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innerpeace - Friday Jul 08, 2016

Weight: 311.9

I'm glad it's Friday! Though this was a short week, I feel I worked the usual five days.

Dinner last night was grilled chicken and a brocolli, cauliflower, quinoa pilaf, that was tossed with some lemon vinegrette, which was very light and refreshing.

I walked the dog around the block. Usually I go in flip flops or sandals, I actually put on athletic shoes and could feel a difference in my back, so I will be wearing my athletic shoes for the walking.

No plans this weekend, just errands to run - Echeck for my car, new licence and car registration, dog nails clipped, may to a few garage sales. Thinking about a hair cut, haven't decided about that though. DH works, I will have the girl. And next week is with the girl so will be transporting her to the Y camp. At least I know she likes it.

B: toast, iced vanilla latte

S: protein sweet and salty bar

L: left over chicken on flat bread, freeze dried peas, fiber one bar

D: I have no idea - DH said we were going out!

AM working on a new plan for breakfast, looking to cut out my iced vanilla latte and free up those calories, also the protein bar.

Anyway, have a great weekend! T-15 until vacay! Really looking forward to the time away.


Progress as of today: 9.7 lbs lost so far, only 101.9 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 07/08/2016:
Good idea giving up the latte and protein bar.

thinkpositive on 07/09/2016:
Your grilled chicken dinner menu sounds good. I know what you mean about flip flops- I have been wearing mine too much & not great for my feet. Good luck on finding substitutes for your breakfast.

innerpeace - Thursday Jul 07, 2016

Weight: 311.9

Picked up DH and the girl. Didn't make it home to the raw chicken, instead we stopped by the neighborhood diner and I opted for breakfast.

2 eggs, 2 bacon and 2 pancakes. It was just what I wanted.

Tonight the chicken? I can't say depending on DH.

Had the annual well woman check today and OMG I know that lady used the biggest speculum she could find and cranked it open as wide as it would go! and she says...you might feel a little pressure! Right your little and my little are two different things! Needless to say, not a happy camper. Rescheduled the MRI because they didn't tell me I needed blood work prior, anyway, got that blood work done today for the MRI appointment after vacay!

B: toast, DDP

L: peanut butter, freeze dried peas

S: almond sweet and salty bar


Have a great night!

Progress as of today: 9.7 lbs lost so far, only 101.9 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/07/2016:
my best friend loves to order breakfast at the diner as well. I hate breakfast and usually opt for a big salad, many times with grilled shrimp!

why'd she have to use the biggest one!?

innerpeace on 07/08/2016:
she said she couldn't get a good view of my cervix with the plastic disposable one, so she used a metal one that was larger.

innerpeace - Wednesday Jul 06, 2016

Weight: 311.9

The girl has found the art of Facebook messenger ergo she IMs me most days and evenings - cute but OMG leave me alone!

Dinner was grilled pork roast, potato salad and left over baked beans.

Last night was pretty laid back, still don't like yoga. I need to be more relaxed or something. Walked the dog, back did good. Getting the girl afterwork, no plans.

B: toast, iced vanilla latte,

S: protein sweet salty bar

L. Peanut butter sandwich, freeze dried peas

D: grilled chicken of a kind - DH will cook it up.

called and made reservations at the AF Base in Oklahoma. I'm using my retiree benefits YAY, saving about $63 for a two bedroom house with fully working/stocked kitchen and laundry facilities. Saving about $50 bucks vs. hotel room. Three weeks can't come soon enough. The RNC madness has begun and I want to get out...but ALAS I must stay until it ends.

We have another week of the girl next week...good times!

Have a great night!

Progress as of today: 9.7 lbs lost so far, only 101.9 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/07/2016:
that's so nice little girl likes you so much that she messages you on FB! haha

enjoy this trip....i'm also gonna be going crazy this weekend have a friend coming so i apologize in advance for a lack of comments!

innerpeace - Tuesday Jul 05, 2016

Weight: 311.9

I got home about 2:00 Friday and did not leave my house one time until I had to go to work this morning!

I didn't want to be around people. My mind was mush. DH doesn't push me so lots of TV was watched. Drama free holiday weekend. Jumped on the Indians band wagon only to watch them lose not once but twice. I guess I won't watch them anymore.

Sleep was meh...was up usually around 1 or 2 am and didn't go back to bed until 3 or 4 am and then back up again about 8:30.

Walked my dog a few times.

Eating was a big what not to do!

Friday night - Chinese food - DH and I split sesame chicken, peanut chicken, house fried rice. It was ok, my hands were swollen on Saturday.

Saturday - cream cheese danish, turkey burger, potato salad

Sunday - cream cheese danish, baby back ribs, potato salad (2 times) - lunch & dinner

Monday - toast, iced vanilla latte, ribs & potato salad, baked beans - needless to say I'm sick of baby back ribs (I had 4-6 ribs each time)

for a community that has banned fireworks, our neighborhood fired those off all weekend long, way into the night. They were pretty, we watched a lot from our upstairs bedroom.

Trying yoga again.

Have a great night.

Progress as of today: 9.7 lbs lost so far, only 101.9 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/05/2016:
glad you were able to chill out while home this weekend...you made me laugh about how you describe your eating as everything that's what's not to do! haha

have a wonderful short week!

puddles on 07/05/2016:
Glad you got some rest. Cute comment about weekend food. Have a great evening.

innerpeace - Friday Jul 01, 2016

Weight: 311.9

Got DH and the girl, this takes over an hour, the commute is killing me!

Idle time at home was drama free, enjoyed it!

Hawaiian pizza, ate too much.

Was up with the dog about 1:30 and stayed up until 3:00 and then I go back to bed.

Was up at 5:30, got DH up who has to be at work 7:00, me anytime between 7-9, no rush! The earlier I get in the earlier I can leave! Excited about the weekend. No plans which makes it even better.

B: blueberry bagel, iced vanilla latte

S: almond sweet & salty bar

L: left over pizza, banana, fiber one key lime bar (last one of these, I do not like and it leaves a nasty taste in my mouth) - note to self

There is a pork roast thawed and ground turkey, I will decide which one to cook on the way home.

Have a great 4th of July weekend, peace to all.

Progress as of today: 9.7 lbs lost so far, only 101.9 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/01/2016:
Have a wonderful, PEACEful weekend :)

i have plans, but for Sunday it should be nice & relaxed!

puddles on 07/01/2016:
The best to you also on your weekend. Enjoy.

innerpeace - Thursday Jun 30, 2016

Weight: 311.9

i have dreams, i have plans!

Picking up DH and the girl. He already ordered pizza...Man that man of mine...he is going to be fired!

Three weeks until vacation! Can't wait!

I will be 49 in a month, I have a lot of work to do.

B: blueberry bagel, iced vanilla latte

S: fruit nut protein bar

L: 1/2 chicken salad sandwich, bbq chips, banana, fiber one key lime bar

D: pizza

Tomorrow I get to leave work early, bless the NWS  for the long weekend!

Have appointments next week.

Progress as of today: 9.7 lbs lost so far, only 101.9 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/30/2016:
yes...and bless the Union for a long weekend! thank goodness...I'm going to gym tomorrow instead of tonight...which...is a good idea :-)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/30/2016:
I would say enjoy turning 49 and don't worry about "all the work you have to do!"

puddles on 06/30/2016:
To be 49 again.. would be nice but can't complain too much. Enjoy your long weekend.

innerpeace - Wednesday Jun 29, 2016

Weight: 311.9

Crazy at work.

Last night we picked up the girl and she said her mother was going to call and tell us they had plans, because she didn't get to see her last week. Really? This lady is psycho! We asked the girl several times througout the week if she wanted to call her mother, she said NO. I was being myself and told the girl if that ever really happens to let us know that her mom is making her do it. I told her to drop a line about Steve's dog toy and we would know that her mom is making her call to tell us 'they have plans'! Like hey, "I we have plans to go somewhere so I really want to stay with my mom and oh by the way, Steve's purple ball is under the love seat"

We don't get to see her from Thursday night to Wednesday, that is almost a week and DH never tries to play games with the visitation. I can't wait until this girl gets 12, but even then I really don't think anything will change, because the girl already said she hated when her mom screams at her...oh well.

Monday - we had Burger King for dinner


B: blueberry bagel, cream cheese, iced vanilla latte

L: 1/2 roast beef sandwich, string cheese, banana, bbq chips

S: mott's gummy fruit

D: grilled chicen, brocolli, and kale salad

S: two cow tails - I don't even know how these got into my house.


B: blueberry bagel, butter, iced vanilla latte

L: 1/2 chicken salad, chips, banana

S: nature valley sweet and salty protein bar

D: Chipolte bowl

tonight DH is working late and I will pick him up at 7:30. He wanted a Chipolte bowl - I have this mastered so about 550 for my burrito bowl.

Have a great night!

Progress as of today: 9.7 lbs lost so far, only 101.9 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/30/2016:
Hey IP..you sound a tad busy over there!

If the lil girl is not with you, maybe enjoy the extra rest with your man! xoxo

innerpeace - Monday Jun 27, 2016

Weight: 311.9

I get behind, I don't do things....

The last week was an experience with the girl there, DH and I going to work. DH really needs to get his anxiety under control. He won't drive on the highway...well 96% of our commute is on the highway and I'm driving every bit of it. I spent 3 1/2 hours in the car driving on Friday. From home to camp, to Dh work, my work, Dh work, doctor office, Dh work, my work, Dh work, camp, home! I used over 1/4 tank of gas all because he gets nervous driving! I get tired, I experience road rage.

This morning, I am turning onto the on ramp for the highway and this a$$hat wants to try and pass me on the on-ramp. What the hell? So when I finally get on the interstate this yahoo speeds around me and flips me off! I'm like what the hell did I do wrong, go the speedlimit? It's not my fault you couldn't get your lazy A$$ out of bed and get to work ontime. JACKHOLE! This aggravates me and I let it mess with my whole day.

And then, the new time and attendance system sucks! Everyone is having issues with it and today is time card day...I don't need this stress! In three weeks I will be on vacation! Much needed break.

Friday, we hit the golden coral buffet. No one knew what they wanted to eat, so we go there and left each to their own thing. My down fall - the bread!

Get home do some things. go to bed about 10;30 - up with the dog about 12:30 and fall asleep in the recliner. DH woke me up when he was leaving for work. I go upstairs to bed until about 8:30, wake up with my Saturday headache (MRI next week). chill around the house until Dh gets home. We go to garage sales and mess around until time to leave for dinner.


B: toast, with peanut butter and syrup

L: skipped

D: jaegersnitzel, spaetzel and german potato salad - that wasn't what I thought it should be so DH ate. And then there was delicious bread - the bread!

Went to the Annie Jr. play. It was cute by kids, for kids!

Afterwards we stopped at Sonic and had a 1/2 price shake. Didn't get home until almost 11:00 - stayed up watching a movie and went to bed at 1:30.


Up at 7:30, do the crossword and the obligatory 2 episodes of law and order and go outside and do yard work. Weed the flowers and repot some things and of course laundry (all day)

B: blueberry bagle, cream cheese

L: left over jaegersnitzel

D: subway turkey, bacon

S: vanilla pudding, golden oreos 3

Finally finished laundry at 9:30, watched the end of white Hose Down and go to bed about 11:15 - dog slept all night and i was in a pretty good mood for a Monday...until I drove to work.

Missed the girl this morning - we will see her again tomorrow.

Have a great night!




Progress as of today: 9.7 lbs lost so far, only 101.9 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 06/27/2016:
Serenity now...Serenity now...

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/28/2016:
Hi IP. I am so sorry about DH and anxiety with driving. If he hasn't done so already, please try to have him see a psychiatrist.

I had the same exact driving problem with anxiety on highway this past fall. I was able to get thru it & get over it. I am still taking anxiety medication, but i also learned how to talk myself thru it.

He must learn to keep breathing, but not the shallow chest breaths. He needs to be able to breathe deeply, down into his stomach...he needs to realize he is in control and not the other way around.

God bless you. things will get better. DH needs help.

innerpeace - Thursday Jun 23, 2016

Weight: 311.9

picked up the girl and DH and we go home. I've had an activity planned after work this whole week, but just as I predicted the girl passed out in the back seat before we even got home! This camp life sure wears her out. Today they are going to the Great Lakes Science Center in CLE, good thing that wasn't scheduled for yesterday or else they would not have gotten down there.

Work blows again today, not much going on. It was supposed to storm, but I think it just rained a little. DH texted and told me he made a doctor's appointment tomorrow for his knee and asked if I could drive. Seriously I use more sick leave chaufferring him around than I do for actual sickness. I told him I would ask my boss...my boss, yeah sure whatever you need!

DH didn't take anything out for dinner, he said we would get subway, which is fine I guess.

B: strawberry poptart, water

S: banana

L: 1/4 left over quesadilla, freeze dried snap peas, gummy fruit

S: balance breaks, peanut butter M&Ms

D: something from subway, I'll have healthy options.

Tomorrow...International Festival

Saturday - Annie Play - German Food?

plans, decisions

Have a great night!

Progress as of today: 9.7 lbs lost so far, only 101.9 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/23/2016:
Camp in the sun and all the moving around is WAY more tiring i think than school. So much more healthy in terms of fitness and weight control lol....way more active than sitting all day at a desk. I'm glad it's wearing her out! That's a good thing. By end of summer, she'll be used to it :-)

then you'll need to keep her active during the school year!

innerpeace - Wednesday Jun 22, 2016

Weight: 311.9

Picked up DH and then went for the little girl. We made it home in record time. DH grilled steaks and I steamed some brussel sprouts, just love those. After dinner we headed off to Home Depot for a hoe! DH found a grill he wanted so we head back home to get the truck and go back to pick it up. I washed the girls Y shirt for camp and we thought we needed ice cream.

This morning getting to work was a nightmare! Everyone and their sister was tyring to get downtown for the Cavs parade. This was at 6:30. All the RTA parking lots were over flowing and side streets were being used for parking, this craziness! For once I am more than happy I don't work downtown anymore! Incredible amount of people must have called in sick or something from work.

B: strawberry poptart, ice tea

S: sweet and salty protein bar

L: 1/2 roast beef sandwich, freeze dried peas, motts gummy fruit

S: balance breaks

D: quesadilla with left over steak and chicken, avocado

Using the hoe tonight, while DH mows, may plant some flowers. Storms are coming in tonight..or so they say!

Have a great evening!

Progress as of today: 9.7 lbs lost so far, only 101.9 lbs to go!

puddles on 06/22/2016:
I love the "and we thought we needed ice cream". I also love my brussel sprouts anything cabbage I love. Have a great evening.

OhioRaven on 06/22/2016:
I think the brussel sprout is one of the best things we can put in our bodies. And Congratulations to your Cleveland sports team. At least the Cavs didn't have to move to Baltimore to win a championship.

Horn_of_plenty on 06/23/2016:
Yes, steamed brussels are so tasty when they are SOFT! There's a place by me that doesn't cook them long enough, I should buy them there still & then if I were smart, I'd roast them complete at home!

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