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innerpeace - Monday Jan 09, 2017

Weight: 306.0

My dog was barking at me this morning about 12:50, so I got up. He was out of water. I felt so bad for him. I usually check this before I go to bed.

I woke up at 4:00 as well, but instead of getting up, I rolled back over and went back to sleep. One of these days, I will get up and do some exercise.

DH has to work late tonight so I will fend for myself for dinner.

B: crumpets, peanut butter, iced vanilla latte

L: left over spaghetti squash salad, yogurt, balaned breaks

S: apple

D: spaghetti squash with parmesean cheese and vegetable patty

S: yogurt

I will try to walk my dog this evening, it is supposed to be lots warmer and hopefully I can get around the block without my face freezing off.

Happy day!

Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

puddles on 01/09/2017:
Your food log is really good - good job. You will definitely some scale movement with such a change in your healthy eating habit. Congrats on that. Have a great day.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/09/2017:
nice dinner and lunch...i see a huge change ocurring in your eating habits...a really, really good change!!!!!!!!!

innerpeace - Sunday Jan 08, 2017

Weight: 306.0

Sing...cute but I liked Zootopia better.

Slept longer than wanted to this morning, but it was a good sleep. Woke up at 8:30 and showered. Had a hike scheduled for 1:00 but it was only 8 degrees out. I started out by my face was freezing so I came back home. Brutal bitter cold.

DH and the girl went shopping to pick up a few items, I stayed home and did the laundry...again. I swear you can never get caught up.

B: iced vanilla latte, two biscuits with grape jelly.

L: caesar salad

D: air fried chicken, kale salad and spaghetti squash salad (spinach, tomatoes, onion, garlic and parmesean cheese) very tasty.

S: yogurt

I finished today with 1492 calories - this I like!

I can't believe how fast this weekend flew by. I don't think I am ready to go back to work tomorrow...but I will make the best out of it.

Have a great night!

Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

puddles on 01/08/2017:
Your doing real good with your calorie intake. It is also bitterly cold here also. Take care.

Ms.Kay on 01/08/2017:
Sound like a good day! Tell me about it laundry is never ending lol...also what is air fried chicken?

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/09/2017:
I feel like I commented but forgot to press the comment button to add new comment oops...either way, if you stick to eating like this, you will SURELY lose weight and quite easily.

Be proud of yourself, I'm impressed with your desire to always better yourself in basically every way you can. Good for you. :-D

Your dinner is simply amazing. I'm going to work on getting back to whole foods this winter as well. My diet is awful with so much added sugar and crud...and salt and such.

innerpeace - Saturday Jan 07, 2017

Weight: 306.0

We picked up the girl and headed to Aldi. We did find the crunch patties there. I bought the rest (4) of the vegetable kind, DH grabbed the southwest kind as well. We then went over to Giant Eagle and picked up some more yogurt.

At home, we used the air fryer again for the quinoa crunch patties. I love this little air fryer, it is the coolest gift I've ever bought for someone.

After dinner we go up to the girl's room and declutter. She had everything in piles stacked up against the wall. I brought a shelf in and a bigger dresser and we went through boxes that hadn't been unpacked since we moved in. Always, saying we'll do someting and never do. DH said he packed up a box of snow globes she had and they were still in the box in the closet. I was waiting all day to see the snow globes and when they were finally unpacked...not really what I was thinking about. THey were just little maybe 2-3 inches high a few maybe five inches, not the big ones I was expecting. But now that the box is out of the closet she can use it for other things. She was quite happy with the transformation. I just wonder how long it will stay straightened up

Finished the day with 1515 calories. I am OK with this.

This morning DH woke me up at 8:00. I came down stairs and had an iced vanilla latte - I had to toss out the skim milk - I just can't do it - went back to the 2%, these are calories I will keep counting, I jsut couldn't ...skim milk...blech!

We left about 9:30 to get to the Zumba. Arrived right as it was starting. I did it! I had a great time, dispite the fact the girl did NOT even try. She just stood there with her hands in her hoodie pouting like a little bratty teenager. I asked her if she was going to do it, she said no. I told her to leave and go out in the library with her dad. She did. She came back. She told me her dad told her to come back. I took her out and told DH what she was doing and I wasn't going to look at her being all irritable and bratty. SHe stayed out with him and read a book. OK I guess, but I had a great time doing zumba and can't wait to go back. Matter of fact I'm amazed at how much I did enjoy it.

Afterwards we went to a starving artist painting sale and I picked up me a lighthouse with a sea scape and I just love it, I can sit and stare at it all day if I could. Now to the movies. SING! It looks so cute on TV, I hope it is.

B: iced vanilla latte

L: crumpets, peanut butter, syrup

D: home made pizza (crust from pillsbury) pineapple, ham on one side, pepperoni and mushrooms on the other. I had one square of each side. This is the best way to eat pizza - no leftovers to eat to ruin my calories.

S: I may have some popcorn at the movies - not a lot I hate it getting it in my teeth.

Have a great evening!

Just a note: It is stil frigid cold here, a whole seven (7) degrees here today, have plans to go on a hike tomorrow, hopefully it warms up a little.

Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

Donkey on 01/08/2017:
I could not find the crunch quinoa patties at Aldi. Do you find them near the veggie patties in the freezer? I will try to look harder next time. Until then I bought a couple of bags of frozen quinoa side dishes to heat up at work for lunch (usually split in half over 2 days).

innerpeace on 01/09/2017:
They were in the frozen freezer by some other frozen items. It was also in their flyer, but had limited availability under the picture.

Limited availability is always under stuff I like, you may be able to find it for two weeks, but after that it is gone.

Horn_of_plenty on 01/08/2017:
Great job cleaning / organizing her room with her :-D Everyone likes neater / cleaner stuff...glad girl is happy too!

Also great calories. Trust me...you don't need to starve in order to lose weight... :-)

Stay happy & healthy....nice to see you doing well. Sorry it's so cold! Here it was in the teens to low 20's...luckily the sun was out and i was indoors mostly! lol...can't wait for it to warm up later this week!

puddles on 01/08/2017:
I am glad you are enjoying your Zumba classes. Food sound really good. Have a great evening.

innerpeace - Friday Jan 06, 2017

Weight: 306.0

I left work and went home by myself. DH working late again. I sat in the reclincer and fell asleep for about 30 minutes. I was sleepy all day but I didn't know I would just nod off. I piddled around the house doing nothing. About 6:30 I decided to fix something to eat. I made a quinoa crunch vegetable patty in the air fryer. OMG it was the tastiest thing ever. Slapped it on a piece of flat bread with some avacado, it was the best! I had yogurt afterwards. Ended the evening with 1615 calories - a little higher than I wanted but I needed to eat that last yogurt to kill the grumbellies.

DH got home right before nine, he ate, showered and went to bed about 10:00. I tell him all the time to not volunteer but he does.

I slept OK last night, don't remember waking up at all, but somehow feel so tired still.

This morning I needed to get gas and also got a English Toffee cappaccino, don't normally get this, but it was frigid cold out this morning and it felt so good in my hands, it tasted pretty good as well.

B: yogurt - English Toffee cappaccino

S: protein bar

L: 1/2 roast beef sandwich, apple, balanced breaks

S: cottage cheese


We are getting the girl and then going to Aldi to see if they have more of the quinoa crunch patties. Usually they will have the stuff I like only for a week and then i never see the stuff again. Maybe this again for dinner.

Zumba scheduled for tomorrow - I also want to check out a starving artist painting sale and then Sunday there is a Owl Prowl Hike, I hope it is warmer than 12 degrees then.

Have a great weekend. IP

Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

puddles on 01/06/2017:
I am going to have to look for those patties always looking for something interesting to eat and a change is wonderful sometimes. Have a great day.

Maria7 on 01/06/2017:
Hope you have a good day.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/06/2017:
If those were your calories, those are healthy calories. :-D

Quinoa crunch patties sound good. Maybe some sodium but a great change of pace! I love having a change of pace too.

Wow what an exciting weekend!

Donkey on 01/07/2017:
LOL I'm going to look for the quinoa crunch patties at Aldi too!

innerpeace - Thursday Jan 05, 2017

Weight: 306.0

I picked up the girl yesterday and we went to the library. I helped her with her homework and then I changed clothes to go to yoga. As I was gathering up our mats a lady approached me and asked if I've done yoga before. I told her yes, a few times, but never here. She says well I was just wondering because my mom is about your size and I was trying to get her out of the house. Oh, OK. Well I'm glad that you can tell your mom that other fat people are here doing yoga, so come on out and join them.

Anyway we got into the room and there were maybe six other people in there at the time. Some introduced themselves and the instructor introduced hisself which was all nice. The girl would not! I told her, tell him you name. She looked at me like I was insane. I told the man, her name is Kayla. I said that was so rude, what is wrong with you, you don't do that anymore, you are 12 not 8. Her reply...I don't like people. Well listen here sweetie, I dispise most, but you gotta do what you gotta do to make it through the day.

Lots of participants showed up and we were crammed in this little room. The registration says unlimited, I'm thinking that should be changed. Some were complaining that someone else wore too much perfume and then true to charactor for Ohio, after the session had started about six more people walk in and disturb others - making it even more crammed. Despite this, I enjoyed it, but had a hard time thinking I should be doing something else besides breathing. I'm more concerned with the time I'm spending in there trying to relax and breathe and stretch than actually relaxing, breathing and stretching, if that makes any sense. I could not give it my undivided attention. Maybe this comes with practice. The girl made me chuckle a few times. Once she told me she needed a break - I told her to keeping doing it, and then I'm wondering if she knows her right from her left. This is an eight week session, so I'm thinking I will return next Wedneday.

We get home and I reheat dinner and tell her about the plans I have for her room, she is sold on it and we will work on that this weekend. She finished dinner and cleared the table and then went and took a shower. Shorly after her brother came and picked up up.

DH got home about 8:30, ate dinner and fell asleep in the recliner. I was going to leave him there but work him up to go to bed. I did not have a good sleep at all. Something woke me up again. My heart wanted to beat it's way out of my chest. I swear I hear people in my house and I have paranoia that someone is going to come in our bedroom and shoot us both. I don't know why. I didn't even watch a 20/20 episode or anything. But once awake I just lay there and seemingly wait...wait for what? I have no clue, wait to see someone walk down the hall, wait to die? I also listen to my husband breathing and not breathing. I know I told him to breathe two or three times. He insists that he is breathing...

Needless to say, I have had a little difficulty staying awake this morning.

B: bagel with cream cheese, iced tea

S: protein bar

L: roast beef, cream cheese wrap, apple

S: balanced breaks

D: vegetable burger, avocado

I finished yesterday with 1515 calories...tonight maybe about the same.

Have a great evening!

Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/05/2017:
I think what the little girl meant more is that she sees you active and doing things...and her mom doesn't...keep it like that. She sees a difference between you and her mom...don't worry InnerP, little girl didn't mean to cause you any bad feelings. She said it wrong...it's more like: Why is this woman able and capable of doing so much; and my mom might look like her but is nothing like her? Or you are like another mother, she wonders why her mom doesn't do what you do. Don't think it's just about weight comparison bc it's not...

this yoga thing is great for the girl. I can understand her shy feelings as when i was her age I was also like that. You have to help bring her out of it. Try telling her that many people feel shy but these people doing yoga are all here to do the same thing & support each other and want to bring each other up. Tell girlie that nobody will judge her or make fun of her...that the class is for all to enjoy...and everyone wants her to enjoy it with them! :) Teach her. She's at a very trying time - middle school years can be very difficult for some kids. I understand her shy attitude. Maybe you can help her out of her shell. It will be so good for her.

Yes, I know what you mean...your mind wanders during yoga...it's normal. try to forget about the other things going on while you are there - and YES it takes practice.

See if you can have girlie join you for all classes. It's good to be a part of something till the end...it's really, really healthy to finish things. Have her join you...tell her all the reasons i mentioned here.

Also, it'll make her really knowledgable about yoga as she will have actually participated and learned about that form of medition / relaxation / stretching / exercise. GOOD STUFF for her to be part of - and not sitting home / stuffing her face. It's a GREAT THING for girlie!

innerpeace - Wednesday Jan 04, 2017

Weight: 306.0

Had plans to rearrange the girl's room, but she asked me to wait so she can see what we are doing first. I told her OK, but I was only trying to make more storage space for her.

Dinner was the left over chicken and pasta and will probably have this again...for the third night. DH just makes so freakin' much. I tried to walk the dog, but could only get halfway down the road before it started raining. I can walk in wind and snow, but the rain and wetness and throw the cold wind in there too, is a NO GO. I had to go back home.

I finished Tuesday with 1382 calories.

Tonight DH works late so i am getting the girl and we are going to Yoga. I registered us for every Wednesday for eight weeks. This should be interesting. I also registered us for Zumba on Saturdays, this should even be more interesting.

B: yogurt

S: banana

L: roastbeef, cream cheese on flat bread, apple, balanced breaks

S: hummus and carrots

D: chicken alfredo with brocolli and mushrooms, green beans

I had stomach issues last night. Crampy, bloated, just uncomfortable. I'm blaming the apple for now.

I was woken last night by noise. I just heard noise and woke DH up. He asked why'd you wake me up? I said because I hear something. I asked, do you hear it? He says yeah. I said, go see what it is. He replies, why don't you? I say, because I'm scared, you're a man, go do man things. He roamed around and realized it was the clock radio alarm in the girl's room. The alarm was on but hadn't been set and was just all very loud static. After that I woke up again at 1:45 and 3:15 because of noise. Wind and rain and stuff. I guess I shouldn't have worried because my dog wasn't barking.

Have a great evening! Go and do things!


Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/04/2017:
Lol you know how it is, if it were your room, you'd want to be in on it...so she wants to be in on whatever you do to "her space."

It can be some bonding time :) lol...but it is for sure.

LOL sorry her alarm woke you. i was up a lot of the night also.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/04/2017:
Lunch sandwich sounds to hit the spot. I like my cream cheese too, the whipped one by Temptee.

innerpeace - Tuesday Jan 03, 2017

Weight: 306.0

I tried to stay up to finish watching the Sooners win, but due to adult responsibilities of getting up for work, I had to call it quits at 11:30.

I had my alarm set to get up at 4:45 to go and walk this morning, but that didn't happen. I was so tired, I just turned it off and slept until 5:45 and got up to shower. DH doesn't work today so he slept in.

B: yogurt

S: banana

L: 1/2 peanut butter sandwich, balanced breaks, apple

S: hummus, carrots

D: left over chicken alfreado, salad

I will go walk after dinner. Yesterday I walked a little further before my back started hurting. I am hoping I can get a little further today. My shin hurts too for some unknown reason, oh yea...i'm fat!

If needed I will have a cottage cheese/fruit snack if I get hungry - I should finish between 1300-1400 depending on the hunger.

I have only been drinking one DDP and my body is telling me all about it today. I have pain in my shoulders and neck that started about 1.5 hours ago at work...normally two hours after my 9:30 caffeine hit.

I slept fine last night and do not even remember DH coming to bed..

Have a great day!

Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/03/2017:
your shin may be hurting from shin splints. if you walk & it's painful, do not walk anymore and take a few days or week off until pain is gone. trust me. I have had very bad shin splints and leg tendonitis. it's the worst and doesn't get better unless you rest - it's from doing too much too soon.

you are eating well today, nice job InnerPeace.

I also had a little caffeine, but less. Trying to do better.

Ms.Kay on 01/03/2017:
You all are so inspirational! Keep up the good work!

innerpeace - Monday Jan 02, 2017

Weight: 306.0

Had a good day.

I wanted to get up early, but I didn't set the alarm or I didn't hear it, but I was up at 8:00. I showered and got the laundry downstairs but didn't start doing it until 10:00.

B: blue berry bagel, iced vanilla latte - with skim milk - not my favorite but I can tolerate it 

L: yogurt

D: chicken alfredo, salad

S; different yogurt

I finished the day with 1253 calories - I am definately OK with this.

I have only drank one DDP today, so I am OK with this.

I took a long walk almost 45 minutes - this is long for me and then I took the dog for a walk.

I finallly got back home and finished the laundry and then just releaxed. I finished my book last night so will be on the look out for something new -

Book sale next weekend!

I did meet my step goal today.

Just hope my SOONERS win tonight.

Have a great evening! IP

Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/03/2017:
Hi IP! your monday sounds a lot like my Monday morning :) I was barely movin' haha. but, overall, my monday was excellent...i hope you find a great new book.

I am so sick of my book sorta - it's not a story so it's easy for me to find myself really distracted when i'm reading it. need a book with a plot and story-line next, no more research / self-help books for now.

GREAT calories.

I need a low cal day like yours to fix my weekly calories...lol. but i'm sorta ok with higher cals right now as well...fix it next couple weeks.

innerpeace - Sunday Jan 01, 2017

Weight: 306.0

Saturday was a day we have planned to say goodbye to the horrid year of 2016. DH and I woke up early and went to breakfast.After breakfast we dropped my car off at the garage to get the oil changed and then we just went shopping. All over shopping. We hit the Giant Eagle, DH receied a gift card here from his employer. We shopped and picked up things we normally wouldn't hae purchased. We go to Aldi and pick up a few things and then to SAMs. Here I walk around SAMs just to be walking. I have decided to wear the fitbit again and was adding steps.  After SAMs we have a few other items to pick up at Wal-Mart but DH decides he doesn't fill like going at this time so we head home.

Friday night I had finished playing Candy Crush, I mean finish the game as far as I can play. I have played this stupid game for over 4 years and have wasted so much of my time on this stupid game. Finally I came to a place where the game tells me to "WAIT - THEY ARE CREATING MORE AND MORE LEVELS EVERY WEEK' I don't want to waste anymore of my life on this stupid game so I deleted it off my mobile devices and I am happy with this!

Anyway, since I deleted that awful time consuming game off my phone and iPAD I picked up a book and started reading it Saturday night. We decided to go to the Habachi Grill because I wanted to eat Sushi one time before the new year. We had a good time. I had grilled chicken and shrimp and only one roll of the Friendship roll with crab, avocado and cream cheese, so good. Once we finished dinner we stopped by a different Giant Eagle and went shopping again...for dinner stuff. Once home, I walked my dog and achieved the 5K step goal + more. Then I sat and listened to the OSU buckeyes get blown out of the water by Clemson. I was deleriously happy! I read about half of my new book (The Girl on the Train) and watched Mariah Carey trainwreck her performance and then we hit the sack.


I was up about 8:30 and DH made me a blueberry bagel and iced vanilla latte - i sat and tried to complete the Sunday Crossword and we hung out until about 9:30. DH leaves to go get the girl and I am watching something on TV, so unimportant I can't even remember what it was.

Once the girl gets here we go out for our New Year's Walk. We go to a park that was once a golf club that has been turned into walking trails and fitness trails. The wind was kinda cold, the trails were a bit muddy in places, the ponds were frozen over but just being outside in the brisk air and bright sunshine made it a great walk. We walked about 45 minutes, maybe almost two miles. I met my step goal of 5,000.

Once home DH chops onions and ham for me. I make black eyed pea and ham fritters every New Year's something to do with black eyed peas being lucky or something, or maybe my mom just told me that so I would eat the dang peas. I will have to do some research on this. Whatever the reason I have been making these forever so I made them. DH was testing out his new air fryer and cooked up some chicken breasts So we had the black-eyed pea and ham fritters, cranberry sauce, chicken and salad for dinner. It was very nice. The girl went home at 6:00.

And then to top the night off I had a yogurt for dessert and will be reading more of my book.

Tomorrow is the domestic maintenance day, another walk, yoga and some more book.

Have a great evening and stay safe

Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

Horn_of_plenty on 01/02/2017:
That def was funny with Mariah Carey...

You have the blueberry bagels and latte stuff at home? that's cool...or did he go out & get it for you? Either way, i hope the former?, DH is being a good boy!

I enjoy reading too. Let me know how the Girl On the Train is bc maybe i'll take it out from the library next as i need a break from reading about habits / self help / human tendencies...would be good to read a story again as the last time was really awhile ago - i sometimes read romances and also i read the Harry Clifton series which is excellent...but really the last romance i read had to be last Spring or over the summer i think!

I laughed about you going to the supermarkets like many times because that's exactly what i did this long weekend too! On friday after work I stopped in for veggies and then later on friday i went to another one for some hot food, then yesterday i went just one more time for this week....always good to be stocked up i guess.

I actually bought too much (maybe bc i was shopping after going to the gym and was hungry) and i think that there's a good chance something is going to be wasted which is sad because it's such a waste to spend $ and then throw the food away....! not good.

innerpeace on 01/02/2017:
The girl on the train - was a fast read, quite good, surprise ending. I enjoyed it. I wondered who did it all the way until the last few chapters.

innerpeace - Friday Dec 30, 2016

Weight: 306.0

We picked up the girl and decide that Arby's is for dinner. I had a turkey and swiss sandwich. I love that bread.

Once home the girl showers and stays in her room talking to friends. Me I'm sitting in front of the TV again, watching Breaking Bad, this is the last night.

Today, I am leaving at noon and going home. No major plans for the New Year's Eve. I did tell DH I would go shopping with him tomorrow, which is fine since I have an extra day off on Monday.

I am having hot spots/sensitive spots on  a few different places on my legs - it feels like a mild constant charlie horse I have one on my left calf and then on two of my left toes and then on the ball of my foot on the right side. It is constant tingling. It is very sensitve to the touch as well, and I wonder if this is like fibromyalgia or diabetic nerve pain. Either way it is quite annoying and bothersome.  I  have been freaking out about little things like this lately. I received a post card in the mail to make a follow-up appointment with my primary care physician. I may do that on Tuesday.

B: toast, iced vanilla latte

S: pretzel peices; gummy fruit



In homage to Breaking Bad - Have a great day...b!tches!

Progress as of today: 15.6 lbs lost so far, only 96 lbs to go!

Horn_of_plenty on 12/30/2016:
I hope you feel better. If anything, maybe you are walking less bc now the weather is cold? I was having annoying pain at work also - now I just stand up when I have to...and walk when i want to walk. I have a lucky deal and that's why i can do this - but also I know what happens from not moving enough. so sick of that!

anyways, I also left work early at 2pm. So nice to get out & be able to use the time doing something good for me - i went to the park with a friend who happens to also be a coworker that lives close to me = great deal!

enjoy your NYE relaxing. I too have Monday off :-D nice deal i say!

Donkey on 12/31/2016:
You MUST watch the train episode in Breaking Bad -- edge-of-your-seat, nail-biting -- best episode of the entire series. I'm not sure why you missed it, but it's definitely worth watching as a single episode on its own (i.e., not sequential, although that helps understand Jesse's rage against Walt afterwards).

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