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leeumom - Thursday Oct 23, 2008
Weight: 186.0

Hi everyone! Had a good day both food and exercise. Did the stuff needed around the house. Then Kopsman and I went to workout. Exercised for 45 minutes and then to the hottub. Kopsman is the cook in our house. I married will!!!! He made Shark fish. It was really good. They say fish helps witht he weight loss. Some have asked about our other member of the family, mylifechanges. She is still in Quam working as a nanny for her cousin and there family. They are in the Navy there and needed someone to take care of there three little ones. She has been there now for a year this last August. She will be home for vacation Nov. 22nd. Both Kopsman and I are so excited. We are taking a week of our vacation time then. She has not been on line for a long time. That is, unless she is going under another name!!! Kopsman had a birthday yesterday. So, you know the weight is not what it should be. Hope you all have a great weekend.

Progress as of today: 2.5 lbs lost so far, only 21 lbs to go!

thinnside40 on 10/23/2008:
Caught yer name, nust in time before I hit the shower....... My mom's B.D. is on the 22nd of Nov..., My baby boy turns 15 on the 20th and hubby & I will be married 16 yrs. on the 27th.... Busy month! I bet you sure are looking forward to seeing yer daughter... Happy for you and Kopsman both! And for her to see you 2!

Not sure I would like shark.... I love Salmon/Cod/Halibut/Tuna ~ Mhai Mhai/Crab

Happy B-lated B.D. to KM!

Great weekend to you!

thinnside40 on 02/10/2009:
Shirley ~ I SURELY do MISS YOU!!!!> Doggoneit.... Whenya comin' back and everyday, not every 3-4 months?

leeumom - Sunday Oct 19, 2008
Weight: 186.0

I all. Have been really busy with my training for selling furniture. Had my first day on the floor yesterday. Kopsman and I now work at the same day. First day with really well. Not saying that I sold alot, but, rather that we had alot of business and was able to keep busy all day. That was a nice thing. Now, back to the real thing at hand. I have not gotten on the scale yet. Did go to to work out the other day. Only for 45 min., but it was a start!! Kopsman and I will start back tommorrow morning going at least 2-3 times a week. Have been watching some of you whom I know. Keep up the good work, ya all.

Progress as of today: 2.5 lbs lost so far, only 21 lbs to go!

thinnside40 on 10/19/2008:
Look forward to seeing "Shirley, my shoulder angel" reach that goal once and for all with me..... WE will do this!.... I sure like coming here and seeing yer name on the list... Did mylifechanges come home yet or is that later?

Super Sunday to you!

leeumom - Saturday Oct 11, 2008
Weight: 186.0

Hello everyone. I'm back again. Have been up and down on my weight. Kopsman (husband), made us shark fish the other night. I dropped 3 pounds over night. So, now I'm in the process of changing jobs with the same company. Going from selling appliances to furniture. Have a week of train ing starting this Monday. Will work in the same store as Kopsman is. He sells appliances and then I'll be across the way in furniture. We'll save on gas with our cars. We are back to Tops again. I have a few days off and think I'll go get some exercise and wash my car. Need to check in on all of you as well. Have a wonderful blessed day.

Progress as of today: 2.5 lbs lost so far, only 21 lbs to go!

MattsGirl16 on 10/11/2008:
Congrats on the three pounds! Good Job!

thinnside40 on 10/11/2008:
Glad to see you today..... 185 here you come?????

grumpy on 10/11/2008:
Yay! Look who's back! That's great about the new job! How's your daughter? Thanks for the compliments. I was at 167!!! And I had this setback. Boo. But I am on my way to get back there, I have this theory that the pounds you gain back are not really yours, so they go away easier than the ones you havent lost yet :)

skinnyjeans on 10/11/2008:
Good luck in training and congrats on the 3 lb. loss! :)

thinnside40 on 10/14/2008:
Hope yer training is going smoothly and you are able to eat healthy/exercise a bit......

leeumom - Monday Sep 08, 2008
Weight: 186.0

Hey hey hey...... down 2.5 pounds today!!!!!!!! Haven't logged in as I've been down with a cold. Still not at par yet, but feeling alot better. Kopsman and I are passing it back and forth. Kopsman thinks that eating grapefuit is helping his loss. I know that the yogurt (60 or 90) calories helps me. Plus, have been drinking lots of water. We weigh in at TOPs on Wed. They have a contest going on. Not sure what the prize is yet. They just say it is really good. Kopsman is the only man in the group. He'll have a better chance. I don't care, just so I lose. Our daughter who is in Guam, is coming home for a 3 week visit. Have not seen her in over a year. Talk over the phone alot. But, I just can't wait and want to be thinner for that. Also, a girlfriends wedding Oct. 4th. Have to keep reminding myself of all the reasons why it is important. You would think just for my own sake. Did go work out for the first time this last week. It was really nice to get into the groove of it again. But, I've been to sick to keep it up. Hopefully, Wed., and thurs. are our days off, I'll be back to it again. Will I have to get ready for work. Hope you all are having a wonderful day.

Progress as of today: 2.5 lbs lost so far, only 21 lbs to go!

thinnside40 on 09/08/2008:
WhooooHoooo!!!!!! Go Shirlee!!!!!!!

On the diabetes ? for my G'ma ~ She does have a blocked artery in her leg, had 2 clots to the lungs last year, has an umbrella stint in her groin as result and was told Friday that test revealed a narrowing of the artery in her neck... That is why the numbnes, accompanied by some sight impairment and headaches all on the right side, appears to be "stroke symptoms" to me... Trouble is she has ALWAYS told the Dr. if anything major is wrong with her, she DOESN'T want to know it and just let her die feeling crappy, instead of worrying about what can't be done for her... Catch 22 for everyone involved!!!!!

Have a super day and thanks for answering the appliance store ?.....

grumpy on 09/08/2008:
Yes, good job on the weight loss yourself, sweetie!!! I am glad my weight seems to be going down, I had a bad few months after my surgery where I was up and seemed unable to lose any. The trip: J and I are going to LA for 5 days a week from Thursday. We're visiting (and staying with) my 2 best friends, who are a couple. Really great friends and it will be a lot of fun. We're going to shows and I know that whether J and I are doing good as a couple or not, we can always get along and have a good time together, so I decided that I will wait till after the trip and solve this situation for once and for all. I feel like if it ever happens that he changes and decides to be with me, it will only be after i get out of his life and he misses me. Maybe it wont happen either, but in that case being out of his life is unfortunately better for me. I wish we could just be friends, but we cant. So oh well.

liza36 on 09/08/2008:
Wow, what a fantastic weight loss! You must also be very excited for your daughter to come home.

Keep up the great job!

leeumom - Wednesday Sep 03, 2008
Weight: 183.5

Hi everyone,

Can't believe it has been over two weeks since I logged in. From where I was last time, I'm down a half pound. It is hard for me to decide, do I chart here being naked.... or not. Kopsman and I weigh in at TOP's meetings clothed, of course. But, I weigh less without them. Think I stay where I am. I could have done better but had a stressful week at work. Have to get past that now. At least for my two days off, can't think about it. Going to try and change stores I work at. A new group of people will be a nice change. Then Kopsman and I will be able to drive together and save on gas. I will try to log in each day. You all have a great day!!

Progress as of today: 5 lbs lost so far, only 18.5 lbs to go!

thinnside40 on 09/03/2008:
Do you have more than 1 appliance store you own?....

Anyway, to answer your question about me & groups.... I am not one to like sitting in a small room full of people....Don't like being stared at or staring at anybody, especially for ove an hour....I am an "on the go" person and to sit still, other than church (much bigger room) is a hard task for me to do... With church, I play piano, so I am not sitting in one seat for the whole hour.. I sound a little ADHD when I say this now I hear me saying it... I know I'm not, but just figure that I would give this a whirl, cause to have a Bible Study is a great thing... Need to learn to sit still...HA HA!

Keep up the "going down"... Have a wonderful Evening!

Jen40 on 09/06/2008:
YAY for 1/2 lb lost!!!!

grumpy on 09/07/2008:
When I am in doubt about doing anything clothed or naked I always go for naked. But maybe that's just me, because I am Brazilian and all. Hahahahaha.. Just kidding. I think it doesn't really matter since what the weight ins track is your progress, so as long as you always weight in around the same time and with somewhat the same amount of clothes, you'll be fine. But for your records, you can always think you weight a couple pounds less than what you see in the meetings. :)

leeumom - Thursday Aug 14, 2008

Weight: 186.5

Hi everyone!! I'm back, I'm back!!!!!!! Will, for those who remember me...... We put our house on the market and bought a new one at the same time. Talk about stress..... Little did we know that it would sell in 3 weeks. But, we down sized so much that we got rid of 970 pounds of stuff.... We were just making mortgage payments to store all that stuff!!! It was nice to be able to move in the new place and save only enough to stage the old house. Then, in the end, we had a garage sale. Bet I gave away 35 bags of clothes to the womens 2nd chance organization. Anyway, I ate like no tommorrow. Justified it that I deserved it for all I was going thru.... Now, 11 pounds later... I'm back!!!

We just joined Tops again. Joined another fitness center and looking for ward to getting back to being fit. We went to a new church this morning. It was Catholic, which my husband and I grew up in. When I went to kneel I found out just how out of shape I was.

We did take the two yorkies for a walk yesterday. About 1 and half miles each way. Felt really good doing that.

Just have to get my eating back in order. Wanted to get back in touch with you all. Look forward to taking pounds off sensibly. Leeumom

Progress as of today: 2 lbs lost so far, only 21.5 lbs to go!

thinnside40 on 08/14/2008:
Oh...Shirley....This day couldn't get ANY better....Unless I won a sweepstakes for a million dollars.... I am so glad that my shirley angel is back in person...She has been on my shoulder this WHOLE time, but to see yer name on that list...Whew!!!!!!!!!

RE: Murraro ~ She's above yer head today "GRUMPY" is her name now.........crategirl is omahagirl, rlovell is loveray and mcwoo40 changed hers, but hasn't entered anything under it yet......I changed my name, due to a "friend" I named for a while and was having difficulties with..I was afraid anything I said may have caused more troubles if she decided to go looking into my diary (she found out I used DD) and it was easier to switch to a new name, than go lose a majority of my entries....I have left "name dropping" out since that day ..... The others changed their's due to not wanting to be found by just typing in a part of their real name on a search engine..... Kinda confusing, I know...But, I kept mine pretty much the same on purpose....

You have done pretty well I would say as far as you surely could of gained A LOT more than you have back..... Welcome Back!...... {*;*}

grumpy on 08/14/2008:
Heyyy! I was so happy to hear from Kopsman and now you!!! I even forgot i changed names! Hahaha. Well, we're all here. I am down a little, but i didn't progress much since the surgery I had a few months ago (gallbladder, i think you were here for that.. not a big deal and i am fine now, i just fell off the wagon for a while). Now I am losing again, luckily! So glad you're back and we can continue this fight together. I missed you!!! xoxoxox

omahagrl on 08/14/2008:
Welcome back. I was raised a catholic and recently went to a funeral. I also forgot all the up, down and kneels. I told my hubby this is why I became a Christia. LOL

Donkey on 08/14/2008:
Donkey is still Donkey...

Good to see you back! I so feel your pain. I'm surprised you only gained 11lb. I think that's remarkably well. We went through the same situation when we moved in 2007. In fact, we could not sell our old house THIS summer either, so we have it rented out instead.

BTW, when we moved and we had 2 houses up in the air, I gained 15lb. So I think you did really well. It IS stressful, isn't it? Glad you're over the hard part.

Beth201P on 08/14/2008:
Welcome back. I look forward to getting to know you. I am so happy that you are enjoying your new home. I know what you mean about trying to clear up some items. I need to do that. lol Well have a great Friday.

Jen40 on 08/15/2008:
Welcome back! Buying and selling and moving was probably the most stressful event in my entire life, ugh... I hate thinking about it. Glad you found time to focus on your wellness now.

selina on 08/16/2008:
hi! Welcome back! Seems like I joined DD around the time you left for your break. Glad you are back to join us in this fight against the extra uneeded pounds! Have a great day!

thinnside40 on 08/17/2008:
RE: member info ~ Not sure why it doesn't show..I noticed when you asked that mine was absent....I updated it all, so should show now....I think some people don't fill it out either on purpose....

Hope yer weekend has been a good one!

Jen40 on 08/18/2008:
Welcome back! :O)

leeumom - Wednesday Aug 13, 2008

Weight: 0.0

leeumom - Tuesday Apr 08, 2008
Weight: 178.0

Hi ya all-----

Yeah------ I'm down again. Did not realize that I haven't signed in for awhile. Have checked in on everyone to see that you are all doing will. Have been busy working on the house to sell. It finally looks pretty good. Got a call this lastSun. from (Craigs list) to show. The couple had just started looking. Had a house to sale and it was a good experience for us to get more on top of our game. We really were not ready on Sunday. The house is 42 years old and so we have a few more things to do to make it look fresher. Really have put alot of new and updated things over the years. Anyone wants to look... go to craigslist.com St. Louis, real estate and then search for St. Charles and look for $179,750. You'll see where Kopsman and I hang our hats. Some show there bodies.... I show our house!!! hee hee.. just having fun. We know not a good time for the market, and probally won't get asking price.. but hey, thats ok.

Talked with mylifechanges on the phone last night. For those of you who don't know.... Kopsman and my daughter who is in Guam. She is doing okey but just been busy. She said she feels like once she comes on she needs to write everyone and has been just to tired right now. It is spring break and her (nanny) kids are all three at home right now! She will make a great mommy, someday! Just wanted to keep you up to date with her.

Will I'm going to check in on all of ya now. Have a great day!!!!!! Shirlee

Progress as of today: 10.5 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

mmuraro on 04/08/2008:
Hey sweetheart! Thanks for all the compliments! when i saw those pictures side by side i was like ewwww. it was hard to find a full body pic of me like that too. i actually looked because one of the girls here asked me if i had a before pic. i always find it helpful to me and others to share those.

Congrats on your weight loss. I'll check on your house in a minute! Glad to hear my life changes is doing well, what a boot camp, taking care of 3 kids. xoxoxox.

crategrl on 04/08/2008:
Great job on the weight loss!!!! Our next door neighbors put their house up for sale last month and it sold on Saturday. I think the midwest is in better shape for housing then the folks on the coasts. Have a great day.

thinnsidenotout on 04/08/2008:
Yippee!!!!!...GO SHIRLEE!!!! What a wonderful thing to still be losing weight and you have so much going on...

Have a super day! Tell Kopsman Howdy!

maria777 on 04/08/2008:
Congratulations to you!!! YAYYYYY!!!

Beth201P on 04/08/2008:
Congrats on your weight loss and good luck on saleing your house. Hey I understand what your daughter says. I have to read each and every entry. I enjoy hearing about everyone's day and challenges. ((Hugs)) to you all.

mmuraro on 04/09/2008:
hey shirlee, yes i have. i went to the ER the first time i had it pretty bad. they said it was probably muscular skeleton pain due to exercising and gave me moltrin. i didnt have it again until maybe a week ago and then took moltrin and it went away completely and quickly. last night was worse though and i am thinking its something digestive and not due to working out. i notice that eating anything makes it worse, i get relieved when i go to the bathroom, or the two times i threw up. so maybe i am getting allergic to some foods, or something. My belly is visibly bloated and I remembered I had that exact same thing once when i had a flu too, before ER. I'm calling my dad in a little bit, since he is a gastroenterologist and ask him what he thinks. have a great day. xoxo

thinnsidenotout on 04/09/2008:
I love chinese food....but I will only eat it @ one place here in town...I can order my food without MSG...Steamed (not fried) Rice, Almond Chicken (gravy on the side) and Chicken Chow Mein....I make a mean homemade egg roll sometimes and have the fixins for them one day real soon....They are a whole family hit! Kids included, even though it is mostly cabbage, carrots & bean sprouts w/o salt....

You have a great Wednesday!...

mmuraro on 04/28/2008:
Just stopping by to say hello and that i miss you! xoxo

leeumom - Tuesday Apr 01, 2008

Weight: 178.0

Hi all- Checked the scale this morning and guess those two bagels at the sales meeting yesterday got the best of me! Went up a half pound. We have to weigh in at tops Thurs. so guess I best really be careful the next two days. More yogurt!! For those of you who know, we are in the process of moving. Doing really good so far. Should say, Kopsman is doing better then I. It has really been helpful that a good friend of ours loaned us a work van that we've been able to use. Mylifechanges has more then even she will realize in storage at uhaul. Will be like xmas for her!! As most of you know, she is in Guam right now. Boy, going to uhaul for storage is a really neat experience. We were shocked at how many people were coming and going. Looked like alot of college kids used it. It was kinda of fun! Have to run, Kopsman is calling. Shirlee

Progress as of today: 10.5 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

thinnsidenotout on 04/01/2008:
Good to see ya this mornin'!.....Thanks for touchin' base...

Wonderful April Fools Day to you Shirlee!

mmuraro on 04/01/2008:
1/2 pound is nothing, dear. Can be just the time you ate or something. But it's a good idea to have 2 good days before tops! Have a wonderful day!

mmuraro on 04/01/2008:
I always eat more at lunch anyway, but lately sometimes I have been eating way too much more at lunch and not enough later on and sometimes I get hungry, which never happens when I am a little more balanced. So instead of having 1000 cal lunches, I rather have 700 or 800, which is still more, but not waaaaaay more. Hehehe, i fooled everyone. :)


mmuraro on 04/01/2008:
Oh, and I forgot to say: my scale seems to be backordered or something, the website said i wont get it till april 17th!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, I have a doc appointment tomorrow, so I'll weight myself there. :)

thinnsidenotout on 04/01/2008:
RE: Dryer age- I bought the set I have @ a Yard Sale a few years back and they have been wonderful...The couple had them beofre moving to a mobile home and they were too big for their laundry room, so they had to buy another set...

This is a Kenmore 110.97281100 and says equipped for Natural gas, but we never have had gas...Just electricity...I assumed it was a heating element gone bad, as it tumbles fine, just no heat...

mcwoo40 on 04/01/2008:
Hiya Shirlee,most of my calories i have in a day i have burnt off through exercise.I burn approx 800 in the gym,and about 2-300cals when i take Alfie out.I normally eat around 1000-1200 a day so if i do indulge there is'nt too much damage done as i have spare cals left.I try and be good though as it just comes off quicker,but it's easier said than done,take care Julie

maria777 on 04/01/2008:
Wow...looks like you're sure having a BUSY DAY!!! Big smile to you!

Beth201P on 04/01/2008:
That is not a bad gain. You will do fine on weigh in day. Good luck on your move. Have a wonderful evening.

thinnsidenotout on 04/03/2008:
Shirlee: Your TOPS meeting is tonight right? You & kopsman still go?.....

Thanks for the comment.... I really appreciate that in all your bizziness you are having to deal with these days, that you take the time to come here occasionally and check on some of us.... Your a true sweetheart!

Have a Great Day!

maria777 on 04/03/2008:
Looking forward to another entry from you...will keep checking...

mmuraro on 04/05/2008:
You're right. It's a little too late, because I don't want to just show up with someone else. I should have thought of that before and told the bride I was bringing a date. Because I know we have places on the table, etc, so I guess I shouldn't take someone by now. I don't really know if he wanted to go or not. And my point in not bringing him wasn't that i want people not to know I have him around, it's the opposite, i'd love to show him off to my friends and coworkers.. hehehe. I just think it may be too late now. :(

leeumom - Friday Mar 28, 2008

Weight: 177.5

Hi ya all! Just came on to check on some of you and found out the love of my life (mylifechanges), is back!!!! It really helps to have the family working together on this. We have been busy packing things to move. So much to do. Its scary having two homes. But, I'm turning it over to God. Only way I can stay sane. Took somethings to goodwell. Two kids a little younger then mylifechanges were helping unload. They were laughing when I turned over a crayola piggy bank that we've had for twenty some years. Thats how long we have hung onto things! I have not done much of working out, that is the tuff part for me. At least I'm getting the exercise in going up and down stairs moving things.

Kopsman just walked in from work so will end for now.

You all have a great weekend.


Progress as of today: 11 lbs lost so far, only 12.5 lbs to go!

thinnsidenotout on 03/28/2008:
Sure is good to see you & mylifechanges on that list....I know you have been so ever busy packing and making decisions...

Thanks for stopping by and checking in, so we know how you & kopsman are doing.......

I must say that I am happy to see someone standing firm in their weight and not creeping slowly to go back where they started from....GOOD JOB!

mylifechanges on 03/28/2008:
thanks. :) I'll remember that tomorrow when I'm singing! Glad to see you back on..I hope sifting through all those boxes isn't draining you too much. I'm sorry that so many of them are mine! :)

shadetree on 03/29/2008:
ARe you saying that packing and moving boxes isn't exercise? It is certainly hard work in my book! Glad you're doing okay!

mmuraro on 03/29/2008:
Hey Shirlee, great hearing from you again! Thanks for always checking on me, I really appreciate it! I am not always this controlled and sane. I don't think I have ever been actually, so I am psyched about it and this time i do feel it's for good! Don't worry about not working out, it IS hard. But I am sure you're moving enough around the house to get all the exercise you need. My mom lost weight and has kept it off for about 10 years now and never worked out. She moves around and works on the house a lot. But no formal exercising. So I guess that works too.

Wish you lots of good things in the new house. Cleaning up, getting rid of stuff and especially donating a lot of things is good for the mind and the heart. xoxo.

mylifechanges on 03/30/2008:
No, I always chart a loss! I had gained half a pound the day before and didn't chart it since I figured I would only lose it the next day..so I'm back to what it says now. Having a good day today so I'm hoping for some kind of small loss tomorrow. :) We'll see! you're not posting! You should. :) Love you!

mmuraro on 03/30/2008:
You're comment to me just made my night for the second time. Thanks, Shirlee! xoxo.

mcwoo40 on 03/31/2008:
Hiya Michells's mummy!!Glad to see you both back, hope hubby is doing well too.Till next time,Julie

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