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legcramps - Thursday Aug 04, 2022

Weight: 0.0

I have been filling my at-home time with packing for the trip, and stressing about the trip, LOL. I might actually be happiest when it's all over with. Anxiety has really killed my appetite for travel!

I can tell that Fall is on its way... I was going to cut the grass yesterday but it honestly hasn't grown enough in the last week. The growing season is slowing down over here; soon, there will be spiced pumpkin lattes in all the coffee shops. At Costco the other day I noticed that they have hallowe'en costumes out already. Yikes!

Sometimes I wish summer would never end, but then life is so chaotic in the summer because we have such a small amount of time to actually enjoy it and I never really get a chance to just sit down and relax. Catch 22. The answer would be to move somewhere where there is a larger window of summer time instead of just a couple of months. That would be the dream! If only it was as easy as writing it down.

I must remember to water all my outside plants after work today so they don't dry up and die while we're gone. I have a short amount of time to get this done before we start our 22 hour road trip (wow, just writing that makes me feel so tired!).

Yes, we have a 22 hour road trip, then an overnight with family. Bright and early on Saturday we have to make our way to port, where we will board our cruise ship. When we return to port, we basically have to start our 22 hour road trip back home so we can get back in time for work. It will be a crazy week!

I don't know what kind of access to internet I will have while away, so if I don't get a chance to post - I hope you all have a great week :)

happy-1 on 08/04/2022:
Or save vacation days for summer!

legcramps on 08/04/2022:
I would still fill them with more activity than would be necessarily healthy LOL. Gotta try to get all the outdoor activities done while I can! Bike, hike, swim, camp, paddle, and repeat!

If I had too much time off I would do stupid things like bike for 4 hours instead of 1.

Donkey on 08/05/2022:
^Not a stupid thing. I would much rather bike for 4 hours than be at work for 8.

legcramps - Tuesday Aug 02, 2022

Weight: 0.0

August 1 - gym workout 1 hour

This weekend I was away with family for a celebration of life. I came back feeling really sad, not only about loss of a great life, but also the loss of extended family relationships. It seems like everyone dislikes everyone these days. Really had to walk on egg shells the whole time, and be very careful about what I said to whom. Family should be the most comfortable place to say whatever the heck you please and they will either correct you, or laugh with you. None of that this weekend, i'm afraid. I also admit I do turn into a different person when around family. I become more sarcastic and it can come across negatively (of course). This is how we grew up together - a lot of sarcasm and joking around. Now, the older generation has softened and they take offense more easily. It seems I always have to change myself to suit other people's expectations.

To make myself feel better, I went shopping to Costco. Then felt bad again because of all the money I spent LOL. It wasn't that bad actually, and we are set for a little while now with snacks.

Yesterday we went to the new gym in my hometown, the one they started building when I moved away. It is nice, new, but pretty empty still. I managed to find a circuit of exercises for upper body work, and started things off with 20 minutes on the stairclimber. Getting headaches lately I think because I haven't worked out in awhile and i'm probably not drinking enough water. My goal for the rest of this workweek is to get at least two bottles of water in each day. That will very likely help with the headaches.

Made chicken and rice for supper. Need more veggies! There are lots in the fridge, just need to chop them up and eat them.

BF is possibly working away from home for the next few days, so he had to pack up all of his stuff for our cruise last night and was scrambling around trying to get everything done. Then he had to pack for work, and figure out what food he was going to take. It made things a bit hectic last night, and I was laying up in bed until almost midnight because I couldn't sleep from all the excitement.

Hoping today at work is quiet, but we are coming off a long weekend so...fingers crossed?

Donkey on 08/03/2022:
I've noticed the same with my family. And frankly, the ones that are left, I'm not so sure I like them so much any more. My brother and his wife -- I just find it harder and harder to relate to them. And my mom is more like my brother, so that's getting hard too. I seldom speak with my sister even though she's closer in proximity than ever before.

My brother's kids -- all 5 of them -- a bit overwhelming. Don't get me wrong, they're good kids and I love them, but they are all super-achievers, involved in a million things. It just gets tiresome to hear about everything that they do and excel at.

horn_of_plenty on 08/03/2022:
i'm sorry about the celebration of life, emotional impact. hugs to you.

this is why i buy those ready-washed bags/containers of greens - sometimes i just need to do NO WORK to eat my veggies!

legcramps - Friday Jul 29, 2022

Weight: 0.0

July 27 - gym workout 1 hour

July 28 - yardwork 1 hour


I think I am ready for my family today. I finished tidying up last night, cleaned the whole kitchen again, tidied the bathroom and living room, and cut the grass and watered all my flowers (and my big pot of kale, LOL). My Mom and brother are supposed to stay for supper tonight; we are going to BBQ burgers and sausage, with baby potatoes and tossed salad.

So all of that was my exercise yesterday, then later on I took a salt bath because boy did my butt hurt from the gym workout on Wednesday. I'm still a bit stiff today, but the salt bath helped so much.

I made fried rice with turkey burgers for supper last night. BF didn't get home from work until 10pm and I was already in bed by then, so I don't know if he ended up eating supper, or having something else. It was good anyways. I'll have chicken with the leftover rice for lunch today, and then the BBQ for supper.

I've been struggling with getting up in the mornings. Thursday morning I managed to get up shortly after my alarm, but this morning once again I kept on sleeping - over half an hour past my alarm. It will be nice to be able to sleep in tomorrow morning without any alarms going off. I drive to the city tomorrow for a couple of days, so I still need to leave early-ish, but I will get to sleep about an hour more than usual. And on Sunday I should be able to as well, though who knows for sure what my family's plans are in the morning.

Next week I will have both Monday and Friday off, so a three-day workweek! And then i'm off for a week on our cruise to Alaska.

I don't have anything planned for exercise today as it will be mostly visiting with family. For the weekend I believe the hotel has a bit of a gym in it, so maybe i'll check that out - or I could go to an Anytime Fitness gym and workout there. Options!

bearcountrygg on 07/29/2022:
Enjoy your time with your family.....then 2 day work week and a cruise???? What fun@!

legcramps on 07/29/2022:
Right?! How did I deserve all this?

Jacky82020 on 07/29/2022:
Deleted comment meant for your eyes only in response to yours. Hope you had a chance to read it. Your honest & kind words were greatly appreciated.

bearcountrygg on 07/29/2022:
You definitely deserve it...You work so hard!!

Donkey on 07/30/2022:
I hear you on the family anxiety. I usually feel like I have to work myself up to being with them.

This past week, I too have struggled with getting up. However, today (Saturday), I was up at 6:19am on my own. Yes, this is later than usual, but it's still pretty early for a Saturday. I want to enjoy as much of my free time as possible, even if I'm not doing much or getting much done.

A short work week and then a week-long cruise -- ok, I'm a little jealous ;-)

happy-1 on 07/30/2022:
Sounds amazing!

Maria7 on 07/30/2022:
Hope you have a good visit with your family.

horn_of_plenty on 08/01/2022:
oh boy i didn't know you were cruising to alaska! how nice!

when you made the burgers and fried rice, did you eat burgers in buns or just sorta in/with the rice? very nice incorporation of a chopped salad; that's also what we did during my getaway.

i love hearing all about your exercising. yeah, i hear you on sleep. that's the main reason i took today off after the weekend. i wanted to give my body some serious downtime before forcing the structure of work back in!

Like you, i'm off today and then only working 3 days this week too. I'll be off this coming Friday as well as Monday to enjoy another weekend getaway just 2 hours from my friend's place which is about an hour from me. Should be a great time.

like you, i'm incredibly pleased to have a 3-day workweek and realize i need to work well this week or i'll get nothing done!

legcramps - Tuesday Jul 26, 2022

Weight: 0.0

July 25 - coaching 1 hour

July 16 - coaching 1 hour

I'm back in my "don't wanna do any exercise" phase. I had ice cream twice in the last week and i'm pretty sure this is where my issues started. I was going to go lane swimming this morning, but was stuck in the bathroom for longer than usual (TMI). Also, there was a tragedy at the pool last week, and i'm not sure I want to go swimming there again just yet.

After work yesterday I helped BF's daughter make chocolate chip cookies for her Mom and BF (she is going to visit them for a week or so starting today). BF and I got a few cookies out of the deal, too, so that was nice. She did a very good job, but needs to clean up after herself a little more. I'm hoping that comes with time. I purchased some sea bands off of amazon for when we go on our cruise (cruise to Alaska for a week) because her and I both get carsick so i'm guessing we will need something to help settle our stomachs. I've heard good things about sea bands, so I figured it was worth a try anyways.

We had chicken, rice and cooked veggies for supper yesterday. I fried the chicken in bbq sauce and we put a little chicken broth in with the rice. The rice turned out drier than usual, but it was good with everything mixed together. Thinking I will have this for lunch today as well.

We watched a bit of "Is It Cake?" on Netflix. Wow, these people are so creative! I wish I owned a bakery, but I would need to learn to bake first. There are some pretty incredible bakers out there.

I have been cleaning a bit each day in anticipation of a visit from my brother and Mom. They are arriving in the city on Thursday and I will likely see them Friday and Saturday. Mom is particular about cleanliness, so I am trying to make a point of deep cleaning one thing every day on the main floor. Sunday we did the floors and stairs (BF also did the basement with bleach since we had water come in with the heavy rains), yesterday were the counters and sink, and today i'm thinking to scrub the bathroom.

Jacky82020 on 07/26/2022:
Gonna have to google sea bands. New to me.

LOL. When I lived in California and relatives visited more often I did lots of deep cleaning.

legcramps on 07/26/2022:
When I do deep cleans, I often think to myself "how do I live in this filth?" LOL.

bearcountrygg on 07/26/2022:
But deep cleaning is so rewarding once it's done.

legcramps on 07/26/2022:
It definitely is!

Donkey on 07/27/2022:
On many levels, I can totally understand why you might not want to swim in the pool (that pool) right now.

If you do not want to exercise - and believe me, been there/done that - then perhaps try to be active, at least. Take stairs, walk a bit, make several trips to do something that probably could take 1 trip.

OR perhaps follow your heart and rest. Stretch. Pause. Breathe.

I agree with Bear that deep cleaning is incredibly rewarding once it's finished. Good for you!

legcramps on 07/27/2022:
I commented on your post today, and realize now that I should take my own advice. Deep cleaning the bathroom yesterday was a lot of work, and i'm definitely counting that as exercise and movement.

horn_of_plenty on 07/28/2022:
I'm in a simialar phase but not the same as your "don't wanna exercise."

my phase is...will i be skimping too much on sleep if i exercise?

this summer i find myself skipping sessions just in order to relax and not beat myself down like previous summers. it's been a better balance for me. i would have preferred to be off more this summer, but i'm saving my days for February; and that's been working out fine, too.

totally get you on bathroom stuff...that's another reason why i like my downtime on the weekend - for that.

the bbq chicken / broth sounds like a good idea.

legcramps - Monday Jul 25, 2022

Weight: 0.0

July 23 - spin bike 1 hour

July 24 - housework 1 hour, paddleboard 1.5 hours

That weekend flew by so fast. I slept in both on Saturday and Sunday morning. Saturday to 8:38am and Sunday to 8:18am LOL. Every minute counted, and I do FINALLY feel like I am not tired. Hopefully have gotten through the worst of it - maybe it was brought on by all the activity during my week off work. At any rate, it was hard to get through last week, and I really, REALLY hope that it won't be so hard to get through this week.

Eats have been OK, nothing spectacular, definitely not 100% healthy but also not junk food. It seems like we've had a lot of grilled cheese sandwiches lately, LOL. BF had been cooking more since I was feeling so tired all the time. I did think about picking up some vegetables from the grocery store last week, then realized that the vegetables I would have liked to buy were almost three times the cost they used to be. So, that ended up being a hard NO. We will make due with what we have for now.

Our washer and dryer quit working last week. First, the washer wouldn't finish the spin cycle, then the dryer kept coding and quitting. Thankfully, I didn't have a big load of laundry so could hang everything to dry. Tonight we will have to maybe take our clothes to the laundromat just so we can keep up with the laundry, also BF's daughter leaves tomorrow with her Mom, so we need to send clean clothes with her. We've been looking for a new set since the washer quit, but are at least an hour away from large appliance stores and trying to find out when something might be delivered to the store is almost impossible. Supply has all but stopped in some areas. Just another added expense and frustration.

After work today BF's daughter wants to make cookies for her boyfriend. It's a two-hour process to make cookies with her - everything has to be done a certain way. So I may reach the end of my patience at some point tonight, especially if she gets bored and then I have to finish it all. My patience is so thin these days.

bearcountrygg on 07/25/2022:
I wonder if you have been fighting covid.......They say fatigue that lingers is one of the main symptoms...I went through that washer and dryer at the same problem last year...I also had trouble finding new ones....I know you are in Canada...I'm in the states...but if you have a Home Depot..or a Lowes there...they will deliver and hook them up for you.....that is how we ended up getting ours....( couldn't get white ones...snd ended up with a deep silver color...but I love them)...Nothing like trying to get by with broken ones and finally getting new ones that actually work!!!

legcramps on 07/25/2022:
Fair enough, maybe I should take a self-test. It would be terrible if it was positive as we have a trip coming up in just 12 days!

Jacky82020 on 07/25/2022:
Wow, sucks on the appliances. Any chance of finding some decent used ones?

legcramps on 07/25/2022:
That's what BF said, and I told him to go ahead and look but at a cursory glance he couldn't find anything. I think it might just be better to buy new and have a little warranty at least. Appliances just aren't what they used to be!

Thanks for the info on Lowes. We are almost three hours away from a Lowes. Sucks for us.

We have one appliance store an hour away that will deliver and also they do repairs. Going to check with them today and see what they have in stock.

Jacky82020 on 07/25/2022:
Also. I used a 10% off coupon on my washer, dryer & fridge etc from lowes. Got first one as welcome to the neighborhood coupon package and purchased the others on eBay. Also sold by other coupon sellers online.

Had a used appliance store in another town deliver good used appliances at good price.

happy-1 on 07/25/2022:
Don’t repair. Never works out. Replace.

Donkey on 07/26/2022:
Isn't that like the last thing you need to be dealing with? With all the stress and stuff, having to deal with appliance replacement??? UGH!!!!

legcramps on 07/26/2022:
Right, I thought that too and then I just tried to let it go. It's not like I can ignore the issue, so might as well deal with it.

legcramps - Friday Jul 22, 2022

Weight: 0.0

July 22 - swim 30 minutes

Well, I finally got some exercise in. I had to force myself to get up and get ready to swim this morning. Like, FORCE MYSELF. And now I honestly just feel blah about it. I think about work all of the time, and this week's bad behaviours by people have been sitting in my chest all week. How do you guys destress if there is tension at work? Seriously want to know.

I just don't want to keep doing this. I left my last job because I wasn't happy. How can I leave this one without thinking that maybe the problem is me? Because I can't handle conflict or arguing, can't handle temper tantrums and people getting their way by being agressive rather than professional and respectful. Can't handle it!

Glad it's Friday, of course. Not trying to bring everyone else down - i'm going to try the "turn that frown upside down" trick today.

horn_of_plenty on 07/22/2022:
if tension at work, try to see it how someone on the outside would see it. try not to be offended. try to realize that being offended or getting upset by things is going to make the work time harder for you not easier.

Work is NOT play. almost always Work is going to have issues and challenges.

If people are negative, stick to yourself; don't talk back or they will keep on talking back to you; and ignore it.

Today and yesterday i have to ignore 24yo hacking cough. she also has been annoying and tattling to boss about things that she has no business talking about without me not at work and only causing issues....i didn't even mention it to her. she didn't return my tubberware after i reminded her 1x, now i will not remind her again. she thinks we are all doing things wrong when she is SO WRONG. :) ignore it. be above it. stay quiet. don't engage them.

horn_of_plenty on 07/22/2022:
i'm also SO HAPPY it's friday! glad you got into the pool!

innerpeace on 07/22/2022:
I don't do well with conflict either. I hope you can find an amicable solution, cause you an only exercise so much. That's what my boss in Desert Storm said - exercise it helps!

Donkey on 07/23/2022:
I too am glad that you forced yourself to swim. At least you tried it, to see if it will help. And like IP said, exercise helps - even if you're not feeling it psychologically.

For me, during my worst days at work, when I was dealing with Queen Bee & Male Co-Worker ganging up on me, I tried to shut as much of that out - not giving any fuel to the fire - and find things OUTSIDE of work that I could look forward to. Things like watching a favorite TV show, a nice warm shower when I got home, a good book, etc.

At this time, that's all I can contribute. I don't blame you for feeling like you can't handle conflict, etc. But I bet you are handling it better than you think/feel.

happy-1 on 07/24/2022:

legcramps - Thursday Jul 21, 2022

Weight: 0.0

I feel a little guilty about not having done any exercise this week so far. It's Thursday already! But, I have been sleeping in every morning and still getting up feeling exhausted. My body is telling me to rest, so I need to rest.

I will be coaching at the gym tonight, so will get in a bit of movement there. 

I can't wait for the weekend though. This week at work has been rough, trying to catch up, keep people happy, manage. I hope I start to get more used to this work soon; I still feel anxious every single morning that I get up to go to work. I know this is also exacerbated by the upcoming trip in August and BF has basically handed over all the prep work to me to get ready for the trip. It has been a lot and i've been running into a lot of technical difficulty with having to do everything online. Anyways I just feel like crying today, and it's even worse because I know if I had only gone swimming I would be feeling so much better right now.

bearcountrygg on 07/21/2022:
((HUGS))......It sounds like you have a lot going on right now......

Maria7 on 07/21/2022:
I hope you feel better. Take care of yourself.

Donkey on 07/22/2022:
Definitely dealing with a lot. I hope that you are able to swim this morning -- or soon.

I absolutely hate catching up after a vacation. Actually, though, I'm glad that you shared that, because I thought maybe it was only me & my dysfunctional workplace that had this issue.

Thank goodness for the weekend.

legcramps - Tuesday Jul 19, 2022

Weight: 0.0

I didn't have any time yesterday to come back and update, and today is looking about the same, LOL. It's hard to come back to work after holidays!

I did have a good week off; did a lot of camping and outside activities, which was good for my soul. Got to see some family, friends, and still had time just for me too. I didn't relax as much as I had wanted to or felt I needed to, and got back home on the weekend to drama which was not fun to say the least. We really need to stop coddling our younger generations, or if i'm incorrect, I really need someone to explain to me how giving them everything they want is going to be beneficial to them as adults. Anyways, that's just a rant. And now it's over LOL.

I haven't gotten back into lane swimming yet. I was up early this morning, but we had been up later than usual last night with family visiting, so I didn't feel much like working out when I woke up. Hopefully i'll get back into it sooner rather than later, I know it's very helpful for my mental health.

I guess i'd better get back at it. Have a great day!

innerpeace on 07/19/2022:
I hear you with the kids... I admire your camping, I consider it and then think of how I would sleep - a cot, the ground. I don't think my body could handle either. Have a good day.

legcramps on 07/20/2022:
I honestly didn't think mine could handle it either, but you know when i'm exhausted it doesn't seem to matter what I sleep on - the softest mattress or the hardest ground - I will sleep no matter what LOL.

horn_of_plenty on 07/19/2022:
i really like that paddle boarding you are doing. if i lived close to a lake with standup paddle boarding, like really close, i would totally do that for exercise!

but speaking of something similar, i will kayak on Sunday! :)

my sister tends to coddle her toddler too, imho.

legcramps on 07/20/2022:
It is so fun, but so is kayaking! Good for you for getting out and giving it a try!

I hate to complain about today's generation, since I don't have children of my own and I don't want to be that person, but I do worry about how they will cope with life when they are adults...

Donkey on 07/20/2022:
Coming back to work after a vacation/holiday hardly makes it worth it to step away -- at least sometimes that's how it feels to me, when I come back.

legcramps on 07/20/2022:
Right?! Monday felt like it only lasted an hour, but the entire bit was high stress and no release. Now all of a sudden it's Wednesday. What happened to the week?!

Jacky82020 on 07/20/2022:
Hear ya on the kids. Glad you’re having some highly productive days & getting some R&R

legcramps on 07/20/2022:
I keep thinking about how I would spend my time if I was retired. I can't wait LOL. But, I also know I am delusional to think the only things I will do when I retire are things I want to do ;) I guess there will always be a certain amount of "work" that needs to be done. Silly work.

horn_of_plenty on 07/20/2022:
i do think the same about kids these days....but, i think many of those kids will mature....but, yeah, maybe that's what all adults say looking back on the younger generations - that they cannot believe they will ever make it...but they do...maybe people become better with age, you know?

legcramps - Monday Jul 18, 2022

Weight: 0.0

July 9 - coach 1.5 hours; swim 1 hour; yard clean-up at my house 2 hours

July 10 -  camp site set up 30 minutes

July 11 - paddleboard 1 hour; hike 1 hour

July 12 - bike 2 hours; hike 30 minutes

July 13 - gym workout 1 hour

July 14 - paddleboard 1.5 hours

July 15 - paddleboard 1.5 hours; hike 1.5 hours; camp site set up 30 minutes

July 16 - hike 1.5 hours; hike 40 minutes

July 17 - REST DAY

July 18 - coach 1 hour

Getting my exercise written down and then will come back to update other things!

bearcountrygg on 07/18/2022:
Wow....You were busy!!! Good job!

Donkey on 07/19/2022:
Wow, lots of hiking - YAY!!!! And paddleboard - that sounds like fun (and hard work, lol)!!

legcramps - Friday Jul 08, 2022

Weight: 0.0

July 8 - lane swimming 30 minutes

Feeling good this morning, even though I drank even more chorine while swimming than I did yesterday. Ugh. When I get home, I have to just sit for a few minutes before continuing on with my day because it makes me feel so nauseous.

Last night we had a really good supper - chicken, rice and cooked veggies. I am going to have that as leftovers today for lunch. We have also been dehydrating batches of bananas since BF found them on sale, packing them into zip lock bags and freezing them. They are delicious, crispy bites of sweetness right out of the freezer. I would like to find more fruit on sale and dehydrate peaches or mangos since we usually eat bananas throughout the day so we are in a bit of a banana overload right now! But they will be perfect to take hiking with me as a healthy snack.

I'm really glad it's Friday. I coach at the gym tomorrow morning, and then my holidays officially start! I am trying to button things up at work so that I don't leave a lot of work behind for everyone else, so i'll be working at that for most of the day today - hoping there won't be too many interruptions today. None of us are in the "people"ing mood today after the last couple of rougher days.

I hope to be able to log on while i'm off to update, so will talk to you all after the weekend!

Maria7 on 07/08/2022:
Chicken, rice, and cooked veggies...sounds very good!

bearcountrygg on 07/08/2022:
I don't think you are supposed to drink the pool!!!!

legcramps on 07/08/2022:
I know, right?! I don't know why I continue to open my mouth here when I keep it closed in a whole lot of other situations LOL

Donkey on 07/09/2022:
Aren't bananas just the perfect food? I like them fresh, frozen, fried, dried. YUM!!!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

PS I don't swim, so I don't know, but I wasn't aware of the risk of swallowing water when swimming. I'm going to ask the swimmers in my family if they experience this too. No doubt your stomach doesn't like the chlorine!

horn_of_plenty on 07/09/2022:
oh my so sorry about the ingestion yesterday of chlorinated water yuck.

you can even dehydrate some veggies and put some salt on them...lol....you know i'd probably do that if i had a dehydrator!

Maria7 on 07/14/2022:
Hope you are having a good day and feeling well.

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