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legcramps - Monday May 17, 2021

Weight: 0.0

Well, I might have finally reached my limit with the 75 hard challenge. Today since I've been home from work it's requiring far too much energy even to move lol, so I don't know how I'll manage to get a workout in before crashing and going to sleep.

This week I start my third week of my new job, and I can tell you that the first two weeks were so, so hard to get through. Like, I don't actually KNOW how I got through them. Kind of like I just don't know HOW I will get through a workout tonight. It honestly seems impossible.

This morning was the worst so far in terms of how I'm feeling; I dreaded the drive to work, the actual work, and all of the "what if's" that might happen during the day. Operationally speaking, Friday of last week was probably the worst, so that might be why I was feeling so much dread today. There are constantly hard decisions to make, and not even a lick of support to make them. This is why healthcare suffers, you know? Because the people actually having to make the  decisions don't have enough information, resources, time, energy, focus, or support to make them. And all the "support" people who should be helping make those decisions keep handing it off to someone else and that someone else keeps putting it off, and then it hits a critical point and they wonder how it could have possibly gotten to that.

So, a little defeated, to say the least. And already looking for another job! Well, I guess you don't know if you don't try, right?!

bearcountrygg on 05/17/2021:

Donkey on 05/18/2021:
Ugh, I'm so sorry. Well, at least you're starting the job search early.

Don't worry about the 75-Hard right now - you have more important things to focus your energy on - like getting through the workday, saving your sanity.


Jacky82020 on 05/18/2021:
Hope things look up ASAP! HUGS!

horn_of_plenty on 05/18/2021:
oh my, that's a lot of soreness if you hurt while moving in general! hugs, like the others are giving you!

First weeks on a new job are very hard. Especially when you are coming from many years at another one, used to those systems of the old place...

can you go back to old job??? people do this all the time...

also, keep your head up. the first month or two can be some getting used to...wait and see where you are in a couple more weeks. rooting for you. maybe things will turn around. just stay positive and don't complain to anyone.

happy-1 on 05/25/2021:
"Because the people actually having to make the decisions don't have enough information, resources, time, energy, focus, or support to make them. And all the "support" people who should be helping make those decisions keep handing it off to someone else and that someone else keeps putting it off, and then it hits a critical point and they wonder how it could have possibly gotten to that."

Oh I know... That's been my last 4 years. I am paying my OT to just help me figure out what to say to my GP to get her to do what I need... It's not supposed to work that way but it does...

One of the super hard things about being an adult is deciding whether you should just try harder or walk away. It sounds like you're getting worn out partially because you do not have these criteria defined for yourself. That uncertainty will make everything just a little harder than it has to be. A job coach would have you sit down and clarify what this job is supposed to do for you, support your long-term goals, and criteria for identifying red flags that these are not going to happen.

It's a broken system. Don't break your back trying to carry it. Channel that energy into education or a support group to help people find better solutions... and sit out traffic one night a week.

legcramps - Monday May 03, 2021

Weight: 0.0

Well, my first official day of work as a Manager was today! Is it a bad sign that I feel a little like crying?!

I'm hoping it was not a normal day today, if all the days are like this I will be looking for something else pretty quick. It was a very long day and full of all the things that I still need to learn about. I know it will take time, I'm just feeling very, very overwhelmed right now, and without a whole lot of support.

Like I said, hopefully tomorrow will be better! Change is always so tough to get through isn't it.

I am still keeping up with the 75hard challenge, though it is definitely getting more and more difficult to ensure everything gets done in one day. I worked from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm today, so I still have half of my tasks to do. I will likely crash right away, or else I will stay up all night overthinking lol!

Ok girls, I need a lot of happy thoughts to come my way! Help me get through this week!

I may only be able to give quick updates for awhile, so for now I will stop giving a day to day count of my exercise. I hope you are all having a great week so far!

happy-1 on 05/04/2021:
Being a manager would make me want to cry too. Or snarl and yell at people. Let’s all go find a network of caves… or better yet A VAN… DOWN BY THE RIVER!!!

legcramps on 05/04/2021:

happy-1 on 05/04/2021:
Happy thoughts… how much of your workload can you make other people do?

legcramps on 05/04/2021:
Lolz, none

happy-1 on 05/04/2021:
Hot pastrami sandwiches with sauerkraut and pickles

legcramps on 05/04/2021:

happy-1 on 05/04/2021:
Puppies… google puppy swarms

legcramps on 05/04/2021:

bearcountrygg on 05/04/2021:
The first day doing anything is always the hardest.....you are smart.....you are determined...you will do this thing and do it with class!!! I have faith in you!

legcramps on 05/04/2021:
Thank you so much for the support!

Donkey on 05/04/2021:
(((hugs))) I'm sure the first day was completely overwhelming. I find that anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 months is a good indicator to see if the job is right for you. I've had jobs that once I hit that 3 week mark, I knew I'd be OK. Then I had other jobs where as much as I tried, I realized at 6 months that I needed to start looking for something new.

legcramps on 05/04/2021:
This, I need to remember this. Thank you!

horn_of_plenty on 05/05/2021:
i was reading about growth and progress and change...it sure hurts while it's taking place....you'll be fine...keep on! first weeks are HARD....i hope i remember this for the future.

horn_of_plenty on 05/07/2021:
How are you doing, Legs?

happy-1 on 05/12/2021:
Checking in... Are you sinking or swimming? Are you here yet? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KekChFdIe00

happy-1 on 05/12/2021:
Checking in... Are you sinking or swimming? Are you here yet? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KekChFdIe00

legcramps - Tuesday Apr 27, 2021

Weight: 0.0

April 19 - yoga and walk; burned 234 calories

April 20 - step workout and hike; burned 332 calories

April 21 - bike and walk; burned 404 calories

April 22 - step workout and walk; burned 142 calories 

April 23 - bike and walk; burned 380 calories

April 24 - gym and hike; burned 877 calories

April 25 - yoga and bike; burned 454 calories

April 26 - yoga and bike; burned 412 calories

Still moving forward with the 75 Hard challenge, slowly but surely. Have been busy either orientating the new person to my current job, or trying to orientate to my new job. Official start on Monday! After one orientation day to my new job, i'm feeling a little better about what my responsibilities will be; it was tough when I didn't think I would get any orientation, but thank goodness i've gotten one day so far. Hopefully one more will get me even further in my understanding of the job duties.

Not much else aside from that; this week will probably fly by. Today is really nice out, so I will try to get outside for a walk between the end of my shift and an evening meeting I have to attend. Then it might get cold again for a couple of days. Have a great week all!

bearcountrygg on 04/27/2021:
Hope you enjoy your new job......I can tell you are a hard worker so that will make things a lot easier for you.

Donkey on 04/28/2021:
I applaud you for working the Hero program while in the midst of making these life-changing moves in your life. It would be so easy to say, "Oh I'm starting a new job, I'm putting this on hold for now." Far too easy to do that.

I'm a little sad that your step workout and walk burned only 142 calories. That doesn't seem right to me... Logically, though, you and I both know that it's not the calories burned, but rather the activity itself.

legcramps on 04/29/2021:
In fact, it is the morning workouts that I have been struggling with, so the calories burned were mostly from the walk if you can believe it. I've switched to only doing yoga in the morning instead, because I just can't get into high-intensity exercise so early in the morning LOL. I am a "wake up slowly" kind of person ;) and yoga seems to fit into that routine quite well.

Jacky82020 on 04/28/2021:
You’ll make a great manager!

horn_of_plenty on 04/29/2021:
Like what they all said above, no doubt in my mind you will do great!

Maria7 on 04/29/2021:
I know you are going to do wonderful at your new job and it will become 'old hat' very quickly!

legcramps - Monday Apr 19, 2021

Weight: 0.0

April 12 - 75 Hard starts; yoga and shovel; burned 253 calories

April 13 - bike and shovel; burned 357 calories

April 14 - circuit workout and walk; burned 329 calories

April 15 - bike and walk; burned 562 calories

April 16 - walk and strength workout; burned 585 calories

April 17 - walk, bike and yoga; burned 265 calories

April 18 - yoga, gym workout and walk; burned 914 calories

75 day challenge is no joke! But i'm pacing myself and doing a lot of yoga and walking in there so that hopefully I won't get burned out.

Two more weeks at my current job and then the new one takes over; getting excited! (and still terrified). Orientating the newbie to my position this week, so it will be a busy one.

Have a great week everyone!

horn_of_plenty on 04/19/2021:
Hi Legs,

great workouts on your days above!

You know, i never knew if/when you'd get another job bc it's been such a long time coming.

I am so, so, happy for you and this new job...you will def be OK. it takes time to adjust, but less than you'd think.

have a wonderful week!

Jacky82020 on 04/19/2021:
Great workout! How is the new manager job going?

Donkey on 04/20/2021:
Way to go on the Hero challenge!!!

Maria7 on 04/20/2021:
Happy for you over your new job. I know you will do very well!

Maria7 on 04/23/2021:
Hope you are having a good day.

legcramps - Monday Apr 12, 2021

Weight: 0.0

April 6 - REST

April 7 - WALK; burned unknown calories

April 8 - WALK; BIKE; burned 739 calories

April 9 -  WALK; burned unknown calories

April 10 - BIKE; burned 2,108 calories 

April 11 - REST

I didn't wear my heart rate monitor on my walks last week; they were quick, 20 minute walks while taking a break from work. But i'm counting them as exercise because they were, LOL, my co-worker walks so fast I can barely keep up to her!

Big bike ride on April 10th where I managed 65 kilometres on gravel roads. I cried a little bit on this one. No, really, I did. And then I got over myself and kept going. Until the last few kilometres, where I begged my BF to come back with a vehicle to pick me up! (He did, bless his soul). By that point, I was probably doing more walking than biking.

I slathered myself with all the lotion the rest of Saturday and all of Sunday, and i'm feeling pretty good today. Not like last time at all, thank goodness!

Today I am starting the 75 HARD challenge. You can google it if you want more information. I just purchased the software app for my phone and will do it that way. It's very straightforward - you do five things each day for 75 days. Not easy, busy definitely straightforward. 1 - Complete two 45 minute workouts, one has to be done outside. 2 - Drink a gallon of water. 3 - Pick a diet, any diet. 4 - No cheating, no alcohol. 5 - Read 10 pages of a book (preferably motivational).

This morning I did 45 minutes of yoga. I never get a feeling of accomplishment after doing yoga; I don't burn any real calories, but yet I feel like i'm working so hard! LOL, anyways, it did feel nice to wake up by stretching my body, and it was a beginner class that I found on You Tube and worked perfectly for me.

Second workout will likely be shovelling snow after work. It started snowing early Sunday morning and hasn't really stopped since.

KathyBlue on 04/13/2021:
I think the feeling of accomplishment after yoga should be some kind of refreshing feeling, body should feel more flexible or something like that. Not exactly muscle soreness but some kind of overall well being feeling. 75 HARD is the name of the challenge? I also have two apps on my phone for exercise, one is Asana Rebel and the other is the downward dog series which i don't recall the exact name but they both look awesome. I have them since Feb and haven't done a single workout program from them ever since because I would need to sit down and study them first and I just can't get that kind of peace of mind + patience to actually do that, lol!

legcramps on 04/13/2021:
Yes, 75 HARD. This morning when I woke up I didn't know how I was going to get in a morning workout. And then, I just did it. The point of the challenge is to prove to ourselves that we can accomplish all kinds of things if we just put our mind to it. Or, stop thinking and just DO it LOL!

Donkey on 04/13/2021:
I agree with your assessment of yoga. Minimal calories, no steps (very few, if you're counting steps). I know that you know that there are other benefits to doing yoga. It's just a different mindset. Good for you!

legcramps on 04/13/2021:
Yes, absolutely! Yoga has always been a sort of nemesis; I know the benefits but am very much a "see the results" type of person. If I could "feel the results", yoga would be something I would do way more often, as it elicits such a feeling of peace and goodwill!

Jacky82020 on 04/13/2021:
Will google your challenge. Sounds too hard for me, LOL.

legcramps on 04/13/2021:
Nothing is too hard for you!

Jacky82020 on 04/13/2021:
Awe.... you’re so sweet!

horn_of_plenty on 04/13/2021:
LOL. i once also went on a few walks with one woman i know who walked too fast for me! ugh. the struggle. it was so embarassing....and she's a smoker, but i think quit once she got pregnant!

that bike ride sounds so painful, i'm guessing lots of jumps and bumping along while riding!

Donkey on 04/14/2021:
I tried doing the HERO plan last Fall. I have a FB "friend" who has always been fighting her weight. She continually fails at weight loss. She became a certified personal trainer, but still laments her weight.

She gathered up a group of FB friends and we were all doing it for a couple of weeks. Then she fell off the wagon, and declared that we'd be starting the 75 days over again. OK, we were all on board.

A couple of weeks later, she lamented that the 2nd workout was really stressing her out, and she would not be doing the HERO challenge any more. We could continue, as a group, and she would cheer us on, but believe me, we all dropped out very quickly.

I've learned not to take her too seriously.

legcramps on 04/19/2021:
LOL, too funny. I am much more of a "finish what you start" mentality.

bearcountrygg on 04/15/2021:
Have you started your new job yet?

legcramps on 04/19/2021:
Two more weeks!

legcramps - Tuesday Apr 06, 2021

Weight: 0.0

March 29 - REST

March 30 - worked over 12 hours today; last gym shift!

March 31 - walk; burned 295 calories

April 1 - walk; burned 301 calories

April 2 - travelled 10 hours today to pick up BF's daughter for the weekend

April 3 - hike; burned 340 calories

April 4 - bike; burned 726 calories

April 5 - walk; burned 479 calories

A lot of walking done last week; it is still a bit too wet and muddy to hike, and a little too windy and cold to bike. My body is telling me today should be a rest day. 

Well, I have some news! One of the recent interviews I was invited to participate in has payed off, and i've been offered a promotion into management! It will include a longer commute than the current 5 minutes it takes me to get to work ;) and a completely new environment full of all kinds of challenges.

If all goes according to plan, new job will begin in May and I will become incredibly busy trying to figure it all out. I am a little concerned that the scope of the job will be too much too soon, but there are kind people around me who think I have the stuff required to get the job done. So for now, I will choose to believe that they believe in me, and try to stop jumping on the imposter syndrome bandwagon.

In the end, it will be what it will be. At least I won't regret not trying, and if it doesn't work out then, that's okay, i'll figure it out. I have faith that I can take a risk and be strong enough to handle the outcome, whatever it might be. 

I guess ending my weekly shifts at the gym was pretty good timing, huh?!

bearcountrygg on 04/06/2021:
Congratulations on the new management promotion!!! You are such a hard worker that I'm sure you will will do great!!! Looks like wonderful things ahead for you!

legcramps on 04/06/2021:
Thank you so much! I'm excited!!

Jacky82020 on 04/06/2021:
Congrats! You’ll do great!!!!

legcramps on 04/08/2021:
Thank you!

Maria7 on 04/06/2021:
Congratulations to you!!! So HAPPY for you! I believe it will work out wonderfully. You will learn it as you go. When I was working (retired now), I had a lot of on the job training for different positions I held and new friends to help me learn what I needed to know. Before long, it was all 'old school' to me. When they picked you, they picked a WINNER for real!!!

legcramps on 04/08/2021:
Thanks Maria :) I hope it works out, and you're right - I will learn more as I go!

Donkey on 04/07/2021:
Congratulations!!! There's a learning curve with every new endeavor, and people know that.

I guess it IS a good thing that your stint at the gym ended. Sounds like the stars are lining up for you. And it's not like it's gone or lost forever. You'll have that experience and education with you always. Who knows how life might circle back.

legcramps on 04/08/2021:
You're right, I will always have my fitness knowledge and as long as I keep up my continuing education I will never lose it. Thank you!

Maria7 on 04/08/2021:
Hope you are having a good day!

horn_of_plenty on 04/08/2021:
what does it mean when you wrote in your schedule "Last Gym Shift!"

I can relate to your body telling you to rest. I am getting better myself at knowing when to give myself a breather. It's good to rest after a lot of exertion. you will grow your strength.

In terms of nerves and what a new job entails, that is exactly what made me anxious about this new job (i've had it only just over 3 months). I will tell you, by a couple months in, you will feel good about it.

Congratulations! You were hoping for this for a long time. I know you will do well, Legs!

legcramps on 04/09/2021:
I worked my last shift at the gym at the end of March; no more gym shifts for me, so that I can focus on doing well in my new job!

KathyBlue on 04/10/2021:
Wow good job on those walks and biking, sounds intense! The body needs rest too, agree. Recovery also burns calories and all the balance we keep between workouts and rest, plus the conscious healthy eating will help shaping the body with muscles and hydration.

legcramps - Monday Mar 29, 2021

Weight: 0.0

March 22 - rest

March 23 - worked over 12 hours; gym shift

March 24 - worked over 10 hours; evening meeting

March 25 - rest

March 26 - walk 1.5 hours; burned unknown calories

March 27 - dentist appointment; rest

March 28 - bike ride; burned 688 calories

I had a strange week last week; things were a bit chaotic in certain areas of my life and it led to me being pretty exhausted mentally and emotionally (not necessary in a bad way!). I took the time to rest this week and will hopefully be able to make it up over the next couple of weeks.

I have one more shift at the gym tomorrow evening. I'll sure miss everyone, but it is definitely for the best.

The transition to outdoor biking has been sporadic; the weather has been all over the place here - one day it's 14 degrees celsius and the next it's minus 7 and blizzarding. Yesterday it was warm, about 7 above (celsius), but the wind was brutal. It was so hard to catch my breath when cycling into the wind that I had numerous stops just to take a minute to breathe. We have been sticking to paved and gravel roads so I still haven't been out on the trails yet. If they are still too wet, bikes would rip them up and then no one would be able to enjoy them. But I am looking forward to being out on them as soon as possible.

I know I have been down to about one post per week here; i'm also trying to comment on everyone else's entries. I haven't had a lot of time lately. I'm not sure if that will change, but will continue to try to keep coming on at least weekly!

Prepped meals again yesterday; we made another batch of chicken stir fry for the coming week, and mangoes were on sale again so picked up more of those for snacks.

For supper yesterday I tried gluten-free macaroni, with hamburger meat and cooked green beans. Seemed to go over "okay", but i'll have it again for lunch today and then i'll know for sure if it makes my afternoon miserable LOL. I didn't try anything else new this weekend. I was feeling exhausted from the workweek and didn't want to possibly feel even worse physically, but I did pick up some gluten-free pretzel bites which I will try sometime this week. I still need to try tomatoes also; if tomatoes are okay that will open up a lot more possibilities for food choices. So I might try that this week as well.

Maria7 on 03/29/2021:
Chicken stir fry sounds very good, also macaroni withe hamburger meat and green beans. Glad you are finding what is agreeable with you. Hope the tomatoes work out well for you, too.

bearcountrygg on 03/29/2021:
Nice to hear that you are finding some things that agree with you...I'm sure you are ready to leave those old belly aches behind!!!

horn_of_plenty on 03/30/2021:
that's cool you dehydrate the mangoes yourselves! ...

we've had a lot of temp ups and downs too...it's still early for outdoor bike training and i'm sure the transition will smooth over soon, i hope!

stir fries are so healthy...great way to include veggies.

that's true...tomatoes / tomato sauce is in a lot of food!

Donkey on 03/31/2021:
It's so nice to hear about your outdoor biking adventures!

legcramps - Monday Mar 22, 2021

Weight: 0.0

March 15 - REST

March 16 - worked over 11 hours today; gym shift

March 17 - bike; burned 310 calories

March 18 - walk, bike, and strength workout; burned 1,061 calories

March 19 - gym workout and bike; burned 936 calories

March 20 - gym workout and walk; burned 737 calories

March 21 - walk; burned 165 calories

Another pretty big week of activity in the books. I sure felt it yesterday when all I could muster was a brisk walk, and even that felt difficult!

I was on the bike three days in a row, and I paid for it on Saturday. It will be TMI for you, so I won't go into it, but suffice to say I had to take a break from the cycling. Washboard gravel roads are not easy to travel on.

Two more shifts at the gym - the countdown is on :)

I could have tried to fit in another strength session this week, but instead I decided to focus on meal prep. I made a big batch of stir fry with chicken for the week, and dehydrated some mangoes to have as snacks.

I have been finding gluten-free options in the local grocery stores. This week I tried gluten-free pasta with beef meatballs, gluten-free sub sandwich with chicken and veggies, and turkey stir fry with gluten-free pad thai sauce. One night I also tried homemade deep-fried potatoes, and the next morning was not a fun one. Really, I knew it would happen, but wanted to try them anyways.

This week, i've decided to start a concerted effort to lose 10 pounds. Grabbed BF's scale from his house (I don't have one) and will do some regular check-ins over the next few months. End result is that cycling will not feel as sluggish as it currently does if I am 10 pounds lighter :)

Jacky82020 on 03/22/2021:
I can’t imagine life without a scale. Really like my Fitbit one. Goes to app on the iPad.

I did see one of the heart monitors you mentioned & yes seems available for gyms only.

The husband said the one he bought for the pricey spinner is specific to that bike and was an uncomfortable chest strap. He had a few arm bands, that he didn’t like either, Rhythm. I’m looking into the alternative you mentioned. Thanks again.

Maria7 on 03/22/2021:
Re: Losing 10 pounds....You can do this!

bearcountrygg on 03/23/2021:
I'm happy to hear that your work at the gym is ending.........you sound like you need a little more me TIME!!!! Sounds like you have gotten to the bottom of your food sensitivities.....and that's a good thing!

Horn_of_plenty on 03/23/2021:
i can relate to your brisk walk being difficult as i'm having the same issue here. my left leg, the problem leg/ankle is once again sore and all i can do is walk slowly! UGH!

lol sorry your "nether regions" are suffering soreness, but i'm glad it's from good exercise :)

instead of snacking on dehydrating mangoes, if you can find the unsweetened snack size bags of jackfruit online, 105 calories each bag, they have like half the cals of dehydrated mangoes...less sugar i mean....let me know if you are interested, i can send you a link.

legcramps on 03/25/2021:
The mangoes have been going on sale here from week to week, and we dehydrate them ourselves. I don't like buying prepackaged dried fruit since I have been experiencing so many food intolerances! Dehydrating it ourselves seems to work out well for me.

Also - I am okay with the natural levels of sugar in the mangoes as I don't actually eat a lot at any one time. But I appreciate your suggestion and if you want to send me the link anyways I could check the ingredient list!

Donkey on 03/24/2021:
I really do admire you! I love the ease at which you decide to buckle down and lose 10 pounds. I have been trying to lose 10 pounds since last June? With absolutely NO success.

I am confident that you will be able to succeed at your goal.

Recently, we've discovered that my husband has indicators of Celiacs disease, so he's having fun looking into all the alternative gluten-free foods he can eat.

Did you complete your certification in nutrition? There was a question I wanted to ask you -- which I can no longer remember (!) -- but my question had me wondering about where you were at in your coursework.

legcramps on 03/25/2021:
Not yet; i'm getting there, but it's been slow going. Thank goodness I have lots of time still to finish it.

Also - saying I want to lose 10 pounds is one thing. Doing it is another :) :) :)

Maria7 on 03/24/2021:
That is good that you are finding what you need in the grocery stores.

legcramps - Monday Mar 15, 2021

Weight: 0.0

March 8 - bike ride; burned 319 calories

March 9 - shovel snow; burned unknown calories

March 10 -  worked over 11 hours today

March 11 - bike ride; burned 642 calories

March 12 - REST

March 13 - walk; burned 195 calories

March 14 - bike ride; burned 795 calories

Big week of riding, two indoor rides on the trainer and one outside that was very, very muddy LOL. Lots of fun.

Another job interview set up for tomorrow morning. Not too sure how I feel about the job itself, but will see how the interview goes.

So tonight will be research and studying for interview tomorrow, tomorrow night I work at the gym, and Wednesday night might be a bike ride with friends. Thursday morning I have another therapy appointment and i'm off work that day and on Friday, yippee! Four days off this week.

On my days off, I have been naturally waking up just before 7:00 a.m. since the sunrise has been happening earlier this last week. It has been nice to wake up feeling happy and refreshed as compared to my winter wake ups where I need the therapy light to help me get out of bed. I am just so grateful for the changing of the season.

Maria7 on 03/15/2021:
Me, too. Loving that Spring is coming in! We are getting lots of flowering trees blooming over here and also some flowers and bushes blooming, too.

bearcountrygg on 03/15/2021:
I think most of us are ready for some nicer weather...your muddy bike ride looked challenging!! You sure burn a lot of calories on your bike......GREAT JOB!!!

Donkey on 03/16/2021:
Good luck with the job interview!

I am not faring as well, this year, with the time change. You are quite fortunate. Good sleep is everything.

innerpeace on 03/16/2021:
Good luck on your job interview!

Horn_of_plenty on 03/16/2021:
keep preparing and readying yourself for interviews...then you'll be ready whenever you have to be, it also keeps you on your toes.

legcramps - Monday Mar 08, 2021

Weight: 0.0

March 1 - REST

March 2 - gym shift, worked over 11 hours

March 3 - evening meeting, worked over 11 hours 

March 4 - REST

March 5 - day off; hike and strength workout; burned 902 calories

March 6 - hike; burned 655 calories

March 7 - REST

Had planned to do more yesterday than rest, but by the time we got all the laundry, cooking, cleaning, yardwork and general watching of tv done, it was 9:00 p.m. Where does the time go?!

I'm extra tired today after a night of little sleep. I even caught myself dreaming that I wasn't able to sleep. Feels like I have been holding my eyes open with toothpicks all night.

Last week was another low week of exercise. Work is just taking over, and it's been difficult to find motivation. Having days off really helps, but the days that I work I am just too wiped to do much else.

Four more gym shifts this month and then I have decided to put coaching on the back-burner. I need a break from constantly having to pretend everything is ok in the world.

What a bummer of a post! I'm not really that bummed... just listening to my body and soul and trying to give it what it needs. Sometimes we just have to keep doggy-paddling to stay afloat. It always gets better eventually.

grannyannie on 03/08/2021:
Hope things look up soon!

Jacky82020 on 03/08/2021:
Wow, looks to me like you’re burning up those calories! Didn’t you say you have some kind of heart monitor? We have one for the spinner. Not sure, but think it’s specific to the bike. Never use it.

bearcountrygg on 03/08/2021:
I agree give your body what it needs...sometimes we just have to let some things go for our own good.

Maria7 on 03/08/2021:
Hang in there!

Donkey on 03/08/2021:
I had to chuckle about this being a bummer post. I know what you mean, but I don't see it that way either. Like you said, you're just listening to your body and giving the soul what it needs. (Loved your wording on that, by the way!)

horn_of_plenty on 03/10/2021:
i guess sleep / feeling tired was VERY MUCH on your mind for you to dream it! i hope you feel better.

i am also having a very tired day today and since i was on my feet a lot, photocopying, i plan to just go home and sleep very early tonight (no exercise plans at all...just rest)....it's almost TOM and my hormones are beyond whacked this month.

Maria7 on 03/15/2021:
I love your last line you wrote about sometimes we just have to doggy-paddle to keep afloat. So true. Hope you are having a good day. Take care.

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