afterwards we went to Dickie BBQ place and I had brisket and pulled pork. I ordered backed beans but these were spicy and I gave them to DH. We got home and DH fell asleep only to stay awake all night to prepare for the 3rd shift this week.

Sunday I was up and did laundry, DH and the girl went shopping and picked up a pair of shoes we had to order. I made chicken marsala, roasted potatoes and green beans for dinner. It was quite tasty. DH went to bed for about five hours and he was up and left for work at 9:45 to get there by 11:00.

I slept very well after I finally got to sleep after midnight and then the puppy Rocco, jumped on the bed and landed right in the middle of my back, this woke me up for a minute.. The girl is there all week so that may help.

DH is taking the girl school supply shopping and they are going to get the Spanish food they want to eat...Alcapurrias - yucca and plaintain fritters filled with ground beef, Mofongo is green plaintains stuffed with chicken or beef, rellenos de papa is mashed potatoes stuffed with ground beef (I do not like these), pasteles again with the green plaintains filled with meat and usually steamed (i do not like these either) and then the pastelitos which are fried dough with meet inside - I can give or take this stuff, but DH and the girl like it once in while. I just told them don't buy extra.

Busy at work.

B: cold oat meal, iced vanilla latte

L: left over chicken marsala, banana

S: balanced breaks

D:...some of the above


PHOTO of the day - my office posted a - "show us your sunsets Ohio" and this was submitted. I just thought it was beautiful.


Have a great evening! IP

Progress as of today: 3.3 lbs lost so far, only 124.6 lbs to go!

legcramps on 08/12/2019:
Beautiful sunset! Sounds like it's been busy for you; your meals sound delicious and those Spanish dishes sound interesting too!

BearCountryGG on 08/12/2019:
I according to allery skin tests am seriously allergic to plantains...They look like bananas but are more like potatoes...is that correct....I really want to try them...but kind of afraid to.....I did have a banan allergy for years ( caused mouth blisters)...but I can eat them now......you have just whetted my appetitie for plantains...

innerpeace on 08/13/2019:
Yes plantains, I find them kinda bitter or some weird taste and they are starchy like potatoes.

Horn_of_plenty on 08/13/2019:
thank you for letting me know that Lion King is basically the same :)

great savings on your shoes!!!

I have had the Mofongo! it's tasty & very rich. i also do not like to have tons of this type of food!

enjoy your day, that photo could be in a calendar! great photo, indeed!

Maria7 on 08/13/2019:
Beautiful picture! Hoping you are having a good day.

Donkey on 08/13/2019:
I had meant to comment on this entry, and now I cannot remember what I wanted to say.

Your trip to the BBQ restaurant has me thinking about some of the BBQ places I should go with the Husband. There are 2 places in different towns that I've heard are just the best. The only problem is that then there's a crowd and a wait.

innerpeace - Friday Aug 09, 2019

Weight: 334.6

My body is telling me I don't get enough sleep as I start to nod off at work. I'm glad it is a slow day and not alot of people running in and out. Just that one guy who talks to hear himself talk...I sometimes wonder if anyone on the operations floor even listens to him al all.

Last night I get home and I think I'm going to fall asleep in the recliner, which is what I really want to do, but the doggos have different plans. So we walk, they play and I head back home. I didn't ask DH to take anything out of the freezer for dinner so I stare at the pantry...not one or two times, but three times. I don't see anything even remotely appealing. I go outside to the freezer and poke around. Stuff I don't want. I do see to frozen packages of premade shrimp tacos.

This sounds good to me and I have avocado that needs to be eaten. So why not...and I can even cook it frozen. This turns out so, so good. I even want to go back to the store and see if I can find it again. Oh, I just also mention these packets have been in my freezer for over a year. The expiration date was 8/31/19....so these didn't go to waste.

So along with mini naan, sour cream and avocado, this was my dinner.

PHOTO OF THE DAY.....Shrimp tacos

I was torn between watch the Browns or the Indians so I kept flipping back and forth between the two games.

Fortunately both teams won!

DH worked the day shift and he is going to get the girl and pick up dinner. He ordered from Olive Garden. He said he ordered me the Lasagna Mia with chicken. I will have to go look at this. It will be a nice treat before he goes on midnights next week. This means I will need to get some good sleep this weekend, because I don't sleep well when he is on third shift...and one of the dogs will be restless without his human. I swear this dog gets depressed when DH is not around.

B: cranberry orange scone, vanilla iced coffee

L: junior whopper, BK taco (don't waste your time - this was not good)

D: Olive Garden - lasagna Mia

Have a great weekend!



Progress as of today: 3.3 lbs lost so far, only 124.6 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/09/2019:
beautiful preparation of your shrimp tacos! looks perfect, InnerP!!

i'm quite sure the BK taco wasn't near as good as the shrimp tacos you made!!!!!!

have a nice weekend, InnerP!

Donkey on 08/10/2019:
Those tacos look delicious!!!! The photo, not the BK ones - I didn't even know BK had tacos... I think I'd rather opt for Taco Bell than a BK taco. Love those Whoppers though.

When my husband worked 2nd or 3rd shifts, I never slept as well as I did when he was on days. Try to do your best. Running on no sleep is not good.

Donkey on 08/11/2019:
PS I wanted to let you know that I mentioned your words of wisdom to my son when he called yesterday, about not stressing out too much about failing, because the military will find some way to utilize him. I think he's afraid he'll end up cleaning toilets.

innerpeace - Thursday Aug 08, 2019

Weight: 334.6

Picked up the girl and headed home. She was happy to show me her new school and show me the stadium she will be doing marching band in. She was happy, I was happy. We had a good evening. She did ask if her BF could come over on Saturday. We had shoe shopping plans, but I will move this to Sunday so she can see her friend. We may go see The Lion King or there is a Corn Festival close to us. We will have yard work to do.

We have had ants recently and fruit flies so I had the terminx man come and spray for the insects.

DH put together the baked chicken, rtiz cheddar bake. I made some brocolli and we ate dinner. She talked alot about her band and her uniform and how she needed $90 for the cleaning fee and whatever else she had to get (a tshirt to wear under the jacket and a pair of shorts for I don't know what)  and then she left about 7:45 with my $90 check.

I left my phone at work and I have to admit it was quite pleasant not always listening for bells and notifications and always picking that stupid thing up during the evening.

Because I didn't sleep well the night before I was in bed by 11:00. I don't know what happened, maybe I was rolling over or was sleeping very lightly, but I must have sensed something in the room and just opened my eyes when DH was walking in the room and he scared the crap out of me. I jumped and my heart raced like I ran a mile. He apologized and said he didn't mean to scare me. Oh but I'm glad you're awake. He was telling me he was notified that the POS child support was only increased like $56. So he was happy.

B: toast, iced vanilla latte

L: leftover chicken and brocolli

S: apple

D: I have no idea yet

Photo of the day: Hibicus - this flower is about  five feet tall and as big as a small dinner plate; it was outside my neighbor's house.

Start of the NFL season today - torn between watching the Browns or Indians.

Have a great night! IP


Progress as of today: 3.3 lbs lost so far, only 124.6 lbs to go!

legcramps on 08/08/2019:
That's a beautiful flower!

On the rare occasions that I also forget my phone either at home or at work, I also find it kind of nice (to a point, anyways). It's so easy to get lost in the world of social media and forget about reality!

BearCountryGG on 08/08/2019:
Hibiscus is my all time favorite flower....so huge and almost unreal...I had noticed a gigantic plant with at least 50 flowers on it in the inner city a few years back...and took my Mom to see them...we debated if it was even real....it was...so gorgeous....I'm sure you guys will be relieved to have your step daughter reach 18.......she is one lucky girl to have you in her life....

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/08/2019:
wow i had no idea flowers grow that big!?

yeah, high school marching band. shorts to prob wear under the uniform for ease of changing out of it in front of others?

your weekend tentative plans sound wonderful.

similar to you, i left my cell phone at home. a number of times i had an urge to check it...and it wasn't as upsetting as i thought it would be to not be with it - this is good! one of the major times i wanted to check it was to see the weather for the remaining part of the day. we have such bad reception at work that i think i don't bother checking it as much as i used to...nice to work without it for JUST ONE DAY ;)

innerpeace - Wednesday Aug 07, 2019

Weight: 334.6

So so busy at work, playing catch up for the week I was gone. And I have people that dig their heels in and refuse to do what needs to be done and they get as far away from the guidelines as they can...on purpose. I've done all I can do, my boss will have to step in if he doesn't want things turned in late. This causes me stress.

The girl is over next week and texts me - can she go to the open house for freshmen at her new high school. Absolutely, yes. She says it is next Wednesday from 3:30-5:30. I tell her I will make arrangements to leave work early and get her over there.

And then, she texts me back and says - my cousin Mattie can take me. Ok, so does your dad need to take you to your Grandma's house to meet Mattie? No Mattie is going to come and get me....uh....yeah....I don't know Mattie, and I don't feel comfortable with her in my house roaming around freely. she then texts - I won't let her in - I will just meet her outside.

So in my mind - I'm like where has Mattie been the last six years, I've lived here and why all of a sudden is she involved in the girl's life. Maybe I'm paranoid, but I don't trust her Mother or mother's family or anything to do with her mom.

And the DH said he is working midnight shift next week, so he will be home to take her. regarless of who takes her, I'm sure she will get there. She has been at band camp off and on the last month, she should know where everything is by now.

DH told me he gained 10 pounds while on vacation - well he ate everything in site. I told him in jest, oh great if you gained 10 - I probably gained 25 because...female - over 50. I didn't get on the scale yet.

B: cold oatmeal, walnuts, vanilla iced latte

L: meatloaf sandwich, apple

D: a piece of meatloaf

S: smal PB sandwich

I didn't get to bed until 1:30 last night...dogs and stuff. Feeling it this afternoon.

B: shredded mini wheats, vanilla iced latte

L: chicken salad, garlic pita crackers, apple

D: baked chicken, brocolli

And then I was dumb enought to play a stupid game on Facebook - it was OMG What was your biggest mistake in life? - DH did it and he got - You trusted the wrong person! OK I get that.....

Photo of the day - SO I decide to do it.....


Seriously...WTF!! It's not like I can just stop eating all together!!  Needless to say, I did NOT share this. what a bunch of Sh!t!!

Have a great day. IP


Progress as of today: 3.3 lbs lost so far, only 124.6 lbs to go!

Horn_of_plenty on 08/07/2019:
LOL...what!? i cannot believe you got that answer for the game! that is NUTS! do not take to heart....do not take to heart!!!

well, now that you are back to work and to routine, i am sure you'll get into the swing of things...by next week! do you feel run down after a vacation? that is how i usually feel if i'm taking a "real" vacation, active, out of state or country or just very active on it, sightseeing. i come back needing another vacation! is that how you feel? i am sorry that work is so stressful for you after a vacation - i totally understand what you mean.

Keep on. maybe ask to see a photo of mattie ? lol...i don't know.

i do know that your daughter is older, but, i hope she will get to the orientation ON TIME! maybe check to make sure this girl mattie will be ON TIME.

BearCountryGG on 08/07/2019:
Well...that game stinks!!!

innerpeace - Monday Aug 05, 2019

Weight: 334.6

Vacation is over, now back to work!

The day before we left, I was weeding the garden and got over heated. I thought I was ok. I sat down and when I got up I took a fall. I caught myself but my head hit a garden decoration and my shoulder landed on a landscaping stone, left me a nice bruise, but I al fine.

I don't think I ate too bad while on vacation - and we were active, walking and doing stuff. Nashville is great, we took our dogs and even made time to find three different dog parks for them to run and play. They both did so good in the hotel and in the car, so proud of my boys!

The girl acted moody a few times but she snapped out of it before she ruined anything. When we got there they couldn't find our hotel arrangements, I didn't get mad, just made a few phone calls and got it resolved. Also we were scheduled to ride a paddle boat down the Cumerland river, however, on this day, there were electrical issues and we didn't leave the dock. We ate lunch and watched a show, it was nice.

I'm glad to be home and am now looking forward ot my visit to Oklahoma to see my mom in two months.

B: cold oats with maple, brown sugar and walnuts

L: chicken salad, crackers

S: apple, DDP

D: meat loaf (if I make it)

Photo of the day: Cumberland river taken from the deck of the General Jackson river boat


I have reached new lows in my life and one day...I will share, these could be the turning point.

Have a great evening! IP

Progress as of today: 3.3 lbs lost so far, only 124.6 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/05/2019:

i'm sorry you accidentally hit your head and hope that you will be healing from the bruised look soon! sounds painful!

how exciting to go to NASHVILLE!? it's one of the places i've been intrigued in going to!

Your photo of the day is beautiful i love the shadow of the clouds in the water! and your vaca sounds wonderful. the best part of vacation to me, as being a fellow "desk job worker" is an oppportunity to be out and about and active also!

BearCountryGG on 08/05/2019:
Sorry for the accident....I swear...you never know exactly what you bumped until the nextday...when the bruises show up......sounds like you made the best of it all though and had a nice trip.

innerpeace - Friday Jul 26, 2019

Weight: 334.6

Dh was pretty moody the rest of the evening because of the court thing, oh well! I ask him one thing to take out some bacon. On his way to work he calls and I ask if he took out the bacon, he says NO. I was aggravated.

Anyway he stops and buys some and drops it off at my work before he goes in to his work.

I get home and start cooking the bacon...NOTE TO SELF - do NOT cook warm bacon that has been in the hot car all afternoon. It was slmy and gross and was just nasty all over the pan. But I got it cooked. It tasted all right. I ate two pieces with my two over easy eggs I made. I also made one egg each for the dogs, they just love eggs. The rest of the bacon I am going to use tomorrow to make a bacon, cheddar quiche.

I put some bacon in the Brussel Sprouts I cooked for DH. I also cooks some baby potatoes and the three pork chops that were in the refrigerator. I had to throw away a head of cauliflower and some strawberries because they were molded.

I have brocolli to cook tonight for the girl along with the cordon blue she wanted. That will be using all the perishables in my refrigerator.

A student volunteer is leaving the office today so they brought in pizza and cake. Yes I ate pizza and cake.

There is no relief in sight!

I have lots of chores to do over the weekend in prepartion for vacation. Oh and we are taking the dogs and I need to do yard work...

Photo of the Day!

the bacon and Brussel Sprouts I cooked last night

Have a great weekend! IP

Progress as of today: 3.3 lbs lost so far, only 124.6 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/26/2019:
nicely done on the brussel sprouts, it does look great!!

mold happens so fast in this weather on the veggies. sometimes to help them stay fresh longer, i wash them with water and vinegar mix before sticking them in the fridge...when things are looking like they need it.

have a nice friday and weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

trishpiglet3 on 07/27/2019:
Brussel sprouts are the awesome and yours look great. There's a thing in the UK where we're supposed to hate them or something like that... it could be because the only way we know of cooking veg is to boil it to death

Horn_of_plenty on 07/28/2019:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, INNERPEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

innerpeace - Thursday Jul 25, 2019

Weight: 334.6

I picked up the girl from her moms. Her mouth was still hurting. I went to Panera bread and got her some brocolli cheddar soup. I went to Arby's for me and DH. I had the market fresh turkey sandwich. The gril drank a orange creme shake and ate most of the curly fries. DH ate the rest.

The girl was talking about band camp, and though it may be difficult for her to do right now I believe she is enjoying it. There is a trip planned to Cedar Point (the amusement park) but she said she didn't want to go because she doesn't ride the rides. She did say she may participate in the car wash on Saturday morning, she will let me know tomorrow when I pick her up for the week.

DH had to go to his Child Support Hearing this morning. He was not happy...at all. He doesn't know if his child support will be increased or not, he said he presented all his information and the judge said she may or may not go off the recommendation that increases his current child support more than $200 per month. I didn't want it to be the full amount. So now he is going to present the ex all the bills to now pay 1/3 instead of the half she previously had to pay, but never did.....all of this wears on my last nerve and yet....he wants to have another car payment...No, no and NO!

we ate, the girl showered and then it was time for her to go home.

Photo of the day: These are the purple flowers growing outside the Arby's building in the drive through lane, I want to find out what they are and plant them at my house.

Have a great evening. IP

Progress as of today: 3.3 lbs lost so far, only 124.6 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 07/25/2019:
Interesting flowers...they hearty!

Horn_of_plenty on 07/26/2019:
you know, i think girl is smart to skip the amusement park if she doesn't like rides! what a good idea. otherwise, she'd be stuck walking around with everyone, but waiting every time they waited on line for them....lots of standing by herself. i'm personally thinking it's a good choice she's skipping that! also, i'm really glad she's doing well with the band camp. so glad! keep rooting her on, she's doing good!

also, i love those flowers too and i'm sure they'd look amazing in your yard! let us know if you find out their name.

Donkey on 07/26/2019:
Girl made a smart choice. I was a band kid, and that would have been my choice too. My stomach can't handle most rides, even the mild ones.

Those are beautiful flowers!

Donkey on 07/26/2019:
Oh my goodness, the purple flowers are blazing star liatris!!!

innerpeace on 07/26/2019:
Thank you!

innerpeace - Wednesday Jul 24, 2019

Weight: 334.6

I didn't have lunch at work, so I left to go get something and as I was turning off the access road onto the highway, DH turned onto the access road driving a brand new Nissan Rogue. He followed me to BK, which was the closest. He showed me this new car, I'm really not ready for a new car so of course I'm nonchalant about the whole thing. No I don't want to sit in it, no I don't want to drive it. I invite him to lunch and he is talking about trading off his paid off truck for this SUV. I don't want another car payment right now. Anyway he keeps calling it Rouge - like blush or the Mulan Rouge club. I kept saying it's Rogue - like a person who goes his own way or a trouble maker. My DH looks at me like I'm crazy and keeps calling it Rouge.

I order a BK Rodeo - meal - DH ordered the same thing and our bill came to $21.48. WTF. A bit more expense than I thought it should be. This was a huge burger, so we cut one in half and I ate that half and only a few of my fries. I am one of few people in the world who does not like or care for French fries.

So while he was talking about the Rouge, I finally said it is pronounced Rogue - he gets snarky and says - No it's not the salesman was call it the Rouge...well - my big butt, he is wrong. Anyway....

Don't get the BK Rodeo King...and it is ROGUE! DH sent the picture of the back end so I could compare the size to my Buick - this is before he decided to drive it to my work.

Photo of the day...Back end of the Nissa ROGUE!!

About 2:30 I eat cheezits and drink a DDP.

Once I get home, I have no energy or want to cook anything, so I hang out with my dogs. I feed them, they play.

And then my door bell rings. Rocco is an escape artist and got out of the backyard again. So I ask the little boy next door "did my dog get out again?" He says yes. As I open the door to go outside, Steve runs out too.

ANd wouldn't you know it....a lady is walking her two Schnauzer dogs and my two are running circles around her two dogs like striped apes and barking and causing all kinds of chaos. I aprologize profusely and she is snarky and says...'that's what leashes are for!"  - well I''m not walking my dogs - they got out. Anyway she is shooing and telling my dogs to get away all the while - pulling her dogs along. I ask her to please stop and I will get my dogs. I have the little boy next door and his grandpa out helping me get my dogs. Finally I walk across the street to actually get the leashes and when I open the front door, my dogs run in like nothing every happened. I apolgoized again, but I was fuming mad....and aggravated!

I go out and walk every inch of my back yard and replace a few pieces of wood planks and logs where I think Rocco is getting out and I sit out there with him from 6:00-8:30 and never once did that dog act like he wanted out of the back yard. He is an idiot!

For dinner I had ice cream and a few more cheezits. Not nutrious or healthy in anyway, but I did not want to cook. We didn't go to the store anyway because we didn't want to leave lots of food in the refrigerator while we will be gone next week.

The girl did make it to the orthodontist and she did send a picture of the new band colors, she chose purple and teal - it looks cute. I will get her tonight, but I have no idea what we are eating.

And my face is breaking out and there is a pimple right where the nose piece of my glasses sit - very painful and uncomfortable. Other than that...life is good!
I hope my DH stays away from car dealerships today.

Have a great day! IP

Progress as of today: 3.3 lbs lost so far, only 124.6 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 07/24/2019:
WEll...you made me laugh out loud...several times....You are right.......car payments are a bummer.......and you are definately right about the pronunciation..............dogs just needed to give the new neigbors the sniff test...and you have my sympathy about the pimple...UGH!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/24/2019:
FIRST, you are VERY RIGHT with your pronunciation and D is wrong :)

Next, the back end looks beautiful and new and huge! CONGRATS!

I love how your dogs have people names ;) it makes me feel like it's little boys running out of your house!

I never really tried out color bands too much. it is cute though!

also, sorry about the pimple. i get them off and on also. annoying!

innerpeace on 07/25/2019:
OH we didn't get it, he was just showing me the back end.

Donkey on 07/24/2019:
Who wants to go back to making car payments???

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/25/2019:
lol, i keep thinking of the "back end" as photos of the booty of your car hahaha

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