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innerpeace - Wednesday Apr 29, 2015

Weight: 305.2

Picked up DH and was pleasantly surprised that he remembered we were going to start the couch to 5K. We didn't want to run in our neighborhood. Kids are playing all over and what more for them to look at than two rolly pollies trying to run down the street. We ended up going to a little league baseball/softball area. There was one man already there running. We get out of the car, stretch a bit and I'm thinking OK we are really going to do this. It takes me down memory lane as I remember my husband, friend at the time, running with me because I have never been a good runner. I was also considered over weight so we would run after work in the army. We did it willingly.

I started the program and we walked, I dreaded the moment the lady said start running, but we did. It was a slow trot but we ran. We ran around the park and parking lot. During one of the walking intervals, the man we saw running earlier stopped and spoke to us. He said I started running six years ago, you keep doing what you are doing and soon you will be a runner like me. Everytime just add more running, it'll eventually get easier. I was so inspired by his nice jester, it made the last two running intervals, when I thought I was going to die, much easier. It's the little things. The whole first day took 25 minutes. My DH said he will go again on Thursday. I'm really excited. My knees are a little sore and my hamstring feels tight but other than that we did it! Day #1 of couch to 5K....complete!

Once home we both made dinner. I made an awesome black bean and corn salsa to go with the yamadillos, it was wonderful. The kale salad topped it off. We even had water to drink. Here is our awesome dinner. we dined al fresco.

We managed to go to the store, I was looking for some spaghetti squash. I was also looking for some mini chips to make a peanut butter, oatmeal power ball. Once we got home we did manage to plant one flat of the pansies before it got too late. And it is April 30 and we did have frost on the ground this morning. I hope my pansies didn't get to awful cold. We will finish tonight. Three more flats are left. We can get it done.

B: toast with sweet potato butter

S: dried pineapple

L: hummus, roasted pepper, lettuce & tomato on whole grain bread, orange, carrots

S: 1/2 peanut butter sandwich

D: is a pizza with spinach and mushrooms, artichoke hearts and a kale salad

I am grateful my husband puts up with all my different scemes and experiments.

I am grateful for spring flowers, they smell so good.

I am grateful for lunch time. It means a lot to relax for the second part of the day.

No news yet on the outcome of the interview.

Enjoy your day!

Progress as of today: 7.7 lbs lost so far, only 10.2 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 04/29/2015:
Go for it! Have a lovely day.

Umpqua on 04/29/2015:
Great job to you and your husband on getting started on the running. Getting started with anything is always the hardest part and that other runner was so nice and encouraging. Your plant-based foods sound (and look) yummy and filling too.

liza36 on 04/30/2015:
I love the Couch to 5K program! I recently did a month of it before my knees started giving me real trouble and I stopped for a bit. I noticed a big difference in my endurance and energy levels during that month. Keep up the great work!!

innerpeace - Tuesday Apr 28, 2015

Weight: 305.2

Day #2 of plant based diet, I can say my body knows! - Also I have had no diet doctor pepper  in two days. This is just because we haven't been to the store to get it.

B: cheerios with chashew milk, I also drank the iced coffee with cashew milk

L: pita pocket with kale salad, hummus and roasted peppers, orange

S: carrots

D: black beans and corn salsa, yamadillas (sweet potato in flour tortilla), kale salad

Work day seemed like it lasted for twelve hours today, I'm so ready to go home.

Today is also the last day of my 30 day journal challenge which was to write about anything! this was a self imposed challenge to see if I would be able to stick to something I started. I am always giving up and stopping what I do, so I did it!! I made a point to do it every day, even on the weekends and I'm happy about finishing. It gives hope to my plant based living experiment. My DH is also supposed to start the couch to 5K with me this evening. NO Excuses, I will write about the outcome tomorrow. I think the next four days consist of rain, so I might try to plant my pansies...finally.

Steve, a side ways picture of the love of my life!!

This was the challenge I converted to journaling, I tweeked it a bit, again...glad I finished it.

Have a great evening.

I am grateful for co-workers, one gave me a plant today.

I am grateful for radio for playing traffiic reports every 30 minutes so I will know the fasted way to get home.

I am just grateful that I got another chance to live today.!


Progress as of today: 7.7 lbs lost so far, only 10.2 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 04/28/2015:
Very healthy!

biscottibody59 on 04/28/2015:
Sounds good--enjoy your week!

cybermom4 on 04/29/2015:
Thank you for posting the 30 day challenge. It is very different than what I thought. I am going to try it too.!

cybermom4 on 04/29/2015:
Can you tell me how you added the images? I can't find where to upload them in my diary?

InnerPeace on 04/29/2015:
When you are posting there is a square icon on the tool bar, it looks like a mountain and a sun, on the left side of the calendar icon. Click on that and click on the second tab (on top) browse and it will go to upload and you can choose which file to upload. I hope that helps.

OhioRaven on 04/29/2015:
Good Post today.

innerpeace - Monday Apr 27, 2015

Weight: 305.2

Very stressful day. My interview last for almost two hours and I even had to write two essays. I'm just glad it is over. Not sure of my changces. The people were nice and it would be more money and a shorter drive to work.

I was so nervouce I couldn't eat so I just had tea for breakfast.

No lunch

Day 1 of plant based living -Dinner: lentils with kale, garlic mashed potatoes and Kale salad

S: hot white tea

Day 29 of journal challenge was to submit a picture, but I have already done that so I will not post another.

I am so grateful for the oppportunity to interview for a new job.

I am grateful that I was able to be away from my regular job

Again I am grateful for my Steve, my awesome companion. I love him so much.

Progress as of today: 7.7 lbs lost so far, only 10.2 lbs to go!

cybermom4 on 04/28/2015:
Best wishes on your interview and the new job. I know it is hard to wait for the answer. You did your best - now just wait and see if it is meant to be.

What is the 'journal challenge" you mention?


InnerPeace on 04/28/2015:
It was a self imposed challenge I used a tumblr challenge and just tried to follow that. I wanted to see if I was able to stick with something for a given amount of time. I am just so tired of giving up on the things I start.

Umpqua on 04/28/2015:
I'm excited to read more about your plant-based diet, I did it for a while and it has so many benefits. I hope you get the results you want from your interview!

innerpeace - Sunday Apr 26, 2015

Weight: 305.2

Today I drove to the interview place for tomorrow, I can get there now! I don't know why I was so worried, Cleveland traffic, that's why!!

We went to the Fur Fun dog walk and it was way cold, we were so underdressed we were freezing. It was only 38 and we had shorts and t-shirts on...wrong answer!

We took Steve to the dog park and played basketball, my legs are sore now.

Went shopping and came home and started laundry, which I'm still working on!

DH mowed and watered the flowers that still need to be planted, I'm hoping by Thursday we can get them planted.

B: egg biscuit

L: peanut butter sandwich

D: lentils, salad and a chicken breast

I am thankful for the weekends, I got so energized, I am ready for tomorrow.

I am thankful for the washer  & dryer I could not imagin toting my laundry to the laundrymat eeryday.

I am thankful for Sunday morning drives, we so enjoyed ourselves this morning.

DH and I agreed to start the couch to 5K on Tuesday, I'm looking forward to it. He asked me if I thought his ex-wife would let me see the little girl if something happened to him, I told him I didn' think so, so he is on board to get back in shape!

Day 28 do you make wishes? absolutely. I wish for everything. I pray, I have all kinds of hope and faith that my whole world will work out! Hopefully my stars are aligned!

Have a great weekend!

Progress as of today: 7.7 lbs lost so far, only 10.2 lbs to go!

innerpeace - Saturday Apr 25, 2015

Weight: 308.2

Slept in until 9:30 today. It was wonderful. Hung out till Dh got hom from work and then I went in search of the perfect interview outfit, but is there one? 

DH cooked the ribs and some chicken.We went shopping last night and bought all the vegetables and plant based food. This should be interesting.

B: toast

L: hamburger (which I think made my stomach upset)

D: three ribs and iced coffee with cashew milk (which is pretty good)

I am thankful for chances.

I am thankful for my DH who cooks for me all the time, he said he will have to learn to cook all the stuff we bought last night, he is so funny.

I am thankful for having a nice warm bed to sleep in.

Tomorrow is the Fur fun  dog walk.

Day 27 of the journal challenge wright anything. Funny thing is today, I don't have anything to write about. Things are going good in my life, I do miss my mom a lot but my DH is taking care of me quite well. I am quite nervous about the interiew. We are taking a test drive in the morning, because I want to know how to get to where I need to be without being late.

Have a great weekend!

Progress as of today: 4.7 lbs lost so far, only 13.2 lbs to go!

innerpeace - Friday Apr 24, 2015

Weight: 308.2

Woke up with frost on the windoes, wow, it is so discouraging to be here. I hope it warms up next week. I still have yet to plant my pansies.

The only plans this weekend is to hit another library book sale and the dog walk Fur Fun on Sunday. I think DH is going to grill the last ribs he has. I told him after this he can eat meat once a week, we agreed on Saturday. I'm still doing research on my plant based living, looking forward to it.

I used all the milk in my iced coffee today and the milk will not be replaced. We did not replace the mayonaise either and I'm not a fan of mustard, so I've been eating my sandwiches with nothing.

B: maple brown sugar oatmeal

S: trail mix - ok only the cashews, coconut, mango and pineapple. I do not like all the raisens and dried bananas

L: trukey and swiss on whole grain and grapes

not sure about dinner, there is chicken thawed so may have general tso chicken unless DH can think of something else.

I am grateful for my boss being gone. I got a lot done at work today, because she wasn't bothering me. BUT everyone else took a two hour lunch!! Man the luck of some people.

I am grateful for short lunch breaks on friday, so I can clock out early and go home.

I am greateful for the weekend. I never realize how much until Friday afternoon. I will miss my Happiness class because of my interview Monday, but I do not appreciate my face breaking out due to the stress all ready! Good lord, I'm 47.

Day #26 things that make you feel warm and fuzzy? my puppy when he nuzzles me awake and wants to cuddle, my husband bringing me a DDP when I don't ask for it, getting a hug from DH when I pick him up from work. Spending time with DH on the weekends, I love him so much. You all have a great weekend.

So encouragement for my upcoming experiment!!

Progress as of today: 4.7 lbs lost so far, only 13.2 lbs to go!

innerpeace - Thursday Apr 23, 2015

Weight: 308.2

another cold day today, It was 34 going to work with snow flurries, I had to look at the calendar twice, Yes it is April 23rd. What is going on up here?

B: cheeries, iced coffee

S: trail mix

L: pastrami & swiss on whole grain bread, rice chips

D: settled for pizza (movie night) we watched Nightmare on Elm Street (the remake) don't recommend this unless you just have two hours of your life to waste.

I am grateful for the cold weather, it will make the warmer weather just that much nicer.

I am grateful for heaters in cars, that work when you turn them on

I am grateful that I do not have to park far away from the office building not because I'm lazy, but because I didn't have a coat on.

DH picked up the little girl, we read, did multiplication tables and watched the movied she picked . She went home about 8:00. I know the mother asked DH if he could bring her back home because she had something to do, I am thinking he said NO.

Day 25 of journaling! Wow five more days, I didn't think I could do it, I hope I can stick with it for 5 more days. I am going to miss my Happiness class on Monday because of the interview, it would be a prime job. I would love to work for the government again, the government counts my military time, Ohio state job does not. WIth all my military time I will earn lots more vacation and I love my vacation.

I hope you all have a great evening!

I left the fit bit on the charger, so none of my steps were counted today!

Progress as of today: 4.7 lbs lost so far, only 13.2 lbs to go!

innerpeace - Wednesday Apr 22, 2015

Weight: 308.2

Got home and starting making the pork friend rice from left over pork. It had scrambled eggs, bean sprouts, water chestnuts and green onion. It was pretty tasty. The little girl took the left overs to her mom's house. She is trying to get sick, I hope it doesn't get worse. It is cold here, I don't think it made it over 42, and they are predicting rain/snow mix. What it is almost the end of April, I don't want to hear that crap! I truly dislike NE Ohio!

Work people brought me a plant today for Administrative Professionals day! Wasn't expecting it. My boss and I had an agreement we wouldn't buy each other gifts, I guess these other people didn't hear about that!

B; two peices of whole grain toast

S: tropical trail mix

L: turkey pastrami on whole grain, colby jack chese and mustard, rice chips

no snack today in my lunch

D: I don't know. DH has a dental appointment and he didn't take any thing out to thaw, he said it was no meat day! uh, we had meat on our sandwiches baby!

I am grateful to be appreciated.

I am grateful that I have heat in my house for chilly mornings in April.

I am grateful for the radio, that I can listen to all day!

Day 24 of journal challenge; What are some things you think about all the time: Weight, weather, dog Steve, Mom back home, next meal prep and my alone time.

Have a warm night!


Progress as of today: 4.7 lbs lost so far, only 13.2 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 04/22/2015:
Southwest Ohi-ya ain't much better. Cold and Windy.

innerpeace - Tuesday Apr 21, 2015

Weight: 308.2

DH went to Sam's club and stocked me up on fruits and vegetables. Love that man! I have been doing a lot of reading on the plant based diet. I didn't want to wait until all the meat is used up so I told DH we were going to start and he could eat meat once a week until it was gone. I will see how that goes. I have been looking for recipes for lunch and dinner.

D: pork chops, corn and salad

B: twp pieces of whole grain bread with sweet potato butter, iced coffee

L: turkey pastrami, swiss cheese, rice chips

S: tropical trail mix (pineapples, mangos, coconut, almonds)

I threw a mushy pear in the garbage.

D: pork fried rice

The little girl is going to go to Time for Tails and read to the dog for 15 minutes, she is excited. Though we have a dog at home, he won't sit still long enough to let her read to him.

I am grateful for learning new things, a student tried getting out of a door that read alarm will sound (I guess he thought the sign didn't pertain to him) so he opened the door and sure enough the arlarm starting buzzing. He walked by and said...hey sorry! I called the access & security people who directed me to the police. The police called and said they couldn't find the alarming door. I said it is right here by my office. I told the girl at the front desk to look for the police and she told me...oh you can turn that off with your Z key! What? I didn't know that. I LOVE learning new things!!

I am grateful for the snooze button!! I'm just not ready to get up for the third time! I have read that if you get up the first time, you will feel more rested the entire day, I have yet to test that out!

I am grateful for opportunities! I got a call back from the job application I put in. I was invited in for an interview, wondering if I should tell my boss?

Challenge day #23 Today I am to right a letter to anyone!! Dear Jo Ann, keep trying, you'll make it one day! Love you!


Hope you all have a great evening!

Progress as of today: 4.7 lbs lost so far, only 13.2 lbs to go!

thinnside40 on 04/21/2015:
Sounds a good plan... Best wishes!

innerpeace - Monday Apr 20, 2015

Weight: 308.2

Happiness class today!! Still with the three gratefuls...she told us to go to a website meditationoasis.com and do one of the podcasts meditation series.

1. I guess I'm grateful for this class, I'm grateful that Monday at work is almost over and I'm grateful that the radio station played Imagine Dragons, I bet my life, before I left today.

Challenge day 22 what are you wearing? Crazy, my stretchy denim pants and my standard black shirt, anything to make the boobs look smaller!

B: whole grain toast with sweet potato butter

L: small salad with FF Italian dressing

S: 1/2 peanut butter sandwich

D: some kind of pork

I called and made an appointment for DH to go to the oral surgeon, there is no immediate appointments around here. He has to wait until the first of May to get in. I called three different places and they were all making appointments for May.

I still can't get used to how many people (3 times as many) there are in this state compared to my Oklahoma. So many freaking peple! so many freaking cars! so much freaking traffic!

here is a picture from our tea tasting yesterday! Love these two....


have a great night!

Progress as of today: 4.7 lbs lost so far, only 13.2 lbs to go!

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