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legcramps - Wednesday Mar 25, 2020

Weight: 0.0

Well, I think I made the right decision when I asked BF to go home after picking up his daughter on Saturday, rather than coming back to my place. I haven't seen him since (we should really face time or something, that would help). Anyways, they are at his place and I am at mine. I have kept myself busy cleaning but definitely missing them a lot.

The main level of my house is near sparkling it's so clean. All I can smell is Lysol.

I got sick with TOM on Monday, so I did have to run out and get some supplies. I wore gloves and wiped EVERYTHING that I purchased down once I got back home. 

I still feel a little crappy today but i'm trying to just plug along. I haven't worked out since Sunday, so maybe tonight I will be able to get a workout in. I bought some jugs of water to use as weights, so i'm actually looking forward to that.

There will be a Zoom call this afternoon with the gym coaches and owners, and some of the members to discuss how things are going and what could be done in the following weeks to support members in their journeys. Since I am working, I will be missing the call. They might have enough work for virtual workouts so that one or two trainers could work part-time, but that will likely be all they can do. So I won't be required anyways, although I will definitely be following along and motivating all our members from the sidelines! In reality, it will be nice to have the extra time to myself, since the days at the hospital will probably continue to be stressful for a while.

bearcountrygg on 03/25/2020:
I think you made the right decision too...no need to expose anyone needlessly. Good idea with the water weights....

Horn_of_plenty on 03/25/2020:
I am sure if you WANT to help the gym and make a video that the gym would probably be happy with you doing so?!

also, i assume like bcgg said that you are making a good choice to social distance outside of work for now.

great idea to pick up some things you can use as weights so you can continue working out, great job Legs.

I am grateful for my at-home gym :) 2 years ago, i couldn't have made a better choice :)

keep us updated with how you are doing up there!

Donkey on 03/26/2020:
So glad to read your update!

innerpeace on 03/27/2020:
Hope you are doing OK.

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legcramps - Thursday Mar 19, 2020

Weight: 0.0

Of course as soon as I say we are business as usual it changes to a completely new normal.

It doesn't help that the number of COVID-19 tests in our province doubled in one day and our province declared a state of emergency... our numbers are still low, but some things are worrying me now. Especially the degree to which it can spread if we don't take some precautions right now.

Gyms are closed, so i'm assuming that means i'm done working there indefinitely, unless they ask me to start doing live workouts through facebook. I'm not sure I want to travel outside of my local area anymore though.

BF wants to pick up his daughter on Saturday, which means travelling about 4 hours each way to get her. She is coming from another province. It worries me that she's been in contact with COVID-19 and shouldn't be travelling at all - should be staying at home. Or I might be in contact with COVID-19 at the hospital and might be contagious. If her parents decide they will bring her, then that's what they'll do, but it won't stop me from worrying about it LOL.

I've been having trouble sleeping. I have a big workload right now, and it's been really stressful trying to keep up.

To all of you who are in more desperate measures than I - who are facing office closures, job closures, self-isolation, who are self-employed and facing a huge financial crisis - my heart breaks for you! Hang in there; hopefully we will see some normalcy sooner rather than later!

bearcountrygg on 03/19/2020:
The numbers are doubling here daily too....Michigan has now had 2 deaths...both in their 50's...this isn't a good time to take chances...for sure.

Donkey on 03/20/2020:
This situation is making me - and some of my coworkers reevaluating work circumstances too. I'll write more about it in my own entry, but I get it that you're rethinking going back to working at the gym.

I can see your hesitation about BF's daughter. IDK what I would do...

innerpeace on 03/20/2020:
I can relate to your BF's daughter and driving. My stepdaughter is over right now and she runs back and forth from her Mom's house. They have lots more people over there than we do, so I hope she doesn't pick it up and spread it around to us. I doubt my DH would tell her NOT to come over... DH texted his ex wife and ask if the girl could stay from Wednesday-Sunday to just be safer. Of course the mom gets all defensive and reads that DH is saying that SHE IS NOT safe.

DH doesn't even answer her - I'm like I would have said...You are right, I think you aren't safe. You are the one who has been running back and forth from the hospital trying to visit your husband. You run a business and are in and out of people's houses and your other daughter baby sits...so YEAH that's what I'm saying...I don't think you are safe. She's a BIOTCH!

anyway, I hope you stay safe! And I know it's not good business practice, but I'm glad the gyms are closed.

Horn_of_plenty on 03/22/2020:
its so great you have some exercise equipment at home during this time so you can at least continue working out from home as much as you can / want to. that would be a challenge for you to put workouts on fb for your clients. that would be so cool if you did...it would make you use your mind a little bit (more than i am!)

try to get sleep when you can :) it must be very stressful at your work setting now i can see.

its crazy how fast the virus spread around the world :(

hopefully things will sort out sooner rather than later...hopefully they figure out a medicine to tame it and that would help us get on with life in the way we remember it so clearly several months ago.

Horn_of_plenty on 03/24/2020:
how's it going, Legs?

legcramps - Tuesday Mar 17, 2020

Weight: 0.0

It has been so stressful and busy at work over the last couple of weeks because of COVID-19. It seems that our government has a new press release every few hours and every time we get a new one, we scramble to follow through with the new directives. We've progressed to closing the doors to visitors in a lot of our long term care facilities, and now even our hospital has a restricted visitors list. Schools have been closed, faith-based organizations, etc. So we are definitely seeing and feeling the effects of this world-wide pandemic.

My gym is still operating business as usual. I feel that, especially in times like these, we need to continue to provide healthy living options to those who may be feeling extra anxiety and concern. It is helpful to be able to still come together as a community, and my gym has always had very strict cleaning guidelines - it is well known for its standards of hygiene. We have offered virtual options for anyone who is under self-isolation or who choose not to attend in-person. I will continue to coach in the gym until such time they decide this process needs to change. I am confident that the owners are doing their due diligence in ensuring they are providing a safe place for people to workout in.

You never know what will happen next though...we do not have any confirmed cases of COVID-19 in our province at this time, but this could quickly change. I am grateful that our government is doing everything it can to keep our elderly and at-risk safe.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/17/2020:
it's good to know that you are not in one of the hard it areas. stay safe :)

there's plenty of cases around my area.

right now, for me, i know of these people thru association, but not personally i know them.

there is a guy on the work crew for the job i am on that has it...he isn't working in the office where i am, but the field.

they closed down the job until sunday.

bearcountrygg on 03/17/2020:
Thankfully there is none of this close to you....Hopefully it stays that way....Stay safe Legs!

Donkey on 03/18/2020:
Sounds like your area has been spared. You yourself can still practice safe precautions, many of which I'm sure you already do.

legcramps - Monday Mar 16, 2020

Weight: 0.0

Apologies if anyone was wondering what the heck happened to me... I'm OK! I had been feeling a little off at the beginning of the month; really disconsolate actually. I hate being negative, especially here

It's been a little crazy, though, even for us in Canada. I work at a hospital. Enough said, am I right?! Anyways, today seems to be a little closer to normal, so i'm taking a few minutes to do an update.

I've been biking a lot this year, so on the weekend I attended a group training session. Boy, it darn near wrecked me LOL; It was pretty obvious that I haven't used the muscles in my shoulders for awhile. It was nice to get a little strength training in, even if I will feel it for a few days LOL.

Work today, coach tonight. Business as usual!

Horn_of_plenty on 03/16/2020:
Glad you are alright!

Stay safe where you are working. i hope they are providing extra protection where you are working.

Beginning 8pm tonight, all gyms will be closed in NYC. also closed are all restaurants except if they want to stay open for takeout.

stay safe. it's still cold where you are...and somewhat by me...so we have to safeguard our health and immunity.

Donkey on 03/16/2020:
Glad you are ok! Are you not affected by the COVID 19 virus?

bearcountrygg on 03/17/2020:
Hope you stay safe....and that this all passes by quickly.

legcramps - Thursday Mar 05, 2020

Weight: 0.0

Finally planning on getting back on the bike tonight. It's been a long week for sure and I think not having that as an added exercise has made it feel even longer. So back to the bike! And maybe we'll do something fun this weekend after work on Saturday. Really needing a re-set.


Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/05/2020:
OMG do i need a reset myself!

at least the office will be REALLY quiet tomorrow...and i can get work done!...and leave on time...and have a good end to the week :)

thanks for reminding me that i, too, have a bike that needs using :) i keep forgetting that i could incorporate it, even if for 15 min at a time to build leg muscle.

Donkey on 03/07/2020:
I've been trying to re-set for the past 2 weekends - ever since that client lady screamed at me. So I can relate. I'm gonna keep on trying - it will happen eventually :-)

innerpeace on 03/13/2020:
Hope you are staying safe!

legcramps - Wednesday Mar 04, 2020

Weight: 0.0

Hump Day, so glad.  I don't know why this week is feeling so rough already, there's still a lot more of it to go LOL. I guess our perseverance must be tested from time to time.

Starting today with a slice of toast and a banana.

Coffee at work, and brought an orange for a snack.

Lunch will be a turkey sandwich.

Then maybe another coffee and lots of water this afternoon.

Meeting tonight where they will serve supper; thinking it will be soup and sandwiches.

Then home; laundry; dishes; not sure if I will get any exercise in today; i'll have had enough endurance practice just getting through the work day ;)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/05/2020:
looks like you are eating mindfully, lighter today!

legcramps - Tuesday Mar 03, 2020

Weight: 0.0

TOM these last few months has been really rough. I have been thinking about going back in for the depo shot (i've been off it for just over a year). They say that it gets better the more you exercise, but we all know how much I exercise and it has definitely not gotten any better. I feel that the depo shot is my best chance at being able to function through the first couple days of my period.

Coaching last night was a bit of a kerfluffle. That's the way it goes sometimes...I wasn't fully prepared and so I just sort of bobbled through it. The good thing is that I don't think anyone really noticed except for me. And if someone else did notice, they didn't say anything LOL.

After coaching, straight home. The highways were terrible yesterday, and I had to slow down quite a lot. It was a stressful drive. I ate when I got home, and honestly just wanted to go to sleep. Hoping today will hold more energy for me.

Well that was a whole lot of complaining, so i'll just stop there LOL. My eating was good yesterday and hoping for the same easy day of eating today.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/03/2020:
well, if you have to go back on the pill after a year of trying to be without it, perhaps it'd be better to stick with it a few more years. at least you tried. it would certainly fit your busy lifestyle better.

bearcountrygg on 03/03/2020:
Maybe it's time for a visit to the doctor anyway. You sound like I felt before the hysterectomy.....( multiple things going on for me and while it also brought a couple of new problems...it did fix the ones associated with the hemorraghing.)......Maybe time for blood work too...especially thyroid. You are that time where I was not feeling well myself.....and there were reasons unfortunately.

legcramps - Monday Mar 02, 2020

Weight: 0.0

Well, happy Monday!

The weekend went by so quickly. I was pretty sick on Saturday, but I made it to work at the gym at 8:00 and finished up around 2:00 that afternoon. I did my best to put on a happy face, and was grateful that it was super busy so I didn't have time to feel sorry for myself LOL.

After work I went out and bought some extra strength Motrin to try since the Tylenol had worn out its welcome (I was having trouble walking by that point, and was unable to eat or drink anything for fear of throwing it up). The Motrin really helped, and I was able to spend the rest of the weekend being relatively functional instead of sick on the couch.

On Sunday we went to a nutrition talk that lasted about 1.5 hours. It was good - nothing I didn't already know, but it was a nice refresher, especially when he started chatting about hormones, menstruation, and menopause and different nutritional needs during these cycles.

BF and I had big plans to food prep last night but by the time we got back home it was already pushing a late supper and I was HANGRY. So we did what we could. BF and I both have chicken and a carb prepped for the next couple of meals this week, and we had some leftovers from the fish we made for supper last night. So I guess we did prep a little bit! I also have a big bag of oranges to pick from this week for snacks. So I should just need to add a vegetable and i'm good.

Back to the gym tonight for a couple of sessions. I work the full week at the hospital as well, plus we have an evening meeting on Wednesday night. Then I work at the gym again Friday and Saturday. It will be a busy week!

As for exercise over the weekend, I am labelling it Active Recovery, but my calendar will show them as rest days. I was far too sick to do much on Saturday, but I did a LOT of moving while at the gym. On Sunday I took BF through the motions of a gym assessment - which got both of our hearts pumping a bit. Then we scoured the shelves looking for food for a good hour after that LOL. I am satisfied that I moved just enough over the weekend. 

bearcountrygg on 03/02/2020:
Wow you sound like you have been really sick.....don't be afraid to rest that body a bit....hope you feel better soon.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/02/2020:
nice job with your food prepping. this week i plan to eat a lot of food that i have been meaning to use up...also just need to plan a vegetable here too.

i also had a weekend of "recovery." i am still making my way to increasing my cardio. I think it's improving a little bit, actually...would be nice to keep my goals of improvement so i feel good in the summertime and i can do more.

Donkey on 03/03/2020:
^ I agree with Bear. Also, have you replaced your toothbrush or at least run it through the dishwasher? Sounds like you keep getting "re-infected"... or maybe just not recovering fully?

legcramps on 03/03/2020:
That's a really good idea - thanks!

legcramps - Friday Feb 28, 2020

Weight: 0.0

I started out on the couch yesterday after work. Ate a popsicle. Watched a tv show. But I kept thinking about the kitchen that I needed to clean, and so eventually I got up and did that. After that was done, I grabbed my clean laundry and folded it, then put it near the stairs to take up with me the next time I had to go upstairs (which wasn't until I went to bed LOL).

Once the laundry was done, I moved to putting away the clean dishes, and then slowly I changed into bike shorts and a tank top to get ready for the bike. It still took me another 20 minutes or so to get on the bike, but I did, finally.

After an hour of easy riding, I decided that was enough, showered and changed into my pj's. I ate my supper of chicken, rice and veggies, sat in my massage chair, and then went to bed nice and early again.

This morning when I got up, I realized TOM was here :( 

So, of course, when I have to work extra hours is when TOM decides it should appear. I'm a little bitter about it LOL. But I realize there's not much I can do about changing it, so I have to suck it up. I took a couple of tylenol (they seem to help me best with TOM) and will continue that throughout the day.

I have two sessions to coach tonight at the gym, and then I work again in the morning. I'll have a very busy day tomorrow working, so i'm hoping that means it will go by quickly!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/28/2020:
ohhh TOM! mine is coming this week too! i can feel it coming!

nice job getting everything in order last night and getting some exercise in...as well as making sure to get some sleep in!!

your plan from last night is my plan for tonight :)

Donkey on 02/29/2020:
Tylenol is the only thing that helps me with TOM, too. Then I usually use a topical on my abdomen, which also helps although it smells medicinal. There are worse ways to smell...

legcramps on 03/02/2020:
What kind of topical do you use on your abdomen? I'd be really interested to try it.

legcramps - Thursday Feb 27, 2020

Weight: 0.0

I did not workout yesterday...

What I DID do was go to bed early and I slept really well for almost 9 hours. I feel quite stuffed up this morning and am still a little sick and that is what is stopping me from working out. Unfortunately, instead of working out i'm just sitting on the couch watching tv and having snacks. So that's not good, but at the same time I want to give my body the break it must be needing.

Tonight's plan is to finish folding and putting away laundry, clean the kitchen, and then try a small bike ride.

I think i'll be heading to bed early again tonight. This is truly what I dislike so much about winter and working at a hospital all day... I literally have access to ALL THE VIRUSES.

Horn_of_plenty on 02/27/2020:
i never realized you worked at a hospital!

anyways, at least we can say Winter is closer to being over now!

I also have something going on right now where i need extra sleep or i'll just get sick...

i slept 10 hours last night! seems that is my "magic number" in general! crazy amount but works for me! 10pm to 8am.

Horn_of_plenty on 02/27/2020:
sometimes your body needs rest, it's good you are listening.

Donkey on 02/28/2020:
Hospitals, doctor's offices -- all good places to pick up germs.

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