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innerpeace - Tuesday May 05, 2015

Weight: 305.2

It started raining yesterday on my way home from work. Don't you know the wheels in my head were spinning every which way to get out of doing the c25k program. When I picked DH up at work, he had a bad day, so i'm think YAY I won't have to do it. But once we got home it wasn't raining and DH said go get changed so I did. I thought I was going to die yesterday but we finished. I hope it some day gets easier.

D: left over egg plant parmigian with maranara sauce and wheat spaghetti noodles.

S: DH made a smoothing with frozen fruit and apple juice

I slept great last night, even my dog slept all night.

B: toast with vegan non dairy butter - it was really OK, I didn't taste much (I still haven't cooked with it - I will try later)

S: 1/2 peanut butter in wheat pita pocket

L: couc cous and steam kale, orange

S: fish crackers, I forgot the name of them

D: I made some black beans. This is TBD

Slow day at work, I will be glad to get out of here and go home. DH is picking the little girl up and she is going to the Teens at the Table class. They are making microwave pizza. Then they are coming home and she is then supposed to go to Time for Tails to read to the dog at the library, she really enjoyed that. DH got a text from the exwife telling him her van was broke down to bring the little girl home. Excuse me? You don't tell me to do anything, you might ask me to.  I told DH he should have told her, he would just keep her until her van was fixed, but he didn't think it was too funny. Oh well, this should be an interesting evening.

Have a good one! IP

Progress as of today: 7.7 lbs lost so far, only 10.2 lbs to go!

innerpeace - Monday May 04, 2015

Weight: 305.2

Not a fan of the scale today! Very, very frustrated to say the least. I will keep trying.

B: two pieces whole grain toast with sweet potato butter

L: wheat pita pocket with mixed greens, tomato, acorn squash and cauliflower with honey lime dressing

S: peanut butter on flat sandwwich rounds

D: left over eggplant parmigian with wheat noodles

Should do week two day one of c25k, this may have to be changed to the morning, i'm afraid we'll get overheated running in the evening.

Today was the last day of the happiness class and a girl walked in late. She just sat at the first seat she came to, the instructor asked her to join the class and she said she couldn't. She was crying and said she just found out her nephew was shot and killed. She was really upset and said she needed to leave, the instructor didn't want her to be alone so a couple of other women left with her for comfort. Nothing like a happiness class with a shot of reality in it. I just hope that didn't happen near me again. This is getting rediculous. I think received a text from DH telling me to be careful on my way home because of rioters downtown Cleveland. Great! That's all I need, I'm right smack in the middle of Cleveland, maybe they are elsewhere.

Did manage to score 2nd row seats to a showing of Shrek the musical for the little girl, we will have to drive to Akron though. She will really enjoy this.


Progress as of today: 7.7 lbs lost so far, only 10.2 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 05/04/2015:
food sounds AMAZING! do you make your own sweet potato butter??

innerpeace on 05/05/2015:
No, we bought it at a farm store.

innerpeace - Sunday May 03, 2015

Weight: 305.2

Loved the Glass Menagerie play. I didn't remember it ending the way it did, but this is a memory from highschool, so who knows. We got home late and tried to watch the movie Multiplicity but it kept freezing so we just watch the Disney Channel instead. I am so tired of Austin & Ally, Jessie and Girl Meets World, this was my entertainment for most of the morning.

Woke up about 8:00 this morning DH finished laying the mulch, which I am glad, I really do not like the stuff. For a slow day I feel really tired. We left about noon and took Steve to the dog park, stayed about 45 minutes. I got home and had to start the laundry, the never ending task.

B: biscuit, scrambled egg

L: left over pasta from Friday night

D: breaded eggplant with marinara sauce and wheat pasta - this will be dinner tomorrow as well, along with left over cous cous and kale.

Am not looking forward to MOnday...I have the blues already just thinking abou tit.


Have a good night!

Progress as of today: 7.7 lbs lost so far, only 10.2 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 05/04/2015:
Hope you have a good week.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 05/04/2015:
I also had some kale tonight. It was premade from a nearby foodstore...they are a run of the mill place, nothing fancy, but they do have a nice kale salad in the deli section!

innerpeace on 05/05/2015:
I like it because it doesn't get all wilted, it kind of keeps its texture, unlike spinach.

innerpeace - Saturday May 02, 2015

Weight: 305.2

Up this morning at 7:00, DH and I did day 3 of the c25k. We ran around the neighborhood. I felt pretty good and have great hopes of finishing the program and topping it off with a 5K race on July 4th. DH said his knee is hurting, hopefully it will go away. While on our jaunt through the neighborhood we saw a garage sale with a book shelf and DH went back after our run and got it for $15. I love saving money, the bookshelf is as good as new.

DH and little girl went to Home Depot and did the kid's project it was a picture frame today. While they were gone I finished planting the flat of pansies and am so happy they are finally planted.

We did have breakfast from Taco Bell I had a biscuit with egg and what they called bacon was cold and crumbly I raked it off. DO NOT recommend this. GO ELSEWHERE FOR BREAKFAST!!

We headed out the door to an in door garage sale I found two weeks ago, came out of there with three tennis rackets and a candle. Then we headed off to the zentangle class. Had a good time.

Came home took a nap and now headed off to see the play Glass Menagerie.

B: nastiness from Taco Bell - taco bisquit with scrambled egg

L: swiss cheese and bread from the grocery store (not exactly on my plant based living diet)

D: grilled portobello mushroom, cous cous with kale and mixed vegetables (brocolli, carrots, red  & yellow peppers.

I also had the most delicious Diet Dr. Pepper, I loved it so!

Here is a sample from our zentangle class! So relaxing.

Progress as of today: 7.7 lbs lost so far, only 10.2 lbs to go!

innerpeace - Friday May 01, 2015

Weight: 305.2

I made an appointment two weeks ago for DH to see the oral surgeon. The said be sure to have your xrays. OK. DH had an appointment at the dentist and told them about the oral surgeon appointment and the receptionist said she would send the xrays. OK. Now yesterday, DH receives a call from the oral surgeon saying we don't have your xrays and we will have to reschedule. I am so irritated at people. I told the dental office that my DH was in pain, but alas so how the xrays were supposedly sent but apparently lost in the mail (i get so tired of excuses) so DH had to reschedule the appoint until 5/23 What the hell? So much for his pain, I guess we will buy stock in the Orajel or ambesol company.

It was still chilly yesterday at 45, but we got home and changed clothes and headed out to the little league field. BIG MISTAKE, it is little league season and lots of people there. SUCK IT UP CUPCAKE! We turned on the C25K and started out, saying wow this isn't so bad for the first interval of running. Yeah, not so much for 4,5,6,7 & 8 which I was sure I would truely die, but I kept moving and finished day 2. On my last interval of running #8, I was huffing and puffing and hurting everywhere on my body and the little kids were running around, I so wanted to call them little fer's but I didn't. I just smiled at their mothers as they walked past. I feel ok today.

D: grilled portabello mushroom, noodles in herb sauce, kale salad.

S: 6 power balls (DH talked me into making more - this is the last batch, they are addicting - and tho made from healthy ingredients, I'm sure the calories add up quickly)

B: two pieces of whole grain toast with sweet potato butter

S: 4 power balls

L: hummus, mixed greens, tomato on whole grain, pineapple

S: 1/2 peanut butter sandwich

Dinner is plans for Olive garden, we have a lot planned for this weekend with the little girl. I still need to plant one flat of pansies. The rest are looking ok despite the colder weather. Today I think it gets to 60! YAY.

have a great weekend!

Progress as of today: 7.7 lbs lost so far, only 10.2 lbs to go!

thinnside40 on 05/02/2015:
Great job!

innerpeace - Thursday Apr 30, 2015

Weight: 305.2

Got home and DH had the little girl. The first thing I did was start planting the rest of my pansies. Almost got finished I still have one flat left. DH and I are going to do C25K again tonight and then try to get the last flat planted. I was telling DH my body is sore from bending over and sitting on the ground. My legs are very sore from squatting, but I won't let that deter me. It is supposed to rain again, hopefully it will hold off until later this evening.

D: spinach, mushroom, artichoke heart pizza (had very little cheese) with kale salad

S: power balls (oats, honey, peanut butter, chia seeds & quinoa maple granola mixed in) There were delicious, will probably make some more tonight.

B: quinoa maple granola with cashew milk

S: four power balls

L: hummus, lettuce, tomoto, roasted bell pepper on whole grain bread, grapes

S: dried pineapple

D: planned grilled portobello mushroom burgers, kale salad and I'll find something else.

Hopping for the rain to wait until after I do the C25K and plant the last of the pansies.

DH has an appointment for the oral surgeon, but they called and said they never received the xrays, so that could be cancelled. We also have plans to go to Olive Garden but that all depends on DH's appointment tomorrow.

Progress as of today: 7.7 lbs lost so far, only 10.2 lbs to go!

liza36 on 04/30/2015:
The power balls sound delicious! I love the C25K program - good luck with it tonight.

OhioRaven on 04/30/2015:
Stick to the plan, Peace.

innerpeace - Wednesday Apr 29, 2015

Weight: 305.2

Picked up DH and was pleasantly surprised that he remembered we were going to start the couch to 5K. We didn't want to run in our neighborhood. Kids are playing all over and what more for them to look at than two rolly pollies trying to run down the street. We ended up going to a little league baseball/softball area. There was one man already there running. We get out of the car, stretch a bit and I'm thinking OK we are really going to do this. It takes me down memory lane as I remember my husband, friend at the time, running with me because I have never been a good runner. I was also considered over weight so we would run after work in the army. We did it willingly.

I started the program and we walked, I dreaded the moment the lady said start running, but we did. It was a slow trot but we ran. We ran around the park and parking lot. During one of the walking intervals, the man we saw running earlier stopped and spoke to us. He said I started running six years ago, you keep doing what you are doing and soon you will be a runner like me. Everytime just add more running, it'll eventually get easier. I was so inspired by his nice jester, it made the last two running intervals, when I thought I was going to die, much easier. It's the little things. The whole first day took 25 minutes. My DH said he will go again on Thursday. I'm really excited. My knees are a little sore and my hamstring feels tight but other than that we did it! Day #1 of couch to 5K....complete!

Once home we both made dinner. I made an awesome black bean and corn salsa to go with the yamadillos, it was wonderful. The kale salad topped it off. We even had water to drink. Here is our awesome dinner. we dined al fresco.

We managed to go to the store, I was looking for some spaghetti squash. I was also looking for some mini chips to make a peanut butter, oatmeal power ball. Once we got home we did manage to plant one flat of the pansies before it got too late. And it is April 30 and we did have frost on the ground this morning. I hope my pansies didn't get to awful cold. We will finish tonight. Three more flats are left. We can get it done.

B: toast with sweet potato butter

S: dried pineapple

L: hummus, roasted pepper, lettuce & tomato on whole grain bread, orange, carrots

S: 1/2 peanut butter sandwich

D: is a pizza with spinach and mushrooms, artichoke hearts and a kale salad

I am grateful my husband puts up with all my different scemes and experiments.

I am grateful for spring flowers, they smell so good.

I am grateful for lunch time. It means a lot to relax for the second part of the day.

No news yet on the outcome of the interview.

Enjoy your day!

Progress as of today: 7.7 lbs lost so far, only 10.2 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 04/29/2015:
Go for it! Have a lovely day.

Umpqua on 04/29/2015:
Great job to you and your husband on getting started on the running. Getting started with anything is always the hardest part and that other runner was so nice and encouraging. Your plant-based foods sound (and look) yummy and filling too.

liza36 on 04/30/2015:
I love the Couch to 5K program! I recently did a month of it before my knees started giving me real trouble and I stopped for a bit. I noticed a big difference in my endurance and energy levels during that month. Keep up the great work!!

innerpeace - Tuesday Apr 28, 2015

Weight: 305.2

Day #2 of plant based diet, I can say my body knows! - Also I have had no diet doctor pepper  in two days. This is just because we haven't been to the store to get it.

B: cheerios with chashew milk, I also drank the iced coffee with cashew milk

L: pita pocket with kale salad, hummus and roasted peppers, orange

S: carrots

D: black beans and corn salsa, yamadillas (sweet potato in flour tortilla), kale salad

Work day seemed like it lasted for twelve hours today, I'm so ready to go home.

Today is also the last day of my 30 day journal challenge which was to write about anything! this was a self imposed challenge to see if I would be able to stick to something I started. I am always giving up and stopping what I do, so I did it!! I made a point to do it every day, even on the weekends and I'm happy about finishing. It gives hope to my plant based living experiment. My DH is also supposed to start the couch to 5K with me this evening. NO Excuses, I will write about the outcome tomorrow. I think the next four days consist of rain, so I might try to plant my pansies...finally.

Steve, a side ways picture of the love of my life!!

This was the challenge I converted to journaling, I tweeked it a bit, again...glad I finished it.

Have a great evening.

I am grateful for co-workers, one gave me a plant today.

I am grateful for radio for playing traffiic reports every 30 minutes so I will know the fasted way to get home.

I am just grateful that I got another chance to live today.!


Progress as of today: 7.7 lbs lost so far, only 10.2 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 04/28/2015:
Very healthy!

biscottibody59 on 04/28/2015:
Sounds good--enjoy your week!

cybermom4 on 04/29/2015:
Thank you for posting the 30 day challenge. It is very different than what I thought. I am going to try it too.!

cybermom4 on 04/29/2015:
Can you tell me how you added the images? I can't find where to upload them in my diary?

InnerPeace on 04/29/2015:
When you are posting there is a square icon on the tool bar, it looks like a mountain and a sun, on the left side of the calendar icon. Click on that and click on the second tab (on top) browse and it will go to upload and you can choose which file to upload. I hope that helps.

OhioRaven on 04/29/2015:
Good Post today.

innerpeace - Monday Apr 27, 2015

Weight: 305.2

Very stressful day. My interview last for almost two hours and I even had to write two essays. I'm just glad it is over. Not sure of my changces. The people were nice and it would be more money and a shorter drive to work.

I was so nervouce I couldn't eat so I just had tea for breakfast.

No lunch

Day 1 of plant based living -Dinner: lentils with kale, garlic mashed potatoes and Kale salad

S: hot white tea

Day 29 of journal challenge was to submit a picture, but I have already done that so I will not post another.

I am so grateful for the oppportunity to interview for a new job.

I am grateful that I was able to be away from my regular job

Again I am grateful for my Steve, my awesome companion. I love him so much.

Progress as of today: 7.7 lbs lost so far, only 10.2 lbs to go!

cybermom4 on 04/28/2015:
Best wishes on your interview and the new job. I know it is hard to wait for the answer. You did your best - now just wait and see if it is meant to be.

What is the 'journal challenge" you mention?


InnerPeace on 04/28/2015:
It was a self imposed challenge I used a tumblr challenge and just tried to follow that. I wanted to see if I was able to stick with something for a given amount of time. I am just so tired of giving up on the things I start.

Umpqua on 04/28/2015:
I'm excited to read more about your plant-based diet, I did it for a while and it has so many benefits. I hope you get the results you want from your interview!

innerpeace - Sunday Apr 26, 2015

Weight: 305.2

Today I drove to the interview place for tomorrow, I can get there now! I don't know why I was so worried, Cleveland traffic, that's why!!

We went to the Fur Fun dog walk and it was way cold, we were so underdressed we were freezing. It was only 38 and we had shorts and t-shirts on...wrong answer!

We took Steve to the dog park and played basketball, my legs are sore now.

Went shopping and came home and started laundry, which I'm still working on!

DH mowed and watered the flowers that still need to be planted, I'm hoping by Thursday we can get them planted.

B: egg biscuit

L: peanut butter sandwich

D: lentils, salad and a chicken breast

I am thankful for the weekends, I got so energized, I am ready for tomorrow.

I am thankful for the washer  & dryer I could not imagin toting my laundry to the laundrymat eeryday.

I am thankful for Sunday morning drives, we so enjoyed ourselves this morning.

DH and I agreed to start the couch to 5K on Tuesday, I'm looking forward to it. He asked me if I thought his ex-wife would let me see the little girl if something happened to him, I told him I didn' think so, so he is on board to get back in shape!

Day 28 do you make wishes? absolutely. I wish for everything. I pray, I have all kinds of hope and faith that my whole world will work out! Hopefully my stars are aligned!

Have a great weekend!

Progress as of today: 7.7 lbs lost so far, only 10.2 lbs to go!

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