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jinglebell - Monday Apr 10, 2006
(Eating healthier)
Weight: 167.0

Excercice: 1 hour and 25 minutes of walking and jogging

Today was the perfect day, weather wise, in northern virginia. I had such an eyefull of spring, the smells, the birds, the blooming flowers it was beutiful, when you have a show like that it makes it easier. And work was busy, so I was active pretty much all day. Its such a morale booster for everybody when your work place is active. Food: piece of cake, 2 yogurts, mango, steak and veggie wrap, water, diet soda

Progress as of today: 5 lbs lost so far, only 27 lbs to go!

Scruffy on 04/11/2006:
Scruffy was here! :)

smiley2 on 04/11/2006:
Your description of Spring sounds so wonderful, i could even smell the flowers ehehe, although we are preparing for winter over here!

Have a nice day!

jinglebell - Thursday Apr 06, 2006
(Eating healthier)
Weight: 167.0

excercise: 1 hour and 24 minutes of walking and jogging

Ate: yogurt smoothie, 1 cookie, 1 turkey and swiss sandwich, fries (Arby's), 2 tortillas, and cabbage soup, water, diet soda.

Today I went to the store and bought a stitching kit for beginners. I can already see myself doing the big blankets, but first I got to learn to stitch. I had to get a hobby, to lead me away from t.v and food. Hope everybody is doing great, keep up the good work.

Progress as of today: 5 lbs lost so far, only 27 lbs to go!

monet0239 on 04/06/2006:
Good idea sweetie.. I would turn the radio on and stitch away :O).. good luck hun HUGS

Scruffy on 04/07/2006:
Good going on the hobby. Scruff :)

Maria7 on 04/09/2006:
Wow, that is a lot of walking and jogging. Your turkey sandwich sounds very yummy!

Yes, it is just TOO easy to get into the habit of eating or munching while watching tv...it seems that for me that is when I feel the hungriest ....or at least feel like I'm supposed to be eating at that time, hungry or not!

jinglebell - Wednesday Apr 05, 2006
(Eating healthier)
Weight: 167.0

Thakns everybody for your comments. Look at what we have hear a new lose! Wooooohoooooo! It was such a surprise, I woke up this morning and weighed myself, I usually dont, so who knows how long I've had this. Yay yay yay! even if it is water weight, yay yay yay! So far I ate today: Cabbage soup, 2 cookies, a bite of bbq chicken, a piece of peach bread.My water and gatorade I'll update my excercise later.

EDIT: walked and jogged 1 hour and 20 minutes

Progress as of today: 5 lbs lost so far, only 27 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 04/05/2006:
Thanks for the kind wishes :) And way to go on your new loss - that's awesome! The peach broad sounds just divine btw.

monet0239 on 04/05/2006:
Wo0o0ho0o0o0 doin a dance with ya hun.. awesome job !!!... keep it up.. :O).. hugs

jinglebell - Tuesday Apr 04, 2006
(Eating healthier)
Weight: 170.0

I watched Oprah today, they were showing this kids, around middle school kids, bright and very strong kids! They had terrets syndrome, and I was watching them seeing what they had to go through not being able to control themselves and being teased at school. I felt for them so much, such strong adults they are going to be after going through that when were small. And it really stopped my whining, yikes. thank goodness God is patient with me, because I can be a real whiner. And thank God we are blessed with the health we have.

EDIT: Jogged/ walked 1 hour. It sounds real good, but I was real naughty today, I wont bore you with the details :-) But I was bad, but Im glad I got some good jogging in.

Progress as of today: 2 lbs lost so far, only 30 lbs to go!

GG on 04/04/2006:
I hear you, once in awhile (ok maybe everyday) I complain about something in my life, but at those moments I should really stop and think about those without limbs or who have serious illnesses and really thank god that I have all my limbs and I am in good health!!! I am glad Oprah helped you be thankful!(I mean she is GOD so...haha!) Well you reminded me to be thankful today so thank you!!!

monet0239 on 04/04/2006:
Amen girly.. I missed Oprah today.. bummer.. :O(.. but yes.. Thank the good Lord for our health..i do that nightly.. :O).. Have a great evening hun,, hugs

Scruffy on 04/04/2006:
OK, one bad day. Get over it and get better :) Scruff

smiley2 on 04/05/2006:
Its good to post on here and tell us about all the goodies you consumed hehe, keeps you accountable, so dont feel guilty or think you will bore us :) Posting most of the stuff i eat on here usually keeps me from eating another few hundred calories, so maybe it will work for you too.

Isnt it bad how movies usually makes fun of people with Tourette's syndrome? I read a bit about it and realized that its always a souce of laughter in some comedies. What a society we live in i asked myself.

Anyway have a good day and keep at it!

jinglebell - Sunday Apr 02, 2006
(Eating healthier)
Weight: 170.0

On Saturday: Jogged and walked 50 minutes Today I didnt really do much, walked around at work and what not. Wish everybody the best!

Progress as of today: 2 lbs lost so far, only 30 lbs to go!

jinglebell - Sunday Apr 02, 2006

Weight: 0.0

jinglebell - Friday Mar 31, 2006
(Eating healthier)
Weight: 170.0

Today I went out with my co-workers like I sadi I would. Before we went out to eat, we walked a bit on this trail and went up and down rocks to see the water. Walking up rocks really works you out, and I never really done that much rock climbing so at some parts it was scary. I mean I would look down and think " If I were to fall I would be done". But Im nice and safe. And it was a good work out. Excercise: 30 minutes

Progress as of today: 2 lbs lost so far, only 30 lbs to go!

Maria7 on 04/01/2006:
Looks like you had a good work out!

jinglebell - Thursday Mar 30, 2006
(Eating healthier)
Weight: 170.0

Excercise:Walked 20 minutes, jogged/walked 35 minutes

Today I drank all my water. To eat I went to eat at a chinese buffet, ofcourse it was deliciouse. Chinese food is the best, but I made sure not eat after I was full, so I had two plates and a small ice cream. And that all folks. I m going to weigh myself tomorrow.

Im going to go eat with a few of my co workers tomorrow, I cant wait! I feel like Ive been seclusion since Im not working at the moment, so any activity with people I know is fun.

Since I started eating just one meal, or one meal and a snack, I like it alot beter then eating 3 meals a day.

Progress as of today: 2 lbs lost so far, only 30 lbs to go!

jinglebell - Wednesday Mar 29, 2006
(Eating Healthy No sweets)
Weight: 170.0

Hello, I've been doing good. Im not really eating when Im not hungry, so yesterday I just had some stew and bread for dinner, but I still get me fruit and veggie in, thanks to my juicer.

I know I could do better on the excercise, I try to atleast walk 30 minutes everyday. At my job its been kinda slow, so I've been laid off. But Im having a blast! I stay home and cook and bake for my family so my mom can relax when she gets home, and Im taking care of some things , like learning how to drive( I know quite sad I dont know how to yet), and I cut my hair . A real haircut, i never really had a ral haircut, trimming the ends isnt a real haircut. I got it layered, and it looks good. But yikes! It was 60 bucks, but next time I'll somewhere not so fancy, I guess thats the word. But I like it!

EDIT: I walked 20 min., and jogged/ walked 45 minutes. Take care.

Progress as of today: 2 lbs lost so far, only 30 lbs to go!

Maria7 on 03/30/2006:
Good for you on walking 30 minutes a day and cooking and baking for your family so your Mom can relax. I know she must appreciate it. Bet your hair looks good!

jinglebell - Sunday Mar 26, 2006
(Eating Healthy No sweets)
Weight: 170.0

Thanks Maria! : )

Today I didnt get to eat till very late, like aroung 6 pm, but it was good cause then I had dinner and that was it, I felt full.

I'm learning a trick about water, I drink as much as I can a little before I eat, and you really feel stuffed! Ofcourse you'll have to take plenty of quick trips to the bathroom, but it's worth it. And I also think it prevents me from snacking that much, since my belly is all full, but it's just water so its al good.

After reading some entries that mentioned popcorn, I went to see the nutritoinal value, and it was pretty low. So now that s my new snack too. I use as little oil as possible, and I had this powdered onion dip that all you had to do was add sour cream, but instead I just used the powder and tossed some off my popcorn in it, it was good for me. Next time I go to the store I'm ganna see if they have any type of powdered cheese. Cheesy popcorn, yum!

Hope the best for all of you.

Progress as of today: 2 lbs lost so far, only 30 lbs to go!

Maria7 on 03/27/2006:
Good for you on the water!!!

I'm enjoying the popcorn...it is a good size bag for only 100 cals...I love the cheesy popcorn you mentioned, too. I haven't found it in the 100 cals yet, though.

Have a wonderful day!

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