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legcramps - Tuesday Dec 01, 2009

Weight: 0.0

I would really like to take my dog for a walk today.  It snowed during the night and this morning we woke up to a covering of soft and sticky whiteness.  I will have to shovel for sure, anyways, so she and I can play in the backyard at the very least.

I have nothing planned for tonight.  I will read, rest, and hopefully rejuvenate.  My cold/flu is working it's way throughout my body.  Aches, congestion and sinus troubles.  I almost didn't make it to work, but then what would I do?!!

hollybelle on 12/01/2009:
Oh to walk doggies in the snow. Our dogs would love that, but we get snow very infrequently. Flurries are predicted for later this, though, so who knows! Hope you feel better soon.

legcramps - Monday Nov 30, 2009

Weight: 0.0

Weekend was okay.  Got a massage on Friday morning, then did some baking in the afternoon.  After that, I was toasters for the night.  Saturday attended a 70th Anniversary, then came home and hosted my annual bake/christmas exchange party.  Sunday watched the Grey Cup and did some household chores, then opted out of a family supper because - again - I was feeling rotten.  Today I still feel flushed.  I guess I need to start medicating for cold/flu.

I have a meeting this evening and Wednesday evening.  This weekend I need to set aside for painting.

I need to get outside more... the cloudy haze i've been friends with on and off for over 15 years needs to realize that it can't stick around any longer.  I'm sick of it.  Bad friend.  BAD!

legcramps - Thursday Nov 26, 2009

Weight: 0.0

I was right.  It was a long day yesterday.  Then when I finally made it back home last night, it took me a while to calm down enough to sleep.  Then I woke up at 2:30am, with severe stomach cramps and couldn't get back to sleep.  Maybe it is stress that brought it on.  I don't know, but I don't like it.  I'm very tired today.  Very.  Tired.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 11/27/2009:
sorry to hear of your recent stresses and losses in your family! i'm tired without all of that. so i can imagine. you probably do just need some alone time to relax and recoop. feel better!!! :-) stay well.

Donkey on 11/27/2009:
I'm so very sorry for your sorrows :-( I would guess it would be the stress. Please, be kind to yourself; allow yourself to grieve. I hope you will have the chance to rest.

legcramps - Wednesday Nov 25, 2009

Weight: 0.0

Funeral today.  There is one here in town as well.  The sad loss of a young man.  Heartwrenching.

I will not be drinking much water today as will be on the road a lot and don't want to be stopping all the time.  It's going to be a long day.

legcramps - Tuesday Nov 24, 2009

Weight: 0.0

Oh, so tired.

I am going to watch New Moon tonight with friends.  I'm such a... Girl.

Lots of water.  That's about all i've accomplished lately.

selina on 11/25/2009:
enjoy watching new moon. i'm reading breaking dawn, now. i'm a such a girl, too. keep up with the water drinking - it's also important...

legcramps - Monday Nov 23, 2009

Weight: 0.0

Chuggin along...

Another death in the family.  More fighting.  Less brain cells.

legcramps - Tuesday Nov 17, 2009

Weight: 0.0

I had to re-visit the dentist yesterday because I have an infection from one of the wisdom teeth I had removed last week.  Apparently, the infection is pretty bad.  They've put me on anti-biotics for the next two weeks to try and fight it.  It really hurts.  Such is life.

I still have trouble eating solid foods, but made a supper date with a friend tomorrow and come **** or high water i'm going to eat, I tell 'ya!

Not in the mood for much else lately, although the house is clean and I cleaned up the backyard on the weekend.  The weather here is quite nice for this time of year; hopefully I can still take advantage of it and do something outside to re-energize.  Physical activity is severly lacking in my days.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 11/21/2009:
oh no! feel better!. i once had an infection in my wisdom tooth area and i had to get them pulled out! i still have two left.

legcramps - Friday Nov 13, 2009

Weight: 0.0

Back into drinking my water - surprisingly, it wasn't that difficult to get back into it.  I just picked up a bottle of water and started at 'er.  I wish it was always that easy - for everything!

I have a meeting tonight, so I think i'm going to slouch on the couch after work and read for a bit first.  I bought myself those eggs and bread yesterday, so i'm due for a toasted egg and peanut butter sandwich... is that wierd?!  And maybe a few slices of cheese.  I'm still having trouble eating; I have to push all the food to the left side of my mouth and then very delicately attempt to chew it thoroughly.  Some of the most basic actions in life are SO taken for granted.

I've decided to paint three canvasses for my brother and his wife as their christmas present.  Very doable - flowers, butterflies, black, white, sepia images.  It's all set out in my mind already.  It might change a bit, but i've got the general gist of what I want to do.  And, i've already started writing a bit.  I want to be able to give their twin daughters each a book this christmas, written by moi!  I probably won't have time to get them bound like I wanted to, though.  So that's what they're getting.  And thank goodness I have at least SOME raw talent, because I don't have a lot of money to work with these days and trying to come up with a gift that would compare would be horrendously expensive!

I was invited to visit my aunt in NWT this spring.  She will be dancing with her daughters in a Ukranian dance group.  She has offered to help me pay for my ticket, so I am seriously considering going as this is probably the only major trip I will be able to go on!  I would still love to see my brother and his family for christmas, but it's not looking like i'll be able to.

Other than that, I need to clean the house.  Exciting, huh?

legcramps - Thursday Nov 12, 2009

Weight: 0.0

Oh, THANK YOU hollybelle for your comment.  It sure made me feel better about my situation.  And you're right - the shame is his, not mine!

My dentist appt did not go well.  I think I may have dry-socket.  Very painful and I am a little discouraged that my luck seems to have disappeared in the last year or so.  I believe i've been cursed!!  Ha-ha, well maybe not, but you never know...

I've fallen off the water wagon, so I need to pick myself up and get going again.  It is pretty busy around here, both at work and at home with social committments.  Sometimes I take on too many things.

I might take a nap after work.  But first, I should buy some eggs and bread.

hollybelle on 11/12/2009:
Sorry about the dry sockets. That hurts. I don't think your luck has run out and you are not cursed. Though sometimes it does feel like that! Resolve to perservere and do not, under any circumstances, think of yourself in negative terms not even for a minute. And for sure don't say anything negative about yourself out loud. If you slip and do that - immediately replace it with something positive - even the smallest positive though or statement. Take special care of yourself right now and don't hesitate to say "Sorry I can't" so that you take on too much. You will be in more demand that way! Hey - I think I'll take my own advice that sounds so good!!! LOL!!!

legcramps - Monday Nov 09, 2009

Weight: 0.0

Doing alright.  I apologize for my rant of the other day.  I needed to vent and unfortunately, this was the only place I could do so.

I haven't been doing much lately, I've been feeling sick and so have been taking it easy for the most part.  I have a dentist's appointment today to get two wisdom teeth yanked.  I am not looking forward to this.

This week should go fast - we have Remembrance Day holiday on Wednesday.

hollybelle on 11/10/2009:
Hey - NO PROBLEM about the rant. I just read it - I'll tell you - whoever thinks HE is the victim is nuts. And as far as the you feeling ashamed......the shame is HIS. Do not take that on. Hold your head up and continue to do the right thing and the truth will win out in the end. I predict you will be vindicated. Good always trimuphs over evil. It just takes awhile sometimes, but, during the time it takes we can get stronger and then the victory is even sweeter! In the meantime, God bless you and may you find strength in God's promises, not the promises of any man.

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