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legcramps - Monday Jan 17, 2022

Weight: 0.0

Jan 16 - gym workout 1.5 hours; hike 2 hours

Big day of exercise yesterday #1 because I hadn't done anything since Thursday and #2 to test out my ankle. It is still swelling up but doesn't seem as bad as before. I have a phone appointment at some point today with my doctor to maybe get something to help with the swelling.

I was limping around a good bit yesterday after the long two hour hike, but this morning it feels fine so I don't know what's going on with it. Wait and see I guess.

I had a hard time getting to sleep last night; my right side ribs were achy for some reason and I just couldn't find a comfortable position to fall asleep. I ended up taking a couple of tylenol joint and muscle pain tabs around 11:00 p.m., then was up around 4:00 a.m. with a little discomfort again. I think I just slept on it wrong the night before. Hopefully this will pass.

A few things on the go at work, so that should keep me pretty busy. I was up early and coaching at the gym this morning, so am planning on relaxing tonight and maybe hitting the pillow early. Always tired on Mondays!

happy-1 on 01/17/2022:
You win the “push through the pain” award

legcramps on 01/17/2022:
I don't recommend it.

Maria7 on 01/17/2022:
Hope you are feeling better today.

legcramps on 01/17/2022:

Jacky82020 on 01/17/2022:
Wow, a shame the ankle pain lingers. I saw 3 sports med docs (at same time, 2 in training ) & they all said work thru the pain. Different thing though. They said the muscle tear will form scar tissue if not worked & that’s bad.

legcramps on 01/17/2022:
Yeah, and there was no pain initially so wanted to test it out. I don't recommend working through pain, but you're right it does depend on the situation!

bearcountrygg on 01/17/2022:
Hoping that you feel better soon...

legcramps on 01/17/2022:

Horn_of_plenty on 01/17/2022:
sorry about your ankle. lately, due to the cold/less exercise and then too much cardio; i also have an ankle that needs tending too...but not as bad as yours at all. It is so hard, like Jacky says, to get thru the injuries and training obstacles!

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legcramps - Friday Jan 14, 2022

Weight: 0.0

Jan 11 - gym workout 1 hour

Jan 13 - gym workout 1 hour

If I had a sleep sensor, I bet you anything it would show that I had some hard REM sleep last night. When I got up this morning, it felt as if I was crawling out of a very deep cave. My eyes were bloodshot when I looked in the mirror, and I was even sweating a little!

My left ankle is still bugging me, so I made a phone appointment with my doctor for Monday to see if she could prescribe something for the swelling. There is no pain except in my heel (which I think is either a heel spur or athletes' foot) - i'm not sure if that should make me more concerned or not...

I managed to get myself through a few workouts this week, even though I wasn't really into it. Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday so far and hopefully something on the weekend for sure. Sounds like there are a few people planning to do some fatbiking - I don't have a fatbike, but I could take my snowshoes out for a rip I suppose. Or I could just do something else and let BF have some fun with his friends without me being a third wheel!

I put a deposit down on a new mountain bike...

See the source image

It should arrive sometime in the spring of this year, just in time for some serious summer fun!

Not much planned for the weekend, some housework and maybe check on my house and grab a few more things to bring to BF's. It will depend on the weather; we just got a brand new skiff of snow, so roads may be pretty crappy for a bit.

Maria7 on 01/14/2022:
Oh, I LOVE it!!! COOL!!!

legcramps on 01/14/2022:
Thanks! I can't wait!

jacky82020 on 01/14/2022:
Great bike!

Yeah, take care of that ankle. Wonder if you’ll get the 5 day steroid pack I had for the torn muscle. Worked marvels after 2 days & then I quit due to acute insomnia. Problem resolved, at least the severe swelling. Took nearly a year to completely heal.

bearcountrygg on 01/14/2022:
Nice looking bike!!! It's always interesting waking up like that.....I usually don't know rather it's day or night.....and it takes hours to really feel like myself again....

Donkey on 01/15/2022:
On nights that I get more REM sleep, I usually wake up feeling like a train wreck. I don't know what that is so. You would think that getting more REM would be a good thing. Fitbit says it's good - I usually get excellent sleep grades for those nights.

That is an awesome looking bike - and how nice to have something to look forward to!!!!!

I'm glad you're getting your foot/ankle looked at. Please keep us posted.

Horn_of_plenty on 01/15/2022:
It sounds so crazy cold by you in Canada! it's cold enough here, but not near as cold as your area up north!

that's good you are caring for your ankle, in the entry below.

I'm a bit lazy and love downtime, and i'm not even 40 yet lol. re your below entry. but you literally are very busy person, compared to myself, and perhaps in the winter it's a better time than summer to have some downtime. it's so dark and cold anyways, it's a good time of year to relax a bit more.

i've heard of heel spurs and know from hearing about them that they are ultra frustrating to athletes. keep us updated on what is going on with your heel.

your bike looks fabulous. i like those fat tires for country riding!

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legcramps - Monday Jan 10, 2022

Weight: 0.0

Jan 8 - gym workout 1.5 hours

Jan 9 - gym workout 1.5 hours

I took some rest days last week to try and decrease the swelling in my ankle; it didn't help much it's still a bit swollen. I will continue to ice and elevate while on downtime and hopefully this will eventually help it to recover fully! I am also rolling my heel and arch - I should probably do this in my calf as well. Not sure where the swelling is coming from, could just be really tight muscles?

Back to work today. There is a lot going on, but just going to try and take it one thing at a time and hopefully it will slow down a bit later in the week. Fingers crossed LOL.

I got so much sleep on Saturday night; we didn't get to bed until past 11:00 pm that night, but slept all the way until 10:00 am the next day! Crazy! So I can't say I didn't get any rest. I might have also had a nap on Saturday afternoon - the weekend days blend into each other so I can't remember if it was Saturday or Sunday when I napped LOL. Anyways it was a great nap.

I think i'm getting old; everything seems to take more energy and I want to do less and less with my downtime. Why do we have to be doing something all of the time? Maybe i'm just wanting to be lazy, but I enjoy life a lot more when i'm taking it slow and not rushing through everything. Maybe mid-40s we just automatically start to slow down a bit? I don't know what it is or why, but I could not care less that other people are doing ALL THE THINGS. I hope they are happy doing those things. I am just going to stay at home and do none of the things.

Unless those things involve outdoor activity, hiking, biking or water sports of course.

It looks like we might get a break from the cold snap we've been in for the past few weeks. Finally. It's been in the minus 40s (celsius) with windchill for a long time now, and finally this morning it's down to minus 20s thank goodness. The brutal weather has been difficult to navigate both personally and in the work setting.

bearcountrygg on 01/10/2022:
Love it...The time in life where sitting down is an aim!!!

legcramps on 01/10/2022:
:) :) :)

Jacky82020 on 01/10/2022:
Know what happened to your ankle? A year ago I twisted my foot in a freaky way & it slipped off the bike peddle & tore the upper thigh muscle. Took ages to heal & most pain & swelling was felt behind the knee. Orthopedic guy prescribed 5 day steroid course, but I quit on day 3, severe insomnia. It did help a lot.

legcramps on 01/10/2022:
I went for a three hour snowshoe and noticed the swelling after that; could have rolled it, or slammed one shoe against the other. I'm pretty clumsy, could have been anything LOL.

Jacky82020 on 01/10/2022:
Well, if it gets worse & too painful look into a short course of steroids. two days of the 5 days did wonders on that torn muscle. It was a tapered 5 day pack, starting high with fewer pills each day, so I actually took about half of ‘em.

Donkey on 01/11/2022:
If the swelling does not go down soon, I'd probably get that checked out. You may need some help (prednisone or something like that).

I used to marvel and admire people who were busy. Not like over-worked busy, but just using up every single minute to the max. Not so much any more. I find that people who were/are like that have a more difficult time coping with situations like COVID, etc. where they have to stay at home with themselves.

Because I was not so busy, I would feel very inadequate. I am finally at the point where I can embrace my inner homebody introverted self and know that I'm perfectly fine just as I am.

Maria7 on 01/12/2022:
I think we are in a cold snap. We were at 20 degrees this morning. Quite cold for us in SC.

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legcramps - Tuesday Jan 04, 2022

Weight: 0.0

Dec 30 - gym workout 45 minutes

Dec 31 - gym workout 1 hour

Jan 1 - gym workout 1 hour

Jan 2 - snowshoe 3 hours

Jan 3 - gym workout 45 minutes

I am going to take a rest day today (I think). My ankle is a bit swollen from three hours of snowshoeing on Sunday, and then I added a 45 minute workout to it yesterday without realizing how bad it actually was. So hopefully a rest day will help it to recover.

I started taking a B vitamin complex, per Happy's suggestion. It's not an active B, which I am still looking for, but it is a B nonetheless. Hopefully it will help with digestion and breakdown of nutrients. I had to put the bottle out on the kitchen island in order to remember to take it, and still I have taken it only 2 out of 5 days so far LOL. I should probably start taking an iron supplement for a few days as well.

BF has been working, working, working. Yesterday he went in for 3:00 a.m. and didn't get back home until 8:00 p.m. Suffice to say, he didn't have much to say when he got home and he went to bed at the same time as I did; I hate knowing that he is driving 35 minutes to get home when he's so tired. Scary, but he does it more often than not.

I started taking down some of the Christmas decorations, and cleaned the house yesterday along with getting in a workout. I was up bright and early to coach in the morning, but had the rest of the day off so that was nice. Back at it today!

bearcountrygg on 01/04/2022:
I have trouble remembering vitamins too.....maybe put them with something that youm always reach for every day......( I can't take them on an empty stomach though so I think that is why I forget them.

Maria7 on 01/04/2022:
Good on getting your Christmas decor put up. I finally got mine done, too.

Jacky82020 on 01/04/2022:
Vit B Complex & a multi are the only ones I take, the husband uses dozens.

legcramps on 01/04/2022:
multies have iron, no? I should maybe just do that instead.

Donkey on 01/05/2022:
Watch that ankle! I hope it feels better soon! Ah, snowshoeing sounds like a lot of fun, though!

horn_of_plenty on 01/05/2022:
I recommend the weekly pill boxes where you put your vitamins / pills in for each day of the week - that’s how I do it abs if I forget I am only off by a day - and with my rx I just take it as soon as I remember abs it works out if I missed it only be 12-24 hours not days long after that :)

happy-1 on 01/07/2022:
Catching up... P5P is what you want.. This one in capsules the first month so you don't poop it out instead. https://www.iherb.com/pr/country-life-coenzyme-active-b6-caps-p-5-p-pak-30-vegan-capsules/1642

For ferritin, try this so you don't make your stomach worse. It's a pure brand and they make it more digestible. https://www.vitalnutrients.net/iron-plus-c.html

happy-1 on 01/07/2022:
I just use snack ziplock bags inside a sandwich bag and stick them in with my meal preps. I would never manage to remember to take something on the counter.

happy-1 on 01/07/2022:
I love dumb YA books too. They are underrated.

legcramps - Wednesday Dec 29, 2021

Weight: 0.0

Dec 25 - hike 1.5 hours

Dec 26 - gym workout 1 hour

Dec 27 - gym workout 1 hour; shovel snow 15 minutes

Dec 28 - bike ride 1 hour

Well THAT looks a lot better! Finally!

Still not feeling 100%, but at least i'm getting active again and enjoying it. It was nice to have the time to fit in a little exercise without being completely exhausted from it.

Going to try and keep it going, maybe not every day but a couple more times this week for sure.

It was a heavy day at work today, lots of things to get done leading up to year end. Plus, I barely got any sleep last night, not for lack of trying mind you. It seemed every tiny sound woke me up. So annoying! I think it was because last night was our Christmas get together with BF's family, and it was a full, chaotic household for a few hours and it got me totally hyped! LOL hopefully all that lack of sleep will make me extra tired tonight and I will go to bed early.

I am reading a guilty pleasure, young adult fiction. I am going through it like a knife through butter, so easy to read and just perfect for my current mindset. When I manage to get a few days off to rest and relax, I always seem to gravitate back towards reading. I miss spending loads of time bingeing on books. When I retire that's what i'm going to do - as long as I can still see - read and nap, then do it all over again.

Donkey on 12/30/2021:
Now that activity list looks a LOT better :-)

I'm so glad that you mentioned about reading young adult books. I have been doing that too. Not all of the books, but some. What I've been into lately are the pared down versions of classics. I truly enjoyed reading Dracula at a much lower level. I'm kind of stuck at "Heidi" although it's a delightful story. My next one is "Journey to the Center of the Earth". I'm not sure it's even "young adult" -- it might be 5th grade. Good story, easy to read, nice way to relax at the end of the day.

Maria7 on 12/31/2021:
I love to read, too. Hope you are having a good day.

Horn_of_plenty on 12/31/2021:
I like that you shared with us about your reading of youth versions of books. I also like the Donkey said she does too. Something for me to consider for easy reads of classics / favorites. An easy way to get thru them quicker too and have a relatively simple time reading one. Something to consider for the new year for myself! :) To give it a whirl. I have done this a couple times only in the past, but more with books with funny questions for youth, not stories really.

Also, i'm glad you are getting back into fitness. I do know that sometimes work can be really demanding, especially at relatively new job that i'm sure you are getting more and more used to and it will continue to come easier the longer you do it....but it's nice you are once again getting your fitness in! It's a must in today's age to maintain our levels of fitness :) in my opinion!!

Maria7 on 01/01/2022:
Wishing you a happy new year.

legcramps - Friday Dec 24, 2021

Weight: 0.0

Happy Holidays friends! Enjoy your time off / with family / or working if such is the case for you. Our office will be closing at noon today, and I have Monday and Tuesday off along with the weekend. Hoping for some relaxation time, but also some movement and activity - which I haven't pushed to do much lately!

See you all on the flip side of Christmas :) 

bearcountrygg on 12/24/2021:
Enjoy your time off and get some relaxation in between those activities........Happy Holidays to you!!!

Maria7 on 12/24/2021:
Ditto to what Bear said above! Merry Christmas!

Donkey on 12/25/2021:
Merry Christmas! How nice to have a long holiday weekend like that. I hope you will be able to rest up and move more for yourself :-)

Horn_of_plenty on 12/25/2021:
It's nice you will have the time to rest so you will be more energized and have time for movement! I have the same situation.

We were off Friday, how nice! and i got out of work around 1:30pm thursday. so, a nice long weekend here too.

I also have been resting extra as i felt pretty depleted coming into this weekend. starting to feel better now, halfway thru the weekend.

Maria7 on 12/26/2021:
Hope you enjoy your time off.

happy-1 on 12/26/2021:
Enjoy the time off! You work hard and deserve it!

happy-1 on 12/26/2021:
I just tried googling the p5p stomach issue thing for you and got a bunch of articles about how it upsets stomachs... I'm not sure what to search, but the issue is that people get a stomach bug or something that inflames digestive tissue, they can't absorb b6 as well, all their inflammation markers go up because of the b6 deficiency, which in turn prevents absorption of b6, but the active form of b6 calms everything down again. The stomach issues and resulting fatigue go away.

legcramps - Wednesday Dec 22, 2021

Weight: 0.0

Dec 14 - gym workout 1 hour

Dec 19 - gym workout 1 hour

I have no desire to exercise right now, as you can tell from the above. I've been feeling crappy for the last couple of weeks, and working out is not even a little bit appealing.

Yesterday I left work and went home for a couple of hours in the morning because my stomach was reeling from something I ate; OR I was having a stressful day of work so maybe it was also partly from that. Nothing major, but I guess stress is stress and it showed up in my belly.

I just need to focus on what i'm eating, and i'm really struggling with that right now - due to the holiday season. Easy access to all the wrong kinds of foods. I really need a hard re-set, I just have no desire to follow through.

There are positive things happening still:

- I passed my re-certification exam for personal training.

- I had a lovely time with my friends at a Christmas gathering last weekend.

- I am looking forward to having Friday afternoon off, as well as Monday AND Tuesday next week (lucky duck!).

So, focusing on the positives, and trying to let go of my lack of motivation. I think i've just gotten into a funk, which I haven't been in for awhile; and I should know by now that they suck me right in and are very difficult to come out of. I'm giving myself some love instead!

bearcountrygg on 12/22/2021:
These are rough times....I think most of us are feeling pretty crummy.......Hope you feel better soon.....does rice help? I know you were discovering a lot of food sensitivities/allergies......Congrat on getting your certification!

happy-1 on 12/22/2021:
I know you are in great shape, but when was the last time you checked your b6 levels? There’s a stomach irritation/absorption issue that turns off b6 absorption, but if you take p-5-p for a while, b6 levels come back up and stomach stuff goes away.

legcramps on 12/23/2021:
Hey, thanks for this, I will check into it. Don't always think of everything!

And no I didn't have any issues when I first started logging, seems to have been drummed up over time. My Mom is allergic to a lot of different foods as well and has been through the gammit of allergy testing - I'm not interested in doing that. But I suppose if I can't watch what I eat a little better, I may have to - to force myself to eat better.

happy-1 on 12/22/2021:
I don’t remember you having stomach issues when you started logging here

Maria7 on 12/22/2021:
Congrats on passing your recertification! Hope you feel better. A lot of folks are going through one kind of stress or another. For me, it has been a grieving time.

Donkey on 12/23/2021:
So glad to hear that you are recertified! I bet you're glad that's over.

I'm on the other side of the coin: I don't have an issue so much with exercising right now, but I've opened the window and threw the diet out of it. No motivation to try to eat healthy right now.

I'm sorry to hear about the tummy problems. That's no fun :-(

Jacky82020 on 12/24/2021:
Happy Holidays & hope you’re feeling better.

Horn_of_plenty on 12/25/2021:
when feeling crappy, rest is def the most important before taxing yourself more...despite not wanting to rest!

legcramps - Tuesday Dec 14, 2021

Weight: 0.0

Dec 13 - gym workout 50 minutes

I had a brutal headache after work yesterday; I think it was stemming from my neck/trap area. So when BF got home around 7:00 p.m., we went to the gym so that I could try and "work it off". Through the whole workout, I was feeling nauseated. I took it easy and did what I could, and i'm glad to get the workout in however last night may have been one of those moments where rest would have been the better choice. It wasn't even that I wanted to "push through", but rather I thought the exercise would help alleviate my headache.

When we got back home, I took a Tylenol muscle/joint, put a heating bag on my neck and was feeling better in about 15 minutes.

Chicken and rice for supper last night - no surprises for my tummy!

I have this Friday off - have I already mentioned that?! So it's a four-day work week for me, and tomorrow afternoon we have a board meeting so that will eat up some time as well. The rest of the week should go relatively quickly.

Tried to "sleep in" this morning (aka until my alarm goes off) but was wide awake just after 5:00 a.m. I still layed in bed, hoping to fall back asleep, but it never happened. Thankfully I only got up once during the night and was able to sleep through most of it, so i'm not quite as sleepy as I was yesterday.

Coaching is on tap for tonight if anyone shows up. If not, i'd like to just do an easy bike ride I think.

Jacky82020 on 12/14/2021:
You’re better than I am! I would have worked off that headache with a glass of wine & a good dvd.

bearcountrygg on 12/14/2021:
Maybe A tension headache......glad you are feeling better today!

Donkey on 12/14/2021:
That's tough to exercise through a headache. I understand why you tried - I would have too - but like you said, rest is probably better.

Ah a long weekend ahead!!!

Maria7 on 12/15/2021:
Chicken and rice are always a safe bet. Hope you are feeling better.

happy-1 on 12/15/2021:
Sounds like you need to hit the trigger points in your neck, shoulders, hips, etc.


horn_of_plenty on 12/15/2021:
Sounds like you are doing. Enter with the relief from your headache and you are almost thru the week ! I see good things on your horizon! Nice job completing your certification- everything we want in life is / becomes a time commitment most usually !

legcramps - Monday Dec 13, 2021

Weight: 0.0

Zero weekend exercise!

Didn't get to check on my house!

Spent all my time at the gym for a recertification course!

I wouldn't want to live last weekend over again. It wasn't filled with too many fun things. I guess we have to have weekends like that sometimes in order to really be grateful for the good ones. BF worked all weekend, and I was in training all weekend. The only time I really had to myself was in the mornings before training, where I was able to relax with coffee and breakfast.

The training was via Zoom, and it was recorded so I will probably rewatch some parts before I write the exam. The exam is 30 multiple choice questions; i'm hoping it won't be too terrible but I don't really know when i'll get it done. I do have Friday off, so maybe i'll have some time that day. I will try to watch the videos on the evenings I am at home so that i'm ready to take it on Friday if it works out.

Sometime this week I also need to drive home and check on the house. I feel like there are going to be a few late nights this week. Getting my sleep will be important. I was up intermittently through the night last night; for some reason, I just can't sleep when I have to get up early on Mondays to coach. So, likely as last Monday, I am already super tired and ready for a nap!

Just one hour at a time, legcramps. You've got this.

horn_of_plenty on 12/13/2021:
wow seems this training had you completely occupied. at least it should last awhile :)

good plan to review before you take the written exam :) I like the zoom trainings/online trainings. they are slow usually and take longer usually than expected when self-paced, but very convenient to take at HOME!

yes, get sleep when you can so you don't get run-down...i'm actually going to work on getting more sleep to start this week / keep it right, tonight!

legcramps on 12/13/2021:
In our time zone, it didn't end until 7pm each night :( that meant I went home, ate supper and then zonked out! Not much time to do anything else.

I liked taking it through zoom also, except for the fact that we would have had more one-on-one learning if we'd been in-class, which would have helped for practical, hands on reasons.

Jacky82020 on 12/13/2021:
Hope you can catch up on your sleep! So important.

legcramps on 12/13/2021:
Sure is!

Donkey on 12/13/2021:
That's the thing with these trainings: they happen on weekends, and I don't know if that's how I want to be spending my weekends right now. (I'm thinking yoga teacher training, here.)

I agree with the others. Try to get as much sleep as you can.

legcramps on 12/13/2021:
Yes, this is true. I guess it's a balance, and in reality I only have to offer up one weekend in a two-year time period to recertify for this particular certification, so that's not bad I guess.

legcramps - Friday Dec 10, 2021

Weight: 0.0

Dec 7 - gym workout 2 hours

Dec 9 - zwift 30 minutes

Total December - 6 hours

I'm glad it's Friday. My brain is done. Which is strange, because this week has been relatively quiet. However, brain is done all the same. And I have two full days of gym recertification training that i'm not looking forward to this weekend. I also have to find time somewhere in there to drive two hours total to check on my house and make sure it hasn't blown up or caught on fire. Or just to make sure the furnace is still running and the pipes aren't frozen.

Maybe what I need is some outdoors activity, although I don't know how i'll get that in either. I might be lacking in those sunshine hours that HoP tallies up each month. My next day off work is Friday the 17th. Not that I really need a day off work (I really am still enjoying this job), but it will still be nice to have it off. Planning a girls' supper that night for a group of us who have been close friends for many years. Bought them all gifts and they'll come to my house (not BF's, but my hometown) since it will be super clean (LOL no one lives there) and I have a huge dinner table that will be perfect for playing dominoes, and a big comfy couch in case we would rather just drink wine and complain about stuff.

I purchased a bunch of chocolate for christmas gifts this year for a fundraiser for BF's daughter's dance company. Like, a BUNCH. I am too embarrassed to even tell you how much I bought, but it all arrived yesterday and that was the last of my gift purchases, thank goodness. BF's responsibility to get the rest done, which is only his sister so he should be able to handle that. Anyways, I am using the chocolate as filler for gifts, and of course I bought too much (or i'm forgetting everyone I thought I would buy chocolate for). We all know what that means, don't we. It will be sitting around the house until I end up eating it all.

Speaking of eating, I bought some buffalo chicken from costco and it's breaded and spicy and quite delicious, however i've been trying to eat gluten-free and obvs this has the gluten in it. I started eating it on Wednesday. I've been sick for a couple of days now. Both yesterday and today, just around midday, I thought seriously about heading home and taking a sick day. I stuck it through however, because I basically did this to myself. I don't know what supper will be tonight, but I can guarantee you it won't have any gluten. Or anything else that has been bugging me lately, like carrots. pork. gluten-free macaroni. What's up with the randomness, stomach?!  it's exhausting.

Donkey on 12/11/2021:
I think the lull AFTER the storm gives the brain time to catch up. It's kind of like being very physically active and then not realizing how tired you are until the race is over. I would say that this means adrenaline levels have returned to normal, and you're feeling it - maybe?

I've been trying to keep Christmas goodies out of the house. That's the only way I've been able to stay on track. I *really* want to get a fruitcake, but I know that once it comes into the house, it will be gone in a day or 2.

GI problems are no fun. Your post made me realize that it's been a while since my Husband has had any major problems. Wonder what's up with that.... Well, I hope you are able to get your tummy stable. Not fun.

Jacky82020 on 12/11/2021:
Used to love Costco when we lived in California. None here. A Sam’s club in town, but this particular one sucks.

Too bad you can’t get someone to check on the house. We paid our old handyman to do it after we moved from the Victorian. I found going there while it was up for sale very depressing.

happy-1 on 12/11/2021:
A girls night sounds super fun!

Horn_of_plenty on 12/12/2021:
fingers crossed your house is OK!!

woop woop, shoutout to sunshine hours!

your dinner get together sounds fabulous..coming up on the 17th. nice job planning something with your friends. i do not get together much with friends these days...but today i'll see one :)

good idea to buy chocolate as filler for forgotten gifts, last minute gifts! why did i never think of that!?

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