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innerpeace - Tuesday Apr 21, 2015

Weight: 308.2

DH went to Sam's club and stocked me up on fruits and vegetables. Love that man! I have been doing a lot of reading on the plant based diet. I didn't want to wait until all the meat is used up so I told DH we were going to start and he could eat meat once a week until it was gone. I will see how that goes. I have been looking for recipes for lunch and dinner.

D: pork chops, corn and salad

B: twp pieces of whole grain bread with sweet potato butter, iced coffee

L: turkey pastrami, swiss cheese, rice chips

S: tropical trail mix (pineapples, mangos, coconut, almonds)

I threw a mushy pear in the garbage.

D: pork fried rice

The little girl is going to go to Time for Tails and read to the dog for 15 minutes, she is excited. Though we have a dog at home, he won't sit still long enough to let her read to him.

I am grateful for learning new things, a student tried getting out of a door that read alarm will sound (I guess he thought the sign didn't pertain to him) so he opened the door and sure enough the arlarm starting buzzing. He walked by and said...hey sorry! I called the access & security people who directed me to the police. The police called and said they couldn't find the alarming door. I said it is right here by my office. I told the girl at the front desk to look for the police and she told me...oh you can turn that off with your Z key! What? I didn't know that. I LOVE learning new things!!

I am grateful for the snooze button!! I'm just not ready to get up for the third time! I have read that if you get up the first time, you will feel more rested the entire day, I have yet to test that out!

I am grateful for opportunities! I got a call back from the job application I put in. I was invited in for an interview, wondering if I should tell my boss?

Challenge day #23 Today I am to right a letter to anyone!! Dear Jo Ann, keep trying, you'll make it one day! Love you!


Hope you all have a great evening!

Progress as of today: 4.7 lbs lost so far, only 13.2 lbs to go!

thinnside40 on 04/21/2015:
Sounds a good plan... Best wishes!

innerpeace - Monday Apr 20, 2015

Weight: 308.2

Happiness class today!! Still with the three gratefuls...she told us to go to a website meditationoasis.com and do one of the podcasts meditation series.

1. I guess I'm grateful for this class, I'm grateful that Monday at work is almost over and I'm grateful that the radio station played Imagine Dragons, I bet my life, before I left today.

Challenge day 22 what are you wearing? Crazy, my stretchy denim pants and my standard black shirt, anything to make the boobs look smaller!

B: whole grain toast with sweet potato butter

L: small salad with FF Italian dressing

S: 1/2 peanut butter sandwich

D: some kind of pork

I called and made an appointment for DH to go to the oral surgeon, there is no immediate appointments around here. He has to wait until the first of May to get in. I called three different places and they were all making appointments for May.

I still can't get used to how many people (3 times as many) there are in this state compared to my Oklahoma. So many freaking peple! so many freaking cars! so much freaking traffic!

here is a picture from our tea tasting yesterday! Love these two....


have a great night!

Progress as of today: 4.7 lbs lost so far, only 13.2 lbs to go!

innerpeace - Sunday Apr 19, 2015

Weight: 308.2

 I was so tired running around today I actually fell asleep in the recliner, for a few minutes. DH started watching the ACM award show which gives award for music that isn't even country....

I am so thankful for the rain, it sure has made everything so green and beautiful.

I am thankful for my DH he not only dug up one but three of the awful yucca plants.

I am thankful I have a job, but I sure don't want to get up and go to work tomorrow.

We went to a library book sale this morning and picked up about 20 DVDs and 2 dozen books all for the low low price of $4.00. Love those sales. We then went to a tea tasting and learned how to brew tea the right way. Dh won a game of TEAGO and won a certificate for the Paint with a Twist. I had lots of fun, but was not expecting it to last as long as it did. We had to hurry home and get the little girl ready to go back to her mother's house.

Laundry is done!

Day21 of challenge: something about turns offs and ons - not sure what it is referring. but right now my turn off is being lazy. I hate that I am and laugh about it all the time with my DH but I'm really trying to improve. I have been faced with a lot of my short comings lately and it is ugly. Friday on my way home from work, a lady was not merging well. She would NOT let me in, even though I had the right of way. I was cursing and screaming at this lady and even calling her names. I thought about shooting the bird, but I doubt she would have saw! I thought about ti all the way home, why was this lady so selfish? And then it hit me, why was I so mad? My mom reminded me one day when she was listening to me and DH fight before we were married. she asked me, Do you know why you get mad? NO..DUH? she said because you didn't or don't get your way. Oh man, I realize I was mad at that lady, not because she didn't merge or let me in but because I didn't get my way. I am seriously working on me!  And it is a good thing when I recognize this bad behavior.

B: two pieces of toast with sweet potato butter on it (a yummy thing we found yesterday during our bag lady tour)

L: half turkey pastrami sandwhich with provolone cheese

S: mini muffin with tea

D; turkey ranch wrap and a few french fries.

Plan to plant the flowers soon, after the fear of the frost is gone.

I hope you all had a great weekend. Cheers!

Progress as of today: 4.7 lbs lost so far, only 13.2 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 04/20/2015:
I agree with you on the american country music awards. It's soft rock music.

grannyannie on 04/20/2015:
Have a lovely day!

biscottibody59 on 04/20/2015:
Liked your concert rundown:-)

Not a country fan for the most part--it kinda doesn't know what it is anymore, but it knows how to make a lot of money apparently.

I have been following the rise of Sturgill Simpson (sounds a lot like Waylon) and his guitarist is supposedly extremely gifted!

innerpeace - Saturday Apr 18, 2015

Weight: 308.2

Busy day today. Didn't get up until 9:00 and then the little girl and i went looking for an indoor garage sale, that is in two weeks. I just thought it was today and wanted to drive out of my way. We did find two garage sales and stopped at the Goodwill store. DH finally got home from work and we headed off to our Bag Lady tour, which consisted of 11 different stores from antique shops, gift stores, farm stores and a quilt shanty. I had so much fun driving around to them all. We got a late start and got to all of them but one before 5:00 pm.

Once home we had plan to go see the movie Home which was very cute. It was good.

B; iced coffee

Brunch: french toast and 3 pieces of bacon

D: turkey swiss market gfresh sandwich from Arby's. Not a good day for food,

Busy day tomorrow too; we have a book sale and tea tasting scheduled and I will have to find time for the dog park and laundry. I love busy weekends.

I am grateful for the weekends, I love spending time with my family

I am grateful for spring days that are sunny and beautiful that make outings like today so enjoyable.

I am grateful for the convenience of Siri, without her I would have been lost two or three times today.

Challenge day #20: Concerts I have attended: My first concert was Charlie Pride, my mom and step dad took me when I was 12. I then went on to see lots more. Alabama (3 times), George Strait (5 times), Hank Williams Jr., Lee Greenwood, Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, Sawyer Brown, Prince, Chicago, Tracy Lawrence, Mark Wills, Alan Jackson, Toby Keith, Trace Adkins, Cher, Joe Diffie, Mark Chestnut I know there are more but I can't remember the ones I saw and never made it biggger than home town celebrity.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Progress as of today: 4.7 lbs lost so far, only 13.2 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 04/18/2015:
wow! you've seen soooo many concerts!!!!!!! I have only seen Bruno Mars, which was EXCELLENT! This coming June i'm going to see New Kids on the Block! Then, August, I will go to see Billy Joel and hopefully Earth, Wind & Fire! So, three concerts in the summer :)

I am also grateful for the spring days :)....as well as a good GPS :)

glad to hear you had a nice day, it's always nice to read a positive, thoughtful entry.

innerpeace - Friday Apr 17, 2015

Weight: 308.2

Slept very good last night, despite DH getting up and down, that will teach you to eat firey hot cheetos before you come to bed. He did let Steve out though and I got to sleep through the night, it's the little things.

Was up this morning and came to work, no one here for some reason. I am leaving early today. Tonight we are going to pick up DH's and little girl's new glasses. Tomorrow most of the day is filled with activities. I can't wait for the garage sales to start!

B: two pieces of whole grain toast, iced coffee

S: protein bar

L: chicken salad from grilled chicken last night on whole grain bread, pretzel pieces.

Not sure what is in store for dinner.

I'm grateful for toothpast, I can't image how people survived without in the days of yore.

I'm grateful for my mother for giving me life and guidance throughout my life.

I'm grateful for my dog, Steve, he has brought me joy, happiness and companionship.

Day 19: list all the places you have lived:

Del City, Oklahoma

Columbia, South Carolina

Tacoma, Washington

Seoul, Korea

Ansbach, Germany

Columbus, Georgia

Fayetteville, North Carolina

Damman, Saudi Arabia

Indianapolis, Indiana

Mililani, Waiawa, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii

Midwest City, Oklahoma

Elyria, Ohio

All the places I have lived for more than a month! I hope you all enjoy your weekend!

Progress as of today: 4.7 lbs lost so far, only 13.2 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 04/18/2015:
wow, you have lived all over...such cool places!!! Food sounds tasty :)

innerpeace - Thursday Apr 16, 2015

Weight: 308.2

I hit the snooze alarm five times, and couldn't get up to go to work. Sometimes you just need a mental health day.  I stayed home with Steve and hung out around the house. I did vacuum the living room, I trimmed the fat off some chicken and waiting for DH to get home to grill it.

B: two pieces of whole grain toast

L; turkey pastrami, swiss cheese and whole grain bread, honey mustard pretzel pieces

S: 1/2 peanut butter sandwich

D: grilled chicken, salad and baked beans

S: hot cocoa - it is still really chilly, it will be great when the chill is gone from the air and we can open up the house.

I am grateful for sick leave accrual, without it I wouldn't be able to enjoy a mental health day every once in awhile.

I am grateful for my fitbit it does make me feel bad when I don't get my steps in.

I am grateful for my home, I love a place where I can sit home and get some therapeutic time in.

Today is day 18 of journaling challenge: What TV show have you become addicted to? Well let me see. I can binge watch Law & Order, SVU, CSI and today I watched about five episodes of SuperNatural, which I loved, I don't know how long it's been on or how many seasons, but I just loed the shows I watched.

Lots of activities planned this weekend. I hope you all have a great night!

Progress as of today: 4.7 lbs lost so far, only 13.2 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 04/19/2015:
Yes, I am in definite full agreement with you about mental health days. I have to say this - our country really has some issues with its principles on employment and time off. No wonder so many people are sick - so many people so little vacation time, it is such a misfortune. I think it's sad :(

innerpeace - Wednesday Apr 15, 2015

Weight: 308.2

Loved, loved, loved the seminar on How Plant Based Living Saved my Life, you may be seeing a future vegatarian. Don't get me wrong I love steak and bacon, but I think I can just eat them once a month to reap the benefits of eating vegatarian. DH says, we have to get rid of all the meat in the freezer first, yeah OK, so after I have blocked all my arteries with all the meat in the freezer than I can start the plant based living. It's an idea, I'll have to seriously consider. I have a check up with the doctor in a month, we'll see what I can improve in a month's time.

Actually we have nothing scheduled tonight, since DH's dental appointment was yesterday, I guess I might try to tackle the awful yucca family in my flower bed. I hate that plant!

I'm grateful for my mistakes, I've learned so much from them.

I'm grateful for the ability to read and like it, enjoy it and get lost in it.

I'm grateful for indoor plumbing, especially after a bout with the stomach flu.

Day 17: What do you want to do when you get older? I would like to travel, i would like to own a flower shop, I would like to invent something new and improved. I would like to find my passion!

D: last night, we could have gone to any number of restaurants but DH was acting weird so we just went home. I had a tuna fish sandwich on whole grain bread

B: two pieces of whole grain toast, iced coffee

S: quaker quinoa protein bar

L: left over tuna fish sandwich, pretzel pieces

S: 1/2 peanut butter sandwich

D: supposed to be teriaki chicken, corn and salad. One more thing out of the freezer!

Enjoy your evening!

Progress as of today: 4.7 lbs lost so far, only 13.2 lbs to go!

thinnside40 on 04/15/2015:
You have a nice evening as well... Sounding good!

grannyannie on 04/16/2015:
I was vegetarian for years. I did feel better and healthier. I don't eat tons of meat now, but some.

innerpeace - Tuesday Apr 14, 2015

Weight: 308.2

Monday night...well it started off good, but then I got a phone call from my boss, which can never be good. She told me the kennel where her dogs were let one get out and it was hit by a car and killed! OMG. She asked if I could find someone at the office to take her other dog until she comes back. She comes back on Wednesday night so this wasn't a long time. I did send out an email asking if anyone in the office could take the dog, thankfully someone said yes. I went to pick up the remaining little dog and gave it to a co-worker who is working late on Thursday so he will bring the little dog to work when he comes in and my boss will take it home.

I would have taken the dog, but my DH said we couldn't leave her in the house without supervisor, well, OK but Steve as already chewed up everything, i didn't see the probably, but I guess using the co-worker was best. I know my boss was very sad, not being able to leave New York right away, but it wasn't a vacation it was a business trip so I understand. Her remaining dog is safe now!

D: DH cooked the black rean and corn salmon patties on the grill, they tasted ok. Had two peices of whole grain bread. Of course that didn't feel us up.

S:  meat sticks - they are finished so no more meat stickes.

Walking to my happiness class helped me reach over the 10,000 step mark yesterday, very happy about that.

B: two pieces whole grain toast, iced coffee

L: turkey, swiss on whole gain

S: 1/2 peanut butter sandwich.

Still working on getting the water down, this is very hard.

Also received a phone call about DH's dental appointment which is today...not tomorrow, putting a kink in the Plant life seminar. I told DH I would meet him there after he is finished, i really don't think he wanted to go anyway. I can't ever see him going meatless but who knows maybe it will be a peasant surprise.

Today I am grateful that I hear birds chirping in the mornings. Its a great way to wake up.

I'm grateful for a safe drive to work, Cleveland traffic is appalling sometimes.

I'm grateful for my loving husband, who never ceases to amaze me.

Day 16: what would you do if this was the last day of earth. I would leave work, call my family and wait for my husband to get home. He is my life and who I live for. I never knew so much love for another person, well my son, but that's a kid.

Also today, got notification that the raise that was supposed do come on July 1st will be added to Friday's paycheck with back pay, so very happy about that!

I hope you all have a great remaining of the day! IP


Progress as of today: 4.7 lbs lost so far, only 13.2 lbs to go!

innerpeace - Monday Apr 13, 2015

Weight: 308.2

Sunday night without TV...what a concept. Dh went to get the little girl to take her to a dental appointment this morning. I made the comment last week that she should be over and should have already eaten dinner, he got her home by 7:30, nope, no dinner. DH text his exwife asking why she wasn't fed, the exwife stated they eat late on Sunday. So DH asked the little girl if she ate again when she got home when she left on the Sunday's we had her...her reply...NO. I just don't get people sometimes. DH stopped at DQ and got her something to eat, he also brought me a blizzard...WHY? because he wants to make me happy? No because I asked him to bring me something sweet. I'm an addict!

I finished the laundry and read with the little girl, I can tell that she has improved, this makes me happy. We also worked on multiplication tables. Slowly but surely she is making progress, I'm very proud of her.

Today was the first class in a series of 4 - Increasing Happiness and LIfe Satisfaction. I learned that I am happy with my life in general. I am happy in my home and mostly happy at work, it is me, that I need to be happy with. I'm uncomfortable, I don't like my clothes or how they look or fit. I walked to the class, thought I was going to die! So we have homework to write three things we are grateful for each day for a week. 1. I’m grateful for my few real friendships. These people supported me through their belief in me during the hardest times, and I feel the connection with them even though they’re physically very far from me. 2. I’m grateful for my balanced state of mind, which is a total relief from the emotional turmoil that I lived with for many years.3. I’m grateful that I live. Life is sacred, so special. I wish more people would see the beauty of simply living.

Tomorrow is our seminar: How Plant Based Living Saved My Life, I am really looking forward to it.

Day 15...a picture of something I fancy at the moment. Currently I fancy myself! I am a work in progress.



B: two pieces of whole grain toast, iced coffee

S: quinoa potein bar

L: 1/2 turkey wrap with nonfat itailan dressing

S: 1/2 peanut butter sanwhich

D: i think DH said something about the salmon and black bean patty...Not feeling this right now.

I hope you all have a great day!

Progress as of today: 4.7 lbs lost so far, only 13.2 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 04/13/2015:
Have a great week.

thinnside40 on 04/13/2015:
"he also brought me a blizzard....why?" Sounds like something I would do! Trying to train hubby that it's ok. for him to tell me know in knowing I'll regret my/his decision to give in.... ;)

innerpeace - Sunday Apr 12, 2015

Weight: 308.2

We woke up early and headed out the door to a new nature preserve I found. We walked for about 40 minutes. It was nice and serene walk. On the way home we stopped at Walmart and got three porch chairs. I also have new mulch and pansies to plant. So afraid it will freeze again, so we are waiting until after the 15th. I started laundry but then felt tired so I took a nap for about an hour. After the nap we decided to take Steve to the dog park, so we left and let the dog run through the dog park for about an hour, we did walk another 1.5 miles around the ball park. Never seen lacrosse until today, I bet they can do serious damage with those sticks.

Once back at the house, I tried to vacuum out the dog hair, but learned that is an almost impossible task, guess I will have dog hair in my car. DH said he would try to get it out with duck tape, I will also try a lint roller for clothes to see if that helps as well.

B: toast and iced coffee

L: beef stick and whole grain bread

D: pot roast and mashed potatoes

Finished all the laundry and cleaned the master bath, DH went to pick up the little girl because she has a dental appointment early in the morning. He will then take her to school and go to work.

DAY 14 of challenge: name five celebrities:  Wll since it was Master's day, I'm going to have to add Phil Mickenlson to this list. I admire him and am a big fan, not that I like golf. Bruce Willis is a favorite,Will Smith and Nicolas Cage for movie draws. My final celebrity would be Peyton Manning, they way to recover from an injury and still be able to make things happen, very inspiring. Honorable mention...Jason White. He once had a commercial that said, what do you do after three knew surgeries, many months of rehab...you get back up and do it again! So keep trying everyone>

Oh Monday, I thought you would never get here!! Have a great day all!

Progress as of today: 4.7 lbs lost so far, only 13.2 lbs to go!

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