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innerpeace - Wednesday Jan 06, 2016

Weight: 319.0

You plan and plan, but sometimes, the plans don't work out. Like planning on eating the gyro kit! Not looking at the calories...I ate it anyway. I spent over 500 calories on the gyro, taking my total 372 over my goal. Total for the day 1930. It wasn't even as good as the ones we bought on the food trucks before.

We took off to the AT&T store. Store one couldn't help because they were out of stock (sold out from the store's grand opening sale and Christmas) so off to store #2. We were finally out of there after 1.5  hours plus $148 dollars for the phone tax and a special they had on a $99 ipad mini, which we didn't need, but couldn't pass up this bargain. I am totally convinced that I am finished with the smart phones. Once this phone breaks or dies, I do not want to get another one for reasons.

Then since I promised my DH to look at TVs at Best Buy, another big, big mistake. Walked out of there after buying a  55" samsung curved TV, it is beautiful, but damn! So instead of going on vacation I will be watching this TV. And I had to request 4 hours of annual leave to be home when the thing is delivered.

B: granola with almonds, milk, iced French Vanilla latte

S: Balanced breaks (nuts, raisons, cheese)

L: turkey and swiss sandwich with pickles, two tangerines

S: lime greek yogart

D: chicken - and I think I will make the detox salad again and we have potatos that must be used before they go bad.  DH is pickying up the little girl after work and will probably do homework and figure out some things.

My boss, who really wasn't my boss, just acting in the position, got word that he is now the boss. I was thinking this was a good thing until someone came and said differently. I guess I am just so naive about things, or I just look at the best in people and go from there. From my view point, he is doing a good job, buy my vision was skewed by the person coming and spouting off the things he hasn't done or taken care of...above my pay grade. I wouldn't know that stuff anyway! Thank you have a nice day...jackhole!

Today is hump day! GO AND DO IT! Have a great evening! IP

Progress as of today: 2.9 lbs lost so far, only 19 lbs to go!

cybermom4 on 01/06/2016:
Don't feel bad about the gyro!! I did the same thing today at Red Lobster. I have to tell myself to 'not give up because of a few calories' Just keep drinking water !

grannyannie on 01/06/2016:
Hang in there! You know you can do it. As for smartphones, I'm totally attached to mine!

H82BFat on 01/07/2016:
Technology is NOT my thing. I dropped my phone months ago & it's cracked... I don't plan on replacing it being as I don't know how to really use it anyways! Don't let someone else's opinion of your boss get you down. Some people only ever see the negative. If you were content, stay content until you personally have a reason to feel otherwise. I say this because apparently I have been told by STRANGERS that I have a resting "be-utch" face & yet I feel that my ability to make people laugh is one of my strengths... ;) :D

innerpeace - Tuesday Jan 05, 2016

Weight: 319.0

Taking the muscle relaxer...big, big mistake, I was falling asleep waiting on dinner. DH baked some chicken, it was a funny thing, because after the time went off, the chicken still looked raw. It didn't even brown. I asked for about 15 more minutes, and then it was dried out of course. We ate it. I also made a detox salad that was better than it had any business being.

1/2 head of cauliflower

2 bunches of brocolli

2 handfuls of baby carrots

all in the food processor

I added a handful of craisens, salt and pepper to taste.

I put a small amout of pecans, walnuts & almonds in it as well (NOTE: do not food process these nuts together - the pecans and walnuts are much softer and grind faster than the almonds)

The dressing was balsamic vinegar with a touch of honey. It turned out delicious.

So after the chicken and two helpings of the delicious vegetables, I ended up being 173 calories over my 1575 goal.

Started watching the new biggest loser, didn't like the format. Started watching my team play, which went into a triple overtime and then they lost! Didn't get to bed until after midnight.

Breakfast: granola almond cereral w/milke (Millville brand)

Iced French vanilla latte

Snack: Sargento balanced breaks (fruit, nuts, cheese)

Lunch: turkey, swiss sandwich with pickles, two tangerines

Snack: Greek lemon merangue yogurt.

Dinner planned gyros (kit we bought from Sams) with lettuce and tomato.

Tonight we are going to the library to return DVDs, ATT&T store to check out the iphone6 and then to best buy to check out a TV (our 19 year old TV went out over Christmas). running around is a good thing!

Have a great evening! IP


Progress as of today: 2.9 lbs lost so far, only 19 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/06/2016:
SUCH a great idea thank you - regarding the salad you made. I do have a food processor - good idea girlfriend! easy to eat and easier to digest - small bits..and tasty...so many flavors per spoonful! yum!

You are doing great.


My tips to you include stopping the cheese for a bit - it's very high calorie and for only such small amounts.

also...instead of cheese on sandwich, you can use mustard - or even healthy 1/4 of an avocado.

innerpeace on 01/06/2016:
Thanks HOP, cheese is my weakness. I will work on cutting out the cheese.

innerpeace - Monday Jan 04, 2016

Weight: 319.0

Hello Monday!! Let's do THIS!

B: Life cereal with 1/2 cup of milk

Iced French Vanilla Latte

S: Greek lemon Meringue yogurt

L: turkey sandwich, multi grain bread, swiss cheese and pickles, 2 small halo tangerines

S: Sargentos balanced snacks - cheese, nuts, fruit

D: scheduled grilled chicken, salad and broccolli and quinoa salad.

We have resolved not to eat after 7:00 pm. So far so good. DH said he was hungry last night about 8:30, he didn't eat though.

Had to take down the holiday decorations at work and made three trips up and down the stairs, which was ok until my back started to throb. I feel like I have two hot molton fire balls right under each kidney. in my lower back. I took a muscle relaxer and some Aleve, hopefully this will help, as I have yoga planned later - which could help as well. May walk thte dog if I can stand it.

Wanted to watch the new biggest loser and my college team play basketball, so will get things done. Have a great evening! IP.



Progress as of today: 2.9 lbs lost so far, only 19 lbs to go!

puddles on 01/04/2016:
Good idea not to eat in the evening. Have a great day.

Donkey on 01/04/2016:
That's a very good approach!

OhioRaven on 01/05/2016:
Have a Good Day, Peace.

biscottibody59 on 01/05/2016:

innerpeace - Sunday Jan 03, 2016

Weight: 321.0

 We had plans to go on a Owl Prowl hike, but when it was time to leave it was sleeting, hailing, snowing, whatever you want to call it. It was litle round balls of ice that hurt when it hit you in the face, needless to say to stayed home. I ran up and down the stairs and finished four loads of laundry.


DH had a headache and passed out on the sofa - lots of TV watching today.

Breakfast - blueberry bagle with cream cheese

snack; French vanilla iced coffee

Lunch - Ramen - DO NOT EAT THIS EVER AGAIN! over 365 caleries - found this out after the fact! I will look next time.

snack - tomato garlic bruschetta on toast with broiled mozzarella (1 piece)

dinner - 5 oz. roasted pork loin, cauliflower and broccoi with quinoa and kale poppy seed salad

All in al the total for today was 1598 - just a little over my 1575 calories for the day. Need to concentrate on drinking more water.

Feeling depressed because I have to go back to work tomorrow after a glorious 4 days off. The holidays are over people, it's time to get back to reality!

So Monday comes!




Progress as of today: 0.9 lbs lost so far, only 21 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 01/04/2016:
You did well on the calories.

OhioRaven on 01/04/2016:
Good to hear from you again. Sorry about your hike. Sounded like a good one. Yes, stay away from the noodles.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/04/2016:
congrats on doing all that laundry...I do all of mine at once too! usually once a week & sometimes twice if I have a day off or extra time :-)

your dinner & those veggies sound delicious!

yeah, Ramen is so tasty & salty...so good!....but so bad...just all carbs and salt and doesn't ever keep me satisfied. it's a waste of calories.

innerpeace - Saturday Jan 02, 2016

Weight: 321.0

This morning I ventured out with my DH to do the dreaded shopping. We got started right at 10:00, hit Wal-Mart, Aldi, Drug Mart and Sam's club. I usually hate this shopping stuff, but today I didn't mind it too much. I know I also got over 3,000 steps in, according to my fitbit at the time. However, when I updated the damn thing it went back to zero, so I walked the dog. Nothing going on this evening, but the laundry. Breakfast - blueberry bagle with cream cheese

iced vanilla latte coffee drink

Lunch - cheese pizza from sams

Dinner was premade chicken enchiladas, with sour cream and avacodo, which was very tasty.

This all may sound like a lot and I didn't get the vegetables and fruit in to my meals, but it was all just under 1574 calories. I was pleased. Grand total of steps just over 5000.

Hope you all have a great Saturday evening. IP

Progress as of today: 0.9 lbs lost so far, only 21 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 01/03/2016:
Keep at it! Have a great weekend.

innerpeace - Friday Jan 01, 2016

Weight: 0.0

Innerpeace on 01/01/2016:
Where is my cursor? I try typing an entry and I click in the box and I don't have a cursor. I press submit and then enter what I want to say in the comments. I have tried at work and at home, same problem.

But besides that! Happy New Year. I was brave enough to get on the scale today, results typical, when you over eat and do no exercise. I have resolved to make this a better year, starting with my journal. Understand I journal. You may read about my crazy dysfunctional family, my work, friends, crazy thoughts and other crap that spews out of my mouth. with that being said, my number one goal is to try and lose weight. I told my DH that I was thinking of going back to school to get my master's degree but nixed that idea when all I really want to do is lose weight. I have tried everything and get started going but then just quit, I have trouble sticking to anything for a long period of time, so I start again for the 38th time. This year I resolve to 1. Walk run/move 2016 miles (that's maybe 5 miles a day, and guess what I'm already behind, because I didn't do anything today. 2. Journal I know this helps me, again, I need to make this a priority, or else it will fall by the wayside too.

I will work on not having my husband's mood affect my days, like today did. He is crabby, sad, depressed, worried. I do not know. I asked he said I'm just chilling today! He is sullen and brooding, I don't know why, he doesn't say. I can only ask so many times. In short, he sucks today!

Tomorrow we are going shopping and turning in the aluminum cans that we have amassed over the last six months. It has been customary to give this money to the DD, however, I made a suggestion to only give her half and put the other half in her savings account, this caused a little friction. She just wastes it on stupid cheap toys at 5 and below anyway.

Food today - brunch - maple brown sugar oatmeal - no lunch but snacked on focaccia crackers - dinner chicken breast - green beans seems okay, but topped it off with two pieces of buttered potato bread, so stupid. Need to drink more water, this endeavor starts tomorrow, in hopes it will help my skin clear up.

Anyway, happy new year to the old diarist and hello to the new. This will be a great new year.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/02/2016:
...you may have to go to "tools" on top of your screen near File, Edit, View, Favorites, TOOLS... and make sure you have it set for "Compatability View Settings" Sometimes I also have that problem of not having a cursor when I go to make an entry.

innerpeace - Wednesday Dec 30, 2015

Weight: 0.0

innerpeace on 12/30/2015:
Wow I am having issues! BIGGEST I have ever been. My body hurts. I can't tie my shoes, I can't clip my toe nails. So depressing. If there was a day I didn't wake up and think about losing weight it would be a glorious day! I think I'm homesick. I miss my mom and Oklahoma. I'm happy I got to see my son over Christmas, not sure if I like his wife or not, I guess all mothers feel that way about daughters-in-law at first.

cybermom4 on 12/30/2015:
Stay strong!! soon it will be a new day !

Horn_Of_Plenty on 12/30/2015:
Welcome! You are going to be ok. Actually, welcome back!

This is not an easy time of year with the holidays and everyone rushing around and still sometimes going to work like me without any days off. It's not easy for many. So if you are feeling extra run-down or upset, it could be because of everything going on. Maybe you are very busy, way busier than you'd like to be.

but soon it'll be January, and you can get into a new mindset even now. Now that the major holiday of Christmas (if you celebrate) is over. I actually don't celebrate Christmas, but all my coworkers who do seem very run-down right now. Many are sick. Basically the whole area of folks that I work with. I think it may have passed by me this time around, thankfully. I hope to get a little extra rest this weekend so I can stay healthy...

...but this is about you. try to think in the positive. Why don't you like his wife?

Innerpeace on 01/01/2016:
I like my son's wife ok, she's a loner. She spent a lot of time up in the bedroom by herself. She took pictures of everything, even the food. That kind of bothered me. She is a nice girl, smart, pretty, she is fine. I'm just too picky I guess.

innerpeace - Thursday Aug 20, 2015

Weight: 302.2

One step forward - two steps back. Things happen, so you sometimes just have to go with it! The end of June I had my yearly mammogram scheduled and that just turned into ugly things. After tests and more tests and two biopies over a months time, I DO NOT have cancer. It was so nice of those three doctors to keep looking. During this time motivation to do any physical activity and/or eat healthy went by the wayside.

DH, the little girl and I did finish the walking stick program and picked up our walking sticks last weekend. So we did accomplish that! Our C25K was halted at week six, so we will have to start all over - what a sucky deal, I lost over $50 on the registration for our race that happened as scheduled without us. Because, just because....we are lazy. If you know something is helping and good for you, how could it still be so easy to quit? After all the breast drama I didn't even want to wear a bra for a while, must less run.

DH accepted another position at the beginning of July as a supervisor and he brings all kind of work/drama crap home because he/they can't find employees who want to work. He has no vacation now, but they still let him go on a planned vacation we had the last week of July...with  no pay though. He has to finish probation before he will accrue any vacation, about 80 days to go now.

I also accepted a different position and am just waiting on my background check to get a start date. I will be going back to The National Weather Service. I worked there in Norman, Oklahoma before moving to Ohio. I was very lucky to get on hre in Cleveland. It will be a very emotional day whenever I tell my boss, I have come to really like her. I like this job too, but they do not count my military time...the NWS does and I will accrue more vacation time, more pay, more benefits and it is half the distance from the house.

We had the little girl four weeks this summer, she went to camp here at school for three weeks and was with us for our vacation to West Virginia. We fought lice for the last two weeks she was with us...so now they are saying there is 'super lice' I'm sure this girl has it. Yesterday she started school, without lice, I'm wondering how long it will be before she gets it?

So...I start again tomorrow! A word of advice, no matter how tough life is never, never stop journaling. Still I search for Inner Peace!

Progress as of today: 10.7 lbs lost so far, only 7.2 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 08/20/2015:
Wow! Lots of going on. But you're not giving up and that's all you can do. Good luck.

thinkpositive on 08/20/2015:
You have had a lot to deal with! Hope that life smooths out for you.

Umpqua on 08/20/2015:
Welcome back IP and I'm glad things worked out well for you on the health front. Congratulations on the new jobs, very exciting!

innerpeace - Wednesday Jun 17, 2015

Weight: 302.2

Been absent for a couple of days, also behind two runs on my c25k program, just because life sometimes sucks!

Weekend failures

Friday: we had pizza for dinner

Saturday: The little girl and I tried to do our hike, but it was rained out ergo we have McDonalds for breakfast! We hit bunches of garage sales until DH got off work. We then went to a Strawberry festival and no strawberries were had, I opted for a gyro instead, not the healthiest choice. That evening our boat didn't show up for the scheduled sunset cruise, so we went to the movie Jurassic World and pigged out on popcorn.

Sunday it was raining all day so DH and I didn't go on the run. It wasn't raining at 10 so we did go for a hike and then it rained on us half way through it, the mosquitos were sure out in droves. After the hike DH said he wanted to eat breakfast out, so I had two eggs, bacon and two pancakes. So, not thinking about losing weight this weekend. In the afternoon we drove to Akron to watch Shrek the Musical. Loved the musical, loved Akron. We ate at a bicycle bar called Gasoline Alley and I had a crab salad sanwich with alvocado and cream cheese, it was OK and I felt guilty afterwards.

Not to go without drame. The little girl's mother is pissed because DH didn't tell her we were bringing the little girl home late on Sunday so now our hiking stick program is in jeopardy because to make up the hike we missed on Saturday we will have to keep her longer on another day. She said, you are always messing up our plans, you aren't going to do this anymore...she is just a mean, mean woman. I emailed her and told her i wasn't aware of her plans and we weren't being late to be vindictive it was for the benefit of Kayla. I also told her I thought both her and my DH should think about being more flexible if its for the benefit of the little girl. She didn't answer back, so not sure what will happen with our last hike...awful heifer!

Then someone broke into my DH's truck and rifled through everything, took cell phone charger and tom tom. They used the garage door opener (and took it) but took the keys out of my car before the next door neighbor yelled at them and they ran out, taking the remote and keys. DH spent most of the night changing door locks.

Work is crazy, June is the end of our FY and we are trying to spend moeny before we lose it and I had to work late the last two evenings...ergo pissed Tuesday run...and my CAVS lost.

Here's to a new and better days.

B: bagel with cream cheese

L: turker burger, watermelon

S: 1/2 peanut butter sanwich

I have no clue what's for dinner. I am going to the thrift store to look for costumes for little girl's camp next week. YAY Fun!

Progress as of today: 10.7 lbs lost so far, only 7.2 lbs to go!

ohioraven on 06/17/2015:
Sorry bout the Cavs. Brownies will be putting on pads soon.

Umpqua on 06/18/2015:
My husband works for ESPN and had to work at 3:30 a.m. yesterday on something because the Cavs lost. I feel your pain! Sorry to hear about the break-in and all the drama, I hope the week is going better for you now.

hollybelle on 06/19/2015:
A lot going on with you! I say stay calm and breathe.....otherwise I overeat - LOL! Life happens. Hang in there.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/22/2015:
I also had a bagel with cream cheese yesterday for out father's day lunch. It was a late lunch, with salad, bagels, lox, whitefish, and sable. (typical types of food you will find in NYC!)

innerpeace - Friday Jun 12, 2015

Weight: 302.2

I didn't come to work yesterday, I was sick! OK so I wasn't really sick, brain tired i guess. I mowed the grass and for that good deed received four blisters on my hands, even wearing gloves! 

DH had another job interview and was home later than usual. We had sandwiches from Jimmy Johns.

DH and I were up at the butt crack of dawn doing week 6 day 1 of the c25k, suprisingly I didn't have too much trouble. 10 run 5 walk 10 run, it was very sticky this morning though. I do believe that the 5 minute walk time really makes it hard to get started again. This is the last week for walk rests I know I will miss them once they are gone.

We have a crazy schedule this weekend, lots to see and do.

2 Hikes, strawberry festival, boat ride and Shrek the musical, and somewhere in there I'm to find time for laundry.


Have a great weekend!

Progress as of today: 10.7 lbs lost so far, only 7.2 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty on 06/15/2015:
Nice to hear how physically active you are :)

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