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innerpeace - Monday Sep 16, 2019

Weight: 334.6

Tomorrow will be one week meatless. I am trying this for several reasons, mostly just because I am disgusted by meat right now, just the handling of it, texture, smell everything about it grosses me out right now, maybe it is a phase, i don't know, but I can't bring myself to eat it.

We have been eating a lot of beans and vegetables. Like HOP and her misfits, they had an imperfect produce here that I have subscribed to and we have been eating lots of vegetables. I am always surprised of the different things in my box, eventhough I selected most of it. Here is a picture of the first box:


I got my second box on Friday with sugar snap peas and two bunches of kale, I don't know what to do with yet! I also selected a jar of mild curry sauce DH is using over stuffed bell peppers tonight. The stuffing has mushrooms, onions and rice.

We have been pretty busy the last few weeks, we went to the girl's high school football game to watch her perform in marching band. It was nice, except I was afraid to be in that area due to the recent shootings, I am leary of everything and having PTSD does not help anything...and I think DH wants to go again this Friday, because he is working first shift the next two weeks - from 5:00-1:30 - makes for early mornings.

We have also been to three dog events, which the dogs loved, me...not so much. Got into a confrontation with one of the vendors, and I don't think I reacted well....this after I've been reading on how I can only control my reactions and not others....failed!

The gist of it is...DH had Rocco and I had Steve, we were looking at everything, matter of fact there was just so much, I was overwhelmed. DH was standing at a vendor table listening to his speil about CBD oil and I was standing there listening too...

And then the vendor next door shouted at me...lady, when I looked at her, she pointed down and Steve had hiked is leg and peed on the clasps of about three or four leashes she had hanging down from the top of her booth. I'm like, oops, sorry. She said, you need to watch your dog. I said, sorry again, and said, IT IS a dog show. She said regardless of it being a dog show, do you let your dog pee on anything? I snapped back, yeah, I kinda do, when we are outside. She muttered something else and walked away. I just said, thank you, have a nice day and walked away, but I could feel the redness creeping up my neck and face.

DH asked me what was that all about and I told him and we got into a big discussion about it. He's like just forget about it. But I just can't seem to. I'm like...I want to go and compensate her for the leashes or buy them or something and he tells me no. Anyway we leave and I just cannot stop thinking about this incident and want to atone for being a bad pet owner and/or paying for what my dog did. It's like having kids and they break something in the store, a parent would usually buy it. Dilemma that I am having, again DH says it is collateral damage and she should have said something then and there if she needed me to pay for it.  I have even emailed the event and asked if they had a map/list of all the vendors so I can try and contact this person. Yes, yes I do have a conscious and this will chew on my a long time. Like an incident last year in a store parking lot. This is why I have gray hair.

Son successfully got moved to Hawaii and he is excited about being there. He said he was looking into buying a house. So excited for him, but I warned him about the financial responsiblity.

Work is OK, brought in some aroma therapy for my headaches. I think it helps and no one has complained about smelling essense of orange yet.

On a lighter note...flowers

Have a great night....and GO BROWNS!






Progress as of today: 3.3 lbs lost so far, only 124.6 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 09/16/2019:
I was a vegan for 6 months. I felt fantastic! But I didn't stick with it.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 09/16/2019:
honestly, i would NOT worry or waste any more time thinking about your doggie's accident on her leashes. i am sorry that he was "caught peeing" lol...if he wasn't caught maybe you wouldn't have noticed...either way, don't worry. yeah, it's a bad situation to be in as the owner, but, it's an accident. yes, you could have compensated, but, well, maybe she reacted wrong as the salesperson. either way, it's not the end of the world or a major tragedy, so i hope you will not continue to feel bad.

your flowers look amazing as does your imperfect produce, especially the yellow tomatoes which look outstanding!!! Very nice of you to share a photo with us.

it makes eating veggies, for me, much easier because they come directly to my apt so all i have to do is prepare them...i don't even need to go to the store to pick them up which is nice.

i also get into phases where i eat more of one thing and less of other food. i know what you mean about not wanting meat now.

Maria7 on 09/16/2019:
Fresh veggies look wonderful!

Donkey on 09/17/2019:
I echo everything Horn said. I too tend to hold on to past conflict scenarios. It does us no good. For myself, I have to actively work on putting it behind me, mentally.

You know, I just realized that to some, the dog incident might be nothing, but to folks like you and me, these are little traumatic events, that carry a lot of weight. Hmm...

bearcountrygg on 09/17/2019:
My personal feelings about the dog incident is that if that lady knew therre would be a multitude of dog around...she really should not have left the leashes that low...dogs are trerritorial..and it would cause male dogs especially to want to mark territory....things should have been up where dogs weren't tempted...if one of you had considered the compensation at the time..that would have been fine...you have tried to search for her and if you find her then discuss it.....if that doesn't work then you tried.....i was once many years ago...at a garage sale....there was some jewelery in a box for 10 cents....i saw what appeared to be a real diamond ring in there....I asked the lady if that ring really belonged in there...she sniped back...that if it was in the box then it belonged in there...so i bought it...and took it to a jeweler and it was appraised at over $100......I went back to the area where the sale was...and couldn't figure out what house it was...because I still felt funny about the whole thing.....never figured out what house...so I couldn't talk to anyone about it....so I bought kids school clothes with it..sometimes things happen and we have no idea why....maybe that happened to teach her to display her wares differently...dogs will be dogs!!

innerpeace on 09/17/2019:
Thanks! Afterwards I wanted to say, well my dog wouldn't have peed on it if another dog hadn't already....but I can never come up with anything clever to say in the moment. I haven't heard from the event organizer about my request. So...I tried. I am a little better today.

innerpeace - Wednesday Aug 21, 2019

Weight: 334.6

With DH's schedule change I feel so rushed. I get home and fell I need to start cooking dinner right away so we can eat before 6:00 p.m. When he is working second shift I come home and relax a little and I may or may not even get started until about 6:30-7:00 and I take my time.

Last night I was trying to make my rosemary waffle grilled cheese sandwhiches - these turned out ok. I of course ruined the first two batches with the stupid waffle iron, that I believe eventually over heated and burned out at the  These turned out pretty good, however, I would add additional flavor to the waffle.

DH gets home and we eat, he then grills some chicken for tonight's chicken alfredo the girl wanted.

And as usual, DH is falling asleep at 8:30 and he goes to bed....seriously?? This is just a little too early for me. As I sit there I decided I would go to bed early as well. I crawl in about 9:00...Big Mistake.

I was wide awake at 2:30 in the morning, like lets get up and get the day started. I tossed and turned and then when the alarm went off at 5:00 a.m. I had the worst headache. I got up with DH and ate breakfast and then ...work!

B: frosted shredded mini wheats, vanilla iced coffee

L: grilled cheese sandiwhich, banana, gold fish

S: yogurt

D: chicken alfredo with brocolli.




Progress as of today: 3.3 lbs lost so far, only 124.6 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 08/21/2019:
Waffle grilled cheese sounds interesting!

BearCountryGG on 08/21/2019:
Those waffles do sound interesting...and what is it about 2:30 last night......??? You aren't the only one waking up at that time!

innerpeace on 08/21/2019:
I went to bed way earlier than I normally do. I guess if you are only used to getting 4-5 hours of sleep, my body just wanted to wake up.

legcramps on 08/21/2019:
Haha, I like the pic. I feel that.

happy-1 on 08/21/2019:
I too want to smack some people. Instead I downloaded the Tasty app you recommended... it is really good

Horn_of_plenty on 08/22/2019:
when do you melt the cheese for the waffles? right after they are made you put the cheese on?

Donkey on 08/22/2019:
Do a Google search on "chaffles" -- it's the biggest craze in the Keto world right now.

innerpeace - Tuesday Aug 20, 2019

Weight: 334.6

Work is meh...

Got home before DH and started dinner. Sometimes Tasty is the only reason I can get dinner prepared. I had left over chicken and saw this recipe on Tasty and thought I would try it out...instead of frying in oil I used the air fryer and they turned out pretty good. I didn't have spring onion so I just useda yellow one and I added mushrooms.

I didn't take a picture of them fresh but here are the two I have for lunch.

DH and I did go to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things like milk and bread and bananas. When we got home we cleaned up the kitchen and I cooked a 'black and blue' cobbler using the blackberries and blueberries ...again befoe they went bad. They've been in the refrigerator over a week and we have yet to eat them. I cooked them down with sugar, vanilla and a little lemon juice - it wasn't a lot. After I put the mixture in a premade pie crust and banked it - kinda cobbler like.

Slept kinda crazy - again not used to DH being home and he wants to go to bed like at 9:30 and I'm like what....I usually don't go to bed until 12:00 and though 9:30 would probably be more healthy and beneficial it's like changing my whole routine and....I don't know I'll see maybe tonight.

Once I did finally go to bed I had crazy dreams and I kept waking up checking the tme. I was dreaming I had sideburns and was debating on whether to shave them off because I could not go to work with hair growing down the sides of my face. And then I was in the bathtub with an infant and I kept falling asleep in the tub and when I would rouse myself the baby would be floating facedown in the water because i guess I let the baby drown when I fell asleep...who knows.....and then I was tryinjg to hold a conversation with my mother and she literally had two faces (not two heads but faces)  and I kept changing positions because I didn't know which face I would be talking to. CHAOS to say the least.

Photo of the day...another submission from our weather  facebook page...so beautiful this was taken in Lorain when the storms rolled by a few nights ago. The Lorain light house is left of the lightening (with the red light).



B: cold oat meal, pecans, vanilla iced latte

S: yogurt

L: Left over chicken balls, banana

D: another experiment from Tasty - Rosemary Thyme waffle grilled cheese and French onion soup.

DH is grilling some chicken for the chicken alfredo the girl wants tomorrow for dinner - her first day of highschool.

Have a great night! IP



Progress as of today: 3.3 lbs lost so far, only 124.6 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 08/20/2019:
Great photo. Chicken looks tasty. My husband also likes to go to bed early and get up early. So I gave in and readjusted.

happy-1 on 08/20/2019:
i have to try that site!!!!

BearCountryGG on 08/20/2019:
First of all...yeah...shave those sideburns.....Chicken looks tasty...and the sky..amazing!!!!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/20/2019:
the photo you posted is amazingly awesome! it's worthy of being framed somewhere!

your chicken balls also look very well made..."TASTY!!!!" indeed...

lastly that dream of yours is def nuts and i'm glad it's a situation only in your dreams. i also slept poorly last night and also had a rough dream lately, a horrible dream about a working environment i think that was horrible and i was accused and doing lots of wrong and being punished for it? i think that was my dream....it was cookooo. it's crazy what we think of when we are "sleeping"

Donkey on 08/21/2019:
We had grilled chicken for dinner last night - YUM! Love the photo!

innerpeace - Monday Aug 19, 2019

Weight: 334.6

Friday night I ate a bowl of cereal for dinner. After the sandwich at lunch I wasn't too hungry. The girl left at 6:00.

DH and I just hung out and watched baseball.

Saturday morning we were supposed to do some yard work, however, when we work up at 8:30 it was already hot and humid. We didn't do yard work. We went to a new fruit stand. We picked up some zucchini and yellow squash and a few onions. Then we went to see another buy and got some fresh peaches and orange/yellow tomatoes.

B: toast

L: gold fish crackers, honey ham

D: burrito, chili, cheese with tomato, corn, onion and avocado

DH put together the burrito bake thing. It was pretty good, but I could have done without the corn.

Sunday, well, we got up at 6:30 and was outside for about 1.5 hours pulling weeds, we didn't get to mow because it stormed most of the night, this made the weed pulling easier. After weed pulling I scrubbed both upstair bathroom and chained out shower curtains and mats, they look so fresh and new now with different colors. When I looked at the clock it was only 10:30. It's amazing how much you can get down when you really want.

I started laundry and then I cooked the peaches, for a cobbler type thing I wanted to try and make.

B: toast

L: PB&J, gold fish crackers

D: grilled chicken, cabbage and brussel sprouts, we were cabbage heavy at this meal. It was good though.

S: the peach cobbler I made - it was pretty darn good.

PHOTO OF THE WEEKEND - this was at the fruit stand we were at - someone made this huge bulletin board and filled it with pens of all colors, shapes and sizes. I could think about doing this, we have many pens around the house.

DH is working first shift this week, my entire routine is thrown off, I guess this could be a good thing...but NO.

B: cold oatmeal with walnuts, vanilla iced latte

L: left over burrito, cheezits

S: balanced breaks


There is left over chicken and cabbage. However, I want to experiment and make things...

I have black berries and blueberries, I may try and make something with them before they go bad.

Anyway...off to tackle another week - back is a little stiff from pulling all the weeds. I don't think I should schedule so much to do in one day.

Have a great week! IP

Progress as of today: 3.3 lbs lost so far, only 124.6 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 08/19/2019:
Lots of bathrooms getting clean around this place...!!! Boy it has been a long long time since I made a peach cobbler...that sounds sooo good!

Donkey on 08/19/2019:
Blackberry cobbler? Just sayin'...

Donkey on 08/19/2019:
I need that bulletin board. But in 2 weeks, half of the pens would be missing, and I still wouldn't be able to find a pen in the house.

happy-1 on 08/19/2019:
hugs! Good steps forward. If I made that bulletin board, it would all be in a pile and never finished

grannyannie on 08/20/2019:
Love the photo!

Horn_of_plenty on 08/20/2019:
speaking of berries going bad, the unthinkable happened here over the weekend....2 whole pounds of strawberries got moldy. :( they were strawberries i bought from a fruit stand, not the supermarket, and i hadn't dried them off or soaked them in water/vinegar. ah well :( gotta eat the fruit from the fruit stand QUICKLY.

Horn_of_plenty on 08/20/2019:
interesting take on a bulletin board, indeed!

we are both using the fruit stands, yours sounds wonderful! i will be stopping by a different one today in Manhattan where i work to buy some fruit to last for the week since i don't have much at home!

we are both eating goldfish too....good change of pace for me, taste-wise.

innerpeace - Friday Aug 16, 2019

Weight: 334.6

Day three of earache - I will have to go to the doctor.

Yesterday was just terrible. DH worked midnight shift, got home about 8:30 and then he goes back to work at 1:00 pm. I was asking him why he did this because I don't think it's healthy, he was worried about what we (the girl and I) were going to eat for dinner as he was driving to work. I said take something out of the freezer I will figure it out - he said I am driving to work. I'm like OMG why and he tells me a story about someone at work and then I say well ask Kayla what she wants for dinner. And he gets all huffy and says, I will call her....I thought he meant after we got finished  talking  and he thinks he hung up on me but didn't....and then I hear....f'ing biotch!

I'm like OMG he actually called me that. At first I was mad and then I'm like he is aggravated and tired and is kinda taking something he forgot to do out on me....I don't like it and it hurt my feelings, but I can only control my own actions.

So he calls me back and I tell him, oh by the way, I heard what you called me and I'm sorry I said something to upset you, I know you are tired and cranky, but it's not my fault you chose to go and work another shift. I actually think he was embarrassed and he apologized. And then he said, what all mothers and food providers in the world hates to hear....Kayla said she doesn't care what's for dinner.

I then get a text from the girl asking me, what do I feel like eating. I reply, I'm not even hungry right now, how about we think about it when you get back home? She was going to the High School Open House with her cousin. She agreed.

So this girl gets home and she is in the crappiest mood ever. She was blubbering and crying about high school kids and how mean and rude they are and how unfair life is going to be now that she is in highschool. I told her she is at the bottom of the totem pole and upper classmen are going to be that way....because they just do. And then she was talking  about her BF and his firends and total melt down....I told her just 'kill'em with kindness - there is no reason to be rude and hateful and now is the time to be the bigger person. And then she hated her schedule and didn't get any of the elective classes she asked for...she really wanted Spanish and I think she was just really overwhelmed realizing that she is in high school now.

Anyway, she wanted McDonald's after she finally calmed down. Poor thing...and also she doesn't want to go back to her mother's tonight.

DH finally made it home at 11:00pm and apologized again.

Yesterday was a bad food day and just a throat punch kinda day all around..

L: ham ans swiss, fries

D: quarter pounder, fries and peach slushie

PHOTO of the day!!! Welcome to High School....

I slept surprisingly well and even woke myself up laughing at my mother. We were eating something and I asked her to try it and the minute it hit her tongue she started spitting it out. It was just funny last night and I woke myself up.

B: toast, iced vanilla latte

L: TBD - DH and the girl are coming up for lunch - they are stopping at McAllester's deli so I will either have a sandwich or salad


Plans for the weekend - yard work and DH wants to go to a fruit stand a few towns over and there is a dog event we may or may not go to.

Have a great day! IP


Progress as of today: 3.3 lbs lost so far, only 124.6 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 08/16/2019:
Yes, definiteley go to doctor with a 3 day earache!

grannyannie on 08/16/2019:
My granddaughter starts high school in Sept. Time flies.

horn_of_plenty on 08/17/2019:
High school looks so simple laid out just like that ! A few classes and the day is done!

I’m just joking but it sure is cut and dry like that in one photo!

Also, I am sorry she didn’t get Spanish! Is that a mistake ?!

When I was in high school, foreign language was mandatory in 9th grade.

Also, I know she will feel better soon. She will probably love band. Who knows, maybe she’ll grow up to be a teacher :)

Donkey on 08/17/2019:
I hope you had a good weekend - get that earache taken care of. That's no fun :-(

innerpeace - Thursday Aug 15, 2019

Weight: 334.6

Earache still.

DH came and picked up my car and took it for an oil change. I'm so thankful for this, but what can you do when you get an email from your car? He left me his big old truck to drive.

While he was out he found the Latino food.

D: occapurrio, pastilito both with ground beef. I had to pass on the potato ball and rice and beans, no thanks.

DH heads to bed and me and the girl go bra shopping. This is always fun. She knew what she wanted, but she would not carry them around. She pushed them around in a buggy. Oh to be young again. LOL. We were also looking for a specific bare of jeans that she wears to school and this particular Wal-mart did not have any in stock. The girl wanted her eyebrows done so I drove over to another town to get that down.

The girl mentioned she wanted her upper lip done as well. I was hesitant and asked her - what if it grows back faster - I'm not bringing you over here every week. I had a lot of what ifs..what if the thread cuts you like it did before and you go to school with a cut all on your upper lip, what if it stays red for days and days (she has very sensitve skin) I was trying to be funny and to make her think about it more all at the same time.  The cosmologist told her the upper lip hurt worse than getting the eyebrows done (but it did grow in less and less the more you have it done) because it would hurt worse the girl decided to wait until next time. I am glad.

The Wal-mart by the mall in this town did not have her jeans either, so I was able to use Rakuten again and get 5% cash back so there's that! I also ordered her two school shirts and a hoodie with her name embroidered on it which she doesn't know about.

DH was up at 9:30 and left at 10:00.

I think I got into bed at 11:30, and slept very well.

When my alarm went off at 5:30 - instead of my DH...I see this...he was so compfortable and did not want to get up.


B: toast, PB, iced vanilla latte

S: banana

L: I don't have lunch today and will go get a salad from somewhere

D: I don't know, but it is evident I need to make a menu if DH is going to continue being on 3rd shift. - which I hope tonight is the last night.

Have a great day! IP

Progress as of today: 3.3 lbs lost so far, only 124.6 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 08/15/2019:
Cute pic.

BearCountryGG on 08/15/2019:
Don't you love those things like warnings that are from the car.....my dashboard suddenly lights up while I'm driving and my radio turns off.......and while I attempt to read what the big sign says...of course it takes my eyes off the road...and the sign says .....JUST A REMINDER THAT DRIVERS NEED TO REFRAIN FROM USING ELECTRONIC DEVICES WHILE DRIVING!!!!! KEEP EYES ON THE ROAD AT ALL TIMES!!!! Well...that is what I was doing until the car told me to read something...WHILE I WAS DRIVING!!!! I think we have all gone insane!!!

BearCountryGG on 08/15/2019:

legcramps on 08/15/2019:
LOL, what a cute picture! And you're such a good step-mom :) I hope she loves that hoodie!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/15/2019:
you have helped girlie tremendously oh my! thank gosh for you! <3

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/15/2019:
is that Stevie dog? cute!

innerpeace on 08/16/2019:
no that's Rocco.

Maria7 on 08/16/2019:
You are such a wonderful Mother to your Step-Daughter! No wonder she loves you so much and enjoys spending time with you. I hope you have a very blessed day!

innerpeace - Wednesday Aug 14, 2019

Weight: 334.6


Got home last night and DH had a roast in the crockpot. This is normally good, but this roast was tough as a boot. It was even hard to cut up with a knife. The dogs liked it though. We won't buy this cut ever again.

We did spend some time looking for a new Puerto Rican food store and found one. DH will attempt to find it and get the food he wanted the night before.

The girl and I are supposed to go bra shopping after work. She told me, there are just some things I don't want to do with my dad. I get it and understand totally.

D: little bit of roast, potatoes and carrots

After dinner I had the last of the ice cream that was in the freezer., and PB M&Ms...again choices and why are these even in the house? I so sick and tired of talking about losing weight and wonder why I just don't actually do IT!! I'm so frustrated with myself.

And then I started stressing about my flight coming up...bigger, overweight people and airplanes just don't mix. 56 days now - 8 weeks.

B: toast, iced vanilla latte

L: banana, balanced breaks

S: 2 cuties

D: hispanic food if DH finds the place, if not I have no idea yet.

With all the hype surrounding the Cleveland Browns this year a local farm made a corn maze in recognition of our star quarterback Baker Mayfield, who happens to be from OKLAHOMA!!  PHOTO OF THE DAY! Baker Mazefield


Progress as of today: 3.3 lbs lost so far, only 124.6 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 08/14/2019:
I get it. If any junk is in the house, I will eat it. Only thing I can do is not have it in the house.

legcramps on 08/14/2019:
I will eat the junk also if it is in the house!

Maria7 on 08/14/2019:
I'm with Annie on the tempting foods in the house...if it is not in the house, then can't eat it...

Donkey on 08/15/2019:
I feel your disappointment with the roast. I've so been there.

I agree with the comments above: if it's not in the house, I don't eat it.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/15/2019:
i'd have been MORTIFIED if i had to bra shop with my dad! definite no!

innerpeace - Tuesday Aug 13, 2019

Weight: 334.6

We got a new member of the management team at work and I'm not so sure our ethics allign. He says and does things I think is shady so we might have issues. He's worked here in a different position, but I now have to interact with him more...this may cause me undue stress AND he hasn't even officially been announced yet.

The plan for Puero Rican food fell through. The man who owned the restaurant closed and now just has a food truck and DH couldn't find where the truck was, so they brought home pizza. I ate it, but really wasn't in the mood for it. He took the left overs for lunch and I'm munching on a chicken caesar wrap.

B: French toast flavored toast, vanilla iced latte

S: PB M&Ms

L: chicken caeser wrap

S: balanced breaks

D: IDK - DH said he was cooking something but I have no clue. And if I'm right, I'm thinking it's gonna be some kind of chicken (because 1. he just bought a 40 pound box of it and 2. he said he cooked the last we ate frozen on the grill) I will pray for rain, that usually keeps him i the house and I may be sick of chicken.

Rocco got out of the yard this morning early, at 6:50 and was barking at one of our neighbors, Nancy and her dog Ragan. I heard him barking and went outside and she says in her snooty voice...One of your dogs is out and he was coming after her (Ragan) and that just isn't going to happen! I just replied. Thanks I'll get him! But what I really wanted to say is...really Nancy you don't have to be so dramatic, this puppy will not hurt your dog, he just wants to play. Little does she now that when her husband, Lance, walks the dog, he stops and lets the two/three (if Steve is out too)  dogs play.  I got my dog, well I opened the gate and he ran back in and then I finished getting ready for work.

And then I dropped my water bottle and broke the outside insulation cover that keeps it cold..GRR.

DH sent me this photo of the day he saw while school supply shopping with the girl..I laughed and I told him, well you can't get that for Kayla, because drama just loves her.l....so I will try and adoptt it for my motto of the week..



Progress as of today: 3.3 lbs lost so far, only 124.6 lbs to go!

happy-1 on 08/13/2019:
That's a good motto!

Donkey on 08/13/2019:
I love that water bottle! Ha ha ha -- Too bad it's not a sign that I could hang up on the wall at work.

I will comment on your entry from yesterday shortly, if you get the chance to read it.

Maria7 on 08/14/2019:
That is very cute! Did you get it?

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/14/2019:
how do you flavor the toast as french toast? is it a frozen toast?

haha....too funny with K and drama...all high school girls are soooo dramatic hahaha

innerpeace - Monday Aug 12, 2019

Weight: 334.6

I can plan things and they don't go right. DH says I will leave work at 3:30, pick the girl up and get the food...YOU just go home.

At 4:40 DH calls me and says there is only one lane of traffic on the turnpike due to construction and he has not even gotten the girl yet. So I say great, she is 30 minutes from the food. You get the girl and come home and I will get the food. So I left to get the food that was supposed to be ready at 5:00, but it seems like everyone else in NE Ohio wanted Itialian food Friday night as well. So I get to their to pick up my 5:00 o'clock food about 5:10 and I had to wait until about 5:25 to get my food and then when I get home at 5:40, DH and the girl still aren't there. Needless to say we finally ate our 5:00 o'clock food about 6:15. It was still good, but I'm sure it would have been better.

DH fell asleep quickly after because he had only slept 4:00 hours the night before. I left him in the recliner all night. He said he woke up at 5:30 and went to Walmart for some stuff.

Saturday the girl's BF is over and they watch TV and we go see The Lion King....nothing has changed, it is still cartoon Lion King, just with great CGI and different voices. Most of the music is the same. Afterwards we take the BF home and go shoe shopping. **Rakuten is just about the greatest thig ever! We had a 15% coupon and it was buy one get one 1/2 off and DH spun the wheel and got an additional $2.00 off. But with the Rakuten I also get 15% cash back from the instore shopping. So we saved a lot of money.

Afterwards we went to Dickie BBQ place and I had brisket and pulled pork. I ordered backed beans but these were spicy and I gave them to DH. We got home and DH fell asleep only to stay awake all night to prepare for the 3rd shift this week.

Sunday I was up and did laundry, DH and the girl went shopping and picked up a pair of shoes we had to order. I made chicken marsala, roasted potatoes and green beans for dinner. It was quite tasty. DH went to bed for about five hours and he was up and left for work at 9:45 to get there by 11:00.

I slept very well after I finally got to sleep after midnight and then the puppy Rocco, jumped on the bed and landed right in the middle of my back, this woke me up for a minute.. The girl is there all week so that may help.

DH is taking the girl school supply shopping and they are going to get the Spanish food they want to eat...Alcapurrias - yucca and plaintain fritters filled with ground beef, Mofongo is green plaintains stuffed with chicken or beef, rellenos de papa is mashed potatoes stuffed with ground beef (I do not like these), pasteles again with the green plaintains filled with meat and usually steamed (i do not like these either) and then the pastelitos which are fried dough with meet inside - I can give or take this stuff, but DH and the girl like it once in while. I just told them don't buy extra.

Busy at work.

B: cold oat meal, iced vanilla latte

L: left over chicken marsala, banana

S: balanced breaks

D:...some of the above


PHOTO of the day - my office posted a - "show us your sunsets Ohio" and this was submitted. I just thought it was beautiful.


Have a great evening! IP

Progress as of today: 3.3 lbs lost so far, only 124.6 lbs to go!

legcramps on 08/12/2019:
Beautiful sunset! Sounds like it's been busy for you; your meals sound delicious and those Spanish dishes sound interesting too!

BearCountryGG on 08/12/2019:
I according to allery skin tests am seriously allergic to plantains...They look like bananas but are more like potatoes...is that correct....I really want to try them...but kind of afraid to.....I did have a banan allergy for years ( caused mouth blisters)...but I can eat them now......you have just whetted my appetitie for plantains...

innerpeace on 08/13/2019:
Yes plantains, I find them kinda bitter or some weird taste and they are starchy like potatoes.

Horn_of_plenty on 08/13/2019:
thank you for letting me know that Lion King is basically the same :)

great savings on your shoes!!!

I have had the Mofongo! it's tasty & very rich. i also do not like to have tons of this type of food!

enjoy your day, that photo could be in a calendar! great photo, indeed!

Maria7 on 08/13/2019:
Beautiful picture! Hoping you are having a good day.

Donkey on 08/13/2019:
I had meant to comment on this entry, and now I cannot remember what I wanted to say.

Your trip to the BBQ restaurant has me thinking about some of the BBQ places I should go with the Husband. There are 2 places in different towns that I've heard are just the best. The only problem is that then there's a crowd and a wait.

innerpeace - Friday Aug 09, 2019

Weight: 334.6

My body is telling me I don't get enough sleep as I start to nod off at work. I'm glad it is a slow day and not alot of people running in and out. Just that one guy who talks to hear himself talk...I sometimes wonder if anyone on the operations floor even listens to him al all.

Last night I get home and I think I'm going to fall asleep in the recliner, which is what I really want to do, but the doggos have different plans. So we walk, they play and I head back home. I didn't ask DH to take anything out of the freezer for dinner so I stare at the pantry...not one or two times, but three times. I don't see anything even remotely appealing. I go outside to the freezer and poke around. Stuff I don't want. I do see to frozen packages of premade shrimp tacos.

This sounds good to me and I have avocado that needs to be eaten. So why not...and I can even cook it frozen. This turns out so, so good. I even want to go back to the store and see if I can find it again. Oh, I just also mention these packets have been in my freezer for over a year. The expiration date was 8/31/19....so these didn't go to waste.

So along with mini naan, sour cream and avocado, this was my dinner.

PHOTO OF THE DAY.....Shrimp tacos

I was torn between watch the Browns or the Indians so I kept flipping back and forth between the two games.

Fortunately both teams won!

DH worked the day shift and he is going to get the girl and pick up dinner. He ordered from Olive Garden. He said he ordered me the Lasagna Mia with chicken. I will have to go look at this. It will be a nice treat before he goes on midnights next week. This means I will need to get some good sleep this weekend, because I don't sleep well when he is on third shift...and one of the dogs will be restless without his human. I swear this dog gets depressed when DH is not around.

B: cranberry orange scone, vanilla iced coffee

L: junior whopper, BK taco (don't waste your time - this was not good)

D: Olive Garden - lasagna Mia

Have a great weekend!



Progress as of today: 3.3 lbs lost so far, only 124.6 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/09/2019:
beautiful preparation of your shrimp tacos! looks perfect, InnerP!!

i'm quite sure the BK taco wasn't near as good as the shrimp tacos you made!!!!!!

have a nice weekend, InnerP!

Donkey on 08/10/2019:
Those tacos look delicious!!!! The photo, not the BK ones - I didn't even know BK had tacos... I think I'd rather opt for Taco Bell than a BK taco. Love those Whoppers though.

When my husband worked 2nd or 3rd shifts, I never slept as well as I did when he was on days. Try to do your best. Running on no sleep is not good.

Donkey on 08/11/2019:
PS I wanted to let you know that I mentioned your words of wisdom to my son when he called yesterday, about not stressing out too much about failing, because the military will find some way to utilize him. I think he's afraid he'll end up cleaning toilets.

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