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innerpeace - Tuesday Jul 23, 2019

Weight: 334.6

We were going to the taco place - DH had to work late so we were running about 2.5 hours behind our dinner time. I hate eating after 7:00 but he wanted to wait.

We get to the taco place about 8:45 it was a nice place and the tacos were amazing.

I had a grilled shrimp taco with guacomole with corn salsa, a BLT taco with the most amazingly cooked chili/cuman bacon I've ever tasted and then I had a steak taco with verde sauce - that was hotter than I anticpated so DH ate my middle taco..


DH also had the grilled shrimp taco, but he had a cauliflower taco and a grilled perch taco.- which he said he probably would eat again –




The tacos were very good and full of vegetables and we will probably go back here if we're in the neighborhood.

The only thing I didn't like is we had to pay for the chips and salsa...what Mexican restuarant makes you pay for chips and salsa?

Because we ate so late I didn't go to bed until about 11:30 because I kept tasting my dinner. Despite being behind schedule, it was a nice day and I enjoyed having dinner with DH.

Was feeling pretty antsy this morning because I had a routine cleaning at the dentist, however, I was just called and they had to reschedule because the hygenist had a family emergency. Win for me! I didn't want to go to the dentist anyway. It is rescheduled for the end of August.

The girl has an orthodontist appointment this morning and we are relying on the POS mom to take her - no word yet, but the appointment is at 9:15 so either she's there or on the way.

I ordered the girl a new swim suit from Amazon - however it only came with the top part of the suit - had I known you had to order the bottoms sseparately I would have....this aggravates me and I will never order any article of clothing from Amazon AGAIN!

Work is slow today.

Photo of the day!! Have you ever seen one of these??? I think it's a food truck.....


Have a great day! IP


Progress as of today: 3.3 lbs lost so far, only 124.6 lbs to go!

Donkey on 07/23/2019:
Those tacos look like they are to die for! And I like that there's only 1 tortilla -- there's no need to double up on the tortilla.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/23/2019:
LOL, NOPE, never seen a CHICK FIL-A truck!

also, the tacos do look good and the selection sounds even better than the majority of NYC places by me! quite excellent!

i can see why you were wanting to go to this taco place :)

BearCountryGG on 07/23/2019:
All of those tacos look delicious!!! We don't have chick fil A here...I wish we did...I hear so much about it!!

innerpeace - Monday Jul 22, 2019

Weight: 334.6


Friday I didn't go to work. DH and I took the day off for our anniversary. I wanted to go to the casino - We rode the train down town and  we lost $100 in about 30 minutes. DH had fun. I was hoping we would have won a little bit of something - didn't even when a bonus game. The saving grace was they gave me a free buffet for my birthday month so we had a buffet. It was pretty good. My original plans were to go to a taco place.

I ate a 3 ounce portion of pork loin, a lice of pepperoni pizza, a spoon full of chicken pasta and I couldn't find anything else that appealed to me. I went back and got another piece of pizza with tomato and mushroom - the crush was some of the best i've ever had. I did splurge at the dessert bar - a creme puff, 2 1x1 blondie brownies and a thin slice of peanut butter pie that I just tasted because it tasted like raw cookie dough and it wasn't my favorite.

On the way home DH wanted to stop at a car dealer and text drive cars (I hate this) but I indulged this as the day couldn't be about just me. We were there four about 3.5 hours, because the sales person wouldn't let us leave. Oh so annoying!

We get home and relax because it was horrid hot the day. We watched the baseball game.

Early morning Saturday DH woke me up telling me he was hurting very badly and was concerned it might be something serious. He went back to sleep and woke me up again telling me we should go to the ER. So we got to the ER about 3:30. He was admitted and tested. The CT revealed a kidney stone. They gave him medication and pain meds through an IV. And then they checked his sugar and it was very high like 378. So the doctor kept him and gave him some insulin to get his blood sugar down. We got home about 8:00. I tried to take the prescriptions to the pharmacy but they didn't open until 9:00. So I took DH home and he went to bed. I returned to the pharmacy and got his meds.I then couldn't stay awake anymore and slept most of the morning early afternoon.

I had some french toast sticks for breakfast, ice cream for lunch. DH was feeling better and made us a frozen chicken patty for dinner and I ate that with avocado.

Sunday - DH was feeling much better but he was still incredibly worn out so he slept on and off all day. I did laundry and cleaned some stuff in the house. I had toast for breakfast, cheezits for lunch and then I experimented with a pizza for dinner.

I ground up chicken and added flour and eggs and parmasean cheese and spread it out in a circle. This was the crust. I cooked it for 10 minutes and then took it out and topped it with pizza sauce, pepporoni, onions and mushrooms and cheese. This was a pretty tasty pizza. And then I ate ice cream.

Not a very good weekend, I'm glad DH is feeling better though.

Today DH is working first shift and we are going to the taco place I wanted to go to on Friday. It is a few towns over and I'm looking forward to tacos.

Photo of the Day. was taken on the way to the train station. We drove through some construction and the construction company moved the mailboxes from the side of the road and had them all planted in 5 gallon buckets from Home Depot so they could resurface the road when the mail boxes were. I just never seen this before and I thought it was pretty cool.

Progress as of today: 3.3 lbs lost so far, only 124.6 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/22/2019:
your poem should be published, it's excellent!!!!!!!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/22/2019:
will write more later!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/22/2019:
your pizza experimenting sounds very tasty and creative. also, i agree to never seeing something like that photo you posted near me! very creative indeed! mail delivery continues on!

Donkey on 07/23/2019:
Is DH monitoring his blood sugar levels?

Loved your poem - I didn't realize that you had written it!

innerpeace on 07/23/2019:
Yes he does, the doctor thought it was elevated because of his pain and stress. It is never as high as it was in the ER that day. Thank you.

innerpeace - Thursday Jul 18, 2019

Weight: 334.6

DH made a pot roast yesterday with baby potatoes. I did steam some brocolli to go along with it. Both DH and the girl had dentists appointments - DH one cavity - the girl no cavities - proud of her especially with her braces. I was looking at a photo from a year ago and the braces are doing their job.

The gril was having issues in band camp - one of the seniors is giving her a hard time about staying in step for the marching bad. She feels she isn't getting enough direction or instruction. I told her to ask the senior to show her out of the formation. The next time she tells her she isn't doing well - to respond with -this is my third day of marching band, how can you help me be better? And put it right back on the senior. I told her not to feel bad and that I hoped this girls attitude didn't ruin her passion for music.

I also referenced the fact that she was helping the sixth and seventh graders last year because she was more experienced than they were, she had to understand that she is again at the bottom of the experience level and she shouldn't expect to know as much or be as good as the others who have been doing it for a few years. I just didn't want her to get discouraged. She said she did like it though, so there's that. The next few days are supposed to be very hot, I hope the bad director has sense enough to not make them march out in the excessive heat. I will see her again next Wednesday.

Got to bed about 11:30 - a little bit late but sooner than normal.

B: cold oatmeal, iced tea

L; chicken salad, banana, crackers

D: TBD - I'm thinking of going to Boston Market

Photo of the day - a writing prompt -

Here I stand on this heroic pedestal
Chiseled and shaped by a great sculptor’s tool.
You may think of me as just a monument of some past war, 
Commemorating a dumb battle of blood, guts and gore.
But I represent all the soldiers who didn’t return home
Who fought for our country and died all alone.
Defending the rights of everyone around,
Following orders and not backing down.
All across the continents, and even in the USA
From the beaches of Normandy to the island of Midway
From the deserts of Iraq and jungles of Vietnam
Noriega in Panama and the atrocious Sadaam!
We go when called with no questions asked
Firing up the enemies and completing all tasks
We go and we fight to preserve what’s right
And learn from our mistakes in the dawn’s early light
We grow and we learn and become better men
So these awful wars won’t happen again.
So before you and others decide to tear me down
Because something I’ve done offends you now
Instead of erasing the past, look towards your tomorrow
Be kind, be nice and do all you can to prevent new sorrow
Both men and women never to be seen again
Who may even have been your own next of kin. 
I represent all the soldiers who did not return home
Who fought for our country and died all alone!

Have a great night! IP

Progress as of today: 3.3 lbs lost so far, only 124.6 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/18/2019:
Braces are indeed a wonderful invention! :) i had them for 2 years in high school and i'm so thankful for it!

I really love the first bit of advice you gave girl...great answer in response to someone saying she isn't doing well! i had a hard time also understanding the movements in marching band!

and also the rest of the advice you gave is good. it's def hard at first to move from middle school to high school level band very different!

it's crazy hot here too..luckily we are getting showers today which is making it more bearable for people who are working outdoors!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/18/2019:
That poem is outstanding and very well written. who wrote it? very beautiful!

innerpeace on 07/22/2019:
I wrote it....

Donkey on 07/20/2019:
I too thought you gave the Girl some really good advice.

innerpeace - Wednesday Jul 17, 2019

Weight: 334.6

I got the girl...she wanted Chipolte. This is ok, but I think I'm tired of Mexican food for awhile.

It was a relaxing night, I swept and mopped the kitchen and dining room and kept my dogs company.

DH went to work early today because the frist shift guy was in a car accident - he works early tomorrow too. I told him to work Friday if he has too, that was our day off for our anniversary.

I left work, got the girl and went home, so no pictures were taken for photo of the day!

B: cold oats, walnuts, iced tea

L: chicken salad, crackers, banana

S: balanced breaks

D: pot roast with potatoes and brocoli

I like non stressful days.
Have a great night IP

Progress as of today: 3.3 lbs lost so far, only 124.6 lbs to go!

Donkey on 07/18/2019:
Sounds like a very nice, low stress day.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/18/2019:
did you go back to the previous sweetener for iced tea? i see you are drinking it again!! :)

nice job on cleaning the house and having nice doggie company.

i also like Chipotle, but just like you i like it sometimes and not all the time.

sorry DH may have to work, but that's what pays the bills, and i do know you guys will make up for him possibly working on your anniversary ! sorry though!

all your food and menu looks fantastic and you sound very happy :)

innerpeace on 07/18/2019:
Yes back to splenda.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/18/2019:
whatever makes you happy is the right answer. :D

innerpeace - Tuesday Jul 16, 2019

Weight: 334.6

I left work and had the mind to make enchiladas, we had everything...except the tortilla. I made 5. One for lunch today, DH ate two last night and has 2 for lunch today. It was rather tasty though.

I surfed around Amazon looking for a big deal to get, but didn't find anything I was looking for. The girl wanted a new bathing suit with shorts so I was looking around for that for her. Both DH and the girl have dental appointments tomorrow. So the pyscho exwife is letting the girl spend the night.

She was emotional may be her TOM but she was crying that she didn't do well at band camp and doesn't want to go back. She said she was the only freshman and she felt out of place. No, not everything is supposed to be easy, but she thinks it should be.

I have this thing from my child hood - my grandmother would make us fritos and buttermilk. It is delicious, no one I know has even heard of it, maybe it is just a thing from my family. Anyway I hate that for dinner, fritos and buttermilk and then I had a scoop of ice cream. Not very nutitious be it was very satisfying.

Didn't get to bed till 12:30 - DH didn't get hom until 3:00 something, I know this because Rocco, jumped on my head coming back to bed and scared that crap out of me.

B: boiled egg, avocado toast, iced tea

L: enchiliada, banana

S: balanced breaks

D: TBD - have to get the girl tonight.

Photo of the day: The progress elephant.

I was able to purchase my ticket to go and visit my mom in Oklahoma the 2nd week in October, this makes me happy and I can't wait to see her.

Have a great day! IP

Progress as of today: 3.3 lbs lost so far, only 124.6 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/16/2019:
ohhhh the dentist!!!! nobody likes the dentist, but, it's good to go!

dinner of fritos and buttermilk - wow, tasty!

i'm sorry for girlie, maybe explain to her that she can practice and do better. and that if she's the youngest it will only get easier and better. :) and if she wants to go to a high school with a band, then, this is like an introduction!

breakfast sounds great. where did you find your progress elephant?

I'm sure your mom will love to see you...i've been contemplating a trip for the Wintertime. we'll see if my friend really wants to go or not. I'm only going if he wants to.

innerpeace on 07/17/2019:
I got it from a WW leader years ago, I just found it in an email.

Donkey on 07/17/2019:
Um... how did you manage to stop at 1 enchilada? Hubby ate only 2??? 5 enchiladas at my dinner table would be GONE.

innerpeace on 07/17/2019:
i just took one out and put it in a container for lunch. I put two in a container for lunch for DH and he ate the other two when he got home from work. They were tasty and I could have ate more...but you know - it's all in the choices we make.

innerpeace - Monday Jul 15, 2019

Weight: 334.6

I woke up at 4:30 Saturday morning with a terrible, terrible headache. I got up and went downstairs and took some medication. I slept in the recliner until about 8:30. DH made me some fritattas for breakfast and I tried, I really tried to drink the stevia tea, but in the end I poured it down the drain.

The girl asked if her BF could come over again. We picked him up and went to Wellington to see a replication of the Veitnam War Memorial - "The Moving Wall". It is a 1/2 size replica. It was nice and so sad. I did speak to a Vietnam Vet for about 20 minutes, talking about the Army. We got back about noon. DH went to pick up steaks for dinner. I was still nausous from the migraine.

The BF's dad came to get him about 5:00. DH grilled the steaks and zucchini and I made some musrooms and baby potatoes. It was a good meal and I only ate 1/3 of my steak. We did have a little cup of ice cream on the way home.


I sat outside with DH in the morning while he drank his coffee, and the dogs played. When DH got up to get some more coffee, Rocco jumped up in his chair and is like...what's up? He is so cute!

I did the laundry, which I love so much. DH and the girl went shopping.

B: toast with nutella

L: left over steak

D: grilled chicken, corn on the cob, cup of ice cream.

THe girl left at 6:00, she was actually quite sad to be leaving - will see her again Tuesday or Wednesday depending on her psycho mom. DH and I got to bed about 10:15 this is early for us.

Up at 5:30 for work.

B: cold oat meal, walnuts, iced tea

L: chicken salad, crackers

D: chicken enchiladas

Short week at work, I leave early Thursday to get the girl from the dentist and I'm off on Friday for our 5th anniversary. DH said I can go to the casino and play the slot machines for about $40 for however long (20 minutes) that lasts. LOL.

Have a great week! Happy Monday - living the dream.


Progress as of today: 3.3 lbs lost so far, only 124.6 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 07/15/2019:
Boy...they sure do keep an eye on you!!! So CUTE!!! Happy 5th anniversary on friday!!!!!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/16/2019:
awwww, sorry you don't like the stevia taste. i liked it from the moment i tried it - i know it's very hard to retrain your body to like an acquired taste :(

one of the main reasons i like stevia is that it's like i was saying previoudly - alkaline - and healthier for the body's system because of it.

the meal you cooked above after being that wall sounds really wonderful. good mix of meat and veggies.

feel better...i hope you feel better really soon!

innerpeace - Friday Jul 12, 2019

Weight: 335.7

I must be getting really old - is it me or does every one just use the F word in everyday conversation now? For someone to continully use the f word like it's the only adjective/adverb that they ever learned drives me absolutly nuts. It's like they have no brain in their head to come up with another adequate word to get their point across. I don't use it at work or ever when dealing with a customer service person. I have used it when discussing loudly something with DH, but it isn't a habit. My newphews do this, and DH's YA does it, ad noseum, like every other word. No thank you.

DH slept all day and ask me to water the flowers, I hate this job, because the water hose is an industrial monster and is hard to get out and then put back. But I watered the flowers. As I was watering the flowers, I noticed spider webs, mulch, dead leaves and other crap on the front portch, so I start spraying off my front porch. I look up and see both of my dogs sitting on the back of the couch just watching me, at that instant I took the water hose and sprayed the window and my two dogs scattered. At the time I laughed because I thought it was funny...yeah, it was funny, but I wouldn't do it again.

So while I was out watering the grass and scaring my dogs, I forgot I had the Mexican casserole in the oven. I made it with the jiffy cornbread mix. So I get it out of the oven...and this is what the top of it looked like.

So I peeled that off, which was jiffy mix and cheese - (it tasted like a really brown cheese cracker) DH and the dogs ate the rest. But once I took the burnt part off, I added a little bit more cheese and the finiished product turned out like this.

After all that, I didn't even eat the casserole. I had a bowl of left over chicken chili.

B: shredded mini wheats, milk, iced tea (we changed from splenda to stevia) not sure yet about the stevia, maybe I just have to get used to it.

L: I'm going to get me a taco from somewhere.

D: TBD - I told the girl she could pick where we go.

THe POTUS is going to be in the area today, so yesterday on my way home there was a fleet, ok not a fleet, about six or seven of these very cool USMC Ospreys right outside my office. I snapped a picture fromt he card.

Life is good today

Have a great weekend. IP

Progress as of today: 2.2 lbs lost so far, only 125.7 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 07/12/2019:
Okay....I would definately spray the window too...just getting that out there.....they need some excitement too!!! Bummer about the casserole......glad you were able to save part of it anyway. WOW....cool pics!!! Exciting day for your area......I bet the traffic will be pretty wild!!!

Horn_of_plenty on 07/13/2019:
Could you and hubby consider asking YA not to use the F word in your house? that you don't like the word? just a thought!

great job not just throwing your cooking away but bringing it back to life! good idea and thanks for showing it in photo form with your cooking..

yeah stevia is a diff taste for sure from Splenda. I use stevia too, been using it almost since it first came out in the US in the health food stores perhaps it was around 2005!

it's def a taste to get used to. one good thing about stevia is that it's on the "alkaline" side of the acid/alkaline chart. and our bodies perfer that too splenda which i believe is on the acid side if i remember correctly.

that's awesome the fleet is coming to you! awesome awesome! i'd love to see a show in the air or the men/women with their planes!

innerpeace on 07/15/2019:
We have asked him countless times, he just doesn't care. He talks the way he wants. He tries and does good for about ten minutes but then starts it again. It's just normal for him.

My office is right next to NASA, and I had some office supplies misdelivered over there. I told the government vehicle over to NASA and we had to show our ID's and get out of the vehicle for the guard to check it for explosives - I'm like we just drove from across the street, what do you think could happen? Anyway, the guy who went with me didn't have his ID, so the guard was on the phone talking to someone about letting the my guy in. I said, He can stay here I will drive over there and get my supplies. He was on the phone and made a comment about these 'f'ing weather people' at the moment I lose all respect for him, carrying a gun or not, he had no reason to talk like that. I tell you it is just this younger generation.

No only here, but when I watch BBC America, they use it on their regular TV, like it's normal. Maybe it's just me, but I don't think I will ever get used to it.

Donkey on 07/13/2019:
Over the years, I have burnt many a dish, only to find out that if you remove the top layer, the rest of it is fine. Think marshmallow sweet potato casserole, shepherd's pie, pizza, etc.

Donkey on 07/13/2019:
Here's a piece of trivia: When the kids were little and I had a part-time job, my drive home was detoured because George W. Bush was coming through town. How cool was it to say, "I'm late because of the President!"

Donkey on 07/13/2019:
^^ I consider the above to be a celebrity semi-encounter :-)

Horn_of_plenty on 07/14/2019:
that's really funny what donkey said in her second to last comment LOL

innerpeace - Thursday Jul 11, 2019

Weight: 335.7

I left work and spent almost an hour - 58 minutes in the car driving to the girl's Mom's house. DH asked if he could pick her up earlier before he went to work and the ex said oh no, this is my time! WTF! So she's OK keeping her an extra hour until I have to drive across town in 5:00 traffic. She is a witch of the worst kind. I asked the girl if she was able to 'save the world' in that time her mother wouldn't let her leave - she said no, I didn't do anything. I was hoping she would change her wicked ways, DH would like to see her more than he does. Oh well, I hear Karma is a b1tch and I hope she get's her two fold in return.

It was after 6:00 when I got home, DH put on the chili chicken. It was very good, I just prefer my chili when it is 30 degrees outside instead of 90.

Photo of the Day:

Chicken Chili in the crock pot

After dinner, the girl does her thing and is gone by 8:00.

I cleaned up the kitchen and chased after Rocco, who excaped the back yard - couldn't see how. Then I watched Are you the one - guilty pleasure there. I couldnt get to sleep and the last time I looked at the clock it was 11:43. DH got home at 12:33, I know this because the dogs woke me up barking at the garage door. I don't remember anything after that until the alarm at 5:30. - I'm feeling it today - it is hard to stay awake.

No big plans for the weekend, there is a festival, car show, dog park, grocery shopping we can opt to do or not and always the yard work.

B: cold oatmeal, walnuts

L: PB&J, balanced breaks

S: apple

D: Mexican casserole (if Dh took the ground beef out)

I texted him to please take the ground beef out of the freezer and that I loved him very much. I didn't get a response so I was thinking he was taking a nap.

I then hear that I have a phone call over the loud speaker at work and pick up the phone. I hear - you are on speaker phone


So I'm calling to tell you I can't take the meat out of the freezer.


JoAnn, do you know what you did? 

Uh, No, I guess not.

and then I hear a chorus of - we love you too, JoAnn

and then it hits me...OMG I sent that text to my coworker who is on vacation in Florida with his wife and two daughters.

I laughed and laughed, i am so sorry, and so embarrassed. I apologized and said I wondered why I didn't get a repsonse from my husband. Now..I know.

I told him to enjoy his vacation and I apolgized again.

Words of wisdom for the day...always, always check and make sure you are texting the right person before hitting send.


Have a great day! IP

Progress as of today: 2.2 lbs lost so far, only 125.7 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/11/2019:
Karma will def get his ex. perhaps he can explain to her the traffic situation?

Crockpot chili chicken looks OUTSTANDING! YUM!

that's hilarious with why you hubby didn't respond ;) LOL hahaha

legcramps on 07/11/2019:
hahahaha! That's awesome!

innerpeace - Wednesday Jul 10, 2019

Weight: 335.7

I think our puppy Rocco is finally trained enough to leave him out of his crate. DH and I are trying it this week. He has only been left out for about 3 hours, nothing longer. We will see how he does. The only worry I have is he is the best escape artist and hopefully won't find another hole and leave the yard. I'm grateful our neighbors know where he belongs and will bring him back home.

I pulled some weeds last night, there are quite a few more than I was expecting...such is life.

I made BBQ pizza on flat bread with red onions. I love, love love this pizza.

I started watching ink master and didn't get to bed until about 11:30...I was trying to get to bed by 10:00, I guess I will work harder on this.

Tonight I get the girl - it takes me about an hour to get to her Mom's house after work - I hate this drive just for her to stay over for about 2.5 hours and then she leaves again, but she will be back Friday night.

B: frosted mini wheats, milk, iced tea - this is a good fiber - always good for regulating BM

L: left over BBQ pizza, banana, DDP

S: balanced breaks, banana

D: white chili with chicken, avocado, some cheese and sour cream and fritos - frito chili pie.

Photo of the day -

This photo was in the cloud this morning, I guess the girl made this to send to her BF. DH took this picture when the BF (Tony Bolongna - that what DH and I call him) went to see Alladdin with us. So cute...these two.

Progress as of today: 2.2 lbs lost so far, only 125.7 lbs to go!

legcramps on 07/11/2019:
What a cute photo...Tony Bologna LOL, love it.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/11/2019:
What a cute couple!!!!!!!!!!!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/11/2019:
her BF is good looking! also, pizza on a flatbread is a great idea!

innerpeace - Tuesday Jul 09, 2019

Weight: 335.7

Friday we took DH's truck to get fixed, they couldn't fix the check engine light, but did tell him why it was on and changed the oil. Then he stopped at two different places to see if they could fix it - one said no, the other Firestone said they could fix it, but it would take a few days.

So yesterday, DH dropped his truck off to the Firestone place and rented a car for a few days. The truck is going to cost about $800 to fix. We have decided this is better to pay then adding another car payment and hopefully it will last a few years longer...until we get the current car and loan paid off. I hate juggling. I think we are doing good and start saving and BAM!! Car breaks down. It is never ending and I envy the people who can afford stuff they need without stressing. I also envy the people who can take extravagant vacations two or three times a year, I'm lucky to go on a road trip. I just can't allow myself to get into deep, deep debt, was there once and refuse to get there again.

D: had the left over spaghetti - I am over the wanting spaghetti for awhile after three meals of it.

S: I found these chocolate covered frozen bananas at Aldi for 130 calories a piece. They are very tasty.

I played on my phone most of the night and watched a cooking show and Home Run Derby, just because it was here in Cleveland and that is all I did. I meant to walk, I meant to do something constructive other than what I did, but I couldn't get there. I will try again today.

This morning DH is going to get his truck, it didn't take as long to fix as first thought, and return the rental car. At work, someone showed up to repair our Radome - the dome that houses our weather radar. It was pretty cool to watch and I always forget just how big it really is, there was a man standing in the empty space, replacing it..

B: cold oatmeal with maple and brown sugar, iced tea

L: ham sandwich, banana, doritos

S: balanced breaks

D: BBQ chicken pizza on flat bread

Photo of the Day:

The raydome getting repaired with a patriotic shot of the American Flag and NASA in the background.

DH was showing me a house his neice purchased in Texas for $469,900...uh no thank you! I couldn't even imagine the mortgage payment. Then I was looking at pictures my friends post on Facebook who were sitting on a tropical beach somewhere and others on a cruise, so dispite my envious green shade today...life is good.

Have a great day! IP


Progress as of today: 2.2 lbs lost so far, only 125.7 lbs to go!

Horn_of_plenty on 07/09/2019:
How old is the truck and how many miles ? I totally get that you'd rather fix it in hopes that it will give you a little more life before you have to do monthly payments or shell out a lump sum for a new vehicle. My current vehicle (which i am luckily not needing daily since i commute to work using public transportation) is a 2009 Pontiac Vibe and just a bit of 100,000 miles. I hope it'll last 5-10 more years for me (since i'm not driving it except for mainly weekends).

On the same note, I am SURE you ARE DOING GOOD and saving...the car breaking down is not as punishment for doing good, you know :) Perhaps it just goes along with parts of the truck that have worn out or reached their max points since it was built - i am guessing. Unfortunately this is a money obstacle but i think you have made the best decision for now :)

Like you, I (usually) try to do what's best for me which is to be moderate with my cash and i think most people (especially our DD friends on here at that moment) live conservatively. The only reason i was able to go to Florida & France this year is that i didn't pay any expense at all for a room (i stayed with friends who lived in those areas on both trips). Otherwise, i don't think i could get in those travels.

But back to you, since it's not right to compare my life to yours! I think you are doing a great job being moderate and thrifty but also with living a fun, exciting life as you do! You go to concerts and do crafts and visit festivals! And i believe that making use of the activities and cultural events in your immediate area where you life is the best way to experience things when budgeting! That's certainly my plan for this summer, too. So many nice things go on here, many free - some need purchasing of tickets, but it's so nice for music and arts lovers like me and you to attend this things. After all, we spend most of our weeks at home - so we might as well figure out how to enjoy things in the area as opposed to 2-3 vacations a year that bring us out of our immediate reality.! there is some good to NOT going on 2-3 vacations a year!

I'm trying to persuade you to see it the other way, LOL! but i hope you see my points truly. One of my coworkers from Russia just went home for a 1.5 week vacation with his son and wife for his mom's 80th bday and family reunion there. He asked me if i was jealous and i said, "No, I am not." He just couldn't believe it! that i wasn't jealous or wanting to go on his trip. Because right now, for me to go on the trip - it doesn't work with my lifestlye now or my current or future goals. For me, going on a trip is a DISTRACTION from my reality. I have to plan it, research it, and my mind is distracted from my current more imporatant goals which revolve around fitness.

Also, going on a trip can be tiring. I don't have time for being extraordinarily tired. I can't afford to feel jetlagged or to get sick after a vacation when i'm back to work again and neeed to exercise. Most trips i go on, i end up getting sick and then miss even more exercise than i missed on the trip!

so, whereas my coworker thought i'd be jealous of his travels, i'm very content with my life now. and don't want to live anyone else's life beyond my own!

Perhaps there are things in your life right now, i know you can think of them, that are things you prefer to spending your money, thoughts, time on a week long vacation.

I hope you don't mind my comments, you are certainly allowed to vent and feel your own emotions and share your own personal views. I am not criticizing you. I've felt the same things as you. Only now i am beginning to see things differently. each year, i see more and more differently from how i viewed the world the year before...

Chocolate covered bananas sound awesome. there's def some health benefit in them, too! :)

Even more, you give me a good idea with the BBQ chicken on a flatbread!!!!!! I need to buy flatbreads again!

Now i have to look up what the Raydome is!

Facebook is the biggest KILLER and FAKE LIFESTYLE picture book ever. everyone posts their "best" shots for all their friends and family to see. Those same people that post their new house or cruise tropical vaca, we don't know what goes on when the camera isn't on. We don't really know their lives.

I am not close with - but i have a few facebook friends with families. A few of the mothers don't work. I could be jealous of them - except, i actually must say i prefer my life right now than that of changing baby diapers and being strapped around a baby all day long. I prefer working in NYC to being a stay at home mom and sitting home in my backyard in the summertime. :)

and, about that Texas house...haha $469,000 = cheapest homes on Long Island! LOL... I grew up there, now live in Queens (which also has it's fair share of homes with crazy prices!)....But on Long Island, average house in a decent neighborhood (not rich) is, get this: 600-700K. YUCK right!? This is a house that's not a total fixer-upper, i mean. and no, i could not ever afford that, EVER, with my paycheck or lifestyle. Same with most places in Queens (apt and homes are difficult - i am lucky with a place that has price adjustments for medium income folks).

I am not trying to upset you, but rather say that what looks great on the outside may not be when the lights are out, cameras off, and window blinds closed.

the only way to wake up in the morning is to decide what you are thankful for in your own life...and make a commitment to live your best life.

You are a wonderful person, you are a wonderful step-mom and wife :) You keep being you - you don't need to worry about anyone else's happiness except your own.

Many times in the past i have felt exactly how you feel. And i suppose the day will come when i feel that way again. But for now, i am lucky and am getting a break and rolling with it. Trying to be thankful for the good things i've been dealt and also trying to work on the things in my life i can make better.

Horn_of_plenty on 07/09/2019:
sorry i actually did keep writing about my life UGH!

innerpeace on 07/10/2019:
Thank you! Sometimes I just forget. I am really happy with my life and job and just forget and need to be jostled back into reality.

DH's truck is 2010 and has about 90K miles. Nothing has ever really be wrong with it and for that I am grateful. Just the normal upkeep of new tires and brakes. He has been driving it about 80 miles a day for the last year for his work that is further away. So hoping it will last a few more years.

Thanks again I love reading other people's points of view.

The raydome is a weird material in the dome shaped that covers our weather radar. It is nothing fancy.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/10/2019:
80 miles is soooo much everyday - i am sorry he has to do that! I hope he's slightly gotten used to that commute. I admit i wouldn't enjoy it!

Yeah, sometimes vehicles have issues around now if they are around 10 years old. except, i'd say $800 is a lot for the age and mileage on your truck. but hopefully it's a good fix.

I'm glad my point of view didn't upset or offend you!!!! :) I love to hear about your life too!

legcramps on 07/10/2019:
Oh man, vehicle repairs that come up out of the blue are horrendously life-sucking!!! BF and I take his Dad's old van on our road trips - there's lots of room for our stuff, and it's pretty good on gas. But it's old, and when we took it on a long trip last summer, it broke down on us. Twice! It ended up costing us $1,500 to repair it.

The real funny part though? We are taking it again this summer ;) WISH us luck LOL

But seriously, having to spend $$$ when you're not expecting it is so frustrating. Try to roll with the punches. Maybe you can save it in another area? I OFTEN transfer $$$ into savings as soon as I get paid, and then I try very hard to forget that it's there LOL. I'm blessed with a decent-paying job for where I live, but I still need to live as budget-friendly as possible since i'm single-income and own my own home. And debt is never fun!

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