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legcramps - Friday Jun 17, 2011

Weight: 164.0

I haven't weighed myself in a while, so i'm not sure what my weight is but it's probably around the weight I have posted; I doubt I lost anything lately since i've been having all the late night toast sessions ;)

So yesterday I got to sleep in, although I kinda didn't but whatever! I had a breakfast of rye toast with organic peanut butter (omg i luuurrve you pb) and two eggs. nom nom nom. Then I drank some water and thought about what I would do with my day off.

Ten minutes later and I was outside cutting grass and sweating up a storm! It's been so humid out lately (and still is) that it doesn't take much to start drooling sweat. Anyways, i'm glad I cut the grass when I did, because soon after that it started to rain again and it hasn't really let up since.

I did a few more putzy things around the house and then it was time for lunch. I nom nom'ed my breakfast so much that I just HAD to have the same thing for lunch ;)

Then I took a nap. Because I could.

When I woke up from my nap, I went out and got a few groceries, picked up some odds and ends, then headed back home to whip up a batch of cupcakes. I needed to do a test run for an upcoming ball team potluck; as I am not the best cook/baker in the kitchen. Really. I burn toast, i'm that good.

I finished that up while snacking on tostitos and guacamole, and once the icing was on the cupcakes I split them up into thirds and immediately delivered some to a friend. I brought the other third to work with me today. They are very chocolately - chocolate cupcakes with a cream cheese and chocolate chip filling and chocolate frosting. Wow. See why I got rid of most of them already?!! Sorry if i'm making anyone drool.

I munched on some chicken while watching episodes of So You Think You Can Dance and texting 'A'; I know I didn't get in all my food groups yesterday because I feel sort of draggy today. That's not usually the case when I eat all my vegetables!

'A' managed to find the nerve to ask me out on a date (**cue shyness, hiding my eyes behind my hair**) but I don't know when it's going to happen because i'm pretty busy until the middle of July! Summer is crazy, but I love it! Stampeder Guy was supposed to chat with me this week but that hasn't happened; I am not going to fret over it - his loss! Although he was a cutie ;)

Tonight I have a few errands to run; tomorrow is packed with things to do and a fundraiser dance to work; Sunday will be my day for house and yard work and of course, chatting with Dad for Father's Day! I sent him a card but our postal service is on strike so I have no idea if he got it yet. Apparently, this is the season for striking - we have two unions in the healthcare system striking, the teacher's union was on strike, our provincial crop insurance company was on strike, and now the postal service!

Anyways, wow, I can sure blab on and on. Hope everyone has a great weekend! I have a three mile run on the calendar for tomorrow! Hope I can get it done!

Progress as of today: 11 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 06/17/2011:
OK I'm drooling over those cupcakes. I hope you have a great weekend!

hollybelle on 06/17/2011:
Cupcakes - yikes - someone brought some in to the office and I had 1/2 yesterday and 1/2 today.....who do you like on SYTYCD?

Em17 on 06/17/2011:
Have a great day =)

KathyBlue on 06/17/2011:
ohh, curiously I've never been into cupcakes. Those look so artificial to me, too colorful, too plastic-looking. TOASTS, now those are something I'd like :) and I do actually, every morning before tennis! Do you put anything (butter) on top? I normally eat it with a tomato, sliced on top, because it's juicy and it pretty much substitutes butter :)

shaunnac on 06/17/2011:
good luck with your run. love so you think you can dance. I love love love love sonya's dances and I love love love travis wall too, the statue dance gave me chills

h82bfat on 06/18/2011:
Awesome willpower - giving away those cupcakes! I can't even burn a candle in the house that's vanilla scented - makes me want baked goods everytime!

thinkpositive on 06/20/2011:
I could not bake cupcakes and not have one. Good idea to give them away. A normal store bought cupcake I could resist but a homemade choc. wchoc chips would be a test of my willpower. So good for you. Love organic pb- especially Trader Joes!

legcramps - Wednesday Jun 15, 2011

Weight: 164.0

I think I broke my treadmill...

Yesterday I had yogurt with walnuts, coffee, water, chicken, pasta with onion, red pepper and broccoli, carrots, fish with brown rice, onion, red pepper and broccoli, more effin toast. The broccoli is almost done! This is the beauty of buying bulk groceries - you eat and eat and eat and still, there's always some left :)

I tried to keep myself busy last night, but really all I wanted to do was sleep. Or be depressed. Fortunately, I didn't let myself go there but i'm sure the message I left for my Dad yesterday probably has him wondering what the heck is wrong with me. It did rain yesterday afternoon, and then in the evening as well. This morning it's really damp and humid again; I imagine there is more rain coming my way for today. Maybe the change of weather has my emotions all out of whack. Whatever it is that's making me feel like this, it can stop. Anytime now.

So this morning I tentatively tried out the treadmill for a two mile run. It started out a little noisy and clunky, but soon it was sounding fine so away I went. Then, with only five minutes remaining in my run, it totally conked out on me! Oh no! I killed it! It started clunking, and then just shut right off. I couldn't get it back on. It may have reached an early grave.

I was bummed about not finishing yet another run, so I gathered my courage and ran outside for the five minutes I had left. It was wet. And humid. And hard to breathe. But I got it done. I had to take a breather afterwards and I sat at the kitchen table trying to catch my breath. I might have to do this run again before I can think about increasing my time or distance. Or maybe not eat so much bread right before going to sleep. Yeah, maybe that.

I had to put on my compression socks today for work because my left leg is really bothering me. I think the ankle area is swollen. I'm glad i'll have tomorrow and Friday as rest days from running; maybe the rest will do my ankle some good. I'm still absolutely grateful I haven't had much shin pain lately!

I've taken the day off work tomorrow, so i'm hoping to get some major sleep and get some things done around the house, depending on the weather. Tonight is slo-pitch but if it rains I imagine it will be cancelled. I would be okay with that. Usually, that would suck, but today - i'm okay with it.

But i'm really not all that grumpy today, honest! I just need something to punch. And maybe a great big bear hug.

Progress as of today: 11 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

getmebackto150 on 06/15/2011:
Hugs to you... I hope you are feeling much better soon... Good for you for still finishing your run outside, that takes dedication!

Umpqua on 06/15/2011:
Aw, sorry to hear about your treadmill, but good on you for running in the nasty humidity. Hope you find some thing good to punch :)

thinkpositive on 06/15/2011:
Thats determination to finish your run outside! Hope you get some much needed rest.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/15/2011:

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/15/2011:
if that's your weight, you are doing nicely...if not, please continue!!! ;-)

legcramps - Tuesday Jun 14, 2011

Weight: 164.0

Yesterday I had toast, coffee, water, a beef burger, carrots, chicken and pasta with onion, red pepper and broccoli, more toast (obvs).

I was pretty tired after work, but somehow I managed to keep myself busy long enough to not fall asleep on the couch. Just making dinner took more than an hour when all was said and done. I was moving really slowly.

This morning I was up early and went for a 1.75 mile walk with Walking Buddy. It's really humid out there, which means that it's probably going to rain again today. I felt almost claustrophobic it was so humid! Wierd.

Also wierd? I dreamt about running last night. Serious. I dreamt that I didn't have my stopwatch but I thought I was running really well and I think I was in some kind of race. That's all I remember.

Nothing on the agenda for tonight; I kind of wish I was a little busier this week in order to not have the time to beat myself up about certain things that constantly go through my mind. It's causing me some stress, which in turn is making me feel like throwing up. This too, shall pass.

Progress as of today: 11 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

getmebackto150 on 06/14/2011:
great job on the walk this AM... I know the feeling of stress making you feel a little like puking... Some things I do when I have a not so busy week and lots of down time... Go for another walk (if its not raining) rent a really cheesy romantic comedy, go to the library and find some healthy cook books to look thorugh... Nothing too exciting, but it does help to keep me occupied! Have a great day!!

V on 06/14/2011:
I know all so well about the stresses we put on ourselves..I have been nauseated all morning and last night :( Oh and LOL yes I am sure we would have quite a convo to say the least!!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06/14/2011:
sorry you are feeling a bit lousy tonight. like you said though, it shall pass. you are sounding busy to me - walking with friends even in the AM! nice!

i also like to keep busy as it prevents me from partaking in other less healthy choices...like overeating!

h82bfat on 06/15/2011:
It's amazing what a number stress can do on us.... I hear ya about the humidity! I gave up on having straight/flat hair YEARS ago! Hope you have a great day!

legcramps - Monday Jun 13, 2011

Weight: 164.0

Saturday morning when I woke up around 7am, I really didn't want to go for a run. I lay in bed, tossing and turning until deciding that if I didn't go now, I would probably dislike myself later. So, even though I didn't get out of the house until 7:20, I still went. Three miles later, and I was back and ready for a cool shower. I took Dog with me on the run, and I think she was ready for a four hour nap by the time we got home.

After I showered, I picked up some coffee and a banana muffin for breakfast, then spent the morning trying to sell stuff at Mom's garage sale. Mostly I just sat around, drinking tons of water and standing in the sun whenever possible.

After lunch, I decided to pull the mower out and cut the grass. It had really started to warm up outside, so by the time I was done, I was sweating profusely and drinking even more water. Even though I was pretty beat by the time I was done, I still managed to grab the clipper and work on trimming the trees and hedges in the yard - looks great! Obviously, I have a few (a dozen) more cuts and bruises on my body than I had before. I really don't know how I manage to hurt myself during manual labor, but I do it - every single time.

I helped pack up the garage sale stuff and we cleaned up the garage, then I had some quality time with the couch and an episode (or three) of Game of Thrones. Then it was time to get ready to head to the city to watch some racing! We got VIP tickets from a friend, and they treated us to a free steak dinner which was awesomely yummy! We also had our choice of seating and were able to get up close to the race track. It was so much fun putting bets on the chuckwagons and sitting around enjoying BEER and steaks. A friend's hubby also played the position of "wingman" for me and talked up some dude who was bartending; he ended up getting his phone number for me and we chatted for a few minutes. Stampeder Guy was pretty hot and I was so nervous to talk to him, so after a bit I avoided convo because I thought i'd start to stutter and turn into a bumbling mess 'cause that's how I roll. But I did text him later that night, and he replied on Sunday morning and we chatted again for a few minutes. He lives about four hours away, so it will be interesting to see if something comes of it. Regardless, it felt awesome to think that he could be interested! What a confidence boost! Just what I needed.

Later that night, we partied at a friend's place and I did some stupid things which I am not going to divulge. Let's just say that it COULD have been much worse... and I choose not to regret it. Moving on.

Sunday I did not do much, due to the events of the evening before.

This morning I was up and at 'em on the treadmill for a two mile run. Unfortunately, the treadmill started making funny noises with about 3 minutes left in my run, so I had to cut it short. I hope it was just overheated and it will work fine on Wednesday morning for me.

Back to work today! I don't have any plans tonight, so i'm hoping to get some laundry done and hang with Dog. Hope you all had a great weekend!

Progress as of today: 11 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 06/13/2011:
Too funy!

mcwoo40 on 06/13/2011:
Hope it's a good week for us :)

V on 06/13/2011:
I want details!!!

selina on 06/14/2011:
sounds like it was a great weekend!

legcramps - Friday Jun 10, 2011

Weight: 164.0

1.5 mile walk this morning with Walking Buddy.

Tired and zombie-like. Slightly annoyed. Sounds like the usual Friday morning ;)

My Mom was at my house yesterday getting ready for her garage sale tomorrow, so I was busy moving things, setting up, and wiping tables. That's about the only exercise I got yesterday, and I loved having the day off! Days off are much more enjoyable when you know you've earned them.

This week has been so freakin' long, I am so glad it's over.

Yesterday: toast, smoothie, coffee, water, 6" subway turkey with rice and broccoli, almonds, beef patty with pasta and broccoli, more toast, another smoothie.

My goal today is not to eat anymore bread besides what I had for breakfast. Leftover dinner for lunch, and i'm thinking about splurging for take-out sushi for dinner. Might as well eat out four times this week instead of just three, no?

Weekend plans: Tonight Mom is coming to finish setting up so i'll be helping her. Tomorrow I plan to run 3 miles outside, then cut grass and pull weeds, then going to the races for the evening (free ticket from a friend includes a steak supper! woot!). Sunday I gotta figure out what's happening with my garden.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! See 'ya on the flip side!

Progress as of today: 11 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 06/10/2011:
Have a good garage sale! Enjoy sushi and have a nice weekend.

FitAmbitions on 06/10/2011:
good luck on the garage sale! Wishing you a great weekend!

Em17 on 06/10/2011:
Good luck with the garage sale. Sounds like you will have a full day tomorrow =) have fun

V on 06/12/2011:
I hope you had an enjoyable weekend ;)

legcramps - Thursday Jun 09, 2011

Weight: 164.0

Yesterday: toast with almond butter, smoothie, coffee, beef and potatoes, subway 6" turkey, blueberry vodka with wildberry juice, four litres water.

Yesterday was much better than Tuesday, even though both lunch and dinner were ordered and not homemade. I was feeling lazy. Probably from overeating on Tuesday.

The ballgame was good. We won, and we were playing really well. I didn't get as much exercise as I thought I might; or maybe I did and i'm just starting to get used to it? Anyways, no sweating from me! And we played for almost two hours!

I was bugged constantly for drinking so much water and then later for not having more than one drink. After awhile, the teasing got really old and I think that's when everything else started to go downhill. There was so much drama going on last night. One couple were arguing like three year olds, yelling back and forth at each other; two guys were arguing about how to play ball, one kept saying "because I said so"... suffice to say, I went home early, around 11pm. I wish some people could realize how badly they behave when they're drinking. Perhaps I only noticed because I was the sober one.

I pretty well went straight to bed, but I woke up this morning so darn tired that I was wishing I had the day off! Apparently, I need my sleep. Hopefully some coffee will fix that right up so that I can get through the day at work.

I'm realizing that "A" is very immature. He sent me a really stupid text the other day, and my respect for the guy went from 8 to 3 in about two seconds. I really don't feel like carving time out of my day for people who will simply waste it in the end. If I was in "Just Having Fun" mode, it might be different, but i'm not. Maybe this is just Thursday talking, and Friday will think something different ;)

Anyways, on to my day! I hope each of you have a crazy-awesome-super day today.

Progress as of today: 11 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

liza36 on 06/09/2011:
I don't drink, and so have never understood the whole drinking thing - doesn't sound or look fun to me at all! I wouldn't be able to stand being around people where were behaving that way either.

Have a great day!

hollybelle on 06/09/2011:
Sigh - we do change, don't we - I used to be about partying and the like and dating and having a particular kind of fun. I think if I was single now I would look at men from an "interview" type of angle. You know, as when you have a job opening and you talk to several people but you don't hire them all and the interview is not a relationship. I'm probably a little nuts on this subject, though so......

~Moody~ on 06/09/2011:
So glad that your team won last night, Yay!! Sorry the after game gathering wasn't much fun for ya..It IS rather annoying being around of buzzed/drunk people while being the only sober one..LOL

Ok, so who is "A"...You may have mentioned him before and I missed it..Is he your b/f..or someone you're just kinda dating?? (nosey huh?) LOL

Wishing you a great day, and I hope you get plenty of rest tonight!!

V on 06/09/2011:
Slo pitch musta been really slow if you didn't work up a sweat..And A must be short for A$$H@l& LOL!!! Tell him to get to steppin and on to the next...LOL Love ya girl!!

Em17 on 06/09/2011:
Haha I love watching drunk people fight it is so hilarious. =)

legcramps - Wednesday Jun 08, 2011

Weight: 164.0

Man, I am just hungry all the freakin' time.

Yesterday I had toast for breakfast, a salmon burger for lunch, dried mango in the afternoon, salmon, broccoli and rice for dinner AND a handful of almonds AND then toast again! Oy! Why? And by "AND then toast again!" I don't mean just one slice... this is not conducive to weight loss, I am well aware.

I watched the movie "Saint Ralph" last night - has anyone here seen it? I loved it; I even cried through a couple of scenes!

This morning I dragged my butt out of bed and hit the treadmill again. Just over two miles. I had some... ahem... digestive issues throughout the run due to last night's gorge fest, but I got it done and then did my ab routine afterwards. The good thing about running on a treadmill is that the bathroom is close by. I'm hoping to go for a three mile run outside on Saturday morning and I hope it goes better than the last few runs i've had. Must be patient. And determined.

I play ball tonight so i'm thinking my legs will really be hurting after today; I only hope that they will get me through the game but right now my muscles are feeling the torture I put them through this morning! Thankfully, no shin pain. Knock on wood.

I've already had a litre of water and my post-workout smoothie (sans alcohol, Just Sayin!). I want to get down at least four litres today, with the workout and playing ball. It's supposed to be nice outside so i'll probably get a good sweat-on at the game. I brought toast with almond butter to work with me, and I have some leftover rice and broccoli for lunch. All my dried mango is gone! I ate it all up yesterday. Boo!

Progress as of today: 11 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

getmebackto150 on 06/08/2011:
I hear you on being hungry all the time... It totally happens to me often... I'm not sure what brings it on but it is hard core when it does come... Somthing that (sometimes!) works for me is to keep snackable veggies around (grape tomatoes, pepper slices, carrot sticks, etc) and when I "NEED TO SNACK" have those... Sometimes it keeps me from eating somthing else... sometimes it doesn't work, but sometimes is better than never right? Have a great day!

~Moody~ on 06/08/2011:
Well at least the foods you ate weren't bad..eh, toast isn't the best I suppose, but it's better than gorging on chips or something right?

Great job getting up and hitting the treadmill~and I hope you shins hold up tonight!

Thanks so much for your comment you left me yesterday~Yes, it wasn't a healthy situation..going back and forth..I'm done being a yo yo and I trust that someday someone will come into my life who will appreciate me for who I am~and will cherish what I have to offer..I pray the same for you.

Have a great game tonight!!

hollybelle on 06/08/2011:
Do you think the hunger is your body's response to the big run you did? I know when I do EXTRA exercise it takes my body awhile to readjust to the supply and demand (so to speak) of the input and output routine......hang in there - this too shall pass.

Umpqua on 06/08/2011:
Salmon burger and the dried mango sound yummy, I think you're doing just fine with food (but I understand what a temptation the bread is). Have a good one!

moogy on 06/08/2011:
Hungry days are a real nuisance, but good for you for running. I hope that you have a better day today. Shame about the thyme, mine is overrunning it's pot and I am going to have to cut it back after it flowers, I love the little blue blooms. I love thyme in cooking as well, it is my favourite herb, I have some chives that are just recovering from flowering and summer heat as well. Maybe you would be better with a pot in the kitchen if you have a sunny spot. Have a good day legcramps:)

legcramps - Tuesday Jun 07, 2011

Weight: 164.0

I went walking with Walking Buddy this morning for 1.5 miles.

Dinner last night was salmon burgers and broccoli.

Breakfast this morning is rye toast with almond butter.

Lots of dried mango still to eat!

Progress as of today: 11 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

mysterywoman100 on 06/07/2011:

liza36 on 06/07/2011:
Loved your pics yesterday!

~Moody~ on 06/07/2011:
Loved your pics you posted yesterday too~=)

Looks like you had a good night and are off to a great start today~yay!

V on 06/07/2011:
Dam your hair grows fast!! I love the shorter do on you JMO...It is sassy and sexy :) I did have a question for you on your post yesterday that I am sure you will happily answer for me ;)

moogy on 06/07/2011:
Nice food there legcramps. Have a good day and enjoy yourself, I am sure Buddy love the walk as much as you did:)

legcramps - Monday Jun 06, 2011

Weight: 164.0

I'm posting twice in one day because a) I really miss you guys and maybe I feel a little lonely :( and b) I have some pictures to share! Yay!

These are the branches of the crabapple tree in my backyard. It finally bloomed this year (I thought it was dead) and it's absolutely GORGEOUS!

If I could be around this kind of beauty each and every day, i'd be so happy. Like, all the time. For sure.

The smoothie-making process. Yum! In the mix is orange juice, spinach and mixed frozen berries. I love summer!

The end result. Drank out of a jam jar. Yes, i'm cool.

This was taken last fall, but I really like my hair in it. I'm wondering if I should get it cut again that way.

My hair tonight! Maybe a little wild, but you can tell it's longer and shaggier. Gosh, that Old Navy tank looks a little tight. Good to know.

End slideshow! G'night!

Progress as of today: 11 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

V on 06/07/2011:
LOL!!! Did the smoothie have booze in it??? HUmmmmm ;)

legcramps - Monday Jun 06, 2011

Weight: 164.0

I am happily beat today :)

(obviously not in the literal sense of the word. That wouldn't be very happy, would it?)

Yesterday I woke up early, woke Mom up by phoning her much too early ;) and set about moving the garage sale stuff into the garage. It took all morning and some pretty heavy lifting; I bought another second hand treadmill and it's huge! Thankfully, I had two very good friends help me out and one loaned me her truck for the morning. Pieces of cakes! I took them out for lunch afterwards and we sat on the patio outside to eat - it was a wonderful day weather-wise!

Oh, and on Saturday night the power went out all through town and Dog and I played a game of hide-and-seek where she got freaked out by the candlelight and hid behind a chair all night long. Scaredy-Dog.

Sunday afternoon I cut the grass and pulled weeds for three hours. As a reward for working so hard, I received another sunburn. Happy happy, but damn the yard looks awesome.

I had a beef burger and a crapload of broccoli for dinner. My intention for the week is to overload on broccoli. Why? Because. I also popped a handful of almonds in my mouth at some point.

This morning I was awake by 6am and I crawled down the stairs and did some stretching, then jumped on the treadmill and squeaked out 2.9 miles. It felt really easy; i'm thinking there must be something wacky with the readouts on it but i'll take it! Woohoo! Then I did my ab routine and got ready for work.

I brought a litre of water, my post-workout smoothie and a coffee to work with me this morning and I drank it all! Now i'm working on my second litre of water and munching on some strawberries. And there are dried mangoes here too. Yum.

Progress as of today: 11 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

V on 06/06/2011:
Aw poor Scaredy-Dog :( Go going with the workouts!!!

moogy on 06/06/2011:
Busy but enjoyable and productive weekend legcramps. I hope you have a simialar week ahead of you:)

V on 06/06/2011:
Hey I have a brief explanation on Moogy's post as to my whereabouts..LOL and me think you a LUSH??? NEVER!!!

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