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legcramps - Thursday Aug 12, 2010

Weight: 164.0

Positive - we won our ballgame last night and had a great time hosting the BBQ!

Sleep - i'm not sure what time I finally crawled to the pillows... ;-)  Possibly 6 hours.

Plan for today:

Breakfast - nope.

Lunch - nope.

Snack - water.

Dinner - homemade pizza. pepperoni, mushrooms, tomato on english muffins - baked. Yum! and more water.

I am going to do as little as possible today.  Yup.

Progress as of today: 11 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

moogy on 08/12/2010:
OK, sounds like a day off for you. Enjoy it and I will look forward to seeing a better day tomorrow. Congratulations on winning the game.

V on 08/12/2010:
Enjoy your long weekend! And your pizza :)

just42day on 08/12/2010:
Sounds like a great day! Don't you love the homemade pizza? I make it quite a bit using bagel thins - quick, easy and just enough to be satisfying w/out doing damage.

cleaneating on 08/13/2010:
Nice job winning the game :)

legcramps - Wednesday Aug 11, 2010

Weight: 164.0

Positive - I am off work after today until Monday!

I managed to get to the grocery store (and am now broke. again.) and pick up a few things for the bbq tonight and for myself.  I bought more blueberries and some bananas, orange juice and yogurt.  The plan is to make up a few smoothies every so often - they are so yummy, especially when it's particularly warm outside.  Just add ice!

Unfortunately I ate far too much for dinner last evening, but at least I no longer have any dry ribs or spicy fries in the house.  Today i've been eating fairly light, in anticipation of the juicy hamburger I will be eating after ball.  I didn't do any exercise yesterday, since I couldn't cut the grass I simply sat on the couch and ate until my evening meeting.

When I got back from the meeting I drew a warm bath.  Gawd, on a hot humid day it is a BAD idea to take a warm bath.  I could only stand about 20 minutes of it before I had to get out.  It did make me sleepy though, and I had no trouble falling asleep right away.  In fact, I fell asleep on the couch reading a book.  Woke up once in the middle of the night and crawled into bed and slept again until this morning.  I think I got close to 8 hours of sleep.  Tonight will be a much different story.

Plan for today:

Breakfast - coffee, banana muffin

Lunch - 1 english muffin, 1 slice pepperoni

Snack - blueberries

Dinner - hamburger on bun, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese.  maybe some chips.  alcohol.  etc, etc, etc?

Exercise - slo-pitch

I have tried to write out an explanation for the way i've written out my dinner.  There just aren't any good ones.  I know I will consume all of these things.  It's one of those days, and you know what?  I'm okay with that.  Life is about balance, right?  I'm just adding a little BAD to all the GOOD.  Nah.  I just want some chips.

Progress as of today: 11 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

KathyBlue on 08/11/2010:
Try to BBQ paprika also! Those californian green pepper is awesome, grilled :) and sweet corn, YUMM!!! :)

moogy on 08/11/2010:
If you plan on being bad that is were you will probably go. It is just about how often you plan on a day off or how often you fall off in comparison with how many days you are good. I work on the 80/20 rule, be good 80% of the time and have A treat a couple of times a week - or be good all week and on weigh in day I allow myself a meal of whatever I want. I hope the day is enjoyable for you and that you get back of the healthy eating tomorrow.!!

V on 08/11/2010:
I am sure you will have fun at slo-pitch! Enjoy those drinks!

Donkey on 08/11/2010:
It IS about balance. It was a BBQ for Pete's sake. :-)

legcramps - Tuesday Aug 10, 2010

Weight: 164.0

Positive - I accidentally shut off my alarm this morning and didn't wake up until 7:30am.  The positive is that I got a little extra sleep!

Friday - 9 hours sleep (got to sleep in on Saturday morning!)

Saturday - 7 hours sleep

Sunday - 5 hours sleep

Monday - 7 1/2 hours sleep

Man, if I could only become consistent with the 7 hours, that would probably be okay.  I know that I need at least that in order to feel rested.

We won our ballgame last night (we just started playoffs for one league), so to celebrate we all went to the sports bar for a schooner of beer.  A schooner of beer holds alotta beer.  Probably close to 3 bottles.  Unfortunately for the driver, the ride home lasted about half an hour, during which I managed to prattle constantly.  Once I got home I rummaged and found some old chips in the cupboard and ate them up.  I guess it could have been worse, right?!!

So my fruit bingeing has died down.  In fact, I haven't had any fruit for... probably two days.  Not counting the banana muffin I had for breakfast this morning.  There is still fruit in the fridge, so i'd better make myself one or two smoothies and take care of the rest before it goes bad.

Plan for today:

Breakfast - coffee, banana muffin

Lunch - noodles (leftover from yesterday)

Snack - ???  blueberries and chocolate covered almonds.

Dinner - dry ribs and spicy fries?  in an attempt to clean out the freezer.

Exercise - I have to cut the grass, it's a jungle out there. GRR!  It rained, and now I won't be able to CUT THE DANG GRASS!!!  Swear, swear, swear!

Other - I have a meeting this evening. Blah.

Progress as of today: 11 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

tangalyn on 08/10/2010:
glad u got some sleep.. hope u have a great day :)

tangalyn on 08/10/2010:
actually this time, that was the only reason for our fight.... we have an agreement that we would only drink together, and when he came home from work yesterday i was passed out drunk and naked.. (not sure how or why i got that way lol) so i understand why hes so mad, i would be too i think, but i was here by myself, talking to a friend on the phone, not like i was out partying with tons of ppl, so hopefully he will realise that and get over it faster. gonna talk to him more today.. we'll see i guess... enjoy the rest of ur day :)

hollybelle on 08/10/2010:
Fruit binges are a good thing! Congratulations on winning game and better sleep!

just42day on 08/10/2010:
Congrats on winning the ballgame! Good luck finding your way through the jungle/lawn!

Umpqua on 08/10/2010:
Yes, congrats on your win! That schooner of beer sounds interesting. I ordered a pirate ship of sushi one time and it was enormous and with a big skull and cross bones on it. Very intimidating :) Hope you have a good evening with lots of sleep.

V on 08/10/2010:
Hello girl! I congrats on your win :)

biscottibody59 on 08/10/2010:
Hope you have many nights of glorious sleep!

legcramps - Monday Aug 09, 2010

Weight: 164.0

Positive - only three workdays in this week!  woohoo!

I had so much fun at the folk festival yesterday; there was so much to see and so much shopping to do :)  I bought myself some handmade soap, loose black tea (chinese jasmine), and took in some really great performers like Little Miss Higgins among others.  I had two good friends with me and we had a ball dancing to the music and looking around at everything.

Back to work today, and so much to do this week!  Tonight I have slo-pitch, tomorrow I need to cut the grass and attend an evening meeting, Wednesday and Thursday are slo-pitch nights as well.  Wednesday night i'm hosting a BBQ for our ball team.  Gosh, what a great week ahead!

Plan for today:

Breakfast - coffee, brown sugar, cheese biscuit

Lunch - sliced beef sandwich

Snack - fruit

Dinner - noodles or rice with the rest of the beef

Exercise - slo-pitch

Have a great day!

Progress as of today: 11 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

sweetpea1977 on 08/09/2010:
Man, it sounds like you had a great time at the folk fest. Glad you enjoyed the music with some great friends too. :)

And yay for three day work week!

moogy on 08/09/2010:
What a great day, it is good to spend time with friends and escape the world for a while. What a bonus - only three workdays this week.

V on 08/09/2010:
Is it a jello shot night???

Bikiniwax85 on 08/09/2010:
hope you had a great weekend too babe! Nah, it did not ruin my beautiful weekend. :)

KathyBlue on 08/10/2010:
now that sounds fun - folk festival! Lovely! :)

legcramps - Friday Aug 06, 2010

Weight: 164.0

So my entries for the next while are going to be all about how much sleep I can manage to get in one night. 

Monday night - 4 hours.

Tuesday night - 5 hours.

Wednesday night - 7 hours.

Thursday night - 7 hours.

I'm feeling good again today, much thanks i'm sure to the 7 hours of sleep I got.  Two nights in a row, and last night was even less choppy - I don't remember waking up even once throughout the night.

I went to a friend's last night for supper and a little girl's time.  We had roasted potatoes with chopped mushrooms, BBQ'd porkchops in sauce, and corn on the cob.  It was so yummy.

TGIF!  Even though it was a short week due to the Civic Holiday we had on Monday, I am so glad this week is over.  Next week i've taken Thursday and Friday off of work.  I love summer holidays!!!

Positive - I ate half a freezer bag full of strawberries and blueberries yesterday.  I don't know what's up with the fruit fiesta, but it's all good.

Plan for today:

Breakfast - mocha, plain multigrain bagel

Lunch - beef on bun

Snack - fruit

Dinner - possibly same as lunch, that's about all that's left in the fridge

Progress as of today: 11 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 08/06/2010:
Yes, if I get good night's sleep I can do anything! Take care - hope you feel better now.

just42day on 08/06/2010:
Hooray for a good nite's sleep; hope it continues!

geevee on 08/06/2010:
Help yourself to all those sweet goodies.They're better than any dessert and so good for you.

I have a bag of frozen blueberries I attack for a cup each time, but not this week because I'm working on the fresh cherries and now a papaya I finally got around to cutting up.

sweetpea1977 on 08/06/2010:
Yum, frozen berries! Enjoy!!

V on 08/06/2010:
I love all berries :)

WI3 on 08/07/2010:
Sleep, so very important! Glad you got some more sleep!

legcramps - Thursday Aug 05, 2010

Weight: 164.0


LOL, I just felt like doing that.  I'd really like to yell it out loud, but this just ain't the place for shinanigans like that...

I had one full complete night of sleep!  Yay!  I forced myself to stay awake until 10pm by going to a friend's place for a drink after the slo-pitch game (which we won - I think we're at 10 wins and 2 losses now).  I literally fell into bed once I got home.  I woke up once, but managed to get myself to fall back to sleep - RAH! again!  I feel so much better today, even though my stomach still hurts - it's amazing how my mental health can change so drastically with the amount of sleep I get

Positive - Life is good and i'm gonna try real hard to keep it that way.

Plan for today:

Breakfast - bagel, mocha

Lunch - sliced chicken on bun

Snack - fruit

Dinner - no plan yet

Tonight is Charmed Night with the girls!  One more time!  RAH!

Progress as of today: 11 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

tangalyn on 08/05/2010:
glad u got a good nights sleep :) have a great day today :)

just42day on 08/05/2010:
RAH for a good night's sleep! RahRah! Hope you get another tonight. It's amazing the difference it makes in one's outlook, isn't it?

geevee on 08/05/2010:
Lucky you!

Umpqua on 08/05/2010:
You go! Hope you have fun tonight.

2luvself on 08/05/2010:
I love your attitude! Good luck today!

KathyBlue on 08/05/2010:
I love the positive thought, YOU GO, GIRL!!! :)

Maria7 on 08/05/2010:
Congratulations to you on your lower number! :-)

moogy on 08/05/2010:
You sound like a new woman. A good night's sleep makes all the difference. Have a great day.

V on 08/05/2010:
Rah!!!!! have a good night with the girls :)

legcramps - Wednesday Aug 04, 2010

Weight: 164.0

I've no clue how I managed to lose 4 pounds since Friday, other than to say i've been sick.

Positive - I don't feel half as bad as I could be feeling!  Thank You Depo Provera!  Whoop!

Yes, the month of July was disastrous health-wise.  Towards the end of the month, i'd been waking up in the middle of the night with stomach cramping and back aches, keeping me awake for the rest of the night.  There were some hard nights, and I still get to look forward to more of them.  Even though i've gone back onto the Depo shot, I am still waking up after 4 hours of sleep and not being able to get any more rest in a night.  I know it will take some time for the shot to take effect, I only wish it didn't have to hurt every day, every night, every minute!  Advil has once again become my best friend.  I really dislike living like this.

Anyways, I am looking forward to this weekend's folk festival.  There are so many things to look forward to!  Next week I will hopefully have a couple days off work and I will be hosting a big BBQ for our slo-pitch team.  Then my Dad will be visiting and hopefully by then we'll be able to pull some things up from the garden!  I've already picked a big zuchinni and given it to my mother, but that's it so far.

I forgot to mention that I saw a dude at the mud fling that actually sparked my interest.  It's been a while since anyone has managed to do that.  I'm pretty sure he's not from town though, so... blah!

Plan for today:

Breakfast - mocha

Lunch - bun, lettuce, chicken, mayo

Snack - blueberries

Dinner - IDK

Exercise - slo-pitch

Progress as of today: 11 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

tangalyn on 08/04/2010:
hope u start feeling better and getting more rest soon... and i hope u find out that guy is local and available :) good luck with everything.. have a great day!

loveray on 08/04/2010:
so happy to hear about your success!! love to you.

Umpqua on 08/04/2010:
Congratulations on the loss! And I hope you get to feeling better soon.

biscottibody59 on 08/04/2010:
Your nights don't sound like much fun or very restful for that matter. I hope things begin to improve for you soon!

Wt loss can be mysterious:->

geevee on 08/04/2010:
At least you get four hours sleep before wakig up and staying awake. With me it's a lousy hour and most of the time, that's it for me! What a way to live!

just42day on 08/04/2010:
Sounds like you have some great activities planned! Enjoy. Can't explain the weight loss? Who cares -- take it! (though I am sorry if it was a function of illness.)

2luvself on 08/04/2010:
Sorry to hear about the pain. I went through something similar. I was put on the depo shot because I had 2 week long TOMs with serious pain. But then after a while the shot made my blood pressure shoot through the roof so I had to be taken off. Not only that but the depo shot made me an emotional reck through out the year. So I got my IUD (Hormonal uterine devices) the MIRENA IUD that do not increase bleeding as inert and copper-containing IUDs do. Rather, they reduce menstrual bleeding or prevent menstruation altogether, and can be used as a treatment for menorrhagia (heavy periods).

I am so very happy I did. I hardly ever bleed and when I do its light and now when I try to lose weight its easier then when I was on the depo shot. Once its placed inside it works for 5 years. So just get a doctor to place it in and forget it. There is an upfront fee thats a little large depending on whether you have coverage or not but in the long run over the 5 years its works out to around 7$ a month so its a great investment. I would definitely consider it.


CoverGirl on 08/04/2010:
All I have to thank the Depo shot for is my weight gain. Grrr.... Hope you have a great day!!

2luvself on 08/04/2010:
Oh and I forgot to mention yeah Victoria is home sweet home for me. and you?

V on 08/04/2010:
The next time someone sparks your interest do a little flirting! LOl Have a good one girl

Maria7 on 08/04/2010:
I like Zuchinni! :-)

legcramps - Friday Jul 30, 2010

Weight: 168.0

Wow, it is so humid today, and already very warm outside and it's only 8am!  It's gonna be a scorcher!  Love it!

Since I had the evening to myself yesterday, I managed to completely flounder it up by becoming bored, then eating anything I could think of.  I think I went through a pound of blueberries.  Ah well!  As you can see I am not beating myself up over it - I could, but it wouldn't get me anywhere.  I have simply moved on to today, and will try my best, one step at a time.

I could still be sleeping and that would be fine with me.  For some reason, my eyes keep wanting to close!  Doesn't come in handy when you're trying to type!  Uh-oh!

Positive - It's Friday!!!

Plan for today:

Breakfast - 2 slices multi-grain with peanut butter, black coffee

Lunch - turkey sandwich, same as yesterday's

Snack - yogurt, banana; maybe some blueberries (not another pound of 'em though)

Dinner - BBQ hamburgers, steamed green beans

Exercise - slo-pitch, possibly mowing the lawn

Other - Mud Fling is tomorrow night!  I am going to a friend's for BBQ tomorrow, then we are heading to the dance.  I am making rum smoothies with bananas and strawberries and ice!  Maybe some orange juice, too.  Yum, yum!

Progress as of today: 7 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

just42day on 07/30/2010:
Great attitude! Mud Fling sounds fun - whatever it is.

hollybelle on 07/30/2010:
Welcome back. I wondered where you had been. I hear you about the negativity. Me, too, I'm tired of being an "I can't" person. I can't believe I became one - that's typically not me! I needed a new attitude and I have one. You and I have exactly the same weight posted and that's my real weight right now. We have new attitudes so let's get going on our goals! My goal weight is 5 lbs less than your goal - I'm 5'4" or 5" not sure! But we should kind of have a lot in common right now - let's get to it!

biscottibody59 on 07/30/2010:
Oh F-f-flounder--haha!

Glad you had a nice vacation! The heat--I know it well!

hollybelle on 07/30/2010:
I have to watch my comments on here! I hope you didn't think I was suggesting your goal "ought" to be lower!!! I wasn't AT ALL. I was just comparing the things we have in common and saying that we can get there. I understand about obsessing all the time about the numbers - not healthy! I just want to be healthy and at a weight I think I can maintain realisticly! Spark poeple had a great article today about a goal of losing 10% of your body weight being realistic. That's about what we want - so we MUST be OK!!

sweetpea1977 on 07/30/2010:
A pound of blueberries. Yum! At least its not a pound of potato chips. :)

Great plan for today. Enjoy your weekend!

Umpqua on 07/30/2010:
A pound of blueberries is a good thing (as long as they don't upset your tummy). Think of all those antioxidants! My hubby can easily do that, and the boys are taking after him. It's impossible to keep berries in the house, I basically have to buy a pint for each of us and horde mine :) I hope you have a great weekend!

Moody3 on 07/30/2010:
Blueberries are great brain food!!! I wouldn't feel badly at all about bingeing on those!!

Mudfling sounds like alot of fun!! Enjoy and be safe!

WI3 on 07/31/2010:
Welcome back!!

legcramps - Thursday Jul 29, 2010

Weight: 165.0

Hi everyone, i'm back from vacation and had a wonderful time!  It was so nice to get away for a while; upon coming back home I truly felt that another little 'chunk' of the negativity i've been carrying around has fallen off.  I still have a long way to go, but I am trying to concentrate on living in the present and dropping the 'victim' persona.

I gained 5lbs while I was away.  My brother's family sure like to snack, not that i'm blaming them of course.  It's my own darn fault!  Anyways, i've already lost 1.5lbs since i've been back home, and am working on the rest as we speak!

Positive - I am home, where I have some wonderful friends who are taking up all my spare time!  No yardwork for me this week, haha!

No more negatives in these entries.  Well, I might vent from time to time, but i'm not going to make it a point to find something negative in each day.  That's sort of silly, don't you think?

Plan for today:

Breakfast - one slice multi-grain toast with peanut butter, coffee with sweetener.

ooo ooo - I bought myself some brown sugar cubes for my coffee.  Yum.  What a lovely treat!  It's amazing this little town even had any at the grocery store.

Lunch - i'm thinking a multi-grain turkey sandwich, mayo/mustard, sprouts and cheese.

Snack - yogurt and blueberries.

Dinner - hmmmn.

Exercise - i'd like to take the dog for a walk after work, though it is threatening rain.  instead, might just take an extra night off before getting back into routine.  that is, if no one calls me to do something else!

There's a great local concert coming up this weekend, and a folk festival in the city next weekend.  I love summer!

Progress as of today: 10 lbs lost so far, only 10 lbs to go!

geevee on 07/29/2010:
That sandwich sounds delicious. Yum yum!

just42day on 07/29/2010:
Yes, your sandwich does sound wonderful. Glad you had a great time away and feel more positively about things. Getting away sometimes can be the best medicine!

liza36 on 07/29/2010:
Glad you had a good vacation. And congrats on the loss of vaca-weight so far! Keep it up.

Umpqua on 07/29/2010:
Welcome back! Great attitude, it sounds like that vacation did wonders for you.

sweetpea1977 on 07/29/2010:
Welcome back! Glad you had a wonderful time with your family. :)

I do like that you are dropping the negatives. Noone is perfect so their is no reason to dwell on the mistakes. Instead, focus on all the good (positive) things that you were able to accomplish. :)

moogy on 07/29/2010:
Who is this new woman, with the wonderful positive attitude!!!LOL Wonderful and a pretty good looking menu so far. Have a grea day.

V on 07/29/2010:
Welcome back :)

selina on 07/30/2010:
I'm so happy to hear you had a great vacation!

legcramps - Friday Jul 16, 2010

Weight: 165.0

I didn't weigh this morning, but I sure felt horrible about myself last night.  Of course, it didn't help that I came across my X and his gf (an x-friend of mine - you see the connection).  Sometimes I feel so unworthy of having love.  I just wish I could focus my spirit and mind elsewhere so that I could stop the hurting.  If I continue to have resentment i'll never be able to let it go.

I leave on holidays tomorrow morning for just over a week.  I probably won't have access to a computer so don't be alarmed if you don't hear from me until i'm back at home.  I assure you i'll be having a blast!

I stuck to plan yesterday but had popcorn at the movies.  This morning isn't going well so far, and it's in direct relation to last night and my silly feelings of worthlessness.  A mocha and multi-grain bagel smothered with butter for breakfast.  This is not a good sign.

It's a sad day, which is unfortunate because otherwise i'd so be looking forward to holidays with my brother and his family.  As it is, I simply would rather sleep the day away or spend it grumbling at people I don't know.

Progress as of today: 10 lbs lost so far, only 10 lbs to go!

KathyBlue on 07/16/2010:
ahhh that of the x's is awful... I think you'll get a much better one!!! Maybe during holidays ;-)

Moody3 on 07/16/2010:
I'm sorry that you're sad, but unfortunetly I understand the whole broken heart/hard to get over ex thing. We all do. Running into your ex who is teamed up with someone who used to be your friend is a double whammy~Ouch. Go easy on yourself.

I am working on loving myself~I too have feelings of worthlessness~wondering if I am worthy of love..Is there something wrong with me, that kind of thing. I know better tho~and I know YOU know better about yourself. Someone is going to be very lucky and very blessed to have you as his one of these days~And he will cherish who you are and what you have to offer~

Please try to shake off last night~don't let him continue to have any control over you or your emotions..I know that's easier said than done~I don't suppose you "meant" to run into them and it was kind of a shock to the system and threw you for a loop~totally understandable. But try to let it go~focus on YOU~Enjoy your vacation and your brother and his family!!

tangalyn on 07/16/2010:
plz get rid of those feeings of worthlessness, u deserve so much better than to feel that way. hope ur day gets better, hugs

Umpqua on 07/16/2010:
Sorry you had a bad night. I remember you mentioning your boyfriend all the time back when I was on here pre-pregnancy and I wondered what had happened. That sucks...but living well is the best revenge, right? I hope you have an excellent holiday with your family!!

V on 07/16/2010:
Don't be down in the dumps you are going to be surrounded with love from your family! Have a wonderful time :)

nita51 on 07/17/2010:
I know the feeling,,,,How about walking in and catching your husband with your ( suppose to be ) best friend???? It happened to me, and It was the greatest hurts of my life. But girl, I dumped his behind and became stronger than I ever knew I could be. Somewhere, there is a good man for you,,, Just keep on believing that and keep loving yourself. Hugs!

Maria7 on 07/17/2010:
Hang in there! :-)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/18/2010:
Oh, yes...the other girl. Yeah, I think we have all grown to hate the other girl. And hate our exes for being with them....something like that anyway.

I feel like you are setting yourself up for failure...saying things like "this is going well so far..." you can do this. so, it's not going well, doesn't mean that it can't go well later. You can change what hasn't happened yet. Do not let something you did in the past spoil the rest of your day!

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