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innerpeace - Wednesday Apr 27, 2016

Weight: 311.9

So repairman arrived at 3:00 and was still at the house with my refrigerator torn apart at 4:20. Not knowing how much longer he would be DH went to Jimmy Johns for sandwiches. Not what we planned but what can you do when there's a repairman in the kitchen? So we will have the cauliflower to tonight and DH took chicken out.

I did end up going to Sears and spent way too much money, but I only do this twice a year and I told myself it was a mother's day present. Came away with six tops, two shorts and two capri pants, everything I bought was on sale.

Leaving work to take the little girl to the allergist. I hope they can help her.

B: toast, iced vanilla latte

S: granola bar

L: chicken salad

S: two plums

DH did not put cracker sin my lunch today. Can't say why. This is the third day without diet dr. pepper. I am doing OK. I have been drinking Bai, tea and water..

There is an activity scheduled but depending on the allergy appointment whether we go or not.

Progress as of today: 9.7 lbs lost so far, only 101.9 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 04/28/2016:
It is always nice to purchase a few new outfits for the new season! I really liked going to Old Navy last fall because the style was (and still is) those bigger, longer, flowy tops that don't stick to your torso. they are more comfortable and loose shirts, that are easy to wear and look good in!

Bai has a lot of caffeine, so it should be an easy switch from it to Dr. Pepper. Actually, Bai may have more caffeine than dr. pepper!

your food looks good - when you go to the supermarket, try to choose a granola bar with some protein (try for at least 10g or at least 6-7g if you can't find any "protein granola bars" in the snack section) in it. the ones with protein will keep you satisfied a hair longer.

keep us posted on how the allergist goes and good luck :)

puddles on 04/28/2016:
Always nice to find things on sale and end up getting more then you expected. Have a great day.

happy-1 on 04/28/2016:
Tons of coupon codes for old navy if you search them!

innerpeace - Tuesday Apr 26, 2016

Weight: 311.9

Got home thirty minutes earlier without having to get DH. I drove myself again today because DH stayed home waiting for the freezer repairman who was supposed to be at the house between 8-noon. However after noon came and went DH called the warranty place and the stupid lady said she cancelled our apointment. What the hell? So DH said they scrambled around until they could find someone to send out TODAY!

This is the third appointment we have had, last summer it was putting out a horrid gaslike/chemical smell and we called - but the smell went away and we never could tell where it was coming from. Then later it started leaking from the bottom, we couldn't find out where it was leaking and after cleaning out the freezer and the refrigerator all of a sudden it stopped - not after of course it leaked so much it warped the laminate under it....but again it hasn't leaked since so who knows....and now this - the freezer is not freezing properly. The meat we purchased on Sunday was not yet frozen last night and DH bought a Klondike bar and that was soft and mushy so will see if this man fixes anything! Or we buy a new refrigerator!

I steamed my brussel sprouts, they were so delicious! DH grilled chicken and it was a nice easy dinner...no pasta, bread, potatoes or anything of that nature! Total calories - 1382. I took Steve for a walk and talked to some new neighbors from Florida...I didn't even ask! But was told the wife wanted seasons, not just grean all the time! Oh trust me, you'll get all the seasons you want here!

In Oklahoma the school district closed school because there is a treat for tornados later today! I'm kinda baffled at this. They said they are taking precautions which is great...but would they take these same precautions if they used all the extra days up for snow and ice? I think not! And the entire day? WOW, storms aren't expected until after 3:00 pm. Any reason not to be in school these days- this is a sore subject with me! The little girl is out it seems every other Friday for teacher conference or professional days and I wonder why she has so much trouble...anyway I'll leave this right here!.

B: toast, iced vanilla latte - (the last of the ice - because the ice maker isn't working either for some crazy reason) UGH!

S: granola bar

L: chicken salad, triscuits

S: two plums

Have no idea whats for dinner - but my vegetable is cauliflower!

I wanted to go to Sears and look at a few tops for work, DH said depending on his knee he will stay home...this is OK he always makes me feel bad spending on money on clothes I don't really need, but a girl must feel comfortable at work!

I drive myself again tomorrow because I guess the little girl's mother did not want to take her to her allergy appointment, so I will. I guess she thinks because I made the appointment i should take her...but if you were the mom, wouldn't you want to know? Sometimes I think I am overstepping my boundaries. I want to know why this little girl breaks out all over after a day outside? I'm going to find out!


Have a great night!


Progress as of today: 9.7 lbs lost so far, only 101.9 lbs to go!

happy-1 on 04/26/2016:
Have you ever done a clothing swap? You get a bunch of women in the same size range together and everyone brings a bag of clothes and hopefully a portable clothing rack. You then swap them around and everyone leaves with new stuff. Leftovers go to charity.

innerpeace on 04/27/2016:
Sounds like something I would love to do, however, I know no one here yet...to put this together.

happy-1 on 04/26/2016:
Also, zulily carries similar brands at lower prices

Horn_Of_Plenty on 04/27/2016:
Love Brussels and cauliflower! you are eating really well! nice calories overall! Great job to you! and happy to hear you were home a lil bit early! how nice!

I hope all works out with the delivery / fridge! Sounds like they aren't reliable whatsoever!

innerpeace - Monday Apr 25, 2016

Weight: 311.9

So I will say there is something seriously wrong with my alone Saturday - the Saturday I do not have the little girl and DH is at work. I was up at 8:30 but OMG this is the second Saturday I have woken up with a migraine! What on earth? I took maxalt and went back to bed to wake up about 11:00. Then was still nauseaus until about 2:30, when I finally took a shower. What a waste of the day.

We had tickets to a musical, DH asked if I still wanted to go. I told him I would know at a later time than at noon when he texted. DH got home about 4:30, showered and then sat as I determined if it would be ok to go. We left and went to dinner at Red Lobster. I ate grilled shrimp, baked potato, salad and only had one cheddar bay biscuit. We did go to the play, but left e at intermission. One because it was long as hell, two it was kinda depressing and three the seats in the old theater were not comfortable at all! I think we talked ourselves out of leaving.

Sunday was up early enough and stared laundry. Helped DH get some yard work done, took the car to get the oil changed and went with DH shopping. WE shopped so much I had over 7500 steps on my fitbit...just shopping! We did not buy pop - going to see if carmel coloring has anything to do with my face break outs. Having issues with my face again and my doctor's appointment is not until May 9th to get a prescription refill. I had blood work done this morning.

B: toast, vanilla iced latte

L: slice of pizza from Sams

D: burgers grilled at home

I did not add up calories this weekend - which is not a good thing.

Our frezer is not freezing and if the warranty man cannot fix it tomorrow we will have to get a new one! Damnit just when you start saving money for something else, another thing breaks! It couldn't have went out last week before we bought the riding mower! But then we have lots of frozen stuff in the freezer that will cost hundreds of dollars to replace if we lose it all. Sometime life...I wonder!

DH is still having knee pain, he has an appointment for another MRI to see if they missed something.

B; bacon, scrambled egg biscuit, iced vanilla latte

L: chicken salad sandwich, tangerine

S: granola bar, bai water

D: idk but I have brussel sprouts as a vegetable.

Have a great night! IP

Progress as of today: 9.7 lbs lost so far, only 101.9 lbs to go!

puddles on 04/25/2016:
That is unusual that saturday is migraine day. Dinner sounded good. Have a great Day.

happy-1 on 04/25/2016:
If you are worried about losing what is in the freezer, you can use your oven on the low setting to dehydrate almost anything. Not as delicious but still good eats and you can defer the freezer purchase till you have more cash. If you don't want to spend up front, you can rent one for a couple of months in the meantime.

Or DIY the freezer repair!

innerpeace on 04/26/2016:
Thanks...think the repair man is out now!

happy-1 on 04/25/2016:
Oh if you dehydrate meat, the important step is to cook it to at least 165F to kill bacteria before you lower the heat setting to dry it out... so do the meat strips first, then the fruits and veggies all on the same 140 temp. Use a couple of oven gages in diff spots if you or your friends have them because older ovens don't always heat uniformly.

innerpeace on 04/26/2016:
Thanks...we do have a dehydrater. didn't even think about using it, I guess now i will.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 04/26/2016:
Sometimes we put SO MUCH PRESSURE on ourselves after busy days or weeks and we just want to relax, but when relaxing comes, we can't...maybe that's how you felt? Sometimes it's hard to even relax if the body is so used to running.

Maybe try to take a few breaths and calm your body and mind when you feel a migraine?

I hope you feel better now, IP :)

innerpeace - Friday Apr 22, 2016

Weight: 311.9

It was raining when I left work. Picked up DH, picked up the little girl and go her to the dentist. It is no surprise she doesn't brush well. She didn't have cavities, but gengivitis. She brushes pretty good at my house, but again I can't control what she does at her mothers. A few times last year, DH had to give her tooth paste to take home because she said they hid it from her. Whatever, but who knows.

We had subway for dinner with high hopes of the woodcock hike, but I was not hiking in the rain. That is just miserable. We stayed in and read, the little girl took a shower and then DH took her home.

So the weekend is here, so excited to just not have to answer to anyone. There is a book sale tomorrow I may go checkout. We have tickets to see a musical called Blooms of Steel and Sunday, is well Sunday. ended the night with 1752.

Oh for the last two nights, I have bene up with my dog between 12:00 am - 1:00am and I find myself being hungry and have opted to eat bread! I will nip this in the bud tonight....if I get work up.

B: toast, iced vanilla latte

S: yogurt protein bar

L: 1/2 turkey swiss sandwich, fart bar - this is all ---we need to grocery shop - but Just FYI - fiber one bars take 1 hour and 15 minutes before my body insists on making farting noises....BEWARE!!! I will not eat these anymore

no snack - Chipolte for dinner.

Have a great evening!

Progress as of today: 9.7 lbs lost so far, only 101.9 lbs to go!

puddles on 04/22/2016:
Its a good thing the little girl has some good example at least on one side of the family. I am sure that in the long run she will maintain all the good that you are teaching her. Have a great evening.

grannyannie on 04/22/2016:
Sounds like you two need custody of the little girl. Have a great weekend.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 04/23/2016:
I agree with Annie, above. would you ever consider it?

Then, you wouldn't have to only be responsible for all the appts, but her for general well-being - more day to day stuff of her being in your home.

You think you'd like custody of lil girl? you'd prob help her so much. you can all learn to eat healthier together...

or is it too much for everyday? or most days? she deserves you.

innerpeace - Thursday Apr 21, 2016

Weight: 311.9

DH grilled the chicken, it was delish. We also had some baked beans and they were even better. Ended the day with 1582 calories.

Then we went to Home Depot to get a riding mower. I took Steve and walked all around the store while DH was with the salesmen. Finally after about an hour they loaded up the thing and we went home. I helped DH unload the mower and he played around with it and smashed it into the back of his truck...twice trying to find reverse. It was funny. He had both the front and the back mowed in record time - thank goodness, I don't think my arms could have stood another round with the broken mower.

Tonight the little girl has a dental appointment and we have a hike scheduled. DH says we are going rain or shine, but I am not walking in the rain. We decided on Subway for dinner.

B: toast, vanilla iced latte

S: yogurt protein bar

L: 1/2 grilled chicken sandwich, tangerines

S: trail mix

Have a great evening!

Dearly Beloved we are gathered here today to get through this thing called...life! PRINCE RIP

Progress as of today: 9.7 lbs lost so far, only 101.9 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 04/21/2016:
Prince RIP! and also...CHINA RIP! the female wrestler! I'm not sure why she passed! Only at 45 :(

It's good to hear someone is caring for the lil girl! OMG. How lazy is her other side of the family!? Why oh why did they have a child that they can't care for like at all!? horrible!

Good for the dentist. We all must do this growing up or our teeth look like hel* before we even reach 21yrs old.

I hope you go walking & have fun at subway! You can always get a salad, or scoop out the extra bread and ask for double meat as well as tons of veggies. When I go, I usually get pretty much every veggie! fun...it's just very salty. I'd probably order diet coke to sip on after to satisfy my sweet tooth for no calories.

innerpeace - Wednesday Apr 20, 2016

Weight: 311.9

We picked up the little girl. I've said before I think she plays both sides of the fence. She gets in the car and tells DH that Marty (her stepdad) said he would have to bring her back home. Of course DH gets on the defensive in a split second and replies I don't have to do anything but die and be Puerto Rican. I ask her how her fungi was doing. She replies that her mom just said it was a bunch of bumps. Oh ok whatever! But somehow the ringworm cream just miraculously made it look ten times better already. Then she proceeds to tell me the bumps on her arms and hands are back. This is the reason I wanted her to see the allergist. So I just say, well if they are just bumps, then do what your mom says, but on the other hand if you want to find out why you get the bumps, then go to the allergist. She said she wanted to go...we wll see. Her appointment is next week.

DH opted not to cook the chicken and instead wanted to eat at our little family diner. I had mash potatoes, meatloaf and a salad. While i was there I noticed a man walk in who attends the weight watcher meeting I used to go to. He looks fabulous and said he has lost over 200 pounds. It has taken a while but wow!

I ended the day with 1682 calories.

DH receieved a text from his ex saying should would come and get the little girl, she said that her husband was just being mean. Why? they are so childish and immature over there. This disgusts me.

We read, did some homework and then it was time for the little girl to get back to her zoo.

B: toast, iced vanilla latte

S: protein yogurt bar

L. half turkey swiss sandwich, tangerines

S: fiber one bar - messing with my stomach already

D: Maybe chicken tonight.

DH has already said he wants to go check on a riding lawn mower so this chicken may have to wait another night.

One thing that takes my mind of my hurting back....shoes! Shoes that hurt your feet take your mind off anything, except your feet. I don't recommend this.

Have a great night!

Progress as of today: 9.7 lbs lost so far, only 101.9 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 04/20/2016:
Good calories. Agree about the shoes! Gotta have comfortable ones - nothing worse except hurting feet AND hurting back - LOL!oc

happy-1 on 04/22/2016:
Have you tried Aerosoles? The heelcup ones are better than being barefoot.

innerpeace - Tuesday Apr 19, 2016

Weight: 311.9

Monday was a beautiful day and of course it is a work day. Dh made turkey burgers. They were filling, Ended the day with 1886 calories a little more than I like but still Ok. I did take Steve the dog for a longer walk than usual...he was panting and my back was knotted up so we headed back home.

Tuesday, IMHO is the worst day of the week...because I swear it lasts for 40 hours and 30 of those hours are spent at work. I'm thinking it should be 2:00 pm or after and I look at the clock and it reads 12:25 WTH? I've talked to two different people on the phone in two different places and OMG they seem onery and freaking combative on the phone, seriously, I just wanted to order something! They must think Tuesday sucks too!

I had my mid-term review yesterday and was pleasantly surprised, but just for the record, if you are a supervisor, do not ever start the session with, "so how do you think you're doing?" because if you don't agree what a downer it would be. I should of said, well I'm the finest thing since sliced bread, but I didn't. I just told him I thought i was doing OK, I was picking up things quickly and I did the best I could do. He told me I was doing great and all the staff had great things to say, so I feel lots better now.

Tonight is a little girl night, I think we are going on a vegetable run...I think I'm craving them. I wanted some brocolli the other night and what I had in the refrigerator was all wilted and slimey! I hate when I let vegetables go bad, but now I want them.

B: toast, vanilla iced latte

S: protein bar

L: 1/2 turkey sandiwh with swiss, gold fish (100 calor pack)

S: some nature valley simple bar - 180 calories

D: DH took chicken out, I'm hoping he is grilling it and I want some baked beans

I'm dumping some black beans in the crock pot tonight.

Have a great night! IP

Progress as of today: 9.7 lbs lost so far, only 101.9 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 04/19/2016:
Hi IP! Turkey Burgers sound delicious right now! Lately, I’m craving meat constantly. I wasn’t eating a lot of meat for the past month at meals anyways (lots of bacon jerky for snacks though!) and now it seems I constantly am craving meat & a vegetarian or even egg substitute or even shrimp or some other non-fatty meat just doesn’t do it for me! I did buy a whole chicken so instead of limiting myself, I think I’ll just indulge a little more with it? I just realized that I took this month off gym to be good to myself…and all the weightloss articles always suggest that if you want to indulge, try to do it within reason – BUT DO IT! SO, YEAH. I’m trying to let myself indulge lately. I guess that relates to what you said above. You eat more calories than you would like but still ok.

I did have a SLOW Tuesday morning! I looked at the clock a thousand times and felt like I’d never last until lunch, which we all know is a mindset only – and that we CAN last till lunch as the human body can do amazing things right!? Now, it’s 3:48 and in less than 45min I’ll be walking out of work.

Congrats on your excellent midterm review. I do agree with you. Always if people ask you how you think you are doing, add a feather to your cap. It’s good to act positive because that’s what others around you are going to perceive. Especially in the work environment I’ve seen this. It’s an act. People believe you are capable if you act it. I believe this honestly so.

Veggies get thrown out all the time from my fridge too. You remind me to eat my nice, crisp yellow pepper when I get home ! I’ll eat it just as a filler like a “snack” before my dinner. I hardly can count many calories for a yellow pepper, like 30 or so LOL. just water and tasty goodness! Can’t let it spoil and have to throw that sucker away!

The simple bar sounds good. Is it the protein type? I know those. And your beans idea sounds great. That would be really satisfying to have lots of beans with veggies for dinner. Maybe throw in a hair of rice with the beans (but less rice, more beans) to make it more satisfying and stick with you. I’d love that dinner! Oh and grilled chicken sounds wonderful! I think I’m low on iron or something!

innerpeace on 04/20/2016:
Hi HOP! No the Natural bar was a salty sweet thing with honey. It was OK, it was just hard.

innerpeace - Monday Apr 18, 2016

Weight: 311.9

Took the weekend off...well sorta.

I left work early on Friday because my back was hurting so bad, so I went home, took a muscle relaxer and pain killer and slept until 4:00 pm when it was time to pick up the little girl. DH was working late and I was not up to cooking so we got pizza. DH finally got home, they were there, but I don't remember much.

Saturday I felt better so the little girl and I went on the Bag Lady Tour which consisted of twelve small businesses within a 50 square mile area that we went to to get our paper stamped. In each store we received a small gift - I think we came away with note pads, pens, pins, plants, seeds, lip balm, toys, a scrubby sponge and quality time in the car from 10-3. We got home about 3:30, DH was already home from work.

We had to mow - our grass was so high from it raining everyday for a week. We had to take turns, my back was tight and DH's knee is well....still paining him. I was mowing and the stupid self propelled chain or belt broke and I had to physcially push the awful heavy thing. My hands and arms are still hurting.

So I ended up mowing half the front yard and half the back yard - which was horrid because the grass was so tall and still wet! And then we couldn't talk the little girl out of pajama rama swim night so we headed off to the Rec Center. On the way we ate Taco Bell - I had a chicken chulupa and bean burrito. We got there about 7:00, swam until 7:40. I noticed the little girl had a round mark on her shoulder, it looked like a thumb print. I thought someone may have manhandled her but upon closer inspection, it is ringworm! Really! This disgusts me. So we get out of the pool and hang out until the movie started. The movie was Peanuts, not my favorite but it was ok and we were comfortable in our pajamas. I couldn't get home fast enough I think we were all asleep by 10:30.

Sunday of course is laundry day! Joy. DH and the little girl went on a quick shopping run and I cleaned a little house and dishes. My back is better but now my arms and right shoulder are very sore...from mowing! I told DH we would have to look into getting the mower fixed or buy a rider.

We did go on our first hike Sunday afternoon, it was a short hike looking at blue bells, didn't see much because of the late snow the naturalist said we were a few weeks behind the blooming curve. We got home with enough time to finish the laundry, feed the little girl (DH grilled steak, salad and rice) when her mom came to pick her up and has no idea the little girl has ringworm. Of course she wouldn't, it's not like she sees her everyday - sarcasm!

I was up most of the night with shoulder pain, I took a pain killer but couldn't find a comfortable position...it was hard to blow dry my hair this morning, but I made it to work.

Not a good eating weekend, but we did get plenty of movement and exercise - on Saturday I logged over 10,000 steps, Sunday almost 7,000 so I am pretty Ok with that.

Here's hoping you all have a great Monday!

B: toast, vanilla iced latte

S: yogurt protein bar

L: 1/2 turkey swiss sandiwich, tangerines


D: ground turkey something - not sure what DH has planned.


Progress as of today: 9.7 lbs lost so far, only 101.9 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 04/18/2016:
Hi IP! I hope you have recovered mostly from Friday’s annoying pain. Saturday sounds wonderful & you do deserve it. All the little gifts sound fun – something I’d enjoy doing even now at 33yrs old! In NY, we have the opposite going on. No rain for 6 days straight now. But we get it every now & then, it’s not like a drought. Oh man, I think house chores are the most annoying type of exercise known to man. From cleaning the bathroom to yardwork, they don’t produce the same sorta muscles as going to the gym but they are so much more challenging type of work to do! I love those chalupa things! I had a Taco Bell bean burrito phase as well. I remember still – it’s only around 400 cals (similar to the chalupa interestingly), but the bean burrito has a lot of fiber whereas the chalupa has a lot of fat. I’d always order them fresco style with extra salsa which Taco Bell makes so well! Ahh, you practically have me craving Taco Bell at 9:38am at work! LOL. So what’s being done about ringworm? I think you should def get a rider! It will be so much better for you both! If I were feeling better, I’d be happy to go to Washington DC. I am sure all the beautiful Cherry Blossom Trees are now in bloom there. I know for a fact my “semi-boss” at work went. Oh, that man lives the life! LOL. I don’t know a week he actually works that is full hours, like EVER! Like several other bosses, he takes full advantage of his status. And helps nobody else. Like, I don’t think he really asks as a boss IMO. Sometimes, it’s a nice change a pace to move a little more. Same with me. I actually took a nice (short, but long for me I guess – under a half hour) walk. I’m going to slowly build up my strength. I am still tired out by walking even just a mile! Out of shape. But I look in shape! Due to all of the weightlifting I do. Like I said, weightlifting yields muscles that yard work never could! Even though yard work is so much more difficult! Anyways, cheers to this week. Let’s get it done right! I’m already looking forward to lunch & dinner & reading tonight. I’d like to do the minimum this week. I’ll try, LOL.

puddles on 04/18/2016:
You had a busy weekend and a lot of activities and a lot of yard work. So glad I do not own anymore. Have a great week.

thinnside40 on 04/18/2016:
I'm tired reading your agenda :)

innerpeace - Thursday Apr 14, 2016

Weight: 311.9

It's amazing how we continuously set ourselves up for failure. I know want I want to do, but something in my head refuses to let me get past that barrier to actually take steps and do it. We picked the little girl up and the first thing she told me...i pass the Dog Days AR test. I was so excited for her. I am glad reading with her and studying with her helped her past that test! So to celebrate we went to Steak and Shake! Unbelievable. DH made a point to tell her that after this weekend we are not going to eat 'like this' anymore! Yes and I've said that a hundred times or more, well I will say it a hundred more until I actually do something about it.

Needless to say, I finished way over my calories with the end result of 2454. I had a hamburger (no cheese) and a Heath Bar milk shake - looking that up almost 1000 calories just for the stupid shake....OMG, but it was delicous.

I printed off the sheets for our hiking stick program. The rquirements went up from 6 to 10 hikes this year and up in the different parks from 4 to 6. We have until June 30th to get this finished.

I scheduled the Little girl and I to go on a Bag Lady Tour on Saturday, the weather should be nice and we like to just drive around so we will do this while DH works.

Work was tolerable today, but will be happy when it is over.

B: blueberry bagle w/cream cheese, iced vanilla latte

S: yogurt protein bar

L: 1/2 turkey pastrami sandwhich, swiss cheese (NO MAYO), chips, tangerines

S: balanced breaks

I guess we will do something with the chicken we didn't eat last night.

Have a good one! IP

Progress as of today: 9.7 lbs lost so far, only 101.9 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 04/14/2016:
Hiking sounds good! Enjoy!

puddles on 04/14/2016:
Wow that is a good hike 10. I would never be able to do that. Have a great evening.

hollybelle on 04/14/2016:
I have found I really have to interrupt the cycle of bad choices - once I have a few days of better choices behind me it gets easier. I find if I concentrate on the good feeling that comes from making good choices rather than the good feeling that comes and quickly leaves when I "treat" myself I am happier longer. I hope that makes sense. I have noticed that when I am about to go over the edge and choose to eat that "treat" or not so good choice of food I have to stop and remind myself - it doesn't come naturally - but - the more I do it the easier it gets next time. Then I have to remember that I can't do great ALL the time - just 90% or so and I'll still reach my goals. I tend to be an all or nothing type of thinker - and I have to consciencey choose moderation!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 04/15/2016:
Pastrami is sooo good :)

If you aren't going to eat "like this" anymore, you will have to look for alternative restaurants that serve healthier food. Luckily, almost all restaurants have healthy options these days. Even Denny's! Yes, that "American Diner" place that I went to for like the 2nd time in my life on my way back from Atlantic City. Denny's actually had some tasty vegetables (sautéed squash that was actually good!), egg whites over TONS of TASTY vegetables also - I was extremely impressed, and I also ate almost a whole biscuit as a treat, and of course it was good.

so, whatever restaurant you go to, if you can develop new behaviors of eating tons of vegetables and less of everything else (just small portions of the rest - and I think studies say to enjoy the carbs at the end of the meal - when you are already full)...and you will lose weight and still enjoy going out to eat :)

best wishes...have a nice day today.

cybermom4 on 04/15/2016:
Also, check your grocery story for Weight Watcher Smart meals on sale. They are already prepped and all you do is heat and eat. I know it is tough - I ran to the grocery store yesterday after work and bought a fruit tray and passed the whoopie pies (AKA Gobs) and yes, I bought a package!! I should give them to the kids, but I LOVE them!! I have been cutting them into pieces and nibbling but it is not going to help the bottom line. I know this in my head - but I have to get it into my heart.

innerpeace - Wednesday Apr 13, 2016

Weight: 311.9

Having the feels today!

OMG I can't believe how sore my body is W1/D2 complete.

The worst feeling in the world is....dried up/dry rotted rubber bands. They feel disgusting, that is right, dry rotted rubber bands around files that should have been destroyed ten years ago. But today I think I may be finished for awhile.

I am still waiting on the Naitonal Center of Environmental Information with instructions on what to do with this data from the late 1800's. We are moving offices in November and I don't want to move them, I would rather ship them off now. Waiting on people to do my job.

Last night DH grilled steak out, we had green beans and a high sodium pasta side dish. I have been brining these dinner flaws to his attention. Trust me I am so grateful that he cooks and shops but not to the detriment of my weight! He says he understands and will adjust his shopping list...we will see. I finished the day with 2117 calories...high because...oreos (these are now gone)!

Tonight is a little girl night, we actually have nothing planned so maybe get a walk in after homework.

B: blue berry bagel, iced vanilla latte

S: yogurt protein bar

L: turkey pastrami, tangerines, a few doritos

S: balanced breaks

D: DH took chicken out

Have a great night!

Progress as of today: 9.7 lbs lost so far, only 101.9 lbs to go!

thinnside40 on 04/13/2016:
Hope you get to go for a walk!

puddles on 04/13/2016:
Always nice to go for a walk after dinner. Enjoy your evening.

hollybelle on 04/13/2016:
Balancing walk would be nice.

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