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jayme13 - Wednesday Mar 30, 2016
(Low-Carb/Lower Calorie)
Weight: 224.4

 Today is my first day of getting healthy. My goal is hopefully to lose 80 lbs by October 2016.

I joined this blog for support and to be able to ask questions and hopefully get quick and easy responses.

I started working on my MyFitnessPal (again). So if anyone uses that and would like to help motivate me that way, that would be lovely!

Today I have eaten:

Breakfast: 1 hard boiled egg and a strawberry protein bar thing

Morning Snack: Clementine


I went on a 37 minute, 2 mile walk. (My shin splints are terrible so I can't quite run yet) For once though, my shins only hurt for the first mile and then they felt a little better. (Now they're super sore and I returned from my walk about an hour ago)


I am getting ready to make lunch. I'm thinking of having some quinoa with corn and possible two hard boiled eggs. (I'm sure that's probably not a good lunch but it sounds good and I know it's healthier than what I normally eat.)


Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 84.4 lbs to go!

innerpeace on 03/30/2016:
Welcome and i hope you find the motivation and inspration you need to achieve your goals.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/30/2016:
Eating and everything sounds good. If you have shin splints, the best healing method is to rest your legs. Even if you don't want to. I used to have terrible ongoing shin splints, for over two years because I thought it was ok to exercise with them so they weren't healing. I am finally almost there now! finally pretty much healed :)

hollybelle on 03/30/2016:
Welcome! Shin splints are awful! Ouch! HOP is right - gotta rest and fully heal them. Maybe try some weights. I used to think only cardio would burn calories - but weights will too!

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