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legcramps - Monday Apr 12, 2010

Weight: 0.0

The dog park fundraiser on Thursday evening was a success, and a wonderful time.  I am continually amazed at the generosity our small community has shown in the past year, not only regarding our fundraiser, but in support of other individuals as well.  If we are rich, it is a richness in our hearts and a compassion unmatched.


Friday evening I slacked and slept most of it away.  It felt like I was coming down with a stomach flu so I wanted to take it easy.  I'm glad I did, because by Sunday I was feeling much better.

Saturday morning I had another meeting for the dog park, then went out for coffee with friends.  After that, I went home and did some tidying up.  Not even close to the tidying up I should have been doing, but oh well!  Saturday evening a friend made supper and we spent the evening watching Charmed episodes!  Today I also decided to start earnestly looking for a BBQ.  I haven't found one yet.

Sunday morning I had slo-pitch practice, which brought up the importance of buying myself a new ball glove and new batting gloves.  More money to be spent, sigh.  After that, I took the dog for some exercise, and spent an hour or so in the yard, picking up debris from the horrible winds we had last week and raking up leaves and doggy doo.  Once that was finished, a couple of friends came over for drinks on the deck (how wonderful to sit outside again!).  Then, I drove around town looking for another friend of mine, finally found her at home, chatted, left, went for supper to a friend's place, played some Wii... jeepers, Sunday was filled right up.

This morning when I woke up I thought I had died and gone down below.  Everything hurts.  Slo-pitch, batting, throwing... works a whole new group of muscles.  My left side in particular is kind of bothering me.  I continually forget that i'm 33 and should seriously think about starting to protect my body instead of working it into the ground.  It takes me an extra two days to recover from things these days, LOL.  Too bad it feels great to hurt like this.

biscottibody59 on 04/13/2010:
Sometimes it's good to forget your age and just keep on going!

Sounds like you're quite busy there:-)

legcramps - Thursday Apr 08, 2010

Weight: 0.0

Yesterday was good.  I didn't choose lunch very well (A&W momma burger), but dinner was chicken and rice and I snacked on cheese and crackers later. 

I had an evening meeting for our slo-pitch league which dragged on for so long that it was time for bed when I finally made it home.  I hate meetings like that, but we had a great turnout so i'm not going to complain much about it.  Now I just have some paperwork to do and we'll be able to start our season beginning of May!  I can't wait!

I did manage to take the dog for a walk.  We went to the park and ran around for a bit, until her tongue started hanging out of her mouth, then we walked home.  She drank a good cup of water as soon as we got back into the house.  I think she is out of shape!

Tonight I am attending a supper fundraiser.  I am a member of our community's dog park committee and we're trying to raise funds to build a dog park in town.  This supper will raise at least half the amount we need, so it's a big deal for us.  I took the afternoon off of work so that I could get ready for it, plus do a couple other things I need to do, like make dentist and doctor appointments.

It's busy, but so long as I don't forget what I need to do i'll be ok.  I'm having a BLAST lately!

mskitty on 04/08/2010:
Woot. Happy to hear that.

thinnside40 on 04/08/2010:
Happy for you!

legcramps - Wednesday Apr 07, 2010

Weight: 0.0

Howdy all!

My recent trip to NWT was great.  There were the usual obstacles such as flight delays and whatnot, but it was so nice to get outta Dodge for awhile.  I found myself letting go of a lot of insecurities I was still holding on to.  It's hard to remember that when we continue to be angry with people we're only hurting ourselves.  I'm happy to say that i've let a bit of that anger and disappointment go during the last two weeks.  Of course, I am still fond of the words "retribution" and "karma", but there are more important things in life!!!

Unfortunately I gained 4 pounds while away on vacation.  Boy, can my family EAT.  Anyways, i'm working on losing it and hopefully it won't take me months.  I walked almost every day, ran three times, and went dogsledding so the gain was purely food-related.

I have a busy week lined up - I work from Tuesday to Friday.  Last night I did my laundry and went to sleep early.  I was disappointed to wake up in the middle of the night and had to sit up watching tv for a bit before I could get back to sleep.  Tonight is a meeting, then running around to do some chores, tomorrow is a supper fundraiser all night, Friday will be the first free day.  I'm thinking of going for sushi!  Then visiting family on Saturday, and housework on Sunday.  It's warming up here and most of the snow is gone, so i'll be working on getting the yard ready for spring this weekend.

Hope you're all doing great!

ConcreteAngel on 04/07/2010:
You sound incredibly motivated! I know four pounds is no fun but with how you sound, I can just imagine it will be gone in no time! Are you in Canada? Just curious as you mentioned visiting family in the North West Territories. You have a wonderful day today! Keep up the great work!

legcramps - Friday Mar 19, 2010

Weight: 0.0

I'm taking off on vacation soon for a couple of weeks up north in NWT, and everything that needs to get done before then is creeping up on me now.  It's been a crazy week, full of emotion about my job, family, etc.  I'm ready for some time off, I just hope there's no drama to deal with up there.

So the last few days have been a bit of a blur for me.  I overate a bit on Tuesday, thankfully I went to the gym on Wednesday and ran.  I plan to go to the gym again tonight, so hopefully that will happen if i'm not too brain dead by then.  This weekend is going to be busy as well with income tax forms to fill out, a birthday party, and a dog biscuit baking party.  Also, I have to fit leg waxing in there somewhere, and a coffee date with a friend who needs some cheering up.  And I need to pack.  And I should probably clean the house.  Yikes, that's a lot.  Feels like i'd much rather sleep through it all!  If only I could!

I will try to run for 20 minutes today.

Sorry I have not been commenting.  Hopefully once I get back from vacation I will have more time to devote to this site.  I hope you are all doing well and staying healthy!  Good luck to you in the next couple of weeks and i'll 'read' you all when I get back!  Take care!

KathyBlue on 03/19/2010:
Have FUN and stay HEALTHY!!! :-)

nita51 on 03/22/2010:
Just dropped in to say Hi. Take Care.

legcramps - Monday Mar 15, 2010

Weight: 0.0

Didn't add up any calories on the weekend.  I'm running out of groceries so i'm starting to eat out of the freezer and that's never a good thing.  There's only frozen junk food in there!  Anyways, other than the freezer foods, i've kept to a good breakfast of yogurt, fruit and granola; lunch of brown rice with veggies chopped in, or eggs and toast; and supper of more brown rice with fish or frozen junk.  I didn't overeat, not even once this weekend.

Went to the gym on Thursday, could barely run (I think I ran for 7 minutes, then called it quits).  Total 30 minutes there; then recumbant biked for 20 minutes; then stair-climbed for 10 minutes.  That stair-climber burned up whatever energy I had left that night.  I went to bed very, very early.

Friday took the dog for a walk, about 45 minutes.

Saturday and Sunday both days I took the dog for a walk, 30 minutes.  The snow is really melting now, it's awesome!

I'm trying to get enough water down today to give running a try at the gym later.  I don't know how far i'll get, but I need to get something in.

legcramps - Thursday Mar 11, 2010

Weight: 0.0

Finally I got my butt down to the gym last night.  Early, even.  I ran on the treadmill for 25 minutes and I think I may have done something to my right hip.  Hmmn.

Eating is back to normal.  I'm surprised (pleasantly) that my weight did not sky rocket during this sort of 'blah' period i've been going through.  I haven't been adding up my calories (i'm still writing everything down) and I would have thought i'd have added a few pounds to my midsection.  Geez, I was even eating ice cream.  Lactose-free, but still ice cream.  Anyways, my weight is exactly where it was when I was still doing really well, so thank goodness for small favors.  Or maybe this would be viewed as a big favor.  Yes, I think so.  Small or Big, Big or Small, a favor given is a blessed thing.

What else.  I don't know.  Seriously, I should've just waited to journal tomorrow - I don't even know what i'm thinking right now.

KathyBlue on 03/12/2010:
25 min running is great! Wonder when I will be able to do that... :)

legcramps - Monday Mar 08, 2010

Weight: 0.0

Ugh, it wasn't the best weekend ever.  Seeing as I even had Friday off, I should have gotten a LOT more done than I actually did.  It's disappointing, as now I have so MUCH to do this week!  ARGH!

Okay.  Calm down.

I haven't added up any calories since Wednesday.  It's not like I didn't have time, I just didn't do it.  Thursday night I went out for supper with a friend and it turned into... well... a long night.  A very long night.  And i've been paying for it ever since!

I woke up sometime in the afternoon on Friday, and struggled with every single thing I tried to do that day/evening.  Finally, I just went over to a friend's place and let her take care of me.  Throughout the day/evening, I kept remembering little tidbits from the night before and i'm telling 'ya - as soon as I remembered them I wanted to forget them!  Yikes, what a... long night.

On Saturday I did some laundry.  Went to another friend's place for the evening.

Sunday I finally 'woke up' and did something.  I cleaned the house, did the rest of the laundry and made sure everything was about as tidy as I could get it.  Then I did nothing.  Upon going to bed I realized that I wasn't feeling well.  I didn't get to sleep until about 5:30 this morning.  I don't possibly know how I could be here at work and awake.  I'm grumpy, holy am I grumpy.

In summary, I drank too much, I ate too much, I did too many of the wrong things and not enough of the right things.  It was a beautiful weekend weather-wise.  I am a bad dog-owner.  I need to pray on things.  Talk later.

nosetwitch on 03/08/2010:
we've all been there! the important thing is to pick yourself up and get back to it, which you will do! now i'm craving a glass of wine.... i might just have one tonight. take care!

mylilsista on 03/08/2010:
When I find myself feeling overwhelmed, I literally have to prioritize my endless to-do list...I accept that I'm only ONE person with the capability to do a limited amount of things. I feel better when I've taken care of the things that are highest on my list of priorites; the rest can wait until later. Each time I try to do everything, I end up setting myself up for failure because it's literally impossible to achieve. Hope some of this made sense. Good luck, slow down...you're best is good enough (hugs!)

thinnside40 on 03/09/2010:
Hang in there!!! You know the right/wrong things and what is most important is to choose the appropriate next time....

Take care...

legcramps - Thursday Mar 04, 2010

Weight: 0.0

1,400 calories yesterday.  I went out for supper and had SUSHI!  Awe, I missed that stuff.  My intestinal tract, on the other hand... well, too much information maybe :-)

Went to the gym yesterday and ran 22 minutes out of 30.  Sweet!  My goal was to reach 20 minutes, but I just decided why not run the last two minutes?  A month ago, that would have finished me off.  I would never think 'just two more minutes'.  Now, two minutes isn't a huge mental stumbling block for me anymore.  It's great!  Hope I can repeat this tomorrow when I hit the gym again.

One more day of work (today), then i'm off for three days.  I cannot wait to sleep in.  Of course, I'd like to get a couple Shred workouts in this weekend.

Going out for supper AGAIN tonight (what a social butterfly I am!) to the local sports lounge.  We'll be having chicken wings and alcohol.  I'll limit my calories during the day so that I have a little more room tonight for wings.  I used to hate chicken wings because they are sooooo messy to eat, but now I don't mind looking like a fool with grease and sauce all over my fingers.  Oh, YUM.  haha.  It's just part of the experience!

biscottibody59 on 03/04/2010:
Excellent work there! Have good day!

nita51 on 03/04/2010:
I LOVE HOT WINGS, CAN YOU SEND ME SOME? just kidding, don't think I can have them any more (boo hoo!) but after I reach goal, I may be able to work a few in :) Take Care!

legcramps - Wednesday Mar 03, 2010

Weight: 0.0

Mood may be affected by the foods we eat. Theories suggest a role of inadequate intake of omega-3, folate, zinc, B vitamins and vitamin C in mood disorders and depression. 

The following tips may help promote a good mood:
-         Eat breakfast and eat regularly
-         Eat enough protein
-         Focus on fibre
-         Eat fish at least twice a week
-         Limit your alcohol intake
I could be doing more, but I’m well on my way.  I’ve had a headache the last few days, and haven’t been feeling like exercising much, but I think I make a very important point in saying that I haven’t had a depressive ‘binge’ for a good two months.  That’s incredible. 
A headache is nothing compared to days of lying in bed, not wanting to lift my head from my pillow.  A missed workout here or there is nothing compared to eating my way through the entire fridge, day after day, because I feel worthless.  Yup, I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed lately.  But that’s nothing compared to the anxiety and depression I have felt before.
I just have to give myself kudos today for making such positive changes over the course of the last two months.  I must acknowledge that my changes have made a huge difference in my lifestyle and even in how I relate to others. I can actually FEEL these changes happening. The effects of taking care of the body that got you to this point are astounding. I never thought I was capable of such great change. 

I may forget I wrote this. I may even backslide throughout the course of the year.  But at least I’ll know that at one point, I acknowledged the fact that I was worth it.

chidogs on 03/03/2010:
Very excellent self analysis there. You ARE worth it, totally. Keep feeling that way. Don't forget you wrote this, print it out and tape it to the fridge! Good for you.

nita51 on 03/03/2010:
Hey! whats this worthless thing I'm hearing. Don't like that ! Come on, we all get overwhelmed from time to time,,,glad your post changed towards the end and started to acknowledge your accomplishments. You are SO Special. Your career, your loving yourself enough to change, all of which, makes you more valuable than you'll ever know. Keep on keeping on. Hugs!

abdab74 on 03/04/2010:
What a great entry - thank you for that. I can empathize when it comes to the emotional binges, and it is sometimes hard to recognize when we are able to let them go, so kudos for giving yourself a pat on the back.

legcramps - Wednesday Mar 03, 2010

Weight: 0.0

1,900 calories yesterday!  Yikes, what the heck did I eat?

Granola, yogurt and saskatoon berries for breakfast.  Straight black coffee.

Two eggs, red pepper, onions and swiss cheese for lunch.

Granola bar and apple for mid-afternoon snack.

Baked chicken breast, 1 cup brown rice, salsa and green peas for dinner.

Digestive cookies (150 cal bag) and banana smoothie for mid-evening snack.

Sure adds up, anyways!

What's really knocking me down today though is that I didn't do anything yesterday for exercise.  I'm having trouble getting myself together.  I'm trying to stay focused on what I need to be doing, but other 'priorities' are beginning to shove their way through.  I feel sometimes like i'm trying to stay afloat without a life preserver - and I DON"T KNOW HOW TO SWIM!!!

Maybe it's not that bad.  I may have had a lot of calories yesterday, but none of it was junk!  I may not have exercised yesterday but I can't always be expecting myself to exercise everyday!  Be reasonable, legcramps!

biscottibody59 on 03/03/2010:
Yes, we all need to be reasonable--your previous days have been very successful and you have to have a break sometime.

Have a good one!

geevee on 03/03/2010:
Your food choices yesterday were very appealing, esp. lunch.

I have no helpful hints at all about exercising everyday. I haven't done ANY for quite a while.

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