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innerpeace - Sunday Dec 27, 2020

Weight: 293.5

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas...

it was challenging around here to say the least....

I moved my "work office" upstairs to the spare bedroom to make room for Christmas Eve dinner, when I bent over to plug in the laptop my hip bumped a five shelf book case (about 6 feet tall) and the top three shelves came crashing down. Probably overfilled, probably too heavy, however...big mess! Didn't clean it up. I really didn't bump it that hard - DH said it had something to do with the bed bug treatment and the reaction of the wood to the heat - but that was almost a year ago. Probably just too heavy.

Wednesday afternoon, I picked up the girl and we stopped at KFC (this is usually Christmas Eve dinner but it was a day early because of when the girl is over).

Thursday - DH and the girl went to Tony Bologna's house and dropped off Christmas presents. The YA and his girlfriend came over - we had a good dinner with prime rib, green bean casserole, brussel sprouts. I had left over mashed potatoes from KFC so I served those as well with a store bought sweet potato casserole and dinner rolls. I had previously baked brownies, a pumpkin pie and chocolate pecan pie. I also made a cranberry dish and watergate salad. We ate and played some games - had a good time. The YA adjusted something on DH's snow blower, which was a good deal because it soon started snowing.

Friday - DH had to use the snow blower - worked great. The girl went back to her mothers. The garage door broke again and we did nothing all day. I did dig a path for my doggos out in the back yard. DH's sister and husband stopped by on their way to her mother-in-law's house. It was a nice visit, they didn't stay very long. DH made a comment to me, he thinks they just stopped by to pick up some money we contributed to his brother's funeral and/or cremation.

Saturday - DH left to get the girl and the heater broke again. We spent the day with the fireplace going. DH snow blowed again. DH talked to a few repair guys on the phone and they walked him through a few things to fix the heater (apparently some vents outside were covered with snow and once those were uncovered the heater worked better, but we decided to go ahead and schedule the replacement in early January. Tony Bologna was over again and they watched TV. We had Chinese Food. DH's sister called and asked if we found her husband's wallet. I told her DH snow blowed and didn't say anything about finding one. DH, me and girl walked around and kicked snow around the drive way looking for it. Soon the sister and husband came back by and did the same, I guess they thought we didn't do a good enough job...but anyway. Never found his wallet.

Got a call from the YA that the gift cards we gave them for Christmas didnt work and kept getting declined. I had asked DH to give them $100 each, but he instead decides to buy gift cards so he can earn fuel perks...however, what he thought was a prepaid VISA debit card turned out to be only for Movie Theaters and when the YA tried to use it to buy a tire the card was declined. DH then did the research and found out that the gift cards could indeed only be used for Movies (the movie theaters aren't even open around here - what a waste) so I asked DH to just give them the $100 each like I initially asked) the YA was trying to buy a tire when he found this out...anyway when DH took Tony Bologna home they stopped by and gave the YA and his GF the replacement money for Christmas...and then the YA tells DH he's going to be a grand pa! Not sure how I feel about this yet.

Sunday - good morning! Woke up because I got hot. Fingers are swollen because of Chinese food. Will get the Christmas Tree down today and move the furniture back down to the family room and try to get some clutter taken care of and laundry of course.

Needless to say I over ate and indulged so will get back on track today with my walks - regardless of the cold - and my walks my even in fact be dogless but I will get them started back today - this morning.

Enjoyed the last few days - no regrets but I think I sabotaged my 289 New Year's Eve weight goal.

I'll start again.

Have a great day! IP

Progress as of today: 44.4 lbs lost so far, only 83.5 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 12/27/2020:
Busy holiday! The food sounds yummy.

Knocking the shelves down sounds like something I'd do!

bearcountrygg on 12/27/2020:
Well...that sure was an eventful few days......And you are going to be a step Grandma.......more and more surprises.....Using the spare room for an office sounds like a great idea....You will get a handle on the scales......

Donkey on 12/27/2020:
That's too bad about the garage door and furnace. UGH.

The home office... Well, if we go into a shutdown after Monday, then you'll have extra time to pick up the shelf mess? I think that's about the most positive thing I can say about the whole darn mess of things.

Somehow I have to think that the lost wallet is kind of a karma thing going on... Comes around for money, loses a wallet. Hmm...

Congratulations on becoming grandparents!

Horn_of_plenty on 12/27/2020:
who knows, maybe DH is right about the bookcase, could be! i hope you hip is ok!

Christmas Dinner sounds like it rocked with all those sides, main, and desserts! wooohooo, InnerP! I know you can cook! will have to look up to remind myself what a Watergate salad is!

lol that's funny how EVERYONE looked for that wallet!

whoa he shall be the youngest grandpa! i guess, congrats! well, there's certainly a LOT of highs and lows in your entry ! you are doing a great job balancing it all! kudos to you!!!

if you don't reach your goal, you just continue in the New Year! we're all works in progress and there doesn't need to be an exact timeline, ever.

innerpeace - Wednesday Dec 23, 2020

Weight: 293.5

Got home and worked some in the afternoon. Took the doggos for a longer walk than usual. It was 41 so tolerable out.

Made the taco bake, which turned out amazing, ate later than usual about 6:15.

Slept well and blood sugar this a.m. 127 (meh)

However, the scale was down a pound...I'll take this.

B: sausage pancake dog with maple syrup (DH found these while looking for the roast for Christmas)

L: left over taco bake


Will delve into baking yumminess for Christmas and I will have a few - but the majority will go home with the YA and the girl. The girl is supposed to be over this afternoon - I think will be spending the night because she has Christmas Eve with DH - her mother has screwed up all the Christmas holiday visitation and DH is just going with it - I guess to NOT cause trouble, however, she throws that visitation up in his face all the time, I sometimes think he should do the same, but I stay out of it. The girl knows too, but they just let the POS do whatever she wants.

OH, my gosh, I want to be so mean sometimes...again with that code of conduct I signed for my JOB!

Snow is supposed to be in sometime to day, I'll still try to walk.

Have a great Christmas Eve Eve.

Cheers! IP

Progress as of today: 44.4 lbs lost so far, only 83.5 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 12/23/2020:
I'm sure you guys will be so happy when the girl turns 18 and she can make her own decisions. Do what you have to to keep that job!!!

legcramps on 12/23/2020:
What are you planning to bake? I made scuffles last weekend and took six home with me. I've been trying to pace myself with them LOL, doing pretty good so far!

grannyannie on 12/23/2020:
Ex's can be such a pain in the arse. Mine son's ex is in charge of when and if I can see my granddaughters. Grandparents have no rights.

Horn_of_plenty on 12/23/2020:
41 is def better than it's been previously! thank gosh it's warmed up a bit! here too!

you are smart to not continue the conflict with the POS and just 'roll with it! nice...good job dealing with her!

Maria7 on 12/25/2020:
Merry Christmas! Congrats on your lower number.

Horn_of_plenty on 12/26/2020:
I hope your Christmas was a good one!

innerpeace - Tuesday Dec 22, 2020

Weight: 294.5

Was called in to work today to submit some retirement paperwork. We have three people retiring at the end of the year - one of these people is actually stationed in Long Island, New York and I am assisting, that is the nicest way to put it.

I don't mind - got me out of the house for a minute.

Last night DH and I wrapped presents - took forever and we ate cold cuts and cheese and crackers for dinner. Someone asks, are you ready for Chritsmas? well whether I am or I am not, it will still arrive just the same. But yest I suppose we are ready for Christmas.

The YA stopped by yesterday to get the slab of ribs DH smoked. He picked up his Christmas PJs and said he would see us about 10:00 Christmas Eve...I guess the YA and his GF is coming over...this is OK, we have plenty of food and we did pick up a few gifts for them. Converation is awkward sometimes.

B: yogurt, granola, vanilla iced latte


D: taco bake for sure (the meet has been thawed since Saturday, so I need to use this ground beef.

Blood sugar this a.m. 131 - not very happy with this

I know this could be because I haven't been walking as much - coldness, rain. I will do more.

Leaving work with two of these giant poinsettias - so win for me.


Have a great day! Tuesday for the win! IP

Progress as of today: 43.4 lbs lost so far, only 84.5 lbs to go!

Jacky82020 on 12/22/2020:
Beautiful poinsettias!!! I bought two $5 ones from Walmart. Tried to find a Christmas cactus this weekend. Walmart & Lowe’s sold out. Went to a nursery which had only small ones left. Got two and will repot together. Had a nice 5 yr old one that the squirrels ate when I let it summer outside. Still pisses me off!

grannyannie on 12/22/2020:
Hope you enjoy your xmas! Love poinsettias.

legcramps on 12/22/2020:
Taco bake sounds delicious! Enjoy!

Horn_of_plenty on 12/22/2020:
You sound great and if anyone is ready, it's YOU! you always are ready for a holiday, according to your posts and photos and arts and crafts!

i love the flowers, congrats on a Work Win!

bearcountrygg on 12/22/2020:
I love how you go with the flow......!!!!

Donkey on 12/23/2020:
What a beautiful poinsettia! I love them, and after Christmas, there are many rescues leftover (to save from being tossed). Unfortunately, they are very poisonous to cats, and my cats are too dumb - I'm afraid they wouldn't be able to resist trying a bite or 2.

innerpeace - Monday Dec 21, 2020

Weight: 294.5

Saturday - ran around looking at stuff - DH is a junking for Christmas decorations and he was scoping out what to go back and get when everything is 75% off. However, all the stuff is just about gone already. Did people buy more this year or the stores didn't order as much or a combination of both. We picked up a few more things for Christmas. I did pick up a gator mask thing - which I loved.

DH smoked ribs and chicken.

Pot pie crust was nasty - yes it was bad after all - and I tossed this - rancid.

Didn't do glucose check.

Did walk the doggos once - it was hella cold.

Sunday - went back to get a few more gator mask things and wouldn't you know the only ones left were neon green - I didn't want that.

Blood sugar 108 - lowest since starting

B: Wendy's

L: bought a single pot pie (ate half)

D: caesar salad, smoked chicken and chips - had this about 7:30

Proud of the BROWNS!

Monday - overslept this a.m.

B: granola and yogurt, vanilla iced latte

L: smoked salmon, crackers

D: probably taco bake

Will wrap presents - the YA and his GF were coming over on Christmas Eve, however, the YA said he was not feeling well and had diarrhea - so he can just stay home, I don't want that sick here.

Blood sugar this a.m. was 124 - ate later than usual : (

Will try to walk before the rain comes in.

Have a great Monday! IP

(hovering right at 294.9 - so hopefully this will be lower tomorrow.)

Progress as of today: 43.4 lbs lost so far, only 84.5 lbs to go!

Donkey on 12/21/2020:
Oh that's too bad about the pie crust. Rancid? YUCK. Throw that **** out!

Have fun wrapping gifts. It's a good feeling when finished, and you can see all the pretty gifts.

Doing well on the weight! You're a champ, you know? I mean, you don't give up!

grannyannie on 12/21/2020:
That's a shame about the pie crust.

Mmmm...smoked salmon. My favourite way to eat it is with scrambled eggs but not added to them. Just sitting next to them on the plate and warmed up that way.

bearcountrygg on 12/21/2020:
Don't you just hate to throw food out???? Now rancid food......that stinky stuff is a pleasure to toss.

legcramps on 12/21/2020:
We made nuts n' bolts this weekend and the bag of pretzels we threw in had gone bad...didn't realize it until we smelled the empty bag...had to go throw an entire bowl of mix to pick out all the pretzels!

legcramps on 12/21/2020:
go through, not go throw..we didn't throw the whole thing out! Yeesh.

Horn_of_plenty on 12/21/2020:
yeah, i'm guessing stores didn't stock as much?

then again, if people are home, they might be wanting to decorate more? that's a good question you have!

i just realized i have no idea where the closest Wendy's is??? i should check and see if they have any chicken nuggets/fries to try!

great job on your weight and also...you are learning a lot about blood sugar.

innerpeace - Friday Dec 18, 2020

Weight: 294.5

DH stayed home yesterday underfoot. He did go get the girl (I hate this - a 45 minute trip one way with lots of traffic) and they went to get some box stuffers for Tony Bologna and his sister. DH even finds a Christmas tree on marketplace and will also be giving that to then with a few ornaments. Then he says, I think I changed my mind. Seriously dude!! Get that tree over there. He says, maybe they won't even put it up. I tell him to say...send me a picture I want to see how it looks.

He means well and wants to help, but then stresses over it for the next week. This drives me crazy. I asked him to talk to POS and see if he can get the girl a few hours on Saturday or Sunday to talk all of this stuff over to their house and the girl can be involved instead of DH doing it all himself. No answer yet from the girl or POS.

For dinner I made the pot pie, one of the packages of crusts I used was outdated or old. It was very crumbly when I unrolled it and tasted old...but I used it anyway, the date said sometime in 2020, so what the hey! Once it was cooked it tasted all right I guess. No one complained. I had enough filling for two pies, so we will be eating that again today.

this morning blood sugar 118 - this is good as I drank an ice coffee about 9:30 pm last night

B: left over spinach, bacon frittata, vanilla iced latte

L: probably grilled cheese

D: left over pot pie

DH and I are going out for the last bit of shopping!

Wt. down to 295.9...so I still have a chance for my 289 goal, I will try harder...I will have to amp my walking back up...cold or not.

Have a great weekend IP



Progress as of today: 43.4 lbs lost so far, only 84.5 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 12/18/2020:
I'm convinced...that you will meet your goal!!! I love hearing that you are working on that glucose number.......DOING GREAT!!!!

grannyannie on 12/18/2020:
You'll get to your goal. Hope you get the girl over the holidays.

Horn_of_plenty on 12/18/2020:
you do have good chances of meeting your weight goal by the end of the year or very, very early next year, WONDERFUL, InnerP!

have fun shopping.

also, your fritattas sound so good! in order to break my own morning sugar spell, i should bake me up a frittata to have for a few days, for breakfast! ....to make when i'm bored of what i have at the moment...

Horn_of_plenty on 12/18/2020:
by sugar spell, i mean i have run into sugarland and haven't gotten out yet!

Donkey on 12/19/2020:
I would totally have used that crust. I tried making a cake that was like 2 years expired (in a box, no wet ingredients) and that was a no-can-do. It was generic brand, so maybe that was part of it? or too old? Or both? But a few months? BAH!

Ha ha - I know exactly what you mean about an underfoot husband!

I hope though that it will work out that you(s) can bring some Christmas to the Girl.


innerpeace - Thursday Dec 17, 2020

Weight: 294.5

DH took up on the three days bereavement for his brother, so he will be around all day. Good then he can go get the girl. I think they are doing the shopping for Tony Balonga and his sister later today. We have opted to have Christmas boxes instead of stockings. They have awesome Christmas themed boxes at some stores...some are really durable and can be used over and over...different and a change of pace.

The girl is over tonight and then I'm not sure how the next two weeks are going to work - her mom is in control so whatever she wants. She is here Christmas Eve and then goes to her mom's for Christmas Day...I hate the holidays when it comes to kids and custody!

Last night I couldn't decide what I wanted to eat. DH half grilled some chicken (he ran out of propane) he finished the chicken up in the oven. When I took the tin foil off, it didn't smell like something  I wanted so I put it back in the refrigerator.

For dinner I had yogurt and granola and then munched on three pieces of bacon. I cooked the bacon and made the spinach, bacon, cheddar frittata for breakfast this morning.

Tonight I will try and make a chicken pot pie with the grilled chicken.

I thoght about going into the office, maybe the beginning of next week for a few hours, I know I have crap all over my desk I need to go through. I get most of the bills online - but still.

B: bacon, spinach, cheddar frittata, vanilla iced latte

Took one dog out - the puppy said - uh Nope, not me, not today - he's a wuss. It wasn't really that cold and the wind wasn't even blowing.

L: maybe grilled cheese

D: chicken pot pie

Slow, slow Thursday...enjoy! IP

Progress as of today: 43.4 lbs lost so far, only 84.5 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 12/17/2020:
Mmm...fritatta sounds good and so does chicken pie.

Sorry about your dh's brother.

bearcountrygg on 12/17/2020:
Ohhh.......chicken pot pie!

Horn_of_plenty on 12/17/2020:
i actually had some thick, high fat, greek yogurt for dinner also. i put some liquid stevia in to sweeten. it was filling on top of the other things i ate :)

cheddar frittata sounds AMAZING.

your puppies are so afraid of the cold...maybe your next pet will be a sheepdog or something!?

innerpeace - Wednesday Dec 16, 2020

Weight: 294.5

Tuesday night picked up the girl, she is distraught! Worried about her mom - who she hasn't seen in two days. She is at the grandmothers and her mom went back to their house to 'try and fix her marriage'. I am sad, that she is sad. I asked her if she needed to talk to someone, she said not at this time. She was talking to a counselor/therapist for about a year, getting through other family issues. I told her if she got to overwhelmed to let me know and I will make her an appointment. Sometimes, she just needs to talk about things to others who are not so closely involved.

Dinner was Chipotle - ate a quesadilla - and had too many chips and salsa

Got news from my friends in OK, that they all have COVID and think it was transmitted over Thanksgiving. With this news I told DH I hate that his brother died but for them all together at this time of year for a funeral is just not a good idea. He and his sister talked about it and I think they have postponed a real funeral until the spring...which I am glad about, I know the nieces and nephews have the final say so I hope they think about consequences if they decide to go ahead and do this now. Terrible situations.

On a better note!!! WE WON and got our prize from the Duck Tape scavenger hunt we did back at the end of September...lots of different rolls of Duck Tape, a t-shirt (that will go to the girl - it is only a L) and a $500 VISA gift card.


Snowing today but took the doggos out - they are not a fan of snow! Supposed to get 2-3 inches. That reminds me- someone stuck a flyer in our mailbox to remind us to shovel our side walk so people can walk their dogs. I hope this went around to the whole neighborhood because we were one of the firsts to do this...just for this reason! Oh well.

Blood sugar this a.m. 118

B: yogurt, granola, vanilla iced latte

L: grilled chicken, tomato and cucumber with Italian dressing

D: TBD - maybe something with the grilled chicken - I'm thinking sandwich of somekind with a salad.

Hope you all have a great day! IP


Progress as of today: 43.4 lbs lost so far, only 84.5 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 12/16/2020:
You are such a good mom to the girl...she is so lucky to have you in her life. Hopefully the funeral is delayed for awhile for every ones sake. So happy your prize arrived...and just in time for Christmas......wow...Duck tape for life!!!!

Horn_of_plenty on 12/16/2020:
with the girl and home issues and wanting to talk to a therapist less involved in the situation, i totally get it. you are such a wonderful step mom to her!!!!! you are the best, InnerP, it's true!!!!! <3

not sure if i told you, i love chipotle too! I love their hot onions/peppers option to put on the meal. do you have that at the chipotle by you? i always ask for extra servings of it....hahaha....it's filling and great!

Personally, couldn't agree more about a postponed funeral due to Covid. So sorry for the loss too, but that is the safest.

Great gifts for your winnings! woohoo. you are a MOST CREATIVE lady!

also, i see you are getting snow! In the northeast, we are getting a BOATLOAD of it. i'll let everyone know tomorrow afternoon exactly how much we got! it's a huge snowstorm here in NYC!

Donkey on 12/17/2020:
It's a good feeling to know that The Girl has some stable Oriole in her life, too help anchor her in the storm that others have caused. You're doing a great job!

Numbers on the scale back down? :-)

innerpeace - Tuesday Dec 15, 2020

Weight: 294.5

and 2020 keeps on giving...

Yesterday the garage door man fixed the garage door for the low, low price of $426.00 are you kidding me? The spring had to be replaced...

And this morning DH got news that his younger brother passed away. So sad. He was in ICU for awhile due to diabetic complications and heart failure it was not COVID related.

And after a hard fight, the Browns lost..very exciting but not particularly the outcome I wanted.

Blood sugar this a.m. 120

B: yogurt and vanilla almond granola, vanilla iced latte

L: left over stew with saltines

D: caesar salad with chicken and tortillas

Today working at home, I will get the girl sometime today. She has an orthodontist appointment and I will get her after. Not sure about dinner, may stop and pick up something...sounding like a chipoltle kinda of night

B: maple cheerios, vanilla iced latte

L: grilled chicken, tomato & cucumber salad


Have a great evening! It's Tuesday IP


Progress as of today: 43.4 lbs lost so far, only 84.5 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 12/15/2020:
$426? Outrageeous!

Sorry about Dh's brother.

horn_of_plenty on 12/15/2020:
That does sound rather expensive for the garage, yeah. Sounds like most of the cost was for “labor” rather than the springs which I doubt are near that much...

My condolences go out to your family and DH’s brother. I am sorry to hear it and I am sure DH is quite emotional now.

Wishing you a little rest and better times to come <3

Donkey on 12/16/2020:
Speaking as someone who had had more garage door issues than I'd like to think about, I think you did alright with the $ bill. They can be terribly expensive to replace.

innerpeace - Monday Dec 14, 2020

Weight: 294.5

So over the weekend I gained two and 1/2 pounds (296.9)- thanks to cake and pizza and quarter pounder - I did stay busy though.

16th birthday was overshadowed by POS drama. I spent almost two weeks looking for a baker to make a special cake...we designed together for a special birthday. I was a little sad that the girl didn't especially think it was a big deal, I guess it was a bigger deal to me, I guess that's the way it goes...but sad nontheless. I guess I expected a little more appreciation, but I got the sense it is now expected and that is hurtful as well. I saw a picture of the POS cake from Wal-mart (share the cloud with the girl) - I would have rather had a picture of my cake, but oh well!

Tony Bologna was over and apparently DH is his best friend and BB told him they aren't having a Christmas because they can't afford it. This makes DH sad and he reaches out to Bologna boy's mom and asks if he can help with Christmas. They worked things out and DH bought Bologna boy and his sister some gifts, I think he spent almost $200, which I thought was nice and a very generous act of kindness. DH was sad the rest of the weekend because of this and I tried to tell him he can't fix everyone's problems and just be grateful he is a position to help others. He was still sad for the kids, which I understand.

POS overshadowed everything by texting the girl telling her that they were fighting (the POS and her husband) and they (the girl and POS) were now moved out of the house and were now going to live with the grandma. So the girl was worried about this all weekend...because this is the business of a 16 year old.

And so the heat is still fixed and running well...now the garage door opener is broke. It's so broke - the red emergency release is broke and doesn't work either so I can't even leave if I wanted to. Garage door repair man is supposed to be here at 10:00.

So like I said - pizza, cake and quarter pounder as food over the weekend...so my finest moments. I will do better this week.

Have a great Monday!


Progress as of today: 43.4 lbs lost so far, only 84.5 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 12/14/2020:
Very generous of your dh to buy the gifts!

16 year olds can be very, very fussy.

Horn_of_plenty on 12/14/2020:
due to hormones, bloat, and salt and food, it's easy for weight to move a pound or two or three. just don't give up on yourself for the long run because of that! :) I'm loving your overall progress!

awwww, you know high school kids...they don't always show their appreciation...also we have the expectation in general how we want someone to respond to us and unfortunately you had hoped for more than you got from girlie...i'm sure in her heart shes extremely appreciative. also, now that she is older and has a boyfriend, her thoughts may be on other things, that's all...!

wow, never knew DH was so so so thoughtful...he really does want everyone to be happy...and cared for, huh!? no wonder he and you are such a good pair. you are both really loving folks! that's really nice what he did - i'd say a little over the top! but that's no harm ;) he did what he could. and i agree with you, it's sad, but one person cannot attempt to fix all the sadness in the world...unfortunately.

oh my! now the garage door...! ugh! seems everything in your home has reached the end of their warranty / expiration dates! so sorry! i hope 2021 will allow you some rest and savings.

Happy Monday, so great to hear from you!

Donkey on 12/15/2020:
Bologna Boy - ha ha ha!

I think I'd probably eat off track too, with all that stress. And you know what would be the part that sends me over the edge? The stupid garage door! (Been there, done that.)

innerpeace - Friday Dec 11, 2020

Weight: 294.5

Thursday HVAC man came - fixed our heater for $95 service call and a $27 part - this makes me happy and I was warm again! Hopefully this will last until spring, that 3 week window where it's not cold enough for heat and not warm enough for AC.

No grilled cheese for lunch - no flat cheese. Instead I had tuna and cottage cheese.

Worked on Christmas decorations most of the night.

Slept very good - blood sugar this am 117

B: maple flavored cheerios, vanilla iced latte

L: chalupas from Taco Bell - I had a hair appointment and stopped here after - first time in one year and 3 days since I had anything done to my hair - Merry Christmas to me - had about 3-4 inches cut off and colored all the grey out.

D: TBD - maybe teriaki chicken and noodles

Will get the girl later today for her weekend here. Birthday celebration tomorrow and then I can put the Christmas tree up and wrap the presents.

down a bit more for the day, I'm hoping I can make my New Year's Eve goal of 289.

Have a great weekend! IP


Update I just picked up the girl. She just told me that the drama King's (her step-dad) money is fake. This man was scammed like a woman and a Nigerian Prince. OMG This is so very funny to me. They figured it out whenever the woman's lawyer kept needing money to process the will. Karma I say!

I will NOT be drawn into anymore of this delusional man's world. This is my vow for my own sanity.

Have a great weekend! IP


Progress as of today: 43.4 lbs lost so far, only 84.5 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 12/11/2020:
Glad your heat is fixed!

Jacky82020 on 12/11/2020:
Hey, great news! Seems like all those guys want a $100 or so service fee. Oh well, beats buying new appliances.

Jacky82020 on 12/11/2020:
OMG! That’s hilarious, did they get any money out of him?

horn_of_plenty on 12/11/2020:
Love a hair makeover ! I should do what you do - wait just about a year inbetween! Not sure I could last but it would save me a lot of cash and my hair would grow out !! Lol

So glad your heater is fixed !

Chalupas are one item I gave always loved at Taco Bell. They just hit the spot. If I didn’t have so much food at home, I’d get one soon now after you have provoked me!

Lol money drama has got to be the worst of any kind of drama !

Donkey on 12/12/2020:
HA HA HA HA HA!!!!! That is so funny about Drama King!!!! HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

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