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innerpeace - Thursday Mar 23, 2017

Weight: 306.0

Got home and finished the laundry. DH and the girl attempted to do it while I was away, which I am so grateful, however, they did not finish. So I finished the laundry while DH cooked. I attempted to walk my dog, but he walked down about four houses, pooped and went back home. He is still not up for walking. DH's son brings his dog and Steve has been playing with her but he still doesn't want to be friends.

Ending the night with 1758 calories, still a little high for me.

I did make some flavoried pretzels. Mix a packet of ranch dressing mix, chyenne pepper, garlic and olive oil. Drizzle this onto the pretzels and mix well. Let sit and mix well every 15 minutes for an hour. Lay out to dry. These are very good snacks. Can't eat too many or your mouth gets hot from the pepper.

The good thing is...I was finally able to get up with the alarm. I was actually awake before it went off, but I layed in bed to make sure it would actually go off. I was up about 50 minutes of Zumba. After seeing some of the pictures from the wedding...I will be incorporating something else in my routine, once I figure out what it is.

B: flat bread, egg white, turkey sausage, iced vanilla latte

S: apple

L: last of the lean cusiine frozen meals - pecan chicken, yogurt

S : balanced breaks

D: I think DH said something about burgers

I need to pick up a few things from the $1 store for work, as I was given a task and need a few things. We have the girl tonight! Have a great evening.


Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/23/2017:
That's great that they did some of the laundry... :)

I think that you should continue to help your dog along in feeling better and less anxious as he's way to nervous to always feel this way??? Plus, walking is good for the dog and you...i'd push the dog a little to keep on...talking sweetly to him, etc....i once was feeling really sick, my mom pushed me along. it was what i needed, even though i felt i couldn't handle it...i eventually did...i was sick about 1.5 years ago with a very bad bout of anxiety which lasted a month (i was out of work for 1 month straight). And at the very beginning, i was dizzy and had a hard time even walking outside with my mom, but she made me do it - that's what i was referring to. This lasted about 1-2 weeks.

Whenever i take a vacation or do a bit more than i'm used to outside of work, my calories are usually on the increase and eventually you will get them lowered to how you like them again. Your body is readjusting :) Always takes me a week or so...from my own experiences.

Maybe incorporate some weights into your routine...by lifting dumbells just a few diff types of movements, you will gain muscle which takes up less space than fat. this means even if you weigh the same, your size will be smaller...that's why i do the weights :) and i now love lifting...give me a euphoric feeling (better than sex perhaps at times..!) Since i'm single anyways, it's good i have the gym as my outlet & way to feel good & get the pump / adrenaline kick in addition to a release of whatever it is...endorphins i guess same as from other types of activities...

were you eating lean cuisines as a change of pace? i don't usually see them included in other diaries besides this week from you...they are a good change of pace. i used to eat them soo much though, in my early to mid 20's that i am not a fan anymore plus all the salt. ...but now you make me wanna get them...intead of those, i get more on the veggie side and add a protein and used to have a starch like my beloved veggie chips but now trying to choose better options like potato as the starch or rice or other grains...but many times i still resort to some of those chips as they are low cal compared to other brands, unless the bag lies? plus they have flavors like siracha and jalepeno which really suppress my appetite as i cannot eat as many chips when they have those flavors compared to a plainer sea salt flavor :)

love the dollar store, also. :-)

enjoy your eve xoxo

innerpeace - Wednesday Mar 22, 2017

Weight: 306.0

NOTE TO SELF - DO NOT buy sweet stuff!!

I grabbed a bag of chocolate, caramel sea salt covered almonds at the store...idefk (i don't even f&&&king know) why! So so stupid. Between Monday night and Tuesday night they are all gone! They were delicious though, but that is the reason I cannot have sweet stuff in my house because I have no control.

Tuesday night we picked up the girl. I helped her with geometry homework - I had to view a few you tube videos, but we got it done. We had turkey meatball subs for dinner. I would like to also say we had some kind of vegetables but that didn't happen! Ended the night with 1853 calores, because of the chocolate covered almond splurge.

My knew phone is killing me with the alarms and stuff that I can not get to work ..again with the sleeping late. I think i have it set though for tomorrow.

I was going to get the c25k started again...will see how that happens as well.

B: flat bread with turkey sausage and egg white

S: yogurt

L: lean cuisine pizza, apple

S: balanced breaks

D: pork chop, brussel sprouts, salad


Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/22/2017:
I also do not do well with portion control so i tend to buy things only if I am used to them...and already buy them...I am same as you.

I am sure you are still recovering from your trip but i gotta say this entry sounds as a while very uplifted already!

Your calories, 1853, are still moderate and healthy so do not worry about up days like this one as it's important anyways not to always eat extreme low cal and your metabolism can and will slow down (my did after i lost a ton of weight back when i was around 22-24 years old i do think) as i ate very low cal and weight came back quick after i started to eat like i do now with NO PROBLEMS :)

Now i can eat more as i keep adding the muscle on and trying to continue to add cardio too...

ok, back to you!...do you want to tell me any more about your speech?? i gotta say, even if yours was the only long one, you had done a GREAT job on it...it would have went over well if longer also ;)

don't buy the sweet stuff or if stores sell small packages or even single serve, buy that and eat it when you are out - i have done this and do it sorta on the regular when i go to stores that sell single serve (even pharmacies do at the cash register or deli stores or even gas stations sometimes if i want a chocolate LOL)...

sorry about the alarms on your phone...how annoying !!

food looks GREAT! if you want to fill up more at lunch, have cooked veggies with the pizza.

your breakfast sounds amazing. and your dinner also sounds super-duper.

mylilsista on 03/22/2017:
If I am in the mood for something sweet, say chocolate, I stop at a gas station, select something sinful, toss half in the trash before getting in the car & eat the other half!

I do not keep stuff like that in my house. Sugar-free jellos and low calorie whipped cream, fresh fruit salad, sugar-free ice cream pops (various flavors with individual portions in the box), Fiber One bars, caramel flavored pop corn..That is the kind of snacks allowed in our house.

What truly satisfies my sweet tooth is a large low calorie smoothie (the recipe is on my DD page, it's delicious!)

Forgive yourself and move on...We all have to learn from our slip ups and keep walking toward our solution (Hug!)

mylilsista on 03/22/2017:
Your food log sounds amazing, by the way :)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/23/2017:
i agree with my lil sista that your food log is great...you cook and prepare great dishes!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/23/2017:
oh and i like her idea to stop at gas station or wherever, buy single serve, and toss half...not that i'd want to do it!!!!!!!! LOL. i dont think i could throw half away, but i'd buy a single serve when out and not keep in my apt / house either.

innerpeace - Tuesday Mar 21, 2017

Weight: 306.0

I made it safely home from my trip - I must say it was way too short. My trip in a nut shell

Wednesday - FLIGHT CANCELLED - 1389 calories


FLIGHT DELAYED (CHICAGO) finally made it to OKC



Errands, Wedding, Toast (I survived but drastically shortened my toast after conferring with the Best Woman)  - 1627 calories


Errands, Casino (lost too much money), watched basketball - 1726 calories


Juicing breakfast, lost phone fiasco, trip home - 1276 calories

MONDAY - crazy trip home glad to see my DH - 1673 calories

Woke up this morning, but couldn't make myself do zumba. I will get back on the wagon tomorrow. - Trying to figure out my new phone and couldn't even get my alarms to go off when i wanted.

Didn't quite make my goal on weight loss but I am still loosing - last weight 311.5

Not happy to be back at work either...

DH has surgery next Monday...

Have a great day!

Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/21/2017:
I am so happy for you :-) Glad you did the toast and i will guess it went well !

Glad you got there - that's so stressful with the flight delays. Good for you on all accounts! I am sure DH missed you too!

Yes, sleep sounds more important after your trip. Take it easy and stay healthy. Great cals, lady!

I wish DH well as he nears his surgery. I hope he will get on your healthy road & join you in the weightloss / lifestyle journey.

You are doing really well...the longer you keep at it, the healthier you will be!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/21/2017:
i also meant - the longer you keep at it, the EASIER (not healthier) it will be!

innerpeace - Tuesday Mar 14, 2017

Weight: 306.0

I work for the weather service, I do not take it serious...I just can't. I have heard storms are coming all my life and more often than not those storms never came - which I am so grateful. I have heard how much snow and ice would come, yet all that showed up was frigid cold wind. I have had the attitude "I'll see it when I believe it" for the last ten years. People here stress over the weather way too much! Schools were closing before it even started snowing, I feel like I'm back in Oklahoma.

The storm arrived, I think there is an inch of snow on my driveway and with that being said I hope my plane takes off on time tomorrow because it is supposed to snow all morning and who knows what could happen and please know this is sarcasm.

DH cooked the sloppy joe and of course flipped the spoon up and it splattered on the nice clean floor. Alas my hardwork was for naught! Ended the night with 1122 calories.

Spent the evening making two pies for pie day. I made a samoan pie (like the girl scout cookie) and a millionaire pie - a recipe I got from Furr's cafeteria. I may have a piece of one of them at work - haven't decided.

B: eggo breakfast sandwich - 160 calores, iced vanilla latte

S: almond sweet and salty breakfast bar

L: ham and cream cheese wrap, gold fish, apple

S: maybe pie

D: quinoa cruunch burger

I will have DH drop me off at the salon, I think I'm going for a cut and color before I leave tomorrow...if I get to leave. Will also need to back, discretely as not to upset my dog.

Hope you all have a great evening!

Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/15/2017:
We didn't get the worst of the storm, here in NY, but we did get snow, followed up by freezing rain and ice. Everything froze by yesterday afternoon and even more solid by this AM which is still very trecherous to be out, but schools and work had to resume of course! I am glad our schools were closed and my work off bc of the very unsafe driving conditions yesterday. I'm sure we got it worse than you yesterday...I am glad it wasn't too bad by you!

GREAT CALS girfriend, I am so proud of you & all the changes you have made in your lifestyle. Girl, you are changing your life and your future by eating better. Just remember that you'll lose weight even at like 1500-1600 or i believe even some 1700 days are ok and still weightloss. Keep having alternating days of calories so that your metabolism doesn't slow down with low cal days...it seems you already do a good job alternating actually!

Keep up the great work, InnerP!

Yes, def get your hair done before the wedding! And remember, speak with your inner happiness and confidence!

Donkey on 03/17/2017:
I saw on the news the headline that was the national weather service intentionally misleading people with "fake weather" reports. I guess that goes along with all the "fake news" going around lately.

innerpeace - Monday Mar 13, 2017

Weight: 306.0

Friday DH and I went to the Chinese Buffet. I ate good avoided lots of things I would usually eat. I even had a cup of ice cream. Total for Friday 1743.

Saturday I was home all of the day, I had projects to do, accomplished most of them. My major one was to move all the furniture and sweep and mop all the hard wood floors. I love that DH cooks all the time, but when he wipes off the counter tops he inadvertently pushes it off in the floor. He is a sloppy, messy cook and only half a$$ cleans. I took a few naps as well. I didn't leave the house untl 7:30 to pick up pizza.

B: toast, maple peanut butter, iced vanilla latte

L: left over chicken, broccoli mac and cheese

D: pizza

Ended the day with 2020 calories. I did work alot this day so hopefully burned some off.

DH found a small reclining chair my mother prefers to sit in online in Sandusky, we drove to pick up the chair for $45.00. After loading the chair, I promptly fell out of the back of the truck, I'm so graceful at times. Just a little banged up, but OK. I hope mom enjoys that chair, if she comes to visit again.

Finished the laundry too.

B: turkey sausage, two pancakes

L: crunch wrap from Taco Bell

D: chicken fried steak, purple potatoes and green beens

Ended the day with 1488 calories

No baby giraffe yet. I can't believe I have spent the last three weeks waiting on this thing! I have changed the opening line to my toast to ...This is such an exciting time, considering I've spent the last three weeks watching and waiting on a giraffe to give birth!

Was up at 4:20 to do zumba. I woke up before the alarm went off, was having weird dreams, but I wanted to stay asleep to figure out the mystery of it.

B: turkey sausage, two pancakes,

S: apple

L: ham and cheese wrap, gold fish, babybell cheese

S: balanced breaks

D: tonight I think sloppy joes and caulflower tots

So excited about my trip!

Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/13/2017:
I LOVE a GOOD CHINESE BUFFET...when they have tons of veggies and fish! OH MY! some are great, some are NOT!

Nice to catch up on rest on the weekend...I look to catch up on sleep TOMORROW..praying for a SNOW DAY! supposed to snow HEAPS...hoping they are right, would LOVE SLEEPING IN! I'll take a sleeping pill and that'll be that.

I love when all laundry is done also..especially after doing multiple extras like bath mats and couch throws! :)

What's chicken fried steak? you mean chicken and fried steak?

I LOVE those crunch wraps also. i used to eat them with extra veggies...also i love their salsa / baja i think? veggie style instead of the creamy way...saves calories oh..i love the chalupa!i was thinking chalupa the whole time, not crunch wrap!

cauliflower tots sound cool!!!!!!!! are they prepackaged that way? you make them?

I'd be excited about your trip too!!!!!!

innerpeace on 03/14/2017:
chicken fried steak must be a southern thing. It is a cubed beef (a tenderized sirloin) that is battered and fried like chicken. It is all over Oklahoma and Texas. Can't find it in Ohio, they do have chicken fried chicken though - not the same.

cauliflower tots, packaged frozen food, it is good to me.

happy-1 on 03/13/2017:
@horn of plenty - Chicken fried steak is a southern thing. They take a perfectly good steak, roll it in batter and then deep fry it so it comes out like fried chicken. Then they take white gravy (lard based) and pour it on top of that, mashed potatoes, and then accompany it with candied carrots or yams. The whole thing is a heart attach waiting to happen unless you are on a farm pulling the plow every day.

happy-1 on 03/13/2017:
@innerpeace, I feel you on the other people making a huge mess to clean up. I have recently made the discovery that if I take one of those scrubber wands for dishes and fill it with watered down dish soap and scrub grease spots on the floor with it, then pour vinegar on the floor, I can wipe it all up with a microfiber cloth in about 10 minutes. This does take the wax up, so I just wax after, but overall it is faster and clean and everything smells better.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/13/2017:
LOL on Happy's comment...i had never heard of that!!!!!!!!! wow....a fried steak! unreal! never considered it!

innerpeace on 03/14/2017:
Well I don't make it all in the fat - the air fryer works amazingly well. And I have green beans with mine.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/13/2017:
you prob did burn all the 2000 off from that higher day....it's good for your metabolism here & there :)

innerpeace - Friday Mar 10, 2017

Weight: 306.0

Did make the grilled chicken, broccoli and mac and cheese casserole for dinner along with salad. Finished the day with 1249 calories. The Young Adult came over for dinner and brought his new hound dog. Steve barked and barked at her. She just blew him off as a mere distrubance. Finally after about an hour he kinda wanted to play, but he still was guarding his territory. I told the YA to bring the dog back over when he comes again. Hopefully Steve will get back to his normal self.

The girl was over, spent most of the night doing homework and barely spoke two words to her brother. While she was in the shower he says, she hasn't talked to him since he moved out of their mother's house. It's sad...well he didn't really talk to her either so who knows.

My legs and hips were hurting most of the night, I took some Aleve. I did not get up this morning for zumba.

B: frittata, iced vinilla latte

S: balanced breaks, sweet and salty protein bar

L: chicken salad, crackers, gold fish

D: I think Chinese

I missed my apple this morning - DH didn't put it in my lunch, guess he forgot.

Getting all nervous for my trip next week.

May get my hair cut and colored this weekend and I need some new pants....supposed to be very cold.

No baby giraffe yet

Have a great weekend!



Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

Donkey on 03/11/2017:
Well done!

Horn_of_plenty on 03/12/2017:
hopefully the siblings will get along better down the road....

....my sister and i are not close at all, sadly.

innerpeace - Thursday Mar 09, 2017

Weight: 306.0

DH and I made turkey meatball sandwiches with provolone and marinara sauce. It was a quick and tasty sandwich. I finished the day with 1274 calories.

DH showered and left for his appointment with the therapist. WHile he was away I started thinking about some people I had served with in the Army and started searching for them on facebook. I found a few. But I also lost one. I found out a soldier I served with a Fort Bragg died of a brain aneurysm. I was and still am so sad. He was only 39 when he died. He was a healthy fire fighter with three sons.  I am just devastated. We spent lots of time together for the four years I served with him. Everyday!

I was thinking on the way to work how much worse it would be to lose a soldier in combat. I'm so sad right now, I can hardly function, so being in combat is not for this female! I would just drop my weapon and walk away. I'm not sure how male soldiers do it! No wonder they have PTSD.

So the book of FACE is not my friend today!

When I woke up at 4:30 my DH wasn't in bed, he was downstairs in the recliner, saying he had been up for the last two hours due to an upset stomach. He didn't do zumba with me though, he went back to bed.

B: frittata, iced vanilla latte

S: apple

L: chicken salad, foccacia crackers, orange

S: balanced breaks

D: I have decided to make a homemade mack and cheese with chicken and brocolli. I just want mack and cheese for some reason.

We have the girl tonight, no real plans.

Received a text from my bff in Oklahoma city asking me to perform an Irish ritual of hand tieing during their ceremony. Wow so honored to do this, watching the youtube video, I will have plenty of chances to screw this up, better start practicing now! Just more pressure along with my toast!

Have a great night! and live your life! IP

Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/09/2017:
Lately i'm all up on the turkey meat also :) it's quite healthy...for the first couple times i made turkey burgers, i used chopped meat. This time, i bought the fresh meat but already in patty form...slightly more calories (like 20 lol) but i wanna see how they cook up differently from chopped...they are already thinner than i made them...and that's what the store had...good to change it up LOL...i plan to also try later adding more to the turkey meat like spices MORE and possibly onion...we shall see - but this 3rd time, i'm gonna make them plain pretty much..as i'm still experimenting with my oven! and still learning to cook the basics.

Great calories for you :-) you are doing great. First time i was dieting LONG time ago, i would use the 1200 cal-1400cal range quite a bit. I want to remind you, you will lose weight even at 1500-1700 a day so do not worry about some higher days, it's good for your metabolism. Trick your body a bit to work and burn more so that your metabolism doesn't get lazy on you.

Aww, 39. That's a very young age to lose your life, sorry about it.

oh and the fact that males in general are taught to not discuss their feelings, they probably keep it all inside...adding to the PTSD i am sure..

I hope he feels better and that your hubby tries to remain active. I'm adding cardio (around 20 min) more and more often to my days..It is a GREAT thing. I am so happy that my body is feeling better and that I am able to achieve much more than last year this time.

I'm glad you are being asked to do more at the wedding...right? it didn't happen yet, right? JUST REMEMBER - HAVE FUN! this is "Happy Times!"

Donkey on 03/09/2017:
Happy National Meatball Day! We had sweet and sour meatballs for dinner.

innerpeace - Wednesday Mar 08, 2017

Weight: 306.0

Cancelled all vacation plans and when DH got home he showed me what the owner of his company wrote on his vacation request - denied - he can get his vacation pay while out on medical. What the h$ll is wrong with people. How freakin' arrogant to assume this is what my DH wants to do...uh NO. I don't him to get his vacation pay while he is recovering, what the F! Uh, no, I would rather have it when requested so I am able to spend time with my family you d!ck head of a man! So furious! Then I told DH to just stay on medical two weeks longer and we would go on vacation then, but then the girl won't be out of school for the summer yet, so we are basically screwed! No words! I am grateful that I will be able to go next week to Oklahoma for a few days.

Anyway I wrote a letter to his boss asking him to reconsider but my DH asked me not to send it for fear that he would get fired. Just for him, I am not sending it, but I don't know why he doesn't want his a$$hole of an owner to know just how he treats his eimployees. I guess the truth really does hurt! I'm still mad!

I made premade biscuits as a cup and filled them with groundbeef and cheese. They were kinda tasty but really didn't need the extra bread. Had green beans and salad too. Ended the day with 1420 calories.

We had the girl, she did homework but then she just was chattering away, getting on my nerves. I wanted to say, OMG will you shut up? but I never do, I just grin and bear it until her mother comes.

Slept pretty good last night. Was up at 4:30 and did the zumba. This was a different DVD about 5 minutes longer, but for some reason, I don't feel like I worked as hard, but I still had fun - oh and because I grabbed the wrong thing, in the dark, leaving the bedroom. I only had my t-shirt on when working out - I left my pants upstairs and didn't go back and get them....eye sore I'm sure!

B: special K breakfast sandwich, iced vanilla latte

S: apple

L: chicken salad, foccacia crackers, orange

S: balanced breaks

D: turkey meatball sandwich

I may walk my dog if the wind dies down.

Listening to people at work - one guy complaining to another that he wastes too much money on his boat. It needed registered, it needed new lines and something else. Guy 1 was saying - that's dumb that you spend so much money on your boat. i would sell it if I was you.

Guy 2 just said...well I think you spend too much money on your dogs. Look you spend your money on your dogs and I'll spend my money on my boat - I guess everyone has that one thing they are OK with spending money on....mine was vacation - ALAS sad face!

have a great evening!


Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

happy-1 on 03/08/2017:
Hugs. So sorry to hear about the botched vacation plans.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/08/2017:
You know how it goes...a boss is a darn boss.

Not all bosses are nice and some are pieces of...sh*t who are abusive and don't think how it feels to be in the position of of their workers.

Life isn't fair. But try not to let it get you too far down....

Lately, i'm in a similar struggle in terms only of emotions perahps...i am not feeling great this week. I can't put a finger on it. I think it's slight hormones. I'm in a funk - i think it was to do mostly with work, actually. it's my work that's getting me EXTREMELY anxious bc it's basically one level too hard for me. It's like a science experiment...or a very hard math formula. it's not my level, it's a bit not my cup of tea...i do not like how we have to actually "figure out" the project. it's not like it's laid out...we have to figure it out...blech!...sorry...

YES...i like to spend my money on FOOD...i pay premiums for certain food & drinks LOL...and not much else do a spend huge bucks on...LOL it's ok to spend money on what we love :-D

innerpeace - Tuesday Mar 07, 2017

Weight: 306.0

Get home and eat the left over lasagna and a few pieces of garlic toast. Ended the day with 1277 calories. I am ok with this.

Was in bed at a decent hour only to get woken up by the dog itching and scratching about 2:30. I put some medicine on him and he stopped for awhile, but I didn't get back to sleep until 4:00. Therefore, I did not get up at 4:30 for zumba. Maybe I will be able to fit it in this evening.

DH drove himself today to get some preop work done at the lab, he was PO'd that his blood sugar was up this morning at 147. He is usally getting between 80-100. He attributed to the pasta and he said...no pasta for me in awhile. It was probably the combinatino of both bread and pasta.

So after I had all my vacation plans, DH's work says, he can't go on vacation in July when he was off for six weeks recovering from surgery. What the hell? Recovering from surgery and vacation are two different things. I hate his job! I hate the people he works for! They are just so totally out of touch with reality! I cancelled my Michigan trip...for now!

B: toast with maple peanut butter, iced vanilla latte

S: apple

L: chicken salad, foccacia crackers, orange

S: maybe balanced breaks

D: either turkey meatballs or something with ground beef, both are thawed.

Will get the girl tonight - no plans yet.

No baby giraffe yet

No summer vacation

This day is not turning out very good...it will be better tomorrow.

Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 03/08/2017:
Hope you have a better day tomorrow.

innerpeace - Monday Mar 06, 2017

Weight: 306.0

Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

innerpeace on 03/06/2017:
Friday, I picked up the girl and we stopped and got food DH ordered. I had a chicken, bacon, ranch wrap and some fries. I ending the day with 1240 calories.

DH was still in lots of pain and he mostly sat in his recliner most of the weekend. Saturday he went to the clinic and I had him take the girl too, as she was complaining about ear pain...again. The doctor gave DH some pain and muscle relaxer pills and the girl got amoxicillan, the go to antibiotic for kids. We decided to stay home instead of go out in the cold, colc air.

B: yogurt L: snacks - balanced breaks, gold fish and some cheese D: crockpot lasagna - turned out pretty good, cheddar biscuits greenbeans

After dinner I did decide to go shopping and the girl went with me - this I do not like. We got home a little before 10:30 - I went so late to avoid the lines and people. Ended Saturday with 1230 calories.

Sunday I made omelets and bacon for breakfast. Our breakfast was more like brunch so we didn't eat again until about 4:00, we eat early on Sunday because the girl goes home at 6:00. I made hamburger sliders - with brocoli tots and salad it was all good. I ended Sunday with 1311 calories. Did tons of laundry and cooked and waited on DH who felt better but I left him sit around.

Monday I was up at 4:30 for Zumba, I missed this over the weekend and will try to do some exercise on the weekends. I was surprised with DH said he was going to work. since the girl didn't like the crockpot lasagna, we will be having it as dinner tonight.

B: Jimmy Dean's eggwhite, turkey sausage bowl S: apple L: ham, cheese wrap, 1/2 goldfish bag, orange S: balanced breaks

D: crock pot lasagna and something

Still watching and waiting on the giraffe... Excited about my trip next week - Thinking about getting my hair cut and colored Making final arrangements for summer vacation work is work Dog is finally a little better. I finally just drenched him in coconut oil - it has helped lots. He still as one stubborn place on his leg that he keeps chewing on - I will cover him again.

Have a good night!

hollybelle on 03/06/2017:
You are busy as usual. Onward and Upward!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/07/2017:
With ear infection, also may have to do with her hygeine maybe?

I tend to get pimples on and off in outer (but inside) ear area when i do not shower and wash hair as often...i actually now use alcohol in my outer ear a dab i put there and then use q-tip which i DO NOT recommend to girlie as i wouldn't want to see her have a problem as my thing isn't the safest but it's keeping the pimples away for me...which isn't an ear infection i do realize!

Great cals by the way ..at the start of your entry...

Great eating girlfriend! Nice cooking...i am cooking more also...feels GREAT to make more of my own :) ...

glad your doggy is getting better thanks for your hard work!

GREAT idea for sliders as it's smaller...and therefore healthier portion!!! and you can also eat with loads of veggies which i would do!!!!!! you rock!

i plan to make some burgers soon too...in sizes that are good...i'll probably buy chopped meat for them..

innerpeace on 03/07/2017:
She had been earlier to the doctor with the plugged ear. He used a syringe to get the caked up wax out. She doesn't use q-tips anymore. Then she gets fluid in her ears. This time it was just infected. Her tonsils were inflamed too.

Dog is still itching. I will bath him with epson salt and oatmeal or something. I can't figure it out.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/07/2017:
yeah, i must use q-tips or i'd always have pimples in my ear.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/07/2017:
maybe it's the winter dry skin your dog has or an allergy to a new cleaner you use on him?

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