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innerpeace - Friday Sep 22, 2017

Weight: 306.0

So as expected, work is sucking these days and next week will even be more awful. October 1st cannot come fast enough. I was so busy today and yesterday I couldn't find time to post.

With that being said, dinner looked nasty, it tasted pretty good, but it was lacking in the looks department.

5 oz. of ribeye, mushrooms and grilled fennel, cauliflower and zucchini. Ended the day with 1480 calories.

Friday was awful at work too.

B: English muffin with peanut butter, iced vanilla latte (I only have three left) and we have to drive over 30 miles to get them, Don't think I'm up for that anytime soon. 471

L: left over steak wrap with tomato, arugula with honey lime dressing.450

S: balanced breaks 170

D: black bean veggie burger, baked beans - 420

I didn't get a picture of this. I wasn't even thinking....but everyone knows the black bean burger is nasty looking, so no loss there.

Ending the day with 1511 calories.

I have the mum festival on the calendar but right this minute I don't even want to go. I think tomorrow is just going to be a nice, relaxing, domestic kinda day. I have some errands to run and a few projects that I can keep myself busy doing.

And I might even get an exercise or two.

Have a great weekend! IP


Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 09/23/2017:
Hoping things get better for you...have a nice weekend.

Donkey on 09/23/2017:
It sucks that work sucks. I'm sorry :-(

horn_of_plenty on 09/25/2017:
Hi InnerP!

Yeah, I also don’t love the feeling of being so busy that I feel life is controlling me instead of me controlling life! I know the feeling of being too busy that you even forget to post. But do not worry, you have this, InnerP! Sometimes life is fast, and at those times when it is flying by just remember that those times are not forever…that the speed will pass…that things do settle back.

I have learned to remember that challenging time always pass, for the most part. Learn to know that even though things are really busy at the moment, things will settle. And sometimes you actually have to plan for a slow day – which is what I think I’ll do tomorrow. It looks to be beach weather tomorrow, but I am going to spend the day mostly home – doing laundry tomorrow and getting things under control tomorrow. I hope to go to gym, if my body feels up to it, but mostly spending the day with laundry / relaxing.

Can’t do any more after this trip – better to rest than to continue the pressure of doing everything. So even though tomorrow is beach weather, I’m holding back – and realizing I need mostly rest tomorrow and/or a gym day based on how my body feels. So – I know you have girlie also as a major responsibility, but try to find moments where you can care for yourself when it feels so busy.

Your dinner sounds great despite the looks, the food you made, all those veggies, sounds amazing. I ate hardly a veggie on my trip…and miss them so much. Today at lunch I have them….

Those black bean burgers are tasty and filling. Good idea pairing it with baked beans! Nice amount of protein and iron too!

oh, and the photo of your dinner actually looks GOOD to me!!!!!! Loving all those veggies!

innerpeace - Wednesday Sep 20, 2017

Weight: 306.0

Get home and the girl is there and DH is getting dinner ready. I have told him several times, to let the oil get hot, before he puts the chicken in the pan, but he does it his way. I think the chicken was more like poached and it looked sickly white and disgusting to me. I thought I had asked him to 'grill' the recipe. Meaning take it outside to the grill and fire, but he chose to do it in the pan. And then it was rubbery - and yuck the vegetables were good though.

Maple glazed chicken with brocolli and cauliflower - 345

I had a orange cranberry mini muffin for dessert. Ending the day with 1325 calories.

The gril was working on ideas for a book report she has to do, and DH is babbling and watching Youtube videos about something and they are talking over one another. I had to ask them sternly to be freaking quiet for 5 minutes. OMG they were driving me batty.

DH was listening to the president speak and the girl makes a statment, OMG I hate him. That set me off. Why, Why do you as a 12 year old hate the president? What has he done to you? Don't bring that crap that your mother spews at her house over here. Regardless of whether you like or don't like the president. We will not disrespect the person who has to look out for the well being of the entire nation, again whether or not you agree or disagree with it.  I mean if she would have spouted off some policies she didn't agree with or that she didn't want her dreamer friend deported than I would have been OK with it, but she didn't.

This is from my 20 years in the military. I may not have liked the presidents I served under, but I did my duty and rolled with it.

DH promptly fell asleep in his chair, and went to bed at the late, late hour of 5:30, leavng me with the nonstop chattering and babbling of the 12 year old working on a book report idea. I tried to throw different ideas out there, but I guess I'm not on that level, I tried and I tried to not let her drive me absolutely in sane! Finally at 8:00 her mother comes and takes her back home. I'll have to recover enough for round 2 on Thursday.

Work is at a stand still until they do the last budget sweep, that is going on right this minute. Hopefully it will be completed by tomorrow and I can go ahead and finish for the FY.

I was seriously contemplating volunteering with FEMA and be deployed for up to 45 days just to get away, but I decided I couldn't leave my dog for that long. And then I had flashbacks of the ungrateful citizens we tried to help in Lousiana during hurricane Katrina and NO, I'm not putting myself in that situation again.

And so here we are today...uh, no I didn't wake up, matter-of-fact I didn't get out of bed until 6:00 - with just barely enough time to shower.

I took my telemove call and accidentily pressed 1 -YES when asked if I had any new complications or disabilities preventing me from being active. This response warranted a call from my program coordinator, asking me what is up? What complication did I have. I told him it was an error, there is nothing wrong with me...just my discouragement. He tried to console me with how the woman's body retains water and to be patient and I didn't gain it overnight and it's not going to come off overnight. Yes, I know this...

And I was thinking the program lasted 6 weeks, thinking I am almost finished, but he informed me that it is 6 months...so, yeah, surely I can get with the program with the activity in the next 5 months. I kinda back slid today and opted to have my iced vanilla latte this morning - and it was delicious!!!

B: baked blueberry pancake, iced vanilla latte, mini orange cranberry muffin - 587 - BONK!!

L: grapes, English muffin with cauliflower, brocolli, red pepper with cheese - 375

S: balanced breaks, banana - 275 (maybe - not if I start feeling guilty)

D: is the grilled ham and cheese monte cristo with turkey bacon - putting me close to the 1800 mark - we will see!!!

Missing my family today - feeling emotional - yes...female body for sure!!

Have a great day!


Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 09/20/2017:
Lots of stress going on I see......It's hard...been there and wished that I could just melt into the floor sometimes when the house was bustling and noisy....being a wife and mom has it's perks...but there is a lot of tension too. I didn't know you were military....Thank you for what you have done for our country....it sure does seem like a very ungrateful country of late...When you mentioned your hubby didn't heat the oil first my thought was also...oh oh...he poached the chicken in oil...and then I read on and you said it too...well...at least it got cooked and you didn't have to do it....LOL

horn_of_Plenty on 09/20/2017:
Hi IP!

Your food looks GREAT!

Over here in NYC, many hate the president. So I don't mind girlie saying it but I totally get you as well!



having an iced vanilla latte is NOT a backslide at all, IP. It's totally not unreasonable to splurge. It would only be bad if you finished it...ALONG WITH FINISHING A HEAPING PLATE OF IHOP Pancakes, a MILKSHAKE, A PLATE OF HASHBROWNS...don't worry...your latte will not kill you. It's one drink :)

Cheers to 5 more months of your telemove program!

innerpeace - Tuesday Sep 19, 2017

Weight: 306.0

So while shopping over the weekend I decided to get a variety of mushrooms for my pizza that was on the menu plan for last night. Note to self: do not get oyster mushrooms ever again. I hated the texture of these and had to pick them off my pizza. At first I thought a piece of cardboard fell on my pizza but after the second time, I'm like what is this? DH said oh, it is that ugly oyster mushroom you bought. Well, Ok, I won't buy that again. It wasn't so much taste, purely a texture thing.

D: pizza on naan bread - mushrooms, onions, pizza sauce, a little bit of cheese and arugala in balsamic vinegrette - 371 calories

Pizza - before arugula

Pizza - after arugula

S: orange cranberry mini muffin - 142

Ended the night with 1322 calories

Didn't do a lot last night, very little energy. I did complete a survey for the YMCA and then complained about the rate increase and thought maybe I should go as I sat in my chair and watched TV. And then complained this morning when the scale didn't move. I'm so crazy!!

DANG IT!! I need to get up in the morning. I keep putting it off another day, I will get up tomorrow. I'll just go ahead and decide this already.

Was up this AM and took the Telemove call. Today's lesson: Food Pyramid - fruit and serving sizes. Ok I've been counting 1 serving of grapes and it should have been 2, maybe 3. my bad!!

B: baked blueberry pancake  - 241

L: left over pizza - 371

S: blueberries, yogurt, granola - 172

D: maple glazed grilled chicken and something.....

The girl is over tonight - i hope she doesn't have that stupid math homework.

Haven't heard from the YA in a week, DH says because he owes us money, I'm hoping he found a job.

Hope our HQs don't get blown away with Jose....

Everyone have a great night! IP

Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 09/19/2017:
First off....THOSE PICTURES OF FOOD!!!!! Hey.....right now I would even be happy to eat the cardboard...or even the mushroom...LOL So can you eat more fruit than you have been? Core math? UGH...I hope for alls sake that the young man found a job too...it's a reality of life...maybe he got it.

horn_of_plenty on 09/19/2017:
lol, never in my whole life have i seen those oyster mushrooms atop a pizza. hilarious. but i could see it working out and really being full of fiber lol.

horn_of_plenty on 09/19/2017:
i once bought a pint size bag of those mushrooms, microwaved them, they stunk, threw them out too lol.

innerpeace - Monday Sep 18, 2017

Weight: 306.0

And I have pictures of food....

Friday DH and I made the fennl pasta dish. It was ok. It was food. Still on the fence about this fennel. Ended the day with 1438 calories.

with the pasta

Saturday I guess I over slept, I took the Telemove call, but I cannot remember what it was about, I went back to sleep. I woke up about 8:50 and then DH gets home about 9:15.

B: malt-o-meal with brown sugar, walnuts - 271

L: ham slices, dried mango - 101

D: chicken kabob (mushroom, zucchini, red pepper, tomato), rice (there is 1/2 cup of rice under there), kale salad - 722

S: blueberries, yogurt, granola - 141

Total 1234.

The girl and I went on a walk, longer than usual. Almost 3.0 miles.

I went shopping with DH and the girl and then got mopey about how much money we actually spent. DH said it was a little higher, but not by much. I guess this is the reason I don't go.

We actually decided not to go to the apple festival, because we didn't want to see how the festival food and NOT eat it, so we just stayed home.

Sunday was up for the telemove call - it was a survey after four weeks.

Was up and did laudnry and basiclaly just relaxed the whole day. I did some meal prep for the week.

B: yogurt, granola, blackberries - 191

L: english muffin with cauliflower & brocolli, cheese, grapes, 1/2 apple - 382

D: cranberry pot roast, green beans - 420 (That is 4 ounces of roast beef - a little smaller than a deck of cards) - and it was so good. I wanted another big hunk of meat, and if there would have been left overs, I'm sure we would have eaten it, BUT I only made enough, so this wouldn't happen.

S: orange cranberry mini muffin - 142

Total for Sunday : 1135

Again, the scale is a B@tch and shows nothing of my effort. This morning, I'm like, why keep trying. This feeling! This is why people quit time and time again! the body is a wicked machine! So aggrivated right now as I'm munching on grapes, instead of a donut!

Anyway, I will persevere!

Have a great day! IP


Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 09/18/2017:
YEAH...for pictures of food!!!! And good job eating the grapes instead of the donut!

innerpeace - Friday Sep 15, 2017

Weight: 306.0

DH had dinner ready yesterday. Soy ginger salmon and brocolli. I had an extra 1/2 serving of the salmon - it was so good. Ended the day with 1403 calories.

After dinner I was trying to help the girl with her homework using Facetime and messenger, this is a new experience and just wow! I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Not sure why her mother couldn't help her, but anyway, just glad to be there for her.

DH nodded off in the chair about 6:00 and he did go upstairs and sleep, so I was there. I watched the Indians win their 22nd game in a row So exciting!  I could go to the gym and/or do something, but I didn't. I really need to work on this...exercise thing.

DH has gotton my clocks together, I may decide to put them on the wall, I still want more. I just love them.

time is so precious!


Was up for the TeleMove call - Food Pyramid - Fruits and Vegetables - 5 servings per day. Ok, well I think I just ate two servings of grapes, they were so delicious. Down another pound. Starting weight on 8/22/17 was 322.1 - today it is 310. I know this is working, it is just so hard some days!

B: baked blueberry pancake - 225

S: boiled egg - 156

L: English muffin with cauliflower, brocolli and cheese, grapes - 537

S: balanced breaks

Dinner is some fennel, cannelini bean, mushroom, ziti pasta bowl. I hope it turns out good.

Have a great weekend! Not a lot planned, there is an apple festival...maybe! Must not be tempted by the sweet stuff.


Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 09/15/2017:
LOOK at YOU...you are down 12 pounds since August 22...GREAT GOING GIRL!!!! Looks like your clock wall is going to be neat...you have a nice array there.

bearcountrygg on 09/15/2017:
Just noticed that your overall loss is 15.6...Even better yet!!!!

Horn_of_plenty on 09/17/2017:
Salmon looks so goooood indeed! Perfect size...and once again, if you were to cook that for me, i'd probably want 2 MORE servings of the broccoli in order to feel full! You can guess that yes lots of gas after that one lol...anyways, looks amazing!!!! I am going to start cooking fish after my trips, in November i'll learn. it's so much healthier than meat only.

Wow congrats on your doing so well with the Telemove and all! I know you say you need to work on your exercise - remember that most of weightloss is more what you eat and less of how you move. Movement helps but like they say "exercise cannot undo a bad diet" so be proud of yourself that you are doing the diet part now. one thing at a time as you say....you will get into the exercise. Sometimes you just need to rest. I am feeling that right now. Anxious about trip so much that it has me ready for bed so early now at night bc i am trying to make it so i have energy for the trip....if that makes any sense. it's a mental thing with me. always. i know this feeling.

Ohh have fun at the apple festival if you go! I also went to a festival and had some great food, all free, except for water! good deal!!! :P Well, actually there's a $20 entrance fee, but we had complimentary tickets haha. Cool stuff.

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend.

innerpeace - Thursday Sep 14, 2017

Weight: 306.0

Having a tough time at work - Oh how I hate end of the fiscal year! Very irritating and then getting travel for people completed by the 30th. OMG I'd hate to be traveling into the new fiscal year. I'm glad all my people so far will come and go and get back before the 30th.

Had the girl last night and helped her with homework. I hate math and negative numbers and word problems. And 38 years is a long time to try to remember that stuff. I had to google some stuff to get a refresher.

Dinner was the chicken caprese with balsamic vinegar, mozzerella cheese and tomato. I loved it. And kale salad.  I ended the day with 1463 calories. This is the most I've had in a few weeks. But it was good.

B: baked blueberry pancake - 225

S: yogurt, granola, blueberries - 141

L: English muffin with brocolli, cauliflower, red peppers and cheese, banana

S: balanced breaks - 180

D: is salmon with brocolli

a night to relax...and watch the INDIANS lets get win #22!! WIN INDIANS!!


Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 09/14/2017:
You dinners always look so good....and I love your blue plates.

legcramps on 09/14/2017:
Dinner looks delicious :)

horn_of_plenty on 09/14/2017:
This is my favorite picture yet of your food bc all I see at a first glance is veggies…a veggie Brussel sprout salad and a nice cooked tomato over the chicken caprese which looks AMAZING! Oh and I love the balsamic vinegar flavor which is also def a low calorie option nice.!!! But a strong flavor which rocks even more! You know, IP, you may need to be eating more and who knows – after a few weeks you may lose more.

If you are really eating low cal as you write – like 1500’s – that’s NOTHING! I couldn’t get by on that low calories – I’d be ravenous. So, do not worry if your cals really are what you say they are. That’s in range. Anything below 2000 is in range. As long as you are correctly reporting your cals…I usually try not to “under-report” haha….for fear that I’ll eat too much without knowing – yes I am that NUTZ – to actually fear that my own personal counts are wrong!

I just really think that with your exercise and how much you move, that maybe you might be eating too low…but then I look at the types of recipes which are intricate and think that the counts you think you have may be slightly higher…but then I look at your portions and I think your counts may just be accurate as you say bc your portions are good.

We over here, at least my dept, doesn’t need anything complete or traveling by end of fiscal year so I cannot relate but I CAN relate with needed to do things by a deadline. Work deadlines can def stress a person out so you’ll get there, I know, so realize that this period of stress will end! There’s always an end and it’s not continuous without rest – just now it is.

Wowwww…so now you also have duties as a math tutor! Oh and dinner of salmon broccoli sounds delicious ha! Very healthy. I need to try for more for health and less just about the calories. One day I’ll get into eating more fish.

innerpeace - Wednesday Sep 13, 2017

Weight: 306.0

My aggravation from work  carries over to home I think. DH and I are both irritable. I can only blame this on the eating change and sugar addiction. The pain is real y'all!

Get home and DH has dinner ready. It is a nice skillet dish with chicken, cauliflower, spinach and orzo pasta. It is ok, I of course have to add a little salt. We had about 1 1/2 servings about 352 calories. I ended the day with 1229 calories.

We had a little tiff about how much he forgets. I don't think it's normal for him to forget something I told him two days ago. 1. he doesn't listen to me at all or 2. there is something going on that I am concerned about - on set of alzheimers or dementia or something. He laughs at me. At first all he would say is I don't know - about anything. What do you think about this or how do you feel about something - there is no right or wrong answer, I was just trying to start conversation about something and he says...I don't know. What the hell is that? Is it a man thing? Finally I said, you can't say I don't know to everything. You must have an opinion about something. So now it is I don't remember or I forgot. Again, this doesn't work for me.

My best friend from highschool is a psychometrist, who gives test to neuropsychology patients to determine the extent of brain injuries. She told me this test they do is tell the paitent I'm going to give you a list of 10 words, just ordinary words now. And then she says in a few hours later they ask the patient to recall as many of the 10 words as they can. It determines short term memory or something.

Anyway I was telling my DH this and just spouted off a list of 5 words and when I ask him what were the 5 words, he says...what I wasn't even paying attention!! Seriously, that made me feel the lowest ever! How can someone just so blantenly ignore someone else like that. Or at least that is how I am feeling, maybe I am making a mountain out of a mole hill, but I do have concerns, that he continues to laugh off. Jack @SS!!

And he is sleeping in a stupid pattern and doesn't even try to fix it. He gets home about 9:30 am and sleeps from about 10:30/11:00 to 1:00 pm and then he is up again. He putters around the house and gets dinner ready (which I appreciate, but I've told him several times he can sleep and I wll cook dinner and then wake him up to eat...but I guess maybe he forgot). And then we eat and talk or do something with the girl if she is over and then he goes back to sleep until 10:30. But when he falls asleep in the chair I tell him to go to bed, he has the nerve to get mad at me. What does it matter where I sleep, he replies snarkylike!

Alas, my husband falls asleep in the chair and ignores me, why did I get married again?

So after DH falls asleep I find a recipe to try - a baked pancake. So I made them for breakfast for a few days. They turned out pretty good but stuck to the tin foil.

B: baked blueberry pancakes (blueberries were very tart) - 230 calories

S: yogurt, blueberries, granola - 141

L: left over chicken and cauliflower - 320

S: balanced breaks

D: chicken caprese - light version - will see how this turns out.

We have the girl tonight. The YA supposedly went on a job interview yesterday, hopefully that pans out in a positive manner.

Other than that...I continue to think about sweet stuff and things I haven't eaten in two weeks!

Have a great evening IP!

Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 09/13/2017:
Hubbys can be frustrating...that is or sure..yup...they don't always listen sometime they are in their own little world. I guess my question is how old is he...? Male menopause...? I can say..for the last couple of years...both hubby and I have been having some short term memory loss...if we have something cooking..we have to stay in that room...because we have both left burners on..we have both forgotten that we had something in the oven or on the burner....there is no dementia in my amily at all...and my husbands family is full of dementia..( they all assume they will get it)...yet we are both doing his stuff...we keep double checking things with each other because we have trouble remembering new things. We have a son with a permanent brain injury from a dirt bike accident...he is the same way, he leaves notes for himself and his family...if he is talking he can't hesitate for a moment or he will forget what he is saying...we are now doing that too.....it may be dementia or just age...has he had a head injury...I guess there are lots of questions...and yes...missing sugar is a thing...personally I feel that we need to be happy as well as healthy...and if sugar is causing this then maybe a little sugar is needed as a treat. I will never give sugar up totally...cut back on it, absolutely. I refuse to get fanatical about diet...food is one of lifes joys. I don't want to die unhappy ...wishing I could have dessert. 10 years ago my father was dying of multiple myeloma...he was in the hospital and refusing food....I took him in his most favorite food in the world which was Hostess snowball cakes ( chocolate cake covered with pink marshmallow and coconut)...I pulled those out and his eyes lit up...and he downed both immediately. He didn't eat anything else over the next few days other than the applesauce to help him swallow pills. I think severely strict diets make angry people and if a little sugar helps..then so be It..we aren't robots...we're people.

innerpeace on 09/14/2017:
He is 52. Well idk, if anything pertains to cars, money or music he is all ears and can quote last month's interest rates verbatim. So maybe I bore him, it just gets old whenever he says, I don't remember.

And as far as sugar goes. We are addicts. We can't just have one serving of anything. We must eat the entire cake, all the cookies, not just a scoop of ice cream, but the entire 1/2 gallon. So instead of indulging this addiction, we have chosen to keep it out of the house. We are a danger to ourselves. And WOW I can't believe I admitted that, but that's how we roll, no self control what so ever.

horn_of_plenty on 09/13/2017:
Hi IP! I commented on yesterday & today’s entry. Thank gosh for some time to relax at work and take my mind to something more fun! Lol – that would be your diary.!

I know the pain is real when making changes in habits like what you are eating. When I do not eat enough carbs, which is NOT often but used to be, I’d catch myself actually getting depressed. But this will not be the case for you as you do eat carbs always. I used to not eat them at lunch….i can’t believe I used to eat like that. Never did I have energy and instead of carbs, I’d drink caffeine. Man was it not healthy. !!! But your approach is – so keep with it. Don’t be afraid to overdo veggies – the only real problems when I do this are with digestion – a bit of bloating and gas lol but no weight gain. Although I do admit to indulging in more sugar and too many servings of chips as of late. I bought these new chips that are just like the taste of a cornbread flavor but chips made of corn. They are thick. I was liking them, but after a bag over the past few days since I bought them at lunch here at work – they are TOO SWEET! Similar serving size as an chip, but it turns out the sweet cornbread taste is just gross in the end. I may actually throw the bag out – the second bag.

The skillet dish looks good…the program sorta changed the formatting of pixels so it’s blurry to me…but it’s still colorful and so impressive how you guys are so good in the kitchen! Jealous! My tip again – you can eat as big a serving as you want, but half the pasta / orzo part and increase the veg. You can actually keep the calories the same but bigger portion by lessening the carbs and increasing the veggies (when I say carbs I mean grain / noodle not the veggies!). I tell you IP, veggies are my SAVIOR! Haha.

Is he just messing with you trying to work you up by saying he has no opinion!? Is he driving you insane an purpose lol to get you ! lol…maybe! Because the more I read it seems your hubby has a more relaxed personality than you and he sounds to simply not let you rile him. Like you ask him something to get his brain on the go, but he just lets it slide. I am not saying it’s bad or good. Seems this hubby of yours knows how to relax! I guess he’s not in love with his work schedule – but – I guess it’s not a problem if he falls asleep in the chair – maybe he’s embarrassed he keeps doing it or simply he knows he needs to fix it. Like your hubby, lately I also fall asleep quite too often on the couch.

Lol, I bought blueberries Monday and still haven’t touched them – maybe I should make sure to bring some to work tomorrow or have some tonight too! You reminded me speaking of your blueberries. Nice to try a recipe in the morning….did you cook them the same morning you ate them or the night before? I generally do not ever wake up with enough time to try recipes, but then again you are a good chef so it’d be easier for someone who’s already experienced in the kitchen to do in the morning…but still a challenge to anyone on work days!!!!!!!!!! Ok….

Did the cauliflower / chicken come out alright? I see it’s good calories! And I’d like to see a photo of the light version of chicken caprese…also…what about the “light version” makes it light? What’s the big change?

Good luck to YA at the job interview …

innerpeace on 09/14/2017:
I made the baked pancake thing the night prior. Are you kidding me? I have been having the hardest time getting up in the mornings, so much so I didn't even have time to take a shower last Friday and went to work stinky...well not literally, I did have deodorant on, just not showered.

The chicken and cauliflower thing was ok. And then the chicken caprese - it didn't have all the cheese and oil making it less calories.

horn_of_plenty on 09/13/2017:
I replied to your question on my earlier entry from yesterday...i'm not exactly sure what you meant about how my boss is acting bc i forgot what i wrote about my boss! haha.

innerpeace - Tuesday Sep 12, 2017

Weight: 306.0

Greetings to all! First thing is first...I 'm reading all the posts and entries and I'm like...I do facebook...yall can add me!! LOL JoAnn Carpenter Cabrera. If you do, you'll see DH, the girl and Steve...my beloved dog and usually pictures of our outings in more detail.

iI get home and DH has dinner made, I just love him. It was a bacon, spinach, ravioli toss. Light and tasty. He used turkey bacon and that ended up kind of soggy, but all in all it was very good. It was 350 calories, ending Monday with 1323 calories. I did walk the dog.

I must say all this spinach eating is showing up in other places. LOL

Last night I couldn't get to sleep, was weirded out after I saw a post about pictures of celebrities in their coffin. I didn't read or look at it, but just the title creeped me out, who would actually freaking write that. And, Steve didn't even stay upstairs with me. So I was alone all night.

I was up for the Telemove call of course. Today's topic Sodium. I do love my salt, I am trying to cut back on it as well as processed meat.

B: boiled egg, 1/4 avocado, 1 piece of toast - 237 calories

L: left over ravioli, dried apricots, walnuts - 387

S: balanced breaks - 180

D: supposed to be a roasted caulflower and chicken dish, will see how it turns out when I get home. Sometimes DH attempts it, sometimes he doesn't..

the YA and GF really enjoyed the baseball game, the words he used was amazing. I'm happy they had a great time...and the Cleveland Indian's 19 game winning streak....IMPRESSIVE!!

No plans tonight - I think I signed up for a Plant Based Eating class on Thursday, but I can't remember, need to check this out.

Have a great evening! IP


Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 09/12/2017:
I will be looking you up and sending a friend request as soon as I get off here....LOL about the spinach...another spinach fact...Don't eat it every day...it will cause kidney stones. But the dinner looks delish as always.

bearcountrygg on 09/12/2017:
Couldn't send a friend request...you don't have a friend button...so you can send me one (Linda Thompson Campbell) the are 2 of us on thee...I'm the one in Michigan

biscottibody59 on 09/12/2017:
Keep up the good work!

Sodium--first don't salt anything until after it's cooked and then sparingly. Your tastebuds will adjust accordingly!

I get the "cabrerarize" now--haha!

Actually in the amounts most people eat of greens of any kind, its effect on the type of kidney stones people get from them s/b negligible unless you're susceptible to them.

horn_of_plenty on 09/13/2017:
Hello IP! I’ve been meaning to write to you since yesterday and finally it’s nice & quiet and the PERFECT time !!!!!

I’ll look for you on FB for sure! I added you…I’m Jacquie Dana…Dana is my middle name. Ohhhh cool…I am excited to see all your outings in photo form!

I assume that the best way to cook the bacon is separate from the dish and add it at the end or on the side….you know, this is why when you order bacon at a restaurant, it’s always by itself??? To keep it crispy rather than soggy? This is my guess. Even turkey bacon. I think all the water from the spinach may have messed with the bacon and that’s why it turned soggy??

I like my salt too. Sometimes I feel I need it after gym days…bc when I’m at the gym, I continuously drink water throughout the workout…and it’s weights, so there’s plenty opportunity the whole time I fill up my water bottle even up to 4 full times so I do not think I need to cut back too much on salt…it certainly does make food tastier, as I have learned. I use the pink Himalayan salt…I’ve had the same bag (it’s quite heavy) of pink sea salt since I bought it – maybe a few years now! Tastes good.

The ravioli meal looks great. Yes, the spinach will be in you forever. You’ll see it at the other end, if that’s what you mean. LOL. It’s good to throw in ravioli with spinach….the solid carbs will help you digest the spinach. I would like a lot of spinach with a “topping” of ravioli! Don’t be afraid to eat more veggies…if you had quadruple the portion of spinach it wouldn’t change your calories too much but would be more filling…maybe a bit gassy too lol. Talk later!!!

I love the photos! Your food photos are always better than a restaurant. Lucky you guys. Good eats, always!

innerpeace - Monday Sep 11, 2017

Weight: 306.0

Had a good weekend...my team beating OSU helped a lot! People at work are kinda keeping to their own today...big talkers on Friday though!!

DH and I took some stuffed OU bears up to the office and I left them in my boss' office, hanging off of his O for Ohio State University wall decoration and desk, however, some coworkers said he would get a little angry so I called them back at 6:00 this morning and asked them to take them down, I didn't want to work with a grumpy boss all day.

After we decorated the office DH and I took Steve to the dog park. He really didn't enjoy it as much as I thought he should have. Every since he was attacked by the neighbor's dog, he just isn't playful and fun with other dogs as he once was, poor little guy.

We did give the Indians tickets to the YA and his GF so they are going tonight instead of DH and I. Go WINdians!!

We got home and had dinner. DH picked up a rotisserie chicken from Sam's club and we just had that. I had a fritta on the mnu, but we didn't have enough eggs - that will be made shortly.

B: toast with potato bread - 200 calories

L: blueberries, non fat yogurt, granola - 141

Early dinner - about 2:30 - rotisserie chicken and brussel sprouts

Ate again after we got back from the dog park about 6:00 - rotisserie chicken, baked beans and salad

Both meals were 530 calories - ended the day with 1246 calories.

Was up this morning for the TeleHealth call - The scale moved a little and hopefully will be where I want it to be in a few weeks.

Was really grouchy yesterday - DH and I both are - we attribute this to no eating sweets and desserts and just the change of our eating patterns. Usually we eat dessert and haven't in the last two weeks.

When YA and his GF were over on Saturday eating, I had to tell them no dessert, because I would normally have fixed something. They went to Wal-Mart and bought candy. Luckily they didn't stay around and eat it.

No sugar...so there's that!

Have a great Monday! IP

Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 09/11/2017:
We are missing the dessert here too....I feel your pain....But then again,we will all be better for it.

legcramps on 09/11/2017:
Yeah, that would make me grumpy too lol, but you are brave for sticking it out! good for you!

horn_of_plenty on 09/11/2017:
Hi again, IP! I also wrote on your previous entry so be sure to look at the other entry’s comments too!

I see you have healthy eats going on with the Brussel sprouts and chicken! You can always have a double or triple portion of brussels if you feel the need to be more full. I actually HAVE TO do this many times bc even though I eat better, I still have a tendency to overeat and want to overeat…so I continue to do so mostly with veggies along with the other food groups of course but usually the most stuffing my face has to do with veggies, thankfully.

EVERYONE at my work is now keeping to themselves, it’s so wonderful! The big,annoying talkers are not here today. One is out sick it seems and the other two are both on Maternity leave thank gosh! One had the baby already, the other is due next week. It’s so nice not hearing their voices anymore! They will both not be back I do not think until October or later for the first one…and the second one will prob not be back until JANUARY and by that time I might be GONE myself! Wahoo….but really, this is too much for me to think about now!

Sounds to me like you really know how to charm the ol’ Stevie! Pools and dog-parks….you treat him like a sweet lil’ prince! So cute…So nice of you to give YA and GF the tickets! How wonderful! I am sure they’ll have a great time.

That’s a great menu of chicken, beans and salad. Nice amount of fiber – nice and filling, good protein, and nice amount of veggies too. Awesome!

Um, why would your boss not like the bears? Really? Or are your coworkers devils telling you that?

If you keep eating right, the scale will keep moving. Calorie Deficit will equal weight loss. So keep up the great work. You are doing great, IP!

I am really weird. Instead of dessert, my dinner is usually dinner OR dessert only. I buy these really low cal ice creams, eat them as my meal…but lately, add chips afterwards, but the entire calories still add up to just a meal! Lol.

innerpeace - Saturday Sep 09, 2017

Weight: 306.0

Friday  got home and DH was making dinner. It was pretty good, but he forgot the mushrooms and the zucchini was cut way too large, but it was still tasty...after he basted it with the apricot preserves he was supposed to do while they were cooking. I appreciate the fact he cooks, but I also would like for him to follow the recipe and not cabrerarize it. Here are the pork kabobs: Still not a fan of red peppers or any of the bell family, but I ate them. Ended the day with 1332 calories. Happy about this.....but

Was up for my TeleMove call and I hate, hate weighting myself every morning and not seeing the scale move, especially when I know we are eating everything and doing the right things.

DH and I went to a few garage sales and I found this aweseome green leather backpack/purse thing for $3 -  love it! Butter soft leather...or it feels like it, not sure it's real animal or not. Then we took Steve to the swimming pool. He swam some, but there were lots of big dogs there and he gets scared especailly when they run over him in the water. We had fun.

Get home and the YA is her with his stinky GF (litteraly because she had BO and then I smelled it on my couche when they left). DH gave them all the hamburger helper and chicken helper and bought them some chicken and hamburger meat because the YA said they went to a food bank. They weren't ashamed or feeling bad. They were quite bragging about it, this made me angry. So they stayed for dinner. Saturday was skillet lasagna and it turned out spectacular!! It has turkey sausage, zucchini, spinach and egg noodles.

B: ham, cheddar, crustini - 3 pieces - 300

L: ham, cheddar crustin - 2 pieces - 200

D: skillet lasagna - 513

S: balanced breaks - 170

Total for Saturday 1103

Feeling good, but very nervous watching my ball team play football. GO Oklahoma Sooners!! Beat the dumb buckeyes of Ohio!

Have a great Sunday IP

Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 09/10/2017:
Your meals look delicious...the scales will move...maybe you are holding onto some water...but stick with it...It will work. You should be a food photographer...your pics are beautiful.

happy-1 on 09/10/2017:
Yummy food! I did the hacker's diet once... I tracked all the biometrics with an OCD-level of precision. It wasn't unusual for results to show up every couple of weeks all at once but the math always worked. Give it time. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hacker%27s_Diet

happy-1 on 09/10/2017:
And usually the missing ingredient when they didn't was always sleep, water, or joy... feeling happy and good for 8 hours a week.

horn_of_plenty on 09/11/2017:
BOth the kabobs and skillet lasagna are picture perfect! Nice job as usual!

Well Hello IP!

Why don’t you like red peppers!? They are delicious! Have you tried orange and yellow ones? Despite the upcharge for a change in color, they taste so delicious! No!? why not! Haha…!

I am happy to hear your husband is attempting. Also, it’s always nice to eat roasted veg….or veg cooked with garlic and oil if he cannot manage this one? You are the best chef, there’s nobody who can beat you…I don’t think he’ll get as good as you lol….

It can take 1-2 weeks for a real change in weight….Weight will NOT change by the day but by the week / 2 weeks should be accurate, InnerP. You sound a little anxious to get it moving, but I guess it’s deserved since you say you are doing the right things to make a change. So I do understand you wanting it to happen already. :--P Keep going, don’t give up…you may have to still make a little change here and there to get the weight loss rolling. If the scale doesn’t move in 1-2 weeks, you will need to make another small change.

What you most impressed me on this spring / summer was definitely your running. You did great and I followed up on you. Seems you had an even easier time than I first getting into it. You should be very proud of yourself as many people don’t even TRY to run. They run from running haha. ;)

Nice to hear of your green leather find as well as spending some nice outdoor time with the family while you can. It’s gotten to fall weather and staying fall weather overnight here in NYC. This year, it skipped being in the upper 70’s / low 80’s at the start of September and went directly into the low 70’s and upper 60’s….I gotta say, I love it! Very nice weather for walking outside and doing nice activities on the weekend. Better than the beach which I find EXTREMELY tiring to do very often!

That’s funny his GF is stinky. She needs to obviously wear good deodorant, not wear clothes more than 1x (aside from pants) and shower every day. You should prob talk to her about it. I don’t know what is a good approach though. I have these two really great friends who smell. I don’t think they wash their clothes often enough and they wait like a month after wearing some of the clothes before washing them. Another friend once got into a fight with them when she approached them on their odor. So, I don’t know what to do but I know it LITERALLY stinks!

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